Deeds: B.4001 - B.4100

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A Descriptive Catalogue of Ancient Deeds: Volume 3. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1900.

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B.4001 - B.4100

Glouc. B. 4001. Grant by Robert Poyntz, knight, to Simon Grene, William Gylbert, and Geoffrey Gylbert, of a messuage and land in the lordship of Horsle; also letter of attorney authorising Nicholas Willys and John Legge to deliver seisin. 24 November, 23 Henry VII, Signed. Seal.
[Surrey.] B. 4002. Grant by Thomas Fyndon of Esthorslegh, to Ralph Hichehurst, Thomas Wheler, John Snellyng the elder, and Henry Stynte, of all the lands in Esthorslegh, which he had of the grant of John and Thomas Haccher. Friday after Trinity Sunday, 22 Edward IV. Fragment of seal.
[York.] B. 4003. Release by Isolde daughter of Simon de Wyvelesthorpe, to Sir John de Creppyngg, of all her right in certain lands and tenements in Hoton, Wandesley, and Angrum in the wapentake of Aynsty. Witnesses: —Hugh de Cressingham, William de Ormesby, John Wogan, Robert de Swylington, and William de Mortuo Mari, justices in eyre in the county of York. Monday after the Invention of the Holy Cross, 22 Edward [I].
[Surrey.] B. 4004. Grant by William Growemere of Westhorslee and Alice his wife, to Robert son of William the smith (fabri) of Easthorslegh, of land in the latter place, abutting on the high road from Guldeford. Friday before St. Matthias the apostle, . . Edward III.
[Chesh.] B. 4005. Demise by lady Jocosa Beauchamp, sister and heiress of Hugh Cokesey, knight, deceased, to William Underwoode of Pekforton, 'millener,' and John bis son, for forty years, of the site of a watermill at Horsley, within the lordship of Pekforton, together with a watercourse called 'Horseleywell,' paying 12d. yearly to the said lady Jocosa for twenty years, and 5s. yearly afterwards; also 12d. yearly to Thomas Reoston, to whom one part of 'le polehede' and 'le polesyde' of the said mill belongs; the said William and John to build at their own expense, within a year, a new mill upon the said site, and to keep the same in good repair. Witteley, the feast of the Annunciation, 5 Edward IV. Seal.
[Glouc.] B. 4006. Demise by Richard Mayel, rector of the church of Prestonupon-Stour, to Ralph de Schipton Moigne (Shipton-le-Moyne), of all his tenement and land in Horsleye, which he had of the demise of Sampson Caperon. Gloucestre, Sunday before St. Barnabas the apostle, 14 Edward III.
[York.] B. 4007. Release by John son of Sir Richard de Wivelestorpe, to Robert de Creppingis, of all his right in the patronage of the church of All Saints of Hoton Wandeslay. Witnesses:—Sirs Thomas Chancy of Scherpenbec, John le Vavasur, Stephen Walensis, William Chancy of Munketon, knights, Thomas de Bikirton, bailiff of Ainsty, and others (named). Bikirton, Monday after St. John ante Portam Latinam, A.D. 1277. Fragments of seal.
Somers. B. 4008. Surrender by John de Fillegh, Richard Bere, and John Jenet, to John Hulle and Matilda his wife, of the manor of Houndeston and all their messuages and lands &c. in Houndeston, Yevele, and Kyngestonnext-Yevele, late belonging to John Cary, knight, which they had of the gift of the said John Hulle and others (named). Sunday before Michaelmas, 15 Richard II. Three seals.
[Worc.] B. 4009. Grant by Constance, daughter of William de Lega, widow, to Sir Gervase the abbot, and the convent, of Pershore, of all the land at Howeshulle which Adam son of Richard Org . . holds of her, excepting demesne; grant also of the said Adam with all his issue in payment of rent due for lands held by the said Constance from the said prior and convent. Witnesses:—Hugh le Poher, sheriff of Worcester, Peter de Wika, John de Ecchynton, and others (named). [8–20 Henry III.] Injured.
Glouc. B. 4010. Grant by Richard the prior, and the convent, of Bruton (co. Somerset), to Petronilla Damesel, for sixty years, of a yearly rent issuing from their manor of Horselegh. Thursday the feast of St. Edmund, king and martyr, 50 Edward III. Seal.
[Surrey.] B. 4011. Grant by Otto Haunsard and Henry Drayton, to John atte Hacche of Esthorslee and Alice his wife, of all that tenement, with lands and rents &c. belonging, in Esthorslee, called 'le Hacche tenement,' with remainders to John son of the said John atte Hacche and the right heirs of the latter. Feast of St. Barnabas the apostle, 5 Henry IV. Fragments of two seals.
[Surrey.] B. 4012. Grant by Richard son of Henry de Hameleden, to Sir Robert le Norreys of Hameleden, of land in Hertmere, which he had of the grant of Thomas de Hertmere. Witnesses:—Sir Hugh le Dol, Nigel de la Burgate, Richard de Frollebir, and others (named). Seal.
[Surrey.] B. 4013. Grant by Thomas de Hurtmere, to Mary la Noreise, of a meadow next that which belonged to Robert le Noreis. Witnesses:—Sir Hugh de Dol, Richard de Hameledone, Richard de Froleburi, and others (named). Seal.
Endorsed: Surr', H'tmere.
[Herts.] B. 4014. Grant by Geoffrey called 'Joce' of Little Hadham and Juliana his wife, daughter of John Pake of Staundon, to John de Melkeleye of Staundon, of land and a little grove in the same lying respectively in Monemed and Vichemers, in the field called 'Aldwyk,' in Purcedellefeld, in Benecrof t, in the field called 'Rouleye,' of which part abuts on the road to Monden, and part on 'le Reyhel' in Stokecroft and in Northden; grant also of a yearly rent from the tenants (named) in Staundon. Witnesses:—Sirs Robert de Melkeley, Richard de Gatesber', and William de Kammille, knights, and others (named).
[Warw.] B. 4015. Grant in frank almoin, by Thomas de Wappenebur' to the nuns of Katesby, of land in Hesenhulle. Witnesses:—Adam, lord of Napton, William de Schukeborough, William Parys of Brynglowe, and others (named). Note at foot, 'per Margaretam Waver' priorissam ib[ide]m.' Probably a copy. Also: Release by Richard de Esenhull, to John son of Richard de Esenhull, of all his right in the lands and tenements in Esenhull which the releasor had of the demise of the prioress of Catesby. Paylington, Tuesday the feast of St. John the apostle, 3 Richard II. Two deeds filed together. Seal of arms, broken.
[Leic.] B. 4016. Grant by Fulk de Hottot, to Isabella his daughter, the younger, as dowry, of a yearly rent from land in Herdeby, rendering yearly a pair of white gloves. Witnesses:—Sir Ralph de Gharnel, Hugh le Rus of Howes, and others (named).
[Heref.] B. 4017. Grant in frank almoin by William son of Walter Oldecrist, to the hospital of Acornbury and the nuns there, of a yearly rent issuing from land in Hereford, in the street called 'Hungreye.' May, A.D. 1258. Seal.
[Surrey.] B. 4018. Grant by Tomas de Hurtmere, knight, to Matilda daughter of Philip the grantor's son, of land in Hurtmere called 'Aufreyslith,' between 'la lith' and the land called 'Stocforlong,' and between land of Robert le Noreys and that called 'Kincteshale,' with a fence to enclose the same. Witnesses:—Henry de Dona, William Jordan, Walter de la Stone, and others (named). Seal.
Endorsed: Surr', H'traere.
[Lanc.] B. 4019. Grant by William Warde son and heir of Bennetde Hesam, to Alan Cathertoun, of land in Hesam, with a toft, buildings and garden, with one 'area' on 'le Kilnebereg',' to hold from the prior of Lancaster in frank almoin. Witnesses:—Sir Ranulph de Dak[re], sheriff of Lancaster, Sir William de Heton, coroner, Roger de Hesam, John de Oxeclyve, and others (named). Seal.
[Heref.] B. 4020. Grant by Richard son of Emeline, citizen of Hereford, with the consent of Alice his wife, to the sisters of the hospital of Cornbury, of two shops (soldas) in Hereford, in the high street, and a yearly rent. Witnesses:—Thomas, dean of Hereford, Master William de Ria, archdeacon, Master Albinus the chancellor, Thomas de Anes[i], sheriff of Hereford, William de Pipa the provost, and others (named). [2–7 Henry III.] Seal, broken.
[Oxford.] B. 4021. Grant by R. the prior, and the convent of Burnecestre, to R. the clerk (clerico) for life, of tithes from the lordship of John de Gerardmulin at Herleia. Witnesses:—Ralph Damari, Master J. de Blechesdon, John, clerk of Westre, Nicholas the parson of Wendleb', and others (named).
[Warw.] B. 4022. Grant by John Vitor, to the prior and canons of Ordberi (Erdbury), of a rent of 5s. in Hoverewytacre. Witnesses:—Sirs Thomas de Estleya and Robert de Handesore, John de Wilmecote, Walter, clerk of Harderehul, and others (named). Seal, injured.
[Surrey.] B. 4023. Grant by the prior and convent, Newark (de Novo Loco), to the lady Mary la Noreys and Robert Je Noreys, son of her son, of common of pasture for all their cattle in Hertmere, except in the ancient demesne formerly belonging to Thomas de Hurtmere, knight, and the grantors' predecessors; also of common of pasture for ten animals in a place called 'Quachet,' in the moor called 'Hortespole' abutting on 'la Stubbrebroke,' and in the land called 'le Lyth' formerly the demesne wood of the said Thomas, the grantors having liberty to plough and sow the said land called 'le Lyth' &c. Witnesses:—Sir Nicholas le Cras, knight, and others (named). 7 Edward [I].
[Herts.] B. 4024. Grant by Robert de Louthe, esquire, to John Southwode the younger, of Hertfordyngbury, of land in the same, abutting on land belonging to the church of the Holy Trinity called 'Cricherche,' London, and on 'le Estendegrene.' 20 July, 7 Henry IV. Seal.
[Worc ?] B. 4025. Agreement between William Lench and Alice his wife, of the one part, and Henry de Cestria, John his son, and Henry Austyn of Salford, of the other part, to submit to arbitration at Evesham on Monday before Michaelmas 23 Edward [I], a dispute concerning certain mills in Hereforton, the party renewing the dispute to pay 100s. to the aid for the Holy Land, and 100s. to the king's steward and marshal. 23 Edward [I]. Fragment of seal.
[Heref.] B. 4026. Sale by Henry son of Ralph, to William Wyker, of a yearly rent issuing from land in Hereford in the street market. Witnesses:— John Aldecrist, William de la Stowe, and Walter Syward, provosts, William de Sancto Briavel', and others (named).
[Leic.] B. 4027. Grant by Jordan son of William de Stodham, to Fulk de Hoto, of all the service which William de Herdeby and others (named) performed for land in Herdeby, Staketerne, and Botlesford. Witnesses:— Sir John de Chaveny, Master Robert, parson of Herdeby, John de Saxdale, and others (named).
[Heref.] B. 4028. Grant by Sibyl de Snodhull, to Walter le Bigger, of a tenement and curtilage &c. in Hereford 'ultra Waye.' Witnesses:—Hugh Trove, Roger Iweyn and William in le Hale, bailiffs of Hereford, John Beke, and others (named). Seal.
[Berks.] B. 4029. Grant by Richard the abbot, and the convent of Battle, to certain of their men, of a hide of land in Hertle. Witnesses:—Master Richard de Coventr', Adam de Mora, Richard de Truncwell, Osbert de Garstun, and others (named).
Endorsed: 'Britwaltune.'
[Heref.] B. 4030. Grant by Robert de Furch, to Geoffrey de Morton, in marriage with the grantor's daughter, Felicia, of a burgage and messuage in Hereford in Castle street. Witnesses:—Richard de Scotot, Walter de Muchelgros, Richard de Loges, and others (named).
[Heref.] B. 4031. Grant by Alice daughter of Robert Jurdan, to Thomas Albo and Joan his wife, of land in Hereford, in the street over against the house of the friars minor. Witnesses:—John de Camera, Robert Coc, William Sautdebroil, Roger de la Pipe, Roger de la Barre, and others (named).
[Heref.] B. 4032. Acknowledgment by Ithelus le Fol that he and his heirs are bound to pay 10s. 6d. yearly, to the prioress and convent of Cornbury, for land which they have granted to him in Hereford. Witnesses:—Sirs Richard de Barewa, Thomas, vicar of Dewes-chirche, Philip, vicar of Kalewe, and others (named).
[I. of Wight.] B. 4033. Grant by Richard Super, and Benedicta his wife, with the consent of Alice, daughter of Willekin de Thorleh', to Walter Luvel, of a messuage and curtilage in Heremuh (Yarmouth), formerly belonging to Susanna, daughter of Godwin, to hold of the earl of the Isle. Witnesses: —William de la Swelunde, Robert Elaf, Robert Taillur, and others (named). Seal.
Surrey. B. 4034. Letter of attorney by Richard Norton, serjeant-at-law of the king, of the county of York, John Martyn, of the county of Kent, and William Weston, of the county of Surrey, authorising John Denne, clerk, to receive seisin from Richard Berners, esquire, of the manor of Westhorsele and the advowson of the church there. Morrow of St. John the Baptist, 10 Henry IV. Three seals.
[Heref.] B. 4035. Grant in frank almoin, by Richard Roculf, to the nuns of Cornbury, of land in Hereford. Witnesses:—Henry Craft, William le Paumer, and others (named), bailiffs. Seal.
[Herts.] B. 4036. Release by John de la Dane of Hertfordingeburi, to Herman de Brekyndon, of all his fight in a yearly rent which he received from the said Herman, for lands in Hertfordingeburi. Tuesday after the Assumption, 7 Edward II. Portion of seal.
[Worc ?] B. 4037. Sale by Eustace le Felawe of Worcester, with the consent of Alice his wife, daughter of Thomas the cook (coci), to Sir Roger the abbot, and the convent, of Pershore, of all his land with a messuage &c. in Howeshell, which he received with the said Alice his wife, with all the tenants and their rents and homages &c. Witnesses:—Sir Peter de Wyka, knight, Roger de Persora, Roger de Millinghope, Hugh de la Hulle, and others (named). Seal.
Surrey. B. 4038. Indenture of Fine between John Corve, Thomas Haydok and Ralph Wymeldon, querents, and John Feriby, esquire, and Margery his wife, deforciants, of the manor of West Horslegh, and of the advowson of the church there; the deforciants acknowledge the said manor and advowson to be the right of the querents, for which acknowledgment the querents grant the said premises to the deforciants. Westminster, morrow of the Ascension, 11 Henry VI.
[Sussex.] B. 4039. Demise by Thomas Chyew de la 'Rogheye,' to Matilda, late the wife of Walter de Bonewyk, for two hundred years, of a smithy with the bellows, anvils, hammers &c. belonging thereto, and a portion of a garden adjoining, with a way to a well situate at 'la Rogheye' in Horsham. 3 October, 18 Edward III. Seal, broken.
[Sussex.] B. 4040. Grant for seven years by Richard Merlet, to John Michell the elder of Stamerham, of land in Horsham called 'Wollockys Byggyng,' abutting on the land of the lady of Cheseworthe and on the highway from Horshamys hethe to Stenyng. 21 May, 3 Edward IV. English. Seal.
Sussex. B. 4041. Release by William Est and Thomas Agas, to John, bishop of Ely, and others (named), of all their right in the lands and tenements at Roughey in Horsham, called 'Elyottes,' 'Cokhuntys grove,' 'Hethelonde and 'Segrymes,' late Henry Boteler's of Horsham, and which they had of the demise of Bartholomew Bolney. 29 October, 20 Edward IV. Seal.
[Sussex.] B. 4042. Release by Thomas Herteley, clerk, and William Stowte,to Thomas Hoo, esquire, of all their right in certain lands and tenements in Horsham called 'Edwardes,' which they, with the said Thomas Hoo, lately had of the gift of John Cloterwyne. 1 November, 36 Henry VI. Two seals.
[Sussex.] B. 4043. Grant by Thomas Edward of Leuesham, co. Kent, to Thomas Hoo, esquire, John Fysshlake, clerk, and John Wodye, of all the lands and tenements at Rogheye in Horsham, late John Edward's, the grantor's father; also letter of attorney authorising William Wallere, to deliver seisin. 16 May, 27 Henry VI. Seal.
Sussex. B. 4044. Release by Richard Merlott of Hechyngfeld, gentleman, to John Mickell of Stamerham, of all his right in a piece of land in Horsham called 'Wollokkis,' lying between the land called 'Goffes,' and 'the Swelde lond,' and the high road from Bullokkes Brigge to the park of Seggewyke. 24 May, 9 Edward IV. Seal.
Sussex. B. 4045. Grant by Richard Marlett of Hechyngfeld, to John Mychell the elder of Stamerham, for a further term of twenty years, of the piece of land in Horsham, called 'Wollokkes,' which the said John held from him for seven years. 20 March, 8 Edward IV.
Sussex. B. 4046. Demise by Henry Kygherley, esquire, William Est, and others (named), to John, bishop of Ely, and others (named), of the manor of Colstaple, and all the lands and tenements &c. called 'Colstaple,' in Horsham; also letter of attorney authorising John Butler and others (named), to deliver seisin. 25 October, 20 Edward IV. Two seals, and fragment of seal.
Sussex. B. 4047. Demise by Henry Roos, knight, Richard Emson, John Apsley, Andrew Wyndesora, esquires, and Edmund Dudley, to Thomas, earl of Surrey, Henry Chauncy, Bennet Brocas and John Horseman, of the manor of Colstaple in Horsham, with a messuage called 'Stanes,' another messuage and land called 'Edwardys,' a pasture called 'Ganteryns,' and pasture within Rowghey park called 'Bonewyckys,' other land in the same park and an acre of pasture in Rowghey, and all the lands and tenements &c. in Horsham called 'Langherst'; which manor and other premises they, with John, archbishop of Canterbury, and others (named), had of the gift of Henry Assheborne, and Thomas Butsyte, by deed dated 4 December, 10 Henry VII; also letter of attorney authorising Henry Mychell and Richard Foyce to deliver seisin. 14 February, 19 Henry VII. Signatures of Emson and Dudley. Three seals, one broken, and seal of arms.
Sussex. B. 4048. Sale by John Toley and Joan his wife, to Thomas, earl of Surrey, of the lands and tenements in Horsham called 'Sedeleslondes,' such sale to take effect after the death of the said John and Joan. 3 September, 18 Henry VII. English. Fragment of seal.
[Sussex.] B. 4049. Indenture between Thomas, earl of Surrey, treasurer of England, and Richard Elyot, serjeant-at-law, witnessing the receipt by the said earl, of various deeds and evidences relative to certain lands in Roughey, and the manor of Colstaple, in Horsham. 10 February, 19 Henry VII. Paper copy. English. Signature of Richard Elyot.
[Sussex.] B. 4050. Grant by John Tolay, son and heir of John Tolay, deceased, to John Bromeholme, John Somers, Thomas Seled and Thomas Ive, of all his land in Horsham, called 'Seledeslond,' lying between the high road from Colstaple to Horsham Heath on the east, and the water running from Asshelesmille towards the manor of Cheseworth on the north and the land called 'Goffeslond,' and 'Wullokkeslond,' on the west, and the land called 'Colstaple' on the south. 28 February, 34 Henry VI Fragment of seal.
[Leic.] B. 4051. Demise by the lady Elizabeth the prioress, and the convent,, of Langeleye, to Walter son of Alexander de Donington, of land in Heminton, abutting on the road called 'Leycestr' Weye.' Friday after St. Nicholas, A.D. 1322.
[Sussex.] B. 4052. Release by William Pottere, clerk, of Horsham, Thomas Edward of Blacchyngleghe, and Thomas Edward of Leuesham, to Thomas Hoo, esquire, John Fysshlake, clerk, and John Wodye, of all their right in lands &c. at Rogheye in Horsham lately belonging to John Edward. 20 May, 27 Henry VI. Two seals and fragment of seal.
[Sussex.] B. 4053. Demise by Thomas Hoo, esquire, John Frysshlake, clerk, and John Wodye, to John Cloterwyne, of all the lands and tenements &c. at Rogheye in Horsham, called 'Edwardes' which they had of the gift of Thomas Edward, except fourteen feet of land. 1 June, 27 Henry VI. Seal and fragments of two seals.
[Warw.] B. 4054. Demise for eighty years by John the abbot, and the convent of Bordesleye, to John Croweleye of Toneworthe, of a shop in Henleye 'in boveria.' Sunday after the Exaltation of the Holy Cross, 14 Richard II. Seal.
[Warw ?] B. 4055. Sale by John Tolus son of Osbert Tolus of Henll', to Reginald Burgeis, of all that rent which Alan de Elton and William son of Herbert rendered to him. Witnesses:—Sir Simon, parsom of Henll', Henry de la Lee, Nicholas de Elton, and others (named).
[Warw.] B. 4056. Receipt by William Halford, abbot of Bordesley, for the payment by John Chamburleyn son and heir of John Chamburleyn of Henley in Ardern, to William Twynnyng, a monk of the said monastery, in the house of Thomas Hynton, swineherd, of Lappeworthe, of certain arrears of rent due for a messuage and land in Henley abutting on the water called 'the Oldebroke.' The house of Thomas Hynton of Lappeworthe, vigil of St. James the apostle, 32 Henry VI. Fragment of seal.
[N'hamp ?] B. 4057. Grant in frank almoin by William Bonde son of Geoffrey Bonde of Aldringthune, to the nuns of Sewardesley, of all his share in Herberdesholm, which he held jointly with Thomas le Sauvage. Witnesses:—John de Hulecote, William Caperun, Hugh Hengelond, and others (named). Seal, injured.
[Worc ?] B. 4058. Grant in frank almoin by Warin son of William, with the consent of Hawise his wife, and William his heir, to the monks of Bordesley, of land in his wood of Hemboldeshei extending to the wood of Brocton; also release of all claim in connexion with their own wood. Witnesses:— Robert Pipart, Walter Haket of Brocton, Richard de Strech' of Benetleg', and others (named). Seal.
[Leic.] B. 4059. Grant in frank almoin by Thomas de Meynel, lord of Heminton near Castle Doninton, to Juliana the prioress, and the nuns, of Langeleya, of land in Heminton, extending from the tillage called 'Hulstirdalesiche,' to the road called 'Leycestir Weye.' Witnesses:— Robert de Langeton of Heminton, John son of Fulton of the same, Robert de Hanstede, and others (named). Seal.
[Heref.] B. 4060. Release by Alice, late the wife of Hugh Doreward of Hereford, to Hugh in le Hale, citizen of the same, of all her right in certain land with buildings &c. Hereford, Saturday after St. Barnabas the apostle, 21 Edward [I]. Seal.
[Heref.] B. 4061. Release by William Wyther, citizen of Hereford, to the nuns of Cornbury, of two yearly rents issuing from land in Hereford, part lying in the butchers' market (bocheria), and part in Weibrugestret. A.D. 1255. Seal.
[Worc.] B. 4062. Demise by Sir William son of John le Sclattare of Beningeworth, chaplain, to Sir Richard Mareschal of Little Wormynton, chaplain, kinsman of the said Sir William, Joan, Sir .Richard's sister, and Margery her daughter, of a messuage in Benyngeworthe, over against the water of Avon, with remainders over. Wednesday after Michaelmas, 17 Edward III. Seal, and fragment of seal.
Endorsed: Copies of two deeds almost illegible, apparently relating to the same matters.
[N'hamp.] B. 4063. Grant by Ralph Payn of Bolewyk, to Richard called 'Squier' of Blatherwyk and Agnes his wife, of a yearly rent issuing from lands lying in Wodescroft, at Lidelond abutting on Sindrehilles, and at Chircheheges. Witnesses:—Thomas Lovel of Bolewyk, William Luvet of Laxton, John Sandebruyl, and others (named).
Endorsed: 'Henewye.'
[N'hamp.] B. 4064. Release in frank almoin by Robert le Heyr of Henewyk, son and heir of William le Heyr of the same, to the canons of Essheby Canons, of all their land in the fields of Henewyk. Monday, the feast of St. Mark the evangelist, 16 Edward [II ?].
[N'hamp.] B. 4065. Demise by Adam the prior, and the convent of Essheby Canons, to Robert son of William le Heyer of Henewyk, of a messuage and curtilage in the same. Monday, the feast of St. Mark the evangelist, 16 Edward II. Seal, broken.
[Wilts.] B. 4066. Grant in free marriage by Roger Stokus, vicar of the prebendal church of Heygworth, and Philip le Draper, chaplain, to Richard Leente of Heygworth and Margaret his wife, of all their burgage in Heygworth, and of land in Estbrop and Hampton, lying on 'le Garston' in Middulforlong, and at Bradeborwe, and Chaldeforlong, in 'le Hangingarston,' at 'le Brodeweyze,' Bidebrok,'le Oldelond,' Medforlong, Sandwellus forlong, in 'le Wowelond,' on Ganemil, at 'le Rone,' and also in Estmede, in the lots called 'Horscomb,' 'Arwe,' and 'Welus.' Sunday before the translation of St. Thomas the martyr, 30 Edward III. Seal.
[Wilts.] B. 4067. Grant by Robert atte Mulle, chaplain, to Richard Leynle and Margaret his wife, of a burgage in Hegheworthe, Sunday alter St. Andrew the apostle, 36 Edward III. Seal.
Wilts. B. 4068. Release by Roger Yonge of Bastylden, co. Berks, esquire, and Thomas Yong his brother, to John Warneford of Sevenhampton, gentleman, of all their right in certain messuages &c. in Highworth, one situate in a lane behind the vicarage, and of land &c. in Highworth and Esthrop. 8 March, 31 Henry VIII. Signed. Seal.
Endorsed: Names of witnesses.
Kent. B. 4069. Grant by William Fylpott of Fryndesbury, husbandman to William Johnson of Hygham, labourer, of land in the field called 'Horsland' in Hygham. 10 June, 17 Henry VII. Fragment of seal.
[Kent.] B. 4070. Release by Robert de Hardres, son of Robert de Hardres, knight, to William de Camera, son of Reginald, of all rents and services &c. due to the releasor's ancestors, lords of Heghardes and Stelling, from divers tenements in the said towns called 'Manwynesland,' 'Creckesland,' 'Brettesland,' 'Godeboysland and Beveresland,' 'Devenisseland,' 'Cokettesland,' 'Coppesland, Elycheland, Neweland and Blacstonesland.' Thursday after St. Gregory, A.D. 1276. Copy.
Kent. B. 4071. Grant by John Pylcher of Sowthwoode in Higham, and Margaret his wife, to Robert Longe of the same, and Richard Burnet of Frendesbury, to the use of the said grantors, of all the lands and tenements &c. in Higham and Clyve, and elsewhere in the same county which they had of the gift of John Thurston the elder, and Thomas Beste of Higham. 20 November, 7 Henry VII. Two seals, injured.
Kent. B. 4072. Grant by William Bardefeld the elder, of Higham, to Robert Thurstan of the same, and Joan Tylden, of a tenement with buildings, garden and lands in Higham, in a, place called 'le Welstrete,' the lands lying, part in a croft called 'Hethescrofte and Hethysfylde,' part in a croft called 'Sandhyll,' part at Borowhyll and Brokkyshole, and part in a place called 'Uppyrshote' &c. 12 November, 8 Henry VII.
[Kent.] B. 4073. Release by Alice Fowlk, daughter of John Fowlk, late of Higham, deceased, to Richard Williamson, and to the use of the Charterhouse, London, of all her right in a tenement with garden and land in Higham in the street called 'le Southwood,' which she had by the will of her said father. 25 March, 17 Henry VII, Seal.
[Warw.] B. 4074. Grant by John de Bladis of Longele, to Walter de Markele of Claverdon and Avice his wife, of a hedge, and land to make a ditch, one end extending to the high road to Henley, and the other towards the assart which Dame Ela de Lonespeia, late countess [of Salisbury], held, with other land there. Witnesses:—Hugh de Bladis, Simon de Monte, of Longele, John de Colehull, and others (named).
Kent. B. 4075. Demise by John Broode of Maydestone, and Thomas Sharpp of Shorne, gentlemen, and John William of Strode, yeoman, to Roger Goldhord of Rochester, of land in Hygham, in a field called 'Horslond,' adjoining the high road to Hoo, and the common road from Rowchestre to Gravesende, which they lately had of the gift of Thomas Tburstonne of Hygham, husbandman; with letter of attorney authorising John Langley to deliver seisin. 1 March, 4 Henry VII. Seal, and fragment of seal.
Middx. B. 4076. Release by the abbess and convent of Syon, to John Style, citizen and vintner of London, of part of the rent due from him for a toft in Heston, which he holds from the releasors as of their manor of Worton, and which he proposes to rebuild. Easter day, 9 Henry VI.
[Hunt.] B. 4077. Grant by Simon de Borewelle and Sarah his wife, to Sir John le . h . ssa . ., of part of their messuage in Heytmundegrave, adjoining a field called 'Le Neufeld.' Saturday in Easter week, 15 Edward II. Seal, injured.
[N'hamp.] B. 4078. Confirmation by William son of Holdeyerd, called 'William filius douze,' of Staverton, to the prioress and nuns of Catesby, of land in Staverton, lying on Hezenfordehul, which William Bradewel of Catesby gave to them in frank almoin. Witnesses:—Gilbert Francis of Staverton and others (named). Fragments of seal.
[N'hamp.] B. 4079. Grant by Alvred de Heyford, to Matilda his daughter, of part of his messuage which he bought from Henry Lomb, with part of a garden and certain land there. Witnesses:—Simon de Pinkeni, Ralph de Staverton, and others (named).
Kent. B. 4080. Demise by John Dunston and John Webbe, of Higham, to Durstan de Regeweye of the same, of land in Higham, in the field called 'le Sonys.' 4 October, 22 Henry VI. Portions of two seals.
[Westm.] B. 4081. Letter of attorney by John Darell and Richard Feldon, authorising Thomas de Burgham to receive seisin of the manors of Heveresham, Morland, Dilacreholme, and Burton, and of all the lands and tenements held by Marjory Duket in the said places, and in Grayrig, except certain lands &c. held by Richard Duket, of the grant of the said Marjory, in Grayrig; the said premises having been granted by the said Marjory to the said Darell and Feldon and to Robert de Louthre. Middilham, 6 October, 22 Richard 11. Seal and fragments of seal.
[Glouc ?] B. 4082. Grant in frank almoin by John Russel, son of William Russel of Cotes, to the monks of Bruerne, of all his meadow of Eycote, in the west part of the water, adjoining the lower part of Flexhomma, and all his meadow in the east part of the water, with land in Lillesleye, with permission to enclose the said meadows. Witnesses:—John le Brun, William de Solers, William de Ford, and others (named). Seal.
Endorsed: 'J. Russel de prato de Heycoth.'
[Kent.] B. 4083. Grant by Thomas Snow the elder of Hygham, to Thurston, called 'Reggewey,' of land in the same, in the field called 'Fulkyslane,' and 'in case any claim (reclamatio) is made as to the said land, the grantor binds himself in other land in the field called 'Bromland.' Friday after the Purification, 19 Henry VI. Seal.
[Hunt.] B. 4084. Release by John de Sutton, clerk, and Thomas de Norgrave, to Sir John the abbot, and the convent, of Rammesey, of all their right in a croft in Heytmondegrave, which they had of the grant of Nicholas son of Robert Russel and Margaret his wife. Tuesday after St. Gregory, 4 Edward II. Two seals.
[Hunt.] B. 4085. Grant by Thomas de Elyngton, to Sirs John de Burton, John de Welles, and Richard de Flecton, clerks, of a toft in Heytmondgrove. Wednesday after Michaelmas, 15 Richard II. Seal.
[N'hamp.] B. 4086. Grant in frank almoin by William the chaplain of Helmedene, lo the canons of Essebi, of land in Heumeden which the grantor bought from Sir Matthew de Rumeli; the said canons permitting the grantor to hold it during his life from them; with further grant by William to the house of Essebi, where he desires to be buried, of 10 marks with his body. Witnesses:—Simon de Pinkeni, Geoffrey de Waundevile, and others (named).
[Oxford.] B. 4087. Grant in frank almoin by Ralph de Vernun, son of Warin de Vernun, to the canons of Esseby, of his mill of Henewell, with half a mark and a cottage in the same, with land and a meadow called 'Mulnemede,' and other land by the mill-pond, and springs &c. with all the suit of his men of Hencwell and their multure; the said Ralph undertaking to build. no other mill in the manor of Henewell. Witnesses:—Thomas de Arderne and Robert de Plumton, knights, and others (named).
[Oxford.] B. 4088. Grant by Thomas the prior, and the convent, of Assheby canons, to John son of Thomas Leydych of Warmenton, and Margaret his wife, for their lives, of the reversion of a tenement with land and a watermill &c. in Hanewell, which the grantors formerly demised to John Aylword of Bannebury, dwelling in Hanewell, now deceased, and Margaret his wife, for their lives; with ratification of the said Margaret Aylword's life estate in the premises, vj kalends of July (26 June), 20 Edward III.
[Worc.] B. 4089. Grant by Margaret Tandy of Claynek, widow, daughter of John Wighte, late of Hagley, deceased, to John Wighte, son and heir of John Wighte the grantor's brother, deceased, of a messuage and garden &c. with land in Hagley. The morrow of St. Andrew, 6 Henry VII. Fragment of seal.
N'hamp. B. 4090. Release by Edmund Roger and his brother, sons of Thomas Roger of Castelbromewyche, to Thomas Myles of Seyton, of all their right in a messuage and garden in Haryngworth, late their father's. 3 October, 12 Edward IV. Fragment of seal.
[Sussex.] B. 4091. Grant by Agnes, late the wife of Adam le Clerk of Hampton, to Sir William, rector of the church of Hampton, and Sir William, vicar of the church of Clympinge, of land in Hampton, with further grant of a house with land adjoining. 4 June, 23 Edward III. Seal.
[Worc.] B. 4092. Release in frank almoin by Juliana, late the wife of . . . . ., widow, to the monks of Bordesley, of all her right in all the land [in Hopwode], which she had of the grant of Richard Wyking, her father. Witnesses:—Roger the clerk of Northon, and others (named).
Endorsed: 'Quieta clamacio Juliane . . . . . Hopwode.'
Somers. B. 4093. Demise by Joan Turtle, to William Sidher and Robert Badman of Sanford, for the grantor's life, of a cottage and land in Sanford in the hundred of Bannewell. 16 February, 16 Edward III. Seal of arms, broken.
[Oxford.] B. 4094. Grant in frank almoin by Sir Warin de Wernon, to the canons of Esseby, for the souls of himself and his wife the lady Alda &c. of half a mark yearly rent, from his mill of Henewell; the said canons granting in return that the said Sir Warin and lady Alda may share in all the benefactions and prayers of the said house, and be included in their martyrology &c. Witnesses:—Sir Robert de Plumton, William de Pinkeni, of Morton, and others (named).
Middx. B. 4095. Grant by Godfrey ate Pyrye of Hermodeswortb, to Thomas Conesby, Walter Bokelond, Sir William Norton, vicar of Hermodesworth, Nicholas Walpole of the county of Suffolk, and Nicholas Randolf of the county of Surrey, of all his lands and tenements &c. in Hermodesworth, with land in Stanwell lying in 'le Foulehale,' all which he had of the grant of the said Thomas and Walter. Pyrye, the vigil of the Annunciation, 12 Henry IV. Seal of arms.
[York.] B. 4096. Release by Walter Faucomberge, knight, and William Bolsforth of Lemynge, to Thomas Bysset of Kyngeston-on-Hull, of all their right in all their lands and tenements in Estherlessay and Schytyll, and in land in Ingleby Arneclyff. 20 February, 13 Henry IV. Seal and fragments of seal.
[Heref.] B. 4097. Acknowledgment by William son of Owen, and Henry his brother, and Matilda, late the wife of William son of Owen, that certain land in Hendrethomas, concerning which they had obtained the king's letters on a novel disseisin, is the right of Lady Kutherine, the prioress, and the convent, of Acornebury. Sealed in the full hundred of Wormelawe. Friday after St. Matthew the apostle, 17 Edward I. Portions of two seals.
[Herts.] B. 4098. Grant in tail by Roger de Louth of Hatfeld, and Margery his wife, to John Yrlaund and Agnes his wife of Esenden, of a messuage and curtilage in Herinbenegatestrat (Herring Gate); with contingent reversion to the right heirs of Roger. Sunday, All Saints day, 40 Edward III. Fragment of seal.
[Heref.] B. 4099. Grant in frank almoin by William son of . . . . Oldecrist, to the infirmary of Acornebury and the sick nuns there, of a yearly rent from land which his father formerly held in Hereford. Witnesses:— Walter le Wanter, John Swain, Roger de Troy, and others (named). Seal.
[Heref.] B. 4100. Grant by brother Robert Wroth the abbot, and the convent, of Dore, to Walter de Byseleye, carpenter, and Constance his wife, for their lives, of a messuage in Hereford, lying in Weyebruggestrete. Wednesday after the conversion of St. Paul, 28 Edward III. Seal of arms.