Deeds: A.801 - A.900

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A Descriptive Catalogue of Ancient Deeds: Volume 1. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1890.

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A.801 - A.900

Essex. A. 801. Release by William Bonjour, of Little Waltham, to John de Dodebrok and Ettheldrede his wife, of an annual rent of 4d. due from them for a croft, called 'Odecroft,' in Little Waltham. Tuesday, the Vigil of St. Katherine the Virgin, 33 Edw. I.
[Essex.] A. 802. Grant by the prior and convent of Holy Trinity, London, to Peter le Wynd, of Welcomestow, of land in Welcomestow, situate as described. London, the day before the Nones of July, 33 Edw. 1. Seal.
[Essex.] A. 803. Demise by Mary Henyngham, the prioress, and the convent of Wykes to John Martyn, of Fratyng, of their tenement in Fratyng, with lands called 'Wasselyns' belonging thereto, for five years from Michaelmas next, at a yearly rent of 28s. 4d.; Martyn paying the King's fifteenths, &c. In the chapter house at Wykes, 20 September, 7 Hen. VIII. Seal.
Essex. A. 804. Indenture of sale by Thomas Philpott, of Barkyng, Essex, to Thomas Marowe, the elder, of London, of all his lands, &c., called 'Shanks,' in Essex, for the sum of 50 marcs. Other covenants specified. 17 April, 14 Hen. VII. Seal, defaced. English.
[Essex.] A. 805. Grant by Walter of the Mill (de Molendino), for 50 marcs, to Adam de Stratton, clerk, of his water mill of Cowyk, in the parish of Sheving, a "vivarium," and 2½ acres of meadow adjoining the mill. Witnesses:—John, son of Hubert de Herlawe, Hubert de Ovesham, and others (named).
[Essex.] A. 806. Grant by Peter, son of Richard de Stanford, to Sir Philip Basset, of all messuages, &c, in Stanford that William de Haverhille, Treasurer of the King, formerly held of him, and which formerly belonged to his father Richard. Witnesses:—Sirs Baldwin de Ripariis, Roger de Sanford, Simon de Stanford, knts., Elyas del Fryth, and others (named). Seal.
[Essex.] A. 807. Grant by Agnes de Canvylla to Sir Philip Basset, for term of her life, of the manor of Schenefeld and advowson of the church there, at a yearly rent of 6 marcs. If she survive Sir Philip the premises to revert to her at his death. Witnesses:—Sirs Roger de Sanford, Ranulf de Amundevil, and Gilbert de Osefeld, Elyas and William del Fryth, and others (named).
[Essex.] A. 808. Grant by Richard son of Ranulf, and Hawis his wife, daughter of Ralph de Munvirun, to Thomas Loc and Sabina his wife, of their mill of Straford [Stratford], the said Thomas becoming "our man" and paying 10 marcs, and to Serlo their son and heir for his assent to this grant a measure of wheat. Witnesses:—William Tresgoz, Gilbert de Meaulinges, William Faucilun, and others (named).
[Essex.] A. 809. Mandate of Simon, abbot of St. Edmund's, to the freemen and serfs of Stapelford manor to be respondent to Sir Philip Basset, to whom he has granted the said manor for life. Beurepeir, Friday next after the Assumption, 1260.
[Essex.] A. 810. Agreement by Gilbert, son of Henry de Halstead, that if he or his heirs be impleaded for the land he holds of Sir Philip Basset in Schaudeford, they shall not exact other warranty or acquittance from Sir Philip than that which the latter shall receive or can obtain from Robert Jacob, of Schaudeford. Witnesses:—Sir Roger de Samphord, knt., and others (named). Seal,—"Secretum Gilberti fil' Henrici."
[Essex.] A. 811. Release by Peter, son of Richard de Stanford, to Nicholas de Hastingges, of the messuages, &c, formerly belonging to his father in Stanford, which William de Haverhulle, the King's Treasurer, formerly held. Witnesses as above, A. 806. Fragment of seal.
[Essex.] A. 812. Grant by Peter le Mareschal to the abbot and convent of Waltham Holy Cross, of the pasture in Spryngefeld, situate as described, which he had by grant of Gilbert Wolnet, of Spryngefeld. Witnesses:— Robert aod Nicholas del Frith, Vincent de Hetford, and others (named). Seal.
[Essex.] A. 813. Grant by Henry, son of John de Wendovere, to the canons of Waltham Holy Cross, of pasture in Springefeud, situate as described. Witnesses:—Sirs Peter de Besevile, Hugh and Richard de Colewrth, knts., and others (named).
[Essex.] A. 814. Grant by Peter le Mareschal, called 'de Ho,' to the abbot and convent of Holy Cross, of the pasture in Springfeld he had by grant of Gilbert Wolniet [see A. 812], for 40 years from the feast of St. Barnabas, 15 Edw. II. Waltham, the feast and year abovesaid. Portion of seal.
[Essex.] A. 815. Grant by Richard Wastinell to Robert de Aeswell of the land Algar de la Heyse held of him in Stapelford, &c., and of the increase of three acres of assarted land opposite the gate of the above; he paying therefor 12d. yearly, finding a man for one day in the octaves of Christmas to put up the hedge of Havering park, and an aid for the sheriff, &c. For this grant Robert gives 20s. to Richard, to Cecil his wife a cap worth 5s., and to William and John his brothers 12d. each. Witnesses:— Nicholas de Barenton, Richard Batayle, John de Lamburne, and others (named).
[Essex.] A. 816. Grant by Adam de Stratton, clerk, to Symon Gubiun, of land in Stapelford, which he formerly had by gift of the prior and convent of Bermondsey, who held it before of the fee of the said Symon; at a yearly rent of 8s. 3d. Witnesses:—Sirs Walter de Meriden, William de Aece, and Luke de Tany, knts., and others (named). Feast of St. Gregory, 1274. Seal.
[Essex.] A. 817. Grant by John le Moyne, of Stapelford, for the sum of eight marcs, to the prior and convent of Bermondsey, of land in Stapelford, for 15 years from Michaelmas, 51 Hen. III.; they paying at the end of that term a yearly rent of 40s. if they continue to hold the land. Witnesses:—William Loreng, Geoffrey de Laufare, Osbert Gladefon and others (named). 50 Hen III. Seal.
[Essex.] A. 818. Award of Walter Stone, LL.D., and Richard Broke, Serjeantat-law, in a dispute between Richard bishop of London, and Master Anthony Darsy, founder of Tiptre priory, as to the appointment of a prior to the said priory. Darsy affirmed the priory had been founded by the lord of the lordship of Tolson Tregos, which now belonged to him, and that the lords of the lordship had been wont to appoint in all times of a vacancy, and without further process by the ordinary such nominee entered into the priory; while the bishop affirmed he and his predecessors were entitled to make provision, on a vacancy occurring, from the lack of electors, there being in the priory only one regular canon beside the prior for the time being. The arbitrators decide that Darsy, and his successors in the lordship of Tolson Tregos, shall present to the said priory at every vacancy for ever, and that the bishop and his successors shall immediately institute the person so presented; but out of respect for the bishop, Darsy consents to his presenting to the next two vacancies that occur in the priory. 31 January, 1515. Darsy and the Bishop approve this award, and affix their seals hereto. 20 February, 1515, 7 Henry VIII. Darsy's seal and a portion of the Episcopal seal remaining.
[Essex.] A. 819. Release by Walter de Meduana, and Cecilia the Countess (Comitissa) his wife, to Hamo de Scotot, of 6l. of silver very often exacted from him for Torinton; and confirmation to the same of all Terinton by service of one knight, except the fee of Amalric de Semanetonia. For this quittance Hamo gives Walter 20 marcs and a sparrow-hawk, and to Cecilia 5 marcs and a gold ring. Witnesses:—Walter the Priest (Sacerdote) Manesser de Dammart', Ralph son of Gerold, Robert de St. Clare, William and Ralph de Cloevilla, Reginald de Ginges, and many others (named).
[Kent ?] A. 820. Grant by Stephen, son of Robert de Crofte, to Adam de Quercu ["ate Nokes"] of 2½ acres and 5 "deywerkas" of land in Upecherche, in the field called 'Berecoppesfeld,' at a yearly rent of 3 measures of barley "palmal'." Witnesses:—Ralph, John, William, Gervase, Brice, and Roger de Quercu and others (named). Ascension Day, 22 Edward I.
[Essex.] A. 821. Grant by Hamo, son of Richard de Esketot, to Hugh, son of Richard de Elmestude, for 100 marcs, of the manor of Thuriton and advowson of the church there, paying therefor 12s. yearly for Hamo and his heirs to Sir Warin de Montechanesio, for the wardship of Rochester Castle. Witnesses:—Sirs Richard de Tany and Robert le Butiler, knts., John de Marines, Ralph Martel, Simon Bataile, Gilbert Fucher and others (named). February, 34 Henry III., xi. Kal. Marcii. [See A. 825.]
[Essex.] A. 822. Grant by John de Sutton, of Wyvenho, to the prioress and convent of Wykes, for the souls of himself and Margery his wife, of land in Tendryngge, and the advowson of the church there. Witnesses:—John de Braham, William Brun, and Richard de Sutton, knts., and others (named). Monday next after All Saints, 37 Edward III.
[Essex.] A. 823. Grant by William, son of William le Flemeng, to Laurence, son of Nicholas, of land in Tholeshunt, situate as described, at a yearly rent of 6d. Witnesses:—Richard the Monk (Monacho), Philip de Bovile Nicholas de Bohun, and others (named).
[Essex.] A. 824. Grant by Richard de Lamare to Richard de Beaucbamp, of the land the latter's uncle, Geoffrey de Beauchamp, held of him in Twinsted by a free service of 2s. yearly, &c. Witnesses:—Richard son of John, John son of Richard, Adam and William de Ponte, Walter de la Mare' Walter and William, his sons, Robert de Beauchamp, and others (named). Seal.
[Essex.] A. 825. Release by Hugh de Elmestede to Sir Warin de Monte Kanesio, for 100 marcs, of the manor and advowson of the church of Turinton. Witnesses:—Sirs Hubert de Ruylly, William de Feryng, Ralph de Basinges, Ralph de Chalonibus, Richard de Rully, and others (named).
[Essex.] A. 826. Presentment by the jury at the Court held at Tyllyngham on Wednesday next after the feast of St. Anne, 3 Henry VIII., of the surrender by Thomas Herde, deceased, to the lord, of a tenement, 30 acres called 'Prykkys, and land called 'salvages,' to the use of Margaret his wife, and John Boker, executor of his will, to be sold and the money applied to pay his debts, and to works of charity. Seisin of the premises was delivered to Margaret and John, to be held by a twig at the lord's will, &c. 3 Henry VIII.
[Essex.] A. 827. Grant by Hubert, the Queen's chamberlain, to Edward, brother of Haghen de Stanford, of the land in Tey that Leowin Walter held, at a yearly rent of 20s.; to be held by him as "my man" and as one who for a long time has served him well and faithfully. Witnesses:— "Agnes, my wife, Aluered, my clerk," Haghen de Stanford, Adam de Coccheshal, Osbert de Lundon, Leowin de Feringis, and Alfwin, brother of the wife of Edward abovesaid.
[Essex.] A. 828. Grant by Theobald, the prior, and the monks of Stanesgate, to Richard de Gybecrake of a piece of their heath in Little Totham, in exchange for a release to them by the said Richard of a corner of wood in Great Totham. Witnesses:—John de Cantelupe, Sewal de Mora, Hubert le Waleys, Roger de Uwescye, and others (named).
[Essex.] A. 829. Grant by John the Porter (Janitor), of Tykeford, with consent of Alice, his wife, to Henry de Ardern of a curtilage in Tykeford, situate as described. Witnesses:—William Engleys, Martin his son, Thomas Engleys, Geoffrey de Rokeby, and others (named).
[Essex.] A. 830. Grant by Stephen, the prior and the convent of Holy Trinity, London, to Brichmar de Haverhull of land in the soke of Ralph de Toeni, which Osbert Torneis gave to the said church when he was made a canon there, at an annual rent of 4s.; the aforesaid Brichmar having sworn on the hand of the prior, in the chapter of canons, to keep faith with them concerning the land and tribute mentioned above. The land is 50 feet long by 45 wide. Witnesses:—Nicholas de Tilebury, and Walter his clerk, Richard, chaplain of St. Mary Magdalen, Terric, son of Alberic, who is alderman of that soke, William de Coveham, and many others (named). [A.D. 1294–1302.]
[Essex.] A. 831. Grant by William Flandrensis to Sir Fulk Basset of all land in Toleshunte Treigoz he holds of the fee of the prior and canons of Tippetre, with a messuage and appurtenances; paying therefor 6s. 6d. yearly to the said prior and canons. Witnesses:—William de Hobrige, Philip de Bovil, Richard de Wyremundeford, and others (named).
Essex. A. 832. Release by John Rolff, son and heir of John Rolff, late of Wrytell and Margaret his wife, late wife of John Morkyn, and after that wife of William Strutt, late of Kelveden, deceased, to Robert Southwell, knt., Robert Southwell, gent., and Stephen Marler of the messuage, &c, in 'le Tye' Street, Kelveden, which came to him on the death of his mother, Margaret, and which he has sold to Robert Southwell, knt., for 8l. 13s. 4d. 4 October, 3 Henry VIII. Seal.
Essex. A. 833. Grant by Humfrey Bohun, knt., and Richard Norfolk, clerk, to William Pestyll and Matilda, his wife, of a messuage and garden, late Etheldred Algore's, and before that Margaret Lytell's, in Kelveden, situated as described, which Elgore lately held of them by twig tenure as of their manor of Fyllolleshall. Kelveden, Wednesday the feast of St. Bartholomew, 8 Edward IV. Fragments of two seals.
[Essex.] A. 834. Demise by Henry Wentworth, John Hevenyngham, and John Paston, knts., Philip Calthorppe, Henry Teye, Thomas Sampson, Robert Tyrell, Thomas Huntyngdon, John Brewode, Thomas Hevenyngham, John Loveday, Richard Botry, clerk, John Paycok, of Coggeshale, the younger, and Thomas Maldon, of Sudbury, mercer, to Margery Doreward, late wife of John Doreward, of Coggeshale manor with appurtenances, two water mills called 'Poyntell' and 'Esterford' mills, and all the property of her late husband, in execution of his will; with remainders to Ralph Chamberleyn, of Kyngston, Camb., and then to his brother Edward, they paying an annual rent of 10l. Coggeshale, 10 November, 11 Henry VII. Twelve seals or portions of seals.
Essex. A. 835. Demise by Master William Carpenter, vicar of All Saints, Wrytell, Thomas Fyge, of the same, and Robert Eyn, of Bromfeld, at the special request of John Rolff, son and heir of John Rolff, late of Writell, and Margaret his wife, to Robert Southwell, knt., Robert Southwell and Stephen Marler, of the above messuage in 'le Tye' Street, Kelveden [see A. 832] which they lately had, together with the late William Strutt and the said Margaret his wife, Robert Spety, late of High Rothyng, Stephen Wode, late of Rokyswell, and Thomas Rolff, son of the said Margaret, now deceased, to the sole use of Margaret and her heirs, by demise of John, son of Simon Heigate, late of Kelveden, dated 20 November, 15 Henry VII. 21 September, 3 Henry VIII.
Endorsed: Note of livery of seisin of the premises, 14 October, 3 Hen. VIII. Fragments of three seals.
Essex. A. 836. Deed of sale by Reginald Heygate, of Ferynge, Essex, for 100 marcs, at the instance of Richard Southwell, to Thomas Awdeley, knt., Keeper of the Great Seal, William Pawlett, knt., Controller of the King's Household, Cristopher Hales, Attorney-General, Thomas Crumwell, Master or Treasurer of the King's Jewels, and William Brabazon, to the King's use, of all lands, &c, called 'More's,' 'Hayne's,' and 'Cornett's' crofts in the manors of Keldon and Revenhale. 4 October, 24 Hen. VIII.
Endorsed: Enrolled on the dorse of the Close Roll of the above date.
Bucks. A. 837. Undertaking by Thomas de Luda that whereas lady Alina la [Desp]enser, Countess of Norfolk, has granted him a virgate of land and two water mills in Wycumbe, if he or his heirs are impleaded by the heir of lady Amabilia de Segrave, deceased, or by John Perceval, of Somery, or his heirs, for the said land and mills, they will not call lady Alina to warranty; and if they do so call her, she shall not be bound to make such warranty, &c. Witnesses:—Sir Henry de Chykehull, knt., Reginald de Beauchamp, William de Anvers, and others (named). Much damaged.
[Essex.] A. 838. Release by Gunild, late wife of Alan le Tailur, of Bures, to Sir Philip Basset, of certain land in Lamersh which he had granted to Agnes [her ?] daughter. Witnesses:—. . . . . Waskeyl, Stephen de Beauchamp, John de Frith, Richard Turgis, and others (named). Much decayed.
[Essex.] A. 839. Grant by William de Reimes, knt., to Sir Philip Basset, of his messuage in Boiton, in Finchingefeld parish, of lands adjoining the said messuage and Ayswellemede, and of land in Stockilondthorn, &c. Witnesses:—Sir Nicholas Peche, Sir William de Yspania, Sir Richard de Yspania, Richard de Ruilly and others (named). Seal somewhat defaced. Much damaged.
[York.] A. 840. Grant and quitclaim by John de Parco, of Lepington to Scolatia, relict of Sir Geoffrey de Melsa, of all his land in Lepington Witnesses:—William de Cha . . . . ., lord of Skerkenbec, Thomas de Barkethorp, John le Fraunceys, of Lepington, and others (named). Damaged.
A. 841. Grant by Peter de Malolacu (Morley), the fourth lord of . . . . ., to William de Wyxebridge, and Alice his wife, of a messuage and land in Ascote, at a yearly rent of 26s. 8d. 11 Edward II. Portion of a document. Fragment of seal.
[York.] A. 842. Release by Alice and Helewisia de Albrede, daughters of the late Walter Catunet, of Lepyngton, to Sir John de Melsa, lord of Lepyngton, of land in Lepyngton. Witnesses:—Sirs Thomas de Chancy and William de Aton, knts., and others (named). York, [Sunday] after St. Swithin, 21 Edward I. Much damaged.
[York.] A. 843. Release by William Breton, of Lepyngton, chaplain, to Sir John de Meaux, lord of Bewyk in Holderness, knt., of all lands and tenements in Lepyngton which Sir John had by feoffment of Henry le Sporier, son of Nicholas de St. Leonard, of York, and which descended to William on the death of John Breton his father. Witnesses:—Thomas Chauncy, William de Belthorp, and others (named). Lepyngton, Thursday, the feast of St. Matthew, 1363, 37 Edward III. Damaged.
[Essex.] A. 844. Grant by William . . . to Sir Philip Basset, of lands called 'Ayswelle,' 'Tenakeresh[e]gge,' &c., in Boytun, in Finchingefeld paiish. Witnesses:—Sir Gilbert de Sanford, Master Fulk de Sanford, treasurer of St. Paul's, London, Sir Ralph de Ardern, Sir Geoffrey Neirenut, and others (named). [A.D. 1245–1259.] Much damaged.
[Essex.] A. 845. Release by William Capell, knt., to Richard, bishop of Winchester, William, bishop of London, Giles Dawbeney, lord of Dawbeny, knt., Thomas Lovell, knt., Treasurer of the King's Household, Charles Somersette, Edward Ponynges, Thomas Brandon, Robert Lovell, and Richard Fytzlewes, knts., Simon Digby, Thomas Lovell, and John Thomson, of the manors of Dagenhams and Kekerells, in Havering atte Bowre, and of all lands in Havering lately belonging to William Husy, knt, Chief Justice "ad placita coram Rege." 20 November, 19 Henry VII. Portion of seal, defaced.
[York.] A. 846. Release by William, son of William de Capetoft, to Sir John de Melsa, of land in Lepington. Witnesses:—Roger Grymet, knt., and others (named). Much decayed.
Bucks. A. 847. Grant by . . . atte Aldre to Richard atte Aldre, his brother, of a messuage and lands in Dorney, situate as described. Dorney, 16 February, . . . Ed. III. Much torn and damaged.
Cornw. A. 848. Release by Robert son of Hilgar, to Richard, son of John de Reekemer, of the land in Tregors he claimed against the said Richard in co. Cornwall by the King's writ. Witnesses:—John son of Richard, then sheriff of Cornwall, Durand son of Richard, Richard Bloyou and others (named). [11–17 John.] Injured.
[Bucks.] [Herts.] A. 849. Petition of John fitz Richard, of Olneye, tenant of Olneye manor, to [Henry IV.]. Recites his title to the said manor, how he was disturbed in the possession of the pastures thereto belonging by the King's ministers, and his proceedings before the King's Council to recover possession of the same. Prays restitution of the said pasture according to the award of the King's Council. Much damaged and faded. French.
Annexed: King Henry IV. to the archbishops, bishops, barons, Ac. Instructs them to see that all men and merchants of Wallyng[ton] and Berkhamsted keep his peaee in England and Normandy, and informs them he has confirmed and enlarged to the merchants the privileges they had in the time of King Edward [III.]. Much damaged.
Glouc. A. 850. Grant by Isabella Gwyney to Thomas Clerk, both of Thornbury, of land, and a house thereon adjoining a certain corner house towards Chepyngstret. also belonging to her, in Thornbury aforesaid, which land Simon Southmede her late husband had by grant of Agnes Dyer; paying therefore yearly to the chief lords of the fee rent of 6d. formerly paid for the corner house, which in future is to be quit of it. In the time of John Stanburne and John Janyns, bailiffs of the borough. Thornbury, 30 May, 11 Henry VI. Seal.
[Glouc.] A. 851. Grant by John Pengersyk to John Rolves and Robert Parker of all the lands, tenements, &c., in Thornbury manor, that John de Morlewode, and Agnes his wife, had by demise of Elizabeth Daan, and by feoffment of Drugo Daan her son [see A. 877]. Thornbury, 9 October, 10 Henry IV. Seal.
[Glouc.] A. 852. Grant by William Stoyt, and Agues his wife, to John Danyell, of a moiety of a burgage in Thornbury, situate as described. Witnesses:— Simon Southmede, bailiff of the borough, and others (named). Thornbury, 10 November, 5 Henry V. Seal.
[Glouc.] A. 853. Grant by Thomas Clerk, of Thornbury, co. Gloucester, to William Adams, of Moreton, the elder, and Agnes his wife, of a house with curtilage in Thornbury, situate as described, which he had by grant of Isabella Gwyney, paying 6d. yearly to the lord of the fee as above arranged [see A. 850]. 20 September, 11 Henry VI. Seal.
[Glouc] A. 854. Grant by John Erneburgh, of Thornbury, and Thomas . . . ., to John Ad . . . . of a messuage with curtilage in Thornbury, which they had by feoffment of William Adam, situate as described. Witnesses:—John Baker, a bailiff of the borough, and others (named). 30 May, 30 Henry VI. Very much decayed.
[Glouc] A. 855. Grant by Walter Wrenche, of Oldebury, to Matilda Whyte, and Walter and Alice her children, of 8s. yearly rent issuing from the moiety of a burgage in Thornbury, together with the reversion of the aforesaid moiety after the decease of John and Agnes Sherman, and Joan their daughter, who hold the said moiety for term of their lives; with remainder to the said Matilda and Marjory her daughter, and with reversion to Wrenche and his heirs. Thornbury, 10 June, 7 Henry IV. Seal.
[Glouc] A. 856. Release by Thomas Mathew, of Wotton, brother and heir of Richard Spryngot, chaplain, to Robert Southmede of a half burgage in Thornbury, which his brother Richard had by feoffment of William Westbroke. Thornbury, Wednesday after the translation of St. Thomas the Martyr, 29 Edward III. Seal.
[Glouc] A. 857. Grant by Walter Grinnard, of Thornbury, and Matilda his wife, to Thomas Diegh, of land, with the closes adjoining, in Thornbury. Witnesses:—John Chese, then steward there, and others (named). Thornbury, Sunday the feast of the Apostles Philip and James, 7 Richard II. Two seals.
[Glouc] A. 858. Grant by the lord of the manor, at a court held at Thornbury, to John Pyccher, the elder, of Over Mourton, of a messuage, &c., in Mourton, lately in the tenure of John Piccher, his father, and now of John Pyccher, his son, and lands in the west field of Mourton, called 'Pykydcroft,' in Ewlonde, &c., for entry into which he paid a fine of 33s. 4d Feast of St. Thomas the Apostle, 20 Edward IV.
Glouc. A. 859. Grant by Thomas Excestre, of Bristol, and Agnes his wife, to John Danyell, of Thornbury, of the tenement in Thornbury that Nicholas Hert lately inhabited, the tenement in which William Webbe dwells, and two tenements that David Dee and Joan Langlege inhabit, for 22 years from to-day. Michaelmas, 7 Henry VI. Two seals.
[Glouc.] A. 860. Letters of attorney of Thomas Laurence, of Marsfelde, authorising William Perys, of Thornbury, to deliver to John Pengrisell seisin of all lands, &c., they lately had by feoffment of the said John in Thornbury and in Oldebury marshe within Thornbury lordship, according to a grant thereof made to him by the said Thomas and William. Marsfelde, 20 October, 6 Henry V. Seal.
Glouc. A. 861. Grant by John Adys, of Oldbury, to John Foort and Thomas Clerke, of Thornbury, of a tenement consisting of a half burgage and the third part of a whole burgage in Thornbury, situate as described, which he had by feoffment of John Stanburne. In the time of John Cockys and William atte Were, bailiffs of the town. Thornbury, Thursday next before the Epiphany, 16 Henry VI. Seal.
Glouc. A. 862. Grant by John Selwyn, clerk, to John Foort, of all the lands, &c., he lately had by feoffment of the said Foort in Thornbury hundred. Thornbury, Monday next after the Assumption, 28 Henry VI. Seal.
Glouc. A. 863. Grant by William Adams alias Buggegoode, of Moreton, to Thomas Note, of Cowhull, and Richard Note, of Moreton, of all lands, &c., which lately belonged to Thomas Williams and Adam Buggegoode, in Moreton or elsewhere within Thornbury manor. Moreton, Tuesday next after the Epiphany, 33 Henry VI. Seal.
[Glouc] A. 864. Grant by Thomas William, of Morton, to Geoffrey Man, of Morton, and Agnes his daughter, upon their marriage, of a messuage with appurtenances in Morton, within the manor of Thornbury, with remainder to the survivor of them. Morton, the feast of St. Thomas the Martyr, within the week of Christmas, 4 Henry VI.
[Glouc] A. 865. Grant by Roger Tiler, of Hoope, co. Gloucester, to John Adams, and Richard Noote, of the tenement with appurtenances in Hoope which he lately acquired of John Danyell, the younger, of Thornbury. Hoope. St. Thomas the Martyr's Day, 10 Edward IV. Seal, defaced.
[Glouc] A. 866. Admission of John Pynchune, at a court of Thornbury manor held before Robert Poyntz, then steward, to two acres of the lord's demesne that John Marchall held before, in 'le Inlonde' of Thornbury, adjoining 'le churchegrene,' for which he gave 6s. 8d. as a fine for entrance. 27 February, 17 Henry VI., and 1 Humfrey, Earl of Stafford.
[Glouc] A. 867. Admission of William Buggegoode, otherwise called Adams, at a court of Thornbury manor, in accordance with a presentment made at a court held in the time of John Twynyho, steward, to 2½ acres of land in Middlefurlong, held at will, at a yearly rent of 20d., vacant by the death of Margaret Burnell. The lord excused him a fine on account of his faithful service. 18 September, 1 Richard III.
[Glouc] A. 868. Will of John Fleshewer, of Thornbury. Gives 2s. to the fabric of Thornbury church, 4d. to each chaplain celebrating there, and 3d. to each parish clerk. Appoints Alice his wife, Robert att Nelme, and Richard Smyth his executors, and directs them to sell the messuage called 'Patisplace,' in Thornbury, to pay his debts, &c., and leaves the rest of his property to Alice his wife. The feast of Holy Cross, 1388. Portion of seal.
Endorsed: Note of probate of this will being taken in Thornbury parish church, before John Barell, clerk, Commissary and Sequestrator-General of Henry bishop of Worcester, who granted the executors administration of the same, 3 October, 1388.
[Glouc] A. 869. Grant by John Foort to William Saysell, Isabella his wife, and Joan their daughter, of a messuage and appurtenances in Oldbury, within Thornbury manor, at a yearly rent of 14s. and a capon. Oldbury, 20 June, 5 Henry VI. Seal, defaced.
[Glouc] A. 870. Indenture of sale by William Whyte to Adam Usscher, and Alice his wife, of his burgage in Thornbury, situate as described, for the sum of 10 marcs, to be paid in five years at the rate of 26s. 8d. a year. Thornbury, 20 September, 1 Henry IV. Seal.
[Glouc] A. 871. Letters of attorney of Thomas Bartelot, of Thornbury, empowering William Slymbrigge to put Thomas Fideler, of Bocovere, in possession of a half burgage in Thornbury, situate as described. Tuesday in Whitsuntide, 12 Henry VI.
[Glouc] A. 872. Release by John Fidelarre, of Bokeover, son and heir of the late Thomas Fidelarre, to Isabel Adams, of Thornbury, co. Gloucester, of the half burgage in Thornbury, he had by feoffment of his said father. Bokeover, 21 October, 13 Edward IV.
[Glouc] A. 873. Grant by Agnes Fidelarre, late wife of Thomas Fidelarre, of Bokeover, to Isabel, late wife of John Adams, of Thornbury, of the half burgage mentioned above [see A. 872], situate as herein described. Bokeover, 20 October, 13 Edward IV. Seal.
[Glouc] A. 874. Grant by William Slymbrigge, of Thornbury, to Thomas Fitheler, of Bocovere, and Agnes his wife, of the half burgage in Thornbury, that Thomas Bartelot by his last will assigned to him, to be sold to the highest bidder, situate as described. "In the time of John Danyell and William Stoyt, then bailiffs of Thornbury." 10 February, 13 Henry VI. Seal, broken.
[Glouc] A. 875. Grant by John Adys, of Oldebury, the elder, to John Foort and John Erneburgh, of all his lands, &c, in Thornbury. Wednesday next after the Epiphany, 21 Henry VI., "and in the time of the above-said John Erneburgh and Thomas Hulpe, bailiffs of the borough aforesaid."
[Glouc] A. 876. Release by William Stoyt, of Thornbury, to John Mourton, rector of Cromhale, of all lands, &c., he had by feoffment of the said John, situate as described in Thornbury, opposite Patyesnelme. Thornbury 1 July, 1 Henry V.
[Glouc] A. 877. Release by Drugo Dan to John de Morlewode of all lands, &c., the latter has by demise of Elizabeth Dan, his mother, in the manor of Thornbury, which Elizabeth had as dower on the death of Gilbert Dan his father, and which ought to revert to him at her death. Thornbury, Friday, the morrow of the Epiphany, 30 [?] Edward III. Much damaged.
[Glouc.] A. 878. Release by John Tonge and Alice his wife, to John Stanborne, of a moiety and fourth part of a burgage in Thornbury, which the said John had by feoffment of William Clived, who had it by feoffment of Richard Kyng. Witnesses:—Robert Perys, a bailiff of the town and others (named). Thornbury, 20 . . ., 1 Henry V. Much damaged. Seal.
[Glouc.] A. 879. Will of Alice Fort, [of Thornbury]. Gives to Thornbury Church 6 lead vases called 'stondes,' to the vicar 1 'trental,' to the fourhouses of friars of Bristol 4 'trentals,' &c.; to Thomas Fort her husband all her burgages, with remainder to John and Thomas her sons, then to John, son and heir of Simon Pengresek, then to be divided one part to the chantry of the fraternity of the Assumption of the Blessed Mary, and the other to the uses of [Thornbury] church, &c. 2 August, 1382.
Endorsed: Mem. of probate of the will, 1 Sept., 1382. Portion of seal.
[Glouc.] A. 880. Bond of Walter William, of Mortone, in Thornbury parish, to Adam Beggegood, of the same, in 20l., to be paid if the latter do not peaceably possess certain lands in the field of Mortone. Tuesday next after St. David the Bishop, 20 Richard II. Seal, defaced.
Glouc. A. 881. Release by Henry Parmyter, of Thornbury, to Isabella Gwyney, of the same, of a house with curtilage in Thornbury, situate as described. 25 May, 11 Henry VI. Seal.
[Glouc.] A. 882. Release by William Pyers, of Thornbury, to John Fort, of the same, of all lands, &c., within the lordship and hundred of Thornbury which he had by grant of John Pengryssel. Tuesday next before Michaelmas, 24 Henry VI. Seal.
[Glouc.] A. 883. Grant by William, son of Robert le Mareschal, citizen of London, to Simon de Merlawe and Alice his wife of a messuage with curtilage in Thornebury, situate as described. Thornebury, Thursday, the Exaltation of Holy Cross, 14 Edward III. Seal.
Glouc. A. 884. Bond of William Steyt, of Thornbury, to John Morton, clerk, in 20l. 21 November, 8 Henry VI. Fragment of seal.
[Glouc.] A. 885. Grant by John Foort and Joan Andreux to John Laderugge and Alice his wife, for term of their lives, of a shop (opella), with houses and rooms annexed, in Thornbury, which they had by grant from the said John and Alice. Wednesday next after the Nativity of the Virgin Mary, 28 Henry VI.
Glouc. A. 886. Acquittance by Walter Myldemay, keeper of the park of Morlewode, for 30s. 4d. received from William Stanley, knight "for the King's body," by the hands of William Adams, receiver of Stanley's lordship of Thornbury, for his fee as keeper of the park. 12 June, 1 Richard III. Seal.
[Glouc.] A. 887. Grant by William Whyte, of Thornbury, to Adam Usscher, and Alice his wife, of a messuage, with curtilage and croft adjoining, in Thornbury, situate as described. 2 September, 1 Henry IV. Much damaged.
Glouc. A. 888. Demise by Thomes Excestre, of Bristol, and Agnes his wife, daughter and heir of Walter Nelme alias Brytte, to John Danyell, of Thornbury, co. Gloucester, of a croft called 'Gylmynescroft,' in Oldevelde stret, and land in Inland by Thornbury, for 40 years from the feast of the Annunciation next. Thornbury, Thursday, the feast of St. Gregory the Pope, 11 Henry VI.
[Glouc.] A. 889. Grant by William Clyvedon, of Thornbury, to John Stanburn of the moiety and fourth part of a burgage which he had by feoffment of Richard Kyng [see A. 904] in Thornbury. Witnesses:—Robert Pieres and William Tanner, bailiffs of the town, and others (named). Thornbury, 31 October, 1 Henry V. Seal.
[Glouc.] A. 890. Indenture of demise by John Hylpe and William Wayte, proctors of the fraternity of the Assumption of Blessed Mary of Thornbury, with consent of the brethren and sisters of the fraternity, to John Kynworth, and Christiana his wife, for their lives, of a burgage in the High Street, Thornbury. 20 November, 18 Edward IV. One seal remaining.
[Glouc.] A. 891. Will of Nicholas Parker. Bequests to priests and clerk; to Thomas Framan a coat of green; to the lights before the Holy Cross in St. Mary's, Thornbury, 3d.; to the lights of St. Mary called 'Candilstyke lyght,' 3d.; to Isabella his wife he bequeaths his tenement in Thornbury, which, after her death, is to be sold by Nicholas Poyntz and William Peers, his executors, and the money devoted to pious uses. Also bequeaths to his wife the half burgage called 'Pateesplase,' in Thornbury, and after her decease to Joan his daughter. 1 December, 1444. Paper.
Underwritten: Note of the proving of this will in Tedrinton parish church, 7 December, 1444.
[Glouc.] [Somers.] A. 892. Transcripts of the following royal grants:—
(1.) Grant [by King John to Robert], son of Maurice de Berkeley, [of the manor of Berkeley and Berkeley Harness, which King Henry II. gave to Robert son of Harding, in such wise as it was in the time of King Henry I., and of the manor of Bedminstre.] Witnesses:—Geoffrey son of Peter, Earl of Essex, and others (named). By the hand of H[ubert] archbishop of Canterbury, Chancellor. Westminster, 18 April, 1 John. [Fragment. See Charter Roll, 1 John, pt. 2, m. 8, from which the sentences in brackets have been supplied.]
(2.) Grant by Hen. III. to Joan de Berkeley, for life, and Maurice de Berkeley her son, of free warren in their manors of Wotton and Kamme, a weekly market at Wotton on Fridays, and a yearly fair of three days. Woodstock, 2 August, 36 Henry III. [See Charter Roll, 36 Henry III., m. 6.]
(3.) Grant by Edw. I. to Maurice de Berkeley, of free warren in Berkeley Herness and in Portbury. Westminster, 12 November, 8 Edw. I. [See Charter Roll, 8 Edward I., m. 11.]
Glouc. A. 893. Grant by William Adam, alias Buggegood, of Moreton, to John Erneburgh, of Thornbury, and Thomas Note, of Cowhull, of the messuage with curtilage which he had by feoffment of Thomas Clerk in Saint Mariestret, Thornbury. Witnesses:—William Piers and Richard Stoke, bailiffs of Thornbury, and others (named). 10 May, 33 Henry VI. Portion of seal.
Glouc. A. 894. Grant by Thomas Excestre, of Bristol, and Agnes his wife, daughter and heir of Walter Nelme, late of Thornbury, to John Danyell, of Thornbury, of four messuages, two closes, and 2½ acres of land, which Agnes inherited on the death of her father, situated as described within and without Thornbury. "In the time of William Slymbrugge and Thomas Hulpe, bailiffs of the town." 26 August, 31 Henry VI. Two seals.
Glouc. A. 895. Release by William Berkeley, of Beverstone, "Esquire of the King's body," to Cecilia, late wife of John Forte, of Thornebury, of all lands, &c., that Maurice Berkeley, of Beverstone, knt., his grandfather, had jointly with John Selwyn, clerk, by feoffment of the said John Forte, within Thornbury lordship. "Within my manor of Battesthorne, in co. Southampton," 14 December, 21 Edward IV. Seal defaced.
[Glouc.] A. 896. Indenture witnessing that William Whyte has sold his burgage in Thornbury, situate as described, to Adam Usscher and Alice his wife, for 10 marcs, to be paid in equal instalments of 26s. 8d. in the course of the next five years. Thornbury, 22 September, 1 Henry VI. Seal.
[Glouc.] A. 897. Grant by Adam Buggegoed, of Mourton, to William his son, of the six acres he lately acquired of John Mareys, son and heir of Walter Mareys, formerly of Hulle, situate as described in the fields of Mourton, within Thornbury manor. Mourton, 1 April, 2 Henry V. Seal.
[Glouc.] A. 898. Indenture witnessing the conditions of the feoffment made to John Fort, John Catour, John Vale, and John Capelnor, by John Rolvys. If Joan his wife satisfy his creditors, and pay the legacies made by him, and remain a widow for life, she shall have all utensils, lands, and rents of the said John in Thornbury hundred. Morice de Mereks and Joan his wife shall have the reversion of the new tenement in Thornbury, &c., on payment of 20 marcs to the use of John Rolvys, &c., &c.
[Glouc.] A. 899. Will of Agnes Dyere, of Thornbury. Bequeaths her best brass pot to the fabric of Thornbury church; 20d. to Alneston chapel; 12d. to John, perpetual vicar of Thornbury; a burgage towards the upper end of the High Street in Thornbury, to John Foort and Agatha his wife; a portion of a curtilage, situate as described, to Symon Southmede and Agnes his wife, &c. 10 June, 1404.
[Glouc.] A. 900. Will of William Clevedon, of Thornbury. Bequeaths 3s. 4d. to Thomas, perpetual vicar of Thornbury; to the fabric of the church, four bushels of wheat and four of beans; to Alice his wife, two lead furnaces and all his vessels called "bruyng fessels," one best brass pot and three silver spoons which were Symon Hagge's, and another pot with iron feet; to William Janyns, four bushels of wheat and four of beans, and to John his son, one cup bound with silver, a flute, with a belt (baudrey), and a small dagger (basilardo), &c., &c. Appoints as his executors John Morton, rector of Cromehale, and Alice his wife. 9 November, 1423.
Endorsed: Proved, 10 Dec, 1423.