Deeds: A.4101 - A.4200

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A Descriptive Catalogue of Ancient Deeds: Volume 3. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1900.

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A.4101 - A.4200

[Sussex.] A. 4101. Grant by Richard and Robert atte Lynde of Horsham, to Walter Kene of Lewes, of a tenement in St. John's parish, Southenovere, late belonging to John atte Lynde, their father. 1 August, 48 Edward III. Two seals, one of arms.
[Sussex.] A. 4102. Release by John atte Lynde of Horsham, to Walter Kene of Lewes, of all his right in the above premises. 4 August, 48 Edward III. Fragment of seal.
[Sussex.] A. 4103. Grant by Walter Gosselyn of Lewes, to Thomas Gerard of the same, of a messuage with curtilage, in Estporte, in the parish of St. John the Baptist, Suthenovere, late Walter Kene's. Feast of St. Matthias the apostle, 49 Edward III. Seal.
Sussex. Middx. Wales. A. 4104. Grant by Henry Percy, knight, earl of Northumberland, to the king, of the honor and manor of Petworth and the manors of Ponyngs, Pechyng, Preston Ponyngs, Pengcden, Asshecombe,Walderne and Chyntyng, with their appurtenances, except the manors of Sutton, Dunketon, Wyke and Sonde; also grant of his manor or principal messuage &c. in the parish of Hakney; and of the manors castles and lordships of Tallangh[ar]ne Marras, Gretecastell Ely, Lytylcastell Ely, Maisegerda, Clenegwyn, Llansadernen, Walwyncastell and Wardlands, with courts-leet, advowsons, fairs, markets &c. belonging to the grantor in Wales. 18 January, 26 Henry VIII. Signed. Seal of arms, broken.
Endorsed:—Memorandum of enrolment on the dorse of the Close Roll in February of the year within written.
[Sussex.] A. 4105. Release by John de Foxle, to Guy de Sancto Lupo, of all his right in a corner tenement with meadow at Watergate in the Estport of Southenovere, late belonging to Thomas de Foxle, the grantor's brother. Lewes, 1 March, 29 Edward III.
[Essex.] A. 4106. Grant by Stephen Underwode of Claveryngg, to Sir William Ribat, chaplain, of the same, of a messuage and land in Claveringg. Wednesday after St. Barnabas, 11 Edward II.
[Sussex.] A. 4107. Grant by Rychold, relict of John Scarlatt of Lewes, to her daughter Ellen, of a messuage in Lewes, in the lane called 'Kerestrete,' in St. Michael's parish. Witnesses:—Philip Saleman, John le Welyfed, clerk, and others (named).
[Sussex.] A. 4108. Grant by Guy de Sancto Lupo, to John Courthous, of a messuage with curtilage, in the street called 'Estporte' in Southenovere by Lewes, which the grantor purchased from John Foxle. Saturday, feast of St. Matthew the Apostle, 32 Edward III. Seal of arms, broken.
[Essex.] A. 4109. Grant, by William son of Stephen de Thuritun, to Richard de Asketot, his lord, of a meadow in Thuritun (Thorrington) along the river between Alesford (Arlesford) bridge and Brihtlingesaia (Brightlingsea); the rent to be deducted from that of other land which the grantor holds of the said Richard in Thuriton. Witnesses:—Geoffrey de Fercles, Walter de Badewe, Geoffrey de Kokaine, and others (named). [Henry III.]
[Sussex.] A. 4110. Duplicate of A. 4093.
[Sussex.] A. 4111. Grant by Matilda Coleman of Lewes, to Robert le Aumblour, and Edith his wife, of a curtilage in the borough of Lewes, in All Saints' parish, abutting on the lane called 'Seyntemarielane.' Lewes, Saturday after St. Catherine the virgin, 6 Edward III.
[Sussex.] A. 4112. Grant by Richard de Brocherst, to Walter son of John, of a piece of land in Estgrensted, adjoining land called 'Coleslond' belonging to the rector of Grensted, and the high road to Hesseherst. Monday after St. Gregory, 20 Edward [I].
[Sussex.] A. 4113. Mortgage by John Eustace, to William Cousans, clerk, for forty years, of a messuage in Lewes, in St. John's parish, for 5s. 6d. to be repaid with expenses, at the end of the term; the mortgagee is to retain possession until the original debt and expenses shall be satisfied, at the rate of twelve pence per annum. Witnesses:—Nicholas, dean of Lewes, Joceus Mangefayr, Nicholas de Opido, and others (named). Michaelmas 41 Henry III.
[Sussex.] A. 4114. Grant by William, earl of Warenne, to Nicholas, the dean of Lewes, of a messuage with curtilago, which Norman de la Walle held outside the watergate at Lewes. Witnesses:—Richard de Wiavill, the carl's steward, Richard de Meisuer, Hugh de Plumton, the earl's sheriff (vicecomite), and others (named). [circa 41 Henry III.]
[Sussex.] A. 4115. Demise by Hugh de Hamme, to Isabella, late the wife of Robert Trenchemer, of the wardship of John the son and heir [of the said Robert], and of the lands held by Robert from Hugh in Athelingeworth, which Hugh had of the demise of the prior of Lewes. Friday before the Purification, 14 Edward II. Damaged.
[Sussex.] A. 4116. Grant by Michael de Pycombe, to Alice, late the wife of William Hagemond, of a tenement in Lewes which the grantor bought from Robert Portehors and Isabella his wife. Wednesday after the Annunciation, 11 Edward [II]. Seal.
[Sussex.] A. 4117. Grant by Richard Thome and Alice his wife, to William de Wolcumbe the younger, and Margery his wife, of all their part of a messuage at Berklegh, in the parish of Estgrenstede. Palm Sunday, 9 Edward II.
[Sussex.] A. 4118. Grant by Matilda, relict of John Otewy, to William de Wolcumbe the younger, of part of her garden at Berklegh in the parish of Grensted, by the street leading from Berklegh to the common pasture called 'Essherst.' Tuesday after the Purification, 10 Edward II. Fragment of seal.
[Kent.] A. 4119. Grant by Thomas Champeneys of Fernthe, to Thomas Edrich of Brenchesle, of a piece of land at Netherhoke in Lamberherst, adjoining 'la Hokewode' on the west, and the common on the south. Morrow of the Purification, 22 Richard II. Seal.
[Sussex.] A. 4120. Grant by . . . . F . . . ., to the monks of St. [Pancras], Lewes, of a pasture called 'Wetherlerg' at Ovingeden. Witnesses:— Sir John de Gatesden, Warin de Kyngestun, Hugh de Fokyntun, and others (named). [Henry III.] Damaged.
[Camb.] A. 4121. Grant by Richard the clerk (clericus), son of William de Bodek[es]ham (Bottisham), to Michael son of Alan Liwewe, of the Lode (la lada) of land in the northfield (Norfeld) of Bodek[es]ham, abutting on lands of the priors of Anglesey and Tonebregge. Witnesses:—Martin son of Eustace, Peter and John Pycot, and others (named). [Henry III.] Seal.
Sussex. A. 4122. Confirmation by John, the prior, and the convent of St. Pancras, Lewes, to John Heseldenne, of Estgrenstede, in perpetuity, of the lands which he holds from them as of their manor of Imberhorne on the terms specified, hitherto accustomed. 22 March, 11 Richard II.
Endorsed: 'Rap de Pevenesel.'
[Sussex.] A. 4123. Release by William Swon, to John Amblour, of all his right in a meadow at Dokwissch, in the parish of Southenovere, late belonging to Sir John West, chaplain, and John Pierres, clerk. Lewes, 10 March, 36 Edward III. Portion of seal.
[Sussex.] A. 4124. Grant by Richard de la Pyende, with the consent of Margery his wife, daughter of Jordan le Plomer, to Hawise called 'la Coynte' daughter of William le Coynte and to John her son, of a messuage and curtilage in Suthenovre near Lewes, in Westporte; for which Hawise has given to Margery a girdle worth 7s. Witnesses:—Gilbert the clerk, John Serle, Ralph de Dunton, Nicholas Kasel, and others (named). [Edward I.]
[Sussex.] A. 4125. Grant by Henry, son of William le Wythe, to Thomas Snow and Joan his wife, of a croft adjoining the field called 'Kastelfeld'; rendering yearly a clove of gillyflower payable in the town of Midhurst at Christmas. Witnesses:—John Jokeman, Richard le Flote, Richard Nutburn, Richard le Killere, John de Chedingefelde, and others (named). [Henry III.] fragment of seal.
[Sussex.] A. 4126. Grant by Mazelina, daughter of Robert Lamb, widow, to Emma, her mother, late Robert's wife, of the east quarter of a messuage in Suthenovere in the Westport, near the pond of the water-mill called 'Westmelne.' Witnesses:—Gilbert Sikelfot, clerk, Ralph de Seford, and others (named). [Edward I.]
[Sussex.] A. 4127. Grant by John Whateman of Benyndene, to John Coleman and Isabella, daughter of the late Roger Scherreve of Suthenovere, of a messuage in Lewes, in the parish of St. Mary, in the market place, in the street called 'Seyntemariestrete,' adjoining the curtilage of William le Haftere. Witnesses:—William de Capella, Robert le Spicer, Richard le Pulter, and others (named). Fourteenth century.
[Sussex.] A. 4128. Grant by Richard Uppethepende, son and heir of John de Suthewik, to Emma, late the wife of Robert Lomb of Suthenovere, of a moiety of a messuage in Suthenovere, late belonging to Isabella, daughter of John le Rede, by the pond of the water-mill called 'Westmelne.' Witnesses:—Gilbert Sykelfot, Adam the girdler (zonario), Robert le Haftere, and others (named). [Henry III.]
[Sussex.] A. 4129. Grant by William Thetch[er]e of Lewes, to John Aumblur of the same, of a curtilage in Suthenovere, in 'le Estporte' adjoining the road to Lewes. Sunday the feast of St. Peter in Cathedra. 40 Edward III.
[Sussex.] A. 4130. Grant by John Bakere of Wotton Basset, to Simon Gyles and Matilda Terri, of a plot of land in Suthenovere, by Lewes, in a place called 'Estporte' adjoining the high road which leads by the wall of Lewes priory to Esthamme, and the high road from Watergate to the said wall. Wednesday, the feast of St. Bartholomew, 19 Edward III. Seal.
Endorsed:—'De gardino vocato Craddockes Elemosinarii.'
[Sussex.] A. 4131. Grant by John West, chaplain, and John Pieres, clerk, to John Amblour of Lewes, of a meadow at Dokwissch, in Southenovere. 6 March, 36 Edward III.
[Sussex.] A. 4132. Grant by Isabella de Acres of the Westport of Suthenovere, to Richard called 'atte Parloure,' for his life, of a curtilage called 'Esthale' in the parish of St. John the Baptist in the Estport of Suthenovere, under the town-wall of Lewes, with remainder to Joan, the grantor's daughter. Thursday after St. Matthias the apostle, 3 Edward [I]. Seal, broken.
[Sussex.] A. 4133. Grant by Gilbert de Acle son of John de Acle, to Reginald de Pelling, of land in the parish of Lindefeld called 'Hocland,' paying 6d. to the grantor's eldest son, and 3d. to each of his other children for their consent to the said grant. Witnesses:—Richard de Petraponte, Warin de Kingeston, William de Roseto, Bernard the hunter (venatore), Master Philip de Acle, Philip de Kingeston, Baldewin de Alinton, and others (named). Twelfth century. Seal, broken.
[Sussex.] A. 4134. Mortgage by Walter le Browere, to brother Richard de Petresfeld, keeper of the granary (gerentario) [of Lewes], and his successors in that office, of a messuage in Sothenovere, north of Watergate mill, until repayment by the grantor of 10l. Witnesses:—Gilbert Sikelfot, and others (named), [ante 18 Edward I.] Copy?
[Sussex.] A. 4135. Bond by Richard atte Lynde and Robert atte Lynde, of Horsham, to Walter Kene of Lewes, for 20l. 1 August, 48 Edward III. French.
[Sussex.] A. 4136. Grant by John Bastard, to Roger le Walewere, of a messuage in Suzenovere, to the north of Watergate mill, the grantee not to alienate the premises to a religious house or to a Jew. Witnesses:—John Muntargis, Robert Peperquit, William Godeneym, and others (named). [Henry III.]
[Sussex.] A. 4137. Grant by Matilda, daughter of Robert Lomb, widow, to Emma her mother, late the wife of the said Robert, of one quarter of a messuage in Suthenovere, in the Westport near the pond of the water-mill called 'Westmelne.' Witnesses:—Gilbert Sikelfot, clerk, Andrew the brewer (braciatore), and others (named). [Henry III.]
[Sussex.] A. 4138. Grant by Joan and Agnes, daughters and heiresses of Saverie le Lynyter, to John le Aumblour, of Sothenovere, of a tenement in the Estporte of Sothenovere, extending from the high street called 'Bronmannestrete' to the watercourse running to the mill called 'Watergate,' and adjoining the house of Maurice le Glaswricte. 3 November, 9 Edward II. Two seals, one broken.
[Sussex.] A. 4139. Grant by Peter Stabler and Margaret his wife, to Savery (Saverydo) de la Forde, of a moiety of a yearly rent and of a moiety of a messuage in the Estporte of Suthenovere, with a right to pre-emption over the other moiety. Witnesses:—Gilbert Sykelfot, Nicholas Casel, Robert le Haftere, John le Hattere, Jordan de Sacristar', and others (named). [ante 18 Edward I.] Two seals, one broken.
[Middx.] A. 4140. Grant by Ralph Triket, to Robert de Ponte, in fee, of the town (villam) near the latter's mill, and of Wilgewica where the grove used to be. Witnesses:—Robert, his brother, the lady Esterilda, Guy son of Wilger, Richard Martell, William de Parco, Turstan de Dunman, Richard son of Ailric, and others (named). Twelfth century. (See A. 1752, &c.)
Endorsed:—'Brembelega.' Copy.
[Sussex.] A. 4141. Duplicate of A. 4134. (Apparently the original.)
[Sussex.] A. 4142. Grant by Avice, daughter of Hugh Coe, widow, and Nicholas her son, to Ralph Drad, chaplain of the chapel of St. John the Baptist without the gate of the monks of Lewes, of a tenement in Suthenovere adjoining the messuage of Galian. Witnesses:—John de Monte Argy, reeve of Suthenovere, Geoffrey Walene', steward in St. Pancras' hall, and others (named). [ante 18 Edward I.]
Endorsed:—'Carta Galyane.'
[Sussex.] A. 4143. Grant by John Courthous, to Guy de Sancto Lupo and Joan his wife, of a messuage with curtilage in Suthenovere by Lewes in the street called 'Estporte,' late belonging to the said Guy. Tuesday after St, Matthew the apostle and evangelist. 32 Edward III.
[Sussex.] A. 4144. Grant by John de Wyncestre, son of William le Cook of Wyncestre, to John le Bakere of Wotton Basset co. Wilts, of a tenement in Estporte in Suthenovere by Lewes, adjoining the high road to 'le Watergate' and the high road to Esthamme. Tuesday, Michaelmas day, 12 Edward III.
[Sussex.] A. 4145. Grant by John Stempe, John Martyn, and John Sharpe, to Thomas atte Vanne of Southhamton, of a stone corner tenement called 'Malduppynne,' in the market-place called 'Cornmarket' of New Shorham, late of Robert Colman, deceased, adjoining the garden called 'Prede.' Witnesses:—John Cookson, bailiff, and others (named). Last day of August, 18 Edward IV.
[Sussex.] A. 4146. Grant by Matthew Wrivel, with the consent of Beatrice his wife, to Joceline the painter (pictori), of a curtilage in Suthenovere, which William Magur gave to the said Beatrice his sister, rendering yearly six sorel pears (pira de sorel). Witnesses:—Berengarius, Snelling, John de Ponte, John le Bever, Jocelin Mangefayr, Simon le Walewere, Robert le Wymplir, and others (named), [ante 18 Edward L]
Sussex. A. 4147. Grant by John Sharpe the elder, of New Shorham, husbandman, to Thomas Dymmocke of Suthampton, merchant, of a cellar with a chamber or loft above it, called 'Malappynnys,' in New Shorham, between the street called 'Moderlove strete,' and a garden of the lord of the said town, and another street called 'Procession strete.' 8 September, 4 Henry VII. Fragment of seal.
[Sussex.] A. 4148. Grant by Matilda Uppe the Pende, daughter and heiress of John le Rede of Suthenovere, to Robert le Lomb of the same, of a moiety of a tenement formerly of the said John in Suthenovere. Witnesses:—Gilbert Sykelfot, Adam le Gerdlere, Jordan de la Sekestrie, Nicholas Casel, John Uppe the Pende, and others (named). [ante 18 Edward I.]
Sussex. A. 4149. Grant by Thomas Adam, clerk, and Thomas Theccher, gentleman, to Henry Coby, Richard Rolle, Thomas Filde, Thomas Trower, John Cheverell, and John Delve the younger, of a cellar with chamber or loft above it called 'Malappynnys' in New Shorham, bequeathed to the grantors by Richard Bengemyn, deceased; with letter of attorney authorising Thomas Garston to deliver seisin of the premises. 1 October, 15 Henry VII.
[Essex.] A. 4150. Release by Henry Rolff of Pacchingg Pycot in the parish of Bromfeld, to William de Cogeshale and Alice his wife, of all his right in a croft called 'Clobbiscroft,' in Chelmeresford, abutting on the high road to Brancketre. Witnesses:—Jurdan Mundevyle, and others (named). Saturday the feast of St. Matthias the apostle, 17 Edward II.
[Sussex.] A. 4151. Demise by Edmund Crepyn, to William le Croucher of Ludesey, of the manor of Hedehone in the parish of Aldinggebourne, for the life of Mary the grantor's wife. Monday after the Annunciation, 15 Edward III.
Warw. A. 4152. Sale by Richard Catisby, esquire, to John Celer of Nuthurst, of all his messuages and lauds &c. in Solyhull and Corley; with letter of attorney authorising Thomas-a-Wood of Allesley, and Thomas Grene, to deliver seisin of the premises. 12 February, 29 Henry VIII.
[Sussex.] A. 4153. Demise by Henry Percy, earl of Northumberland, to Jane Everard, widow, late the wife of William Everard, gentleman, for thirty years, of the manor of Chyntyng Ponynges, lately held by John Rootes. 13 February, 22 Henry VIII. English. Fragment of seal.
[Essex.] A. 4154. Demise by Sir John Norton of Mylton, co. Kent, knight, and Dame Jane, his wife, late the wife of Sir Richard Fitherlewes, knight, to Ralph Lathum, citizen and goldsmith of London, of their manor called Cranham Hall in the parish of Bishop's Wokenden alias Cranham, with all other lands &c. which Humfrey Fryth lately held of the said Dame Jane, reserving the rents and services belonging to the said manor and the advowson of Cranham Church &c. for forty years from. Michaelmas last past. 10 February, 23 Henry VIII. English. Signatures of grantors. Names of witnesses. Two seals.
Sussex. A. 4155. Demise by Henry, earl of Northumberland, to John Kyng of Tyllyngton, clothier, for ninety-nine years, of lands called 'Sowkenowlles' at Tillington, lately held by Thomas Portebery, abutting on the high road from Rotherbridge, and on lands called 'Pekkefeldes.' 20 March, 22 Henry VIII. English. Seal.
Sussex. A. 4156. Demise by the same, to John Bowyer of Petworth, gentleman, for ninety-nine years, of land called 'Beryfeldes,' in Telyngton, on the south of the parish church, abutting on land called 'Bowyers,' and on the high road from Uperwell. 20 March, 22 Henry VIII. English. Seal, broken.
[Sussex.] A. 4157. Grant by Robert Scherewe, to Walter the porter (portario), of land in Hetfelde, in 'the Westsside' of Sameherst, which land extends from Scherewe Cruche to the said Robert's house, and through his garden to the wood, and so to the brook between his land and that of Luke Walewein; the said Robert owes to the fence (frithie) over against the said Walter from his garden to the brook. Witnesses:—Sirs Thomas de Burgeton and William de Etteste, Simon de Hydeneye, Richard de Ratton, Gerard de Milkherst, Harding de Laughed, Walter de Bovellhamme, William de Yvindenne, and others (named). [Henry III.]
Endorsed: 'In rap' de Hastyng'.'
[Essex.] A. 4158. Release by Simon le Coupere of Bromfeld, to William de Pacchingg and Alice his wife, of all his right in a plot of land in Pacching Clovill. Thursday, the vigil of All Saints, 19 Edward II. Fragment of seal.
[Sussex.] A. 4159. Grant by Thomas de Foxle, to Guy de Sancto Lupo, of a corner messuage with a meadow adjoining in Suthenovere, in the Estporte by Watergate mill-pond, late of John Literolf, afterwards belonging to John de Foxle, the grantor's brother. 22 February, 29 Edward III.
[Sussex.] A. 4160. Grant by Alice, daughter of William de York, to Robert Harewode, of part of a messuage in Lewes, in St. Michael's parish by the street called 'Kerestrete,' with right of way to the well in the other part. 14 April, 19 Edward III.
Norf. A. 4161. Sale by William Grome of Brancastre, husbandman, to Richard Goldealle of Burnham Nortun, 'shypmaster,' of all his messuages and lands &c. except a tenement called 'Dyxsuns,' an acre of copyhold in Brancastre, in Angyll Thorp, and a close called 'Fortuns' in Brancastre, reserving the right of way to a well for William and Elyng his wife &c. 2 March, 30 Henry VIII. English. Seal, defaced.
[Sussex.] A. 4162. Grant by Richard Matheu of Midhurst, to Thomas Snou of the same, and Joan his wife, of part of his curtilage. Midhurst, Tuesday after St. Luke the evangelist, 4 Edward II.
[Sussex.] A. 4163. Grant by Peter, son and heir of Walter le Porter, to Roger son of Robert de Bromham, of all the tenement with houses and lands &c. in Hetfelde, by the high road from Burghers' to Horapeltre, which Walter, the grantor's father, bought from Robert Sherreve. Witnesses:—William de Ivendenn, Adam de la Cumbe, Ralph de Middelton, Luke Walweyn, Nicholas the forester (forestario), Ralph the clerk of Brithling, and others (named). Thirteenth century.
Endorsed: 'Hethfelde in Rapa de Hastyng'.'
[Sussex.] A. 4164. Grant by Alice, late the wife of Roger Ragedale of Lewes, to Robert Aumblur, of a curtilage in Lewes in a lane called 'Seyntemarie Lane,' in the market place, in the parish of St. Mary. Sunday after the Purification, 25 Edward III.
[Suff.] A. 4165. Release by Matilda, daughter of Robert Baldewyne of Cleydon, widow, to Roger son of Alan Justus of Thurliston, of all his right in lands &c. in Thurliston. Morrow of SS. Peter and Paul, 31 Edward I.
[Sussex.] A. 4166. Demise by Richard son of Philip de Molendino, to Stephen Arnild of Notfeud (Nutfield), of all the lands and tenements in Notfeud, late belonging to Wyot the miller (molendinar'), and Wuluina his daughter, also of a piece of meadow with a pond and weir in a place called 'Plot,' and land called 'Eylond,' with a road by Richard's meadow called 'Longgemed,' concerning which there was a plea between them in the court of Notfeud; also grant of pasture for two cows &c. in Richard's wood called 'Strode' from Hokeday to the feast of St. Andrew &c. The grantor is to feast the grantee and his family on Christmas day, and the grantee is to find a man to work in the hay-field for Lady Denise de Moncheneisy in the meadow called 'Chillemed'' &c. Witnesses:—William de Hanifeud, steward of Notfeud, Bartholomew de Heddresham, Simon de Aldested, and others (named). [ante 18 Edward I.]
[Sussex.] A. 4167. Grant by Salomon de Hodleghe, to John de Bedingeham, of land in Pevenesel marsh, to hold at a fee farm rent of 12d. Witnesses:—Thomas de Burgtun, John Gulafre, Nicholas Hereward, Robert de Exetes, and others (named). [Henry III.]
[Sussex.] A. 4168. Release by William de Ichynton and Isabella his wife, to Stephen Treygos, of all their right in a yearly rent from the messuage which he purchased from them in the parish of All Saints, Hastynges, adjoining the watercourse called 'la Bowrie.' Saturday, the vigil of the Purification, 5 Richard II. Two seals.
[Sussex.] A. 4169. Grant by Margaret, late the wife of Philip le Erl of Midhurst, widow, to Nicholas le Erl, her son, of a garden by 'le Castelfeld,' in Midhurst. Sunday after St. Barnabas the apostle, 2 Edward II.
[Sussex.] A. 4170. Grant by Richard de Stonor of Hurstmounceux, to William Godewene and Agnes his wife, and to the heirs of his body, of a messuage and land in Hurstmounceux; paying a yearly rent of 12d., and a heriot and relief when due. 7 March, 40 Edward III.
[Sussex.] A. 4171. Release by Joan, widow of Gervase de Marisco, to the monks of St. Pancras [Lewes], of all her right in the lands which she held of the fee of the said church under Pevenese castle, and from Salomon de Hodle, in Westham. Witnesses:—Sir Thomas de Burton, Thomas de Bestenovere, Richard de Ratton, and others (named).
[Sussex.] A. 4172. Grant by John de Pierpount, to Richard . . . . ., in tail, of two crofts of land in Lewes, by the lane called 'Pynewelle,' formerly John Child's, which [were recovered from him] by writ of cessavit. 2 January, 32 Edward III. Injured.
[Sussex.] A. 4173. Grant by Richard Laxman, to Sir William, parson of Nytimbre (Newtimber) church, of 34s. yearly rent from lands &c. in Mydhurst, purchased by the grantor from Agnes, late the wife of Thomas Snow, and of the reversion of the tenements which Richard le Tannare and Walter de Sangelton with Alice and Joan, their respective wives, hold of the grantor for their lives; to hold from the chief lords of that fee. Thursday after St. Matthias, 11 Edward III.
Sussex. A. 4174. Demise by Richard Carpenter of Lambyrherst, and Thomas Relff of the same, to Joan, late the wife of John Stephene of the same, of a hall, with all the chambers in it, and a kitchen, barn, gardens, and 'les Byngatis' in the same tenement, and land called 'Marlyngges,' on 'le Netherhoke' in Lambyrherst, late of the said John Stephene, for her life, and to her assigns for one year after her death, with reversion to Alice, daughter of the said John, and wife of Stephen Tesele, of Haukherst; the said Joan to have yearly twelve loads of fuel on the lands called 'Leperesgrove.' St. George's day, 37 Henry VI. Two seals.
[Sussex.] A. 4175. Grant by John, the abbot, and the convent of Beghame, to John Colbrond of Borham, Agnes his wife, and John their son, of two tenements in Worthycg, one called 'Champeneis tenement' adjoining land called 'le Hothe,' and a road called 'Pageterne,' and lying partly in the grantors' marsh called 'Stokemersch,' and the other called 'Notekynes' but formerly 'Hoceombes,' lying partly at Rooklondeshull adjoining a field called 'le Millefeld,' both the said tenements belonging to the grantors' manor of Rooklonde; with remainder in tail to Richard the son of the said John Colbrond, and to Joan, John's daughter, wife of John Sharp of Hastyngs. 15 April, 2 Henry V. Portion of seal of arms.
[Sussex.] A. 4176. Grant by Adam son of Richard de Croteberehe, to Nicholas son of Alwyn de Hunderwalle and Matilda his wife, of a curtilage in Lewes, in the parish of All Saints, adjoining the messuage late of Margery le Cleregestre. Witnesses:—John de Mallinges, reeve, Bartholemew Bochenot, John Bever, Richard de Lulleham, and others (named). [Henry III.]
Kent. A. 4177. Release by Henry Astyne of Maydeston and William Hoggekyn of Lambyrherst, to Robert Norbynton of Lambyrherst, of all their right in land at 'le Burne' in Lambyrherst. St. Matthew's day, 7 Henry VI.
Sussex. A. 4178. Grant by John Strode of Bydynden, co. Kent, to William Rympyngden of Wadehurst, of a messuage and land called 'Bokelyng'in Wadehurst. Feast of St. Luke the evangelist, 14 Henry VI.
[Sussex.] A. 4179. Grant by Robert de Wylcombe, to Nicholas his son, and Mary the latter's wife, of all his lands in Picombe, and of a meadow called 'Capenoriswysche' in Clayton. Thursday after Christmas, 31 Edward III.
[Essex.] [Camb.] [Sussex.] A. 4180. Grant in frank almoin, by Beatrice de Lucy, widow, to the canons of St. James's, Northampton, of lands in Crisleshale and Helmedon, with a messuage in Helmedon, and land there in the assart of Luffenhalegrave, also land in the field of Crawele, and at Linch, laud upon Fulberue, within the land of Sirs Miles de Sumeri and Robert de Pinkeny. Witnesses:— Unfrey de la Rokele, Robert Rumbald, Reinbald de Chesewic, William de Lankelei, Philip Barun, Ralph Campion, Bartholemew de Seintiller, Samzon de Lichesbarewe, Robert Prior (priore), of Dailent, and others (named). [Henry III.] Seal.
[Sussex.] A. 4181. Grant by Thomas Oklee of Kymere, to William Agwylon, of Dicheninge, of 8d. yearly rent from the croft in Dicheninge which Letice Agulon purchased from Walter de Petroponte. Hurst Perpont, Saturday, the vigil of St. Laurence, 14 Edward II.
[Sussex.] A. 4182. Revocation by John de Warenne, of his presentation of Hamo, his clerk, to the church of Blechinton in Chichester diocese, and renunciation of any right to the patronage of the said church. Saturday before the nativity of the Virgin, A.D. 1252. Seal.
[Sussex.] A. 4183. Grant by Robert Aumblur of Lewes, to his son, John Aumblur, of a garden in Lewes, between the lanes called 'Bronemanestrete' and 'Pynewellestrete' in the parish of All Saints. 18 May, 39 Edward III. Seal, broken.
[Leic.] A. 4184. Bond by Thomas de Rokeby, knight, to Sir Henry de Ferrers, lord of Groby, for 53l. received on loan, to be repaid at Leicestre, at the feast of the Annunciation next. York, 3 February, 12 Edward III.
[Sussex.] A. 4185. Release by Agnes, relict of John le Marchal of Lewes, to Edmund son of Michael the smith (fabri), of the same, of all her right in a messuage outside the town gate of Lewes, in St. Michael's parish, abutting on the high road from Westgate to Westute and on a path called 'Kerestrete.' Palm Sunday, 1 Edward [I].
[Sussex.] A. 4186. Grant by Robert Longeman, Richard Russel, Roger Pycard and Richard, vicar of Kyngeston, members of the brotherhood of St. Sebastian of Lewes, to Robert Amblur, of a messuage adjoining the lane called 'Bronemannestrete' in All Saints' parish, Lewes, which came to them as a legacy from Sir John Reygate, chaplain. Friday the feast of St. Alphege the martyr and pontiff, 27 Edward III. Four seals, two broken.
[Sussex.] A. 4187. Grant by Thomas Flemyng, to William ate Solere, of land at Estgrenstide, by the road to Edulmesbregge, which the grantor purchased from William son of Alexander le Foghel. 1 April, 11 Edward [I].
Endorsed: 'De Thoma le Flemyng.'
Sussex. A. 4188. Release by John Randulff of Tysehurst, to John Horden of Goutherst, and to John Twysden of Lambyrherst, of all his right in two messuages with gardens &c. in Lambyrherst, one called 'Hal . . . es.' 1 January, 38 Henry VI. Mutilated.
[Sussex.] A. 4189. Grant by John, son and heir of Alexander de la Stone, to Roger son of Roger de Home, of all the land and tenement in Grenstedd, which the said Alexander held of the prior and convent of Lewes, paying 6s. 6d. yearly to the said prior and convent at the court of Himberhorne. Witnesses:—Henry de Hertefeld, Walter, rector of Hertefelde church, Hugh Wiege, and others (named), [ante 18 Edward I.]
[Sussex.] A. 4190. Grant by Robert Longeman, parson of the church of St. Mary in the market place of Lewes, to Robert Amblur, of a garden in Lewes in All Saints' parish, adjoining lanes called 'Bronemannestret' and 'Pynewellestrete,' and a messuage late belonging to Sir John Reygate, chaplain. Thursday after SS. Tiburcius and Valerian, 27 Edward III.
[Sussex.] A. 4191. Grant by Richard Blake of Lewes, to John Peyntour of the same, of all his estate in two crofts by the lane called 'Pynewelle' in Lewes, formerly of John Child, which the grantor lately purchased from Sir John Perpound, knight. Friday after St. Mark the evangelist, 42 Edward III. Portion of seal.
[Sussex.] A. 4192. Will of Guy de Sancto Lupo, bequeathing 33s. 4d. to the convent of Lewes, and his house in 'le Estporte' by 'le Watergate,' to his wife Joan, for her life, and afterwards to the said convent for a hundred and one years, to maintain St. Mary's light &c. Witnesses:—Sir John, rector of the church of St. Mary in Westoute, Lewes, and the said Joan. 17 November, A.D. 1361. Probate in St. Peter's church, Westoute, viii kalends December (24 November), in the same year.
[Sussex.] A. 4193. Grant by Philip called 'le Parker,' of Glynde, to Adam de Pycumbe, of a messuage in Lewes in the parish of St. Andrew, on the east side of the street called 'Eldestolestrete.' Sunday after St. Vincent the martyr, 10 Edward II.
[Sussex.] A. 4194. Grant by William Potter and Margaret Baker, to Robert Levyshoth and John a Donne, of a messuage and land called 'Bokelynge' in Wadeherst; for 19l. 13s. 4d. to be paid in Begham church by halfyearly instalments. 12 December, 1 Edward IV. Two seals, one broken.
[Sussex.] A. 4195. Grant in frank almoin by William Vasselier, to the monks of St. Pancras, [Lewes], of Edward de Lopeherst and his heirs, and all the land which the said Edward held in Lopeherst, which land William's ancestors granted to the said monks. Witnesses:—Robert the chaplain, John de Coking, Simon Waur', Richard his son, William the chaplain of Stedeham, Henry the steward (senescal'), Osmond del Ortiei, Martin de Clera, the porter, Joseph the marshal (marescall), John Buchard, and others. Twelfth century. Seal.
Endorsed: 'In rapo de Arundel.'
[Sussex.] A. 4196. Grant in frank almoin by William son of Robert de Horstede, to the monks of St. Pancras, [Lewes], of all the lands which they held of his fee, in his own, or his father's time. Witnesses:—Richard de Heset, Simon de Hechinham, Richard de la Cumbe, Reginald de Boscho, Joceline the dean, Nicholas son of Isaac, Thomas de Cliva, and others. Twelfth century. Equestrian seal, broken.
Endorsed: 'Willelmi de Horstede-generalis; de rap' de Pevenese.'
[Sussex.] A. 4197. Grant in frank almoin by Robert de Worthe, to Sir J. the prior, and the convent of Lewes, of land lying between their land and the public road to Lewes. Witnesses:—William David, master Michael, and others (named). [A.D. 1275–1279.] Seal, broken.
Endorsed: 'Carta Roberti de Wirz & de iiij acris terre cum pertinenciis de parva Horstede. Rap de Pevenesse.'
[Sussex.] A. 4198. Finding of a jury (names given) on an inquisition held by Edmund Maubank, bailiff of the honor of Aquila, in the court of Pevensey viz. that the prior of Lewes does not owe suit at that court for land called 'Hodlegh' parcel of the land of Langeneye alias Langenhey. 1 December, 14 Edward II. Five seals, one of arms; fragments of two others.
[Sussex.] A. 4199. Grant in frank almoin by Gilbert Sikelfot, to the monks of St. Pancras, Lewes, of a messuage in Suthenovere, for the support of the sick poor in the great hall of Suthenovere hospital. Witnesses:— John Serle, Ralph Broneman, Philip de Pistrino, William Greybaston, and others (named). [Edward I.] Seal, broken.
[Sussex.] A. 4200. Grant by Hugh the prior, and the convent of Lewes, to Ivo Smyth of Meching, and Juliana his wife, for their lives, of the land in Meching which belongs to the office of keeper of the granary (granetarii) of the said monastery, paying 6s. yearly to the said official. 10 October, 26 Edward III. Seal of arms and fragment of seal.