Deeds: A.12001 - A.12100

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A Descriptive Catalogue of Ancient Deeds: Volume 5. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1906.

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A.12001 - A.12100

Leic. N'hamp. A. 12001. Letter of attorney by William, lord la Zouche and Saymour and Elizabeth, his wife, to Ralph Beaufo and William Smyth to receive seisin of land, &c. in West Haddon, co. Northampton, and in the town of Houghton on the Hill, co. Leycester, according to indentures thereof made to them by William Tresham and Robert Iseham. 2 April, 28 Henry VI. Seals.
[Cornw.] A. 12002. Feoffment by Ralph de Tregot to William de Trevael, for his homage and service, of all [his] land, &c. in the town of Penmene; rent, a pepper corn at Michaelmas for all service, save one suit of his court yearly. Witnesses:—Odo de Trevael, Reginald de Knolle, Robert de Trewybrest, Richard Poyher, John Nanskelly, clerk. Seal.
Endorsed: Penmena juxta Tretherff.
[Norf.] A. 12003. Feoffment by Reginald son of Thomas, of Frausham, to William son of William, of Wenling, for his homage and service, and for 11 marks, of a croft in the town of Frausham, fomerly Osmund Chapman's (mercatoris); rent, 18d. viz. 6d. on the feasts of St. Margaret and St. Edmund, and on Palm Sunday, and 2d. to a scutage of 20s. and so in proportion. Seal, with legend, sigill. reginaldi. filii. thome.
Endorsed: Kinnokes Crofte.
[Salop.] A. 12004. Letters patent of Roger, lord of la Sete, reciting that Simon de la Seete, clerk, Isabel, his wife, and Roger, their son, were bound to pay him 6s. 8d. rent yearly for certain lands demised to them for the term of their lives; release to the said Simon, for life, of 20d. thereof, the full rent to be paid after Simon's decease. La Sete, Sunday after the Purification, 2 Edward III. Seal, with legend, s. rog. dni. de. la. sete.
[Glouc.] A. 12005. Grant in free alms by Andrew de Bosco, son and heir of Robert de Bosco, to God and St. Mary of Stanleg', and the monks there, of the meadow he held of their fee in Coderinton, between the meadow of Sir Ralph Russel of Durham and the meadow called 'Lullingaker' beside 'Codmett'; for this" they have acquitted him against the king of 3 marks 2s. which he owed the king for a certain amercement he incurred at Gloucester before Sir Roger de Turkeby and others, justices in eyre. Seal, with legend, s. andree. de. bosco.
[Warw.] A. 12006. Feoffment by Nicholas de Wichefford, son of Matthew de Dunton, knight (militis), to his brother Matthew, for his homage and service, of all the land, with all the service, which William Marmiun held in Dunton aforesaid, and the land Ralph de la Lande held there, to wit the land of Mucclehull, between 'Smethewer' and the pond of Moxhul; rent, a pair of white gloves at Whitsun for all save foreign service. Witnesses: —Henry the dean (decano), of Wihtsawe, Roger de Camvill, William de Bracebrugge, Matthew and Adam de Creddewrthe, Philip de Dunton, John de Blacgrave, Ralph son of Ralph of Tamworth, Walter de Overton. Seal, with legend, s. nicolai. de. wihfort.
[Heref.] A. 12007. Feoffment by Robert son of John to David son of David ap Adam, for 10s. beforehand, of ½a. land in the fee of Neutone in the lord- ship of the prior of Llantony Prima (Lantonie prime) in the fee of Ewyas Lacy, &c; rent 3d. at Michelmas for all service, save the service of the chief lord for so much free land, and 6d. for a heriot. Witnesses:—Richard ap Phelip, Sir Griffin, the chaplain, Hugh le Machun, Philip son of John, Richard ap Meric. Seal, with legend, s. roberti. fili. iohanis.
[Cornw.] A. 12008. Release by Henry de Treludrou to William Penty, his brother, of his right in a messuage and the moiety of a ferling of land in the town of Tyndel Mur, which John Eduurt formerly held of him. Witnesses:—John de Lanbrun, Thomas Peticru, Thomas de Penwern, John de Nanskelli, Robert de Porta, Odo Gruglan, Andrew de Penhel. Treludrou Gres, Friday the morrow of St. Barnabas, the Apostle, 1 Edward III. Seal.
[Cornw.] A. 12009. Release by Thomas de Beetlan to Oliver son of Nicholas de Tretheveth of the right which he claimed to have in the town of Tretheveth by the king's writ; consideration, 20s. Witnesses:—Geoffrey de Treweluarft, John de Tregot, Philip de Halap, Eowland (Rodland') de Podyf[r]a[n], R. Gychard, William de Tregeu. Seal, with legend, Sig. tome. fil. petri.
[Suff.] A. 12010. Feoffment by Nicholas son of Richard son of Matthew of Subyri to Henry dele Dowere (de Dote), of Waldyngfeld, and Agnes, his wife, of 3r. meadow, called 'Langholm,' of the fee of Aketon, which he had in coparceny with Geoffrey de Maldon by the gift of the said Richard son of Matthew, his father, one head abutting on the Stour (Sturam) from Holgate mill to Bramdon mill, and the other abuts towards the said mill of Bramdon, and lying between the Stour and the meadow of the said Henry and Agnes, formerly William de Holgate's; to hold of his said father, and his father's heirs; rent to his said father, 2d.; consideration, 2 marks beforehand. Witnesses:—William de Grey, John de Peyton, Gilbert le Chasteleyn, Nicholas de Bures and others (named). Seal, with legend, s. nicholai. filii. math. Cf. A. 11086.
[Cornw.] A. 12011. Counterpart of ratification by Richard de Reskemmer of the grant or demise of the rents of Penfunten and Treenhelegen, with the fold (verbagio), which Sir Roger de Reskemmer, knight, for himself and his, made to Sir William de Rosviel, prior of the hospital of St. John the Baptist beside the bridge of Helleston. Witnesses:—John de Tremaen, Alan de Rosmeryn, Joceus de Antron, John de Lannergh Mor, John de Trethaek. Reskemmer, Wednesday after St. Ambrose, 1344. Seal, with legend, [s]. f'ris. ioh'is. de. stoke.
[Cornw.] A. 12012. Indenture being a feoffment by Thomas Roscruk, son of James Roscruk, to Ralph Reskymmer, esquire, of all his land, &c. in the town of Penhalwyn; rendering yearly such rent and service as he was bound to do therefore to the heirs of Thomas Roscruk, late of Roscruk, deceased. Witnesses:—Thomas Brodrugan, William Antron, Richard Penpons, John Penros Methle. Penhalwyn, 24 September, 23 Henry VI. Seal.
Endorsed: Rescruge.
[Warw.] A. 12013. Feoffment by Geva, daughter of Alexander Clerk (clerici), of Tanewrth, late the wife of Robert Webb (textoris), of the same, widow, to Roger son of John de Bordesleg', of the same, for his service, of a parcel of land in the territory of the said town, between the land she gave to Geoffrey, her son, and the way, called 'le Blindelon[e], from the said John's house to Tanewrth church, and between the small tilth (cultura), which the said Robert held of the nuns of Pinneleg', and land of the said John, &c.; rent, 4d.; consideration, 18s. beforehand. Witnesses:—William de Barnevile, and others (named). Seal, with legend, s. geve. fil. alexan.
[Warw.] A. 12014. Feoffment by Simon son of Simon Bertulmeu, of Hattone, to Alice, his sister, daughter of the said Simon, of ½a. land, with the appurtenances belonging to so much land, on the tilth (culturam) called 'Wetforlong', abutting on 'le Filddene wey,' &c.; to hold, etc., except religious houses and the Jewry; rent, ½d. at Michaelmas; consideration, 5s. 6d. beforehand. Seal, with legend, s. simoni'. fil. sioi'. b'tilme.
[Cornw.] A. 12015. Letters patent by Walter Trethurf, of Chyemeder, to John de Chyenton requiring the said John to answer Roger son of Oliver de Caermenou, to whom he had granted them, for the rent and service John owed him for land in Chyenton. Caermenou, Thursday the feast of St. Katharine, the Virgin, 13 Edward III. Seal.
Warw. A. 12016. Indenture being the defeasance of a writing obligatory whereby John Sloley, of Arley, co. Warwick, was bound to John Catesby in 100 marks at Whitsuntide next, to wit if John Sloley, and his feoffors (feoffatores), John Fyllongley, Thomas Buxston, of 'le Temple,' and William Bret, of Ansteley, enfeoffed the said John Catesby, of all their land, &c. in Bentley, called 'Molyngton londes' or 'Peytoeslondes,' &c. Coventre, 31 March, 1413. Seal.
[Warw.] A. 12017. Feoffment by William son of William Miller (molendinar') of Hinkeleye, to Henry le Wayte, of Nonnetone, and Maud, his wife, and the heirs of their bodies, of a tenement in Nonnetone, with a toft and croft, which descended to him on the death of Emma, his sister, daughter of William Miller (molendinar'), of Hinkeleye, between the road to Attelberwe, &c. Witnesses:—William de Rodborne, steward of Nonneton, and others (named). Wednesday before St. Margaret, the Virgin, 12 Edward II. Seal.
Leic. A. 12018. Indenture being a feoffment by Edmund Newenham, and Richard Kyrton, clerk, to Robert Catesby, of Newenham, co. Northampton, esquire, and Lettice his wife, for the term of their lives in survivorship, with remainder to William Catesby, their son, in tail, with remainder, in default, to Nicholas Catesby, their son, in fee, of all the land, &c. in Thedyngworth, co. Leicester, which they had by the feoffment of the said Robert; attorneys to deliver seisin, Richard Glover,—Wryght. 14 March, 7 Edward IV. Seal of arms, and seal, detached.
[Warw.] A. 12019. Feoffment by Robert Bagot, son of Simon Bagot, of Prestun, to Julian, daughter of John de Burley (Burleya), for her homage and service, of the land in Lappewrth, which Simon, his father, gave him, to wit between his house and the road to Henley (Henleiam); to hold, &c. except to religious house, or church; rent, 6d; if she die without having assigned the same, it is to revert to him and his heirs. Witnesses:— Robert and Peter de Valle, Nicholas, parson of Horburn, and others (named). Seal (head, tonsured), with legend, s. rob. bagot. p[er]so[n]e. d'. lap.
N'hamp. A. 12020. Acquittance by John Wolf, vicar of the church of Welton, to John de Catesby, for 7l. in full for a bargain of land, &c. in Welton and Asschebyleger, whereof he lately enfeoffed the said John and Emma, his wife, and the heirs and assigns of John. Asscheby Leger, Thursday, the morrow of the Assumption, 10 Richard II. Seal.
[Norf.] A. 12021. Counterpart indenture being the memorandum of an exchange between Nicholas, abbot of St. Mary of Wendling, and the con- vent of the same, and John son of William Gleuman, of 1a. arable for another, in Skerninge. Witnesses:—Sir Gilbert de Fransham, Sir Osebert de Callii, Sir Seyer de Frivill, knights, and others (named). Seal, with legend, s. iohis. glevman.
[Devon.] A. 12022. Feoffment by Thomas atte Crosse to Henry Broun, of Holebroke, of all his land, &c. 'atte Crosse,' in the parish of Clyst St. George. Witnesses:—John Wonard, and others (named). 28 May, 21 Richard II. Seal.
[Cumb.] A. 12023. Release by Quenilda daughter of Adam son of Huyan de Hale, widow, to Robert son of Sir Richard de Cletern, of her right in 1a. land in the town of Botil, which she had by the gift of John de Hale, and which used to pay to the true heirs of Hale a pair of gloves yearly. Hale, Monday, the feast of St. Clement, the Pope, 33 Edward I. Seal.
[Bedf.] A. 12024. Feoffment by Alice, late the wife of John [G]yz, knight, and sister and heir of Edmund Gacelyn to John de Cryngelford, of Suthyevel, in tail, with remainder in default to his right heirs, of the rood (illam quarter') of land, called 'Holeweyquarter,' and the rood of land, which William Blaber formerly held, in Suthyevel, and the whole of that tenement which Reginald Race held, with the cottage and land formerly of William Pyk, the elder, there; rent, 10s. Friday, Midsummer Day, 30 Edward III. Seal. See A. 11443.
[Hants.] A. 12025. Feoffment by John Wyther, of Farlingeton, to Alice, his daughter, for her service, in tail, with reversion in default to himself and his heirs, of a house which Lucy la Franceise formerly held there, and two parts of the curtilage, to wit those on the south, which the said Lucy formerly held, and all the land on the west of the curtilage, between his land and land of Dame Agnes de Merley, &c.; rent, 10d. at Michaelmas. Witnesses:—Thomas Stake, Thomas and Alan la Weyte, and others (named). Seal.
Linc. A. 12026. Feoffment by Robert Chapman, rector of the church of Boketon, co. Norfolk, to Thomas Cook, rector of Langtone, co. Lincoln, John de Askeby, chaplain, and Robert Bradnam, of Brynkyl, of all the land, &c. which he had in town and fields of Aswardby and Haryngton; also grant to them of all his goods there and elsewhere, co. Lincoln. Boketon, Wednesday after St. Faith, the Virgin, 3 Henry V. Seal.
[Hants.] A. 12027. Indenture of demise by Thomas Snokeshulle, son and heir of Alice daughter of the late John Stake, of Frendestapulle, to Mary, late the wife of Richard Stake, for her life only, of all the land, &c. which descended to him on the death of the said Alice, in Frendestapulle, Farlyngton, and Farham, a messuage and garden, and 4a. arable in Farlyngton excepted. Witnesses:—John Uvedale, Richard Wayte, and others (named). Fren- destapulle, Friday after St. Matthew, the Apostle, 7 Henry IV. Seal.
[Salop.] A. 12028. Feoffment by Henry le Fourbissor, of Lodelowe, to Adam, lord of La Sete, of 1a. land in the fee of Stivinton in the tilth (cultura) of 'Dademars,' &c. for another acre there. Lodelowe, Sunday after St. John Baptist, 34 Edward [I]. Seal, with legend, s. rog. dni. de. la. sete.
Wilts. A. 12029. Feoffment by William Seman, and Isabel, his wife, to John de Roches, knight, of all their land, &c. in the parish of Bromham, and of all their land, &c. in the county of Wylteschir. Witnesses:— Robert de la Mare, John de Dauntesey, Philip Fitzwaryn, Edward Cerne, knights, Thomas Dryw, William Worston, Richard Urdelee. Bromham, Sunday after St. Matthias, the Apostle, 40 Edward III. One seal.
[Warw.] A. 12030. Letter of attorney under their common seal by John de Wanetyng, warden of the house of the scholars of Merton in Oxford, and the brethren of the same house, to Master William de Harington, their co-fellow (consocium), authorising him to demise their land in Lappeworth, to wit a messuage with a half virgate of land, saving the advowson of the church, to Sir John de Bisschoppisdon, knight, for the term of his life, and of Agnes, his wife, for ½ mark yearly, and to put John in seisin thereof. Oxford, 28 September, 2 Edward III. Fragment of seal.
[Glouc.] A. 12031. Indenture being the memorandum of an agreement made at Lamheth, Wednesday before the feast of the Apostles Simon and Jude, 7 Edward [I], between Sir Theobald de Veredoun and Sir Hugh le Despenser, the elder, to wit, Theobald demises to the said Hugh his whole manor of Byselegh, with the advowson of the church of the said manor, and all his part of the Hundred of Byselegh, for the term of five years, from the day of date, to hold as completely as the ancestor of the said Sir Theobald had them of the ancestor of the earl of Hereford. Fragment of seal, with legend, . . . . . de. verdvn.
[Norf.] A. 12032. Release by Adam son of Richard de Kemestun to William son of John, parson of the church of Kemestun, of his right in the land which was of Thor (Thory) de Kemest'; consideration, ½ mark; he has sworn (fide media juravi) to keep, &c. Witnesses:—John de Oxewic', John, his son, Alexander, steward of Acre (Acra Monachorum), Helinald of Southacre (Suthacra), William de Heringeshae, Roger de Bestun, clerk, Rodland de Kemestun, and others (named). Seal, perishing, with legend, sigil. ade. fil. ricar.
Warw. A. 12033. Grant by William Purefey to Robert Catesby, of Asscheby, of 13s. 4d. rent for life, out of his manor of Thestyrwover. Asscheby Ligger, 20 February, 26 Henry VI. Seal.
Camb. A. 12034. Feoffment by John Mair, of Cambridge, and Thomas Rogger, of the same, to William Levechild, of Berton, and Richard Ade, of Chesterton, of 3a. 3½r. arable lying dispersed in the fields of Whitwell and Berton, which, with other land, they, together with John Brokeshawe, since deceased, had by the gift and feoffment of the said William Levechild, of Berton, by charter dated at Whitwell, 27 May, 14 Edward IV. Witnesses:—John, Richard and Nicholas Aunger, of Berton, and others (named). Berton, 18 May, 21 Edward IV. Seals.
[Warw.] A. 12035. Indenture of demise, for the term of his life, by William Preest, of Coventre, butcher, to Henry atte Heth, of Coventre, merchant, of a curtilage in Little Park Street (minori rico parci), Coventre, &c.; rent, 4s. Witnesses:—Roger le Bray, bailiff of Coventre, and others (named). Wednesday, Lady Day, 12 Edward III. Seal, broken.
[N'hamp.] A. 12036. Demise by Edmund [de Watford] to Richard son of Thomas . . . ., for life, of ½a. arable and 2a. meadow in the field of Watford, formerly of Nicholas, his brother. Watford, Friday after St. Giles, the abbot, 35 Edward III. Seal, with legend, [e]dmvndi. de. watford.
[Warw.] A. 12037. Feoffment by Joan de Elnehale, of Coventre, widow, to Sir Adam atte Hall (de Aula), chaplain, her son, of the tenement she had beside the bridge of Smythesford, in Coventre, between the stream called 'Shirbourne' and the tenement late Richard le Dubbere's, and extending from the street (regia strata) to the lane called 'le Westhorchard.' Witnesses:—John de Cliftone, bailiff, Roger de Pacwode, coroner, of Coventre, and others (named). Monday after St. Peter's Chains, 17 Edward II. Seal, with legend, s. iohanne. d'. elnhale.
[Wilts.] A. 12038. Release by Robert Stykeberd, son of John Stykeberd, of Salisbury, to John Nedeler, the younger, of the same, of his right in 5a. land in the field of Stratford under the Castle of Salisbury. Witnesses:— Thomas Hungerford, knight, bailiff of Salisbury, Richard Spencere, mayor, Richard Juwell and Adam Teffonte, coroners there, John Leuesham and Walter Nandre, reeves (propositis) there and others (named). New Salisbury, 8 April, 20 Richard II. Seal.
[Norf] A. 12039. Feoffment by Roger son of Thomas Baldewin, of Skern- ing, to Alexander son of Thomas, of Skerning, of the whole capital messuage, with buildings, which was his said father's, in Skerning, and 14a. arable in the croft of the said Thomas beside the said messuage, and all that land, which is called 'Lundgrene,' lying beside the pasture of 'Tunker,' and 1r. meadow in 'Fythelmede,' abutting on the said messuage, and the whole alder-bed (alnetum), which he had in the common pasture beside 'Fythelmede,' and all the commons and liberties which he, or his said father, had in the town of Skerning; rent, a clove at Michaelmas for all service; for this Alexander gave him 30 marks, and did homage for the fee. The day of St. Katharine, the Virgin, 45 Henry III. Witnesses:— Sir Saer de Frevill, Henry, his brother, Thomas de Hereford, Warin, his son, William de Hereford, and others (named). Seal, with legend, sig. rogeri. fil. thom.
Endorsed: Roger Baldewyn.
[Norf] A. 12040. Feoffment by Roger son of Thomas Baudewin, of Skerning, to Alexander son of Thomas of Skerning and Nichola, his wife, for their homage and service, and for 100s. in gersum, of 8a. land and 1r. meadow, in Skerning, to wit, 2a. 3r. between land of William de Wenling, &c. and abutting on his messuage, 3a. abutting on 'Fythelescroft', &c. and 2a. 1r. in 'Fythelescroft,' &c. and the rood of pasture extending from the common pasture to 'Fythelescroft,' &c.; rent, 2d. Witnesses:— Geoffrey de Byteringe, and others (named). Seal, with legend, sig. rogeri. fil. thom.
[N'hamp.] A. 12041. Counterpart of demise by William Broke, Martin Ever- mond, Philip Franketon and John Broke, to Simon Snowe, for his life, of all their land, &c. in Heliden, in the parish of Catesby, which they had by his feoffment. Helyden, Thursday after the Conversion of St. Paul, 16 Richard II. Seal, with legend, s. ric'i. blend.
[Salop] A. 12042. Feoffment by Richard de Orleton, of Lodelowe, to William, his son, of 2a. land in the field of Ahsford Carbonell, called (cocato) 'Wulveleye,' next land of John Carbonell, which he had by the feoffment of Robert de Ricardescastell, of Lodelowe, butcher. Witnesses:—John Carbonell, of Ahsford, Roger Simondes, of La Sete, and others (named). Lodelowe, Friday after St. Laurence, the Martyr, 35 Edward III. Seal.
[Warw] A. 12043. Indenture of demise by William Suwet, Richard de Blaby, and William de Offechurch, to Henry Chapmon, of Coventre, and Joan, his wife, for the term of their lives in survivorship, of a messuage in Coventre, in 'Wymundeslane,' between the tenement formerly of Joan del Sartrie and the 'Shirburne,' and from the highway to Stephen Scathelok's tenement; rent, 52s. doing repairs. Monday after Lady Day, 41 Edward III. Seals.
[Norf.] A. 12044. Feoffment by John Fynch, of Skerningg, to Thomas son of Alexander, of the same, and Agnes, his wife, of 1a. land, in the fields of Great Frausham, in three pieces, and of a piece of land in Skerningg fields; to hold, &c. except to a house of religion. Witnesses:—Sir William de Frausham, knight, and others (named). Friday after St. Scolastica, the Virgin, 27 Edward [I]. Seal, with legend, s. iohannis. finch.
[Warw] A. 12045. Release by Thomas son of William Attebeh, of Folkeshul, to Henry Carpenter (carpentario), of Coventre, and Emma, his wife, of his right in a messuage, in Coventre, in Goseforde street, which he had by the gift of Walter le Butter, of Coventre, next the land held by William Hoysel, the meadow formerly Pain Pake's, &c.; rent, to Alexander Vintner (rinetar) of Coventre 2s., and to Walter le Butter a rose at Midsummer; consideration, 30s. beforehand. Witnesses:—Henry Baker (pistore), bailiff of Coventre, and others (named). Seal, with legend, s. thome. fil. will'i. de. [b]eh.
Endorsed: Tomas de Bilneye.
[Norf.] A. 12046. Feoffment by Walter, son of William Steyk, of Burnham, to Simon son of Richard Capun', of Burnham, for his homage and service, and for 1 mark in gersum, of a messuage in his court between the messuage of James Goldsmith (aurifabri) and his own, next Burnham market, 29 ft. by 38 ft.; rent, 4d. Seal, with legend, s. walteri. fil. wil.
[Wilts.] A. 12047. Feoffment by John de Newebourg to Sir Hugh le Despenser of 10 marks rent in the towns of Pyritone Stoke, and Cheleworthe, which he had by the gift of Sir Robert de Kaynes. Witnesses:—Sir Walter de Pavelli, Sir John de Clintone, and Sir John de Holt, knights, Philip le Gay, Adam Walraund, Frari de la Shawe, John Joukyn. Fastern, Thurs- day after St. Vincent, the Martyr, 81 Edward [I]. Seal of arms, effaced.
[Norf] A. 12048. Letter of attorney by Parnel, niece (n ptis) of the late Alan of Brunham St. Clement, chaplain, to Walter de Veutre, of the same, to put William de Veutre in full seisin of a place there, whereof she had enfeoffed him. Thursday before Whitsun, 35 Edward [I]. Seal.
[Heref.] A. 12049. Feoffment by Adam son of Walter to Thomas son of Roger, smith (fabri), of 4½a. land, Welsh measure (de Wallican' mensura), in the fee of Sir Roger de Mortimer (Mortuo Mari) and Dame Joan de Genevyle, in the tenure of Ewias Lacy, between lands of the said Sir Roger, Philip Vauhan, Kedivor ab Cradoc, the late Robert Wroth and the said Adam, reaching to the water called 'Holizham'; rent, to the chief lords, what belongs to so much free land in that fee. Witnesses:—William ap Philip, Richard Wroth, William ab Grifit and others (named). Seal, with legend, s. ade. fil. Walter.
Endorsed: Holzham.
[Warw.] A. 12050. Release by Joan daughter of Nicholas Waryn, of Covintre, widow, to Ranulf de Fraunketon, of her right in land in Covintre, in the market of the lord prior, which Nicholas, her father, formerly held of the said Ranulf, at the head of Waste Garden (rasti gardini). Witnesses:— Robert de Chilton and others (named). Seal, with legend, s. iohanne. v[x]. ioh. payn. Cf. A. 6425.
[Cornw.] A. 12051. Confirmation by Benedict son of William de Banadluc to his brother Geoffrey of his father's gift to the said Geoffrey, of ½a. land in the town of Trebervet, to hold of him the said William, by service of 2s. and a pair of white gloves, and 3d.—(de mollec) yearly, for all service, and for suit of court, except once a year, to wit at the Kalends of May, and for mercy (misericordia), except a gallon of wine, as the said charter witnesses. Witnesses:—John de St. Constantine, Thomas, his brother, Richard de Trenerth, Baldwin de Trewyados, Richard Smith (fabro) of Creu[g]y, Peter de Trewaduch, Maurice, the clerk. Seal, with legend, s. benedci. d'. banat . .
[Cornw.] A. 12052. Release by Richard son of Archittin de Kestel to Thomas de Trelanbihan and his heirs of suit of his court of Trewens for two suits a year, viz. to the court next after the feast of St. Michael in September and the feast of the Apostles Philip and James in May, in the town of Kestel, or in Trewens, or in Tredewy, or in Herliwes, and not elsewhere. Witnesses:—Sir Ralph de Tregod, Nicholas de Sechevill (sicca villa), John de Skyberiou, John de Treneython, Ralph de Carnsuloc. Seal, with legend, [s. ric]ardi. de. kestel.
Endorsed: Trewyns Trelanbyan . . .
[N'hamp.] A. 12053. Release, the feast of St. Edmund of Pontigny (beati Edadmundi Pontinnacens'), 50 Henry III, by Andrew, son of William Trenchaunt, of Brakkele, to the abbot and convent of Osseneye, of his right in the meadow of Winstones Lake, to wit that meadow which the late Stephen le Templer gave in his lifetime to them for the maintenance of that house; consideration, 12d. Witnesses:—John le Freman of Mixbur', Hugh le Fraunkeleyn, Jordan de Sent Lus, Roger de Stratford. Seal, with legend, S. Andr . . . . enchvnt.
[Warw.] A. 12054. Grant by William de Hasilford, of Bannebury, and Denise, his wife, for the term of her life, to Sir John de Stafford, parson of the church of Leek, of all the land, &c. which they had in dower in the town of Bobenhull, in her right, from William de Wilby, formerly her husband. Bobenhull, Sunday after St. Barnabas, 40 Edward III. Witnesses:—Sir Robert de Stafford, Sir John de Verdon, knights, William Palmer, John Bray, Walter Deyvill. Seals.
[Norf.] A. 12055. Release by John Couper, late rector of a mediety of the church of Skernyng and John Peyntour, the younger, of Skernyng, to Margery Ede, late the wife (quondam marite) of Roger Ede, of the same, of their right in all the land, &c. there, or elsewhere, which they had by her gift and feoffment. Skernyng, Wednesday before Midsummer, 7 Henry VI. Seals.
Endorsed: Thomas Hoo.
A. 12056. Fragment, with signature 'Salisbury' and seal, quarterly of six, 1 and 6, Cecil, 2, Winston, 3, Caerlyon, 4, Eckington, 5, Walcote.
[Salop.] A. 12057. Indenture of demise by John de Huggeford, knight, to Richard Kady, and Amice, his wife, for the term of their lives in survivor- ship, of a messuage and nook (nocatam) of land, which Robert le Dychar formerly held, at 'le Swete Hok,' within the manor of Huggeford; rent, 4s. and two suits of court, and a heriot for each of them unless she die first. Witnesses:—Thomas le Forcer, and others (named). Appeleye, Sunday after the Apostles Peter and Paul, 10 Edward III. Seal (a stag's head, caboshed, with cross between the attires).
[Cornw.] A. 12058. Release by John Fraunces, of Hayvos, to John Tretherf, of his right in the towns of Tretherf, Trewens and Gonrestyr. Witnesses:—William Bodrygan, knight, John Petyt, esquire, Stephen Boswydell, Thomas Treuthgans, John Polsulsek. Tretherf, Monday before the beheading of St. John the Baptist, 15 Henry VI. Seal.
[Warw.] A. 12059. Indenture being a feoffment by Robert Huggeford to Richard Reynald, otherwise called Richard Ryvell and Margery, his wife, and the heirs begotten between them, with reversion in default to himself, of a tenement in the suburb of Warwick, at the head of the great bridge, in the street leading from the bridge to St. Nicholas' church, wherein William Deyster dwells between the Aven and Walter Pecche's tenement. Witnesses:—John Brome, and others (named). Warwick, Sunday after St. Valentine, 11 Henry IV. Seal (a buck's head, cabossed; with, between the attires, 'r,' and below 'Huggeforde').
Memorandum endorsed of enrolment on the dorse of the Close Roll in February of the said year.
[Warw.] A. 12060. Indenture between John de Wylby and Thomas de Wylby, his brother, reciting that whereas John had granted to Thomas a moiety of all the land, &c. which he had by the gift and feoffment of Sir John de Stafford, in Bobunhull, to effect a reasonable partition thereof they had agreed that Thomas should have a messuage in Bobunhull in 'Frydayswellelane,' on the north side, with a croft adjacent, 1½a. arable adjacent in the common field of Bobunhull, and a half virgate of land, and meadow, &c. there, &c.; also the rents and services of John de Yerdeley, Hugh Schoteswell and Femot his wife, and 4s. of the 9s. 8d. yearly rent from the land, &c. which were William Bate's, with commons, &c. as one half of the premises; John to have the remainder; John to acquit Thomas against the chief lords of Bobunhull and against John de Catesby; Thomas to pay yearly to Lucy, their mother, for life, 6s. 8d. in part of 1 mark, which she was to receive yearly for life from them, and further to pay 2s. yearly to her for her residence (habitacione) with her son John. Kenilleworth, Sunday after the Nativity of the B.V.M., 49 Edward III. Seal, with legend, sigillvm. iohis. ancray.
[Cornw.] A. 12061. Indenture being a feoffment by Oto Penhesken, of Tregony, to Peter Guylser, of Helleston burgh, of a place of land in Helleston burgh, in Manek Street; rent 1d. for the first ten years, and thereafter 4d. Witnesses:—Robert Bret, Benedict Brae, then reeves of Helleston, Michael Gerves, Robert Reskemmer, John Peryn, John Alaun. Saturday, the feast of St. Michael in monte tumba, 13 Richard II. Seal.
[Wilts.] A. 12062. Grant by Joan de la Hoke, daughter and heir of Walter de la Hoke, to Sir Hugh le Despenser, the elder, of her goods, &c. in her houses of La Hoke, or in the closes adjacent, in crops, &c. for 100s. beforehand paid her by Geoffrey de Weston, Sir Hugh's attorney. La Hoke, 20 September, 11 Edward II. Seal, with legend, s. iohanne. de. la. hoke.
[Lanc.] A. 12063. Feoffment by Agnes, late the wife of Robert Motton to Alice, her daughter, wife of John Wawane, the elder, of her tenement, between the tenement of Henry de Dynkeley, on the east, to the tenement of Alice del Legh, on the west, and from the stream (filo aque) of Loude, on the north, to 'Stodelaybroke,' on the south, in the hamlet of Whetelay, within the town of Thornelay, and of the third part of a house and the sixth part of a place of land, which descended to her on the death of Alice, daughter of William le Smyth, one of her sisters, as her purparty, lying between 'Stodelaybroke' and 'Longerige,' in the same town; to hold to the said Alice and the heirs of her body, with reversion in default to herself, and her heirs. Witnesses:—John de Whitacre, John de Ellale, Robert de Cottom, Robert Wilson, John Robynson Diconson. 10 May, 10 Henry IV. Seal.
[Warw.] A. 12064. Indenture of demise by Amice, late the wife of William de Sutton, of Hodunhull, the younger, widow, for the term of her life, to John de Catesby, of her estate in land, &c. in Hodunhull, which the said William and Amice had by the demise of the abbot and convent of Combe (Comba); rent to her, 10s. and to the said abbot and convent, 3s. 4d. 16 October, 12 Richard II. Seal.
[Middx.] A. 12065. Feoffment by Thomas Heyne, of Breynte, to John de Middelton, of 2a. land in Nesedon, abutting on land of Thomas de Boclond, and on John's land called 'Walterescroft', &c.; rent, to the chief lords, 7d. Witnesses:—Richard de Cornhull, John de Barnevile, John Roberd, and others (named). Willesdon, Sunday, the feast of St. Tiburcus and St. Valerian, 18 Edward II. Seal.
[York, W.R.] A. 12066. Letters patent by Gerard de Hedone, reciting that his lord (seigneur), John, earl of Warrenn, had given to him and his heirs, 10l. rent from the earl's mills of Wakefeld, till such time, as the earl, or his heirs, should find him, and his heirs, 10l. elsewhere in exchange; covenant, on behalf of himself and his heirs, to accept such exchange, and to deliver up the charter of feoffment he had of the earl. Hamstede, 5 November, 1267. French. Fragment of seal.
[Warw.] A. 12067. Feoffment by John son of Anketin de Colleshul, of Coventre, to William son of William Graumpee, of Coventre, merchant, of a place of land behind his capital messuage, with ponds, and other appurtenances, thereon, with ingress and egress thereto by the door (portam) and lane beside the said messuage. Witnesses:—Roger Dayesie, then bailiff, Roger de Pakwode, coroner [of Coventre], and others (named). Coventre, Monday, the feast of the passion of the Apostles Peter and Paul, 14 Edward II. Seal (a six-petalled flower, with beast coiled in centre), with legend, en. la. rose. le. liovn. repose.
[Warw.] A. 12068. Feoffment by John Brome, of Lapworth, to Robert Horton, parson of the church of Lapworth, and William Hykones, of all his land, &c. in Lapworth, Henleye, Stodleye, Kyngeswode and Pakwode. Thursday, the feast of St. Matthias, the Apostle, 8 Henry IV. Seal.
[York W.R.] A. 12069. Feoffment by John son of John de Mora, of Thorne (Spineto), to Robert le Erl, of Wakefeud, for his homage and service, of 6a. 3p. land in the territory of Thorne (Spineto), viz. 3a. together in 'le Longefeld,' between land late of Ralph de Thorne (Spineto) and the water of Kelder; 1½a. between land late of William de Castelforthe and 'le Merow'; 3p. between land of Roger son of Philip and his own; 3p. called 'le Heved land,' between land of the men of Thorne, and his own; and 3p. called 'le Loneendeland,' between the mete (metam) of the men of Thorne and land of the said Robert le Erl; consideration, 5l. 4s. beforehand; with all easements, particularly the whole wood by the Kelder; rent, 6d. at the the three terms appointed (statutis) in the land of the earl of Warrenn. Witnesses:—Alexander Lucas, then steward of the earl of Warrenn, Sir John de Heton, Thomas de Thorneton, Richard Clerk (clerico), then bailiff, and others (named). Seal, with legend, sigill. ioh's. fil. ioh's.
[Cornw.] A. 12070. Grant by Agnes de Botpethec, widow, to Sir Oto de Bodrugan, knight, of 10s. rent from her land of Botpethec, with power to distrain, and the distraint to take whither he please in the county of Corn- wall, &c. Pendren, Saturday before the Conception of the B.V.M., 16 Edward II. Witnesses:—Gilbert Crok, Robert Crochard, Thomas de Penard, Thomas Speda, John, the clerk. Seal, with legend, s. agnetis. de. bospe.
Endorsed: Pendrym.
[Cornw.] A. 12071. Feoffment by Reginald de Tretherf to his son John, of all his land, &c. in the town of Tyndel, with estover of peat (blestur') through all the land of Tyndel, and common of pasture over all the land and wood of Tyndel; rent, a grain of corn at Michaelmas in September; with remainder, in default of John's issue, to himself and his heirs. Witnesses:—Oto Bodrugan, Ralph Trevelwyth, Richard Rosogan, John Nanskelly, Walter Gaer. Tyndel, Sunday after St. Thomas, the Apostle, 4 Richard II. Seal (a buck's head, cabossed).
[Cornw.] A. 12072. Indenture being a demise by Stephen Banayl, parson of the church of Seynt Gerent to Otes Kylligreu and John . . . . les, in consideration of 19l. of the profits of the said church till Michaelmas next. Monday before Whitsun, 49 Edward III. French. Seal.
[Cornw] A. 12073. Indenture being a confirmation by Ralph Clegher, lord of Nanshogh, to John Nanskelly of the estate which the said John had from John son and heir of William Poyher of Penhal, in the land, &c. which the said John son of William held of him in the town of Penhal; to hold to the said John Nanskelly in tail, rendering to him and his heirs 1d. at Michaelmas, for all service, save suit of his court in the manor of Nanshogh, and not elsewhere, upon reasonable summons, and doing for him the rents due to the chief lords of that fee; also grant by the said John Nanskelly that all his tenants at Penhal, in person or by their servants, shall do two dayworks (dietas) in the autumn to the said Ralph yearly, for life, at Nanshogh and not elsewhere, to wit, reaping and carrying. Witnesses:— Sir John Nansciviel, parson of the church of St. Maugan, Ralph Trenewyth, Reginald Tretherf, William Kaer, Hervey Tregaer. Nanshogh, Monday before St. James, the Apostle, 49 Edward III. Seal of arms, effaced.
[Surrey.] A. 12074. Feoffment by Hubert son of Richard de Chelesham, in Micham, to John Libet, of Micham, and Isabel, his wife, and the survivor of them, and the heirs and assigns of John, of all that place of arable, in Micham, in the North Field, at 'Kotindene,' which he had by the gift and feoffment of Maud, wife of the late Richard de Chelesham, his mother, by charter thereof made in her widowhood. Witnesses:—Sir Nicholas, perpetual vicar of the church of Micham, and others (named). Micham, Palm Sunday, 12 Edward II. Seal, with legend, s. hvberti. fil. ric'd . . .
[N'hamp.] A. 12075. Feoffment by Robert del Hul, of Weleton, to Richard Lovel, of Weleton, for his homage and service, and for 20s. beforehand, of 1a. arable in the territory of Weleton, to wit ½a. under 'Haliwell', &c. and ½a. under Wylien, &c.; also of ½a. at 'Rodewelle Linch,' &c.; rent, 1d. at Michaelmas. Seal, with legend, s. roberti. del. hvl.
[Warw.] A. 12076. Release by John son of Richard de Weston, of Coventre, to Sir Peter de Mountford (Montefforti), lord of Beaudesert (Bello deserto), of his right in all the land, &c. which he acquired from Nicholas de Whytegrave, in Colleshull and Bromwych, and Sir Peter afterwards from him. Witnesses:—Sir John de Mountford (Montefforti), Sir John Pecche, and others (named). Colleshull, Thursday after St. Bartholomew, 29 Edward III. Seal, possibly of arms, effaced, with legend, sigillvm. iohannis. de. weston.
[Warw.] A. 12077. Feoffment by Nicholas Whytegrave, of Vapadoun, to John de Weston, son and heir of Richard de Weston, of Coventre, of a tenement, &c. in the towns of Colleshull and Bromwych. Witnesses:—Richard de Fylongleye, and others (named). Colleshull, Wednesday, the feast of the Apostles Philip and James, 16 Edward III. Seal.
[Norf.] A. 12078. Feoffment by Robert Bray, of Skernyngg, Thomas Seggforthe of Gayton, Thomas Seggeforthe, citizen of London, William Holbeck, of Skernyngg, and Alexander Reve, of the same, to Simon Auncelin, of Skernyngg, and John, his son, of a piece of arable, with a parcel of meadow at the east end of it, in Skernyngg, at 'Longmedewe,' &c. The Purification, 21 Richard II. Seals.
[Warw.] A. 12079. Counterpart of demise by William de Catesby, of Coventre, to Thomas de Duddeleye, of Coventre, carpenter, of a messuage in Coventre, in Well Street (rico Fontis), between the tenements of John Botenere and William de Southam, from Michaelmas, 2 Richard II, for twelve years, at 10s. rent and doing repairs. Witnesses:—Adam Botenere, mayor, John Styward and Richard Clerk, bailiffs, of Coventre, and others (named). Dated as above. Seal.
[Warw.] A. 12080. Feoffment by Stephen Scatheloc, of Coventre, and Emma, his wife, to Geoffrey, son of William Austin, of Hulle, tanner in Coventre, and to Joan, his wife, and Geoffrey's heirs, of a place of land, with buildings, in 'Whimundeslone,' Coventre, which Robert de Hampton, and Alice, his wife, formerly held of them for life, beside the 'Schireburne.' Witnesses:—John de Clifton, bailiff, Roger de Pacwode, coroner, and others (named). Monday after the lifting up of the Holy Cross, 9 Edward III, Seals.
[Norf.] A. 12081. Feoffment by Beatrice, daughter of Robert de Hulm (Hulmo), widow, to Lefthein, son of Lewina, of Wendlinge, of 7½a. arable there, next Leftheins's croft, with 3a. wood, which his father held, and all her portion of 'Est Ker,' which Robert, her father, gave her in free marriage; rent, 5s. 10d.; for this Lefthein did homage to her and gave her 20s. in gersum. Witnesses:—Robert son of Robert de Hulm, and others (named). Fragment of seal.
[Cornw.] A. 12082. Feoffment by John son of William Hobbe, of Seynte Maban, to William Polglas, of all his land, &c, in Wyke St. Mary. Sunday after the conversion of St. Paul, 27 Edward III. Seal.
[Hunt.] A. 12083. Feoffment by Beatrix, late the wife of William, son of Geoffrey Pru, of Biry, widow, to John de Themisforde, clerk, of six head- lands (cherettas) and two headlands (foreras) of land, in Heythmundegrave, next 'Leperislane,' &c. Rameseye, Tuesday, the morrow of St. Andrew, the Apostle, 4 Edward II. Seal, with legend, s. beatric . . . . . . L' gewl' prv.
[Norf.] A. 12084. Feoffment by Alice le Calye, of Massigham, to Master Thomas son of Alexander, of Skerning, clerk, for his service and 12d. beforehand, of 1½d. yearly rent which the heirs of Master Reginald used to pay her; rent, a peppercorn at Michaelmas. Seal, with legend, s. alici[e. f]il. will'i.
[Warw.] A. 12085. Release by John Bracoun, son and heir of Gilbert Bracoun, of Henleye, to John le Taylour, of the same, Alice, his wife, and Roger, their son, and Roger's heirs and assigns, of all his right in the land, &c. which they had by his feoffment in the town of Henleye and in the territory and in the fields of Vlunhale and Whiteleye. Wednesday, the feast of St. Vincent, the Martyr, 13 Edward III. Seal.
[Cornw.] A. 12086. Feoffment by John Reskemmer to Master Ralph Tregrisiou, rector of the church of Dulo, to Sir Peter Crugow, rector of the church of St. Wynwolaus in Landewynnek, Sir Henry Andreu, rector of the church of Cherdelynch, Thomas Mastely, and John Gerroun, for the term of their lives, of his manor of Trelowyth, Resincrous, Penpons, Sturte, Porthmenster with the mill of Trelowyth Warheile, or Wartheyle, with the rent and service of Thomas Bailly, guardian of the heir of Henry Riche for lands, &c. in Baghanelen, the rent and service of the said Thomas for land, &c. in Boghanelen, the rent and service of Henry Treworneves for land, &c. in Caerkeryon, the rent and service of John Perou for land in Carngou, the rent and service of Henry Magour for land, &c. in Boscudyn, the rent and service of David Sulghene for land, &c. in Penryn and Treworyan, the rent and service of Michael Carsckes for land, &c. in Carsckes, the rent and service of James Kerow for land, &c. in Kerow, the rent and service of William Oliver for land, &c. in Gaer, and of their heirs; rent, 1d. at Michaelmas. Witnesses:—John and William Bevyle, William Polherman. Reskemmer, Saturday before Michaelmas, 49 Edward III. Seal of arms, broken. Cf. A. 10422.
[Wilts.] A. 12087. Indenture of demise by John de la Roche to John le Hopere, and Alice, his wife, for the term of their lives, of a croft of land which William le Buschop formerly held of him, between 'Redelond,' and the croft of John Spicard; rent, 20d. and reaping ½a. of crop at their charges. Witnesses:—Nicholas le Eyr, John le White and others (named). Bromham, Friday after Michaelmas, 37 Edward III. Seal.
[Cornw.] A. 12088. Feoffment by John son and heir of William Poyher of Penhal to John Nanskelly, and Izod (Isolde), his wife, and John's heirs and assigns, of all his land, &c. in the town of Penhal, with the rents and services of William Ruythan, Joan daughter of Andrew de Penhal, Walter Forster, John Nansciviel, William Ros[carro]k, Reginald Tretherf and Richard Lucee, &c. Saturday before Michaelmas, 46 Edward III. Seal (a goat), with legend, s. ingram. sporovn.
[Cornw.] A. 12089. Counterpart indenture, being a feoffment by Richard de Reskemmer to William de Tregod, and Mabel, his wife, in tail, of twenty- four messuages, 12a. land, to wit, all his lands in Treinherit, Kelter, Chienals, Trebyghan, Tregeloghan, Chienuran, Tregellest, Chienhal, Aravon, Bos, Kelly, Tregod, Tremaenhyr, Treverwen, with houses, gardens, mills, with the homage and service of Richard de Talcarn for 1½a. land in Trevaelsereu, of John de Tregellest for 1a. land in Tregellest, of Ralph de Kewedik for 1a. land in Kewedyk, of Warin de Tregod for 1a. land in Boskernan, of Richard le Mareys for 1½a. in Aravon, of John de Germogh, William Rogers (Rogeri) of Berguthyr, John le Tregan, Joan daughter of Joan del Bos, for ½a. in Berguthyr, with the whole service of Izod late the wife of Nicholas Akys for a ferling of land in Kelly, of Adam de Meuthyn for 2a. in Tregagal, of Nicholas de Carvanal for 1a. land in Carn, of Walter de Nansbara for 1a. land in Treury, of Nicholas de Treverwen for ½a. in Treverwen, of John de Reseghbyghan for a ferling of land in Reseghbyghan, of Sibill de Treverbyn for 1a. in Gwerthour. Witnesses:—John de Reskemmer, Ralph de Rosmerin, Simon de Reskemmer, Lawrence de Halap, John de Sancto Maugano. Reskemmer, Sunday before St. George, the Martyr, 5 Edward II. Seal, with legend, s. wil'mvs. tregot.
Cornw. A. 12090. Feoffment by Ralph Reskymmer, esquire, to John Kympe, of a yearly rent of 26s. 8d. from all his land, &c. . . . . . . within the county of Cornwall, payable at the four terms usual in the hundred of Kerier. Witnesses:—John Arundell son and heir of Sir Thomas Arundell, knight, aud others named . . . . . . . . . . 35 Henry VI. Seal, with rush band (a bird, wings expanded).
[Bedf.] A. 12091. Feoffment by John Hattele, of Southyevle to John Schereman, of Stanford, John Craas, of Southyevle, and John Doget, of the same, of a tenement in 'Chercheende' of Southyevle, which he had by the gift of Ralph his father, a toft in 'Lurtelane,' 13a. land lying dispersed in the fields of Southyevle and 1a. meadow in 'Southmede' and 'Estmede' of the same. Sunday, the feast of the Translation of St. Thomas, the Archbishop and Martyr, 5 Richard II beginning. Fragment of seal.
[N'hamp.] A. 12092. Feoffment by Richard son of Robert de Doston in Weleton to Sir Richard de Sadington, perpetual vicar of Weleton, of 3½a. 1r. arable and 1½a. meadow, and common of pasture of the fourth part of a virgate of land in the fields of Weleton. Saturday before the Purification, 29 Edward [I].
[Suff.] A. 12093. Feoffment by William Deboun, of Sudbury, to John Roily, lord of Buxhale, Sir Thomas de Thetford, rector of the church of Buxhale, and John Somerton, of Sudbury, of all his messuage in Sudbury, besides 'Croststret,' formerly Robert Darre's, together with all his goods, in his own or others' hands. 13 October, 3 Richard II. Ecclesiastical seal, with legend, sigil. iohis. wysebeche.
[Warw.] A. 12094. Feoffment by Thomas Bars, late vicar of Kynesbury, to William son of Agnes atte Welle, of Slauteleye, of a parcel of land, containing nine selions and a headland (foreram), in the fee of Kynesbury, at Clyve, lying in 'Dawefeld' between 'Shertecroft,' &c. and between 'Gamulescroft' and 'Daweforlong.' Witnesses:—John de Wigynton and others (named). Kynesbury, the feast of St. James, the Apostle, 17 Richard II. Seal.
[N'hamp.] A. 12095. Feoffment by Cecily, late the wife of Richard Martyn, to William Freman, of Welton, of all the land, &c. which she had by the gift and feoffment of her said late husband there. Friday after St. James the Apostle, 36 Edward III. Seal.
[Leic.] A. 12096. Release by Yvo de Langeton to John de Cramfort and his heirs, of the homage and service of Roger le Waleys (Walensis) and his heirs, for six virgates of land, with wood, in the town of Overton Sauce, which the said Roger formerly held of him; also of the homage and service of Henry de Boreswrth and Emma, his wife, and their heirs, for a virgate of land which they held of him in the town of Overton aforesaid; also of all his right and lordship in two virgates of land in Swaninton whereof Quenilda, the widow, held one, and W. Champiun, of Nouton, and Gilbert de Snipston held the other, and in a virgate of land which Alias de Gorwedon held of him in the town of Overton aforesaid; doing service therefore to Sir Alan la Zuch, and his heirs, at the manor of Essebi la Zuch, which he used to do for the said tenement in Overton, except suit to two courts yearly to the said manor belonging, after Easter and Michaelmas. Witnesses:—Sir Alan la Zuch, Sir W. his brother, Sir Walter son of Warin, then steward of Sir Alan, Thomas called prior of Ulvescroft, Simon de Coleshulle, Robert de Mechvill, Simon son of Warin, Geoffrey the clerk of Essebi, Thomas the clerk of Bores'. Seal (a bird displayed), with legend, sigill. ive. de. langetona.
[Wilts.] A. 12097. Grant in free alms by John atte Hall (de aula) to God and St. Mary of Stanleye and the monks there, of 12d. rent in the town of Caln on Michaelmas day from a moiety of the land which Roger Aldwyn bought from Richard ad Carcerem. Witnesses:—William le Escryveym and others (named). Seal, with legend, s. iohis. de. avla.
Endorsed: . . . . et vocatur Cobbecroft.
[Norf.] A. 12098. Feoffment by John son of the late Simon Mirield, of Brunham St. Clement, to Edmund de Byntre, chaplain, of two pieces of land in the fields there. Witnesses:—Sir Walter de Kalethorp, Sir Thomas de Snetertone, knights, William le Veautre, and others (named). Friday after the Purification, 16 Edward II. Seal, with legend, capvt. servi. dei.
[Norf.] A. 12099. Release by same to same of same. Witnesses, as above. Brunham, Thursday after St. Valentine, 16 Edward II.
[Warw.] A. 12100. Feoffment by William de Holewelle to John [de Lokyngton] and Robert de Crou[enhale] of Toneworthe, of all the land, &c. [which he had by the feoffment of William Truss]el, [knight], in Toneworth, Notehurst and Beudesert. Witnesses:—Thomas Larcher, Hugh de Braundes[ton], and others (named). . . . . St. Mary Magdalen, 2[3], Edward III. Seal. Cf. A. 7077.