Deeds: C.3701 - C.3764

Pages 399-406

A Descriptive Catalogue of Ancient Deeds: Volume 3. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1900.

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C.3701 - C.3764

[Linc.] C. 3701. Release by John son and heir of John Milis of Houton by Humberstayn, to Richard son of William Est of Hau . . . ., of all his right in land in Houton [in the manor] of Waltham, except the land which he sold to John Baron of Waltham, and in 2s. yearly rent in Houton. Witnesses:—Henry Franckis of Wath, Roger Buzzy of Thetenay, and others (named). Houton by Humberstayn, the morrow of the Epiphany 25 Edward I. Injured.
Kent. C. 3702. Grant by Roger de Portebergge and Alice his wife, to Agnes late the wife of Richard de Godintone, of all the lands and tenements &c. which they inherited in right of the said Alice after the death of the said Richard, her brother, in Chelesfeld, Orp[ington], and St. Mary's Creye. Witnesses:—Sir Otho de Grandissono, knight, and others (named). Wednesday after St. Barnabas the apostle, 19 Edward III. Injured. Portion of seal.
[Wilts.] C. 3703. Attornment by Katherine Freebody, late the wife of Walter Berton of Heyworth, to John Cole and William Hertheneve, for the third part of all the lands and tenements at Pryvetheye in Wotton Basset which Richard Berton, son and heir of the said Walter, has granted to them, which third part she holds as dower for her life. Wotton Basset, Sunday after St. Peter ad Vincula, 9 Richard II. Seal, broken.
[Hants.] C. 3704. Demise by Edmund de Stonore, lord of Penyton Meisy, to Thomas Caunterbury, Alice his wife, and Edward their son, for their lives, of a messuage, land, and cottage &c. in Penyton aforesaid, paying 8s. yearly, doing suit at the court of Penyton, and ploughing yearly the fourth part of an acre as 'grasherthe' for each horse, ox, or cow, which they have pasturing within the lordship of the said town; they are also to keep the buildings in repair and pay a heriot whenever due &c. Stonore, 1 October, 47 Edward III.
[Chesh.] C. 3705. Grant by Geoffrey son of John de Legh, knight, and Cicely his wife, to Robert de Asshton, of all their messuages and lands &c. in Asshton. Witnesses:—George de Caryngton, Robert de Legh, knights, and others (named). Feast of St. George, 9 Henry IV. Seal.
[Linc.] C. 3706. Release by Robert Godebarn, burgess of Grymesby, to William de Bolyngton, burgess of the same, of all his right in all the lands and tenements which the latter had of his grant in Grymesby and Clee. Witnesses:— . . . . . . Herwyk, [mayor] of Grymesby, John de Heyling, and Walter de Wele, bailiffs of the same, and others (named). Wednesday, the feast called St. Peter's chair, A.D. 1362. Injured.
[Camb.] C. 3707. Grant by Wyzo son of Laurence the baker of Trippellowe, to Richard le La[ven]der of the same, of a plot of land between Richard's messuage and the road from Trippellowe to Foulmere. Sunday after St. Gregory, 7 Edward II.
Endorsed: 'Le Cornerhous in brekstrate.'
[Berks.] C. 3708. Release by Walter son of William Attehalle of Harewelle, to John Seward of Westhakeburn, Cicely his wife, and Juliana her daughter, of all his right in land in Westhakeburn (West Hagborne). Thursday, the feast of St. Laurence the martyr, 3 Edward III.
[Linc.] C. 3709. Grant by Walter Groos of Great Cotes, to William Groos his son, Thomas Laceby, and John Smyth of Clee, of all his lands and tenements &c. in Clee. 21 January, 30 Henry VI.
[Oxford.] C. 3710. Grant by John le Souter of Dorchester, to William his son, of land in Wareburewe (Warborough), in the tillage called 'Kyngesdoune,' adjoining land of the abbot of Dorchester. Sunday after St, Berinus the confessor, 3 Richard II.
Bucks. C. 3711. Grant by Henry, earl of Essex, to Robert Plomer, for life, of the office of steward of his manor of Woddesdon, and of warden or park-keeper of his park there, with further grant of 20s. yearly from the said manor as steward, and of pasture for one horse and two cows in the said park, with 2d. a day as park-keeper. 4 October, 17 Edward IV.
Bucks. C. 3712. Grant by John de Whitchurch, canon of Salisbury, to Master John Barn, archdeacon of Wilts, Sir Gerard de Braybrok, knight, and Master Richard de Medmenham, of all his lands and tenements &c. in Whitchurch, Ovyng and Herdwyk. Salisbury, Thursday after St. Gregory, 32 Edward III. Seal.
[Essex.] C. 3713. Grant by John Lorence of Arkesden, to Edward Fuster of the same, of land in the same. Monday after Trinity, 4 Richard II.
Middx. C. 3714. Grant by John Ederyche the elder, of Totenham, son and heir of Thomas Ederyche, to William Ederych his brother, John Scheperd, Thomas Hederych the elder, of the same, and William Wyght of Edelmeton, of land in the field called 'le Down Hyll,' in Haryngey, which the grantor's father, with Thomas Chaucers and others (named) lately had of the demise of certain persons (named). 24 January, 5 Edward IV.
[Ireland.] C. 3715. Letters patent by James le Botiller, earl of Ormond, appointing John Martyne of Ballygorne to be steward of the courts of the manors of Rathmore Castelwerning and Oghtrard, at a yearly salary of 13s. 4d. Manor of Maynoth, Monday after St. Patrick the bishop, 27 Henry VI.
Kent. C. 3716. Grant by William Stoner, knight, and Elizabeth his wife, to Master William Hatteclyff, secretary to the king, of an annuity of 4 marks issuing out of their manor of Horton. 26 March, 29 (sic) Edward IV.
[Middx.] C. 3717. Bond by Robert Knolles, late of London, esquire, to William Covere, esquire, for . . . . . ., to be paid at the Purification next. 3 December, [3 Henry] VII. Signed.
Endorsed: Condition of above bond witnessing that if the said Robert shall observe the covenants of certain indentures made between him and the said William dated 27 November, 3 Henry VII. the above bond shall be void.
Herts. C. 3718. Release by John Stokton of Ammundesham (Amersham), co. Bucks, to William Wyche, John Germayne, and Richard Coriour, of St. Albans, of all his right in a tenement with a garden, &c. in St. Albans, in a street called 'Haliwellestrate.' 24 May, 8 Henry V.
[Middx.] C. 3719. Indenture between Margaret, late the wife of Stephen de Asshewy, knight, of the one part, and Richard Lacer, citizen of London, and Juliana his wife, of the other part, witnessing the conditions on which the said Margaret has granted to the said Richard and Juliana, during her own life, the third part of three messuages, four shops, and a garden de. in London, in the parishes of St. Lawrence, Jewry, and St. Mary, Aldermanbury, which she had recovered from them by writ of dower in the Guildhall, London, after the death of the said Stephen. 16 December, 17 Edward III. French. Injured.
Stafford. C. 3720. Grant by Hugh Walker of Madeley-under-Lymt, to John Delves, Hugh Eggerton, and Ralph Maynwaryng [the elder], esquires, Thomas Hexstall, and Richard . . . . . . ., of all his lands and tenements &c. in Madeley. Sunday before St. John the Baptist, 28 Henry VI Much injured.
Wilts. Herts. Bucks. Oxford. C. 3721. Release by John Longeville, esquire, Peter Hynwyk, clerk Robert Wandesford, chaplain, and William Kelby, to Thomas Chaworth their co-feoffee, and Isabella his wife, one of the daughters and heirs of Thomas Aillesbury, knight, and to the heirs of the said Isabella, tenants of the under-mentioned manors, of all their right in the manors of Seles and Aillesbury, co. Wilts, Aldebury, Tyscote, and Wyfelesthorn co. Herts. Bradwell and Drayton Beauchaump, co. Bucks, and Roulesham, co. Oxford 6 February, 4 Henry VI.
Bucks. C. 3722. Release by Roger Stademan, clerk, and Richard Leget, to John Throkmarton, John Vaumpage, and John Wode, esquires, and William Pullesdon, of all their right in all their share of the lordship of manor of Weston Turville, and in the advowson of the church of their share of the said manor which they lately had with others of the grant of John, lord of Talbot and Furnevale. Morrow of the Annunciation, 15 Henry VI.
Essex. C. 3723. Release by William Bechamp and Thomas Botiller, knights, William Venour and Thomas Skargyll, esquires, John Everton, and William Godyng, to John Rycher [of Haveryng ?], of all their right a meadow land called 'Oldechirchem[ede]', and in a croft in Haveryng. 20 March, 35 Henry VI. Injured. Fragment of seal.
Bedf. Herts. C. 3724. Demise by John Trought of Dunstaple, to John Mortymer the elder, esquire, of Grendon, John Knyght of Hamslape, John Loughton of Loughton, and Gilbert Bury, clerk, of all his estate in all the lands and tenements &c. in Dunstaple and Houghton Regis, co. Bedford, and in Cadyngdon and Kennesworth, co. Hertford, which he with others (named) lately had of the grant of Thomas Hobbus of Dunstaple; with further demise of all his estate in two messuages called 'Cupperes' in Dunstaple. 1 August, 12 Henry VI. Injured.
[Norf.] C. 3725. Grant by William son of Adam de Honyngg, to Thomas le Throwre of Smalbergh and Alice his wife, of land in . . . . . . Sunday before St. Ambrose, 9 Edward III. Injured.
Wilts. C. 3726. Demise by the lady Constance, relict of Sir Henry de la Ryvere, widow, to William Langbrok, clerk, Thomas Beauchier and Jean his wife, during the life of the said Constance, of her manor ot Little Cotels, alias Cotels Atteward, with the advowson of the chapel there, Great Chaldefeld, Friday . . . . . . Michaelmas, 6 Henry IV.
[Worc.] C. 3727. Grant by Sir Geoffrey Herbard, rector of the church of Morton Bryd, and Thomas Kuymbe, chaplain, to Alice Martyn of Morton Folet, for her life, of all those dayworks (dietas) of land &c. in Morten Folet which they had of the grant of Richard de le Hull, viz. in Wallecroft, Hyngkesdene, Ruylond, Bannesley, and Weyley; with remainder to John and William, sons of the said Alice, and to the heirs of the said John. Thursday before St. John the Baptist, 32 Edward III.
[Bedf.] C. 3728. Conveyance by Robert Tuffenale of Westhyde in Luten Soke, to Thomas Gray and John Cressy, knights, Edward Hulle, esquire, and William Sakevyle, gentleman, of all his right in all the lands &c. called 'Goffes' in Westhide aforesaid, which he with others (named) lately had of the grant of Robert Leyland. 9 June, 17 Henry VI.
[Bedf.] C. 3729. Grant by Roger Blundel of Caldecote, to John son of William Blundell of the same, of land in Caldecote, part at Semaneshavedlond by land of the rector of the church of Northyevele, part upon Passilond, part upon Doddelowe, part upon 'le Lowe furlong,' part by 'le Holeweye,' part upon 'le Brokfurlong,' part at Wolmeres, part at Astonethorn, part on 'le Wowelond,' part on Pesehul, and part on Holewelond &c. Sunday after Michaelmas, 11 Edward II.
[Berks.] C. 3730. Grant by John de Everdon, clerk, to Thomas Bone of Walingforde, of a yearly rent which Thomas Harneis paid for land in Westhanneye and for pasture for one ox there, viz. in Botteneye, Langenham, Bradenham, and . . . . . ., with further grant of the reversion of the said land and pasture and of a messuage and other land &c. in Westhanneye. London, 27 January, 18 Edward II.
Norf. C. 3731. Grant by Richard, earl of Arundel and Surrey, to Stephen de Hales, knight, and Richard atte Stone, clerk, of licence to assign to the abbot and convent of Creyk certain land in Quarles held of the grantor as of the honor of his castle of Castellacre. 16 June, 15 Richard II.
[Kent.] C. 3732. Grant by William Woley of Eyllesford, to Geoffrey, John, and Edmund, his sons, of parts of certain meadows called respectively, 'Bregmed,' 'Pyeresmed,' 'Edwerdesmed,' 'Wattesmed,' and 'le Barbekanes,' lying in Eldynges. Witnesses:—Robert de Rewe, and others (named). Tuesday the feast of the nativity of the Virgin Mary, 1 Richard [II]. Seal.
[Oxford.] C. 3733. Grant by Emma daughter of Peter le Frankeleyn of Wendlingbury, widow, to her danghter Alice, of land in Wendlingbury, part at Gurefennes Pondfold, part in 'le Rediforlong,' part called 'le Dykacre' in Croftlond, part in 'le Ferniforlong,' part in Blakemanacre, part in Smalethorn, and part in 'le Ardlond,' rendering yearly half a pound of wax at the feast of St. Giles to be burned before the altar of the Blessed Virgin. Witnesses:—John de Hamme, and others (named).
[Kent.] C. 3734. Release by Agnes Eyllam of Orpynton, widow, to Richard Stok and Agnes his daughter, of all her right in land &c. which the releasor had of the demise of Agnes, late the wife of Richard Godynton, in the parishes of St. Mary's Crey, Orpynton, and Chelsfeld. Thursday after St. Augustine of Canterbury, 31 Edward III. Seal.
Salop. C. 3735. Grant by Richard Prince, son and heir of John Prince, deceased, of Caderton, to William Barker and Joan his wife, of land within the lordship or manor of Neen Savage. 8 July, 10 Henry VII.
Dorset. C. 3736. Sale by Richard Newbourgh of Wourth-Fraunces in the parish of Netherbury, gentleman, son and heir apparent of Walter Newbourgh, esquire, deceased, to Thomas Hayward of Swanwych, in the island of Purbeck, 'shypmaster,' of the reversion of a tenement and lands &c. in Swanwych aforesaid, held for life as jointure and dower by Elizabeth Strangways, wife of George Strangways, esquire, the grantor's mother, late the wife of the said Walter. 16 March, 5 Edward VI. Signed.
[Bucks.] C. 3737. Grant in tail by William de Saunderton and Isabella his wife, to Richard Molle and Joan his wife, of lands &c. in Tythrop in the parish of St. Nicholas, Kyngeseye. The morrow of St. Peter ad Vinculs, 3 Richard II. Seal, broken.
[Somers ?] C. 3738. Grant by Robert Davy, to Thomas le Muleward of Nethercote, of land in the field called 'Colverwallefeld.' Witnesses:—Walter de Foxcote, Thomas de Doditone, and others (named). Le Walle, Tuesday after St. Gregory the pope, 34 Edward III.
[York.] C. 3739. Grant by Adam de Keweton of Hertill, to Agnes Lawnay of Sandbek, of a messuage with buildings and land &c. in Wodhall. Feast of St. Edmund the archbishop, 46 Edward III. Seal.
[York.] C. 3740. Grant by John Herward of Staveley, son and heir of William Herward of Wodhall, to Thomas Herward of Herthill, of a messuage and land in Wodhall. Day of St. John ante Portam Latinam, 20 Henry VI. Portion of seal.
Notts. C. 3741. Grant by John Preston of Strelley, to Robert Strelley, esquire, of the same, of a messuage in Notyngham called 'Pykard place on law pawment.' Day of St. Lucy the virgin, 22 Henry VI. Seal.
[Devon ?] C. 3742. Agreement between John the prior, and the monks, of St. Mary Magdalene, Barn [staple], on the one part, and William de Khybiscom, on the other part, witnessing that the said prior and monks have released to the said William a suit concerning a tenement in Barrestret, and the said William acknowledges that he holds the said tenement from the said prior aud monks. Monday after St. James the apostle, 2 Edward [II ?]. Portion of seal, broken.
[ ] C. 3743. Grant by William son of Clemence de Astone, to Gyllot de Sancto Cilacio, of land in the field called 'Tunfeld.' Witnesses:—Guy de Assarto, John Salomon, and others (named).
[Kent.] C. 3744. Grant by William Say, esquire, to Richard Dormour, Thomas Dormour, and William Pocok, of Sarre, in the Isle of Thanet, of all his lands in the parishes of All Saints, St. Nicholas, St. Giles, Monketon, and Chystelet, or elsewhere in the same isle, formerly belonging to John Bray of Canterbury, and lately demised to the said William Say and others (named), by John Stopyndon, clerk, and John Sheldwyth, who, with others (named), had them of the grant of John atte Berton and John Denys of Welle by Lytylbourne. 23 January, 37 Henry VI. Seal.
Notts. C. 3745. Grant by David Preston of Brokestowe (Broxtow), to Richard Byngham, one of the justices of the Common Pleas, Richard Willughby of Wollaton, Robert Willughby, Richard Byngham, Robert Conyers, and Henry Boynton, esquires, Thomas Eyland, gentleman, John Leycester, John Yngulby, and Henry Gawtron, clerks, William Forth of Nuthall, and Thomas Wryght of Bylborugh, of his manor of Brokestowe and his water-mill in Baseford called 'Forth Mylne,' with all his lands &c. in Baseford; with letter of attorney authorising William Skevynton of Baseford, the elder, and Robert Benet of the same, to deliver seisin. 4 September, 38 Henry VI. Fragment of seal.
Kent. C. 3746. Demise by Richard Stephene of the parish of St. Dunstan in Westgate near Canterbury, to Margery Buyssh, relict of Thomas Buyssh of the same, for her life, of all the lands &c. which he lately had of the grant of John Mason of Canterbury and which the said John lately had of the grant of the said Thomas Buyssh, within the liberty of the city of Canterbury or elsewhere in Kent. 24 May, 19 Henry VI.
Kent C. 3747. Demise by John Mason of Canterbury, to Richard Stephene of the parish of St. Dunstan, in Westgate near Canterbury, of the abovementioned lands &c. 22 May, 19 Henry VI.
[Chesh ?] C. 3748. Demise by Robert le Creuker, lord of Prestatton, to John son of Urian de Eggerton, for six years, of his capital messuage in Hamptoneswode, with all lands &c. which Robert had of the grant of Sir Roger Lest range, in Hampton and Hamptoneswode, 20 March, 20 Edward III. Seal of arms.
[Kent.] C. 3749. Grant by Nicholas Oby of Romene (Romney), chaplain, to John Soldauk of the same, smith, of a windmill with its site called 'II yghe[re]melle,' with all his land adjoining, in the parish of St. Nicholas in the same town, abutting on the high roads leading 'in le Blyndelane,' and from Qwenehalle to Suorhylle. 26 February, 7 Henry IV.
[Kent.] C. 3750. Grant by Simon German, the younger, to William Brokman of Broke, and Sir Robert Brokman, chaplain, of land in Wy (Wye), adjoining a bank (ripam) called 'Brokesbourne.' 3 October, 18 Richard II. Seal.
Chesh. C. 3751. Demise by Philip Egerton of Egerton, to Richard Anyon of the city of Chester, barber, of a tenement and garden in 'le Forgatestrete' in the said city, extending to a ditch called 'le Towne diche.' 25 June, 3 Henry VIII. Fragment of seal.
[Kent.] C. 3752. Demise by John Ayssherst, to John Fermour, of the parish of Seynt Mary cherch in Romene marsh, of a messuage and marsh land in the said parish, the messuage and part of the land lying in the tenure of the court of Lymmynge, adjoining the high road between Romene and Newechirche, other part lying in the tenure of the court of Honychilde, and part in the tenure of the court of Aldyngton, adjoining lands called 'Shyngilhall.' 12 June, 21 Edward IV.
[Bedf.] C. 3753. Release by Simon Blundel of Little Caldecote, to Roger Ivel, his heir, of Thornecote, of all his right in land in Beston. Monday after the Conception, 21 Edward III. Seal.
Kent. C. 3754. Grant by John Cotour of Orpyngton, and Robert Wydmer of Crofton, in the parish of Orpyngton, to William Girdeler of Orpyngton aforesaid, of all their lands and tenements in Crofton aforesaid which they lately had of the grant of Denise Bocher. 28 June, 2 Edward IV.
[Linc.] C. 3755. Release by William de Wele of Grymesby, to Thomas Moygne of Clee, Simon de Grymesby of Grymesby, William de Veer of Stalyngburgh, and William Margretson of the same, of all his right in all the messuages and lands &c. which the grantees have of the grant of Sir William Baron, chaplain, in the towns of Wathe and Houton near Wathe, formerly belonging to Walter de Wele, the grantor's uncle. Saturday, Christmas eve, A.D. 1396, 20 Richard II.
[Berks.] C. 3756. Grant by Richard de Bryanne, rector of the church of West Grimstede, to Andrew de Grimstede and Alice his wife, of all his tenement and land in Wanetynge. Witnesses:—Sirs Richard de Coleshulle, Roland de Erly, Robert Achard, knights, and others (named).
[Derby.] C. 3757. Sale by Hugh son of Simon de la More of Macworth, to son of William le Vavasur of Scippeleg', of land in Macworthe lying on Hertyshevid. Witnesses:—Sir Thomas Anselin, Simon Chuschet rector of the church of Macworth, John the scribe (scriptore) of Derby, and others (named). [Henry III.]
[Bedf.] C. 3758. Grant by Richard Fraunceys (Franciscus) of Stratton to Robert Persel of Thornecote, and Emma his wife, of land in Buston, part upon the furlong (quarentenam) over against Dallowewey, and abutting on Prickedole, and part upon Peselond adjoining land of the monks of Wardone, and abutting on Denesende. Witnesses:—Stephen de Bodenho, and others (named). Seal.
Bedf. C. 3759. Grant by Thomas Stacy of Beston, to Elizabeth Codon, daughter of Robert Codon of Donewyche co. Suffolk, of all the lands and tenements &c. in Beston, formerly belonging to John Berell and William Frensches, and which the grantor had of the gift of Agnes, his mother. Feast of St. Martin the bishop, 30 Henry VI. Fragment of seal.
[Sussex.] C. 3760. Grant by Peter atte Lynde, to John son of John de Langehurst, of a yearly rent from a tenement in Ifeld. Rousperre (Rusper), morrow of the Annunciation, 16 Edward II.
[Notts ?] C. 3761. Acknowledgment by Richard Baker of Aldesworth as to his belief that William Warde of Kymmerley, deceased, intended his freehold lands in Kymmerley to be divided among his four daughters, for which purpose he made over the said lands, without any deed, to the said Baker and two other trustees (named); with further confession that he, the said Baker, by the advice of his said co-trustees and of Emmote, one of the said daughters, made a deed at Notyngham in the name of the said Warde who was then 'lyhyng on his dethe bede unknawyng or wittyng thereof,' giving the said lands to the said trustees and Emmote, with a condition that the said trustees should grant by deed the said lands to the said Emmote for ever, and that he the said Baker and Emmote 'awoyded all men and women out of the chawmber and come to the bede there the said William Warde ley and ther we lifte up his hande and putte therin a seall and ther we sett his hand with the seall to the said deyde unknawyng to hym therof' &c. Witnesses:—The abbot of the Dale, Nicholl of Strelley, knight, and others (named). Monday before St. Luke the evangelist, 8 Henry VI. English. Seal.
Kent. C. 3762. Grant by John Bowryng of the parish of Merdenn, to William Threle, John Threle, John Scherrene and Robert Partriche of the same, of all his lands and tenements in the parishes of Merdenn (Marden) and Lynton, or elsewhere in Kent. Sunday after the Annunciation, 18 Richard II. Fragment of seal.
[Bedf.] C. 3763. Grant by Henry Ode of Bestone, to Robert Perseyl of Thornecote, of land in Bestone, on Stonilond, abutting on the field of Caldecote. Feast of St. Valentine the martyr, 30 Edward I.
[Linc.] C. 3764. Grant by Cicely, late the wife of Simon Hervy, of Kirketonholme, to John Albert of Kirketon, and John son of Reginald Takett of the same, of land lying in 'le Edyk' of Kirketon-in-Holland, abutting on 'le Edykgate.' Feast of St. Gregory the pope, 2 Henry IV.