Deeds: D.1201 - D.1300

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A Descriptive Catalogue of Ancient Deeds: Volume 3. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1900.

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D.1201 - D.1300

[Norf.] D. 1201. Acquittance by Alexander de Beverle for 8 marks 6s. 8d. received by the hands of Sir John de Montgomery, or his companions, for the said Alexander's ship called 'the James' of Great Yarmouth, the king having ordered payment to be made for injuries received by ships while in the king's service in the parts of Brittany. 9 . . . ., 18 Edward III. French.
[Devon.] D. 1202. Indenture of fine between Henry, marquis of Exeter, and Gertrude his wife, plaintiffs, and Henry Dawbeney, deforciant, concerning the manors of Chytelhampton alias Chidyngton, and Langtre, and messuages, tofts, a mill, lands, and rent &c. in Chytelhampton, Langtre, and Chepynholte, and the advowson of the church of Langtre, which the said Dawbeney acknowledges to be the right of the said marquis &c. Quinzaine of Easter, 22 Henry VIII. Injured.
Surrey. Middx. Notts. D. 1203. Bond by Henry Stokheth of Lambeth, co. Surrey, gentleman, Hugh Foxe of the parish of St. Giles without Crepulgate, London, co Middx. 'bruer,' and Humphrey Stoketh of Stoketh, co. Notts, 'fysshemonger,' to Thomas Audeley, knight, Lord Chancellor of England, and Thomas Crumwell, esquire, chief Secretary of State and Master of the Rolls, for 57l. to be paid to the king's use at Michaelmas next. 7 February, 27 Henry VIII. Signed. Two seals, and fragments of seal.
Essex. D. 1204. Bond by Henry Fortescu of Ryvenall, esquire, and Reginald Moone of Rawreth, gentleman, to Thomas Seymor, knight, for 500l. to be paid at Easter next. 22 March, 33 Henry VIII. Two seals and portions of seal.
[Cornw.] D. 1205. Grant by Gilbert Beket, esquire, to John Trenowith of Tyllan, 'yoman,' and to Joan, Elizabeth, and Catherine, his daughters, for forty years, of two closes called respectively 'Kylparke' and 'Three corner Parke,' with a croft and moor in Paderda, paying 20s. yearly and a heriot or ferleu at the death of each tenant, and doing suit of court within the grantor's manor of Cortuther. Feast of St. Matthew the apostle, 16 Henry VIII.
[Staff.] D. 1206. Letters patent by the commonalty of the city of Lichesfeld, witnessing that in accordance with the king's writ, they have given full power to William le Taverner and Ralph de Barton, their bailiffs, and to William de Eyton, Adam Walrant, William de Cirencestre, Richard atte Leghes, Robert de Schenston, and Richard del Bellehous, citizens of the said city, to appear before the treasurer and barons of the Exchequer, and others of the king's Council, at Westminster, on Monday the eve of St. Mark the Evangelist, to confer as to matters touching the profit of the king and the commonalty of his realm. 20 April, 12 Edward [I].
[Norf.] D. 1207. Grant by Thomas Reve of Cokly Cleye, to Thomas Bradenham of Asshell, Henry Bradenham and Henry Malverne, of the same, of land in Asshell called 'Roondes' adjoining certain demesne land of the manor of Panneworthe, called 'lez Twelveacres.' 12 August, 19 Henry VI. Portion of seal.
[Cornw.] D. 1208. Grant by Robert Bekett, esquire, to Thomas Hamley, Joan his wife, and Walter their son, for their lives, of land with a meadow in South Treveddowe, within the manor of Curtuther, rendering yearly for the said land 24s. four capons, and certain services, specified, in reaping, ploughing &c. or a money equivalent, at the pleasure of the lord of the said manor, for the said services, and 5s. for the said meadow; also clause stating that the grantor has put the grantees in possession with his own hands. Michaelmas, 2 Edward VI.
Endorsed: Memorandum that for a fine of 10l. the above grant was sealed and delivered and possession had, on the above date, in the presence of witnesses named.
York. D. 1209. Grant by Thomas Darcy, knight, lord Darcy, to Ralph Midillton, his servant, and to Francis, Robert, and Matthew, sons of the said Ralph, for twenty years, beginning after the grantor's death, of an annuity or yearly rent of 3l. 6s. 8d. from the grantor's manors and lands &c. in Bekhay alias Bekhaw. Temple Hirst, 4 June, 28 Henry VIII. Signed.
England. Ireland. D. 1210. Indenture between Henry de Bluntesdon, archdeacon of Dorset, friar Luke de Wodeford, of the order of preachers, and Robert de Cotingham, canon of York, executors of the will of the late king [Edward I], and Gilbert de Clare, son and heir of Sir Gilbert, late earl of Gloucester and nephew of the king; witnessing that the king has informed the said executors of his wish that the said Gilbert de Clare should have all the lands and tenements of his inheritance in England and Ireland which ought to be in wardship on account of his nonage, for which he is to render yearly to the said executors an extent of the said lands until ho is of full age, and specifying details as to the rendering of the said extent. Westminster, 12 October, 1 [Edward II]. French. Fragment of seal.
Endorsed: Note of enrolment on the Memoranda Roll of Michaelmas term, 1 Edward II.
York. D. 1211. Grant by Richard Clapam, second son of Edward Clapam of Clapam, to Thomas Johnson of Lyndeley, esquire, and Isabella his wife, and William Grene, clerk, of land in Ferneley lying in the close called 'le Ladys Closse,' abutting towards Hubartrayne, part lying between land of the abbot of Saulay, and land of St. Mary's, Oteley. 8 December, 24 Henry VIII.
Cornw. D. 1212. Grant by Gilbert Bekett, esquire, to John Menwynnek of St. Germains, esquire, Robert Staward, John Trehawke, esquires, William Menwynnek the elder, Richard a Wode the elder, John Balberye of Leskerd, the elder, and Edmund Rythe, of the manor of Cortuther, and of all his messuages, lands, rents, and mills &c. in Cortuther, Leskerd burgh, Leskerd manor, Leskerd Seyntuary, Paderda, Paderda myll, Trevedda South, Trevedda North, Boyloytha, Treley within the parish of Plevynt, Hentragollen within the parish of Tallan, Trethenek within the parish of Dulo, and Mylcomb within the parish of Lankynhorne, to the use of the grantor during his life, and to carry out his will. 4 May, 24 Henry VIII.
Berks. D. 1213. Demise by Sir Adryan Fortescu, knight, to William . . . . of Redyng, husbandman, for twenty-one years, of land in Whitleyfeld and in Clerkwellfeld, also of a tenement and garden in London street in Redyng, a garden or 'parrock' of ground in the parish of St. Gylys in Redyng, and land, part lying in a field called 'xij acres,' and part in Spittylfeld . . . . ., 19 (?) Henry VIII. English. Much faded.
York. D. 1214. Demise, on behalf of the king, by Cristofer Clapham, esquire, receiver-general to the king of the lordship of Shirefhotton, with the consent of John Metcalf and Roger Metcalf, auditors of the said lordship, to Mawde Hardgyll, widow, for seven years, of the 'halle place' of Westlylling, with lands belonging thereto, and other land in Westlyllyng, with a 'gyrse house' there, lately held by her husband, Thomas Hardgyll. Wylberfosse, 9 October, 22 Henry VII. English. Seal, injured.
[Denbigh.] D. 1215. Certificate by William ap Grono ap Llewellin, Jevan ap Llewellin ap Tudor, Owen ap Gruffith. ap Jevan, Mered[ith] ap Gruffith ap Jevan, Jevan ap David ap Grono, John ap Llewellin ap Howel, Lewis ap Llewellin ap Howel, Mered[ith] ap Jevan ap Gruffith, Gruffith ap David ap Llewellin, Gruffith ap Rees ap Robyn, Howel ap Llewellin ap Jevan, and David ap Gruffith ap Rees, 'gentilmen,' tenants of the king of the commote of Isdulas in the lordship of Denbigh, testifying that Agnes v[erch] Meredith ap Grono and Marvered v[erch] Meredith, her sister, have sixty years and more of term unexpired in the king's escheat lands in the township of Kekydogg in the said commote, which lands they and their ancestors have held of inheritance and in farm since the conquest, the said sixty years being still unexpired of their last grant to farm; 'notwithstanding one David Lloid ap Tudor ap Jevan, hath now taken the same as he affirmith which dwellyth in another shir.' 6 May, 14 Henry VIII. English. Fragments of eight seals.
[Hants.] D. 1216. Demise by John Corne the abbot, and the convent, of Netley (loci Sancti Edwardi de Letteley) near Sowthampton, to Thomas Diver of Charleton, 'husbondman,' for forty years, of the manor of Charleton, with all houses and lands &c. pertaining. 13 November, 8 Henry VIII.
[Norf.] D. 1217. Release by Humphrey Adam, to Thomas Mynne, son of Richard Mynne, late of Asshell, of all his right in land called 'le Hevedlondacre' in Ashell, abutting on the common road called 'Brodegatewey,' which, with other lands, the releasor lately had, with the said Thomas, to the use of the same Thomas, and with John Dunston, chaplain, and Richard Mynne, deceased, of the grant of Thomas Rouland, clerk, son and heir of John Rouland, the younger, formerly of Great Kerbroke. 12 April, 13 Henry VII.
[Carmar.] D. 1218. Letter of attorney by Thomas Fort, son of Thomas Fort, authorising John Hii to receive seisin of all the lands and tenements which his said father and Margaret his mother have granted to him in Eglus Kyffig and Ludirpigyn, in the lordship of Tallacharn. St. Bride, Saturday, the feast of St. David, 38 Edward III.
[Pembr.] D. 1219. Demise by Philip Rede of Haverford, merchant, to Richard Heweston of the same, cordwainer (corviser), and Alice Bache, his wife, for ninety-nine years, of a moiety of a burgage in 'le Gotestrete,' Haverford. 12 December, A.D. 1514, 6 Henry VIII.
[Heref.] D. 1220. Acquittance by Otho de Northwode, archdeacon of Exeter, on behalf of Dame Maud, prioress of Acornebury, for five long mantles (mauntels), described, received by him from the executors of Dame Katherine de Montagu, sometime countess of Salisbury, by whose will they were devised to the said prioress. 25 May, 25 Edward III. French. Fragments of seal.
Pembr. D. 1221. Demise by John Janey the elder, of Kessewyll, husbandman, to Matthew Perott of the parish of Karewe, for ninety-nine years, of a tenement in a place called 'Cheriton' with land lying in a place called 'Lomys downe.' 14 March, 8 Henry VIII.
[ ] D. 1222. Indenture between John de Nevill, lord of Raby, and John do. Birteley, executors of the will of Sir Ralph de Nevill, late keeper of the king's forests beyond the Trent, of the one part, and John atte Lee, knight, of the other, witnessing that the said executors have delivered to the said John atte Lee, on the under-mentioned date, the custody of the said forests, 10 October, 41 [Edward III].
Essex. D. 1223. Grant by Richard son of Sir John de Suttone, of Wyvenho, knight, to Thomas de la Dale of Berkford, knight, of a yearly rent of 10l. from all his lands and tenements in the county named. Sunday, the feast of the nativity of the Virgin Mary, 33 Edward III. French. Portion of seal.
[I. of Wight.] D. 1224. Grant by Henry Trenchard the elder, to Robert de Dumbeltone and Sir William de Monte Acuto, of all the goods and chattels in the manor of Watyngewell, granted to them by the said Henry. Sunday, the morrow of the Annunciation, 3 Edward [III].
[Carmar.] D. 1225. Letter of attorney by John, son and heir of John le Mareschal, of Martinesgrove, authorising Adam Baker of Landestephan, and David Hygdon of Morabrye, to place Thomas son of John Fort, of Landestephan, in full seisin of all the said John's lands and tenements within the barony of Landestephan. Sunday, the feast of St. Vincent the martyr, 30 Edward III. Fragment of seal.
Cornw. D. 1226. Demise by John the prior, and the convent, of Merton, co. Surrey, to Nicholas Prydeaux of Tregony, gentleman, for forty years, of the site of their rectory of Tregony, with all tithes belonging to the said rectory, together with the lordship there, and all lands and rents &c. pertaining, reserving all homages, presentations of vicarages &c. 14 March, 26 Henry VIII. Portions of seal.
[Somers.] D. 1227. Attornment by Thomas de la Hethe of Radene, to the prior and convent of Maydenebradelegh, for all the lands and tenements formerly belonging to John de la Hethe his father, and Agnes his mother, within the manor of Radene. Frome, Wednesday after the Epiphany, 19 Edward II. French.
[Oxford.] D. 1228. Demise by Baldewyn de Bereford, knight, and Phelippa, his wife, to Robert their chamberlain, and Isabella his wife, for their lives, of a yearly rent of 18s. 8d. to be received from the grantors' tenants, specified, of Newenham and Crowemersh near Wallingford. Brighwell, Saturday after St. Martin, 34 Edward III. Injured.
I. of Wight. D. 1229. Defeasance of a bond by William Noreys of Wyppyngham, to William de Mountagu, earl of Salisbury and lord of Maan, for 500l. to be paid at the earl's castle of Crischurch Twynham at the feast of St. Peter ad Vincula next,-the said earl grants that if the said William Noreys shall convey to him, when required, all his right in the manor of Atherfelde together witb the Avardship and marriage of the heirs of Thomas le Noreys, so that the said manor may be henceforth held from the said earl in chief, then the said bond shall be void. Twynham, 2 July, 27 Edward III. French.
Berks. D. 1230. Acquittance by William son of Elya and Isabella his wife, for 100s. received, for Michaelmas term last, from Michael son of Thomas de Pouningges, knight, to whom the king has granted all the lands and tenements which belonged to Margery late the wife of Nicholas de la Beche, and now the wife of John son of Robert de Dalton, knight, through the forfeiture of the said John, part of a yearly rent of 10l. granted before the said forfeiture; by the said Margery, for her life, to the said William and Isabella, to be received from her manors of Lekhampsted and Yatingdene. Westminster, Thursday before St. Luke, 23 Edward III. French. Fragment of seal.
[Durham.] D. 1231. Confirmation by William son of William de Kylkenny, of a grant by Sir William de Claxton and Dame Joan, his wife, to Sir John de Neville, of the body of William Grovesson of Stotfold, with his issue, their bondman (neif) of the manor of Stotfold, which manor they hold for the said Joan's life, and the reversion of which belongs to the present grantor; with further grant of the said bondman to the said Sir John [after the death of the] said Dame Joan, for ever. Brancepath, St. Bartholomew's day, 31 Edward III. French. Injured.
[Pembr.] D. 1232. Release by William Roland of Rosmarket, to Agnes late the wife of William le Warde, of all his right in lands in Rosmarket. 15 August, 19 Edward III.
[Pembr.] D. 1233. Grant by Thomas son and heir of William Picton of Newburgh, to William son of Warin ap David Voil, for two years, of land lying within the precinct of the burgages of Fiscard, called 'Tyr Roys.' Michaelmas day, A.D. 1344.
[Warw.] D. 1234. Grant by William de Kyngeford son and heir of William de Kyngeford, to Sir William de Clynton, earl of Huntyngdon, for his life, and to Sir John de Clynton, cousin of the said earl, and to his heirs, of liberty to plough and till a plot of land in Maxstoke called 'le Brodefeld,' in which the said earl had granted a right of common for all cattle, at all seasons of the year, to the present grantor's father, which grant had been confirmed by the said Sir John, to whom the reversion of the manor of Maxstoke belonged after the death of the said earl; the present grantor reserving the right of common in the open time, viz. after the corn has been carried, and during the whole year in fallow time. Sunday after St. Martin, 23 Edward III. French.
[Notts.] D. 1235. Grant by Nicholas the prior, and the convent, of the Holy Trinity, Lenton, to John Humfrey, for his life, of the cottage or tenement in Lenton in which the grantee now dwells, with all their lands and tenements there, now in his occupation, and one robe yearly, of the livery of their servants, the said cottage, lands, and tenements, to remain to the executors of the said John, for thirty years, after his death, at a specified rent; with letter of attorney authorising John Warton and John Balgy to deliver seisin; also further grant to the said John Humfrey, for his life, of the office of receiver of the manor of Lenton and Radford, with an annuity of 26s. 8d. from their lands and tenements in Radford. 20 January, 29 Henry VIII.
Underwritten: Enrolled before Thomas Mathewe auditor there.
[ ] D. 1236. Grant by John . . . . . myth, to Thomas (?) . . . ., of lands and tenements in . . . . . . 20 July, . . Henry [VI ?]. Much defaced.
[Pembr.] D. 1237. Release by Henry Dowstowe, merchant, of Haverford, to John Laurence, clerk, of all his right in a messuage in Haverford, situated in 'le Priourisrewe' on the hill of St. Thomas the martyr. . August 27 Henry VI. Injured.
Chesh. Marches of Wales. D. 1238. Appointment by Andrew Wyndesore, knight, and John Hales, esquire, by virtue of the king's letters patent to them and to one William Fitzwilliam, knight, of Roger Stanley to supply the place of steward of the manors or lordships of Hawerden, co. Chester, and Mohuntzdale, Hopedale, Merford, and Horsley, in the marches of Wales, during the minority of Edward Stanley, the king's ward, son and heir of Thomas, late earl of Derby, to whom the said manors belonged. 23 September, 13 [Henry] VIII. Signed.
[Cornw.] D. 1239. Demise by John Carlyhan the prior, and the convent, of St. Stephen's, Launceston, to Joan Rawe, widow, and William Rawe, son of Thomas Rawe, for sixty years, of all their messuages, lands, and tenements, in Byefoway. 5 May, 12 Henry VIII.
[Pembr.] D. 1240. Letters patent by Henry, duke of York, earl of Pembroke, marshal of England, and lord of Glamorgan, Abergevenny, and Haverford, appointing William Perrot to be sheriff within the lordship of Haverford. 19 April, 11 Henry VII.
[Surrey.] D. 1241. Grant by Thomas Polthorne and Joan his wife, of Taleworth, to John Beverle, citizen of London, of all the lands and tenements, rents, services &c. and a road towards the east in Taleworth, which they lately acquired from John Downe and Margery his wife. Tuesday the feast of the apostles Peter and Paul, 6 Henry VI. Portion of seal.
Surrey. D. 1242. Grant by Thomas Abraham, John Morewyne, and William at Welle, to John Colyn, son of Roger Colyn of the parish of Longedytton, of all their lands and tenements in Northtalleworth in the said parish, which they lately had of the grant of Alice, late the wife of the said Roger, and of John Colyn, son of the said Roger and Alice. Tuesday before St. Thomas the apostle, 10 Henry IV.
Camb. D. 1243. Bond by Robert Wryght of Iseleham, 'gentylman,' to John Turnour and Gilbert Weddale, for 20 marks, to be paid at the feast of St. Lucy the virgin next. 16 November, 21 Henry VII. Signed, but partially torn away.
Endorsed: 'pro securitate xli. vijs. vijd.'
Surrey. D. 1244. Release by John Page, kinsman and heir of Elias Page, of Kyngeston, and Thomas Page called 'of Kyngeston,' brother of the said John, to John Gilbert and Alice Nottes, his wife, of all their right in a messuage, land and rente &c. called 'Capeleslonde' in Taleworth and Longditton, formerly belonging to Roger Colyn father of John Colyn. 17 April, 1 Henry VI. Seal.
[Oxford.] D. 1245. Grant by Adam the young (juvenis), of Balescote, to the prior and canons of Wroxton, in frank almoin, for the benefit of the souls of his parents, children, and ancestors, and others (named), of land, part lying on Ruedenehulle, part upon Ludeswelhulle and part in Jerdefurlonge; to provide a lamp before the altar of the Virgin. Witnesses:—. . . . . de Langele, William Leukes, and others (named).
Also, Confirmation by Master Simon de Wauthon, to the said prior and canons, of all the lands which the said Adam gave to them in Balescote reserving half'-a-mark yearly from the grantees to the said Simon. Witnesses:—Robert de Cerceden, William Leukes, and others (named). Copies on one skin, temp. Edward III.
Surrey. D. 1246. Defeasance of a bund by John Gilbert, of the county named, 'yeman,' to John Beverley, citizen and skinner of London, for 20l. witnessing that the said bond shall be inoperative as long as the said John Beverley, William Beverley, and Nicholas Bole, citizens and skinners of London, are allowed peaceable possession of all the lands and tenements &c. called 'Capeleslondes,' in Taleworth and Longeditton, lately granted to them by the said John Gilbert and Alice Nottes, his wife, London, 12 June, 6 Henry VI.
[Somers.] D. 1247. Grant by John son of Geoffrey, lord of Edyngton, to Hugh . . . . . . ., and Eleanor his wife, of free licence to dig turf in Spraulesmede in the grantor's moor of Edyngton. Witnesses:—Geoffrey de Edyngton, and others (named). Injured.
[Surrey.] D. 1248. Mortgage by John Byndyng, to John Reed, notary, for 29l. 2d. to be repaid before Michaelmas next, of land in Walton-on-Thames, part lying in a place called 'Lampytts,' part at Chylwyk, and part adjoining the highway from Walton to Appys; if the mortgagor do not repay the money as specified, he agrees to 'enseale and delyver a sufficient 'dede unto the sayde John Reed contenying a gyfte of the sayde landes 'in conien fourme with a sufficient release of the same.' 8 January, 20 Henry VII. English. Paper. Signed.
[Surrey.] D. 1249. Grant by Peter le Graunt, to John le Parker, and Matilda his wife, of land in Nortbtalewrth, reserving free passage to the grantor to and from the well (fontem) in the said land at all hours. Witnesses:— John de Arcubus, Nicholas de Hadresham, and others (named). Fragment of seal.
[Surrey.] D. 1250. Grant by Thomas son of William the baker (pistoris), of Talewrth, to John le Parker and Matilda his wife, of a tenement in Northtalewrth. Witnesses:—John de Arcubus, Peter de Grapelingesham, and others (named). Seal.
Essex. D. 1251. Release by William Slynge, at the request of John Trippe and Alice his wife, sister and heiress of Thomas Herde, and at the request of James Cowen of Tillyngham, 'yoman,' to Thomas Mountgomery of Horndon, 'gentylman,' John Maynwaryng of Orset, John Courtman of the same, the elder, Reginald Heygate of Sudmynster, Thomas Lamme of the same, Thomas Benett of Burnham, William Holmestede of St. Laurence, and John Garyngton of Tillyngham, of all his right in a messuage and croft in Tillyngham, adjoining a close there called 'Stanfelde and Prikkys,' and abutting on lands called 'Fynchesacre' and 'Salvagesacre'; which premises, the releasor, with the said Thomas Herde and others, lately had to the use of the said Herde. 21 June, 12 Henry VIII.
Essex. D. 1252. Grant by John Est of Greynesbi, chaplain, and Simon Couper of High Estre (Easter), to William Gawge of High Estre, and Rose his wife, for their lives, and after their death to Alice their daughter, in tail, of a messuage and laud in High Estre, part of the land adjoining a wood called 'Hasquidesgrove,' and part abutting on a lane called 'Belhouslane'; with reversion, in case of the said Alice dying without lawful issue, to the heirs of the said William. The Octave of Easter 2 Richard II.
[Suffolk.] D. 1253. Certificate by John, bishop of Norwich, that he has appointed Robert de Sumeneio, clerk, at the presentation of the abbot and convent of Battle, to be parson of the church of Great Trillawe, vacant by the resignation of Thomas de Sanford. Witnesses:—Geoffrey and Roger, archdeacons, Thomas Britone, Master Robert de Wextunesham, Walter de Calna, and others (named). [A.D. 1200–1214.]
[Glouc.] D. 1254. Agreement by which Sir Thomas the abbot, and the convent, of Evesham, agree to pay to Sir William the abbot, and the convent, of Fecamp, yearly, at Slohter (Slaughter), 6l. 9s. 6d. for their lands and tenements and men within the hundred of Salemanesbur[i], in the same way as formerly paid to the king's exchequer at Westminster, and 20s. for pleas &c. of the said lands &c. arising in the said hundred; the said abbot and convent of Fecamp agree to make no further demands in respect of the premises, but reserve to themselves the chattels of felons, and all pleas vetiti namii &c. and shall be able to hold their hundred [court] in the place called 'Salemanesbur[i]' without hindrance; the present agreement to be in force as long as the said hundred remains in the hands of the said abbot and convent of Fecamp. Witnesses:—Sirs Henry do Bathonia, Henry de Bretton', and Nicholas de Turri, justices of the king, and others (named). [Henry III.] Portion of seal.
Essex. D. 1255. Grant by Robert de Scales, lord of Neweselles, knight, to Roger Walden, clerk, the king's treasurer, John Walden, esquire, his brother, and Nicholas Danyel, clerk, of the advowson of the church of Rewenhale. Little Sampford, Sunday before St. Gregory the pope, 20 Richard II. Copy on paper.
[Pembr.] D. 1256. Grant by Richard Bryde, chaplain, to Richard Lathgaun, son of Thomas Lathgaun, of St. Bride's, of all the messuages, tenements, lordships, rents, services, and a watermill in Nolton in [the barony] of Roch (de Rupe), which he had of the grant of Thomas Fortt and Beatrice [his wife]. Feast of St. Andrew the apostle, 1 Henry [V ?]. Injured. Endorsed: 'Nolton infra baron[iam] de Rupe.'
[Notts.] D. 1257. Grant by Robert Teresalt, chaplain, by the king's licence, to the prior and convent of Beauvale, of 4l. yearly rent from a messuage, land, a water-mill, and. divers free tenants belonging to the said messuage, in Huknall Torkard, of the fee of the earl of Kent. Copy on paper, unfinished.
[Somers.] D. 1258. Grant by Joan late the wife of John Frompton of London, mason, daughter and heiress of Ellen late the wife of John de Shordych of Schireford, to Thomas Oseborn of Taunton, of two burgages with their curtilages, and land, in Taunton, in the street called 'Estrete,' one adjoining 'le Toundych,'and the land lying next 'le Flodbrugge.' Saturday after SS. Simon and Jude, 17 Richard II.
[Essex.] D. 1259. Grant by John Arnolde of Gyng Munteney, to Robert le Noreys, son and heir of Sir Robert le Noreys, the younger, knight, and to Lucy his wife, of a field and land formerly belonging to John son and heir of Sir Thomas de Ramesden, knight, in the parish of Dunham, and of land there which Alice, formerly the wife of the said John, held of the grantor by way of dower; paying 12d. yearly to the heirs of Sir William Talebot &c. Ronewell, Sunday before Midsummer, 18 Edward I. Fragment of seal. See Ancient Deeds B. 1276.
[Surrey.] D. 1260. Grant by William son of Thomas le Clerk, of Taleworth, to Richard Koc and Joan his wife, of land at 'la Naccok' in Taleworth. Tuesday the feast of St. Thomas the apostle, 35 Edward III.
[Surrey.] D. 1261. Grant by William le Kyng of Taleworth, to Richard Koc of the same, and Joan his wife, of land in Shaldeford, in the parish of Ewelle, part adjoining land called 'Colebyeslond.' Sunday after Midsummer, 31 Edward III.
[Surrey.] D. 1262. Grant by John Admond the elder, of Talworth, to John de Donne the younger, of the same, of a messuage and curtilage in Talwortb, abutting on the common of Talworth and Kyngeston. Thursday after the Conversion of St. Paul, 18 Richard II.
[Surrey.] D. 1263. Demise by William Stoket, and Joan, late the wife of Richard Koc, of Talworth, to Hugh Taverner of Kyngeston, for the life of the said Joan, of all the lands, tenements, rents, and services &c. in Longeditton, Talworth, Maldon, and Ewell, which the said Joan had for term of her life, of the grant of Thomas atte Holylond; reserving to the grantors, from the woods, five thousand 'Talwod' and 'fagettes,' with free ingress and egress at the grantors' pleasure. Wednesday after the translation of St Thomas the martyr, 13 Richard II.
N'hamp. D. 1264. Demise by the king, by the advice of the court of Augmentations, to John Lane, gentleman, for twenty-one years, of the site of the late priory of Rothwell, with land in Rothwell, late in the tenure of the late prioress, reserving all great trees. Westminster, 20 July, 28 Henry VIII.
[Camb.] [Suff.] D. 1265. Grant by Andrew Page of Fordham, to Philip Balle of the same, of land in the fields towards lxninge, part lying at Witedich, part opposite Lanwathe, and part at Wilemelne, abutting on Southfen. Witnesses:—Richard de Mora, Thomas de Welneham, and others (named). Portion of seal.
[Herts.] D. 1266. Grant by Walter Jurdan of Buntingford, to William son of Thomas de Bordesdene, and to Isabella his wife, of a curtilage and land in the parishes of Leston Cherche and Aspedene. Saturday after St. Hugh of Lincoln, 17 Edward [I].
[Warw?] D. 1267. Conveyance by Roger Kingesman, to Richard Horn and Walter le Cornmangar, for twenty years, of land in Langele called 'Serpacre.' The Epiphany, 46 Henry III.
[ ] D. 1268. Letters patent by John, duke of Aquitaine and Lancaster, earl of Derby, Lincoln, and Leicester, steward of England, respiting to Sir Thomas de Percy the payment of a bond for 250 marks, due at Michaelmas last past, until Easter next. London, 4 November, 16 Richard II. French. Fragments of seal.
[Warw.] D. 1269. Grant in frank almoin by Adam son of Hugh, and Agnes his wife, to the canons of Erdbury (Orthbyr), of all the land in Chel verdescote which they had of the gift of Alexander son of Gilbert Witnesses:—Sir Ralph de Sudleya, and others (named).
Endorsed: 'Juramentum Ade filii Hugonis et Agnetis de terra quam habuerunt de Gil[ber]to 3am vocata Alisanderfeld.'
[Hants.] D. 1270. Grant by William Cokke of Frodyngton, to John Kayte, of a cottage and curtilage in Frodyngton, opposite the gate of the warden of the hospital (domus Dei) of Portsmouth. 12 January, 1 Henry VII.
[Oxford.] D. 1271. Demise by Richard le Frankeleyn, to William Severe of Denesden, until the feast of St. Augustine the apostle of the English next, of land in the same, adjoining the lane leading to Henlee; in return for which the said William has demised to Richard, for the same term, all the houses which he recovered from the said Richard, except a grange. Monday before St. Wolstan the bishop, 6 Edward [I].
N'th'ld. D. 1272. Bond by John Galoun of Spyndelstan, to the king, for 113s. 4d. the price of certain victuals of the king at Newcastle-on-Tyne, sold to him by Sirs Robert de Notingham and William de Kirkeby, clerks of the king, to be paid at Whitsuntide and Michaelmas next; Richard de Edlyngham and John de Morpath, of the county named, being the said John Galoun's pledges for payment. 10 July, 17 Edward II. Portions of two seals.
[Norf.] D. 1273. Grant by Thomas Neue of Watton, to William Rokel of Saham, chaplain, of land in Ovyton, part lying in a place called 'Godewynyscroft.' Thursday after St. Matthias the apostle, 12 Henry IV.
Notts. D. 1274. Grant by John Dogude of Stretton-in-le-Clay, and Cicely his wife, to Sir Philip Darcy, lord Darcy and Menyll, and John Darcy, his son, of all their lands and tenements &c. in Stretton-in-le-Clay or elsewhere in the same county. 9 January, 21 Richard II.
[N'hamp.] D. 1275. Grant by Robert son of Lewen Sperneton, by the counsel of Simon his nephew, to the nuns of St. Michael's, Stamford, in frank almoin, for his own soul and the souls of his ancestors, of all the land in Stamford which his said father held. Witnesses:—Roger the reeve, Leuthen Grugon, and others (named). Twelfth century.
Endorsed: 'Staunford.'
[Warw.] D. 1276. Confirmation by brother Geoffrey the prior, and the convent, of Covintre, to the prior and convent of Erdbury (Orbyri), of the grants and confirmations made to them by Richard and Walter, and others, bishops of Covintre, and confirmed by a charter (recited), of William, bishop of Covintre. Witnesses:—Robert, archdeacon of Covintre, Hugh the clerk, of Derby, William de Heiham, Peter de Lemintun, and others (named). A.D. 1216–1235. Portion of seal, broken.
Hants. D. 1277. Grant by William Kayt of Buclond, of the parish of Porteseye, 'yoman,' to John Incent, clerk, doctor of laws, master or warden of the hospital of St. Nicholas, Portismouth, of a toft or garden called 'Colburne' in Frodynton, extending from the high road leading to Kyngiston, to the common field of Frodynton called 'Saynt Androwis feld. 11 April, A.D. 1530, 21 Henry VIII. Portion of seal.
Endorsed: Memorandum of delivery of seisin in the presence of Sir Robert Adams, vicar of Portsey, and others, named.
[Somers.] D. 1278. Agreement between John, abbot of Glastenbury, and Dame Anneys, late the wife of Sir John Fray, knight, widow; witnessing that the said abbot agrees to deliver to her on demand 'a coup of gold, a lytell salt saler of gold, a boke callyd a portnos and a kasked lokked stuffyd with suche juellys and other thynges as the saide abbot late hadde hit of the delyverance of Sir John, late lorde Wenlok', the said Dame Anneys binding herself in 200 marks to satisfy the said abbot all costs and damages recovered against him'withoute fraude or male engyne' because of such delivery. 20 May, 11 Edward IV. English. Portion of seal.
Berks. D. 1279. Grant by Hugh the abbot, and the convent, of Reding, to Thomas Wrythesley, esquire, and Thomas Knyght, gentleman, for their lives, of a yearly rent of 10l. from all the grantors' lands and tenements in the county named. 14 September, 30 Henry VIII. Injured.
[Warw.] D. 1280. Demise by John Freman the prior, and the convent, of Maxstok, to Thomas Rouse, gentleman, Thomas More, parson of Byrmengeham, Richard Styche, vicar of Aston next Byrmengeham, Hugh Lache, vicar of Yardley, and John Tailler, priest, for twelve years, of all their 'teithe cornes' growing in Aston Cantelowe, and all their tithe barns with the garner; the grantees binding themselves in 40l. to observe the conditions specified. 1 May, 19 Edward IV. English.
Surrey. D. 1281. Demise by John Beverley, citizen and skinner of London, to Richard Best of Notefeld, for ten years, of all that plot called 'le Holond,' with houses and sollers built thereon, and all lands &c. belonging, in Notefeld, together with a quit rent of 4s. 4d. reserving the woods to the grantor; if the grantee observe the covenants specified, his bond to the grantor for 5l. shall be void. Michaelmas, A.D. 1432, 11 Henry VI.
[Pembr.] D. 1282. Grant by Laurence Hilyn, clerk, to Walter Reynbot, for his life, of all the messuages, lands, and tenements, in Folcaston and Hilton, which he lately had of the grant of John Reynbot, father of the said Walter; with remainders in tail to John, Walter's son, and Peter and Geoffrey, his brothers, successively, and in fee to John Wilkons. Last day but one of July, 23 Henry VI.
[Middx ?] D. 1283. Grant by Alexander, son of Ailbr[iht], to Robert de Ybernia, of all that messuage which William Riketale held from the grantor in Grimescroft, and land in Horseidune held from the grantor by Ailmar de Melewardesty, called 'Long Acre.' Witnesses:—Alan Burser, Henry de Bassishae, Edward de Bradstrete, Simon de Mertun, and others (named). Twelfth century.
Linc. D. 1284. Record of an agreement between William Eston, son and heir of John Eston of Overburnham in the Isle of Axiholme, and Robert Cawode, prior of the Charterhouse in the said Isle, viz. that the said William on the 28th April in the undermentioned year in the great hall of Epworth manor, before certain persons, named, took an oath that, as soon as he came to full age, he would convey to the prior and convent of the said house, for ten years, certain land in Ouston at Harebuskes near Golowtrelone, for the soul of John, late duke of Norfolk, whose bones are buried in the choir of the said house, and for the souls of his ancestors &c. 3 May, A.D. 1438, 16 Henry VI.
[Leic.] D. 1285. Grant by Philip de Herdeberewe, to the prior and monks of Kirkebi (Monks Kirkby, co. Warw.), in frank almoin, of 6d. with the homage and all the service from land which Rannald held from the grantor in Kirkebi-on-Werc. Witnesses:—Master Thomas de Stude, John, vicar of Kirkebi, John de Brochurst, and others (named).
[Herts.] D. 1286. (1.) Grant by Adam . . . . ., to [the prioress and convent of Sopwell?], of 14d. yearly rent in St. Albans (?). Witnesses:—Ralph de Weston, reeve of St. Albans, and others (named).
(2.) Grant by Thomas the goldsmith, to Margaret Fermeland the prioress, and the convent, of Sopwell, of a yearly rent of 14d. from a messuage in Spitelstrete. Wednesday after St. Valentine, 15 Edward III.
(3.) Description of certain tenements held by the prioress of St. Mary de Pratis.
(4.) Grant by Richard son of Nigel, to the nuns of Sopwell, in frank almoin, for his soul and those of his parents &c. of 2s. yearly rent from a messuage in St. Albans, in the street of Salypath, with 1d. at Christmas from his brother Hugh's messuage, formerly his father's capital messuage, 1d. from land which Hugh holds at Winesherd, and ½d. from a yearly rent of 4s. which Hugh holds of the grantor. Witnesses:—Johnde Kyngesbury, Roger de Porta, and others (named).
Underwritten: Memorandum that the said messuage is now called 'Oppedoune,' and belongs to the nuns of [St. Mary] de Pratis &c.
Copies on paper, injured.
Somers. D. 1287. (1.) Grant in tail by William Reigni, lord of Esholt (Asholt), to Ralph de Bolee, clerk, of all the land which Adam Alfard held of the grantor in Durnelond in the town of Radeslod (Radlet), with messuages &c. and meadow land in Godismore; also of land in the heath towards Fititon (Fiddington) and land towards Padenaler (Padnoller), called 'la Waterlete.' Witnesses:—Hugh Fichet, Walter de Kentelesbere, and others (named). Copy.
(2.) Memorandum of a statement made on Friday in Easter week, 7 Henry V., by Richard Cloudesham and . . . . . Crosse of Tanton, before R. Hill and T. Crowe, as to the illegitimacy of Margery, mother of John Shereve, and of her brother William Bole &c. French.
(3.) Writ to John Attenorchard, to deliver to John Shereve certain land in Pleynysfeld which William Reygni gave to Ralph le Bole in tail, and which, by the form of the said grant, ought to descend to the said John Shereve, as son and heir of Margery, daughter and heiress of Adam, son and heir of John, son and heir of the said Ralph. Copy.
One skin.
[Hants.] D. 1288. Acknowledgment by John Gulebrond that he has received from the prior of Brommore a messuage and land in Langgele, to be held, at the will of the said prior, in villeinage; also acknowledging himself to be henceforth the said prior's bondman (nativus), and renouncing all rights for himself and his issue against the prior and convent. Monday after SS. Tiburcius and Valerian, 5 Edward III. Portion of seal.
[Pembr.] D. 1289. Grant by Willam Stralley and Agnes his wife, to Gilbert Roland, of land in Haverford, adjoining the road to Belamyiswell, paying 3s. yearly to the heirs of John Cokey. Monday after Easter, 29 Edward III. Injured.
[Pembr.] D. 1290. Grant by Agnes Picton, late the wife of Walter Neste, to Philip Lloid, chaplain, of a messuage in Haverford, in 'le Marketstret.' Thursday after St. Ambrose, 6 Henry V.
[Pembr.] D. 1291. Grant by Nicholas William, to William Harold, 'baker,' and Ellen his wife, of a tenement outside the west gate of Haverford. 14 September, 35 Henry VI. Injured.
[Oxford.] D. 1292. Grant by William le Fox of Schyplake, to Thomas le Fox, his son, of land lying in 'le Ridecrofte,' extending to the way called 'Eldelane,' and adjoining Davideslonde. Sunday after St. Gregory the pope, 4 Edward III. A.D. 1329. Fragment of seal.
[Berks.] D. 1293. Grant by John de Colle, to William de Sancto Albano, of land in Eyngelfeld and 'le Thelefeld,' part lying in Bekforlong, and part in the common field of 'la Thele,' in 'la Medforlong.' Thursday before Michaelmas, 4 Edward III.
[Berks.] D. 1294. Release by Isabella, daughter and heiress of John Taillefer of Erburghfeld, to William atte Haw of Syndlesham, of all her right in all the lands and tenements in Syndlesham, which she had by right of inheritance after her said father's death. Last day but one of December, 39 Edward III.
[Hunt.] D. 1295. Conveyance by brother John the prior, and the convent, of Stonlec, to William Parkere of Long Stowe, for his life, of land in Stowe, parts lying respectively on Frendenehul, on Ruschelond, on 'le Goreu,' on Husfurlong, at Coptonemere, in Cossemere, in Benelond, on Wynsilhul, at Sladeshend, in Langelond, in Estbenelond, and on Lyemer &c. Monday after St. John ante Portam Latinam, 3 Richard II.
Endorsed: Clause specifying the fine to be paid by William, son of the present grantee, on admission to the said land, after his father's death, if he desire to occupy it.
[Bucks.] D. 1296. Release by William Hulle of Wotton-under-Bernowode, to John Basset, of all his right which he had by the grant of John Berewell of the same, in three messuages and land in Hachecote. Feast of St. Clement, 3 Henry V. Seal.
[Cornw.] D. 1297. Release by John Billion of Trethewel, to John de Trewynhelek, of all his right in all the messuages, lands and tenements which he had of the said John's gift in Penros, Trebetimyn, Tregentulyon, Penstras, and Bosynf. Bodmin, Tuesday before St. Hilary, 13 Edward III.
[Pembr.] D. 1298. Release by John R . . . . ., to William James, 'coke,' of Haverford, and Margaret his wife, of all his right in the moiety of a burgage in the same. 10 April, 10 Henry VI. Much injured.
[Kent.] D. 1299. Agreement between Stephen Lomherst of the one part, and . . . . . . . . . . of the other, relative to certain indentures made between [the abbot and convent of Boxle ?] of the one part, and the said Stephen and Richard . . . . . of the other part, as to building repairs at Boxle. 2 Henry IV. Portion of document.
Kent. D. 1300. Grant by William Wrenne of Southflete, to John Peres of Stone, of a messuage and land in Stone, part of which land with the said messuage adjoins the street called 'Grenestrete' and the land called 'Heylond,' other part of the land adjoining [the street] called 'Mearkstrete,' part also lying in 'le Herlond,' and part in a close called 'Settecopp ' &c. with condition attached for the payment by the grantee of certain sums at the place and times specified. 10 February, 9 Henry V.
Endorsed: 'iiij acr[es] land at Merke [e]t Herlond.'