Deeds: A.4601 - A.4700

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A Descriptive Catalogue of Ancient Deeds: Volume 3. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1900.

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A.4601 - A.4700

[Dorset.] A. 4601. Acquittance by Walter the prior of Winterburn Wast (de Wasto), for 100s. received from Sir Adam de Strathone, clerk, for the rent (censa) of manors in England, and of the advowson of the church of Winteburne. Wednesday (feria quarta) after Whitsunday, A.D. 1286. Fragment of seal.
Wilts. A. 4602. Conveyance by John Barlet, to Thomas, rector of the church of Swindon, of all his land of Neyerkote, with a court and garden &c. for six years. 'La Hokeday,' 36 Henry III.
Endorsed: 'Swyndon juxta Wotton.'
[Wilts.] A. 4603. Release by Robert de Bampton, to Walter de la Hoke and Christina his wife, in tail, of all his right in land in Lideherd Treygos, formerly held by Matilda, late the wife of Alexander de Castell, Witnesses: —Thomas le Tyas, Anketill de Castro, John Aylmer, Nigel de Stoke, and others (named). Seal.
[I. of Wight.] A. 4604. Grant by Isabella de Fortibus, countess of Albemarle and Devon, and lady of the Island, widow, to Roger de Chilham, in tail, and to Margery his wife, of all the land and tenement in Meriston, held at will by the tenants named, together with the said tenants and their issue &c. Witnesses:—Sirs John son of John, William Marmiun, John la Ware, Jordan de Kingeston, Henry Trenchard, Jordan la Ware, Gilbert de Knevile, knights, Sir John de Insula, parson of Scaldeflete, and others (named). [Henry III.]
[Wilts.] A. 4605. Confirmation by Hugh le Despenser, of a conveyance by Lady Ela Lungespeye, late the wife of Philip Basset, to Adam de Stock, and Roger de Stock, his brother, of lands in Wolphale which she held in dower of Hugh's inheritance there; with release by Hugh of all his right therein. Fasterne, Friday after St. Edmund the archbishop, 22 Edward [I]. Seal.
[Sussex.] A. 4606. Demise by Master John Prophete, canon and prebendary of the collegiate church of Southmallyng, to Master John Kyrkeby, dean of the same, for three years, of his prebend in the said church. 1 August, A.D. 1386, 10 Richard II.
[Essex.] A. 4607. Release by Ysolda de Bellocampo, widow, to John her son, of all her right in a tenement in Middeltun. Witnesses:—Sir Ralph de Glanvile, Sir Hugh de Lasrandre, Ralph de Grendon and others (named).
[Wilts.] A. 4608. Grant by Joan de la Hoke, daughter and heiress of Walter de la Hoke, to Sir Hugh le Despenser, the elder, of all her lands and tenements at 'la Hoke' in the parish of Lydeard Tregos. 20 September, 11 Edward II. Seal.
[Wilts.] A. 4609. Release by Walter le Heyr, of Uppaven, to Sir Hugh le Despenser (dispensario), Walter's chief lord, of all right in land, meadows called' Dockemedestorte' and 'Brodemedestorte,' and pasture for fifty sheep &c. in Estmidelfold, in Upphaven; part of the land lying at 'le Eldechird,' part at Hakardeslond, part beyond 'le Drove,' part by 'la mere' of Rusteshale, part in 'La Hamme,' part at Havestok, part upon Balrichulle, and part at Privetlynche; with further grant of the rent from a messuage, land and pasture in Uppaven, and of the reversion of the said messuage &c. Feast of the Purification, 17 Edward [I]. Seal.
[Wilts.] A. 4610. Agreement between Adam de Stratton, and Sir John son of Reginald son of Peter, relative to certain suit of court every three weeks and presentment of pleas, claimed by the said Adam at his hundred of Heyworth from the said Sir John and his men of Staunton, viz. four of the said men are to attend twice a year only at the said hundred, at the turn or at the view of frankpledge called 'le laweday' after Easter and Michaelmas to present hue and cry and effusion of blood, paying three shillings to the said Adam in discharge of all claim on account of the aforesaid suit; the said Sir John is to have all other attachments issues and profits of the said town formerly belonging to the said hundred. Also the said Adam is to have right of entry into the manor of Staunton to levy Crown debts &c. and to apprehend thieves. London, St. Andrew's Day, 16 Edward [I]. Seal of arms.
[Wilts.] A. 4611. Release by Nicholas, the abbot, and the convent of Stanleye, to Sir Hugh le Despenser, of all their right of common for their cattle in his wood of Fasterne. Saturday after St. Barnabas the apostle, 29 Edward [I].
[Wilts.] A. 4612. Grant by Thomas Basset, to Alan his son, of his manor of Comptun with the land of Berewic. Witnesses:—Thomas de Druval, Robert de Mara, Robert de Witefeld, Walter de Dunstanvile, Geoffrey de Beleye and others (named). Twelfth century. Equestrian seal.
[Wilts.] A. 4613. Sale by Adam son of Everard Bat, to Alan Basset, of land in Cumtone, which Adam inherited from John his brother, to whom it had been sold by William de Cinnoc. Witnesses:—Reginald de Calne, Richard de Hentona, Anselm Maudud, Roger Curteis and others (named). [Henry III.]
[Wilts.] A. 4614. [Grant] by William Cinnoc, to Alan [Basset], of land [in Cumpton]. Witnesses:—Richard de Canvill, Thomas de Kenet, Bartholomew, parson of Cumtun, and others. Fragment.
[Wilts.] A. 4615. Grant by John Russel and Katherine his wife, to Thomas de la Hoke, of all their lands and tenements at 'le Hoke' and Hasele, within the manor of Lydyard Tregos, and of a shop in Creklade, and 1d. yearly rent. Feast of SS. Simon and Jude, 4 Edward II. Two seals, one injured.
[Wilts.] A. 4616. Release by Thomas le Large of Taseworth, to Sir Hugh le Despenser (dispensario), of all his right in a messuage and land in Litlecote in the parish of Helmerton, which Walkelin le Large, Thomas's ancestor, formerly held from Sir Alan Basset. Witnesses:—Richard de Daunteseye, Laurence de Stodleye, Roger de Corston and others (named).
[Wilts.] A. 4617. Release by Sarah, late the wife of Philip Sturmy of Burbach, to Elias son of John Farman of Hungerford, in tail, and to Galiena his wife, of all her right in all the lands and tenements which the said Elias and Galiena have of the grant of John Bacon, Sarah's son, in Estrigge, in the parish of Remmesbury. Witnesses:—John de Hampton, mayor of Oxford, and others (named). Oxford, Thursday. . . . . St. Luke, 13 Edward II.
[Wilts.] A. 4618. Grant by William de Cumbrewelle, to Alan Basset, of laud at Depedene, and all his wood there, with the land on which it stands. Witnesses:—William Cinnoc, Reginald de Calne, Alexander de Stodlee, Bartholomew, the clerk of Cumtune, and others (named).
Endorsed:—'Depeden, la Wiz in Cumpton'.
[Wilts.] A. 4619. Grant by John Wace, to the monks of Stanleg', of land in Henton. Witnesses:—Reginald de Cain, Robert Bloett, Hilary de Bachamton, Theobald de Winterburn, William the clerk of Berewic, and others (named). Twelfth century. Equestrian seal.
[Wilts.] A. 4620. Letter of attorney by John son of John Bacon of Burbarch, authorising Geoffrey Sturmy, his brother, to deliver seisin to Elias son of John Farman of Hungerford, and to Galiena his wife, of all John's lands and tenements in Estrigge, in the parish of Remmesbury. Witnesses:—John de Compton, mayor of Oxford, and others (named). Oxford, Wednesday after St. Luke, 13 Edward II.
[Wilts.] A. 4621. Demise by Philip de Wotton Basset, to Sir Hugh le Despensier, for forty years, of all that tenement with lands &c. which Philip de Molendino, the grantor's father, held by the manor of Fastern; paying 50s. yearly, and a new robe 'de secta clericorum' at Christmas to Philip. Saturday before the Purification, 9 Edward II. Seal.
[Wilts.] A. 4622. Grant by Sarah late the wife of John Bacon of Burbach, to Elias son of John Farman of Hungerford, in tail, and to Galiena his wife, of a messuage and land in Estrigg in the parish of Remesbury. Oxford, Wednesday after St. Luke, 13 Edward II.
[Wilts.] A. 4623. Release by . . . . . . . . of Elias Farman of Hungerford, to the convent of . . . . ., of all right in lands &c. which Sarah Bacon held in . . . . . . Poughele, 24 Edward III. Injured.
[Wilts.] A. 4624. Grant by Matilda, daughter of the late John le Flemming, to John Bakun, Sarah his wife, and John his son, of a messuage and land in Estrigge in the parish of Rammesbyri, for the service of a clove of gillyflower. Witnesses:—Sirs Roger de Kaleston, William de Columbers, Ralph de Haddele, Robert de Blagegrove and others (named). Portion of seal.
Endorsed:—Memorandum of various persons to whom the above premises had come by demise.
[Notts.] A. 4625. Manumission by Sir John de Loutham, knight, of Thomas Agasson Underthehull of Bildisthorp, his bondman. Walton by Chasterfeld, 21 May, 44 Edward III.
[Wilts.] A. 4626. Grant by Robert son of William le Fraunkeleyn, of Berewik, clerk, to Sir Hugh le Despenser, of all the lands and tenements which he has of the grant of William, son and heir of Simon, in Berewik Basset. Witnesses:—Sir Robert de Harwedon, Adam de Stok, Thomas de Tyeys, Laurence de Stodleye and others (named).
[ ] A. 4627. Demise by Bennet son of Walter de Fuletun, to Gilbert son of Alvred de Wikes, of all his land of Wikes called 'Burlaund,' except a messuage and wood, for nine years from Michaelmas after the death of Ralph de Hastines. Witnesses:—Alexander de Rameseie, Robert de Badue, Eustace de Pilekoc and others (named).
[Wilts ?] A. 4628. Grant by John de Latton, to Sir Adam de Stratton, clerk, of land in Upton, in 'la Westmede,' part lying in 'la Withydole,' adjoining 'la Wodag,' and part extending upon Medforlong. Witnesses:—Sir Arac Ridel, knight, William de la Rivere, Richard de Westwode, Thomas de Padehale, and others (named). Seal.
[Wilts ?] A. 4629. Grant by James son and heir of Ralph Russel, to Adam de Stratton, clerk, of a messuage and land in Upton. London, Monday, SS. Philip and James, 1 Edward I.
[Wilts.] A. 4630. Demise by Gilbert le Dun, to Adam de Argoges, of three messuages, a croft, and land in Rammesbury, with release of all his right therein. Witnesses:—Sir Richard de Oxehaye, Robert de Chaury, William de Haselbeche, Chamberlain of the Exchequer, and others (named). Seal.
[Wilts.] A. 4631. Grant by Hugh Bernard, to Alan Basset, of land in Bradetune, of the half hide which Edmund de Roclay and Scolastica his wife claimed against the grantor &c. part lying in Gavelewurd under 'la Visweia,' part in Brendeswelle, part at Witeweya, part in Merfurlang, and part by the lordship of Thornehille &c. Witnesses:—John Luvel, Hugh de Hernton, Reginald de Caln, Robert Bloet and others (named). Equestrian seal.
[Wilts.] A. 4632. Release by Richard Pyg of Bedon, to Sir Hugh lo Despenser (dispensario) of all his right in all the lands &c. in Uphavene, which he had of the grant of Sir Philip Basset, and of William de Wyke, except a dwelling and certain land specified. 3 Ides of April, viz. Sunday the feast of St. Leo the pope, A.D. 1288. Seal.
[Wilts.] A. 4633. Grant by William son and heir of Simon de Berewik Basset, to Robert son of William le Franckelayn of Berewik, clerk, of a messuage with curtilage and croft in Berewik, with land and pasture there, part in a tillage called 'la Nywelonde,' adjoining the high road called 'la Westharepat,' and abutting on the pasture of Ricardeston, and on land called 'la Holebreche'; part extending on 'la Drave' opposite a tillage called 'la Poundfald'; part in tillages called 'la Langebreche,' 'la Sortecrofte,' and 'la Northlangels,' abutting on land called 'la Brodacra,' part in a tillage called 'la Sortebuttokes,' and part in 'la Middelforlange' by 'le Stanrewe,' abutting on 'la Brocforlange.' Witnesses:—Laurence de Stodley, William le Escrivayn, Adam le Chamberlayn and others (named). Seal.
[Wilts.] A. 4634. Grant by Hugh le Despenser (dispensarius), to Sir Ernald Murdach, knight, for his life, of all the lands and tenements in Uphavene and Rustesale, which Hugh had of the feoffment of Richard Pyg. Witnesses:—Sirs Richard de Colsyl, Simon de Torny, Thomas le Rows, John Walrant, knights, and others. Seal of arms, broken.
[Wilts ?] A. 4635. Grant by Adam de Port, to Ralph de Wxesi, of eight acres of pasture, in free service, for which Ralph has given him 5s. and a palfrey worth 20s. Witnesses:—Thomas de Frene, Adam de Argugis, Richard de Wynterburne, Helmar de Berwe, and others (named). Twelfth century.
Endorsed: 'Carta Ricardi Blundi.'
[Wilts.] A. 4636. Letters patent by Hawisia de Saumford, acknowledging the receipt from Sir Philip Basset and the executors of Sir Laurence de Samford, her late husband, of a charter of feoffment of Dauntesye, made to the said Laurence by Sir Gilbert de Dauntesye, and of a charter of confirmation thereof by Sir Richard de Dauntesye; also of the chirograph made between the said Sir Laurence and Gilbert of land in Dauntesye Bremelham, Wivelesford &c. and of the letter of attorney by the said Gilbert to give seisin to the said Laurence of the manor of Dauntesye. London, feast of St. Gregory, 45 Henry III. Fragment of seal.
[Wilts.] A. 4637. Release by William de Everle, to Sir Hugh le Despenser of all his right in a messuage and land in Uphavene. Tuesday after St. Laurence, 2 Edward II.
[Wilts.] A. 4638. Release by Walter le Heyr of Uppavene, to Sir Hugh le Despenser (dispensario) Walter's chief lord, of 6s. yearly rent with the reversion of the cottage and land for which the said rent is due; also of land, and of his meadows called 'Dokemedesterte' and 'Brodernedesterte,' and of pasture, in Estmiddelfolde; part of the land lying at 'le Eldechyrde,' part at Acardeslonde, part beyond 'le Drove,' part by 'la mere' of Rusteshale extending upon Bradewey, part at Havestok, part upon Balrichhulle, part at Pryvetlynch, and part in 'le Hamme.' Witnesses:— Richard de Coumbe and Arnald Murdag, knights, Richard Pyg, Peter de Wylesford and others (named). Seal, injured.
[Warw.] A. 4639. Grant by John in the lane, of Toneworth, and Margaret his wife, to Richard de Montesfort in fee, and to Rose his wife of a croft of land in Toneworth, called 'Hoggecroft,' with a meadow and lane adjoining. Sunday before Midsummer day, 41 Edward III. Two seals of arms.
[Warw.] A. 4640. Grant by Henry, earl of Warwick, to Ranulph the Palmer (palmario), son of Richard de Polford, of land in Taneworth. Witnesses:— John de Lodbroc, Henry de Thubbenay, Thomas Peysun, parson of Taneworth, Peter de Valle, and others (named).
Warw. A. 4641. Conveyance by John Swet, to Rose, late the wife of Richard Mountfort, of all his estate in all the lands and tenements in Toneworth and Aspele, which lately belonged to Thomas Colyns of Toneworth, and which John holds for life from the Crown. 17 January, 22 Richard II. Fragment of seal.
[Warw.] A. 4642. Grant by William de Arden, to William, parson of Napton, of 6s. rent in Croddewurthe with the homages and services &c. due from the tenants of certain tenements there, and all the service of certain land in Ethorp, with a meadow there. Witnesses:—Adam de Napton, Thomas de Herford, Stephen de Rodburne, Nicholas de Croddewurthe and others (named). Seal.
[Warw.] A. 4643. Grant by Thomas Colynes of Toneworth, to Sir William de Bromwych, perpetual vicar of Toneworth church, of all the lands and tenements &c. in Toneworth, Aspeleye, Ullenhale, Notehurst, and Beltesert, which Thomas had of the grant of Sir Henry de Wolverychston, perpetual vicar of Toneworth church, and of Richard Dolphyn, son of the widow (filii vidue). Monday after Christmas, 49 Edward III. Seal, injured.
[Warw.] A. 4644. Release by Richard Dolfyn of Toneworth, chaplain, and John de Yelschawe of the same, to Rose, late the wife of Richard de Montefort of the same, of all their right in all the lands and tenements in Toneworth, late belonging to Henry Sellun of the same. Sunday after St. Valentine, 51 Edward III. Seal of arms imperfect, and portion of seal.
[Warw.] A. 4645. Grant by Richard le Cok, to Robert de Folewode, vicar of Toneworth, Henry de Middelmor, and Simon de Folewode, of all his lands and tenements in Toneworth and Aspeleye, together with rents from lands and tenements held by the tenants named in Aspeleye, Toneworth, and Oleuhale, and the reversion of certain tenements. Monday, vigil of the Epiphany, 2 [22 or 28] Edward III. Fragment of seal of arms.
[Warw.] A. 4646. Grant by John called Perceval of Someri, to Sir Simon de Benetleye Strecche, chaplain, of all the land &c. in Toneworth and Aspeleye which John had of the grant and sale of Sir William de Bello Campo, late earl of Warwick, and others named, and of a house with a curtilage which John inherited in Aspeleye. Saturday after St. John ante Portam Latinam, 4 Edward III.
[Warw.] A. 4647. Grant by Simon de Manecestre of Taneworth, to Thomas Godhorpe and Agatha his wife, in tail, of all the land in Taneworth, called 'Berterameslond.' Witnesses:—Sirs John Pecche and Richard de Wythacre, knights, Sir Reginald Bakun, rector of Solihull church, Jordan de Otleye and others (named).
[Warw.] A. 4648. Grant by Walter Tapping, son of William Tappyng, of Toneworth, to John de Ruyton, of a messuage and two curtilages in Tappynggusende of Toneworth, adjoining the lane called 'Russelluslone' and extending to Tappynggusgrene. Saturday after St. John ante Portam Latinam, 36 Edward III.
[Warw.] A. 4649. Grant by Thomas atte Wyle of Taneworth, with the consent of Juliana his wife, to John de Stapulton of the same, in fee, and to Alice his wife, of a plot of meadow in Taneworth, adjoining the road called 'Sprunwallelover.' Saturday before St. Mark, 10 Edward II.
Warw. A. 4650. Demise by Sir William Catesby of Lambeth co. Surrey, knight, to William Askewe of Lapworth, yeoman, of a 'hempe' plot of ground in Lapworth aforesaid, adjoining the high way from Warwick, for a hundred years. 19 October A.D. 1585, 27 Elizabeth. Signed. English. Seal.
Endorsed: Names of witnesses.
Warw. A. 4651. Release by Thomas Burdet, knight, to William de Bisshopesdon, knight, of all his right in the manor of Lappeworth Halle, Feast of St. Barnabas the apostle, 7 Henry V.
[Warw.] A. 4652. Confirmation by John son of J. de Clifford, of a grant by Alice his mother, to William, brother of Richard the bridge-keeper (pontarii) of Strafford, for sixty years, of a messuage on the bridge. Thursday after Michaelmas, A.D. 1235.
[Warw.] A. 4653. Will of Nicholas Rody of Warwick bequeathing 40s. to St. Mary's, Warwick, for payment of tithes due 'many yeres afore,' and desiring that a stone of black 'lyas' be set beside Evesham 'for to lye upon me having . . . . scriptur contaynyng these wordes pray for the sowle of Nicholas Rody, sumtyme styward of this towne', also bequeathing his lands in Warwick and Whitenasshe to the earl and countess of Warwick in tail, and his 'gode haburjon' and 'gode harpe' to certain persons named, also to Robert Rede 6s. 'for an gowne clothe' which the testator owes to him 'for amends for a sore hurt wuche Thomas Wegewode my servant gafe him with a swerde in my service'; also bequests of 'blake clothe' to his servants &c. Thursday after St. Anne, A.D. 1458, 36 Henry VI. English. Fragment of seal.
Endorsed: Memorandum that the said will was proved before the commissary general of the bishop of Worcester in the parish church of Warwick, on October 25, A.D. 1458 &c.
[Warw.] A. 4654. Grant by Joan, late the wife of Robert Bonhome of Coventre, widow, to William son of William Austyn of Hulle by Warrewyk, of a tenement in Wymondeslone in Coventre, which she inherited after the death of Emma Wymound, her mother. Thursday after St. Ambrose 8 Edward III.
[Warw.] A. 4655. Demise by Richard Cornifer of Henley, to John Austyn of Lapworth, for his life, of two fields with a meadow adjoining in Lapworth, called 'Wolfernewode.' Monday the vigil of St. Laurence 24 Edward III.
[Warw.] A. 4656. Grant by William Midneit, to William de Franketon (Francton), of all his stalls (seldas) in the market place, with land belonging adjoining the street 'de wasto gardino.' Witnesses:—Richard de Aula, Richard de Warewic, Geoffrey de Wilnhal, William de Folkeshul (Fokeshill), and others (named). [Henry III.] Seal.
[Warw.] A. 4657. Grant by Henry de Branteston, to Hugh de Branteston his son, and to Margaret, Hugh's wife, in tail, of land in Lapwrth, with houses, parks, mills, rents, and homages &c. Witnesses:—Richard de Wroxhull, Geoffrey le Marchal, Roger de Brome, Robert Pypart, and others (named).
[Warw.] A. 4658. Release by Thomas Colyns of Toneworth, to lady Rose Montfort, of all his right in all those lands and tenements in Toneworth, Aspcley, Notehurst, Solihull and Ulnhale, which he had of the grant of John Folewode and others (named). Sunday after Michaelmas, 18 Richard II. Fragment of seal.
[Warw.] A. 4659. Grant by Sir Henry de Lodbrok, to John son of Richard des Aspes of Astleye, for his life, of land, meadow, and pasture sufficient for two cows and two bullocks in Thoneworth, with a chamber and grange near the gate, for grain, and four beasts (jumentes) of the value of one mark each &c. and four oxen, price 20s. each. Friday before St. Dunstan, 9 Edward II. French.
[Warw.] A. 4660. Grant by William de Bissopesdon, to Alexander Coc of Lappewurth, of land in the assart of Wulvurunewude. Witnesses:—Sir Bardulf de Cesterton, John de Ludinton, Roger le Franceis, William Sparhauek and others (named).
Warw. A. 4661. Grant by William de Arderne of Radbourne, to John son of William de Catesby, of the homages and services of the prior of Coventry, the abbot of Coumbe, and the prioress of Hynewode, and of Thomas le Rous and Ellen his wife, for lands and tenements which they hold of the grantor in Rodbourne by Southam, with all the rents and services which the grantor has in Honyngham and Ethorp by Wappenbury. Erescote, Thursday before the nativity of the Virgin Mary, 43 Edward III. French. Seal.
[Sussex.] A. 4662. Sale for 40 marks, by master John Prophete, clerk, to master Adam de Wykemere and John de Langeton, clerks, of the tithes of corn of the parish church of Ringmere, for the autumn of the year named, paying certain sums to the dean &c. of the collegiate church of South Mallyng and so much barley to six labourers serving the said master John at Ringmere and Welingham during the autumn last past &c. Wednesday after St. Nicholas, 7 Richard II.
[Warw.] A. 4663. Grant by Nicholas Howelot of Thoneworth, to Reginald de Berkeswelle of the same, and John his son, of land in Thoneworth, adjoining 'le Stokynge' of John le Arch.' Sunday before the Annunciation, 10 Edward II.
[Warw.] A. 4664. Demise by the prioress and the prior and convent, of Nonne Etone, to Thomas de Heyford of Rodburnc and Matilda his wife, for their lives, of land in Sporforde, in the fields of Rodburne. Monday before St. George, 23 Edward III. Injured.
[Warw.] A. 4665. Sale and release by Robert son of Thured, to William de Franketun, of all his land and service which he held in chief from the prior of Coventry at the quarry towards the church of St. Nicholas [in Franketun]. Witnesses:—Richard de Aula, William de Wilnhall, David de Fonte, Robert Bretun, and others (named). [Henry III.] Seal.
[Warw.] A. 4666. Conveyance by John Brome of Lapworthe, to Thomas Parsones of the same, Agnes his wife, and Thomas their son, for their lives, of a messuage in Lapworthe, called 'Stikemones place.' Sunday after St. Katherine, 50 Edward III.
Warw A. 4667. Grant by Robert de Legh, to John de Catesby, of all his estate in 'la Egge' grange in Rotteleye, with all other lands there lately held by Thomas de Stathom from the abbot of Stonleye. Lichfeld, Thursday before the Epiphany, 48 Edward III. French.
[Warw.] A. 4668. Defeasance of a grant by Margaret daughter of Robert Roos, knight, and late the wife of Thomas Pynchebecke, to John Lumbard and Robert Gybbes of Midildicheford, of land in Stretton-on-the-fosse, belonging to Margaret's manor there, with the advowson of Stretton church; witnessing that after the decease or resignation of the present rector of Stretton the said John and Robert Gybbes shall present William Lumbard, John's son, or one other fit clerk to the said church within six mouths, and that immediately after the said presentation the said land and advowson shall remain to the said Margaret for ever. Saturday, 25 March, 19 Henry VI. Two seals.
Warw. A. 4669. Grant by Thomas Grene of Tonworthe, yeoman, to Richard Catesbye, esquire, of lands and tenements in Tonworthe, viz. a messuage and land with a cottage and one 'lez Tanhowse' adjoining the high road from Birmyngham to Stretford upon Aven, and the road from Knoll; a pasture called 'Greate Hawkeshawe,' a meadow called 'Longemedowe,' pastures called 'Lyttyll Hawkeshawe' and 'Wyntertons' and a croft called 'Medowcroftesfyld,' all lying together by a rivulet called 'Hawkeshawe broke'; also a pasture called 'Longecroft' and a meadow called 'Leightons' adjoining land of Tonworthe chantry called 'the Vales.' 12 June, 35 Henry VIII. Seal.
[Oxford.] A. 4670. Will of Agnes Blessett of Watlyngton, widow, leaving 4d. to Lincoln church, and a napkin with towel (mappam cum tuell') to Watlington parish church &c. 20 May, A.D. 1456.
[Heref ?] A. 4671. Release by Henry son of Robert son of Philip de Hyniton in Stradhull, to Alice Stramp of the same, of all his right in a messuage and curtilage in Hyniton. Sunday, the feast of St. John the Baptist, 43 Edward III.
Warw. A. 4672. Demise by George, Richard, Edmonde, Edward, and John Catysbye, esquires, sons of Sir Richard Catysbye, knight, deceased, to Thomas Lewys, of Grismond, co. Monmouth, yeoman, for ninety-nine years, of the manor of Lapworth, commonly called 'Ireland fearme,' with pastures &c. in Lapworth parish called 'Sparhawke feeld' and 'Wakefeld' with a croft in Belshard, called 'Wellcrofte'; reserving a parcel of waste ground called 'Herbery Hethe.' 20 August, 16 Elizabeth. English. Signed. Four seals, two of arms; and fragments of seal.
Endorsed:—Names of witnesses.
Herts. A. 4673. Release by Edward Bensted, to William Saye, knight, John Vere, earl of Oxford, John Radcliff, knight, lord Fitzwater, Robert Radcliff, knight, Henry Haydon, knight, and others (named), of all his right in the manor of Benyngton, and in the advowson of the church there; with warranty against the abbot of Westminster. 8 November 2 Henry VII.
[Warw ?] A. 4674. Indenture witnessing that Sir John de Bysshonesdon knight, has received the homage of John de Pype for the tenements which he holds of Sir John in Morton Daubeney. Witnesses:—Sirs Robert du Vaal, Roger de Ayllesburs, Robert de Napton, knights, and others (named). Warrewyk, Monday after SS. Peter and Paul, 7 Edward III. French. Seal of arms.
[Warw.] A. 4675. Memoranda of six grants in tail to Ralph Dyne of Bereford, and Joan his wife, in Merdene, viz. by Sir John de Lenham, knight, of tenements; by Alice de Broke, of a messuage, garden and land; by Adam and William, sons and heirs of Philip de Rede, of land and wood &c. by the said Adam and William and by Ellen late the wife of the said Philip, of land and a garden; by Richard son of Richard de Rede of Merdene, of a garden; and by the said Adam and William of land and wood, part called 'Lakenfeld' and part 'Estfeld' &c. French.
[Glouc.] A. 4676. Grant in tail by Walter Sanford of Mourton, to Walter de Maryns of Hull and to Alice the grantor's daughter, in free marriage, of a chamber and bakehouse with two gardens and a curtilage; also land in his close by Horscroft, with land in the field called 'Overfeld,' extending to the bank from the spring called 'Wodewelle'; also land in Westfeld, adjoining the high road from Mourton to Oldbury, and the bank called 'Legarstesbrok'; also land in the meadow called 'Nyewebrech'; also pasture in 'la Westmore,' extending from the tillage called 'le Wowelond,' as far as upon Tourdeneytespol; all in [Mourton ?]. Witnesses:—Sir Peter le Veel, Robert de Dane, Walter Southmede, John de Gopeshull and others (named).
Endorsed: 'Mourton.'
Worc. A. 4677. Sale by John Feld of Kyngysnorton, chapman, to William Wyllyngton, esquire, of all his lands and tenements within the lordship of Allechurche called 'Cockys Bache,' adjoining land called 'the Ruddyng' upon Blakdon, and land of the bishop of Worcester called 'hyghe Wastels'; for which William has paid John 8l. and has released to him all his right in a yearly chief rent &c. from a pasture in Allchurche called 'Swanneshull,' extending from land called 'Fraunces' to Ikeneldst[r]ete. 20 June, 38 Henry VIII. English.
[Worc.] A. 4678. Release by Walter Bochard of Devyses, son and heir of Geoffrey Bochard of the same, to Sir Hugh le Despenser, earl of Winchester, of all his right in the meadow of Perschore, with other land there; with the reversion of a meadow which Matilda, late the wife of Geoffrey Bochard, Walter's father, holds as dower. Sende, Wednesday, the morrow of St. Barnabas, 18 Edward II. Fragment of seal.
[Worc.] A. 4679. Release by Edith late the wife of Walter Wodorove of Goldicot, to Thomas de Evesham and Roberga his wife, of all her right in lands and tenements formerly belonging to Henry le Kyng of Goldicote, William de Aldermuston her father, Robert her brother, and the said Walter Wodorove. Wednesday after All Saints, 13 Edward II.
[Worc.] A. 4680. Grant by Thomas Wybbe, esquire, sou and heir of Henry Wybbe, late of Wyche, esquire, to John Colarde, John Gaye, John Jones and John Trewman, of all the lands and tenements in Fekkenham and Tardebygge, called 'Braderugges,' 'Oldeburn,' 'Idewynnes,' and 'Lukes,' with two crofts adjoining; with letter of attorney authorising Richard Hambery to deliver seisin of the premises. 6 March, 6 Edward IV. Seal.
[Worc.] A. 4681. Grant by John de Pebbeworth of Evesham, to Thomas his son, and Hugh de Cokeseye lord of Goldecote, son of Sir Walter de Cokeseye, knight, of a messuage and land in Goldecote. Thursday after Michaelmas, 4 Edward II.
[Staff.] A. 4682. Grant by the abbot and convent of Bordesleye, to Roger son of William Hillary, for his life, of an abatement of the rent due from him for a mill in Wodnesbure with meadow adjoining and crofts &c. as far as the bridge of Wynchespathe, with all the issue (omni sequela) of Wodnesbure &c. Morrow of St. Bartholomew, A.D. 1328, 2 Edward III.
Worc. A. 4683. Release by Malcolm Musard, to his lord, Sir Hugh le Despenser, of all his right in the manor of Marteleie. Evesham, Wednesday after St. Barnabas, 34 Edward [I]. Seal of arms.
[Worc.] A. 4684. Release by Simon Alayn, to Sir John le Despenser (dispensario), of all his right in land, in the manor of Marteleye, at Holme. Witnesses:—Walter de Berga, John Clifard, Richard de Egge and others (named). Seal.
Worc. A. 4685. Release by Malcolm Musard, to Sir Hugh le Despenser, of all his right in the manors of Marteleig' and Sheldesleg'. Bradefeld, Tuesday after St. Katherine, 1 Edward II. Seal of arms.
[Bedf.] [Herts.] A. 4686. Demise by the dean and chapter of St. Paul's, London, to Richard de Graveshende, archdeacon of London, of the manors of Cadyndon and Kenesworth, with the tithes of the churches there; with inventories of the stock, implements, houses, lands &c. at the said manors. A.D. 1299. Draft.
[Cornw.] A. 4687. Letters patent by John Hillary of Treloesek, to Robert de Trevaygnoun, desiring him to deliver to John Clegher and to Lavina, Hillary's daughter, seisin of messuages and lands &c. in Treloesek which he has granted to them in tail. Tyndel, Friday before St. Dunstan, 32 Edward III.
Worc. A. 4688. Demise by Christopher Seyntgerman, to William Wollyngton, for forty years, of the manor of Grene in Alvechurche. 16 November, 19 Henry VIII.
Notts. A. 4689. Letters patent by Edward Nevill, lord of Bergevenny, appointing Robert Strelle, his receiver of all his manors, lands and tenements within the county named. Berlyng manor, 16 December, 32 Henry VI. Signed.
[Wilts.] A. 4690. Release by Philip Avenel, to Adam de Strattone, clerk, of all his right in a messuage and land in Strattone. Monday before St. Matthew, 51 Henry III. Seal.
[Wilts.] A. 4691. Grant by Philip le Bret, to Adam de Strattone, clerk, of a messuage and land, with all that he may inherit in Nethere Strattone. Witnesses:—Sirs Robert de Lusteshull and Waleran de Bluntesdon, knights, Robert de Abindon, John Aylmer and others (named). Seal.
[Wilts.] A. 4692. Release by Adam Robby son of Simon Robby, to Adam de Stratton, clerk, of all his lands and tenements in Stratton. London, Monday after St. John ante Portam Latinam, 6 Edward I. Fragment of seal.
[Wilts.] A. 4693. Grant by Ralph son of John de Gardino, to Adam de Stratton, clerk, of 13s. 2d. and a pair of gloves, yearly rent, in Netherestratton and Overestratton, to be received from the tenants named, with homages &c. London, Saturday after the conversion of St. Paul, 8 Edward I.
[Wilts.] A. 4694. Grant by John de Gardino, to Adam de Stratton, clerk, of meadow land in Stratton, in the meadow of Westrewe. Friday before St. Barnabas, 45 Henry III.
Berks. A. 4695. Obligation by Reginald le Fouwer of Sryvenham, charging all his lands and tenements in the said town, or elsewhere, with the payment of a yearly rent to Sir Adam de Stratton, at his manor of Sevenhampton [co. Wilts]. Rodeston, 1 April, 12 Edward 1. Seal.
[Wilts.] A. 4696. Grant by Thomas de la Fenne, son of Thomas de la Fenne, to Adam the clerk (clerico) son of Thomas de Argwill, of all his land in Strattone. Witnesses:—Sirs Nicholas de Lusteshulle and Walerand de Bluntesdon, knights, John the parson of Strattone, Philip le Bret, William Avenel and others (named). [Henry III.] Seal, broken.
[Wilts, now Berks.] A. 4697. Release by William le Mire, to Sir John le Despenser (dispensatori), of all his right in meadow land in the moor of Scheperugge. [Witnesses:—] Gilbert le Blunt, Nicholas de Didenham, John de Lodewell and others (named).
[Wilts.] A. 4698. Grant by John de Gardino, to Adam de Argoges, clerk, of a yearly rent from land in Overestrattone, with land in the common meadow of 'la Westrewe,' in Netherstrattone. Witnesses:—Philip le Bret, Roger de Camera, William Avenel and others (named). Seal.
[Wilts.] A. 4699. Grant by Nicholas Aylwyn, to Adam de Argoges, of land in Strattone, lying in Uverefurlang, in the common of Harehull. Witnesses: —William le Paumer, William Avenel, Thomas Odo and others (named). Seal.
[Wilts.] A. 4700. Confirmation by William de la Fenne, son of Thomas de la Fenne, to Adam the clerk, son of Thomas de Argwill, of the grant to him by Thomas, William's brother, of laud in Strattone. Witnesses:—Sirs Nicholas de Lusteshull and Walerand de Bluntesdon, knights, Philip le Bret, and others (named). [Henry III.] Seal.