Deeds: C.901 - C.1000

Pages 476-485

A Descriptive Catalogue of Ancient Deeds: Volume 1. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1890.

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C.901 - C.1000

[Norf. ?] C. 901. Receipt from William Paston, of Norfolk, gentleman, to Richard Batell, servant to Thomas Urmondson, for 3l. 6s. 8d., "to the intent to deliver the same som to on Robert Plomere, servant to my lorde of Essex." 2 June, 13 Edward IV. English.
[Middx.] C. 902. Demise by John Claymond, citizen and draper of London, and Richard Whele, gentleman, to William Brown, citizen and draper, of a tenement with shop and warehouse in the ward of Cornhill, in the parish of St. Christopher. 7 September, 15 Edward IV.
Annexed: Schedule of landlord's fixtures. English.
[Middx.] C. 903. Receipt from William Preston, citizen and tailor of London, to John Benet, tailor, for 8l. 15s. due on a bond which the said William had lost through negligence, &c. 16 June, 13 Henry VII.
Kent. C. 904. Grant by Joan Halton, late the wife of John Halton, esquire, to William Garnetz, Nicholas Bradfeld, Richard Hikkes, and Robert Berton, of her manor called 'le Whitehall' in the parish of St. Mary's Hoo, and also her manor called 'Dalham' in the parish of St. Margaret's in Halgestow, with lands, &c., in Kent. Thursday the feast of St. Luke the Evangelist, 15 Henry VI.
[Middx.] C. 905. Grant by Nicholas Thomasini, son of the late Bartholomew Thomasini, citizen and apothecary of London, to Agnes his wife, that the tenements, &c., which his said father and Joan his mother held for a term of years by the demise of the sisterhood and convent of Haliwell, in Bokelersbury—the remainder of which term he had after the death of the said Joan — shall be held by the said Agnes and the grantor's children, during the residue of the said term. London, 13 October, 23 Edward III.
[Essex.] C. 906. Grant by Thomas, son and heir of Walter le Taylour, of Lalleford, to John son of Peter le Heyward, of Hache, and Juliana his wife, and Joan and Roisia their daughters, of a tenement, &c., in Lalleford, and 4d. yearly rent issuing out of a fulling-mill and out of the moiety of a pond, formerly belonging to Henry Caperoum, in Schedingly, in the parish of Mistley. Lalleford, Thursday before St. Andrew the Apostle, 3 Edward II.
[Devon.] C. 907. Release by Richard Ney, mason, to Henry, Duke of Exeter, Anne, Duchess of Exeter, Richard Gaudray, and Thomas Mannyng, clerks, of all actions. 23 December, 29 Henry VI.
[N'hamp.] C. 908. Grant by . . . . . . ., of Brackele, to Roger his son, and the heirs of his body, of a messuage in Brackley. 3 Edward II. Damaged.
Ireland. C. 909. Receipt from Thomas, Earl of Ormond, to Philip Bermyngham, of Ireland, gentleman, by the hands of Thomas Filberd, citizen and haberdasher of London, for 30 royals, which make in Irish money 20l. (triginta regales que faciunt in pecuniis Hibernie viginti libras). 20 May, 1 Edward V.
[Bedf.] C. 910. Grant by Thomas, son of the late Henry Helbe, alias Harberd and Schepherd, of Wybesnad, to Nicholas atte Feld, of the same place, of a tenement, &c., in Wybesnad, adjoining Hayateslane, abutting on the west on Sortegrave. Friday after St. Matthew, 26 Edward III.
[Bucks.] C. 911. Letters of attorney from Thomas Durem, of Wycombe, authorising John Poynaud, of Great Kynbell, to deliver seisin to Thomas Instyacre, of Wycombe, and Joan his wife, of a tenement in the High Street of the borough of Wycombe. Sunday after the Purification, 16 Henry VI.
[ ] C. 912. Release by Cecilia Balle, embroiderer, to Henry, Duke of Exeter, Anne, Duchess of Exeter, Richard Caudray, and Thomas Mannyng, clerk, of all actions. 18 December, 29 Henry VI.
[Middx.] C. 913. Receipt from Robert Spenser, knight, and Eleanor his wife, Countess of Wiltshire, late the wife of James, late Earl of Wiltshire, to Thomas, Earl of Ormond, William Husee, Chief Justice of the Common Pleas, John Cheyne, William Hody, and John Byconyll, knights, William Dunthorn, clerk, William Martyn, William Froste and Thomas Cary for 40 marks, paid in the church of St. Paul, at 'le Rode' of the north door. London, 3 June, 4 Henry VII. Seal, and fragment of seal.
Essex. C. 914. Indenture of apprenticeship binding John Stace (?), of Haverhill, Essex, to Richard atte Wend, of the same place, fuller. 20 Richard II. Damaged.
[Sussex?] C. 915. Receipt from John Cheyne, esquire, John Theccher, and John Jefferay, feoffees of the land, &c., and executors of the will of Richard Heggyngworth, late of Waldern, to Richard Tanner, for 20 marks. 3 Henry VII.
[Herts.] C. 916. Grant by Robert . . . . . . ., of St. Albans, to Robert Tewesdale, of Writele, Essex, and John Martyn, of St. Albans, of two messuages with a curtilage, and two tofts, in Halywellestrete on 'la Halywellehyll,' St. Albans. Witnesses:—Richard Pinney (?), bailiff of St. Albans, and others (named). 6 February, 34 Henry VI. Damaged.
Kent. C. 917. Grant by William Clarke, of Chedyngston, John Reme, Richard Warde, John Martyn alias Hayward, and Thomas Crudde, of Hevere, to John Bulman, William Rote and Thomas Rote, of a yearly rent of 15d., out of a croft in Hever called 'Crouchecroft.' 8 June, 16 Edward IV. Damaged.
[Middx.] C. 918. Receipt from William Stok, citizen and fishmonger of London, and Isabella his wife, late the wife of John Billion, to Sir John de Burton, for 10 marks. 22 June, 13 Richard II. Seal, and fragment of seal. Injured.
[Norf.] C. 919. Receipt from Robert le Parker, of Sterston, to Sir Robert de Reydone, for 15 marks. Tuesday the feast of St. Blaise the Martyr, 3 Edward II. Damaged.
[Surrey.] C. 920. Award of Richard Best, Thomas Leycestre, Edward a Dene, Thomas Compton, Thomas Wesenham, William Parker, Thomas Lenman (?), and Richard Dokull, the arbitrators appointed to settle a dispute between William Capley, of London, gentleman., and John Jurdan, Richard Thornton, John Porter, John Huntyndon, Thomas Went, Osmund Welde, Thomas Davy, and William Kyng, concerning the title and possession of a tenement at St. George's, Southwark. The award is to the effect that the said William Capley is to give up possession, and the others are to pay him 40l., &c. Southwark, Thursday before St. John the Baptist, 3 Edward IV. English. Damaged.
[Berks.] C. 921. Bond of John Kyngeston, rector of the parish church of Esthenreth, and William Whitewey, the younger, of the same place, to William Yorke, for 3l. 5s. 6d. 20 April, 31 Henry VI. Seal, and fragment of seal.
[Devon.] C. 922. Release by Philip Downe, to John Mountfort, merchant of Dartmouth, of all actions. Dartmouth, 20 November, 11 Henry IV.
[ ] C. 923. Release by Isabella Rous, late the wife of William Rous, to Joan Bewschyn and William Bewschyn, of all actions. 16 October, 37 Henry VI. Seal.
Essex. C. 924. Receipt from John Fissher, of Terlyng, yeoman, to Walter Gorsen, one of the executors of the will of Richard Alred, late of Boreham, esquire, for 26s. 8d. 26 February, 28 Henry VI. Seal.
[Bedf.] C. 925. Grant by Nicholas de Bonedonne, of Wybbessnade, to Gilbert son of Nicholas, of the same place, of a tenement with a croft, land, and meadow in Wybbesnade and Eyton, adjoining 'le West Grene.' Thursday the feast of St. Hilary, 16 Edward II.
Surrey. C. 926. Grant by John Levyng, of Westgrenewych, Kent, to Richard Aylewyne and Sarah his wife, of Peckham, of two pieces of land at Estwode in Peckham, part lying between land called 'Longeberstede' and the highway called 'Estwodestrete.' Monday before the Conversion of St. Paul, 32 Edward III. Seal.
Essex. C. 927. Receipt from Thomas Ormond to William Scot for 42s. 2½d., of his annuity of Wolhampston and Margaret Gyng (Margaretting). 28 January, 22 Edward IV. English.
London. C. 928. Receipt from Isabella, late the wife of John Billion, to John de Burton, clerk, for 20 marks, in part payment of a larger sum due. London, 20 July, 12 Richard II.
Surrey. C. 929. Award of Thomas Grey and Stephen Dorwell, of Lambehith, arbitrators appointed to settle a dispute between John Bele, of Lambeth, and John Calcote and John Hert, about a piece of ground in the town and parish of Lambeth, determining that the premises belonged to the said John Bele, as part of the lands, &c., which he purchased of John Tyngelden, citizen and grocer of London. 4 October, 2 Edward IV. English. Fragment of seal.
Berks. C. 930. Letters of attorney from John Cockes, of Esthenrith, kerseyman, to William York, of the King's Household, to recover the debts which John Hurry, clerk, late rector of the parish church of East Hendred, then owed and unjustly retained. 24 September, 27 Henry VI. Seal.
[Wilts.] C. 931. Bond of Christopher Wroughton, knight, to Thomas York esquire, for 300 marks. 14 May, 7 Henry VIII.
Endorsed: Defeasance; the bond to be void if Wroughton make a sufficient estate in writing to York, of the custody, ward, and marriage of William Wroughton, son and heir of the said Christopher, and also of his manor of Brood Henton, with lands, tenements, &c. English.
[Oxford.] C. 932. Grant by Matilda, daughter of the late Henry Fennes, of Chemeneye, to John le Gray, of Stanlake, of a messuage and curtilage, &c., in Stanlake, land in a croft called 'le Cocuscroft,' also of a curtilage and 2s. 6d. yearly rent issuing out of a tenement at Stanlake, two bushels of corn yearly, &c., and a right of way. Sunday before St. Peter and St. Paul, 1 Edward III. Seal.
[Glouc.] C. 933. Bond of John Walley, 'toukere' and merchant of Bristol, to William Mountfort, merchant of Bridport, for 26l. 13s. 4d. sterling. 10 . . . . . . . . ., 4 Henry VI. Fragment of seal.
[Berks.] C. 934. Release by Thomas Jones, the elder, to Warm de Insula (de l'lsle), lord of Kyngeston and Bedon, of all his right in lands, &c., at Westhakeborn. Kyngeston, feast of the Circumcision, 35 Edward III. Seal.
[Dorset.] C. 935. Bond of Walter Bagge, clerk, and William Hore, of Bridport, to Thomas Pymore, for 40l. Saturday before St. Katherine the Virgin, 5 Henry V. Seal, imperfect.
Essex. C. 936. Receipt from William Scott, of Stapilford Tany, esquire, to Thomas Lord Ormond, for 40s., being one year's payment of an annuity of 40s. granted by the said Lord Ormond to the said William Scott for life. Stapleford Tawney, 12 November, 6 Henry VII. English.
[Heref.] C. 937. Grant by Henry Matheu, of Welynton, to John Folimon, of Bredewardyn, carpenter, of all his lands, &c., in Wellington. Monday after St. Simon and St. Jude, 15 Edward III.
Berks. C. 938. Grant by Roger Cokkys, alias Roger Felter, of Esthakbourne, to William York, of the King's Household, Sir John Avery, vicar of the church of Hagbourne, and John Knody, of all his lands, &c., in East Hagbourne, and Foulescote, and also of all his goods and chattels. 1 July, 24 Henry VI.
[Heref.] C. 939. Letters of attorney from Thomas Marchald, of Causlond de la Hurst, authorising Walter Restot and John Treulove, to place Peter de Codushale in possession of two messuages and land in Welynton. Hurst in Causlond, Saturday the feast of St. Peter ad Vincula, 44 Edward III. Seal, imperfect.
[Oxford.] C. 940. Grant by Sir John Patrich, of Stanlake, chaplain, to John la Grey, of the same place, and Nicholas his son, and the heirs of their bodies, of three messuages with curtilages in Stanlake, land in a croft called 'le Cocus Croft,' and 2s. 6d. yearly rent out of a tenement in Stanlake, and two bushels of corn yearly, &c. Sunday after St. James the Apostle, 19 Edward II. Fragment of seal.
Staff. Chesh. Salop. C. 941. Grant by Richard de Stafford, parson of the church of Burtham, Philip, parson of the church of Leyghe, and John Welokes, to Anabel, late the wife of John de Haukeston, knight, of messuages, lands, &c., in the counties of Stafford, Chester, and Salop. Witnesses:—Nicholas le Beck, John de Verdon, John de Draycote, and Robert de Foulerhurst, knights, and others (named). Wryneford, Tuesday the feast of St. Swithin, 38 Edward III.
[Essex ?] C. 942. Grant by Richard Burre, of Herlawe, to Alan de Schypwode, of all his lands and tenements in Harlowe, with messuages, houses, &c. Sunday after St. Valentine, 23 Edward III.
[Middx., &c.] C. 943. Letters of attorney of John Poutrell, esquire, authorising William Yorke, the younger, citizen and vintner of London, to receive from John Chancy, the younger, of London, esquire, 10l.; from John Martyn, esquire, the younger, 40s; from William Asshe, of London, gentleman, and Matthew Mollesdale, citizen and tailor of London, 5 marks; from William Anderby, late of London, gentleman, 20l.; from Thomas Seyntbarbe, of Southbrent, Somerset, esquire, 22l. 5s. 10d.; from Richard Kneseworth, of Kneseworth, Cambridgeshire, 100s., and also 33s. 4d.; and from Master Hugh Payn, John Walkyn, and William Hash, of London, gentlemen, 10 marks. 31 August, 1 Edward IV. Seal.
[York.] C. 944. Demise by Richard de Berch and Cecilia his wife, to Richard de Riale, of a bovate of land in Oxspring, and a tenement called 'Lanedirode' and another called 'Stonyflat' and 'Earkeflat,' lying between the common pasture of Oxspring and 'le feldoles' of Bohon, abutting on 'le eaclif' and upon Morlandes. [13th century.] Fragment of seal.
Hants. C. 945. Demise by Joan Stonour, William Stonour, esquire, and Henry Dogett, to John Person, of the site of the manor of Penyton Meysy, with houses, lands, &c., which John Monke formerly held. Penton Mewsey, 23 April, 15 Edward IV.
Dorset. C. 946. Bond of John Walyssh, burgess of Dorchester, to William Mountfort, merchant of Bridport, for 12l. 10s. 4 Henry V. Seal.
[Sussex.] C. 947. Grant by John Rede, rector of the church of Litlyngton, and John Eustas, clerk, to John Marchal and Mabel his wife, and the heirs of their bodies, of lands and tenements in Walderne. Waldron, Wednesday the Invention of Holy Cross, 42 Edward III. Seal and fragment of seal.
Kent. C. 948. Bond of Roger Clupton, of Adyngton, 'wodmaker,' to William York, of London, the younger, for 50s. 12 March, 3 Edward IV. Fragment of seal.
[Warw.] C. 949. Grant by John Deye and John Crisp, of Caldecote, to John Tye, of the same place, of all their lands, &c., in Caldecote. Sunday before St. Valentine, 31 Edward III.
Kent. C. 950. Bond of Richard Croppell, esquire, to William York, the younger, of London, gentleman, for 200l. 19 October, 3 Edward IV. Fragment of seal.
Endorsed: Defeasance: the bond to be void if Croppell abide by the award of John Fyncham and Nicholas Stathorn, gentlemen, arbitrators appointed to enquire into the right to messuages, lands, &c., in the vills and parishes of Westmallyng, Ryherssh (Ryarsh) and Birling, and into all actions between the said parties.
[Oxford.] C. 951. Grant by Nicholas le Grey and Joan, late the wife of Richard le Grey, of Stanlake, to Matilda Fennes, of Chemeneye, of a messuage with curtilage and land in a croft called 'le Cocuscroft'; also of another curtilage and 2s. 6d. yearly rent issuing out of a tenement which Thomas Ricard held of the grantors in Stanlake; also of two bushels of corn yearly, and a right of way. Sunday after St. Matthias the Apostle, 1 Edward III. Fragments of two seals.
[Bedf.] C. 952. Release by Simon Whyttawer, of Dunstable, to William Anable, of the same place, of all his right inlands, &c., in Dunstable, Cadyndon, and Kenesworth, which Whyttawer bad by the feoffment of Simon Wylshamstede. Wednesday after St. Bartholomew the Apostle, 5 Henry V. Seal.
[Somers.] C. 953. Grant by Richard de Luketon to Alice his daughter and the heirs of her body, of land in the fields of Kyngeston by Gyvele (Yeovil.) in a tillage called 'Galkesputte' in 'le Nutherforlangges.' [13th century.]
[Warw.] C. 954. Grant by Thomas le Hore, of Elmedon, to John son of William de Ruycroft, of Hulton, and William le Hore, son of. the grantor, of a toft and all his lands, &c., in Solihull, which formerly belonged to Charles de Blosmevill, chaplain. Witnesses:—John Pecche, knight, and others (named). Thursday after the Purification, 48 Edward III.
[Berks.] C. 955. Grant by John Mene and Joan his wife to Richard Wyot, John Wyot, John Halle, of Colbrook, Thomas Copmanford, and John Scot, of Langele, to the use of Thomas atte "Watere, cousin and heir of Walter Cateway, of all their estate in the manors of Mychelscourt, Paynelscourt and Snoweswykes, a meadow called 'Denkeney,' and 10l. yearly rent issuing out of the manor of Paynelscourt, together with all other lands, &c., in Burwardescote, with the advowson of the church there. 1 May, 5 Henry IV. Fragment of seal.
[Warw.] C. 956. Grant by Walter Wryght, of Solihull, and Thomas Godefelow, of the same place, to William Smyth, of Solihull, the elder, and Anne his wife, of a field in Solihull. Monday before the nativity of St. John the Baptist, 11 Henry IV. Fragment of seal.
[Warw.] C. 957. Grant by John David, of Elmedon, chaplain, to John Thone, of Solihull, and Agnes his wife, and the heirs of their bodies, of two pieces of land with a curtilage and buildings, both within and without the borough of Solihull. Sunday after St. Hilary, 8 Edward III.
[York.] C. 958. Grant by Thomas de Schepley, to William son of William del Hill, of half a bovate of land with buildings, &c. in Thurlestone, which Robert Bercar' formerly held. [13th century.]
[Berks.] C. 959. Letters of attorney from Richard Bousch, of Twykenam, Middlesex, authorising John Averey, vicar of Hakebourne, to deliver seisin of meadow land in East and West Hagbourne, which the said Richard, had granted to John York, William York, and others. 29 September 22 Henry VI.
Surrey. C. 960. Grant by John Gybelot, of Pecham, in the parish of Camberwell, to John Langhorne, citizen and brazier of London, of land in 'le Northfelde' of Pecham, in a certain 'Shote' called 'le Creke.' 12 August, 3 Henry IV.
[ ] C. 961. Grant by Gilbert Page, the younger, of Meldinge, to Richard his son, of a piece of land in the same vill, abutting upon the way called 'Aylwardestrete.' Witnesses:—Sir Peter de Dennardston, knight, and others (named). Passion Sunday, 10 Edward II.
[Middx.] C. 962. Release by Alice Prestes, of Twykenham, widow, to Thomas Postell, of the same place, of all her right in a void plot of land in Twickenham. Wednesday before St. Faith, Virgin, 14 Richard II. Seal.
Berks. C. 963. Bond of Robert Avery, of Kyngyston Bagpuse, clerk, to John Averey, for 20 marcs. 10 February, 24 Henry VI.
[Berks.] C. 964. Grant by Walter Catewy, of the county of Berks, to Thomas Thorp, of the reversion of the manor of Mychels, in the parish of Bourwardescote, with the advowson of the church there, which John Meene and Joan his wife, late the wife of Thomas Catewy, hold for the life of the said Joan. 20 November, 1 Henry IV.
[Surrey.] C. 965. Grant by John atte Walle, of Camerwelle, the elder, and John atte Walle, his son and heir, to Maurice Turgis, citizen and draper of London, and Katherine his wife, of land in Peckham in a field called 'Haselfeld.' Camberwell, Sunday after St. Luke the Evangelist, 11 Edward III. Two seals, one imperfect.
[Norf.] C. 966. Grant by Adam son of Peter de Hornynghe, of Dilham, to Stephen son of Henry de Dilham, dyer, of a moiety of a piece of land called 'le Stintlynghes,' in Dilham, adjoining the land of Sir William de Gyneye and others. [13th century.] Fragment of seal.
Kent. C. 967. Release by Thomas Hykkis, son and heir of Richard Hykkis, to William Halton, gentleman, son and heir of John Halton, of all his right in the manor called 'le Whytehalle' in the parish of St. Mary's Hoo, and in lands, &c., in the same parish; with warranty against the abbot of St. Peter's, Westminster, and his successors. 18 October, 5 Edward IV. Fragment of seal.
Endorsed: Memorandum of enrolment in the King's Chancery the same day.
[Berks.] C. 968. Letters of attorney from William York, the elder, authorising John Rypon to receive from Richard Faldrian seisin of land in the field of Westacbourne (West Hagbourne). London, 21 May, 10 Edward IV.
[Norf.] C. 969. Release by Alice, daughter of William de Stalham, knight, to Sir Geoffrey Wyth, knight, and Isabella his wife, of all her right in lands, &c., in Stalham, Ingham, Hegham Pottere, Smalbergh, Dylham, Worthestede, Walsham, Westwyk, Boston, Berton, Irsted, Netesherd, Hornyngg and Asschemenhaghe. Witnesses:—Sir Reginald le Gros and Oliver his son, and others (named). 27 May, 9 Edward II.
[Surrey.] C. 970. Grant by John Drynkwater, of Peccham, in the parish of Camerwell, to Richard Skynner, John Baker, the younger, John Bruton, and John Baker, the elder, of the same parish, of all the lands, &c., which he had by the feoffment of Agnes Aylewyn, widow, deceased. Peckham, 22 April, 5 Edward IV. Seal.
[Middx.] C. 971. Grant by Godfrey son of Geoffrey de Hadestoke, formerly citizen of London, to William de Betune, mercer, citizen of London, of land with houses in the parish of St. John's Walbrook. Witnesses:—Henry le Waleis, Mayor of London, and alderman of that ward, Jordan Godchep and Martin Box, sheriffs, and others (named). [12 Edward L] Fragment of seal.
[Warw.] C. 972. Grant by William Smyth, of Solyhull, to Walter Wryght, of the same place, and Thomas Goodfelowe, of a field in the territory of Solihull. Saturday in Whitsun week, 11 Henry IV.
[Worc.] C. 973. Grant by John Felypes, of Pendesham, to John his eldest son, of land in the field of Pendesham, extending into Godlehull and into Luffeweie, next the land of Nicholas Burnel, knight. Pensham, Thursday the feast of St. Barnabas the Apostle, 34 Edward III.
Wilts. C. 974. Bond of Richard Lovell, of Stretton St. Margaret, husbandman, to Thomas Yorke, esquire, for 20l. Defeasance appended; Lovell is to pay 13l. to Yorke.
English. Undated. An unfinished copy ?
Hunt. N'hamp. C. 975. Grant by Thomas del Stokkes to John Woderoue, John de Bretton, William de Wakefeld, and Thomas de Gaytford, of messuages, lands, &c., in Kylyngton, and Wermyngton. Monday after St. Martin in the Winter, 14 Richard II. Seal.
[N'hamp.] C. 976. Demise by Master Robert de Cathworth, Master of the Hospital of the Holy Trinity, otherwise St. David, without Northampton, and the brethren of the same, to William Bretoun, of Tekne, and Agnes his wife, of their holm of Tekne, by the water-mill of the said William, in consideration of the latter's past and future service, &c. Northampton, Michaelmas day, 20 Edward II. Fragments of two seals.
[Oxford.] C. 977. Grant by Aveline Cross (de Cruce), widow, to Simon Gaudin, of a messuage and land in Lachebroke, in the parish of Sciplake. Thursday after the Ascension, 13 Edward I.
Essex. C. 978. Bond of Henry Barbour, of Waltham Abbey, gentleman, to William Yorke, the younger, gentleman, for 40s. sterling. 30 July, 10 Edward IV. Seal.
Glouc. C. 979. Grant by Alexander Beynham, knight, William Grevell, sergeant-at-law, William Tracy, Eobert Wye and Richard Wye to Nicholas Dobyns, of all their lands and tenements in the town of Tewkesbury which they formerly held with William Wye, the elder, and William Wye, the younger, deceased, &c.: to wit, a burgage tenement in the street called 'Oldeburystrete,' and two half burgage tenements in the great street of the same town called 'Churchstrete,' ten gardens called three-quarters of a burgage tenement, near the lane called 'Salterzlane,' and 'Cryspynelane,' and a tenement in Sowthewyk. Witnesses:—George Coton and John Bett, bailiffs of Tewkesbury, and others (named). 2 April, 24 Henry VII. Seal.
[Staff.] C. 980. Grant by Roger Saxoy to William de Brereton, the younger, John Wordhulle, rector of the church of Brereton, and William Haynesson, chaplain, of all the lands, &c., within the territory of Bettiley. Feast of St. Oswald, King and Martyr, 13 Henry IV. Fragment of seal.
Berks. C. 981. Release by Walter Catewy, of Lollyndon within the parish of Chelleseye, to William Wylycotes, Richard Overton, and Richard atte Watre, of all his right in the reversion of the manor, and other lands, &c., in the parish of Borwardescote, formerly purchased of Thomas Paynel, knight, &c. Chelleford, 20 September, 20 Richard II. Seal.
[Sussex.] C. 982. Grant by Richard Tannere, of Lyndefeld, to Richard Mascall, the elder, John atte Homwod, of Cokefeld, William Payn, William Potter, Thomas Loveston, of Brightelmeston, and John atte Ree, of Cokefeld, of all his lands, &c., in the parish of Walderne. Waldron, Thursday after St. Luke the Evangelist, 2 Richard III. Fragment of seal.
[Bedf.] C. 983. Grant by William Mulsho, of Dunstable, and Thomas Cook, of St. Albans, to William Smyth, of Dunstable, and Alice his wife, of lands, &c., in Wipsonade, Eyton, and Toturnho. Whipsnade, 15 January, 9 Henry V. Seal and fragment of seal.
Berks. C. 984. Release by Robert Marchal, of Lecchelad, to Thomas Cathewy, of Harewell, and Joan his wife, of all his right in lands, &c., in Borwardescot. Buscott, Sunday the feast of St. Clement, Pope and Martyr, 28 Edward III.
[Dorset.] C. 985. Grant by John Bassyngbom, John Clebury, clerk, and Thomas Stapulford, clerk, to Isabella, late the wife of Philip Soydon, of Weymouth, of their lower water-mill called 'Criketesmull' in Weye Ruwant. Saturday the morrow of the nativity of the Blessed Virgin, 15 Richard II.
Bucks. C. 986. Release by John Neyrnut, knight, to Robert de Marny, knight, and Alice his wife, of all his right in the manor of Kyngeseye, of which the said Robert and Alice were then seised in fee by the feoffment of Robert de Bourton, parson of the church of South Wokyndon, and John Colyn, chaplain. London, 18 November, 7 Richard II.
Endorsed: Memorandum of enrolment in the King's Chancery in November in the same year.
[Derby ?] C. 987. Release by Richard Dalron to Almaric de Sancto Amando, knight, Alice Perers, Richard Brous, and Stephen Botiler, of all his right in lands, &c., in Lakynge, Detheswyke, and Cherlton. Witnesses:—John Goloffre, Richard Adderbury, and John Kentwode, knights, and others (named). Westminster, 8 May, 50 Edward III.
Kent. C. 988. Bond of James Robynson, of Estwykham, husbandman, to William York, of London, the younger, for 70s. sterling. 24 January, 8 Edward IV. Seal.
[Norf.] C. 989. Grant by Alice, late the wife of John Geney, knight, and William Purk, chaplain, to Geoffrey Haldeyn, clerk, John Northgate, clerk, John Haldeyn, of Bekles, and William Pampyng, of Skouriston, of a messuage in Dylham called 'Holdiches,' abutting on the common pasture, and five pieces of land in the East field. Monday after the nativity of St. Mary the Virgin, 3 Henry VI. Seal.
[Oxford.] C. 990. Grant by Simon Kesewik to John le Parkere, of Beckele, Joan his wife, and James their son, and the heirs of the body of the said James, of a messuage with gardens, curtilages, and a croft, and lands, &c., in Beckley. Tuesday after Michaelmas, 4 Edward III. Seal.
[Norf.] C. 991. Grant by Simon Pygott, burgess and merchant of Lenn, to Thomas Geyton, of Fyncham, and William Marche, burgesses of the same place, and John Peers, of Wygenale, of a tenement in Lynn, with a building and quay adjacent, at the north end of 'Fynneslane,' then called 'Baxterrowe,' between the common way and the common fleet called 'Purfleete,' to the east of the common gutter then covered in, &c. In time of William Marche, then mayor, and Thomas Thoresby, alderman of Lynn. 26 February, 20 Edward IV. Seal.
[Middx.] C. 992. Letters of attorney of Nicholas Dixon, Thomas Hasley, Nicholas Eadeford, William Selman, and John Arderne, esquire, authorising John Crosse, of London, to deliver seisin to William Chedworth, citizen of London, of lands, tenements, shops, &c., in the parish of St. Augustine in 'le Oldchaunge,' in the ward of Baynardescastell. London, 9 August, 21 Henry VI. Three seals.
[Staff.] C. 993. Indenture by which John de Haukeston, knight, and Anabel his wife, charge, &c., the land of the said Anabel in Forde, together with the advowson of the church of Chetilton, and the reversion of the manor of Chetilton, in favour of the said John and Anabel. The deed recites that William son of John de Bromlegh, John de Bromley, William son of Walter de Bromlegh, Roger de Bromlegh, and Walter de Bromlegh, are bound in 100l. to the said John de Haukeston by a statute merchant, and that the said Anabel is similarly bound in 60l. Chester, Saturday the feast of the Nativity of Our Lady, 32 Edward III. French. Fragments of three seals.
Glouc. Berks. Oxford. C. 994. Release by Thomas atte Watre, son of Margaret, daughter of Walter Catewy, to Richard Wyot, John Wyot, John Halle, of Colbrok, John Scot, and Thomas Copmanford, of all his right in land, &c., in Collesborne, Elkston, Harcherstoke, and Meresplot, and also of all his right in the manors of Paynescourt, Michelscourt in Borewardescote and in the advowson of the church there, in lands at Buscott and elsewhere in the county of Berks; in lands, &c., which they hold in Kelmescote, and in a meadow called 'Denkeneye,' &c., also in the manor of Elvynden with lands, &c., in Abbotestoke, Goryng, and elsewhere in the county of Oxford, and in Stretele, Rumford, and Tylhurst in Berks. Witnesses:— Philip la Vache, knight, and others (named). 12 February, 6 Henry IV. Seal.
[Oxford.] C. 995. Grant by Thomas Alisaundre, of Dorchester, to Nicholas le Noble, and Agnes his wife, of an acre of headland in the field of Warborowe, at 'la Lure,' extending to the ditch called 'Bonesdych,' and adjoining the highway leading to Holecombe. Friday after St, John the Baptist, 1 Edward III.
[Warw.] C. 996. Grant by William de Middelmor, of Solihull, to John Tone, of the same place, of a field in Solihull adjoining the highway from Kynelworth to Burmygtham, and a lane leading to 'le Ronwode.' Monday after Michaelmas, 5 Edward III.
[Warw.] C. 997. Release by John Wodekoc, of Solihull, to John son of William atte Birches, of the same place, of all his right in a croft at 'le Orchard,' in Solihull. Wednesday after the Exaltation of Holy Cross, 18 Edward III.
[Sussex.] C. 998. Grant by John Marchal, to John Rede, rector of the church of Lytlyngton, and John Eustas, clerk, of all his lands and tenements in the parish of Walderne. Waldron, Sunday before St. George, 42 Edward III. Seal.
Hants. C. 999. Bond of John Roger, of Fryfolk, esquire, to William York for 40 marks. 4 January, 34 Henry VI. Seal.
[Staff.] C. 1000. Grant by John de Flossebroc and Alice his wife, to Emma, late the wife of John son of Stephen, son of Ody de Snede, of Bettileye, and Roger her son, of a plot of land upon Wryme, between 'le Cracale Mosse' and the high street, &c. Witnesses:—John de Thikenes, Hugh de Delves, bailiffs, and others (named). Betley, Monday after St. James the Apostle, A.D. 1347.