Deeds: D.101 - D.200

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A Descriptive Catalogue of Ancient Deeds: Volume 3. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1900.

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D.101 - D.200

[N'hamp.] D. 101. Demise by W. abbot of Evesham, to Hugh son of William West of Badeby, for twenty years, from Hokeday, 51 Henry III. of land in Badeby formerly held by William Curtoys, reserving to Susanna, relict of Nicholas de Capes, for her life, a messuage with two parts of a curtilage, which premises, if Susanna die within the said term, are to be held by Hugh for the rest of the term. Witnesses:—Ralph de Hynton, and others (named).
[York.] D. 102. Release by Hugh son of Thomas de Jernewic, to his lord, Ranulf son of Robert, of all his right in land in Jernewic, part lying in the tillage called 'Haverholm.' Witnesses:—Richard de Rebof, Thomas de Pirhou, John de Fagherwald, and others (named).
[Berks.] D. 103. Grant by Henry son of William, to Sir Halan de Englefeld, of 12d. to be paid yearly during Henry's life. Witnesses:—Robert de Uffintun, Walter de Frankelan of Padewurth, and others (named). Fragment of seal, defaced.
[Glouc.] D. 104. Release by William . . . . Halle of Little Badminton, to John Derby and Edyth his wife, and Isab[el their daughter], of [all] his right in a messuage and curtilage in Badminton which he had of the gift of John atte . . . . Witnesses:—Nicholas Wynebaud, Richard de Chalkeley, and others (named). Much damaged.
[York.] D. 105. Release by Agatha daughter of Adam de Setrington, to Geoffrey de [Stanton ?], for 3 marks, of all her right in a messuage in Setrington which had belonged to Adam her father. Witnesses:—William de Buketon, Thomas de Heslerton, and others (named).
[N'hamp.] D. 106. Grant in frank almoin by Matilda daughter of Gilbert de Uptun, to the nuns of St. Michael's, Stanford, of 2d. yearly rent payable by Helyas son of Walter de Torinton, for land in Uptun. Witnesses:—William de Pappele, chaplain, Adam de Ufford, and others (named).
[Warw.] D. 107. Release by William de Mobrai, to the prior and monks of St. Mary and St. Nicholas, Kyrkebi, for the benefit of his own soul and the soul of Avice his wife, &c. of all relief belonging to the land which the grantees have of the gift of Hugh de Rampania in Little Herdeberg, so that the grantor shall not distrain the grantees, or their men of that land, for any relief on the occasion of any death. Witnesses:—Jollan de Funteines, Thomas de Wappemberi, Robert de Wavere, and others (named).
[Wilts.] D. 108. Grant by Ralph de Waprey, to Ralph de Waprey, of all his land and tenement in Baylleclive, which the grantor had of the gift of his mother Felicia, and of William le B1und and Walter Cusin; the premises to revert to the grantor if the grantee die without issue; if the grantee survive the grantor and die without issue, the premises are to revert to Robert Bonetter, the grantee's uterine brother. Witnesses:— Robert de Vernon, Eustace de Hulle, and others (named).
[Herts.] D. 109. Grant by Matilda, late the wife of Robert Bastard of Watton, widow, to Sir Richard, chaplain of the chapel of Watton, of land in the field called 'Lynleyze,' in Little Mundene, adjoining the wood called 'Cumbes,' and abutting on the field called 'Hapsele.' Witnesses:—Roger de Wylye, Godfrey de Bademundesheye, and others (named).
[Herts.] D. 110. Grant by Matilda, late the wife of Robert Bastard of Little Munden, widow, to Ralph de Hovesdone, of a messuage with buildings and land in Munden, part lying in a field called 'Pondfeld,' part in Reyneres croft, part in Chosescroft abutting on Cuttedenestrate, which leads to Stondon, part in a field called 'Hapseleye' adjoining land of the nuns of Rounhey, part in Crowedenefeld by Velawesfeld, adjoining the road leading to Stonde, and Tunmannelonde; with further grant of certain yearly rents belonging to the said land, and from land in Leya. Witnesses:—Robert de Gravele, Roger de Wylie, and others (named).
[Herts.] D. 111. Release by Biemand, daughter of Simon Berwy, widow, to Richard de Frevil, of 5d. yearly rent in Little Munden, formerly paid to the grantor by Robert Bastard and Matilda his wife, for three portions (dolis) of land in Danefeld. Witnesses:—William de Tane, steward, and others (named).
[Pembr.] D. 112. Certificate by Sir John de Busseto, steward of Pembroke, Philip Canam, sheriff, and Robert de Crepping, constable, of the same, Sir John, prior of Pembroke, Sirs Geoffrey de Rupe, Robert de Valle, and David de Wydewerke, knights, Henry son of Henry, steward of Weyseford, Henry Volke, attorney of Sir Walter de Herford, John de Castro Martini, attorney of Sir Guy de Briona, Richard de Barry, attorney of Sir David de Barry, William Bosser, Herbert Scurlag, William de Popetun, John de Luny, Walter Malafont, Tancard de Ospitali and William de Hylton, that they were present in full county [court] of Sir William de Valencia, at Pembroke, on Tuesday after St. Peter ad Vincula, 44 Henry III. when Patrick de Kandelehe, by Adam son of Rese, his attorney, by writ of attorney of the said Sir William, released to the lady Mabel, relict of John son of Martin, all his right in a burgage in Pembroke called 'Wyndishore,' with all the land of 'La Feme,' concerning which a plea had been moved in the county [court] of Pembroke by writ of right between the said parties before the said Sir John de Busseto, &c.
[N'hamp.] D. 113. Confirmation in frank almoin by Henry son of Richard de Morton, to the canons of Esseby, of the grant of lands in Morton, made to them by Richard Dairel, who bought them from the said Henry. Witnesses:—William de Clervaus, William de Plumton, and others (named).
[Pembr.] D. 114. Agreement between Richard, rector of the church of Kaer' (Carew), and Richard Melin, parishioner of the same, entered into by the mediation of Thomas, bishop of St. Davids, before whom the cause depended; viz. the said Melin grants that the rectors of the said church for the time being may have common of pasture over his fee in Kaer', the said Melin and his successors to have similar common over the fee of the church of Kaer', and that the said rectors may take for tithe of fuel (focalium), anglice 'vursen,' gallice 'geaun,' the tenth cutting (sessionem) of vursen, of average (mediocrem) quality, throughout Melin's fee, as often as the same may be conveniently cut, reserving to the said Melin the right to turn the said [fee] into tillage (ad fertilitatem frugum). Trefedin, in the first year of the said bishop's pontificate. Fragments of seal.
Endorsed: 'Carewe.'
[Wore] D. 115. Grant by . . . . ., to Reginald son of Hugh the porter (portarii) of Pershore, of a messuage in Lichstrete, Pershore, held of the grantor by Stephen de Infirmaria. Witnesses:—Nicholas de Aula, and others (named). Much injured.
[York ?] D. 116. Release by Walter, parson of Sutton, to Robert de Percy, of all his right in a grove called 'la Hue,' namely so much as belonged to six bovates of land in Sutton. Witnesses:—William de Scotenie, William de Karethorp, and others (named).
[Pembr.] D. 117. Copy of D. 114.
[Camb ?] D. 118. Acknowledgment by Ralph de la Bruer', to Abraham son of Murien' the Jewess, of London, that he cannot claim from him any payment, above 100s. yearly, in respect of Ralph's land of Gamling' which Abraham holds in pledge, as long as the farmer [has it] who holds it till the feast of St. Andrew next after the decease of William de Warann', corn and hay excepted, which Ralph claims. [Henry III.]
[Warw.] D. 119. Confirmation by Richard, archbishop of Canterbury, to the church of Kirkebi, of all the lands, tithes, and liberties &c. which Avere held by the said church in the time of king Henry [I], and whieh were confirmed by Walter, the bishop, and Richard, the archdeacon, of Coventry; with precept that all chapels of the said church made since the death of the said king are to cease in accordance with the charter of the said bishop. Witnesses:—John, bishop of . . . . ., Sir Robert de Novoburgo, Bennet the chancellor, Ralph de Sanclo Martino, and others (named). [A.D. 1171– 1184.]
[ ] D. 120. Grant by Matthew . . . . ., to the abbot and convent of . . . . . ., of land in . . . . . . . Witnesses:—Master [Geof]frey de Mylliers, Sir Hugh de Roches, archdeacon of [Winchester?], and others (named). Mutilated fragment.
[Hants.] D. 121. Grant in frank almoin by Walter le Flameng of Sutbamton, to the canons of St. Denis by Suthamton, of 12d. quit rent in exchange for land which he had bought from them and given to the Friars Minors of Suthamton; the said rent issuing from a messuage in Suthamton, in the English street, in the parish of St. Lawrence. Witnesses:—Bennet Azo, mayor of Suthamton, John de la Bolehouse, steward, Samson de Puteo, bailiff, and others (named). 8 April, A.D. 1241.
[Glouc.] D. 122. Demise by John de Haselden, to the abbot and eonvent of Pershore, for twenty years, of his land of 'La Sterte' in the manor of Hauekesbir', for 16 marks, 10 marks being paid in hand, and the remainder to be paid at the rate of 4s. a year during the term; the said John and Rois his wife having sworn to observe the above. Witnesses:—Sir Richard de Lokinton, Henry de Chalcleia, and others (named). Michaelmas. A.D. 1241.
[Berks ?] D. 123. Bond by Ingeram de Merse, to Sir William de Englefeld, his lord, for 10 marks to be paid at Easter, 26 Henry III, in consideration of land in Achecote given by the said Sir William to the said Ingeram in exchange for lands formerly belonging to Agnes relict of Paris de Achecote; with licence for Sir William to distrain Ingeram's chattels in his tenement of Achecote in case of non-payment. 26 Henry III.
[Oxford.] D. 124. Agreement between William de Englefeud, and Alan Basset, whereby the said William is to pay to the said Alan, 100s. yearly, at Ippedene, during the life of Isabella, late the wife of Alan de Dunestanvilla, with liberty to Alan, in case of non-payment, to distrain for the same on the fee in Siplake which William held of him; on the death of the said Isabella such lands as might have come to the said William of her dower, shall remain to the said Alan; also William is bound to pay Alan 30 marks, part at Michaelmas 25 Henry III, and the rest at the dates specified. Witnesses:—Robert de Mapeldoram, Ralph de Kaversham, and others (named).
[Herts.] D. 125. Grant in frank almoin by Isabel de Norhamton, to the nuns of Sopwell, of 9s. yearly rent from shops in Chirchestrate in St. Albans, to provide a light before the nuns in Sopwell church. Witnesses:—William de Husseburn, steward of St. Albans, and others (named). Palm Sunday (Pascha floridum), 24 Henry III.
[Wilts.] D. 126. Release by R[obert], bishop of Salisbury, of certain days of penance to persons visiting the altars named in the church of lepro women, Bradley, at the dates specified. June, A.D. 1239. Injured.
[York.] D. 127. Demise by Thurstan de Hoton, to Robert son of John of the same town, for seven years from Easter A.D. 1236, of land in Hoton, which he had in marriage with Helen his wife, with a capital messuage, except the land which Guy (Wido) the clerk of Hotonholds from Thurstan &c. four years rent having been paid in advance by Robert to acquit himself of Judaism (ad adquietandum se de Judaismo). Witnesses:—Richard de Wivelestorp, Peter de Knapeton, and others (named).
[Suff.] D. 128. Certificate by R. abbot of St. Augustine's, J. prior of Holy Trinity, and the prior of St. Gregory's, Canterbury, that they have inspected a confirmation by Pope Gregory (recited) dated at Viterbo, 2 Nones of August, in the eleventh year of his pontificate, of a grant (recited) dated 4 Kalends of December, A.D. 1236, by Ralph, the abbot, and the convent, of Battle, in the diocese of Chichester, to the master and brethren of the hospital of St. Ascentius, Anagni, of the right of patronage of the church of Trillawe (Thurlow) in the diocese of Norwich, the presentation of a vicar to minister therein being reserved to the grantors. [Henry III.]
[Camb.] D. 129. Grant by Lawrence the prior, and the convent, of St. Giles, Bernewell, to William son of Godso, of all the land which Gregory the salter (salinarius), of Cambridge, formerly held of Acius Frere of the same, with further grant of land in their meadow; paying half a mark yearly and one 'ecthend' of salt. Monday (feria secunda) the morrow of St. Peter, A.D. 1237.
[Wore] D. 130. Grant by Ralph de Wikewone, to Sir John de Kinebaltona, rector of the church of Periton, for 60s. of houses and four manses &c. belonging to the fee of the abbot of Pershore [in Worcester], and [land ?] extending from St. Peter's church towards the castle, with other lands which the grantor had of the persons named; rendering yearly a pair of gloves at Easter &c. Witnesses:—Roger de Oxneford and John Credan, provosts of Worcester, and others (named). Worcester, morrow of the Holy Trinity, and read in full Hundred of the same city, 25 Henry [III].
Endorsed: 'Carta Radulfi de Wikewan quam fecit Johanni de Kinebalton de domibus in Wig' in vico de Southbury.'
[Surrey.] D. 131. Release by Sir Matthias Besille, knight, to the abbot and convent of Netley (loci Sancti Edwardi), of all his right in the manor of Gomeshelle, granted to him by the king, with all the instruments which he has concerning the said manor. Westminster, vigil of Ash Wednesday, 2. (vicesimo . . . . . .) Henry III.
[Hants.] D. 132. Grant by Lawrence de Goldecot, with the consent of Mabel de Hamtune, his wife, daughter of William de Hamtune, to the abbot and convent of Netley, for 8 marks, of all which the said Mabel has or could have in Welewe (Wellow), of the grant of her said father, as contained in a charter of confirmation which the said abbot and convent formerly made to her, and which, together with her father's charter to her, she has freely surrendered to the said abbot and convent. Vigil of the apostles Simon and Jude, A.D. 1243.
[Oxford.] D. 133. Release by Gilbert de Basevile, to William de Englefeld, of all the land in Sipplake which John Bolle held of him; and of 10s. rent paid to Gilbert by Walter son of Sethive for a tenement there; also of 10s. 8d. rent from the mill of Sipplake, in exchange for land which Richard Fulcrin held of him and which Gilbert had formerly given to the said William, but which had been recovered by Robert de Anvers and Muriel his wife, as the marriage [portion] of the said Muriel; with further release of all Gilbert's right in any land or rent in Sipplake, or in any debt &c. recoverable by him. Sunday after the apostles Peter and Paul, 27 Henry III. Fragment of seal.
Endorsed; 'Shyplake.'
Worc. D. 134. Agreement between Sir William de Bello Campo, son of Walter de Bello Campo, sheriff of Worcester, and Sir Thomas the abbot, and the convent, of Evesham, touching the liberty of collecting and answering for all sheriffs' customs and demands on the abbey lands, which liberty was granted to the said abbot and convent by King Henry III by his charter (recited) dated at Portsmouth, 7 May, 26 Henry III; viz. the said William grants that the said abbot may appoint his attornies in the county [court] of Worcester to receive extracts and other precepts which used to be left at the door of the abbey for execution, and to defend their liberties &c. If anything should arise in the said court requiring speedy execution the sheriff is to send his command by close letters to the abbey porter; also the abbot and convent agree to indemnify the sheriff in case of any injury through the default of the said abbot and convent touching their said liberties. Witnesses:—Sirs Roger le Poer, Thomas de Bishopesdon, and others (named), knights, Master W. de Poywik, [under] sheriff of Worcester, and others (named).
Endorsed: 'Noli me tangere.'
[Loic] D. 135. Bond by Roger Beler, to the prior and monks of Kyrkebi, for 18s. yearly rent, for a moiety of the mill in Kyrkebi-on-Werc, which belonged to the said monks, and for that sixteenth part of the mill which belonged to William de Wasteneis, with power of distraint for non-payment on the cattle of Roger and his men. Chapel of Kyrk[ebi], Sunday on which is sung 'Letare Jerusalem,' A.D. 1237.
Endorsed: 'Kyrk[ebi] super Wreck.'
[Wilts.] D. 136. Agreement between the dean and chapter of Salisbury, and Sir Humphrey de Bohun, earl of Hereford and Essex (Eyssex'), touching the tithes of the manors of Wivelesford and Maniggeford, viz. that the said earl may present to the said tithes, when vacant, a clerk of his own choice, who is to pay thereout to the hospital of St. Nicholas, Salisbury, 30s. yearly for the souls of the bishops, deans, and canons of Salisbury, and the souls of the said earl and bis countess &c. the said dean and chapter having undertaken to defend the said earl's right of presentation to the said tithes against the abbot and convent of St. Wandragesilus and the master and brethren of the said hospital; the present agreement which is confirmed by Robert, bishop of Salisbury, is sealed by the said dean and chapter, the said earl, the said master and brethren, and by Master Henry de Bathon[ia], whom the earl has presented to the said tithes. Witnesses:—Sirs Robert the dean, Thomas the subdean, and others (named), Richard de Wokkeseye, Alexander de Muntford, Alexander de Chiverel, and John de Vernun, knights, and others. St. Hilary, A.D. 1238. Injured.
[Suff.] D. 137. Memorandum of sentence of greater excommunication pronounced by Sir Thomas de Lose, officer of manors and sequestrator to the bishop of Norwich, in the church of St. Margaret, Ipswich, on the morrow of St. Giles, A.D. 1265, against Robert de Faleburne, rector of a moiety of the church of Walpol, John de Bello, rector of the church of Nortone, Henry de Kokefeld, warden of the rectory of the church of Stockenebradefeud, rector of the church of Keteleberstone, and rector of the church of Neddingbe, for non-payment of money due to the said bishop for fruits of the said churches sold to them, belonging to the bishop, by reason of the first year's vacancy. A.D. 1265.
[Salop ?] D. 138. Exchange between Cristiana daughter of Walter de Styrch' and Master Ranulf de Coleham, by which the said Cristiana has granted to Ranulf a messuage in Styrch' (Strichley), with a garden and croft in which there is a dovecote of the said Ranulf, which premises Cristiana received as her full share of the land bequeathed by her said father to his daughters; in exchange for a messuage formerly Henry Treisden's, with a garden and croft adjoining; also Cristiana has given Ranulf her portion of the assart of Grof and her part of Long Acres, in exchange for lands, part on Haveney, part under Grof, and part towards Suthale, and for other lands described, part extending from Ringlesiche; the said Ranulf agreeing to build Cristiana a house suitable for a free woman in the messuage formerly Henry Treisden's. Feast of St. Gregory the pope, A.D. 1247.
Endorsed: 'Styrchley.'
[Bedf.] D. 139. Grant in frank almoin by Cicely de Cherleton, widow, daughter of Simon de Litlingeton to the brethren of the order of St. Mary, Fontevraud, dwelling at Grovebury in the parish of Letton (Leighton Buzzard) of all her land of inheritance, with buildings, rents &c. in Stodham and Barewrth, with the meadow of Hauekesham which is in Slapton; with release of all her right in the lands and rents &c. formerly her said father's, which might come to her. Witnesses:—Sir Adam de Bello Campo, John de Botthesford, lord of Stodham, John de la Thye, Henry de la Grava, and others (named). Seal, broken.
[Herts.] D. 140. Grant by John the abbot of St. Albans, to Walter de Wimundeham, his servant, of a messuage in Dagenhale street in St. Albans, paying 10s. yearly to the nuns of Sopwell, &c. A.D. 1248, and in the thirteenth year of the grantor's abbacy.
[York.] D. 141. Grant in frank almoin by Roger de Dayvill, to the brethren of the Knights Templars (fratribus milicie templi Salom[onis]), of the grantor's market and fair of Suth Cave, with the soil of the market place &c. as he had the same of the king's gift. Witnesses:—Sirs Henry de Bathon[ia], Henry de la Mare, and Henry de Bratton, Nicholas de Turri, the king's justiciar, and others (named). St. Luke the evangelist's day, 37 Henry III.
[Herts.] D. 142. Release by Gilbert le Macun of Amodesham, to John do Marines, of all his right in a messuage and tenement in the street of Sopwelle. Wednesday after St. Lucy the virgin, 37 Henry III.
[Warw.] D. 143. Grant in frank almoin by William Hay of Buninton, to the monks of Bordesley, of all his lands in Buninton (Binton). Witnesses:— Sir William de Ludinton, knight, and others (named). Feast of the Virgin Mary in March, 33 Henry III. Fragment of seal.
[Glouc] D. 144. Confirmation by William de Diclesdon, to the abbot and convent of Bruern, of land of his fee in Hunchewi[c], which Adam Portescu son of Richard Pigace gave to them, and of land of William's fee in Cundicot, which Helias de Cundicot gave to them, paying scutage for the year A.D. 1218, and 4s. yearly rent to the heirs of the said Adam, which rent William has impounded (namiavi) for default of Adam's heirs, to whom he will repay it when they appear. Witnesses:—Osebert de Cundicot, Philip de Todinton, and others (named).
[Kent.] D. 145. Grant by William de Beaudrigge, to the abbot and convent of Battle, witnessing that whereas Master William de Boygote has purchased of the present grantor, and given to the said abbot and convent, 15d. yearly rent to be received from Richard Blundel and Godfrey the chaplain; the said William de Beaudrigge grants to the said abbot 15d. to be paid quarterly, in addition to the rent which he has formerly paid to the said abbot for his tenement. Witnesses:—Richard de Meridele, bailiff of Wy, and others (named). Feast of St. Thomas, A.D. 1252.
Endorsed: 'Wy.'
[York.] D. 146. Release by Isabella de Humas, late the wife of Gilbert de Brakeneberie, widow, to Sir Robert de Nevill, of all her right in the town of Pachort, which right she has released to him in full county [court] of York, A.D. 1267. Witnesses:—Sirs Nicolas de Bolteby, Geoffrey de Vreshale, W. Hacket, and S. de B. ling, and others (named).
Endorsed: 'Pechorn.'
[Linc ?] D. 147. Certificate by Roger de Yngoudeby, that Sir . . . . . ., has paid to Roger 50 marks, part of the sum in which he was bound to Roger for certain lands [bought] from him [in] . . . . . . . ymthorp the remaining 60 marks to be paid at the date appointed. Witnesses:—Master Robert de Saham, Hugh de Thoresby, and others (named). A.D. 1249.
[Linc.] D. 148. Release by Juliana daughter of John Bottay, to Robert son of Ang[er], of all her right in land in Stanford concerning which she had impleaded him by writ of the abbot of Burgh (Peterborough). St. Matthias' day, 34 [Henry III].
Endorsed: 'Stamford.'
[York.] D. 149. Receipt by Jordan de Bugetorp, son and heir of Geoffrey de Bugetorp, to Walter de Gray, canon of York, for 200 marks for the purchase of Jordan's lands and rents in Lokinton and Bugetorp, Massam, Monday before St. Hilary, A.D. 1253.
[Warw.] D. 150. Grant by Ela, countess of Warwick, to the monks of Bordesley, of land of new purpresture in Claverdon, next the brook of Chelewellesych, in settlement of a plea of novel disseisin between the said parties touching purprestures and assarts made by the countess and her men in the common of pasture of the grantees in Claverdon, contrary to the tenour of a charter which the grantees have from her lord, Thomas, late earl of Warwick; reserving to the grantor common of pasture over the said land during the open time, the grantees to be allowed pasture for their cattle and sheep in the grantor's said purprestures and assarts after the crops are carried; the grantor to make no fresh purpresture in the said common of pasture of the grantees without the consent of each party &c. Witnesses:—Sirs William de Oddingeseles, Henry de Colevill, William de Cursy, Henry de Lodbroc, knights, and others (named). St. Peter ad Vincula, 36 Henry III.
[Kent.] D. 151. Grant by Denise, lady of Hastingelegh, wife of Richard Hacun, to the abbot and monks of Battle, that whereas the said Richard had granted to the said abbot and monks, in frank almoin, certain land in the meadow of Brune, part of her patrimony, with her consent, she promises that, should she survive the said Richard, she will confirm the said grant within a month after his death, or will levy a fine (cyrographum) to the same effect before the justices in eyre, if in that interval they come into Kent; for the performance of which, or until she shall have repaid the 100s. lent to herself and her husband by the said abbot and monks, she binds her goods to distraint. Witnesses:—Ralph, steward of Battle, Richard, bailiff of Wy, and others (named). Wy, morrow of St. Luke the evangelist, 38 Henry III.
[Sussex.] D. 152. Decree by Richard, bishop of Chichester, to whose ordinance Sir Robert de Shottundon has committed all his right in the church of Ikelesham, viz. that the said church is to remain to the use of the abbot and monks of Battle, who are to pay 50 marks yearly to the said Robert, nomine simplicis beneficii, during such time as Robert might otherwise have lawfully held the said church. Manor of Cacham, Friday before St. Lucy, A.D. 1248, in the fourth year of Richard's pontificate.
[Oxford.] [Berks.] D. 153. Sate by brother John called the abbot, and the convent, of Lieu Dieu [diocese of Amiens], to the abbot and convent of Netley [co. Hants.] (Loci Sancti Edwardi), for 600 marks, of their manor of Nordleg in England, all their rent in Oxford, and all their rent and right in Chaddelwrd' (Chaddleworth), and their rent of 5 marks from the church of Henton; with delivery of all deeds relating thereto. August, A.D. 1247, (See D. 302.)
[Hants.] D. 154. Demise by Augustine the abbot, and the convent of Quarr, to Mabel, late the wife of Ralph, the clerk, of Portesm[ue], of a burgage in Portesm[ue], with a house contained in the same, which they had of the gift of William de Tantonya and Agnes his wife. Witnesses:—Alan the tanner, provost of Portesm[ue], and others (named). After Midsummer, A.D. 1247. Seal.
[Norf?] D. 155. Release by Robert son of Philip de Hales, to Richard son of Roger de Thw[ey]t, of 12d. yearly rent which he used to pay for a tenement in Gelstun, formerly Gerard Frode's. Witnesses:—Roger de Gillingham, Nicholas de Thweyt, and others (named). 7 September, 31 Henry III.
[Surrey ?] D. 156. Grant by Andrew de Suthle, to Nicholas de Ghatingeden, of 10s. yearly rent in Hampton at the Bridge, with the homage of Walter do Cr . . esford and his heirs. Witnesses:—Sir Bartholomew Pecchie, and others (named). Injured.
[ ] D. 157. Bond by Gerard de Evinton, to Elyas son of Master Mosseus, the Jew, for 10 marks, to be paid at the quinzaine of Michaelmas next. 9 April, 40 Henry III. Seal.
Underwritten: 'Non debet trahi sine magistro Elia quia amisit partem suam.'
Endorsed: 'Preterea debeo ei tres summas frumenti et unum doleum cisev[e].'
[ ] D. 158. Bond by Walter Gerard, to Aaron son of Abraham, the Jew, for half a mark, to be paid at Hokeday next. 9 January, 40 Henry III.
[ ] D. 159. Demise by . . . . . ., to Sir Rannulf son of Robert, for four years, of land in . . . . . ., part of which was held by Hugh the clerk of Richemund, with a capital messuage and rent &c. Witnesses:— Roger de Laiston, Master Alexander de Bothel, Adam Blund of Jarnawic, Robert Blund of Faverwelle, and others (named). Feast of St. Martin, A.D. 1225. Mutilated.
Bristol. D. 160. Agreement between John Eilward, clerk, heir of Nicholas Eilward, and Lawrence Batin, of Kayrmerdin; viz. the said John has released to the said Lawrence all his right in certain land in the parish of St. Peter-next-the-castle, whereof he impleaded the said Lawrence in the court of St. James, Bristol; Lawrence is to pay 1 lb. of cummin or 2½d. yearly to the said John, and 12d. to the prior of St. James, Bristol. Witnesses:—Elyas the tall (Longo), mayor of Bristol, Gilbert de Merleberge, and Nicholas de Lyons, provosts of the same, and others (named). 34 Henry III.
Bristol. D. 161. Duplicate of D. 160.
[Kent.] D. 162. Indenture of fine between Reginald the abbot of Battle, by William Giffard, his attorney, plaintiff, and Walter le Messager, and Alice his wife, deforciants, concerning a messuage and land in Hauekherst. Westminster, the morrow of the Ascension, 56 Henry III.
[Kent.] D. 163. Duplicate of D. 162. See Feet of Fines. Kent. Henry III. No. 1167.
[Kent.] D. 164. Release by Walter le Messager and Alice his wife, to their lords, the abbot and convent of Battle, of all the tenement which they held of the fee of the said abbot and convent in Sisele. Witnesses:—Roger de Benindenn, Adam de Cumbe, bailiff of Wy, and others (named).
[Rutl.] D. 165. Demise by William son of William de Berc, to Sibyl the prioress, and the nuns, of St. Michael's without Stanford, of land in Wenetun (Wenton), for six years after a term of ten years, as contained in a deed made between Richard, brother of the lessor, and the said nuns. Witnesses:—Sir Geoffrey de Rocgingh[am], sheriff of Roteland, Anselm do Cottesmor, and others (named). A.D. 1246.
Endorsed: 'Wenton.'
[Oxford.] D. 166. Conveyance by John de Englefeud, son of Margery de Englefeud, to his said mother, of John de Benefeud of Siplake, and Agnes del Frith of the same, with all their lands, rents, and issue (sequelis) &c. until the grantor shall have paid the grantee 5 marks. Witnesses:—Ranulf the young (Juvene) of Keveresham, and others (named). Feast of the Assumption, 4 Edward I.
[Worc.] D. 167. Demise by William son of Jordan de Strengesham, to Hanry de Aldermunston, almoner of Pershore, and his successors, for the term of four crops, of land in Strengesham, part lying at Wodedene, part at Horiputte, part at Tweningesdich, part at Suthslade, and part at Lynham furlug, the almoner for the time being is to plough the whole and sow half of the said land, and the grantor is to find the other half of the seed; in the autumn they are to reap the corn of the said land, dividing the sheaves equally. Witnesses:—Hugh and Thomas Caylewai, and others (named). 43 Henry III.
[Berks.] D. 168. Demise by Gunnora de Benninges, to Sir William de Englefeud, of her third part of a pasture called 'peat moor' (bleta mora), paying 4d. a year during the grantor's life. Witnesses:—Sir Roger de Hida, Nicholas de Madeheth, and others (named). Portion of seal.
[Berks.] D. 169. Demise by Sir Alan de Vitchirche, to Sir Alan de Englefeld, for twenty years, of a croft in Sufeld called 'Storkesham,' which Robert de Borchefeld had as long as Sufeld was held by Sir John son of Hugh. Witnesses,':—Richer Neirnuit, Walter de Molesford, and others (named). 3 Henry III. Portion of seal.
Endorsed: 'Sheffyld.'
[Berks.] D. 170. Release by Hugh de la Mora and Gunnilda his wife, to Sir William de Englefeud, of 2d. yearly rent, in return for which the said William has given to them 12d. for 'La blete more.' Witnesses:—Sir Henry Ag' and others (named). 43 Henry [III]. Seal, injured.
Endorsed: 'Blete more in Engleflld.'
[Berks.] D. 171. Grant by Gunnora de Bennenges, to William de Englefeld, for her own life, of the third part of the mill of Sufeld, which she had in dower, with the pond, fishery, and all lands and rents &c. belonging thereto; William paying 20s. for three years' rent in hand. Michaelmas, 25 Henry III. Fragments of seal.
Endorsed: 'Shefeld.'
[Rutl.] D. 172. Agreement made by Sir Serlo, the prior of St. Michael's, Stanford, between Richard son of William de Berc, and the nuns of the said priory; viz. the said Richard has demised to the said nuns a pasture in Wenton called 'Calvercroft' for twenty-one years, which Richard's father, William, conveyed to them for sixteen years; also confirmation of a grant by the said William to the said nuns, for twenty-two years, of land in Wenton, and of a tillage called 'Wdebindthornwong' with a small heath belonging thereto. Witnesses:—Reiner, dean of Stanford, and others (named). Michaelmas, A.D. 1235.
[Berks.] D. 173. Agreement between Geoffrey son of John, Ralph de Englefeld, Juliana de Bennenges, and Gunnora de Bennenges, of the one part, and the lady Sarah de Sulham, late the wife of William de Sulham, of the other part, relative to common in the meadows, moors, and feedings, which the said Sarah claimed in Thedmerse as belonging to her dower of Sulham, and which her said late husband recovered against the said Geoffrey before the justices-in-eyre at Reading in 26 Henry III; viz. the said first named parties, in the court of Sir R. earl of Cornwall, before Sir P. de Asrugge, steward of the honor of Walengeford, have released to the said Sarah a meadow called 'the new meadow' in Thedmerse and also common in a moor called 'the high moor,' adjoining a pasture called 'la Friht' of Sulham, and a corner of peat moor (bleta mora); also the said Sarah grants that the said other parties may have all the other meadows and pastures &c. in Thedmerse for their own use &c. Witnesses:—William de Englefeld, and others (named). [Henry III.]
Endorsed: 'Tydemerche.'
[N'hamp.] D. 174. Grant by Walter de Bradecroft, to William de Pappelle, chaplain, for twelve years, of land in Bradecroft, called 'Pitacre,' lying upon Sandersoken, adjoining land of St. Peters, Stanf[ord]. Witnesses:— Terric de Collonia, and others (named). Michaelmas, A.D. 1242. Portion of seal.
Endorsed: 'Primo anno hujus convencionis erit terra warectata et secundo anno erit seminata.'
[ ] D. 175. Bond by William de Maysam, knight, to Joceus son of Deulacres, the Jew, for 10l. to be paid within a month after the Purification next coming. Feast of St. Fabian and St. Sebastian, 56 Henry III.
[Warw.] D. 176. Conveyance by the abbot and convent of Stanley, to Robert the clerk of Stanley, and Alice Alibun his wife, for their lives, of a messuage with a curtilage and croft in Stonle, in 'lalone.' Witnesses:— Alexander son of Geoffrey de Crulefeld, Elyas de Meleburne, and others (named).
[Warw.] D. 177. Agreement between the abbot and convent of Pipewell, and Roger Pantulf, concerning an obstruction of the exit from Lalleford towards the north, and concerning the land which anciently lay between the monks' garden and the Avon; also concerning the repair of the road between the said garden and the monks' sheepfold; viz. the said Roger is to have no claim in the said obstruction, nor in the path of old issuing from it towards the said sheepfold; the monks are to be at liberty to make a ditch from a corner of their garden to the Avon, but there are to be steps (unum scalarium) by the river, to the other side of the ditch, for Roger's fishermen to cross over by, and a path four feet wide by the water side, that Roger's men may be able to go and fish when the mill-pond of Little Lalleford is full &c. &c. Witnesses:—Roger de Craft, John de Warewic, Gilbert de Thurlaneston, and others (named).
[Berks.] D. 178. Agreement between James the Red (Russellum), and John de Englefeud; viz. the said James has sold to John all his lands and tenements in Aehecote, who is to have seisin thereof on Sunday after the feast of St. John the Baptist next coming, and is to give James 5 marks at the next feast of St. Peter ad Vincula; James and Joan his wife are to levy a fine before Michaelmas next in that behalf, after which John is to give James 20 marks to be received from the lady Marjory de Englefeud &c. Witnesses:—Sir Ralph Pippard, Ralph de Wiligton, and others (named). St. Barnabas' day, 55 Henry III.
[Berks.] D. 179. Conveyance by Geoffrey son of John de Thedmerse, to William de Englefeld, for ten years, of all his part of 'la blete more,' adjoining 'la wyde more.' Witnesses:—Roger de la Hide, Peter de Molesford, and others (named). Michaelmas, 24 Henry III. Seal.
[Hunt.] D. 180. Grant by Richard Hardelike, son of William le Chapman, of Great Catteworthe, to Sir Seman the prior, and his fellow-canons, of Stonle, of land in exchange for other land lying upon Langeboru. Witnesses:—Richard de Molis[wor]the, Richard Cardun of Catteworthe, and others (named).
[Glouc.] D. 181. Grant by Sir John le Brun, to Sir Elerius the abbot, and the convent, of Pershore, of licence to enclose eight acres of wood in the manor of Culegh' (Cowley), between Me Ocweye' and 'le Sliderweye,' for five years, after which the grantor may re-enter the said enclosure. Feast of St. John the Baptist, 39 Henry III. Portion of seal.
[Warw.] D. 182. Conveyance by the abbot and convent of Stonle, to Robert de Withlakesford, for his life, of the fishing of a weir in Nethlihommes, over against Robert's grange in Essesho (Ashow), paying 6d. yearly. Witnesses:—John de Stonle, Bernard de Essesh[o], and others (named).
Endorsed: 'Essesho.'
[Glouc?] D. 183. Agreement between Hugh de Brokes, and Richard de Hey, witnessing that whereas the said Hugh demised his manor of Hamptonet to Richard for life, the said Richard has released the said demise, for a loan of 5 marks, to be repaid to Hugh on St. John the Baptist's day, 6 Edward [I]; the said Hugh to be bound to Richard for 25 marks to be paid on All Saints day in the said year in the church of St. Peter, Berechennestude, for the release of the said manor &c. which is to remain to the said Richard for his life, on repayment by him of the said 5 marks. Witnesses:—John de Stratford, and others (named). Edward [I]. Injured.
[Wore] D. 184. Conveyance by Robert son of Walter the smith (fabri) of Adelmenston, to William the abbot, and the convent, of Pershore, for seven years, of all the land in Aldermonston and Goldicote which he had of the gift and sale of Juliana daughter of Henry .... yn of Aldermonston; reserving to the grantor a messuage and curtilage and certain land of which part lies 'atte W . . . .,' part in Cnaveslade, part upon Cou . . . lle, and part upon Sta . . . .; paying a rent of money and grain. Witnesses:— Peter le Kinch of Goldicote, and others (named). Edward [I]. Much injured.
[Berks.] D. 185. Agreement between Alan de Englefeld and Thomas his brother, as to land which Thomas holds in Suefeld; viz. Thomas is to hold the same for six years from the feast of St. Andrew, 16 John, without claiming any further land, also Alan, if possible, is to cause Thomas to have certain land which Robert de Berchefeld holds in Suefeld, to hold for the said term, or else is to pay him a mark for each year; the deed which Thomas has from Alan is to be in the custody of Rading abbey &c. &c. Witnesses:—Alan de Dunestanvill, Robert de Uffintun, and others (named). Feast of St. Andrew, 16 John. Fragment of seal.
Endorsed: 'Sheffyld.'
[N'hamp.] D. 186. Demise by the lady Amice, the prioress, and the convent, of St. Michael's without Stanford, on the advice of Sir Hugh de Leycester, their prior, to Walter son of John de Melton, for five years, of the fourth part of a common oven in Melton, which part was given to the said church, in frank almoin, by the lady Mabel de Torpel, paying 20s. yearly. Michaelmas, A.D. 1260.
[Norf.?] [York ?] D. 187. Agreement for an exchange between Sir Thomas de Burg and John de Engelfeud; viz. the said Thomas is to exchange lands in the manors of Suafham and Sumertun, or in the manor of Burg, except the advowsons of churches, for all John's land with his capital messuage in Ellertun; the exchange to be effected before Christmas, A.D. 1260. Michaelmas [44 Henry III]. Seal.
[Leic.] D. 188. Grant by Isabella de Leyrc', the prioress, and the convent, of Langley, to Adam de Esseby and his wife, for their lives, of a moiety of a toft in Ditheswrth (Diseworth), paying 2s. yearly. Witnesses:—Hugh and Robert de Ditheswrth, and others (named).
[Worc.] D. 189. Demise by Henry Le Hore of Gloucester, to Randulf le Syur of Pershore, for twelve years, of half of a messuage in Pershore; paying 2s. 8d. yearly, and 12d. on entry. Witnesses:—Robert de Hasfeld, steward of the abbot of Pershore, and others (named). Michaelmas, 28 Henry III.
[Glouc.] D. 190. Grant by Sir Eler[ius] the abbot, and the convent, of Pershore, to Robert le Veel son of Robert le Veel, of licence to enclose all his wood of Little Badmintun adjoining Humbyr', with further licence to keep his meadow called 'le Twychene' enclosed; also grant of a messuage and curtilage in Badmintun, adjoining the chapel of the said town, with land there; paying 4s. 4d. yearly to the warden of Haukesbury; also grant by Robert of licence for the abbot to make use of all assarts and newly broken lands &c. made up to the present date, reserving common of the said lands to Robert at the open time when unsown; also licence for the abbot to enclose his wood called 'Swanegrave,' reserving common of pasture to Robert. Witnesses:—Sirs Richard de la Rivere, Nicholas Burdun, and Richard de Cromhale, knights, and others (named). Octave of St. Ambrose, A.D. 1263.
[Glouc.] D. 191. Conveyance by John de Notteclive, to Sir E[lerius] the abbot, and the convent, of Pershore, of all his meadow in Couley, except the headlands (cheveciis). Morrow of St. Ambrose, 37 Henry III.
[N'hamp.] D. 192. Conveyance by Sir Vitalis Engain, son of Richard Engain, to the canons of St. Mary's, Castle Hymel, of 1 mark yearly rent from his mills of Blarwic, to maintain a lamp always burning before St. Mary's altar in the choir of the said church, and two wax candles daily at the celebration of St. Mary's mass, also one lamp day and night before St. Katherine's altar; until the grantor or his heirs shall have fully paid 12 marks which Rohesia, the grantor's wife, left to the said canons for the above uses. Witnesses:—William the clerk, of Dodinton, William son of Rannulph, the clerk, of Blarwich, and others (named).
[ ] D. 193. Demise by the lady Sibyl, the prioress, and the nuns, of St. Michael's without Stanford, to Henry . . . . . and Katelina his wife, of land which had belonged to Allan the cook (coci), Katelina's late husband, until the majority of the heir, together with the marriage of the said heir; for which Katelina has renounced all right of dower in the land formerly belonging to the said Allan. Witnesses:—Sir Geoffrey de Brunne, knight, Robert de Cottismor, and others (named). Injured.
[Rutl.] D. 194. Grant by Richard son of William de Berc', to the nuns of St. Michael's, Stanford, for eighteen years, of land in Wenton, for 60s. Witnesses:—Robert, vicar of Cottismor, Geoffrey de Turlebi, clerk, and others (named). Michaelmas, A.D. 1238.
[N'hamp.] D. 195. Release by Amice the prioress, and the nuns, of St. Michael's without Stanford, with the assent of Sir John de Ketene, their prior, to Isabella the prioress, and the nuns, of Wirthorp, with the assent of Sir Walter, rector of Nettilham church, their warden (custodis), for 10s. of all their right in a house in Wirthorp, situated by the cemetery of the said town, with a toft adjoining. Witnesses:—Sirs Hugh Fauwel and Simon de Lindon, Sir William, dean of Helpeston, and others (named). A.D. 1257.
[Glouc.] D. 196. Conveyance by William son of Geoffrey Marmiun, to Robert . . . . ., monk, warden of the manor of Hauekesbiri, for six years, of all his land of Wast, with a meadow belonging to the lordship, reserving the rent from Zedelewode, and also the grantor's chapel, for which Robert has given William 6l. and a horse worth 40s. Witnesses:— Thomas, vicar of Hauekesbiri, Robert de Thresham, and others (named). 22 Henry III.
[Worc.] D. 197. Confirmation by Henry de Parco, to the abbot and convent of Bordesley, of a conveyance made to them by his father, Robert de Parco, for eleven years from Michaelmas, A.D. 1253, of a meadow called 'Syleye' and a pasture called 'Russe.' Witnesses:—William de Raggel', John, vicar of Terdebigge, and others (named).
[Worc.] D. 198. Conveyance by the same, to the same, of the meadow called 'Syleye,' and of a pasture called 'Russe,' adjoining the monks' meadow called 'Brutemere,' and the road to Wych, for twelve years from Michaelmas, A.D. 1263, reserving the third part of the dower of the grantor's mother. Witnesses:—Richard Estrech of Benetle, Richard Estrech of Astwode, and others (named).
[Worc.] D. 199. Conveyance by the same, to the same, for 4 marks, of the same premises, for twelve years from the feast of St. Mark the evangelist, A.D. 1267. Witnesses:—Thomas de Stok[es], Richard Estrech of Benetle, and others (named).
Surrey. D. 200. Agreement between the abbot and convent of Netley (loci Sancti Edwardi) and Sir Matthew Besylle, knight, witnessing that they have jointly bound themselves to obtain the royal confirmation of the [land] of Gumeshill, which the said Matthew had of the grant of Henry III. and which Matthew granted to the said abbot and convent; on obtaining such confirmation the abbot and convent are to give the said Matthew 200l. and are no longer to pay the 10l. specified in the charter of the said Matthew . . . A fragment.