Deeds: D.501 - D.600

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A Descriptive Catalogue of Ancient Deeds: Volume 3. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1900.

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D.501 - D.600

[Oxford.] D. 501. Bill indented, witnessing that the abbot of Notteley has sold to Thomas Banbery the prior, and the convent, of Burcestre, certain goods and chattels, as within specified, payment for which is to be made by Thomas Curtes, farmer of the farm of the said prior and convent, at Stratton Audeley, at the Annunciation next, or within a month. 24 September, 7 Henry VII.
Underwritten: Memorandum of delivery of certain oxen and malt by the said abbot to the said prior. Incomplete.
Heref. D. 502. Conveyance by Richard Horton, the prior, and the convent, of St. Mary's conventual church, Monmouth, to Sir John Drover, perpetual vicar of . . . . . . . . . . . ., and Richard Kydermystre, . . . . . . . . . [St]oke Edyth, of all their tithe in Tadyngton, for three years. Monemouth, . . . . . .. . John the Baptist, 20 (?) Henry VI. Much injured.
[Cornw.] D. 503. Demise by John Beket of Curthuther, esquire, to Thomas Averey and Katherine his daughter, for thirty years, of all that close in Paderda called 'Milleperk,' with a meadow which the said Thomas previously held there; rendering 17s. and two suits of court yearly, and the best beast feeding in the said close and meadow for a heriot or farleu when due. The Circumcision, 21 Henry VII.
[Warw.] D. 504. Release by Roger Levyng, to John Wykeley the prior, and the convent, of St. Mary's, Erdebury, of all his right in the manor of Stokkyngforth, with all its appurtenances in Stokkyngforth and Ansteley, and in all other lands &c. in Nuneton, Hyde, Wykyn, and Sowe, formerly belonging to Hugh Lylleburn, esquire. 10 May, 4 Henry V. Seal.
[Notts.] D. 505. Grant by William de Burnham, to John de Burnham, his son, of a messuage with a croft, a toft called 'Bakertoft,' and all the grantor's lands and meadows in Misterton, which premises he lately had of the grant of Robert son of Robert de Misterton. Michaelmas, 5 Henry VI. Seal.
[Herts.] D. 506. Agreement made in the Hundred [court] of Bradwater, held at Dychmed, before Sir Henry de Halewene, sheriff of Essex and Herts, and others, named, between Richard, prior of Wylmondeley, and Ralph de la Holt, touching common of pasture in the lands of 'la Holt' in the parish of Little Wylmondley. Day of SS. Simon and Jude, 37 Henry III. Copy on paper.
[Suff.] D. 507. Grant by Thomas de H . . . . ., to William Man, parson of . . . . . ., of the lands and tenements which the grantor lately had of William's grant in Carleton, adjoining the street called 'Carletonestrete'; with further grant of a yearly rent &c. Mutford, Friday after the Annunciation, 14 Edward III. Defaced.
[Surrey.] D. 508. Grant by Joan, late the wife of John Brook, of the county of Sussex, to Alexander Sprot, Robert Louthe, Thomas Hoo, clerk, John Farnham, John Reynold, Thomas Holcombe, and John Brocour, of all her lands and tenements at Le Stewes, in the parish of St. Margaret, Suthwerk. St. Mary Magdalene, 4 Henry V. Seal.
[Linc.] D. 509. Release by William Patrik of Estlond, to John Baylye of Epworth, and Katherine his wife, of all his right in a toft in Epworth, and in other lands there, and in Belton, or elsewhere in the Isle of Haxholme, all which the grantees had of the gift of William Patrik of Kenyardfery, the releasor's father. Sunday next (sic) the Conversion of St. Paul, A.D. 1401. Seal.
[York.] D. 510. Demise by Nicholas Rosselyne, steward and attorney of Sir Thomas Percy, on behalf of the said Sir Thomas, to Miles de Stapilton, of the third part of the manor of Farlyngton, with all the lands and tenements &c. in Farlyngton which the said Sir Thomas has of the king's grant, in wardship, during the minority of Brian de Stapilton, son of Brian de Stapilton, knight, the younger; the said Miles to hold the premises till the full age of the said Brian. 6 August, 22 Richard II. French.
[Warw.] D. 511. Demise by Giles de Erdyngton, to his nephew, William, son of John de Grafton, for his life, of 20s. yearly rent in Wythibrock; with remainder in tail to Henry, eldest son of the said Giles, and reversion in fee to the said Giles. Erdyngton, Wednesday after St. Mark the evangelist, 20 Edward III.
[Linc.] D. 512. Grant by Roger Radclyf, esquire, lately dwelling in Nether brunham, to John Penykok, yeoman of the crown (valetto corone), Robert Scheffeld of Westbutterwyk, William Jakes of Ouston, and Robert Waitenyng of Beltoft, of land built over, with a croft adjoining, in Haxay, and further grant of all the lands and tenements &c. which Roger acquired of the gift of John Jeve of Westwod, or of William Tankirsley of Crasselonde, in Haxay, Netherbrunham, and Crasselonde. Witnesses:— John Threpeland, vicar of the church of Haxay, and others (named). 26 May, 19 Henry VI. Seal, broken.
[Cornw.] D. 513. Grant by Henry Frund, vicar of the church of Liskiret, to Edmund Beket, and Anastasia his wife, of his park in the sanctuary of Liskiret, with a garden at the head of the said park. Monday after the Epiphany, 18 Richard II. Seal.
Endorsed: 'Carta parvi prati juxta croftum Kyngysmyll in Leskerd Seyntuary.'
Essex. D. 514. Release by John Wakeryng, bishop of Norwich, Henry Kays, clerk, and William Chichely, citizen and alderman of London, to William Bozun, esquire, of the county of Bedford, William Paston of the county of Norfolk, Richard Osbern, citizen of London, David Fyvyan, clerk, and Robert Chamberleyn, of all their right in the manor of Peldon, with the advowson of the church there, and in a manor called 'le Newehall,' and a croft called 'Sevenacres,' with all other lands &c. in Peldon and in the county named, which the releasors, jointly with the grantees, lately had of the feoffment of William Selby, clerk, John Bryan, late rector of the church of Peldon, and others (named). 7 May, 6 Henry V. Two seals.
[Surrey.] D. 515. Release by Robert Bullok, to John atte Lee, the younger, carpenter, of Syndelesham in the parish of Hurst, of all his right in two crofts in Wenerssh. Sunday the feast of St. Katherine the virgin, 21 Richard II.
Endorsed: 'Smyth crofte at Wynerssche.'
[Herts.] D. 516. Release by John Vryte of Sandon, to Matilda Wodeward of Newchepyng, of all his right in land in Corney, adjoining land of the lord of Throkyng. 11 December, 23 Henry VI.
[Herts.] D. 517. Grant by Matilda Wodeward, widow, to John Sandon of Sandon, of land in the field called 'Botyrwelfeld,' adjoining land of the lord of Throkyng, and abutting on the high road called 'Somyssalestrete.' 7 March, 26 Henry VI. Portion of seal, broken.
[Herts.] D. 518. Demise by Katherine Horner of Bokelond, to Matilda Wodeward, her sister, of land in Corney, bounded as described in D. 517. 10 December, 23 Henry VI.
Endorsed: 'The seyde Malyn Wodeward wele that the seyde acre of lond be sold after here desese and do for here fader soule and modyr soule & for all is frendys soulys.'
[Herts.] D. 519. Grant by Thomas Sandon, son and heir of John Sandon, late of Sandon, to Ralph Joselyn and John Say, knights, John Grene, Henry Barlee, Ralph Bawd, William Barlee, George Hyde, and George Joseleyn, esquires, and William Hyde of Buntyngford, of land in the field called 'Boterwelfeld,' adjoining land of the manor of Throkkyng, and abutting on the high road called ' So[mys]salestret' &c. Thursday the vigil of the apostles Peter and Paul, 10 Edward IV. Much damaged. Seal, broken.
[Herts.] D. 520. Letter of attorney by [Matil]da [Wo]deward, authorising Henry Skynner to deliver seisin to John Sandon of land in the field called 'Botyrwelfeld.' . . March, 28 Henry VI. Damaged. Portions of seal.
Leic. D. 521. Grant by John Rothewell and William Cossham, to Ralph de Ferrariis, knight, for his life, of all the lands and tenements &c. in Rotheley, which they had of the grant of the said Ralph; with remainder to Henry de Ferrariis, knight, Ralph's son, for his life, and in fee to Hugh le Despenser, knight. Tuesday after St. Dunstan the archbishop, 12 Richard II.
[York.] D. 522. Grant by Robert Cause, formerly of Dryngow in Holdirnesse, to Thomas Cavell, son of Richard Cavell, of Outthorn in Holdirnesse, of land in Outthorn, adjoining land formerly belonging to John Routh of Routh, knight. 17 June, A.D. 1449, 27 Henry VI. Seal.
[Middx.] D. 523. Indenture between Thomas de Fulthorp son of Sir Roger de Fulthorp, and John de Killerby, of the one part, and Philippot Derneford, citizen and vintner of London, and William de Horewiche, citizen and tailor of the same, of the other; witnessing that the said Philippot and William agree to pay to the said Sir Roger 50s. quarterly, beginning at Christmas next, until 28l. 13s. 4d. shall be paid, after which the said Thomas and John promise to cause the said Philippot to be discharged of the said sum. Friday the vigil of St. Andrew the apostle, 11 Richard II. French.
[Linc.] D. 524. Demise by William Pateryk, dwelling in Kenardfery, to John Baylle, dwelling in Eppeworth, and Katherine his wife, of a toft in Eppeworth, and of all other lands and tenements &c. there, and in Belton, or elsewhere within the Isle of Haxiholm, which the grantor had of the feoffment of William son of John del Both of Eppeworth. Sunday before the Purification, A.D. 1401. Seal.
[Pembr.] D. 525. Grant by Thomas son of Thomas Sturmyn of Haverford, to Philip Lloyd, chaplain, of all his tenements, rents, and services, within the lordship of Haverford. Last day but one of February, 18 Richard II.
[Hunt.] D. 526. Grant by John Freysel of Wormedich, to Hugh Masoun of Salyngge co. Essex, of all his lands and tenements &c. in Wormedich and Newetoun. [Monday] the feast of the apostles Simon and Jude, 33 Edward III. Damaged.
[York.] D. 527. Grant by John Thomson of Feghirby, to John de Nevill, knight, lord of Raby, of two tofts and two crofts built over, in Feghirby. 6 May, 3 Richard II.
Herts. D. 528. Grant by John Brian and William de Gedeliston, chaplains, to [Stephen atte Breggo of Aldebery, of a messuage and croft in Aspeden, abutting on the high road from Buntingford to Pokerich, and on land called 'Hodesaker.' Saturday the feast of St. Thomas the apostle, 44 Edward III.
[Cornw.] D. 529. Indenture witnessing the condition undor which Milsent late the wife of Richard Peche, widow, has granted all her messuages and land &c. in St. Germans and Leydok, to Sir William Pyper, chaplain, and Mariota, the grantor's mother; viz. the grantees are to re-enfeoff the said Milsent with the premises, when so desired by her; if she die before such feoffment the said grantees are to give the premises to John Bryth, her kinsman, in fee, but if he die before such grant the said grantees are to be at liberty to sell the premises for the benefit of the souls of the grantor's ancestors. Wednesday before the apostles Simon and Jude, 17 Richard II.
[Warw.] D. 530. Grant by Thomas Westode, to John Hone, Grace Westode, William Ousteley, and John Clerk, of a tenement in Nuneton in the street of the abbey. Monday after St. Peter ad Vincula, 3 Henry V. Fragment of seal.
Kent. Sussex. D. 531. Demise by Robert Rolleston, clerk, to William Darell, esquire, and Elizabeth his wife, of the manor of Est Sutton, co. Kent, with the mill of Kymer in Ocle, co. Sussex, with the services, mills, fisheries &c. belonging, which he had, jointly with the said William, John Darell, esquire, and Roger Ryman, deceased, of the demise of John Botiller and Thomas Bank. Michaelmas, 25 Henry VI.
Underwritten: Memorandum that Robert Rolleston, clerk, present here in court in his proper person, on the 13th November in this term, exhibited a certain writing of feoffment.
[Dorset.] D. 532. Conveyance by Nicholas Latymer, to John Hanepere, for five years, of all his meadow called 'Mulhammede Calfhey,' with all the close called 'Southhyle.' Estpulham, Monday after Michaelmas, 7 Henry V.
Norf. D. 533. Grant by William de Kerdeston, knight, to Bartholomew Bateman, knight, Robert Withfot, parson of a moiety of the church of Refham, and William, parson of the church of Helghton, of his manors of Kerdeston, Clakeston, and Helghton, with all his lands and tenements in Refham, Salle, Dallyngge, Thimilthorp, Assheby, Carleton by Langgelee, Thurton, Langgelee, South Walsham, Upton, Randeword, Fisslee, Apton, Thirston, Rokelound, Hol[veston], and [S]urlyngham, except the advowsons of the churches of Refham and H[elg]hton, and except a plot of land in the manor of Clakeston for a perpetual chantry newly constructed there, on the north of the capital messuage of the said manor; with further grant of the reversion of the manor of Riston, and of all lands and tenements in Hapesburgh, Walcote, Redelyngton, Crosthweyt, Dilham, Berton, Brunstede, and Smalbergh, which Matilda, late the wife of Roger de Kerdeston, knight, the grantor's father, holds for life of the grantor's inheritance, together with the reversion of the manors of Cisterne, Newton Brecham, and Hungri Swanton, and all lands held in dower by the said Matilda of the grantor's inheritance, in the county named, except the advowson of the church of Newton. Sunday before Christmas, 15 Edward III.
[Somers.] D. 534. Conveyance by Thomas Harlyng, parson of the church of Yevele (Yeovil) and lord of that town, to Richard Muleward alias Bentele, 'webbe,' of Yevele, Joan his wife, and Thomas their son, for their lives, after the death of Joan late the wife of Walter Horsman, of a messuage with a curtilage adjoining, belonging to the chantry of the Holy Trinity of Yevele, within the free borough of the said town, in a street called 'Putlane.' Witnesses:—William Loumbard, provost of Yevele, and others (named). Friday the Annunciation, 6 Henry V. Seal.
[Pembr.] D. 535. Grant by Thomas Kewe, chaplain, to John Landian of Pembroke, for his life, of half a burgage in the same, which the grantor had of the feoffment of the grantee in fee simple. Witnesses:—John Lessery, mayor, John Arnold and Henry Don, provosts, of Pembroke, and others (named). 12 December, 7 Henry V.
[Notts.] D. 536. Grant by Ralph Crescy of Selston, to Thomas Columbell of Sandiacre, his brother, of the manor of Wannesley, and of all his other lands and tenements &c. in Selston. 10 April, 7 Henry V. Seal.
[Cornw.] D. 537. Grant by William Penros, to Nicholas Logosek, and Ida his wife, of all his messuages and lands &c. in Trevythynek, in the parish of St. Ida, for their lives, paying 12s. yearly, at the four terms usual in the hundred of Pydre; the grantees are to make a new window in the hall there and are to rebuild the pinnonem of the said hall, and also a new kitchen or chimney and a door &c. Saturday after Midsummer, 34 Henry VI.
Herts. D. 538. Grant by Joan, late the wife of William Hosel, and Philip Thornbury, to John de Thornbury, knight, and Naverina his wife, for their lives, of all the tenement called 'Larnevyles,' and a plot called 'Marreys,' in . . . . . . ., Great and Little Munden, and Wattone; with further grant by the said Philip of the reversion of the premises to William Grevel and the said Joan, in tail, and reversion to himself in fee; the said premises having been originally granted to the said Joan, by the said John, Robert Peritre, clerk, John Dunton, and William Turk, for her life, with remainder in fee to the said Philip. Saturday after the Ascension, 11 Richard II. Injured.
[N'hamp.] D. 539. Grant by John Mason of Ascheton, and Margaret his wife, daughter and heiress of Hugh Sutton of Bernewell, to John Naseby of Bernewell, and Joan his wife, of a messuage, garden, and croft, in Bernewell, adjoining a tenement called 'Jordones,' with other land in the same. Sunday before the Ascension, 3 Henry V. Portion of seal.
[Berks.] D. 540. Grant by John Hasuldene, turner, and Joan his wife, to Richard Abyndon, of the parish of Wokyngham, and William Goldryche, of all their lands and tenements in Erburghfeld (Arborfield) and 'le Hurst.' Witnesses:—Robert Bulluk, lord of Erburghfeld, and others (named). Sunday after the nativity of the Virgin Mary, 6 Richard II.
[Norf.] D. 541. Grant by Thomas Elyot of Asshill, to Humphrey Adam, John Adam, and Nicholas Markaunt, of land in Asshill, in a field called 'Thorpfeld,' part lying on the furlong called 'Eldren,' and part abutting on Brodgate Wey, which land the grantor, with others named, had of the grant of John Baldewyn of West Bradenham, in 34 Henry VI. 20 December, 2 Henry VII. Seal.
[Essex.] D. 542. Demise by Matthew Sayer of Fordham, John Marchaunt of Peldon, Geoffrey Estwode of Great Bromlegh, and Thomas Webbe of Peldon, to John Wakerynge and Henry Kays, clerks, William Chychely, citizen of London, William Bozun of the county of Bedford, William Paston of the county of Norfolk, Richard Osbarn, citizen of London, David Fyvyon, clerk, and Robert Chambirleyn, of a croft called 'Wolvetes' in Peldon, abutting on land of the abbot of St. Osith, and on land called 'Longefeld.' Tuesday after St. Luke the evangelist, 3 Henry V. Four seals, one injured.
[ ] D. 543. Grant by Thomas de Mountagu, earl of Salisbury, to his mother, Maud, countess of Salisbury, his brother, William de Ferrers, lord of Groby, John Golofre, Richard Hertcombe, and John Bailly, of all his goods, chattels, wardships, lands, and tenements &c. Caneford, 9 August, 4 Henry V. French. Portion of seal.
[Kent.] D. 544. Grant by William Brode of Chalk, to Roger Martyn of the same, of sixteen dayworks (dayworcas) of land in Chalk, in a place called 'Hwyteland,' part abutting on the boundary of Shorne. Nativity of the Virgin Mary, 16 Edward III.
Hants. D. 545. Manumission by John Waspayl, lord of Hertle Waspayl, of William Neel, his bondman, of Hertle, with all his goods, chattels, and issue. 23 April, 1 Henry V.
[Worc.] D. 546. Grant by William Nycholes of Bretforton, presbyter, to Simon Bryan, chaplain, and Richard Lench, of a messuage in Bengeworth, opposite the water of Avon. Wednesday, the feast of SS. Cosmus (sic) and Damian, 15 [Richard] II. Portion of seal.
[Suff.] D. 547. Letter of attorney by William de la Poole, earl of Suffolk, and Alice his wife, Thomas Stanley, knight, William Milreth, Thomas Bernewelle, Edmund Hampden, Henry Trenchard, John Chirche, Clement Lyffyn, William Rasshe, John Belley, and Thomas Quyne, authorising John Wolveston and 'John Waryn' to receive seisin of the manor of Frostenden, with the advowson of the church of the same, granted to the said earl and his above-named co-grantees, by John Fox and William Stoderd, feoffees, and executors of the will, of William Porter, knight. 8 December, 20 Henry VI. Three seals, and portions of three seals.
[Heref ?] D. 548. Release by John Ferrour, son and heir of John Ferrour of Lake, to John Wyse, esquire, of all his right in a messuage and land in 'le Lake' in the lordship of Lantefey. Wednesday before All Saints, 5 Henry VI. Seal.
[Sussex.] D. 549. Confirmation by John, duke of Norfolk, earl Marshal, earl of Notyugham and Marshal of England, to William Lewes, the prior, and the monks, of St. Peter's, Sele, belonging to the abbey of St. Florent at Saumur, of the grant in frank almoin (recited) made to the said monks by John de Brawysa, son of William de Brawysa, progenitor of the said duke, of the churches of St. Peter's, Sele, St. Nicholas's, Brombre, St. Nicholas's, Old Shorham, St. Peter de Veteri Ponte, St. Mary's, New Shorham, and Wassingeton; also tithes in Fundon, Clayton, Buddingeton, Brembre, Bidelington, Amungeton, Haselholt, Suwyke, Brembelden, Puhurst, Bedyng &c. free pannage for their hogs in the grantor's woods, all the grantor's bridges &c. of Brembre, with messuages and lands there and timber for repairing the bridges, also mills and fisheries in the water of Brembre, five mansions at the gate of Sorham and the third part of markets in the same town &c. &c. with grant by the said duke, to the said prior and monks, of the mills and fishery in the water of Brembre from the church of Old Sorham to a place called 'Bedenye.' 2 June, A.D. 1438, 16 Henry VI. Copy.
[Cornw.] D. 550. Grant by Warin de Markwelle, chaplain, to William de Deuyck the elder, of all bis land in West Baak (Bake), with houses, gardens &c. and 12d. yearly rent, and all the services which Rose daughter and heiress of Richard Chopa, owes for a messuage and land in West Baak. Friday before the translation of Thomas, archbishop of Canterbury, A.D. 1325, 18 Edward II.
[Suff.] D. 551. Grant by Henry Edward, rector of the church of St. James, Southelmham, to William Oures of the parish of St. Margaret, in the same, of land in the aforesaid parish, adjoining land of a tenement called 'Lewegerys,' and abutting on land of a tenement called 'Balkpistil.' Thursday, feast of St. George the martyr, 10 Henry V.
Essex. D. 552. Demise by John Wakeryng, clerk, to John Bryan, rector of the church of Peldon, and John Marchaunt, of the same, of his manor called 'Newehall' in Peldon, alias Peltyngdon, with all other lands &c. there which he, with William de Bergh, clerk, John Broghton and Robert Whityngham, now deceased, and Gerard Braybroke the younger, knight, who released all his right therein to his said co- grantees, had of the gift of Thomas Godiston of Colchester, and Cristina his wife. Sunday after the translation of St. Thomas the martyr, 3 Henry V. Seal.
[Salop ?] D. 553. Grant by Matilda, relict of Thomas de Wyndesor, to John Bokenal and his wife, of half a burgage and land in Madeley, part lying in the field of Cradeley, part in the mill field, and part in 'le Schanofeld,' Michaelmas day, 5 Richard II.
[Hunt.] [Middx.] D. 554. Release by Sir John Hayle, perpetual vicar of the parish church of Great Stokton, to John, the prior, and the convent, of the Charterhouse, of all personal actions. Morrow of Midsummer-day, 7 Henry V. Seal.
[Cornw.] D. 555. Grant by Matilda Hayes, widow, late the wife of William Hayes alias . . . . . of Lostwythyell, to Edward Courteney, earl of Devonshire, of all her lands &c. in Ayshlake, Corgebec and Churleton, with common of pasture for all his cattle, and 'housbote, heybote, foldbote and fyrebote' in the wood of Penhe . . d; with letter of attorney authorising Walter . . . . . . . and John Bonvyle to deliver seisin of the premises. 10 March, 16 Henry VII.
[Pembr.] D. 556. Demise by Gruffut ap Yevan, to William Piketune, for 8 marks, of land in the holding of Lannaran and Melyndrene at Penkayr, for eight years, after which the said William is to deliver back the said land to the grantor on repayment of the said 8 marks &c. Newport in Kemmeys, Saturday before St. Vincent, A.D. 1318.
[Warw.] D. 557. Release by William atte Schawe, called 'Parys,' and William Wilkes of Norton, to William Mary of Salteley, and Isolda his wife, of all their right in all the lands and tenements &c. in Wytton and Hondusworthe, which the said William Mary had of the gift of Sir Richard de Schobenhal, vicar of the church of Aston by Brinygham. Monday, feast of St. Matthew the apostle, 50 Edward III.
[Berks.] D. 558. Grant by Robert Herterygge, to Walter Cotton, Edmund Rede, Walter Walkestede, clerk, John Langeston, and William Rovedon, of all the lands &c. in Endebourne which formerly belonged to Richard Langynow. Thursday after St. Denis, 8 Henry V. Seal.
[Middx.] D. 559. Grant in tail by John Rotour of Eydon, to Thomas Rotour and Joan his wife, of a house and half a house, with two gardens, adjoining the church of St. Clement, London, with remainder in fee to William Rotour. Monday after the Purification, 4 Henry V. Fragments of seal.
Leic. D. 560. Release by William Ind alias Cooke of Barrow-on-Soar, and Henry Ind alias Tylly, of the same, to Thomas Daddy of Barrow aforesaid, chaplain, of all their right in a messuage in Barrow, adjoining a lane leading to the church. 26 January, 1 Edward IV.
[Heref.] D. 561. Grant by William Russell and Is[abella] his wife, to John Russell, chaplain, and Stephen Perrot, of all their messuages and lands &c. in Newton and Walterystone. Feast of St. Cosmus and St. Damian, 8 Henry IV.
Essex. D. 562. Release by John Pycard, clerk, to John Fray, Robert Danvers, Ralph Gray, Richard Danvers, and Thomas Danvers, of all his right in the manor of Wythyrmondford, which he lately had by fine from Sir Richard Waldegrave, knight, and Joan his wife. London, 1 March, 33 Henry VI.
[Kent.] D. 563. Demise by the abbot and convent of Boxel[ey], to John Swayn of Boxel[ey], for twenty years, of land in [Boxley ?], part lying in Lottenefeld in each end of a piece of land called 'le Staple,' and part in the field called 'Frerencroft,' rendering yearly twenty bushels of beerbarley (ordei palmalis). Michaelmas, 7 Richard II.
Warw. D. 564. Release by Richard Powke, of Warrewyk, and Juliana his wife, to John Heyne, of Tredynton, and Robert Cok, of Warrewyk, chaplains, and William Werehale, of Lemynton Priors, of all their right in a messuage and two cottages &c. in Warrewych, in the street called 'Coton,' and in land there, in the field called 'Herdwykfeld'; part lying at Hookmedwe, by the land called 'Brayneslond,' part called 'Blakebuttes,' adjoining the tillage called 'Prioresmedewforlong,' part at Polmedewe, part lying 'Bytwene the twey weyes,' part upon the tillage called 'Quarelforlong' extending to Coventrewey, part upon Hookmedweforlong, and part at Seynt Jones Ferthing &c. Sunday after St. Ambrose, 8 Henry V. Seal.
[N'hamp.] D. 565. Grant by Thomas Rogger, weaver, of London, and Joan his wife, to Robert Maynard of Atneston, of a messuage and curtilage &c. in Canons Assheby, with land in Atneston. Feast of St. Margaret the virgin, 1 Henry V. Seal and portion of seal.
[Warw.] D. 566. Demise by Sir Giles de Erdington, to Henry Smyth of Wythibrok', Agnes his wife, and Alice, his daughter, for their lives, of two curtilages and land in Wythybrok'. Monday, the vigil of St. Barnabas the apostle, 33 Edward III. Portion of seal.
[Somers.] D. 567. Conveyance by Thomas Harlyng, parson of the church of Yevele (Yeovil) and lord of that town, to John Syly, Matilda his wife, and John their son, for their lives, of a messuage and curtilage in Yevele, in the street called 'Gropelane'; the grantees to build a new house upon the premises within the next six years &c. Eve of Whitsunday, 2 Henry V. Two seals and portion of seal.
[Worc.] D. 568. Grant by John Parkes of . . . . . wyk, to Thomas Walker of Evesham, of a messuage and curtilage in Bengeworth. Feast of St. Augustine the apostle of the English, 18 Richard II. Injured.
[Hunt.] D. 569. Release by William Hotoft of Woldweston, to his brother, John de Woldweston, clerk, for life, of all his right in a meadow and a yearly rent in Woldweston, and in the reversion of lands which Walter Faber and Adam Robat hold for life, respectively, of the grant of Edmund the releasor's father, in Woldweston. . . . . after St. John ante Portam Latinam, 6 Edward III. Injured.
Herts. D. 570. Release by John Godard, John Sperver, and John Marchall, all of Buntyngford, to Thomas Fissher, Thomas Barker, and Peter Broun, all of the same, of all their right in two tenements with houses built thereupon in Buntyngford, adjoining the high road from Arnyngstrete. 1 July 4 Henry V.
N'hamp. Leic. D. 571. Grant by William Catesby of . . . . ., to William Catesby, knight, of Aschby Legers, Roger Wake of Blysworth, Thomas . . . . ., Thomas Barker of . . . . ., and Elizabeth Catesby, the grantor's daughter, of all his lands &c. in Fedyngworth, co. Leicester, and Sylson, co. Northampton. 20 . . . . ., 2 Richard III. Much injured. Fragments of seal.
[Kent.] D. 572. Grant by Thomas Martyn of Chalk, to Richard Tebold, of a messuage in Chalk, in a place called 'Fraunsys,' and thirteen 'dayworks' (daywarcas) of land in a field called 'Southfeld.' 8 January, 4 Richard II.
[Oxford.] D. 573. Release by John Carpynler of Little Beryngton, to Sirs Ralph Botelere, treasurer of England, and William Lovell, knights, Thomas Sende, chaplain, and Thomas Bernard, of all their right in a messuage in Beryngton aforesaid. Eve of St. Peter and St. Paul, 24 Henry VI. Much injured.
[York.] D. 574. Grant by William Sonnyng, vicar of the parish church of Kypax, and William Worthyngton of Kyrkeby on Querfe (Wharfe), to Thomas de Thorpe of Grymston near Tadegastre, and Isabella his wife, for their lives, of all their lands &c. in Grymston aforesaid, which formerly belonged to Henry de Balne, grandfather of the said Isabella; with remainder in tail to Richard Freman of 'Allerton by the Water,' and Agnes his wife, and reversion in fee to the heirs of the said Henry. Feast of St. Edmund the king, A.D. 1418. Fragment of seal.
[Cornw.] D. 575. Grant by Matthew Perkyn, to Mauger Pole, clerk, of licence to support his house upon and in the grantor's wall, viz. in the gable-end (?) (pigneto), and also of all easements thereon, belonging to the grantee's said house in Botriaux castel (Boscastle), by 'le Schuta.' Thursday after the Purification, 19 Richard II. Portion of seal.
[Hunt.] D. 576. Grant by John Colle of Broughton, son of Nicholas Schepperd of Wystowe, Henry Waleys of Walton, John Albyn of Rameseye, and William Clerk of the same, to John Clynt of Rameseye, of a messuage, and part of a messuage called 'Apoolzard,' lying in 'le Wyght,' in Rameseye. Saturday before the Epiphany, 8 Henry V. Four seals.
[Worc.] D. 577. Grant by Edmund de B . . . . ton, to Nicholas Muke . . . of Evesham, and Alice his wife, of land in . . . . . near Evesham, part called 'Longe Aldeworth,' part in a tillage called 'Thri . . . . .,' and part extending into Rugeweye &c. St. Mark's day, 8 (?) Edward II. Much injured.
[Durham.] D. 578. Grant by Robert de Lyttlebyr', to William son of Henry de Kellawe, of all his manor of 'le Helme,' and the rent and reversion of certain lands and tenements which Sir Hugh de Boulton, parson of the church of Brauncepath, has for life, with common of pasture, free pannage, and reasonable estovers in the forest of the bishop of Durham, and similar estovers in eighty acres of the wood of Redemyre. Witnesses:—Hugh de Stonland, William de Knytheley, Walter de Lodeword, Roger de Essche, Nicholas de Warshopp, and others (named).
[Berks.] D. 579. Demise by Richard Abyngdone of Wokyngham, and William Goldryche of Crokeham, to John Haseldene, 'Tornour,' and Joan his wife, of the parish of 'la Hurst,' of all the lands &c. in Hurst and Erborghfelde (Arborfield) which the grantors had of the gift of the said John and Joan. Newlonde, Sunday, morrow of All Souls, 11 Henry IV.
[Sussex.] D. 580. Release by Henry del Egle, son of John son of Richer, to the abbot and convent of Battle, of all the land called 'Bocholte,' which he held of the said abbot and convent, in the parish of Hellingeleghe. Witnesses:—Philip de Essettesford, Richard de la Gare, Walter de Alurichester, and others (named). [Henry III.]
Endorsed: 'Carta Henric[i] de Aquila. Alsistune.'
Pembr. D. 581. Conveyance by Thomas Botrell of Carrew, to Agnes Hunter and Joan Hunter, for ninety years, of a messuage and land in Birdisterton and Cochelond, in the parish of Carrew, the grantees paying 1d. yearly and finding the grantor in food, drink, and other necessaries during his life. 22 January, 2 Richard III.
[Surrey.] D. 582. Grant by Clement Elys of Egham, to John atte Roke of the same, of land lying in 'la Huthe,' adjoining the bank of the Thames. 12 October, 14 Henry VI.
Annexed: Slip of parchment showing rent payable.
[ ] D. 583. Demise by Edward . . . . . . . . ., knight, to William Laurence, for seven years from Michaelmas, 2 Henry IV, of land (?) with underwood, escheats, &c. 28 . . . . ., 2 Henry IV. Fragment.
Endorsed: '. . . . . . mpton.'
[Warw.] D. 584. Release by John de Stretton and Hugh Blaby, to Sir William de . . . . . ton, vicar of Radewey, of all their right in the manor of Erdynton. Stonle, 4 August, 47 Edward III. Injured.
[Worc.] D. 585. Demise by Hugh Foliot of Piriton, esquire, to William Simondes of Pershore, of lands in Walcote, Buryfeld, and Bynhome, part in 'le Homefeld' in a tillage called 'le Brokmedeforlong,' adjoining the high road to Allesbaruwe, part adjoining the road to Besfordebrugge, part at 'le Cokshete,' part in a field called 'Buryfeld' at Hures, part at Gastonheggesende, part in a tillage called 'Brokforlong,' and part in [land] called 'Duddesloneforlong,' &c. 6 Henry V. Much faded.
[Herts.] D. 586. Demise by Geoffrey Dyar of Buntyngford, John Goore, chaplain, and John Sperver, to Thomas Fissher, Thomas Barker, and Peter Broun, all of Buntyngford, of a tenement with houses built thereon in Buntyngford. 29 (penultimo die) June, 4 Henry V. Fragments of two seals.
[Wilts.] D. 587. Grant by Thomas Botyler, son and heir of William Botyler, of Farleghwyke, to Thomas Hungerford, knight, Thomas Gore, John Marreys, and John Gore, of all the lands and tenements &c. which he inherited after his said father's death in Farlegh and Farleghwyke or elsewhere within the hundred of Bradeforde. Monks Farlegh Saturday after All Saints, 17 Richard II.
Endorsed: Memorandum of enrolment in the Common Pleas Hilary, 17 Richard II.
[Oxford.] D. 588. Grant by Sir Thomas Diestere of Bannebury, and John Warkworthe, to John Brauncestre, knight, and Margery his wife, of all the lands and tenements &c. in Bannebury, Cothrop, and Wikham, which they had of the grant of the said John and Margery. Thursday after Michaelmas, 28 Edward III.
[ ] D. 589. Undertaking by Richard, son and heir of William Gerauld to Stephen Perrot, that he will not sell or alienate his lands except to the said Stephen, under a penalty of 40l. A.D. 1314. Injured.
[Dorset.] D. 590. Demise by Robert, the prior, and the convent, of Maydene Bralegh, to Roger Pottesham of Shaftesbury, and Alice his wife, of the reversion of a tenement with a curtilage adjoining called 'Manstonys,' in the parish of St. Lawrence in the borough of Shaftesbury. Christmas-day, 8 Henry VI. Fragments of two seals.
[York?] D. 591. Sale by Henry Beer of . . . . enedale, to Richard, earl of Salisbury, for 8l. of . . . . load of sheep[skins to be conveyed by the] said Henry to the vale of . . . . . rle, to be well and sufficiently washed, and there weighed with the weighing-beam (trone) of the archbishop of York &c. . . . Henry VI. English. Much injured.
Surrey. D. 592. Demise by Thomas, archbishop of Canterbury, to Richard Pykman of Croydon, of his demesne close called 'le Hyde' adjoining the archbishop's park at Croydon, for a term of years (unspecified), with the herbage of the said park, and pannage and the profit of rabbits in the said park. 25 October, 33 Henry VI.
[Worc.] D. 593. Grant by Joan Blakenye of Pershore, to Alexander Hulle of the same, of a tenement with a garden adjoining, in the high street of Pershore. Friday, Michaelmas day, 15 Richard II.
[Heref.] D. 594. Grant by Philip the ferryman (le Passour), of Bradewardyne, to the monks of Clifford, under St. Pancras, Lewes, of free passage across his ferry over the Wye. Witnesses:—Roger de Radenore, and others (named). Much injured.
[Berks.] D. 595. Grant by Richard Ylger of Engelfeld, to Richard de Engelfeld, parson of the church of Engelfeld, of a messuage, garden, and two crofts adjoining in the parish of Engelfeld with lands there, part lying in 'the Leye,' part in Fernyforlong, part in the field of Engelfeld, part in'the Rothe,' a croft called 'Dedecroft,' and land in the meadow of Engelfeld called 'Westmede.' Feast of St. Stephen the martyr, 4 Richard II.
[ ] D. 596. Letter of attorney by John Byrge, son and heir of James Byrge, authorising: Peter Reynbot to deliver seisin to Walter Reynbot his brother, of all John's messuages and lands &c. in Folcaston. 4 August, 35 Henry VI.
[Middx.] D. 597. Demise by masters John Fyssher and Thomas Bradford, canons residentiary of the free chapel of St. Martyn the Graunt (St. Martin's le Grand), London, and Sirs Mighell Galwyn, John Conwey, William Reede, Thomas Clark, John Phillip, John Pontysbery, and John Botell, vicars of the said chapel, to Robert Hampton, 'scryvaner,' of London, and Evie, his wife, for seven years, of a messuage or tenement with shop, 'celer, and solers' &c. in the parish of Seynt Marten at Ludgate in London, formerly held by Christofer Lokston, 'horner.' 6 June, A.D. 1505, 20 Henry VII. English.
Endorsed; Stanza of doggerel verse by Richard Moore.
Warw. D. 598. Demise by William Babyngton, Nicholas Conyngston, William Reynald of Attilburgh, John Bond of Eton, the younger, John Palmere of Coventre, and William Rydyng of Coton, to John Wykeley, the prior, and the convent, of Erdebury, to hold for the life of Hugh Lylleburn, esquire, of the manor of Stokkyngforth in Stokkyngforth and Ansteley, and of all their lands and tenements &c. in Nunneton, Coventre and Wykyn, except the reversion of lands and tenements held for life by Mariota Belgrave in Nunneton and Hyde, and the reversion of lands and tenements in Coventre, which Thomas Marsshall holds for life in Gosfordstrete. 24 October, 4 Henry V. Seal of arms, and three seals.
[Norf.] D. 599. Grant by Robert Payne of Aysshyll, Robert Codlynge, Thomas Salwyn of the same, and Thomas Nobys of Hale, to Richard Sele and Thomas Sele, his son, and Henry Deynes, all of Aysshyll, of land at Thorpetownesende, between lands of the manors of Collard and Saham, and abutting on Thorpeweye. 26 May, 14 Henry VII. Portion of seal.
[Warw.] D. 600. Demise by Robert the abbot, and the convent, of Stonleye, to Henry de Kynton, of Cobynton, chaplain, for life, of a messuage and land in Cobynton (Cubbington), part of the land extending into Follwellesty, part at Monkesdich, part extending 'into the fesdal,' part in 'le Homfeld,' part in 'le Brokfeld,' and part extending into Haselsich. Tuesday after St. Valentine the martyr, 19 Edward III. Much injured.