Deeds: C.3601 - C.3700

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A Descriptive Catalogue of Ancient Deeds: Volume 3. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1900.

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C.3601 - C.3700

[Middx.] C. 3601. Demise by John de Ludyngton, to Richard de Zernemouth, citizen and baker of London, and Denise his wife, for their lives, of a messuage in the parish of St. Sepulchre without Neugate, in Secollane in the suburb of London, reserving to John a great chamber with a stable under it, paying 3l. 13s. 4d. yearly &c. Adam Fraunceys, mayor of London, John Pecche and John de Stodeye, sheriffs of the same. 7 June, 27 Edward III.
[Bedf.] [Herts.] C. 3602. Grant by Miles le Chapman, John Bevere, and William Neel, of Dunstaple, to Thomas Mayhys of the same, of all the lands and tenements which they lately had of his gift in Dunstaple, Cadyndon, Kenesworth, and Houghton. Friday after St. Petronilla the virgin, 6 Richard II. Portions of two seals.
[Kent.] C. 3603. Demise by Walkelin son of Walkelin, de Dona, to Thomas and Simon Child, for 16s. of land in the field called 'Zewinesland,' paying 10d. yearly. Witnesses:—Richard Ferthing, Arnold Lokier, and others (named).
[Devon.] C. 3604. Grant by Robert Lynedeston, alias Lydeston, of Westcomb in the parish of Stokeflemyng, to Nicholas Carrew, knight, William Hyonves, clerk, and Thomas Lydeston, chaplain, of a messuage and a burgage, each with a garden adjoining, in Dodebroke. Thursday before the Purification, 11 Henry VI. Seal.
[Kent.] C. 3605. Grant by Richard Clerk, son and one of the heirs of John Clerk, late of St. Mary's parish in the hundred of Hoo, to William Halton, gentleman, of land in the said parish, which he inherited after his father's death, part lying in Hurpole, part in Estnethermeldown, and part in Northnethermeldown. 20 November, 1 Edward IV. Seal, imperfect.
Bedf. C. 3606. Grant by Ralph de Eccleshale, to John Aignell of the county of Hertford, of all his lands and tenements &c. at 'le Westhide' in the parish of Luyton. Monday after the Epiphany, 24 Edward III.
[Kent.] C. 3607. Grant by Henry son of Walter de Wilbureham, to Ralph Willem, for 16s. of all his land in a field called 'Heyefeld' in the parish of 'la Dune,' and the half of 15¾d. yearly rent issuing from a tenement in the said parish. Witnesses:—John Child, Richard Ferthing, Henry de Upstrete, and others (named). Vigil of St. Luke the evangelist, 33 Edward I.
[Kent.] C. 3608. Grant by Thomas Koc of the parish of 'la Doune,' to John Torlog' of the same, of land in the said parish, adjoining a croft called 'Preystescroft.' Monday the Conversion of St. Paul, 29 Edward III.
Kent. C. 3609. Grant by Alice Tropenell, widow, late the wife of Thomas Tropenell, to Marion Palgrave, widow, her servant, for her life, of a messuage with a garden in Edulmesbrigge, adjoining the bridge and the high road on the east, and the watercourse there on the south; with remainder in tail to Robert Tropenell, son and heir of Alice, and in fee to Walter Waleys her kinsman, son and heir of her brother William Waleys of Coodham. 23 January, 49 Henry VI, and in the first year of his restoration. Seal.
Kent. C. 3610. Grant by William Waleys, citizen of London, to John Cowngherst of Lees Grene in Codham parish, husbandman, of his messuage with a garden adjoining called 'Chevelers,' lying in the west part of Lees Grene, adjoining Wallstrete and the grantor's land called 'Webbefeld' on the west, and Chevelers 'born' on the north. 16 February, 23 Henry VI. Portion of seal.
[Kent.] C. 3611. Grant by Samson and Thomas, sons of Walter Cholier, to Samson son of William, and Cristina his wife, for 2s. 8d. of nine and a half day works (daywercas) of land in a place in Dona, in a field called 'Lytewestfeld,' lying between fields called 'Nyrperfeld' and 'Scewynesland,' paying 1d. yearly. Le Dune, Sunday after St. Edmund the king, 12 Edward [I].
[Middx.] C. 3612. Grant by Matilda, daughter and heiress of the late Adam de Stanburn, moneyer (monetar'), to Adam Perceval of Portesmue, for 8 marks, of all her tenement with houses built thereon which she inherited from her father in the parish of St. Michael, Bassieshawe, paying yearly to her ½ lb. of cumin or ½d. and to the heirs of the late Peter son of Alan 9s. Witnesses:—John Adrian, mayor of London, Henry le Waleis and Gregory de Rokesle, sheriffs, Ralph le Blund, goldsmith, alderman of the ward, and others (named). [55 Henry III.]
[Ireland.] C. 3613. Indenture between Sir James le Botteler, earl of Ormond in Ireland, and brother Hugh Medylton, Turcopolier (Turcoplerium) of the convent of Rhodes, and lieutenant of brother John Delastico, Grand Master of the Hospital of St. John of Jerusalem, and appointed visitor, corrector, reformer, and proctor-general in the priory of Ireland by the said Grand Master and convent; witnessing that the said earl binds himself to pay in London at St. Thomas of Acrys, on Midsummer day or the morrow thereof next coming, 40 marks for the responsions of the said priory to the receiver of responsions in the priory in England; and so yearly for a term of four years. 28 June, A.D. 1444.
[Dorset.] C. 3614. Grant by John Brond of Weymouthe, to John Bassyngbourne of the same, of all his plot with a curtilage adjoining in St. Nicholas street in the said town. Feast of the Conception, 20 Richard II. Portion of seal.
[Middx.] C. 3615. Release by Adelina Ede of London, widow, and Florence Claydych of Chelmesford, co. Essex, 'senglewoman,' daughters of the late Richard Claydych, citizen and court-hand writer of London, to William Broun, citizen and clothier of London, of all their right in two tenements in St. Christopher's parish near 'lez Stokkez,' London, formerly their father's, between the high streets of Cornhull on the south and Bradstrete on the north. 15 March, 2 Richard III. Seal.
Endorsed: Names of witnesses to sealing and delivery of the above release.
[Norf.] C. 3616. Demise by Thomas Baret the elder, of South Birlyngham, Henry Bagot of Norwich, gentleman, and Roger Dokkyng, to John Wattes of North Birlyngham, John Holler, gentleman, John Yaxle, serjeant-atlaw, Roger Cullum, and William Wynne of Up[t]on, of all the messuages and lands &c. in South Birlyngham, Beighton, Hasyngham, and Lyngwode or elsewhere in the hundreds of Blofeld and Walsham which they, with the said John Holler, who has released to them his right therein, had of the demise of William Dyxon, clerk, dated 18 January of the under-mentioned year. 18 May, 13 Henry VII. Three seals.
[Kent.] C. 3617. Grant by John Rolfe the younger, of 'la Doune,' to Robert atte Lane, of land with a house built thereon, by the high road from Codham church to the chapel of 'la Doune.' Sunday before the Annunciation, 20 Edward III.
Salop. Heref. C. 3618. Grant by Richard Talbot, lord of Irchenefeld and Blakemere to his cousin Hugh Burnell, knight, of a yearly rent of 40l. out of his manors of Blakemere, co. Salop, and Eccleswall, co. Hereford, for seven years; with condition that if the said Richard shall pay Hugh 100l. by Whit Sunday next, then the said yearly rent shall be void. 20 February, 17 Richard II. French. Fragments of seal.
[ ] C. 3619. Grant by Adam Rauf son of Robert Rauf, to Richard de Burcham son of Roger de Wudeham, and to Lucy his wife, for 24s., of all his land in a field called 'Grenefeld.' Witnesses:—Henry de Suthwud, Robert Gerveis, and others (named). 3 Edward II.
[Essex.] C. 3620. Release by Robert Fitz Geffrey, to John Wynter, parson of the church of Clothale, Thomas, parson of the church of Walyngton, and Simon Wydeweson, of all his right in the manor of Wygepet, with which manor the said parties had enfeoffed Sir Thomas Goys, on condition of his paying to Richard Neweman of Neweport 120 marks, for which sum the said Robert, John, Thomas, and Simon, stood bound to the said Richard; the said Sir Thomas having failed to observe the said condition, a writ of debt had been brought by Neweman against the said Robert and others named, who have re-entered on the said manor. Arkesden, last day of February, 5 Richard II. French.
[Worc.] C. 3621. Release by Florence de Beauchaump, to Alice, late the wife of John Aleyn of Wych, for her life, and to John her son, in fee, of all her right in land lying in fields called 'Lulleleye' and 'Suggenhyde,' and in a plot of land in Wych in the street called 'le Ruyenestret.' Tuesday after Petronilla the virgin, 17 Edward III. Seal.
[Worc.] C. 3622. Release by John, son and heir of John son of Richard Aleyn of Wych, to Edmund de Bregge, of all his present right or that which he may inherit after the death of his said father, or of Alice his mother, in the premises released in C. 3621. Wych, Sunday after St. Thomas the apostle, 21 Edward III. Seal.
[Kent.] C. 3623. Demise by Robert Mody the younger, to John Broker, gentleman, Thomas Clerke, John Stanford, John Reme, and John Martyn, of all his lands and tenements called 'Hupfeld' and 'Parkehyll' in Hevere parish, except a fourth part of half a rood of land in Hobbrokeshawe, towards the high road from Hevere church to Cowden, another fourth part of half a rood in 'le Pytte' called 'Levys,' and another fourth part of half a rood at Parkehyll, in the north and west portion of a croft called 'Broddecrofte'; with letter of attorney authorising Robert Martyn of Hevere to deliver seisin. 10 May, 2 Richard III.
[Berks.] C. 3624. Demise by John Ryppys, rector of the church of South Morton, and Robert Medford, to Thomas Rothewell and Isabella his wife, for their lives, of the manor of South Morton and all their lands and tenements &c. within the parish of South Morton which they lately had of the grant of the said Thomas; with remainder in fee to Thomas Drew and others (named). Vigil of the apostles Peter and Paul, 24 Henry VI. Two seals.
[Wilts.] C. 3625. Grant by Simon de Combe, son and heir of Richard de Combe, to John Gylis, for 100s. of a messuage with land in Fytelton adjoining the plot called 'Wende,' with pasture for fifty sheep and a ram on the common pasture from Hockeday to Hockeday, and for six beasts and two horses in 'ther other doune,' and in a meadow, from St. Peter ad vincula to the Purification; paying 5s. yearly, 7 Edward [I].
Kent. C. 3626. Release by John Herrys of Brasted, and now of Westerham, son and heir of John Herrys, late of Westerham, deceased, to William Sedley, son and heir of John Sedley, late of Southflete, esquire, of all his right in all the messuages and lands &c. in Brasted, which the said John Sedley lately acquired from the releasor's said father. 10 January, 23 Henry VIII. Seal.
Endorsed: Names of witnesses to sealing and delivery&c.
[Dorset.] C. 3627. Grant by Robert de Mandevile, to Alice, late the wife of Thomas Wayfer, for 5 marks, of the wardship of all the land which the said Thomas held from the grantor in his manor of Merswude, until the full age of the heirs, paying 4s. yearly, and also of licence to marry whom she will except Adam le Page. Michaelmas, 16 Henry III.
[Warw.] C. 3628. Release by John son of William atte Birches of Solihull, to William son of Hugh le Busteler and Agnes his wife, of all his right in a croft and meadow in Solihull called 'Clariscewallefeld,' adjoining a lane leading from Solihull church to Longedon and extending to Longedone Hallefeld. Sunday after the Epiphany, 30 Edward III. Seal.
[Kent.] C. 3629. Release by William the younger son of Richard ate Hulle of 'la Doune,' to Gilbert son of William Josep and of Avice ate Hulle, of all his right in a curtilage 'ate Hulle,' which he lately acquired from Amice daughter of Richard ate Hulle, the releasor's sister. Sunday after Easter, 9 Edward II.
Wilts. C. 3630. Grant by John Laurens, to Thomas Yorke, esquire, of all the messuages, lands, and rents &c. in Puryton Stoke, Benham, Lydeard, Brokynburgh, Wotton Basset and Remesbury, which the grantor recovered in the Common Pleas at Westminster against Thomas Hull, chaplain of Wotton and Yorke chantry, in Trinity term last, and of all lands &c. belonging to him as such chaplain. 20 August, 31 Henry VIII. Seal.
[See De Banco Roll, Trinity, 31 Henry VIII. roll 415.]
[Kent.] C. 3631. Release by John Petle of Doune, to Thomas Petle of the same, and John his son, of all his right in all the lands and tenements in the parish of Doune formerly belonging to Thomas Sampson of Doune. 11 August, 10 Henry V.
[Kent.] C. 3632. Grant by Stephen son of Elias ate Plotte of the town of All Saints in Hoo, to Stephen de Delham the elder, for 50s. of land in the said town in the field called 'Hwetfeld.' February, 2 Edward III.
[Wilts.] C. 3633. Release by John Colyngborn, son of Thomas Colyngborn of Marleberge, to John Whynd the younger of the same, and Cristina his wife, of all his right in a butcher's stall and a fishmonger's stall in the high street on the north side of Marleberge market, which the releasor formerly had of the gift of his said father. Witnesses:—Roger de Bello Campo, knight, constable of Marleberge castle, Peter Baldry, mayor of the borough, and others (named). Saturday after St. George the martyr, 51 Edward III.
[Heref.] C. 3634. Grant by John Mahel, to Adam de la Calna, clerk, of land in Welinton, part stretching to Maribroc, part to Hegweye, part to Overemars, part in Lesefurlung, part in Bradesichesfurlung, and part reaching to Ailnithemars; paying 3d. yearly. Witnesses:—Alan de Welinton, Nicholas Merevin, and others (named). Seal, imperfect.
[Kent.] C. 3635. Grant by Richard son of Ralph Willem, to John Wyffin that if John shall pay to Richard 28s. at Michaelmas next, then he may re-take the half acre and two dayworks (deywercas) with the soil in the grove called 'Foweresgrof' which John had granted to the said Richard; otherwise the grant shall remain in force. Downe, Wednesday after the octave of the Purification, 23 Edward III.
Kent. C. 3636. Grant by William Broun of Chelsfeld, to Thomas atte Hoke and John Norhampton, of all his lands and tenements &c. in the parish of Chelsfeld. 15 April, 7 Richard II.
[Bedf.] C. 3637. Grant by Henry Wilyene, son and heir of Thomas Wilyene, late of Dunstaple, to William Cantelowe, citzen and mercer of London, of a tenement in the north street of Dunstaple adjoining the tenement called 'le Castell,' and extending westwards in front upon Watlyngestrete. 27 July, 35 Henry VI.
Wilts. C.3638. Grant by Edward Darell, knight, to Charles Somerset, knight, lord Herbert, William Blount, knight, lord Mountjoy, Robert Pointz, knight, Robert Bekensawe, clerk, William Compton, esquire, Thomas Fetyplace, knight, John Fetyplace, esquire, and William Byrd, clerk, of his manor of Knyghton by Chalkebourn, with all the grantor's lands and tenements &c. in Knyghton, to the use of himself and Alice his wife in tail male, and in default of such issue to the use of the said Edward in fee; which manor, with that of Wanborough, forms the jointure of the said Alice; with letter of attorney authorising John Knight and Thomas Sturmy to deliver seisin. 26 November, 4 Henry VIII. Signed. Fragment of seal.
Endorsed: Names of witnesses to delivery of possession on 20 March in the above year.
[Devon.] C. 3639. Release by Edida, relict of John le Drake, widow, to Alexander the dyer (tinctori), of all her right in the third part, which she had by the said John's death, of a tenement on the north side of the gate of Barnstaple, extending to the high road from Barnstaple to Pilton. Witnesses:—Robert Horloc, Walter Windwot, and others (named).
[Leic.] C. 3640. Grant by Walter son of Roger de Herdebi, to Agnes, daughter of Roger the clerk, son of Gilbert de Herdebi, of land and meadow in Herdebi, part at the end of 'le dede hevidland' part below Blacmild, part below Litilhevig, part in Crocland, part upon Wrongland, part upon 'le Redehil,' part upon Densewellefurlang, part abutting 'in le Ferdgate,' and part in Wadland. Witnesses:—William Odinel, William Dubilday, and others (named).
[Wilts.] C. 3641. Grant by Alice Smalhacche, to Richard Norgrove, of land in Eldecocote (Hilcott). Cleobeori, second Sunday after the Annunciation, 18 Richard II.
[Devon ?] C. 3642. Grant by brother Pascasius the prior, and the monks, of St. Mary Magdalene, Barnstaple, to William Legrant, of all their land of Foheligcote and Nytherecote, paying 10s. yearly. Witnesses:—Sirs Mauger de Sancto Albino, John de Punchardun, John de Charteray, knights, and others (named).
[Bedf.] C. 3643. Grant by Robert Marker, to Roger son of Robert Ivel, for 13s. of land in Bueston, part lying upon Hacheforlong and part abutting over against Dalhowei. Witnesses:—Randulf de Thornecote, Reginald de Rokesdon, and others (named).
[Chesh.] C. 3644. Demise by Robert de Huxleyg, to Urian de Eggerton, of all the lands and tenements which he had in Neuton by Holdecastel of the demise of Thomas son of Rotheric de Tattlesfeld, with all liberties &c. in the wood of Holdecastel and elsewhere, belonging to the said lands. Tatenhale, Thursday the octave of the Ascension, A.D. 1333. Seal, imperfect.
[Bucks.] C. 3645. Demise by Philip de Aillesbury, to Walter de Sobelcote, of his water-mill called 'Athelynemulne,' with a croft adjoining in the parish of Messeworth, for six years, paying 60s. yearly, reserving to the grantor the easement of the water with the fish. Tiscote, Friday before the Ascension, 6 Edward II.
[Oxford.] C 3646. Grant by Hugh son of Hugh de Cestreton and Emma his wife, to Robert de Baywrth, in free marriage with Alice their daughter, of a grange and part of their curtilage and croft, with land in Wendlebury, part lying at Hereberdesho, part upon Cattesbrein by land of Lady Eleanor de Lucy, part upon Ruenhulle and Brademere, part within Alecestre, part upon Northhulle, part called 'Puthalfaker,' part upon Banlonde, part in Homforlong, part upon Smalethorn by land of the nuns of Stodleg', part at 'la Hamme,' Wythgbedde, and 'la Leie,' part upon Rowenhulle, part at Croftlonde, part upon Heldefold and at 'la Longemerse,' also part in a meadow in Overeforlong next Alecestre, and in a meadow next Gurefen, and meadow at 'la Hardelonde.' Witnesses:—Sirs Henry de Bueles and Roger de Insula, knights, John le Blund of Cottesford, Richard de Canne of Kertlinton, and others (named).
[Oxford.] C. 3647. Certificate by Richard de Lillingstan, clerk, that he has received by the grant of John son of William de Greinvile, certain land and meadow in Wendlingbury, on condition that if any strife concerning the said land be aroused by any successors of Thurstan de Wendlingbur', or any other, Richard shall bear all the costs; if Richard is overcome John is to pay him 8s. Feast of St. Mark the evangelist, 51 Henry III.
Kent. C. 3648. Grant by Thomas Aleyn, clerk, of Tonbregge, to Petronilla, relict of John Aldulf, deceased, and to Robert Broker of the same, of all his messuage with houses and gardens in Tonbregge, adjoining the high road from Wynchelsee to London. Feast of St. Thomas the apostle, 6 Henry V. Fragment of seal.
[Chesh.] C. 3649. Demise by Henry de Blakerode, citizen of Chester, to Henry de Podinton and his wife, of a messuage with land and a fishery in Haselwelle, for six years from Whitsunday, A.D. 1317, paying 20s. yearly. If Henry de Podinton die within that term, his wife is to give the grantor an ox or half a mark to secure the remainder of the term. [A.D. 1317.] Seal.
[Sussex.] C. 3650. Grant by Walter son of Remigius de Bosco, to Remigius Pecard, of a messuage in Hailesham which Adam Pecard gave to Walter Witnesses:—Thomas de Faukeham, Simon de Hellingeleg', and others (named).
[Chesh.] C. 3651. Grant by Ralph de Monte Alto, rector of the church of Bebintone, to Walter Sprot, his servant, for his life, of land in Bebintone between lands of the abbot of Chester and of Patrick de Boctone, to be held of Ralph son of Daniel, paying ½d. yearly. Witnesses:—Philip de Baunvile William Launsehn, and others (named). [Henry III.]
[Devon.] C. 3652. Grant by Lucian son of Anthony, to Richard de Pillond of a plot of land by the north gate of Barnstaple, without the borough wall, paying the grantor yearly a pair of white gloves, and to the prior of St. Mary Magdalene, Barnstaple, two hundred hens' eggs at Easter Witnesses:—William Favell, Ph[ilip] Puleyn, and others (named). Seal.
[Chesh.] C. 3653. Grant by Hugh Payn, citizen of Chester, to Henry de Lymme, of land with a garden adjoining in Foregatestrete, Chester, extending from the high road to the field of Sir Robert de Hemigton, canon of the prebendal church of St. John, Chester; paying 3s. yearly. Witnesses:—Hugh de Brichull, mayor of Chester, Nicholas Payn and Roger Donfoul, sheriffs of the same, and others (named). [c. 27–28 Edward] Portion of seal.
[ ] C. 3654. Bond by Roger de Bokenhull, to Henry de Couley and Isabella his wife, for the payment of 5s. yearly rent for a messuage in the Jews' street, with which they have enfeoffed him. Witnesses:— John Saym, William Godknave, and others (named). Seal, imperfect.
[Berks.] C. 3655. Demise by Bartholomew de Hakeburne, to Master Richard le Wyte of Hakeburne, and Robert Sewyne of Migham, for their lives, of all the rents, services, and tenements which Elias Aylward and Hayvilda, late the wife of John le Bissope of West Hakeburn, hold and owe, and which the grantor had of the demise of John le Blunt and Alice his wife; paying 40s. yearly, after the lapse of seven years, to the right heirs of the said tenements. Oxford, St. Stephen's day, 12 Edward II. Portion of seal.
[Bucks ?] C. 3656. Grant by Nicholas Stur, to David Bulluc, of a rod or 'schaft' of meadow at 'La More.' Witnesses:—Alexander de la Rose, William de Upton, Nicholas de Rysegeberge, and others (named).
[Bedf.] C. 3657. Grant by Richard son of William le Franceys, to Robert Perceyl of Thornecote, for 12s. of half his land in Buston, part lying upon Druynhul and abutting on the field of Mogerhanger, and part upon Broc furlonc abutting on 'le Broc.' Witnesses:—William Valeran Simon. Blundel, and others (named). Seal.
[Chesh.] C. 3658. Release by Thomas de Ravenescroft and Amice his wife, to Hugh Raher, formerly their lord, for 20s. of all their right in all the land which Sir Richard de Wodeford, chaplain, gave to them in Stanthorin (Stanthorn). Witnesses:—Sir Richard de le Hold, knight, Warin de Croxton and Richard his brother, William de Bostoc, and others (named).
[Chesh.] C. 3659. Grant by Nicholas son of Andrew Lippard, to Lucy his sister, of the land in St. Olave's lane which was given to Roger the falconer, in free marriage with her, by Hugh the grantor's brother, and of the third part of the grantor's land in the great street of Chester; paying to the lord earl [of Chester] ½d. yearly, for the first mentioned land, as 'Londgable,' and 5½d. to the grantor for the latter. Witnesses:—Robert, dean of Chester, and others (named). [Henry III.]
[Hants.] C. 3660. Grant by Richard Peche, son of William Peche, to Ralph de Benefeld, of a plot of land in Chinham (Chineham), in free marriage with Alice the grantor's niece (nepta), paying a root of ginger yearly at Michaelmas. Witnesses:—'Hamo de Basing,' William de Muntfichet, and others (named).
Derby. C. 3661. Grant by Nicholas Bowdon, to Henry Vernon, esquire, William Waynwright, vicar of Glossop, and Nicholas Dikson, parish chaplain of Chapel in le Frith, of all his lands, tenements, and goods in Boudon and in the county named. 8 April, 17 Edward IV.
[Warw.] C. 3662. Grant by John, son of Richard Hawe, of Solyhull, to John Jaime, of two plots of land and moor in Solyhull, one lying by Waddefordwalle, adjoining the high road from Schirleye to Solyhull, and the other adjoining a lane called 'le Castellone.' Sunday after the consecration of Corpus Christi, 13 Edward III.
[Bedf.] C. 3663. Grant by John de Buddenho, to Cristiana his daughter, of a messuage in Bieston, abutting on a croft of the abbot of Ward[on], and on a tenement of John Huntingfeld, knight, and of land in Bieston, part lying upon 'le Grenedichfurlong,' part upon Rydifurlong, and part upon 'le Hul' abutting on Coffelowe Weie. Thursday after the Octave of Easter, 35 Edward III.
Herts. C. 3664. Grant by William Swanlond, lord of the manor of Northmymmes, to William atte Hille, of all the crofts called 'Floryescroftes' in Northmymmes, paying 13s. 4d. yearly. 13 June, 6 Henry V.
[Devon.] C. 3665. Grant by John Germyn of Knyghton Hethfeld, and Cicely his wife, to John Webbe alias Toker, of a tenement with a garden in Chuddelegh. 6 February, 3 Henry VII.
[Dorset.] C. 3666. Grant by John Cranell and John Goky, to John Benefeld and Joan his wife, of 16s. yearly rent issuing from a tenement and curtilage in the east street of Brideport, with the reversion of the said tenement after the death of John Priour and Joan his wife, tenants for their lives, with further grant of two tenements with curtilages in Brideport, one in Stakelane, adjoining the ditch called 'la Wydich,' and the other a little above. Monday after St. George the martyr, 18 Richard II. Two seals.
Herts. C. 3667. Grant by Thomas Chalton, son and heir of Richard Chalton of Dunstaple, and of Ellen his wife, to Laurence Pycot and others (named), of all the lands and tenements which he inherited in Cadyngdon and Kennesworth after the death of his said parents. 24 July, 13 Henry VI, Seal.
[Bedf.] C. 3668. Grant in tail by Simon son of William the baker of Dunstaple, to Richard son of Richard de Chalton of the same, in free marriage with the grantor's daughter Alice, of half an acre of land with a common way for carts to have free entrance and exit from Watlingestrate to the said land, as the grantor formerly had it of Alice, daughter of John Kyffe, in the south street of Dunstaple; paying 2d. yearly to Alice, daughter of John Kiffe. Witnesses:—Richard de Wotton, William de Cadendon and others (named). Seal.
[Bedf.] C. 3669. Release 'by Agnes Burges of Beeston, widow, to Eustace Persell of Hacche and Cristiana his wife, of all her right in land in Beeston, part lying on Clayhull abutting towards 'le Dene' and part in 'le Hoo.' 15 February, 34 Henry VI. Seal.
[Notts.] C. 3670. Release by Pain de Vylers, knight, to Richard de Strelleye and Ellen his wife, of all his right in a messuage and land with a meadow adjoining in Kynalton and Neubold which he had of the grant of Adam eon of Adam de Whelesbergh of Kynalton, chaplain; reserving to the grantor 4s. yearly and two attendances yearly at his court of Kynalton. Sunday before the Epiphany, 10 Edward III.
Salop. C. 3671. Grant by William de Whitemore of Thurstanton, to Ralph de Eggerton, esquire, of all his lands and tenements &c. in Gronacre. Tuesday after Palm Sunday, 22 Henry VI. Fragment of seal.
Suff. C. 3672. Demise by Andrew Briggys, gentleman, Edmund Bacon of Russhemere, and Adam Dolfyn of Carleton Colville, to Ralph Unton of Mutford, of all the lands and tenements &c. in Frostenden which they with John Ulneston, esquire, deceased, lately had of the feoffment of Robert Kelyate of Westhale. Thursday after the Purification, 38 Henry VI Three seals.
Chesh. C.3673. Grant by William de Boghay, rector of the church of Walton upon Trent, and Philip de Eggerton, chaplain, to Ralph de Eggerton of Caldecote, for his life, of all the lands and tenements &c. which they had of his grant in Schokelachoyt,'Neuton-by-Malpas, Crewe, Horton and Calday in Werall, with remainder in tail to William de Eggerton' Ralph's son, and Elena, daughter of John de Haukestone of Wrymefforde' and to the right heirs of the said Ralph. Friday the feast of the Invention of Holy Cross, 15 Richard II. Two seals.
[Staff.] C.3674. Sale by Robert lord of Onileg,' to Richard de Castro of Onileg', of the wardship and marriage of David son of Richard Daykyn, until he is of full age viz. for five years commencing at the feast of the translation of St. Thomas the martyr, 12 Edward II. If David should die within age, Richard is to have the wardship and marriage of Thomas, David's brother; reserving to Robert I2d. yearly rent and the third part of a free pig of the rent of Joan wife of Henry Balle. Witnesses:—Robert de Bokenhale, and others (named). Seal.
Merion. C. 3675. Grant by William ap Gwenhouer v[ergh] Eign ap Ithel, free tenant of the Prince [of Wales's] town of Ruwadok in the commote of Penllyn, to Jevan ap Mered' ap Oweyn, free tenant of the Prince's town of Llistreflyn, for four years, of two parcels of land called 'Y Cay Karregok' and 'Hacheb'rryd ir Orseth' in Gwernevel in the same commote, for 10s. lent to him by the said Jevan; if William should fail to repay the said 10s. Jevan is to retain the premises, from four years to four years, until repayment be made. 12 September, 8 Henry VII. Seal.
Merion. C. 3676. Demise by Mathewe ap Jevan Moyll, and Gwenhour vergh Hoell ap Nest, his wife, free tenants of the Prince's town of Gwernevayll, in the commote of Penllyn, to John ap Mered' ap Jevan ap Mered', a free tenant of the same town, of two messuages called 'Maysrreyd Devayd' and ' Braychnant' in Gwernevaill, for four years from Michaelmas last, for 40s. paid to them by the said John; if they fail to repay the 40s. at the end of the above term, John is to retain the premises for another four years, and so on until repayment is made &c. Last day of June, 21 Edward IV. Seal.
[Oxford.] C. 3677. Agreement between Robert de la Mare of Wytcherche, and John Herberd of the same, viz. that Ralph, Robert's son and heir, shall marry Alice, John's daughter, upon which marriage the said Robert shall enfeof them with a messuage and land which his mother lately held in dower in Whitchurch, and John is to give to Robert 10 marks, and to Ralph and Alice certain animals, utensils and grain specified; Robert and John are to build a grange between them on the said messuage fit for the use of Ralph and Alice; also John, son and heir of the said John, shall marry Alice, Robert's daughter, and John the father shall give to them a messuage, land, and cattle &c. as above; the said parties shall bear the costs of the marriage days and shall provide for their children until Michaelmas next, while awaiting seisin of their respective lands, after which John's daughter shall live with the said Robert and with her husband, and Robert's daughter with the said John and with her husband; if the said Ralph, and John the son, and their wives, cannot agree to dwell with their said fathers, their lands and houses shall be delivered to them that they may dwell where they will; the said parties hereto agree to be bound in 100l. each not to alienate any tenement which they hold except to their said sons, and for the performance of the above covenants they bind themselves and their heirs to the distress of the king's ministers, or those of the earl of Oxford. Monday after All Saints, 14 Edward II. French.
[Surrey.] C. 3678. Release by Richard son of Richard Blundel, to Roger de la Boure, Mary his wife, and their heirs, of all his right in a messuage and field adjoining, which they have of the demise of Richard, the releasor's father, in the parish of Notfeld. 24 Edward I.
[Glouc.] C. 3679. Grant by Ralph Code of Astone-under-Egge, to John Wetyngton, rector of the church of Newynton on le Wolde, and Sir Laurence the chaplain of Chepyng Campeden, of two messuages and land in Astone-under-Egge, which the grantor formerly had of the gift of Geoffrey de Astone. Sunday after Michaelmas, 2 Richard II.
[Bucks.] C. 3680. Grant by Hugh le Webbe of Grafton in Neuport Paynel, and Amice called 'le Lorimer,' his wife, to brother Richard the warden, and to the brethren, of the hospital of St. John the Baptist in Neuport Paynel, of a burgage in the said town. Friday in Easter week, 4 Edward II.
[Heref.] C. 3681. Grant by Thomas Halle of Mittelton, and John Caumpedene, chaplain, to John Mey, citizen of Hereford, for his life, of a tenement in St. Thomas's street, Hereford, extending to the land called 'Behyndewalles,' which they lately had of the gift of the said John, and of Walter Mubbe and Richard Moris, with remainder in tail to John, son of the said John Mey, and in fee to the said John Mey, on condition that if the said Halle be impleaded for a messuage and lands called 'Fulford' within the fees of Leomynstre and Luston by the said John Mey or his said son, so that it be recovered against him, then the grantors may re-enter on the said tenement. Monday before the Annunciation, 8 Henry VI. Two seals.
[Chesh.] C. 3682. Grant by Richard son of Hugh Payn of Chester, to Philip de Eggerton, of a plot of land with buildings and gardens &c. in Chester, adjoining the lane leading from the high street to the water of Dee, with a garden stretching from the lane leadiug to the church of St. John the Baptist, Nantwich (Wicum Malb[anum]), Thursday after St. Catherine the virgin, 25 Edward [I]. Seal.
[Leic.] C. 3683. Grant by Walter son of the lady of Belegrave, to Geoffrey de Lidinton of Leicester, and Amice his wife, for 20s. of land in Belegrave upon the tillage called 'Thorp on le Toftis,' abutting on Belegrave Ling. Saturday before the conversion of St. Paul, A.D. 1278.
[Chesh.] C. 3684. Demise by John de Eggerton, to John Grenelef of Chester shoemaker (corviser), of a messuage in Foryatestrete, Chester, adjoining the grantor's lands and tenements near 'les Barres' of the same city which messuage the grantee already holds, for forty-nine years from Christmas Inst, paying 6s. 8d. yearly. Witnesses:—Nicholas Danyell, mayor Richard do Barwe and William de Overton, sheriffs, of the city of Chester, and others (named). Thursday after the Epiphany, 24 Henry VI. Seal.
[Sussex.] C. 3685. Grant by Richard de Wylesham, to Ralph Bacer of Borham, of all his tenement and right in Wylesham, viz. in houses and gardens &c. adjoining the high road leading from Robert de Wylesham's house to Wyleshames 'crouch.' Tuesday after St. Valentine, 2 Edward III.
[Herts.] C. 3686. Grant in tail by Philip de Ayllesbury, knight, to William de Dunhamstede and Alice his wife, of two messuages with land which belonged respectively to John Stonhard and Peter Boleheved, both of Aldebury, together with land called 'le Stockyngge,' paying 11s. yearly and doing other services as free tenants; with remainder in tail to Thomas William's brother, and reversion in fee to the grantor. Aldebury, Tuesday after St. Matthias the apostle, 11 Edward II. Seal.
[Linc.] C. 3687. Grant by William Skott of Grimolby, to Robert Wyot of the same, of land in the east field of Grimolby. Monday before the nativity of the Virgin Mary, A.D. 1353.
[Devon.] C. 3688. Release by William Rede of Dertemouthe and Joan his wife, to John Montfort of the same, of all their right in a messuage with a void plot of land bounded on the east by the sea, in Clifton Dertemouthe Witnesses:—John Hawlegh, mayor of the said town, and others (named). Clifton Dertemouthe, Thursday before St. Bartholomew the apostle. 22 Richard II. Seal and portion of seal.
[Bucks.] C. 3689. Grant by John Richere of Radenache, to Bernard Saunterdon, of meadow land at Kyngeseye in Radenache mede for the grantor's life. 10 May, 2 Henry V. Seal.
[Chesh.] C. 3690. Letter of attorney by David son of Patrick de Haselwall, authorising Richard son of Richard le Roter, to deliver seisin of the manor of Haselwall to Ralph, David's son. Munshull Vernoun, Tuesday the morrow of Saints Tiburcius and Valerian the martyrs, 2 Edward II.
[Camb.] C. 3691. Demise by William Lexham, esquire, of March, to Robert Wareyn and William Mathu of the same, for five years, of a fishery called 'Bulkyngwere,' with a close and ditch adjoining, which fishery begins from the water of Sir James Ormond, knight, to the water of Bradneye, with all profits except 'schredynge and hewynge,' besides the 'hyrdellzards' and 'stakes' that may be necessary; paying 26s. 8d. yearly, and meeting all charges pertaining to the said Bulkyngwere. Michaelmas, 21 Henry VI.
Endorsed: Demise by the same, to Robert Wareyn, Philip Staunke and John Spynke of March, for five years from Michaelmas, 21 Henry VI, of the above-mentioned premises, paying as above. March, the feast of St. Kenelm the king, 20 Henry VI. Cancelled.
Notts. C. 3692. Grant by William Bukefelde, clerk, and John Mapurley, gentleman, to Robert Fayreman of Stanford, and Agnes his wife, of a capital messuage with two crofts and land which they lately had of the grant of the said Robert; with letter of attorney authorising Arthur Crofte to deliver seisin. Stanford, 10 August, 2 Richard III. Portion of seal.
Endorsed: 'Stanford.'
[ ] C. 3693. Grant by William Burghard of the parish of Lyntone, to John Astyn and John Pomfreyt of the same, masons, of a piece of land called 'le Coumbe' in the said parish. 23 January, 2 Henry IV.
[Somers.] C. 3694. Conveyance by brother Robert the prior, and the canons, of Staverdale, to John Coty, Edith his wife, and Edward their son, for their lives, of land in Wynkaulton (Wincanton), part extending upon 'le Marlyngputte' and upon 'le Stondelve,' part at Boyfordeschulve, part at Balsenham, part extending upon Mulewode, part upon 'la Were,' part at Smerewell called 'le Benchacre,' part at Claverdebrok, part at Pilescroft, part called 'Rixcroft,' part called 'Benacre,' part upon Watelegh, part by the cross of Suddon, and part in Budenham; paying 10s yearly. The chapter house at Staverdale, Wednesday after All Saints, 6 Richard II.
Kent. C. 3695. Release by John Weston, son of John Weston, citizen and vintner of London, deceased, and of Alice his wife, kinswoman and heir of Roger Cobbe, deceased, of St. Mary's Crey, to Thomas Knovylle, John Walshe, goldsmith, and Luke Groodbour, 'ffuystour,' citizens of London, of all his right in a tenement called 'le tenement atte Stone,' with a garden adjacent in Crey aforesaid, adjoining a garden formerly parcel of Colwenhill, and also of all right in the last-named garden. 12 May, 16 Henry VI. Seal.
[Nolts.] C. 3696. Grant by Robert de Strelleye, knight, to Robert his son, of all his lands and tenements in Oxton. Strell[ey], the morrow of St. Nicholas, 30 Edward [I].
Kent. C. 3697. Grant by Alice Weston, widow, late the wife of John Weston, citizen and vintner of London, kinswoman and heir of Roger Cobbe, deceased, of St. Mary's Creye, to Thomas Knovill, John Walsshe, goldsmith, and Luke Goodbour, 'fuystour,' citizens of London, of the premises described in C. 3695. 8 May, 16 Henry VI. Seal, broken.
[Cumbld.] C. 3698. Grant by Mariota, late the wife of John son of Brice de Penreth, to Cristiana, late the wife of William de Loghmaban, of all her tenement in Penreth, in which she now dwells, and which she had by way of dower from her said late husband, and by the assignment of William, his son and heir. Witnesses:—Clement de Skelton, bailiff of the liberty of Penreth, and others (named). Octave of St. Andrew the apostle, 16 Edward III.
[Devon.] C. 3699. Indenture by Hugh Lyton the prior, and the convent, of St. Mary Magdalene, Barnstaple, witnessing that whereas they have conveyed to Joan, late the wife of Thomas Holman alias Piers, and Agnes their daughter, for their lives, all the grantors' messuages and lands &c. in Barnstaple and Bouteport, they grant that after Joan's death the premises shall remain to the said Agnes and her first husband, and their first boy (puero), who are not to be disturbed in the said reversion by the grantors under a penalty of 40l.; the grantors are also bound to hold a yearly obit for the said Thomas, Joan his wife, and Agnes and Thomas, their children &c. for ever. The chapter house at Barnstaple, 7 February, 22 Henry VI. Portions of two seals.
Worc. C. 3700. Release by William Vampage, to Thomas Brugge and Reginald Asshe, of all his right in the manor of Wike, and in messuages, lands, and rent, in Wike, Pyndefen, Pedull, Papulton, and Castell Morton, and in all his lands and tenements in the same county, of which premises they are already seised in their demesne as of fee. 15 November, 15 Edward IV. Seal.