Deeds: B.3871 - B.3900

Pages 268-271

A Descriptive Catalogue of Ancient Deeds: Volume 3. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1900.

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B.3871 - B.3900

Essex. Middx. B. 3871. Letter of attorney by the abbess and convent of Syon, authorising Richard Skot, clerk, and John Seton to receive seisin of the manor of Grauncortes, co. Essex, and of a messuage with land, wood, 18s. of rent and pasture for a hundred sheep, in Istelworthe, Twykenham, Worton and Heston, co. Middlesex, granted to her by Thomas, bishop of Durham, John Stafford, treasurer of England and late keeper of the privy seal, William Sevenok, late mayor of London, and Henry Chadirton. 3 November, 3 Henry VI.
[Bedf.] B. 3872. Grant by Ralph de Tyvile, to Sir Hugh, the abbot, and the convent of Ramesey, of all that he holds from them in Gravenhurst, Eye, Scihlingdon and Pekesdene, and of the lauds held by Roger Wyitfelawe of Pekesdene for his life. A.D. 1264. Fragment of seal.
Kent. B. 3873. Release by Baldwin de Raddyngton, knight, to the king, of all his right in the manor called 'le Parrok' near Gravesend, with certain lands and tenements held in gavelkind, and with all other lands &c. in Milton, Swannescomp and Northflete, belonging to the said manor, all which formerly belonged to Sir Thomas de Gravesende, knight, and which the said Baldwin, with others, had of the gift of Nicholas de Carreu and other feoffees of Edward III. London, feast of St. Andrew the apostle, 17 Richard II. Fragment of seal.
Essex. Middx. B. 3874. Letter of attorney by Thomas, bishop of Durham, John Stafford, treasurer of England &c. William Sevenok, late mayor of London, and Henry de Chadirton, authorising John Kynge and John Saward to deliver seisin to the abbess and convent of Syon, of the manor of Grauncortes, co. Essex, and of a messuage, land, wood, 18s. of rent with pasture for a hundred sheep in Istelworth, Twykenham, Worton and Heston, co. Middlesex. 3 November, 3 Henry VI. Seal broken.
[Bedf.] B. 3875. Grant by Robert de Kyrkeby of Eye, to Nicholas son of Roger de Aspele of the same, and Avice his wife, of a messuage in Eye in the parish of Great Gravenhurst. Feast of All Saints, 6 Edward III.
[Warw.] B. 3876. Grant in frank almoin by Henry le Franklein of Chelverescot, to the prior and canons of Orbury, of a yearly rent from a croft in Grava, formerly held by William the miller (molendinarius), abutting on 'le temple balke' and 'le howlne grene' towards 'le hudelles.' Witnesses:—William de Seys, John de la Hide, clerk, William the clerk of Greva and others (named). [Henry III.] Fragment of seal.
[Linc ?] B. 3877. Grant by Robert, son of Robert Laundeles of Westwode, to Ralph son of Ralph Galyan, of land in the meadow called 'Gycestarthintak,' abutting on the meadow called 'Robbecroft.' Hayen, St. Leonard the abbot's day, A.D. 1318. Seal.
[Linc.] B. 3878. Appointment by Richard, duke of Gloucester, John Haryngton, esquire, Richard Barneby and John Walcote, gentlemen, and Thomas Fox, feoffees of John Salteby of Grantham, gentleman, of Richard Jakson of Grantham to be bailiff and deputy of the said John Salteby at a yearly wage of 20s. for the administration of all his lands &c. in Grantham and in the field called 'le west feld' with 'le west howses,' and in Gunwardeby and Dunsthorpe for twenty years; also a demise for six years to the said Richard Jakson, by the above-named parties, of all the hares and rabbits in the said 'le west feld,' reserving to the said John Salteby a hundred brace of hares and forty brace of rabbits each year, and six brace of hares to the said duke of Gloucester when he shall come to Grantham. Feast of the Annunciation, A.D. 1475. Two seals of arms, one broken.
Essex. Middx. B. 3879. Duplicate of B. 3871.
[Warw ?] B. 3880. Release by Simon de Mora, to Alexander de Mapelberga, of land in Gorgota which he had of John son of Robert abutting on the moor of Gorgota. Witnesses:—William Corbitt, Richard Toky, and others (named). Portion of seal.
[Somers.] B. 3881. Grant by John Gupil, to Richard Godther son of Ralph Baldewyn, of a messuage with curtilage in Frome, which he had of the gift of William son of Richard de Frome. Witnesses:—Arnulph de Froma, William Portebrif, and others (named). [Henry III.] Seal.
Hunt. B. 3882. Demise by Roger Moor, William Randesson and Richard Malery, to Simon Frauncys, Richard Strongman, John Bole, and Thomas Conyngton, of all the lands and tenements in Grafham, which they had of the feoffment of the said Simon and others. 6 February, 14 Henry IV. Two seals.
[Staff ?] B. 3883. Grant by Jordan son of Nicholas de Ekeleshale, to Nicholas de Well, clerk, of a croft with a grove &c. situate between Hokescroft and Smerewellesich. Witnesses:—Hereward de Bedewrth, William de Farnecote, and others (named).
[Hunt.] B. 3884. Grant in frank almoin by Laurence le Bal of Grapham, to the prior and canons of Stonely, of a yearly rent from his messuage in Grapham and from land in the tillage called 'Scharphul' adjacent thereto. Witnesses:—Sir John Russel, knight, Gilbert de Wauberge, and others (named). Fragment of seal.
[Hunt.] B. 3885. Grant by William Hythe of Groffham, to William Wyot of the same, and Agnes his wife, of all his lands and tenements in Groffham. Sunday after Michaelmas, 36 Edward III. Fragment of seal.
[Hunt.] B. 3886. Demise by Simon Fraunceys, John Andrew and others (named), to Roger Moor, Willian Randesson, and Richard Malery, of all the lands and tenements in Graffham, which they had of the gift of William son and heir of William Wyot of the same. 6 November, 13 Henry IV. Fragment of seal.
[Hunt.] B. 3887. Confirmation by Everard son of William Bargon of Grafham, to Simon Nobili, of the gift of his brother Simon Bargon of a messuage on Chuickescrofth, and land in Grafham, part on Crowethorn and part abutting on Thickethornez, to hold from the hospital of the Blessed Mary of Stanley. Witnesses:—Walter son of William de Grafham and others (named). Seal.
[Herts.] B. 3888. Letter of attorney by . . . . . Snayth, clerk, authorising William Rokisburgh and Richard Parsone of . . . ., to receive seisin of the park called 'Godeleshooparc,' and of lands and tenements in . . . . . and Sabrichesworth, which he had of the grant of Richard Lescrop, knight. Michaelmas, 3 Richard II. French. Seal of arms, broken.
Devon. Somers. B. 3889. Demise by Hamo de Breirton, clerk, Roger Grey, and others (named), to Hugh Courteney, brother of the earl of Devon, and Elizabeth his wife, of the manors of Gothelyngton, Stancomb, and Alyngton, co. Devon, and of Hynton and Modeford, co. Somerset, which they had of the gift of Edward Courteney, earl of Devon and the said Hugh, with remainder to the said earl. 3 September, 11 Richard II. Fragment of seal of arms.
[Oxford.] B. 3890. Grant in frank almoin by Robert Estrech of Estwode, to the monks of Bordesley, of a tenement in Goseford, formerly belonging to Robert Albod of With, and of a yearly rent from the same. Witnesses:— Thomas de Stoke, Walter de Smalrug', Henry de Mauverne, and others (named) Seal.
[Oxford.] B. 3891. Grant by Reginald son of Reginald de Wynchelcoumbe, to Robert Estrech of Estwode, of a tenement in Goseford formerly belonging to Robert Albod of With. Witnesses:—Walter de Smelruge, Robert de Beggingedene, and others (named). Seal, injured.
Norf. B. 3892. Demise by Gerard Braybrok, knight, to Richard, lord of Grey, and Reginald de Grey, lord of Weysford and Ruthin, knights, Reginald Ragon, John Mortymer, esquire, and John Elnestowe, clerk, of the manors of Goudereston, Saxthorpe and Asshele, with the advowson of the church of Asshele. 25 October, 7 Henry IV.
[Essex.] B. 3893. Appointment by the prioress and convent of St. Andrew's, Redelyngfeld, in the diocese of Norwich, of Sir Robert Leverych of Bedyngfeld, chaplain, and William de Marcham, clerk, as their proctors in a case of arbitration, between the said prioress and convent and the rector of the church of Bulmere, as to the possession of two parts of the tithes of the demesne lands of the manor of Goldyngham. 8 January, A.D. 1322.
[Warw.] B. 3894. Grant by Richard le Smyth of Coventry, to Sir Ralph de Kyrkeby, chaplain in the same, of a tenement in Gosforde street in Coventry. Thursday after SS. Peter and Paul. 17 Edward III. Seal.
[Hunt ?] B. 3895. Grant by Roger Imel of Godichestre, to John de Panetria and Sebbana his wife, of land in Godichestre. Witnesses:—Robert de Ware, Saher the clerk (clerico) of Edelmetone, and others (named). Seal.
[Hants ?] B. 3896. Demise by the prior and convent of [Bromraore ?], to John Marche of South Gorley, of land in the same, part next Newdyche, part in Ferny Furlong and Reddlond, and part called 'Woddlondc,' next the high road. Brommer, 19 November, 6 Edward IV.
[Heref.] B. 3897. Grant in frank almoin by Robert de Wylmeston, to the monks of Dore, of all his land upon Godeweye, abutting on the land of Roger Bade in Ysaackesfield and stretching towards Wylmeston. Witnesses:—Hugh de Radnor, Walter de Chandos, and others (named). Portion of seal.
[Heref.] B. 3898. Grant in frank almoin by Simon de Wylmeston, to the monks of Dore, of all his land upon Godeweye. Witnesses:—Sir John Ragund, Hugh de Radenover, and others (named). Seal.
[Warw.] B. 3899. Grant in frank almoin by Alexander de Mappelberg, to the monks of Bordesley, of land in Gorcothe, given to him by Simon de Mora, extending from the highway to Gorcothe moor. Witnesses:— Peter Corbetun of Stodle, William de Padongre, and others (named).
Endorsed: 'Yerdeley.'
[Surrey.] B. 3900. Demise by Richard le Fysshe of Kyngestone, to Walter de Greyndon, of four swathes of meadow at Goseyt in Kyngston, for four years. 17 Edward III. Seal, broken.