Deeds: B.101 - B.200

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A Descriptive Catalogue of Ancient Deeds: Volume 1. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1890.

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B.101 - B.200

[Warw.] B. 101. Agreement between Nicholas son of brother William de Fladebur', and Roger son of Richard Pik of Ribesford, relative to the demise of a tenement by the former, which he had of the feoffment of the abbot and convent of Bordesleye, in the vill of Arleye. The morrow of the Decollation of St. John, 11 Edward I. Fragment of seal.
[ ] B. 102. Grant by Henry de Abyndona, vicar of Bremesgrave, to the monks of Bordesley, of a yearly rent payable out of a tenement held of the house of Bordesley, which they had granted to him. Witnesses:—Henry de Parco, Geoffrey de Hambur', and others (named). Fragment of seal.
[Warw.] B. 103. Demise by William Brasyer, chaplain, Roger Holyer, of Ansteley, William Grene, of Coventry, and Henry Porter, of Maxstoke, to William Nichols, of Fellengley, of a meadow called 'le Hallemore' in Arley. Feast of St. Hilary, 11 Henry VI.
[Leic.] Warw. B. 104. Release by John Pomerey, abbot of St. Mary de Pratis, Leicester, John Waren', clerk, William Gould, and William Proktour' to Edward Grey, knight, son of Edward Grey, knight, late lord Ferrers (de Ferariis) of Groby, of their right in a pasture called 'Dolfyns' in Arley co. Warwick, two tenements in Nuneton in the same county, and in a messuage in Carleton Curlegh (Carlton Curlieu), all which pasture, &c. they together with the said Edward Grey, the son, James, Earl of Wiltshire, and Thomas Fyndern', knight, had lately held of the grant of Elizabeth Grey, Lady Ferrers of Groby, mother of the said Edward Grey, the son. 27 June, 8 Edward IV. Seals.
[ ] B. 105. Decision of W. and R., abbots of Coombe and Rewley (de Regali loco), relative to a suit by the abbot of Bittlesden against the abbot of Bruerne (de Brueria) for a yearly rent granted by Joceline, abbot of Bruerne, to the house of Bittlesden. The eve of the Nones of June, 1291.
[Warw.] B. 106. Letters of attorney by Reginald son of Jordan de Etona, for Aceus de Cotes to receive a yearly sum from the prior and convent of Erbury, and to pay the same to Robert the Wheelwright (rottario) for the rent due for land in Araleg', and also for a rent which the said Reginald and Jordan his father had granted to the prior, &c. Witnesses:—Robert Briton of Floleg', William de Seis, Henry de Aula and others (named). Seal.
I. of Wight. B. 107. Demise by John, abbot of Quarr and the convent of that place, to Richard Strepar' and Emma, his wife, and Richard, their son, of the reversion of tenements called 'Metholes Place' in the parish of Arreton, together with a moiety of a moor adjacent to the same, and of tenements called 'Spanners Place' with other lands in the same parish. 28 February, 20 Edward IV.
I. of Wight. B. 108. Agreement between John Forward, abbot of Quarr, and Nicholas Lisle, knight, patron of the church and chapel of Woditon, determining a dispute which had arisen between Geoffrey, late abbot of Quarr, and the convent of Quarr, as parsons and proprietors of the parish church of Arreton in the Isle of Wight, and Sir Thomas Yonge, vicar of that church, of the one part; and Sir Thomas Carpynter, parson of the church and chapel of Woditon, in the same island, of the other part, touching the tithes, both great and small, of certain demesne lands appertaining to the manor of Wodyton, and lying within the parish of Arreton, viz. such tithes to be paid to the parson of the church and chapel of Woditon, subject to yearly payments to both the abbot of Quarr and the vicar of Arreton. 20 August, 1488.
I. of Wight. B. 109. Demise by John, abbot of Quarr, and the convent of that place to Thomas Moreyn, the younger, of the reversion of tenements called 'Metewholes Place' in the parish of Arreton, together with a moiety of a moor adjacent to the same, and tenements and lands called 'Spanneris' with other lands, &c., in the same parish. Michaelmas Dav, 4 Henry VII. Seal.
[I. of Wight.] B. 110. Demise by Thomas London', abbot of Quarr in the Isle of Wight, to John Salter, of Roxhall, and Robert Salter, his son and heir, of land called 'Blakelonde' (in the parish of Arreton). Michaelmas Day, 13 Henry VII.
[Hants.] B. 111. Grant by Adam le Deyere of Fordyngebrigge, to Stephen le Bounde and Alice, his wife, of a corrody in each week to be received from the prior and convent of Bremmore. Wednesday after the Purification, 26 Edward III.
[Wilts.] B. 112. Grant by Walter Skarlet, warden of the chantry of Edyndon', to Isabella de Cameys, abbess of Romsey, of land in Edynton. St. Valentine's Day, 32 Edward III. Fragment of seal.
[Warw.] B. 113. Grant by Juliana daughter of Hugh de Langeleia, to the church and monks of Bordesley, of land in the territory of Eadricheston. Witnesses:—Thomas de Kinton, John de Burleg', and others (named). Seal.
[I. of Wight.] B. 114. Grant by Geoffrey le Maundewere to Roger son of Adam de Semlyng, of lands in the vill of Arreton abutting upon the highway leading from Horyngeford to the church of Arreton and upon the path from Fuleford to the highway aforesaid, and in the territory of Horyngeford in the moor called 'le Holemor,' with pasturage in the said moor, together with housebote, heybote, and spyr. Witnesses:—John le Flemeng, Robert de Cosham, William le Barun, and others (named). Seal.
[I. of Wight.] B. 115. Demise by Ph., abbot of Quarr, and the convent of that place to Adam le Plehge, son of Roger le Plehge, of land in the vill of Arreton and of a moor there. [A.D. 1234–1256.] Seal.
[I. of Wight.] B. 116. Grant by Philip Mandewere, son of Ralph Mandewerre, to the abbey of Quarr, of land in Bromforlang [in Arreton], on the west of Horingeford. Witnesses:—William de Clamorgan, Thomas de Evercy, John le Flemeng, and others (named).
[I. of Wight.] B. 117. Grant by Ralph de Mandewurre, with the consent of Avicia his wife, to the abbey of Quarr, of land called 'Langelond' [in Arreton]. Witnesses:—William de Insula, John de Wrdeville, Roger de Aula, and others (named). Seal.
[I. of Wight.] B. 118. Grant by Geoffrey le Maundeworre, to Roger de Sentling, of lands in Areton abutting upon Foleford, and in 'la Trande Mede.' Witnesses:—Hugh le Fleming, Robert de la Hale, Robert de Coshan, and others (named).
Endorsed: Roger de Stheintling'.
[ ] B. 119. Grant by Robert Syward, of Erle, to Katherine, his daughter, of land called 'le Knygtes croft' in the vill of Erle. Thursday after St. John ante portam Latinam. 9 Edward III. Fragment of seal.
Sussex. B. 120. Release by William Wescombe to John Duddeley, of his right in lauds, tenements, &c. lying within the town (infra burgum) of Arundel and parish of Benstede. 13 August, 21 Edward IV. Seal.
[N'hamp.] B. 121. Regulations by Walter Neyrnuyt, prior of Canons' Ashby, relative to services to be said for the souls of any deceased prior or canon of that House. [Edward III.] Paper.
[ ] B. 122. Release by William son of Robert Jurdan of . . ., to the monks of Bordesley, of his right in a yearly rent issuing out of land in the territory of . . . . . Witnesses:—Walter de North . . . ., Richard de la Wychall', and others (named). Much injured.
[Glouc.] B. 123. Grant by Robert son of Ralph de Estlech', to the abbey of Bruerne, of a yearly rent and service out of land in Estlech, and also land in the vill and territory of Estlech, with a sheep-walk (bercharia) upon the said land in Hemegarston, together with the liberty of enclosing four acres of land with a wall, or ditch for their own use. Witnesses:—Henry Beaufiz, Simon le Masun, and others (named). A.D. 1256. Fragment of seal.
[N'hamp.] B. 124. Grant by John Lupus, knight, lord of Asshen, to Joan, his daughter, of land in Asshen. The feast of St. Hilary, 24 Edward. [I.] Paper.
[Sussex.] B. 125. Grant by Joan, late wife of Elias Chenny, to William Stokeman, of Avesforde, of a house and curtilages in Estergate. Friday after St. Hilary, 5 Edward III.
N'hamp. B. 126. Release by John son and heir of Laurence Mortymer, to Sir Thomas Colepepyr, knight, of his right in the manor of Asshen, with the advowson of a third part of the church of Rode, together with the chapel of Asshen, &c.; and also in other lands, &c. in Westpirie. Sunday before St. Margaret, 12 Henry IV.
N'hamp. B. 127. Release by Henry son of Roger de Haclenton, to the prior and canons of Esseby, of his right to the homage of Ralph le Freman of Lycchebarewe (Litchborough). Witnesses:—Thomas son of Sampson de Lychebarewe, Hugh le Boteillur, and others (named). Seal.
[Norf.] B. 128. Grant by Thomas Prat, of Asschele, to Adam Stanborwe and Aveline his wife, and to Nicholas Weydyop, of lands in the fields of Asschele. Monday the feast of St. Vincent, 41 Edward III.
[Norf.] B. 129. Grant by Robert Malverne, Nicholas Malverne, and Thomas at Hyll, of Asshill, to William Bottysford and Robert Newell, of a messuage and lands in the vill and fields of Asshill. Thursday before St. Matthew, 49 Henry VI. Seals.
[Norf.] B. 130. Release by Henry Rysyng, of Totyngton, son and heir of Richard Rysyng late of Asshell, to Nicholas Adam, Henry Spelman, Richard Wryght, and John Warde, of his right in a pasture in the meadows of Asshell, 10 June, 12 Edward IV. Fragment of seal.
[Somers.] B. 131. Demise by William Alyngton, Richard Danvers, and John Pulter, to Robert Cocceres, Joan his wife, and Margaret, their daughter, of a tenement in Ayssholt, and a close called 'le Gore.' 14 January, 16 Edward IV. Fragment of seal.
[Warw.] B. 132. Demise by Thomas de Scherlecote, minister of the house of Tevelesford (Thelesford), and the brethren of that house, to John othe Grene of Warelaitton, of a messuage and land in the vill and fields of Asschorn (Ashorn). Friday after St. Luke, 35 Edward III. Seal.
[Warw.] B. 133. Grant by Geoffrey de Symely to John the Fisher (Piscatori) of Asshesho, and Alice, his wife, of a fourth part of his demesne lands in Assesho, with land in 'la Ho.' St. Augustine's day. 26 Edward I.
[Warw.] B. 134. Grant by Geoffrey, son of William Symeli of Badeford, to John son of Gilbert the Fisher (Piscatori) of Ashyshou, of lands in the fields of Ashyho, part thereof lying in 'le Ho,' and part in 'le Wiyenehei.' Witnesses:—Sir Ivo the Chaplain son of Gilbert the Fisher (Piscatoris), and others (named). Wednesday before the Annunciation. 27 Edward I.
[Warw.] B. 135. Demise by Roger son and heir of John Gopille of Watburleye, to Alan Scatheloc, of Coventry, and Roger del Newelond, of a meadow in Ahsschawe (Ashow) and of a field adjoining. Witnesses:— John de Clifton the bailiff and Roger de Pacwode the coroner of Coventry, and others (named), 9 Edward II. Fragment of seal.
[Warw.] B. 136. Grant by Isabella, late wife of Richard Schayl of Asscheshow, to her son Richard, of all her lands, &c., in the vill and territory of Asscheshow, together with the meadow called 'Smedole' in 'la Howmede.' Wednesday before the Nativity of St. John the Baptist, 11 Edward II. Seal.
I. of Wight. B. 137. Letter of attorney by Thomas Mewys, of the Isle of Wight, for Geoffrey Gate and John Bisshop to receive a sum of money for him from Joan, late wife of John Pole formerly of the county of Essex. 4 February, 7 Edward IV. Seal.
[Warw.] B. 138. Grant by Henry Symmesone, of Kenelleworthe, to Henry Bolfynch, of Assho, of land in Assho. Sunday after St. Ambrose, 20 Richard II. Seal.
[Warw.] B. 139. Grant by John Bulf . . . h, of Assho, to William Brouhton, or Browhton, of Coventry, of the lands and tenements in the vill and fields of Assho, of which he had been enfeoffed by William son and heir of Richard Hurleston of Assho. 31 July, . . Henry IV. Much injured.
[Warw.] B. 140. Indenture relative to the delivery by Thomas, abbot of Stoneley, to Thomas Hunt, by the hands of John Smyth, to the use of Richard Knyvetpn, of twenty marks and two obligations under the convent seal, conditionally that if the said Richard seal a deed of release unto John Huggeford and John Smyth of his right in nine 'meses', two 'carues' of land, &c., and the moiety of the fishing of the Avon, &c. in Assho, and deliver it to Thomas Kebell to the use of the said John Huggeford and John Smvth at the next assizes at Derby, as the deed of the said Richard Knyveton, and also if the said Richard seal an obligation and deliver it to the said Thomas Kebell, as his deed, for delivery to the aforesaid abbot; then Thomas Hunt is to deliver the obligations as the deeds of the said abbot to the said Richard Knyveston, or else to keep the said deeds and redeliver them to the said John Smyth. 1 July, 20 Edward IV. English.
Warw. B. 141. Letter of attorney by Richard Knyveton for William Ranes to enter and take seisin of lands, &c.; and of a moiety of a fishery in the water of the Avon, in Assho co. Warwick, lately recovered against Thomas, the abbot, and the convent of Stonley. 10 June, 20 Edward IV.
[Warw.] B. 142. Demise by Alice, late the wife of John Knyveton, to John Hawkins, of Assho, and Juliana his wife, and their son John, of her free fishery in Assho in the water called 'Avon' from Alfedfordbrugge to Chesfordbrugge. 12 March, 5 Henry VI. Seal.
[Warw.] B. 143. Grant by John son of Simon de Fynham son of John the bailiff (prepositi) of Stonley, to Gilbert de Assesh', of land in the territory of Assesho. Injured.
[Warw.] B. 144. Grant by . . . Tayllour, of Asshisho (Ashow), to Richard son of . . . . ., of a cottage with a curtilage in the vill of Asshisho. Injured.
[Surrey.] B. 145. Grant by John Jonesone, of Asshede, to Richard ate Legh, of Hedlegb, and Henry, his son, of land in the field of Asstede. Michaelmas Day, 15 Edward II. Seal.
[Surrey.] B. 146. Grant by John Jonessone, of Asstede, to Richard ate Leigh, of Hedlegh, of land in the field of Asstede. Monday before the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin, 16 Edward I.
[Surrey.] B. 147. Release by Philip Cradewey and Thomas Walter, of Roynton, to Matilda, late the wife of William Pundey of Rouynton, of their right in land in the territory of Ahstede. 48 Edward III. Seals.
[Worc.] B. 148. Grant by John called 'Centenemer' of Pershore, of a yearly sum to the light of the chapel of the Blessed Mary of the abbey of Pershore. Witnesses:—Hugh Dispensator, William his son, Walter de Caldewelle, and others (named).
Somers. B. 149. Grant by Norman Wassheburne to John Chokke, William Sargeaunt, John Spore, clerk, Richard Brugge, and John Staunton, of a moiety of the manor of Asshton Theynes, and of lands, &c. in Longeasshton near Bristol. 11 October, 7 Edward IV. Fragment of seal.
Somers. B. 150. Letter of attorney by Norman Wassheborne for William Lewes and Thomas Kynge to deliver seisen to John Chokke, William Sergeaunt, John Spore, Richard Brugge, and John Staunton, of a moiety of the manor of Theynes Court alias Asshton Theynes, with its appurtenances in Longeasshton near Bristol; and also of lands, &c. in Longeasshton. 11 October, 7 Edward IV.
[ ] B. 151. Grant by Philip de Middelton to Roger, prior of Chirbury, and the convent of that place, of stones from his quarries for building their houses. Witnesses:—Walter son of Hugh, Robert de Wyntre, William de Wynnesbur', Philip de Stanewardin, and Hugh de Weston.' Seal.
[ ] B. 152. Grant by Jordan the Chamberlain (camerarius) to Clarissa daughter of Geoffrey, and her sons, of land, formerly the property of Eustace de Wilbruham, and a messuage. Witnesses:—Payn de Londoniis, Thurstan de Radewintra, and others (named).
[Herts.] B. 153. Grant by William Warin and Isabella, his wife, of Aspdene, to Richard Atehulle of . . ., of land [in Aspeden] in the field called '. . erydene.' . . . after St. Gregory, 47 Edward III.
[Herts.] B. 154. Release by William Fitz Rauf, of Bradefeld, to his son William of his right in a yearly rent for the manor of Aspeden, and also of his right in the said manor. Saturday after All Saints Day, 7 Richard II.
[Herts.] B. 155. Demise by John Spern', of Buntyngfeld, to William atte Watere, Walter Mynis, of Warwick, and Robert Cok, of Heremad Magna (Great Hormead), of all the lands, &c. which he had had with Geoffrey Deyere, of Buntyngford, of the feoffment of Hugh Reede of Gompsford, in the vills and fields of Aspeden, Throkkynge, Bokelonde, Wydyale, and Alfladuwyk, and in the hamlet of Buntyngford. Thursday the feast of St. Oswald, 9 Henry IV.
[Herts.] B. 156. Release by Isabella, relict of William Weles of Buntyngford, to Robert Debaud, of Aspeden, co. Herts, of her right in land called 'Twobusshes' lying in the field called 'Stonelfeld,' and other land in the field called 'Refeld.' 5 December, 13 Henry IV.
Herts. B. 157. Release by Thomas Smyth, Joan Wendy and Thomas Pilche to Ralph Josselyn, citizen, of London and Philippa, his wife, of their right in the manor of Aspeden called 'Aspedenhalle,' in Aspeden. 28 January, 29 Henry VI. Seals.
[Herts.] B. 158. Grant by Hamauric Alkernuns, son of Luke Alkernuns, to Hugh Dele, of a moiety of the vill of Alpsedene and the vill of Brokesheved. Witnesses:—Geoffrey de Rocheford, Ralph de Hihenton, Reginald son of Frebern, William the Marshal (marescallus), and others (named). Seal.
[Heref.] B. 159. Demise by Matilda de Grandissono, prioress of Acornbury, to Roger ate Baure of Checkeley, of a meadow at Asperton. 2 September, 24 Edward III. Seal.
[ ] B. 160. Grant by Juliana, late wife of Sir Robert de Chaucumbe, to the church of SS. Peter and Paul of Chaucumbe and the canons of that place, of land in the territory of . . . . Witnesses:—William Bagoth, Robert de Forewude, Walter de Cherlecote, and others (named). Endorsed: Aspeleya.
[ ] B. 161. Grant by Ivo son of Simon de Dena, to William de Wakerleia, of all his right to William Swetbodi, of Stanerne, and Liveva his wife. Witnesses:—John son of Simon de Dena, William de Essel', Robert de Seinleg', and others (named).
[Bucks.] B. 162. Grant by Richard Toky, of Astwhode, and John Hygyns, of Hylberworthe, to Robert Bradewey, of Astwhode Musard, and Alice his wife, of a messuage in Astwhode Musard. Thursday before St. Paul, 31 Henry VI. Seal.
[Bucks.] B. 163. Grant by Richard Gebons, of Pepulton, co. Worcester, to Edward Huband, lord of Astwood, of a messuage and curtilage in Astwood Musard. 31 May, 8 Henry VII. Seal.
[Bucks.] B. 164. Grant by Edward Hubande, of Astewode, to the church and monastery of Bordesley, of a yearly payment out of a messuage called 'Braddeways' lying within the demesne or manor of Astewode. . . . . St. Paul, 12 Henry VII.
[ ] B. 165. Grant by Edward Hubande, lord of Stretcheastwood, to the church and monastery of Bordesley, of a messuage with curtilage in Stretcheastewood called 'Bradweys.' 31 January, 12 Henry VII. Seal.
[Sussex.] B. 166. Grant by Braya daughter of William a Istetone of West Angemeryng, to William Cuttyng, of Est Angemeryng, of a messuage and land in the vill of Atheryngton, of which she with Alice her sister had been enfeoffed. Tuesday the feast of the Epiphany, 9 Edward II.
Endorsed: 'Adryngton.'
[Sussex.] B. 167. Grant by William Cuttyng, of 1st Angemerynge, to Richard le Gore, of Salvyngtone, and Cecilia his wife, and William and William (sic) their sons, of a messuage with a curtilage in the vill of Adtheryngtone and of land there, which he held of the feoffment of Braya daughter of William au Istetone of West Angemerynge. Adtheryngtone, Sunday after Easter, 9 Edward II.
Endorsed: 'Adryngton.' Seal.
[Sussex.] B. 168. Demise by Richard le Gor, of Atheringtone, to Peter Braye, of the same place, of a messuage, land, and pasturage in 'le Frithleise.' Sunday before St. Laurence, 17 Edward II.
Endorsed: Adryngton, le Frythlez. Seal.
[Sussex.] B. 169. Grant by Joan le Toghe, relict of Robert Arnald of Atheryngtone, and Annor', relict of Adam le Ysmongar' of the same place, to Adam Tymyng, of Codelawe, and Clarissa, his wife, of land in Atheringtone in the field called 'Wyntercroft.' Sunday after SS. Peter and Paul, 18 Edward II.
Endorsed:—Adryngton. Fragments of seal.
[Sussex.] B. 170. Covenant between William le Gore, of Atheringtone, and John Averil, of the same place, relative to a demise to the latter of a tenement and land in Brokefurlang, and of a pasturage in Atheryngton. Friday after St. Gregory, 14 Edward III.
Endorsed:—Adryngton. Seal.
[Sussex.] B. 171. Counterpart of B. 170. Seal.
[Somers.] B. 172. Release by Bartholomew, clerk of the Castle of Lanceveton' (Launceston), son of Gilbert de Aqua, late scholar of Tanton, to William Welond, of Tanton, from an action for assault at Christmas 1286, for half a mark. Witnesses:—Sir Robert de Tymbercombe, vicar of Tanton, Master Walter de Tolre, master of the schools at Tanton, and others (named). Fragments of seal.
[Sussex.] B. 173. Demise by Richard, the bailiff of Atherinton, to John Lok' and Matilda his wife, and their son William, of a messuage and land in Totigton', to be held of the demesne of Atherington. Michaelmas Day, 50 Edward III.
Endorsed:—Totyngton, demise of land there by the bailiff of Adryngton. Seal broken.
[N'hamp.] B. 174. Release by Robert del Estre to the nuns of Sewardesley, of his right in the grant made by his father to that house. Witnesses:— Hugh son of Robert de Shitelhanger, Thomas Boterell', and others (named).
[Sussex.] B. 175. Grant by William le Toghe, of Atherington, to Peter le Bovirre, of that place, of land in the vill of Atherington and of a pasturage called 'Friehlese.' Witnesses: — Richard de Middleton, Roger de Belesham, Peter de Elmere, and others (named). Injured.
[Sussex.] B. 176. Grant by Lucas de Vyene, lord of Cudelawe, to William the Clerk (clerico), son of Peter le Bovir of Aserington, of a yearly rent issuing out of a messuage and curtilage in Aserington, and of land in the field of the vill of Aserigton. Witnesses:—Peter de Elmere, Roger Malebranche, and others (named).
Endorsed:—Adryngton. Seal broken.
[Sussex.] B. 177. Grant by Roger Coketh, son and heir of John Coket of Arringthon, to Geoffrey Brugham, chaplain, of land at Arinthon in the parish of Climpinges (Climping), for which the said Geoffrey gave to the said Roger and Joan, his wife, a messuage and land in the vill of Wikes in the parish of Lumenistr' (Lyminster), and also ten marks. Witnesses:—Nigel de Broke, John Peche, Lucas de Viane, Peter de Elmere, Roger Malebraunche, and others (named). Endorsed: Adrington.
[ ] B. 178. Letter of attorney by John Fyneus, chief justice of the King's Bench, Thomas Roche, a Baron of the Exchequer, Hugh Clopton, citizen and alderman of London, and Edmund Stephens, for Thomas Burdon to receive seisin of a messuage from Augustus Forde, Thomas Smyth the younger, and John Smyth. 8 February, 11 Henry VII. Seals.
[ ] B. 179. Grant by Roger Gybuns, clerk, and William Walters to John Noteward, and Amicia, his wife, of the land and tenements which they lately had of the grant of the said John. Sunday before St. Katherine, 11 Henry IV.
[ ] B. 180. Release by William Hull, vicar in the collegiate church of Asteley, to Robert Betrych the younger, of Asteley, from all actions against him. Easter Eve, 10 Henry V. Fragment of seal.
Glouc. Warw. B. 181. Letter of attorney by John Harwell, of Whitley, co. Warwick, for John Cramelyngton to receive a sum of money from Thomas Poyntz, of Frampton Coterell co. Gloucester. 7 October, 30 Henry VI. Seal.
[N'hamp.] B. 182. Grant by Geoffrey the Smith (faber) of Attenestona, to his son Ralph, of the messuage which he held of the feoffment of the prior of Esseby. Witnesses:—William Deynte of Attenestona, Robert Tareman and Robert Brakkele, both of the same place, and others (named).
[ ] B. 183. Grant by Robert de Heseloure to the abbey of Bordesley of a yearly rent. Witnesses:—Ralph de Welneford, Henry de Buninton Robert son of Robert de Heselour', Stephen parson of the church of Buninton, and others (named).
[Warw.] B. 184. Grant by John de la Hyda and Juliana, his wife, to the canons of Orbury (Arbur'), of a yearly rent due from Roger Toy of Chelverescot'. Witnesses:—William de Seez, John son of Abel de Eton', Walter de Hardredeshull', and others (named). Fragment of seal.
[Notts.] B. 185. Release by Robert Torkard, of Hokenal (Hucknall-Torkard), to William Baudri, of that place, of his right in the marriage of Walter son of Roger Palfreyman, with the land of the said Walter to hold till the said Walter is of age. Witnesses:—Thomas, parson of Eyseleye, Robert de Fenton, Robert de Bramkote, and others (named). Fragment of seal.
[Warw.] B. 186. Release by John Herman to Richard Boteler, vicar of the church of Alspathe, Richard Birches, John Bykenhall, of Atherston, and John Gy, of Hampton, from all actions against them. Friday before St. Luke, 7 Henry IV. Fragment of seal.
[Linc.] B. 187. Release by William Glyde, of Kynnardfery in the isle of Axholme, to Robert Tailliour, of Overburnham, in the said isle, and Joan his wife, from all actions against them. Michaelmas Day, 15 Henry VI. Fragment of seal.
Berks. B. 188. Bond by John Levyngton, late of Churchspene, and John Streugger, of Benham Valence, to Thomas Roger. 19 December, 39 Henry VI. Fragments of seals.
[Warw.] B. 189. Grant by Elizabeth, late the wife of John de Walton, to the nuns of Catesby, of a rent payable by William le Gupill without Coventry. Witnesses:—Simon de Walton, Henry de Ladbroke, Philip de Winchecumb, and others (named).
[N'hamp.] B. 190. Release by Jordan le Say, of Farnbur', to the nuns of Catesby of his right in a yearly rent payable by John Chatere, of Lower Suwebur', to the house of Catesby, which rent was of the fee of the said Jordan le Say. Thursday after the Decollation of St. John the Baptist, 18 Edward I.
[Surrey.] B. 191. Grant by Richard Godman, of Kyngeston, to William de la Strode, the younger, of land. Witnesses:—Edward Lovekyn, Thomas le Templer, and others (named). Tuesday after St. Augustine the Archbishop, 24 Edward I. Seal.
[Linc.] B. 192. Release by Roger son of Roger de Moubray, to Ralph son of Thomas de Brunham, of his right in the land which the latter held of the feoffment of Ralph son of Margery. Witnesses:—Thomas de Brunham, Robert Takel, Robert Laundels, and many others (named).
[ ] B. 193. Covenant between Roger de Borewardescot', rector of the church of St. Helen of . . . . . ., and Christina, . . . . of Walter Coterel, of the other part, relative to a yearly payment by the said Roger to the said Christina. Witnesses:—Nicholas de Middelt', Iwo de Guldeford, and others (named). Much injured.
[ ] B. 194. Covenant between Edmund de Lacy, of the one part, and W illiam Lungeespee of the other, viz. that in the octave of the Purification at London, the said E. de Lacy will place himself at the disposition of his friends, i.e. of his mother and of Simon de Montfort, Earl of Leicester, Hugh Dispenser, and Walter de Ludham: and the said William Lungeespee will place himself at the disposition of Fulk Basset, Bishop of London, Stephen Lunge . . ., Philip Basset, and J . . de Ar . . del, for completing the marriage of Henry, son of E. de Lacy, and Margaret the daughter of W. Lungespee, and for giving and receiving lands, &c. A.D. 1258. Injured.
[Leic] B. 195. Bond by John Russell, of Sewstern, viz., that if the lands, &c. granted by him to Ralph de Crumbewelle, knight, cannot be legally so conveyed, the bond for ten marks of Margaret, late the wife of Roger Beler, knight, is to be void; and further, if the conveyance be void, he is to repay at Kirkeby to the said Alice the sum of five marks which he had received from her. Kirkeby, 2 November, 35 Edward III. Seal broken.
[Kent.] B. 196. Bond by Adam son of Stephen de Ride, to the abbot and convent of Dunes (de Dunis) relative to land sold to them. Witnesses: —Stephen the chaplain vicar of Eastchurch, Nicholas chaplain of the said church, and others (named). Seal.
[Surrey.] B. 197. Release by Robert de Pitericheshamne, with the consent of Margery his wife, to Simon de Hecche, son of William Palmer, of their right in a yearly rent payable by Simon, son of John North, for a shop, subject to a yearly payment of five pence, viz. two pence halfpenny at each of the feasts of Easter and Michaelmas to the court of Kingeston. Witnesses:— William de Strode, Thomas Beset, Peter Baudewine, and others (named). Seal.
[Middx.] B. 198. Indenture tripartite between Walter, Lord de Manny, of the one part, John Malwayn, citizen of London, and the prior of St. Bartholomew, Smithfield, of the other, witnessing that a general acquittance against all manner of actions is to be delivered to the said prior to hold for them, viz., the said Walter de Manny granting, if the said John Malwayn be impeached or impleaded by him, his heirs, &c., by virtue of a recognizance for four pounds made in his favour, that then the said acquittance is to be delivered to the said John Malwayn; and the said John Malwayn granting that if he be not impleaded by the said Walter de Manny, his heirs, &c., that then the said acquittance should remain in the custody of the said prior. 8 July, 24 Edward III. French.
Heref. B. 199. Receipt by John Hervy, precentor of the cathedral of Hereford, to Ralph Hauys and Richard Gardyner, executors of Thomas Downe late precentor in that cathedral, for eight marks. 14 September, 6 Henry VII. Seal.
[Linc.] B. 200. Sale by Matthew, vicar of the church of St. Martin, to the nuns of St. Michael Stamford, of land and a house, which he had bought from Walter Wnwyne with three marks of silver given him by Matildis de Bereham, a nun of that house. Further,the said Matildis granted the rent of the aforesaid house to the convent of St. Michael for a pittance on the day of St. Mary Magdalene; Peter the prior, the prioress and whole convent consenting.