Deeds: C.2916 - C.3000

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A Descriptive Catalogue of Ancient Deeds: Volume 3. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1900.

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C.2916 - C.3000

[Bedf.] C. 2916. Demise by William Watford of Toturnho, to Bartholomew Felpot of Dunstaple, of a curtilage in 'le Hallewyk' of Dunstaple, and land below 'le Frerewall,' for ten years. Michaelmas day, 11 Henry VI. Fragment of seal.
[Bedf.] C. 2917. Duplicate of C. 2916.
[Bedf.] [Herts.] C. 2918. Demise by William Watford of Toturnho, to Roger Barry of Dunstaple, of a toft called 'Petrouches' in the west street of Dunstaple, with two pieces of land, one below the said toft towards the south, the other in the field of Kennesworth called 'Spondene,' for ten years, paying 20s. yearly. Michaelmas day, 11 Henry VI. Fragment of seal.
Bedf. C. 2919. Grant by Thomas Bakere of Dunstaple, to Laurence Pekott of the same, of all his goods and chattels in Dunstaple. 21 February, 4 Henry VI. Seal.
[Bedf.] C. 2920. Grant by Matilda, late the wife of John atte Chapel of Aston, the elder, widow, to Alice, relict of William de Shefforde of Dunstaple, of land in the north field of Toturnowe, at Ernendedane, extending upon Carterisweye. Tuesday after St. Gregory the pope. 11 Edward III.
Bedf. C. 2921. Bond by Giles Watford of Toturnho, gentleman, to Laurence Pycot of Dunstaple, for 40s. payable at the Annunciation next. 21 January, 7 Henry VI. Seal.
[Bedf.] C. 2922. Grant by Cristina, daughter of John de Haston, to Thomas de Chetyndon and Alice his wife, of land in the north field of Toturno, at Eerserendene, extending eastward upon Carteresweye. Thursday after Hockedai, 14 Edward III.
[Bedf.] C. 2923. Grant by William Rademan of Thoterno, to Walter Prikemere of Dunstaple, and Alice his wife, of land in the north field of Thoterno, abutting eastward 'into' Carteresweye. Sunday before the Purification, 1 Edward II.
[Bedf.] C. 2924. Grant by Richard atte Thorne of Houghton Regis, to John Dardres of Sewelle, of the parish of Houghton aforesaid, of land in Sewelle, extending upon Sagwey. Wednesday after St. Peter ad vincula, 38 Edward III. Fragment of seal.
[N'hamp.] C. 2925. Sale and release by Walter son of Ralph de Buketon, in his poverty, to the brethren of the hospital of Holy Trinity without Norhampton, of land in Buketon with a toft and croft which his uncle Walter gave him; viz. at Wodewel le Longe, at Thottelle, at Langethorn, a 'smaldole' upon Adhem, upon Hillidale and Depedale, between Wrogwelles and Windnemilne, upon Berwe, below Berwepittes, upon Waterifurlong, upon Berweie, beyond the way of Langho, a 'smaldole' below Brakenhohil, between the roads to Northampton, at Segholm, at Walteressiche, upon Catthesthtorn, at Winemilne, upon Riigweie, at Tholdewelle, at Kocwell, in Alm, at Depedaleford, at Pittes, at Lock, upon Lovecoteweie, at Clenewell, at Moldesho, upon Litleberwe, towards the field of Torp, upon Langho, upon Syothene, in Brocgraves, on the mill road, at Hauekeresbrige, at Ositheswell, a 'smaldole' in Estlonge, upon Syorwadelong, upon Syorwadeweie, in Utlonde,at Croswade, at Dernewell, at Neudich, and in Sindringe. Witnesses:—Walter the lord, Philip the lord, Simon Flemeng, Robert de Pitesford, and others (named). Thirteenth century. Seal.
[N'hamp.] C. 2926. Grant by Philip Roce of Hocton, son of Robert Roce, to the hospital of Holy Trinity by Norhamton, and the brethren there, in frank almoin, of a messuage below his garden in Hocton, and land at Trokesford, with pasture for four hundred sheep and six cattle. Witnesses:—Ralph, parson of Weston, Ralph, parson of Buketou, William Tilli, and others (named). Thirteenth century. Seal.
[N'hamp.] C. 2927. Release by Walter son of Ralph de Boketon, to the master and brethren of the hospital of Holy Trinity without Norhampton, of all his right in lands and tenements within and without the town of Boketon (Boughton). Thursday before the Assumption, A.D. 1260. Fragment of seal.
[N'hamp.] C. 2928. Release by the same, to the same, of all his right in meadow land in the meadows of Boketon called 'Hillimede,' between the meadow of Walter, lord of Boketon, and the meadow of Henry le Fleminge, Thirteenth century. Fragment of seal.
[Warw.] C. 2929. Release by William son of Adam atte Graunge of Solyhull, to Margery his sister, of all his right in lands and tenements in the fee of Berkeswelle, which they lately had of the gift of John Barry. Tuesday before the Purification, 31 Edward III. Seal.
[Oxford.] C. 2930. Grant by John Merie of Lynham, to Thomas Forst of Salforde, of all lands &c. in Salforde and Overnorton, which he lately had of the gift of Katherine Merie, his mother. Witnesses:—John Nouers, Roger Nouers, knights, and others (named). Thursday after St. John ante Portam Latinam, 50 Edward III.
[Suff.] C. 2931. Grant by John de Rokwode, living in Aketone, to John Akke of Colforde, and Joan his wife, of a messuage in Aketone (Acton). Thursday after St. James the apostle, 8 [Edward] III. Damaged.
[Essex.] C. 2932. Demise by master William Lyndewode, Robert Thornton, clerks, and Robert Poole, of the city of London, to Richard Fox, esquire, John Basset of Chishull, Henry Stampe, William Garton, rector of the church of Woketon, and William Horde, rector of the church of Asshedon, of a water-mill called 'Bolesmell,' and land, meadow and pasture in Newport, between the high road leading from Newport to Chepyngwalden and the field called 'Schortgrovefeld.' Last day of May, 8 Henry VI.
[Norf.] C. 2933. Grant by Thomas son of Richard le Noble of Langhale, to Sir Walter de Calthorp, knight, of land in Sithyngge, abutting on land of the abbot of Sibeton, and on the common way called 'Upgategrene.' Brunham, Friday before St. Faith the virgin, 18 Edward II. Seal.
Berks. C. 2934. Grant by Thomas Maundevyll the younger, knight, and Anne his wife, to Thomas Catewy and Joan his wife, of their manor called 'Michelscourt' within the town of Borewardescote, with the advowson of the church there. 20 February, 49 Edward III. Damaged.
Endorsed: Memorandum of enrolment on the dorse of the Close Roll in March in the same year.
[Heref.] C. 2935. Release by Roger de Chaundos, knight, to John le Wafre, for life, of 5 marks yearly rent for land and tenements which Margery, mother of the said John, held of the said Roger in dower in Wystaneston, and for lands which Andrew le Wafre formerly held there of the same. Welynton, Sunday after St. Barnabas the apostle, 14 Edward III.
Bedf. C. 2936. Grant by Hugh Walsshe of Dunstaple, and Joan his wife, daughter of the late William Smyth of the same, butcher, to Thomas Bygood, John Cundas, William Tirryngton, Hugh Brekenok, Thomas Waleys, of the same, and John Skynner of Wypsenade, of lands &c. in Wypsenade and Eyton. Midsummer day, 28 Henry VI.
[Bedf.] C. 2937. Grant by Alice, daughter of Simon de Linle, of Wybbesnade, widow, to Nicholas son of Gilbert de Wybbesnade, of land in Wybbesnade, adjoining the way called 'Linle.' Damaged. Fragments of seal.
Oxford. Berks. C. 2938. Release by Margery, late the wife of Hugh son of Hugh le Blount, knight, to Hugh le Blount, knight, of all her right of dower in the manors of Kyngeston and Doddecote. Witnesses:—Henry son of Alan, Andrew de Saukeville, knights, of the county of Oxford, William de Hanyngfeld, Nicholas de Barynton, of the county of Essex, knights, and others (named). London, Wednesday after the Purification, 8 Edward II. Seal.
[Bedf.] C. 2939. Grant by Osbert son of Henry the clerk of Wybbesnade, to Michael his brother, of land in Eytone, part extending upon Ikenildestrate, and part on Redmulde. Sunday after St. James the apostle, 30 Edward I.
[Warw.] C. 2940. Grant by John son of the late John de S . . eford of Solihull, to William atte Birches of the same, and Richard his son, of land and meadow in Solihull, adjoining the highway leading to Schirleyestret. Wednesday the morrow of St. Laurence the martyr, 16 Edward II. Damaged. Seal.
[Sussex.] C. 2941. Grant by Simon de Edberghetone, heir of Peter de Prestewode, to William Aleyn, of a field adjoining the highway from Prestwode to Ifeud (Ifield), in the parish of Ifeud. Witnesses:—William de Eworth, William de Iwherst, and others (named). Injured.
[Bucks.] C. 2942. Grant by Bartholomew, son of the late William de la Buritone, of Monks Ryseberge, to William Queynterel, of land in Ryseberge aforesaid, in a quarentine (quarentena) called 'Eightacres,' paying ½d. rent to Matilda de la Lithe. Witnesses:—Sir Walter de Uptone [knight], Sir Henry Shenholte, clerk, and others (named). The morrow of the Invention of the Holy Cross, 18 Edward [I]. Damaged.
[Berks.] C. 2943. Demise by Geoffrey Kyng, to John Kyng his brother, of lands and tenements in Sandon, Helme, and Ingeflode, for twenty years. Hungerford, Saturday after St. James the apostle, 5 Edward III. Damaged.
[Herts.] C. 2944. Sale by Robert, abbot of the monastery of St. Mary de Graciis, by the Tower of London, to John Colby, of . . . ., of a small wood called 'Lillywod,' and another parcel of the wood of the manor of Little Hormade, to be cut down at the proper season. May, 17 Henry VI. Damaged.
[Ireland.] C. 2945. Grant by James le Botiller, earl of Ormond,to James Clyng, clerk, of the manors of Balygaveran and Cnoktofre, with the advowsons of the churches belonging thereto, &c. Witnesses:—John de Blaunchevyll, knight, Matthew son of Olyver, knight, and others (named). Kilkenny. 7 April, 10 Edward III.
[York.] C. 2946. Demise by Sir Christopher le Talbott, knight, Thomas Everyngham the elder, esquire, and Thomas Sotehill, chaplain, to Richard Oxprynge of Cotheworth, for thirty years, of land &c. within the bounds of Cotheworth (Cudworth), Brerel[ay], .... rton, Bircheworth, Oxprynge, Thurleston, and Penyston. Scheffeld, Invention of St. Stephen, 12 Henry VI. Damaged. Seal and fragment of seal.
[Norf.] C. 2947. Grant by Andrew son of Roger de Stronde, of Wersted, to Hugh de Reym', son of Gilbert de Reym' of the same, of land in Werstede with a marsh belonging, in a field called 'Mellecroft,' abutting northward on the bank of Orewelle. Witnesses:—Richard de Holebroc, and others (named). Damaged.
[Essex.] C. 2948. Sale by William, prior of Berdene, and the canons of the same, to Robert the carpenter, of Maldon, of the wardship of the lands and tenements in Little Shobury, which came to them after the death of Thomas de Todenham, by reason of the minority of Robert, son and heir of Henry de Todenham, who was son and heir of the said Thomas, together with the marriage of the said Robert, to hold till the full age of the latter, Rocheford, 4 February, 11 Edward III.
[Staff.] C. 2949. Grant by Richard Walters, of Pilatenhale, and Thomas de Radenore, to John son of the late John de Waltham, and to Edith his wife, in tail, of two messuages, a watermill and a windmill, and lands &c. in Wolvernehamptone, Wombourn, Bradeleye, and Overton, which the said Richard and Thomas had of the gift of Sir John Pecche, knight, with remainder to Thomas son of the late John Walters. Wednesday after St. Dunstan, 35 Edward III. Two seals, imperfect.
[Suff.] C. 2950. Grant by William del Hoc of Holetune, to William de Spina of the same, and Alice his wife, of land in the said town, in a field called 'Estfeld.' Witnesses:—Ralph Lotun, and others (named). Damaged.
Kent. C. 2951. Release by Laurence Benn, of the parish of St. Mary in Hoo, to Thomas Faukys, rector of the church of St. Bride, Fletstrete, in the suburb of London, Andrew Castell, and master William Petir, of Strode by the city of Rochester, of all his right in lands &c. in the parishes of St. Mary, Halgestow, and Clive, which he had of the gift of William Chalton, of the said parish of St. Mary. Witnesses:—Sir John Halton, and others (named). 11 June, 27 Henry VI.
[Bedf.] C. 2952. Grant by Fremund atte Welle of Dunstaple, and Joan his wife, to John Page, of a tenement and curtilage in the west street of Dunstaple. Monday after St. Andrew the apostle, 27 Edward III.
[Middx.] C. 2953. Release by Robert Edward son of John Edward, of Wengrave, to Richard de Totyngton, pepperer, citizen of London, and Joan his wife, daughter of the late John Corp, of all his right in a tenement with shops in the parish of St. Augustine, London. Friday the feast of St. Andrew the apostle, 15 Edward III. Fragment of seal.
Endorsed: Memorandum of enrolment in the hustings of London on the morrow of the Holy Trinity, 16 Edward III.
[Worc.] C. 2954. Grant by Thomas, son of John Cassy, of Wych, to Robert Cassy his brother, of a plot of land in Elmeleye Lovet, in a field called 'Appeloure' by Boycote, adjoining land of the prioress of Westwode and the meadow of Sir Thomas, earl of Warwick. Wednesday after St. Gregory the pope, 18 Edward III.
[Bucks.] C. 2955. Conveyance by Richard Gervays, to Reginald Alisaundre, of a moiety of a messuage in Wycombe, for fifteen years. Christmas day, 14 Edward III.
[Heref.] C. 2956. Grant by Alice Restot of Welynton, to Walter her son, of land in Welynton, extending to 'le Overemarsch'. Friday the commemoration of souls, 15 Edward III.
[Middx.] C. 2957. Demise by Thomas Gresham the younger, of London, hatter, to Ellen Halle of London, widow, and to Thomas Gresham the elder, citizen and hatter of London, of a messuage, land, meadow and wood, and 13s. 4d. yearly rent, in Harowe and Great [Stanmore] by Eggeswere. 20 May, 36 Henry VI. Seal, broken.
[Heref.] C. 2958. Grant by Richard son of Laurence, to Richard de Bagingeden, of land in the territory of Welintone, part at Overwardine, part at Ruspebruge, and part on Warfeld. Witnesses:—Walter Restot, John Mael, and others (named). Thirteenth century.
[Suff.] C. 2959. Grant by Andrew de Bures, to Simon le Heyward of Meldingg, for his life, of a messuage and land in Meldingg. Aketon, 22 April, 16 Edward II.
[Warw.] C. 2960. Grant by Jordan de Blosmevill, of Solyhull, to William de Brochurst, chaplain, of all lands and tenements which the former had of the gift of William de Haselclyf, Richard de Haselclyf, Margery de Haselclyf, and William de Hodesford, in Solyhull, and a wood called 'Collemoreswod' in the same town. Monday the Exaltation of Holy Cross, 23 Edward III. Seal.
[Essex.] C. 2961. Grant by John Purchaz of Rikelinge, to John son of John Gelous of the same, of land in Rikelinges, in a field called 'la Leye.' Witnesses:—John de Teya, John de Pinchepol, and others (named). Damaged.
Wilts. C. 2962. Release by William Sharpyng, citizen and vintner of London, Nicholas Rounhey, clerk, and John Olyver of Croydon, the younger, to Matilda Holbech, Henry Braklee, clerk, and William Hokclyve, of all their right in the manors of Fytilton and Coumbe. 2 May, 3 Richard II. Seal, imperfect.
Wilts. C. 2963. Demise by Robert Helyar, chaplain, and Nicholas Mulle, to Nicholas Wotton and Elizabeth his wife, of lands and tenements &c. in Rammesbury, [Hil ?]throp, and Marleburgh, excepting a house in Rammesbury which Thomas Carpentar inhabits, and twelve cartloads of wood yearly out of a wood within the same parish. Witnesses:— Shotesbroke, knight, and others (named). 30 July, 24 Henry VI. Damaged.
Kent. C. 2964. Demise by John atte Hoo of Fotescray, yeoman, to John Flemmyng, of Bexhill, in the same county, of a meadow called 'Sellysmede' and a grove called 'Sellysgrove,' in the parish of Bexhill, adjoining the high road from Blendon to Fotescray on the east. 27 January, 9 Edward IV. Seal.
Devon. C. 2965. Grant by William Mountfort of Brideport, to William Urye, John Jaybin, William Glover, John Colin, and Gerard Vowel, clerk, of messuages, lands, &c. in Clifftoun Dertemouthe Hardenasse, and Southton Dertemouth. Thursday before St. Ambrose the bishop, 3 Henry V.
Heref. C. 2966. Grant by John ap Harry and John atte Halle of Quystenore to Thomas Corbet, esquire, of the county of Salop, for his good and gratuitous service rendered and to be rendered to John Oldecastell, knight, of an annuity of 10 marks, out of the rents of the manor of Oldecastell. Almaly, feast of St. Gregory the pope, 9 Henry IV.
[Essex.] C. 2967. Release by Nicholas Mylys, chaplain, William Fynderne, John Waryn, and Richard Eton, chaplain, to William Loveney, esquire, William Kyng, chaplain, Nicholas Hiwyssh, John Sherwynd, barber, and Avice his wife, of all their right in a water-mill called 'Vo . . . . mell,' and in land, meadow, and pasture in Neuport, between the high road leading from Neuport to Chepingwalden and a field called ' . . . . onefeld.' 20 November, 1 Henry VI. Damaged. Fragment of seal.
[Bucks.] C. 2968. Grant by William de Mackeney and Ellen his wife, to Thomas Okhurst, bailiff of Thomas de Weston, of the lands and tenements which they hold in Wotysdon and Westechote for the nurture of John de Bhaufo, a minor, to hold during the minority of the said John, paying to the grantors 30s. yearly. Mackeneye, Sunday after St. Katherine the virgin, 29 Edward III.
Wilts. C. 2969. Release by Edmund Gascryk of the county of Lincoln, esquire, to Edmund Dauntteseye, esquire, and Nicholas Wotton, of all his right in the manor called 'Gascryk' in Puryton, with lands &c. in Pnryton, Purytonstoke, Malmesbury and Brokynborgh, which descended to him after the death of William Gascryk his father. Witnesses:—Robert Shotesbroke, knight, and others (named). 26 May, 9 Henry V. Fragment of seal.
[Warw.] C. 2970. Grant by Henry Griffin, to Gilbert de Birches, of land in 'le Thenardescot,' adjoining the highway from Burmingham to Warewic. Witnesses:—John de Blessevile, and others (named). Thirteenth century. Seal, imperfect.
Kent. C. 2971. Release by William Nicholas of Seynt Maryhalle, in the parish of St. Mary in the hundred of Hoo, gentleman, Margaret his wife, late the wife of Andrew Castell, Thomas Castell, son and heir of the said Andrew and Margaret, William Cobham, esquire, and John Prat, to William Lemyng, citizen and grocer of London, Arthur Ormesby, esquire, Sir William Morelond, clerk, Peter Pekham, gentleman, Richard Rawlyns, John Lambe, Bartholomew Horwode, John Berell, and John Hunteley, citizens and grocers of London, of all their right in the manor of Seynt Maryehalle in the parish of St. Mary aforesaid. 1 June, 7 Edward IV. Two seals.
[Warw.] C. 2972. Grant by John son of William de Middelmor of Bykenhull, to Thomas le Hore of Elmedone, of a plot of land in Solihull, by Blaksladelone, adjoining land called 'Heryngescroft.' Monday after the Invention of Holy Cross, 41 Edward III. Seal of arms.
[Norf.] C. 2973. Release by John de Leem and Joan his wife, to Geoffrey, son of Oliver Wyth, and Isabella his wife, of all their right &c. in a fifth part of the lands, tenements, freemen and villeins, and their issue, feudal services &c. in Wrsted, which ought to revert to the said Joan after the death of Isabella de Calthorp to whom William de Stalham gave the premises in marriage. Witnesses:—Sir Reginald le Gros, and others (named). Seal and portion of seal.
[Oxford.] C. 2974. Letter of attorney by Thomas Clobber of Henley-uponThames, authorising John Curteys of the same, to deliver seisin to William Etemede of Ibston, and Richard Sewell of Tirfeld, co. Bucks, of lands &c. in Cleyore and Goldore. The Annunciation, 10 Henry V.
[Wilts.] C. 2975. Letter of attorney by Esmond de Wymondeswold, chaplain, and John Cle, authorising John Baldewyn, Thomas Trenchefoill, William Donsford, and John de Stanewell, to deliver seisin to Matilda de Holbeche, Thomas de Holbeche, Michael Skillyng, John Whitewell, John Rouland, John Bays, Henry Brakle, parson of the church of Fitelton, and William Hoclyve, of lands &c. in Fitelton, Combe, Hakeneston and Northtudeworth. Feast of St. Nicholas, 46 Edward III. French. Fragment of seal.
[Middx.] C. 2976. Grant by master Nicholas Norton, vicar of the church of Stebbenhith, John Reyner of London, Robert Blundell of Bromlegh, co. Kent, William Sheffeld, of 'la Mileende,' and Thomas Bocher, of Stratford, to George Boys and Katherine his wife, of a messuage in Stebbenhith, abutting southward on Stebbenhith churchyard. 17 June, 19 Henry VI. Fragment of seal.
[Worc ?] C. 2977. Defeasance of a grant by William Rastel of Yerdeleye, to Thomas de Folford of the same, of a yearly rent of 3s., witnessing that the said grant is to be void as long as Sibyl, wife of the said William, does not cause the said Thomas to be impleaded concerning land which he had of the feoffment of William in Yerdeleye (Yardley). Saturday, Midsummer day, 14 Edward III.
[Linc.] C. 2978. Grant by John of Carleton, to Thomas of Urswyk, of the wardship and marriage of George, John's son and heir apparent, with a proviso that the said John shall enfeoff Richard of Raby, and John of Brynyng, priests, of the manor of Little Carleton, and they, at the request of the said Thomas, shall enfeoff the said George of 4 marks worth of land yearly of the said manor, Thomas to receive the same in the meantime for George's sustenance; also the said Richard and John shall enfeoff John of Carleton in 100s. worth of land in the same manor for their lives with remainder to George; and shall let to farm to Thomas 50s. worth of land for eight years, Thomas paying that sum yearly to Robert of Syngleton of Broghton; and shall enfeoff Carleton in the remnant of the manor and reversion of the said 50s. worth of land for his life with remainder to George &c. 1 July, 6 Henry [ ]. English. Injured. Seal.
[Heref.] C. 2979. Agreement between Sir Roger de Chaundos of Welynton, and Richard son of Richard de Bagginden, as to the claim of the latter to housebote and haybote out of the manor of Wotton, providing that the said Richard shall take the same in a certain place in the wood of Welynton; the said Richard releasing all actions to Sir Roger. French. Thirteenth century.
[Essex.] C. 2980. Grant by R . . . . . son of Humphrey de Waledene, knight to Sir Richard, rector of . . . . ., and Hugh Robin of Macchyngge, of the manors of Macchyngge and Elsenham, with two messuages, land, rent &c. in Berdestapele, Bartlesdon, Leyndon, Nevenden, Fobbyngg, Est . . . ., . . . . atte Noke, and Plich . . . Witnesses:—Hugh Fitz Simon, Thomas de Bernardestone, knights, and others (named). Benyngton, co. Herts 6 June, . . Edward III. Damaged. Seal.
[Warw.] C. 2981. Defeasance of a grant by John atte Birches, [son] of William atte Birches of Solihull, to Richard . . . . . and Avice his wife of & yearly rent of 10s. (?) out of lands &c. in Solihull; witnessing that the said grant is to be void if Richard and Avice are not impleaded by John and Elizabeth his wife as to certain lands formerly granted to them by the said John. Friday after . . . . ., 2[.] Edward III. Damaged.
[Warw.] C. 2982. Grant by Thomas, prior of Coventry, and the convent of the same, to William de Copstone of Coventry, and Juliana his wife, of the right to assign to Geoffrey the chaplain, and his successors, celebrating divine service in their church of Coventry, at the altar of St. Edward the king, for the souls of Lady Eleanor, queen of England, and of the said William and Juliana &c. a rent of 100s. out of their fee in the town of Coventry. Thirteenth century.
[Middx.] C. 2983. Demise by Thomas Palmer and Christiana his wife, to John Canyngs, mason, and Anabella his wife, for ten years, paying 22s. yearly, of a tenement in Fletestrete in the suburb of London, in the parish of St. Petronilla, adjoining a tenement of the hospital of St. John of Jerusalem. Monday before Michaelmas, 33 Edward III.
[Norf.] C. 2984. Grant by John Martyn of Smalberghe, to Thomas le Th. . ., of 1d. yearly rent, which the latter paid for a tenement in Smalberghe. Saturday after Michaelmas, 8 Edward III. Damaged.
[Warw.] C. 2985. Conveyance by Robert son of Hamo de Broma, to Alice de Bokingham, late the wife of Ralph son of Roger de Budiford, for twenty years, of land with a messuage, toft and croft, meadows &c. within and without Brome. Witnesses:—master Robert de Bokingham, rector of the church of Budiford, Sirs Roger de Budiford and Martin de Bertuna, and others (named). The Annunciation, 46 Henry III.
[Warw.] C. 2986. Grant by Thomas Pyllyng of Solihull, to William his son, of land in Solihull, adjoining a lane leading from the house of the late Thomas Folqui towards 'le Lee.' Monday the feast of St. John after Christmas, 10 Edward II.
Suff. C. 2987. Sale by Robert de Reydon, knight, to Sir William, rector of the church of Reydon, and Sir Roger, Robert's son, rector of the church of Clenchewarton, of all his goods and chattels in Suffolk, in his manors and elsewhere, saving to his wife Margery the things belonging to her and his chamber, with vessels, silver spoons &c. Reydon, feast of St. Edmund the archbishop, 16 Edward II.
[Warw.] C 2988. Grant by John Hore of Longedon, to William Hore, of [the same ?], of a messuage in Solyhull. Sunday after [the Invention of Holy] Cross 7 Henry V.
[York.] C. 2989. Release by Robert de Tatesale, to the king, of his court consisting of a toft and land &c. 3s. 4d. rent, and a moiety of a messuage and three tofts in Hundmanby, which Roger de Grimeston claims as his right against Thomas son of Ralph de Cotegrave, Robert Guile and Agnes his wife, and claims to hold of the grantor by free service of 6d. yearly, so that the king's writ of Precipe could be served on Roger to plead in the king's Court. York, Sunday after the Purification, 30 Edward [I].
[Camb.] C. 2990. Grant by William Lexham, esquire, and John Dunholt, to Thomas Boleyne, John Ermylond and Thomas White, clerks, and Simon Hook, gentleman, of a yearly rent of 13s. 4d., out of a field in Marche called 'Rowloo,' parcel of the manor of Southwode, with condition as to payment by the grantors of certain amounts during the levying of any clerical subsidy. Friday after St. Gregory the pope, 21 Henry VI.
[Kent.] C. 2991. Grant by William de Holmedene, to John de Ifeld and Katherine his daughter, of 17½d. yearly rent which he used to receive from Henry atte Welle and Joan his wife, out of a tenement in the parish of Hevre adjoining the road leading to Westerham; paying a yearly rent service of 4½d. to the court of Halstede &c. Brokesham, Saturday after the Epiphany, . . Edward [II]. Damaged.
[Middx.] C. 2992. Demise by John Burton, clerk, to John Quynard of Enfeld, of a croft at Horspole in Enfeld, and land in Brodfeld in the same place, for twelve years from Michaelmas last, paying 5s. yearly. 8 January, 14 Richard II. Damaged.
Middx. Surrey. C. 2993. Letter of attorney by William Pipere, citizen and stock-fishmonger of London, authorising Walter Pride, chaplain, and John Elys to deliver seisin to Simon Oliver, citizen and stock-fishmonger of London, of all his lands &c. in the counties of Middlesex and Surrey. Tuesday after St. John ante Portam Latinam, 23 Edward III.
[Essex.] C. 2994. Indenture stating the conditions under which Juliana, late the wife of Alexander Walden, knight, had granted to John Mars of Rykelyng, lands &c. which formerly belonged to John de Bolyngton, in Berden, Uggele, and Farnham, viz. that the said grant was to hold good upon the payment of the purchase money of 40 marks, on certain dates, in the manor of Rikelynge. Sunday after St. George, 8 Henry IV.
[Essex.] C. 2995. Grant by Robert Goet and Margery his wife, to Lady Margery, late the wife of Robert de Rupell', of 6d. yearly rent which Sir Robert de Rupell' and Simon Frost used to pay to them. Witnesses:— Sirs Peter Cardun and Jordan le Brun, William de Lytlebir' (Littlebury), the scribe, and others (named). Thirteenth century.
Endorsed: Elmedon.
[Berks.] C. 2996. Grant by Thomas Harneys, to master John de Everdone, clerk, of a messuage in Westhanneye, and land at the same place, which Thomas had of the gift of Geoffrey le Longe of Westhanneye. Wednesday after St. Ambrose the bishop, 11 Edward II.
Surrey. C. 2997. Grant by John Wodeham of Waybrigge, to Sir Henry Northbury, knight, John Penycook, John Weston, William Bokeland, esquires, Edward Bokeland, John Wadbrook, Robert Penbrok, and William Chyrche, of all his lands &c. in Waybrigge or elsewhere in the county named. Monday before Michaelmas, 17 Henry VI. Seal.
[Warw.] C. 2998. Release by Henry de Shirleye of Solihull, to William son of Thomas atte Birches of the same, of all his right in a meadow and croft in Solihull. Tuesday the feast of St. . . . ., 12 Edward III. Damaged.
[Staff.] C. 2999. Grant by Matilda, daughter of Richard son of William de Bromwiz, widow, to William son of Osbert the miller of Humeleleg, of her mill of Womburne and crofts adjoining, with suit of the whole town of Womburne except for her malt and wheat which are ground without toll; also of land by 'la Lidhe' in Womburne, and one third of the mill pond with the fish therein. Witnesses:—Thomas de Tresel, and others (named). Thirteenth century.
[Hants.] C. 3000. Grant in frank almoin by Walter le Bret of Croftone, to the house of St. John the Baptist of Bedewynde and the brethren and sisters there, of a messuage, croft, meadow, wood, and land in Croftone, part of the land lying in the sand (in sabulo). Witnesses:—Richard de Haveringes, John de Colregebura, and others (named).