Deeds: A.12401 - A.12500

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A Descriptive Catalogue of Ancient Deeds: Volume 5. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1906.

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A.12401 - A.12500

Essex. A. 12401. Bond by 'Syr Roberd Davys,' priest, 'parson' of the parish church of St. Michael of Pitsey, to Thomas, abbot of the monastery of St. John the Baptist beside Colchester, and the convent of the same, in 20l. at Midsummer next, conditioned for the payment of 13s 4d. yearly at Easter 'during his reall possessyon' of the said church. 19 March, 25 Henry VIII. Seal.
Linc A. 12402. Feoffment by John Butler, the elder, of Goxill, yeoman, and Hugh Butler, of the same, husbandman, to John Ion of Barrowe, esquire, of four cottages in Goxill in 'le Church street,' another near them called 'le Nonne Howse,' another called 'le Woole House,' and a parcel of pasture in the south part of the town whereon a dovecot was recently erected; attorney to deliver seisin, William Beamond, of Barrow, yeoman. 13 July, 41 Elizabeth. Signatures. Seals, cracked. Memorandum of livery of seisin endorsed.
Linc A. 12403. Feoffment by John Copuldyke, knight, to John Langton, of Langton, esquire, and John Lyttelbery, of Waynfleyt, esquire, of his manors of Haryngton and Fryskeney, with their appurtenances in Harington, Fryskeney, Aswarby, Hagworthingham, Langton, Bagenderby, Sutturby, Sawstrope, Byllysby, Croft, Bratoft, Waynfleyt, Eyrby and Stykenay: also of a messuage with all land, &c., Forthington, Oulceby and Dreftrope, late in the tenure of William Smythe, now of John Martyn; and of the profit or occupation of all the feedings or pastures called 'Shepgaytes' in Forthyngton and Oulceby, to the said manor of Forthington belonging, in the hand of the said John Copuldyke; and of a pasture containing 24a. called 'Forthington Dayle' in Orby; on condition that within the next six days they shall reenfeoff him and Dame Elizabeth, his wife, thereof, for the term of their lives in survivorship, with remainder to his right heirs; warranty and livery of seisin in person. 2 June, 33 Henry VIII. Signature of John Copuldyke. Memorandum of livery of seisin endorsed.
Devon A. 12404. Counterpart indenture, 28 April, 6 Edward VI, between Sir Thomas Denys, knight, lord of the manor of Brounston, and John Swete, witnessing that Sir Thomas had received on the day of date the homage of the said John for tenement and lands in Brounston, late of John Scorsse. Signed by me John Swete.
[Chester ] A. 12405. Acquittance by Edward Parker, 'gentilman,' to Thomas Danyell, of Derrisbury, 'gentilman,' and John Danyell, his son and heir apparent, for 4l. in part of 8l. 'for the redempcion of a dede remaymng in the kepyng of Sr.. John [Werbur struck out] Savage, knyght.' 14 August, 4 and 5 Philip and Mary. Signed Edward Parker, English, Paper.
[Cornw.] A. 12406. Memorandum of an agreement, 7 January, 38 Elizabeth, whereby Joane Chinge, widow, demises to Roger Webb 'all that her part and purpart' of a tenement in Pennalt within the parish of Pounstocke,' demised to her by James Strachley, for twenty-one years if she so live, reserving thereout the house she dwells in, to be kept in repair by Roger, the plot of land called the 'North Hey' adjoining the house, 'and the pasture and dry meate for a cowe,' or 20s. yearly at her choice, 'and the goinge of on pigge,' 'about the towne place of the seyd tenement,' with Roger's pigs, a 'reasonable portion' of apples, 'some reasonable quantity of furses,' 'a reasonable portion of dung' 'for the use of her garden'; covenant by Roger to pay her 13s. 4d. yearly and 'on pecke of wheate,' &c. Signed, 'Signum Joannae Chinge viduae. Roger Webb.' Memorandum endorsed that the 13s. 4d. covenanted to be paid 'is not rent reserved owte of the lande, but is onely a payment to be made by Roger'; in case of arrears it is 'to be demaunded of the person of the said Roger at the last instant of the day next after any of the feastes within named, and is not to be demaunded at all uppon the lande, and therefore the demaund made there is voyed. T. Socton.'
English. Copy on paper for opinion.
Linc. A. 12407. Indenture of bargain and sale, 16 November, 5 Elizabeth by John Fenne, of Halton next Spylesby, 'yoman,' to John Copledyke, of Harrington, esquire, in consideration of 56l., whereof 16l. in hand, &c. of all his land, &c. in Harrington, Aswardby and Saucethorpe, in the occupa- tion of John Wade of Aswardbie, &c. Signed Jhon Fen'. Witnesses' names endorsed. English. Seal.
Berks A. 12408. Bond by Hercules Loveden and John Loveden, of Lam- borne, gentlemen, and Michael Cawley, of Chilton, gentleman, to Ralph Rokeby, John Herbert, William Awberie and Julius Cesar, Doctors of Laws and Masters of the Court of Requests, in 60l., conditioned for the repayment by Hercules of such sums as he should have received under a decree of the Court of Requests, in a suit between him, complainant, and John Toppe and Dorothy, defendants, dated 12 October, 33 Elizabeth, whereby the said John and Dorothy were ordered to pay him 20l. yearly during the life of the said Dorothy; such repayment to be made within three months after such time as by the 'counsell of her Majesties' said Courte' he shall be adjudged to make it, upon the hearing of a cause now depending in the said court mentioned in a bill of complaint, endorsed 8 June last, wherein the said John and Dorothy are complainants against the said Hercules, defendant. 9 February, 35 Elizabeth, 1592. Witnesses, N. Vavasour, William Hampson, Roger Twyford. Signed by H. Loueden (seal of arms [g.] a bend between four sinister hands a paumy couped [arg.] a crescent for difference), Jo: Loueden (seal of arms, as above), Mychaell Cawley (seal of arms (?) quarterly a fess dancetty and a bend).
Suff. A. 12409. Indenture between the Queen and William Everard of Linsted, esquire, late her Majesty's ward, relating apparently to livery of lands which had descended to him from his father . . . . . . Elizabeth. Blind.
Salop. A. 12410. Assignment by John Horde of Bridgnorthe, esquire, 'Katheryne,' his wife, and Thomas their son and heir apparent, for the term of their lives, in consideration of 19l. in hand paid, to William Lee, of the same, gentleman, of a messuage or tenement, garden and backsides in the 'Highe Strete' there, and a close called 'Brynes' orchard within the liberties of the said town, now or late in the occupation of Elizabeth Lee, widow, William's mother, which they had by the demise, 20 September, 4 Elizabeth, of Adam Otley, esquire, and Mary, his wife; paying to the said Adam and Mary and Adam's heirs the rent reserved thereon. 21 March, 8 Elizabeth. Signatures of John Hord, Katharin Hord. Seal (a garb) with legend, face. avt. tace.
Endorsed: The release of barne and barne yarde . . . .
Linc. A. 12411. Bargain and sale by Thomas Hucome of Barton upon Humber, husbandman, Robert Stedie, of the same and John Stedie of Woutton, 'laborers,' to John Ion of Baray in the said county, esquire, of three cottages in Barton, in Burgate street. 20 January, 29 Elizabeth 1586. Signed by marks. Witnesses' names endorsed.
N'hamp. A. 12412. Bond by William Faux, son of Thomas Fauxe, late of Aschebyleger, 'hosbondeman,' to Thomas Lucy, knight, and Elizabeth, his wife, of the same, in 10l. at Christmas next, conditioned for William's making, when called upon, a sufficient estate in law to Sir Thomas and his wife of a 'messe' there. 20 December, 9 Henry VIII. Seal.
Somers A. 12413. Indenture of bargain and sale, 16 August, 11 Henry VIII, by John Mone, of Lotteshamsgrene, in the parish of Dychett, 'gentilman,' to John Sydenham, the elder, son and heir of Alexander Sydenham, 'gentilman,' of all his 'messes,' lands, &c. in the parish of North Pederton, for 44l. paid in hand. English. Acquittance endorsed for 44l. 'for the hole porcion of lande a pon Morlonde yn fe.'
N'hamp. A. 12414. Bond by Cristina Goolde, of Welton, widow, late the wife of John Gold, deceased, to Richard Catisby, esquire, in 40l. on the feast of St. Clement, the Pope, next, conditioned for the observance of covenants in indentures of even date. 19 November, 27 Henry VIII.
Somers. A. 12415. Counterpart of demise, 18 October, 20 Elizabeth; by John Sidenham, of Liegh, esquire, to Thomas Harle, of Mooreland, husbandman, 'Dorythie' his wife, and William Brigge, son of Thomas Brigge of Mooreland, husbandman, for the term of their lives in survivorship, in consideration of 12l. 10s. viz. 9l. 10s. paid by Harle and 3l. by Thomas Brigge, of a house with 1a. land in Moorelande aforesaid, lately in the occupation of John Combe, with common of pasture for all manner of beasts; rent, 2s. and suit of the said John's court held within the manor of Moorelande, and the best beast for a 'herryott or farelyef; attorneys to deliver seisin, John and Robert Templer. English. Seals. Witnesses' names endorsed.
Glouc. A. 12416. Bargain and sale by Richard att Well, of Yevyngton in the parish of 'the Lye,' co. Gloucester, 'yoman,' in consideration of 120l. to William Reed, of Bodyngton, in the said county, gentleman, of his years to come in the manor or farm of 'Lytle Aston,' and the 'tythe come' and other tithes in the parish of Nether Getyng, 'goyng out of the Graunge there,' which he had by the assignment of William att Well, his brother, deceased, by writing dated 28 April, 2 Edward VI; to hold for the years to come by virtue of an indenture thereof made, 6 February, 24 Henry VIII, by Dame Joyce Acton, 'late pryoresse of the late dissolvid monastery of Westwood,' and the convent of the same, to Nicholas Marten, gentleman, who assigned the said indenture, 14 July, 35 Henry VIII, to the said William att Well. 8 May, 2 Edward VI. Witnesses' names endorsed, Thomas Clynton, John Vycares, Richard Harres.
Linc. A. 12417. Indenture of bargain and sale, 20 December, 36 Henry VIII, by William Astayne, of Little Stepinge, yeoman, and Robert Astayne, his son and heir apparent, to Sir John Copuldyke, knight, for 17l. 8s. of a pasture called 'Bocher or Est Ascroftes,' containing 14a. in Haryngton, whereof William was seised in 'demene as of freholde' for his life 'as tenaunt by the curtesie of Yngland, with reversion to Robert.' Signatures. Witnesses' names endorsed, 'Johanne Copuldyke iuniore' and others.
[Devon.] A. 12418. Bond by John Cheriton, of 'Exetour,' merchant, to Arthur Lysle, knight, lord Lysle, in 100l. at Easter next, conditioned for his saving lord Lysle and other, his 'coobligeors' harmless against Philip Furres, servant to Sir Thomas Dennys, in respect of 30 marks, for which they stood severally bound at his request by obligation dated, 20 February, 23 Henry VIII. 17 February (sic), 23 Henry VIII. Signed per me John Cheryton.
N'hamp. A. 12419. Bond by William Nick or Nyck, of Ashbie Legers, hus- bandman, to William Catesby, knight, in 20l., conditioned for the obser- vance of covenants in indentures of demise of even date. 10 April, 21 Elizabeth. Seal.
Worc. A. 12420. Indenture of demise, 8 July, 37 Elizabeth, by Robert Acton, of Ribbesford, esquire, to John Pooler of Areley Kinges, yeoman, in consideration of 123l. paid in hand, of the groves or coppices of wood called 'Longe Trentall,' 'shooting downe to Walbrooke meadow by Severne,' &c., 'Kynnettes Moore,' adjoining 'Glodder Brooke,' &c. and 'Castell Hill' adjoining ' Stagborow Hill,' &c. within the lordship of Ribbesford, for one whole year from 1 November next; the lease to be void on repayment of the said sum at the said date. English. Damaged. Seal effaced.
Herts A. 12421. Feoffment by Gabriell Pulteney, of Knolle, co. Warwick, esquire, to Richard Knighteley, of Falesley, co. Northampton, knight, to the use of Henry Darcy, of Layton, co. Huntingdon, knight, and Katharine his wife, and the heirs and assigns of Katharine, of the manor of Shenley, in Shenley, and of all land, &c. in Shenley or elsewhere in the county of Herts, which lately were the hereditaments of Michael Pulteney, esquire, deceased; attorneys to deliver seisin, Fabyan Crokhorne and John Swankote. 1 December, 17 Elizabeth.
[Warw.] A. 12422. Bond by Thomas Brasbrige of Ky[nesbury] to Thomas and John Harthill . . . . . . in 20l. at Easter next, conditioned for his standing to the award of Roger Wigston and Richard . . . . . upon all points in dispute between him and 'oon Robert Grym' oderwise called Robert Lucas and his two sonnes on thone partie, and the within named Mawde Harthill of and for the deith of her late husband of thoder partie,' or between him and the said Thomas, John and Mawd Harthill. 20 March, 29 Henry VIII. Signed: Per me Thomam Brasbryge. Seal.
Merioneth, A. 12423. Feoffment by John Wynn of Gweder, co. Carnarvon, esquire, in consideration of 40l. to David Nanney, of Trawsvynyth, co. Merioneth, gentleman, of a parcel of mountain land in the town of Trawsvynyth, in the county of Merioneth, called Towre Mayne, late parcel of the possessions of the late monastery of Kymer, co. Merioneth, &c. all of which he bought, to him and his heirs, of the now Queen by letters patent under the great seal, dated 20 March, 32 Elizabeth, to hold of her in free and common socage as of the manor of Est Greenewich by fealty only, as by the said letters appears; attorney to deliver seisin, Evan Nanney. 27 September, 33 Elizabeth, 1591. Signed John Wynn. Witnesses, and memorandum of livery of seisin endorsed. Seal of arms (an eagle displayed supporting a shield of quarterly first and fourth three eagles displayed in fess, second and third a chevron between three fleurs-de-lis).
[Warw.] A. 12424. Indenture of bargain and sale, 18 September, 23 Henry VIII, by 'Sr. Thomas Yelshawe, prist,' in consideration of 4l., to Richard Verney, esquire, and 'the lady Elizabeth Lucy, his wiff,' her heirs and assigns, of a shop and a 'voide place of grounde,' in Hendeley, lying together in the 'Shoppe Roewe betwene the Hey Strete ther on the oon partie and the tenement late of George Catysby esquyer on the other partie'; also of 'oon other shoppe of custome holde and takyn off the Kyng by copye off Courte Roole,' 'at the nether ende off the same shoppe Reowe.' English.
Heref. A. 12425. Indenture of bargain and sale by John Lillwall, of Rushoock, yeoman, for 16l. to John Crofte, of the same, yeoman, of a close (clausuram) of arable and a mead called 'le Rowmer' containing 4a., lying together in the fee of Rushoock, within the parish of Kington, co. Hereford, between lands of Richard Lillwall, Thomas Crofte, Oliver Sayre, John Mylles and Charles Woolf; the feoffment to be void on pay- ment of 16l. on the feast of the Purification next, or the same feast, 1603, at John Crofte's house in Rushoock, between one and three (inter horam primam et horam tertiam horalogii post meridiem). 6 April, 40 Elizabeth, 1598. Signature of John Lyllwall. Witnesses' names endorsed. Seal.
Berks. A. 12426. Grant by John Richardson, of Great Wyttley, co. Worcester, gentleman, and 'Fraunces' Sampson, his wife, daughter of Thomas Sampson, of Benefield, co. Berks, gentleman, deceased, in con- sideration of their good will to Edward Powel, clerk, for that he had married Margaret Sampson, their sister, and by her had many children, and 'in tender consideracion of the bringinge uppe of the saide yonge children,' to the said Edward of their claim, &c. against the executors of Mr. Richard Turnor, of Benefield aforesaid, deceased, and the executors of the said Thomas Sampson, deceased, under their respective wills, with power of attorney to him in that behalf. 27 January, 34 Elizabeth, 1591. English. Signatures of John Richardson, Fraunses Richardson. Witnesses' names endorsed.
Endorsed:—Richardsonne's letter of atturney and dede of gyfte to Edward Powell, clerke, lefte heare for the indempnitie of Richard Ofeley, esquier, towching the sute browght into her Majesties courte of Requestes by the saide Powell for certen legacies bequeathed by Richard Turnour, esquire, late of Bynfeld, deceased, as by decree in this sayde courte made bering date the xxixth of January Ao R.Rne Eliz. xxxvo 1592 may appeare.
A. 12427. General release by Leonarde King, citizen and plummer of London, to Richarde Catesby, of Lapworthe, co. Warwick, gentleman. 29 April, 22 Elizabeth, 1580. Witnesses, Edwarde Henson, scrivener, Edwarde Catisbye, Jhon Catisbye. Seal, broken.
[Cornw.] A. 12428. Indenture being a feoffment by Ralph [Reskymer], esquire, to William Restowrek, of all his land in the town of Trevelganwolas, at 13s. rent at the terms usual in the hundred of Keryer, and suit at his [manor] of [R]eskymer twice a year. Witnesses:—John Arundell, esquire, William Bere, and others (named) . . . . . June, . . . . . Henry VI. Seal. Mutilated.
A. 12429. Statute staple by William Catesby, of Legersasheby, co. Northampton, knight, and Frances Dymock, of Erdington, co. Warwick, esquire, to Hugh Hare, of the Middle Temple, London, gentleman, in 2,000l. at Christmas next. 16 November, 21 Elizabeth. Signatures of James Dyer, Wyllyam Catysby, Fran. Dymock, with two seals. Cancelled by cuts.
Warw. A. 12430. Notification by Kellam Hedges, of Aston juxta Birming- ham, yeoman, that as administrator of the goods, &c. of Edward Hedges, his brother, deceased, who was indebted in great sums of money to Sir William Catesbie, knight, he has granted to the said Sir William all the said goods, to wit 15½a. wheat, &c. in full discharge of the same, so far as they would go. 20 June, 30 Elizabeth. English. Signed by mark. Seal.
Linc. A. 12431. Bond by John Fenne, of Halton beside Spylesby, co. Lincoln, yeoman, to John Copledyke, of Harrington, in the said county, esquire, in 100l. at Christmas next, conditioned for observance of covenants in indentures of even date. 16 November, 5 Elizabeth. Signed Jhon Fen'. Witnesses' names endorsed.
A. 12432. Bond by Ealph Crecke, of Thorganby, co. . . . ., and Robert Crecke, of the same, gentlemen, to Robert Wennam of South- wark, co. Surrey, yeoman, in 24l., conditioned for the payment of 12l. viz. 6l. on 10 March next, and 6l. on 24 April next at Robert's house in the Upper Ground in the parish of St. Saviour's, co. Surrey. 24 February, 28 Elizabeth, 1585. Signatures of Rayfe Crayke and Robart Crayke. Witness:—Gruffin Johnes, apprentice of Richard Allsopp, scrivener. Fragments of seals.
N'hamp. A. 12433. Bond by William Catesby, of Ledgers Ashebie, esquire, to Ralph Freman, merchant of the English staple, in 120l. conditioned for the payment of 100l. on the feast of St. James, 'thappostell' next, at the dwelling house of John Dan broke, in the town of Northampton. 11 June, 1575, 17 Elizabeth. Signed Wyllyam Catysby. Witness:—Anthony Gall, servant of John Crafford, scrivener. Cancelled by cuts.
A. 12434. Indenture, being a letter of attorney by William Brocas, of Longecombe, co. Oxford, esquire, to his cousin Pexall Brocas, of Stevington, co. Hants, esquire, to sue upon a statute staple of 2,000 marks, and a recognisance of 2,000l. dated 6 February, 23 Elizabeth, and 5 February, 26 Elizabeth, respectively, wherein Barnard Brocas, esquire, stood bound to him. 26 May, 35 Elizabeth. English. Signed, Wyllyam Brocas. Witnesses' names endorsed.
Cornw. A. 12435. Indenture of demise by John Tretherff, esquire, to Stephen Hendy of the moiety of all his land, &c. in Brongullo in the parish of 'Sent Meuhan,' to hold to the said Stephen, John Hendy, his brother, and Olive Hendy, his sister, for the term of their lives in survivorship, at 13s. 4d. rent; attorneys to deliver seisin, John Pye, the younger, and John Harry. 21 October, 2 and 3 Philip and Mary. Covenant endorsed for repairs to be done to the premises during the said term by the said Stephen, John and Olive.
Devon. A. 12436. Counterpart of demise by John Syddenham, of Nettel- comb, co. Somerset, esquire, to Nicholas Turner, of all the land, &c. called 'Axhayne,' in the parish of Clyst Honyton, which Edward Westcote formerly held, for the term of Nicholas' life and after his decease to such woman as he shall first take to wife during her widowhood; rent, 53s. 4d. the best beast for heriot or farleve, &c; attorneys to deliver seisin, Thomas Yeard, esquire, and Robert Langcastell. 6 December, 35 Henry VIII. Memorandum of livery of seisin endorsed.
Cornw. A. 12437. Indenture of demise by John Tretherff, esquire, to John Hendy, the elder, of all that his tenement . . . . . in Browngollowe, in the parish of Sent Muhin, wherein John Hendy, his father, formerly dwelt; to hold to the said John, John Hendy, the younger, and Stephen Hendy, for the term of their lives in survivorship, at 32s. rent, the best beast for heriot or farleve, and suit of his manor of Broungullowe, like his other conventionary tenants there: he has himself delivered seisin to John 13 February, 4 Edward VI.
Linc. A. 12438. Feoffment by Arthur Talor, of Barton upon Humber 'barber,' in consideration of 13l. to John Ion of Barrow, esquire, of a cottage or tenement, wherein Thomas Browen dwells, in Barton aforesaid 'Fletgate' Street on the west, &c. and 2a. arable in the West and South fields respectively. 22 May, 40 Elizabeth, 1598. Memorandum of livery of seisin endorsed.
I. of Wight. A. 12439. Release by John Mieulx of Kyngston, in the Isle, 'gentilman,' to John Flemyng, of Newport, in the Isle of Wight, of his right in a corner tenement with garden in Newport, on the south of 'le North strete,' between 'Holyrode Strete' on the east, the said John Flemyng's land on the west, the tenement and garden of John Jamys of Lymyngton on the south, and 'le North Strete' on the north. 12 December, 18 Henry VIII. Seal (a winged beetle).
Endorsed: Of the corner house that Bolles nowe dwellyth in Hollirod- stret.
Linc. A. 12440. Bond of Thomas Grene, of Parteney, to John Collyne, in 100 marks, at Christmas next, conditioned for the observance of covenants in indentures of even date between them. 1 October, 2 Edward VI. Seal of arms, broken (apparently a chevron between three cinquefoils in chief and one in base).
Heref. A. 12441. Assignment, in consideration of 40s., by 'Sebyll' Horsman, late the wife and administratrix of the goods of Hugh Horsman, late of the parish of Llangaran, yeoman, deceased, to 'Maulde' Reece, widow, of the house and land in the township of Penrose, in the parish of St. Weynarde, demised, by indenture, 1 March, 15 Elizabeth, for twenty-one years at 4d. rent by 'Water' Coworne, of St. Weynarde aforesaid, yeoman, to her said husband; viz. 'one house called a Sheppecotte,' 4a. meadow and 9a. arable, the meadow lying between lands of William Awere, Thomas Phylyppe, 'Kyrles lande,' and a 'lytle waye leadynge from Phelyndrey into Phelyndres fyldes,' and the arable between lands of George Reece, Hugh Coworne and Davyd John, and the 'waye there ledynge from Phelyndrey to the Brode Oke.' 26 February, 21 Elizabeth. English. Fragment of seal.
A. 12442. Bond by William Catesbye of Leyjers Ashbee, co. North- ampton, esquire, to Valentine Pigott, of Loughton, co. Bucks, gentleman, and Edmund Pigott, citizen and grocer, of London, in 200l., conditioned for the payment of 100l. at the now dwelling house of 'Mawryce' Tresham, esquire, in Neuton, co. Northampton, at Michaelmas next. 2 October, 16 Elizabeth.
I. of Wight. A. 12443. Indenture of demise, 10 November, 12 Henry VIII, by Elizabeth Howlez, late the wife of William Howlez, widow, David Cheke, gentleman, John Mille, gentleman, John Bolle, William Porter the elder, and William Standyshe, feoffees of the said William Howlez to her use, at her request, to John Flemmyng, the younger, of 'an hole place of land bylded and edyfyed and halff a voide place of londe' in Newport in the 'Ile of Wyght,' 'at the west ende of the churche of Seynt Thomas the Martyr,' between the tenement late Richard Howlez, 'of the north parte,' lands late William at Nasshe's 'of the sowtht partie,' the tenements and garden 'late John Bokettes' of the west parte and the Kynges high wey of the est parte'; also of 'thre peces of lande, with a plose' in the parish of Carisbroke 'within the tethyng of Gravisland late yn the holde of Eobert Eylys,' between lands of the warden and scholars of 'the New College of Winchester,' of 'Magaret' Wynnyat, of the prior of Caresbroke, and of the 'chauntrey of Nuport'; 'and the seid iij. plottes of lond lyen yn the paryshe of Carisbroke,' 'within the tethyng of Shyde,' in 'Caris- brokefeld,' to hold from Michaelmas last for sixty years at 10s. rent, &c.; he shall acquit the place and half place for quit rents against the 'bayliffes of Newport,'&c. English. Signatures of the feoffees.
Memorandum endorsed:—be yt knoyne hereafter whan thys indentur ys exspyred that the study and the chemney and soe backe ys no part of thys indentur, as yt may appere by the byldyng for yt had ben sett closse upon Harry Haulys lond nowe John Flemynges, and that the bourgys of the towne had nott bene ther at the settyng upe of the same frame and soo made yt be caryd southward as John Hedlye the carpynter doth testyfye who was a workeman a bought the howse the same tyme.
Glouc. A. 12444. Bond by Richard Edwardes of the city of Gloucester, gentleman, to the Queen, in 20l. conditioned for his not departing out of the Star Chamber till order be taken with him by the court for the contempt committed by him. 5 July, 40 Elizabeth.
[Suff.] A. 12445. Feoffment by William Startowt, and Rose, his wife, of Boxford, to John Coleman of Polsted and John Godeman of Boxford, of a messuage built in Polsted, abutting on the highway from Schelleigh to Boxford, with pasture for six sheep (bid') in the street (rico) leading from the said messuage to the house late Robert Portejoye's and in the street leading to Haggemer, &c. Polsted, Saturday after St. Ambrose, 12 Richard II. Fragments of seals.
London. A. 12446. Bond by James Saul, of London, gentleman, Edward Collins and Christopher Elande, citizens and grocers of London, to Thomas Blande, of London, gentleman, in 1,000l., conditioned for securing the portions of Richard and Elizabeth Shrawley, children and orphans of Kenehelm Shrawley, late citizen and 'skynner' of London, deceased, after the payment of the said Kenehelm's debts; a marriage having been agreed upon between the said James Saul and Sara Shrawley, widow, late the wife of the said Kenehelm. 17 March, 33 Elizabeth, 1590. Signatures of James Saal, Edw. Collyns and Xp'ofer Eland. Witness, Thomas Shrawley.
N'hamp. A. 12447. Bond by Thomas Johnsonne, of Ashbie Legers, 'yoman,' to William Catesby, knight, in 20l., conditioned for the observance of covenants in indentures of even date. 10 April, 21 Elizabeth. Signed by mark. Seal.
I. of Wight. A. 12448. Indenture of demise by John Flemmyng of Newport in the Isle of Wight, son and heir of John Flemmyng, now deceased, to John Romyn, of Gatcombe in the said isle, of all his land and pasture in Gatcombe, late in the tenure of 'Sandre at Wode' from Michaelmas next for fifty years at 10s. rent; with right of re-entry in default of payment of 6s. 8d. at Christmas next which John Romyn borrowed from him; covenant by John Romyn that whereas he holds certain land and pasture of the warden, fellows and scholars of the new college of St. Mary near Winchester, in the parish of Caresbroke, by copy of court roll, he will surrender the same at the next court of the said college held in the isle, to the use of the said John Flemmyng, who shall give him two oxen therefore; John Flemmyng shall pay 5s. rent now due to the College for the said land, with 20d. by agreement (ex convencione) which he paid to the said John Romyn in the presence of Walter Aclond for the said surrender; John Flemmyng shall find pasturage for the said oxen till the eve of Michaelmas next. 2 May, 16 Henry VIII.
Heref. A. 12449. Bargain and sale by John Lillwall of Rushoocke, in the parish of Kington, yeoman, to John Crofte, of the same, yeoman, of 2a. arable in the fee of Rushoocke, in 'le West fielde.' 31 January, 43 Elizabeth, 1600. Signature. Memorandum of livery of seisin endorsed.
Sussex. A. 12450. Bond by Thomas Budde, of East Deane, 'husbondeman,' to Owyne Achadwicke, 'yoman,' in 60l, conditioned for his further assuring, by fine or otherwise, with warranty, upon reasonable request and at the charges of the said Owyne, a messuage, garden and land in Kepston, in the parish of Honston, which by deed dated 12 December last he sold to Thomas Flynte 'of the Easte Subburbes of the Citie of Chichester,' and which, by deed dated 4 February last, were assigned to the said Owyne. 12 February, 1 and 2 Philip and Mary. Witnesses. Seal.
Leic. N'hamp. Oxford. A. 12451. Letter of attorney by John Golde, of Weylton, co. North- ampton, gentleman, to Thomas Lucy, of Ascheby Leger, in the said county, knight, to recover all debts due to him, and to receive seisin and sue for all his land, &c. in Bannbury and Wicam, co. Oxford, Gremysbury, Over- thropp and Assthropp, co. Northampton, and Cossynton and Syelbee, co. Leicester, &c. 7 May, 16 Henry VIII.
London. A. 12452. Letter of attorney by the dean and canons of St. George's College within the castle of Wyndesoure, impropriators (proprietar') of the house or hospital of St. Anthony of the city of London in England, by royal licence, to Henry Cleypull as their proctor, and special and general envoy (nuncium) and to his deputies (substitut'), to sue, collect and receive the alms, devotions (vota) and bequests of the faithful, given, &c. in the name and in honour of God and St. Anthony of the said Hospital, through- out the bishoprics of Salisbury and Ely, the archdeaconries of Lincoln, Stowe, Huntingdon and Leicester, with the deanery of Rutland, together with swine and other beasts, &c. from the day of date to Lammas day next. 26 February, 29 Henry VIII. Fragment of ecclesiastical seal.
Salop A. 12453. Indenture being a feoffment by William Lee of Oxenbolde, gentleman, to Richard Joones, of Astanton, gentleman, and Thomas Edmondes, of Bridgenorth, 'yoman,' of all his land, &c. in Bridgenorth, to the use of himself and Anne, his wife, and of the heirs male of their bodies, with remainder in default to the use of the heirs male of his body, with remainder in default to the use of his right heirs; with warranty; attorneys to deliver seisin, Richard Moye, of Bridgenorth, 'yoman,' and Thomas son of John Crowther, of Moncke Weston, co. Salop, 'yoman.' English. 24 August, 11 Elizabeth.
A. 12454. Bond by George Catysbie of Donerie in the parish of Grismounte, co. Monmouth, esquire to William Catisbie, of Bushwood Halle, co. Warwick, knight, in 1,000l., conditioned for observance of covenants in indentures 'bearinge the yeven date.' 30 August, 21 Elizabeth, 1579. Signed, George Catisbye. Witnesses, Fran. Dymock, Edwarde Catisbye and others (named).
Heref A. 12455. Counterpart indenture, 20 December, 29 Elizabeth, between John Gwyllym, the elder, of Trerease, gentleman, and 'Mawde' Reese alias Hyggyn, of Llannock, in the parish of Llangarran, widow, whereby the said John, in consideration of a marriage already had between his son John Gwillym and 'Johanne' Higgynne, daughter of the said Mawde, and of a competent portion paid with her by the said Mawde, &c. grants that he, and others seised to his use, of a messuage, land, &c. in Trerease, in the parish of Llangarran, shall stand seised thereof to his use for life, and after his death, as to one moiety thereof to the use of Jane, his now wife, for her life, and after her decease to the use of the said John Gwyllym, the son, in tail, with remainder in default to his, the father's, right heirs; and as to the other moiety, to the use of John, the son, and the said Johane, his now wife, and his heirs of her body begotten, with remainder in default to his, the father's, right heirs; if Johane survive both the father and the son, she shall enjoy the said moiety for life; further the said John, the father, from henceforth, shall permit the said John, the son, and Johane his wife, and their children, to dwell with him 'in the nowe mancion and dwellinge howse,' at Trereese, they paying half the charges in 'hospytallytie and howsekeapinge,' tilling the land, &c.; if they disagree, John, the son, and Johane shall have his leasehold premises within the lordship or honor of Kylpeck, in the said county, during his life, and no longer, paying the accustomed rent, &c. English. Fragment of seal. Witnesses' names, &c. endorsed.
Somers. A. 12456. Counterpart of demise, 23 August, 14 Henry VIII, by William, abbot of Cleffe, and the convent of the same, to Barnard Dovell, of Olde Cleffe, and 'Johane,' his now wife, for the term of their lives in survivorship, of two corn mills 'without the abbaye yate of the said Monasterye,' with a 'Mille house,' 'the Fysshe ponde,' with a garden beside it, 'a pece of the long medowe,' containing 3a. on the south of the mill, a close called 'the Myllers More,' lying 'a long as the fysche ponde of the saide monasterye goith,'with a garden adjoining, and three cottages, all 'sett and lyeing in Waschesford 'in the parish of Olde Clyffe; also of a close called 'Lyngosse close,' which 'one Lyngosse' held, two closes called 'Sextons closes otherwise called Fowlebrige,' and the reversion of a cottage in Wasshesford' wherein Agnes Dovell moder to the said Barnard nowe dwellith,' and with 'the Perche close,' 'Sextons close,' 'too furse closes,' 'Mestowe' close, 'Morlese' close, and meadow called 'Vernaker medowe' which the said Agnes holds for life; rent, 4l., and after the death of the said Agnes 26s. 8d. more; the premises shall remain after the death of Barnard and 'Johanne' to his 'eldyst issue male' surviving, for life, at the same rent, or in default to 'suche issue female' as he 'shall happen to have one lyeff,' for life, with reversion thereafter to the abbot and convent; 'too of the best bestes' to be paid 'in name of a relieffe'; further the abbot and convent grant to the said Barnard and Johanne, 'and to one of the childreyn of the said Barnard which shall happe to be in the said remayndre lxxx fote of grounde in lenght and forty fote of brede of grounde next adjoyneng to the grete Oke which standith and growith by the highwaye ayenst the said milles to thentent that they may ther at their pleasure edifie a shamelse apon the same'; rent, 8d.; attorneys to deliver seisin, George Michell and Thomas Hye. English.
Memorandum indented annexed with covenants by the abbot and convent that their tenants shall continue to do suit to the mills, &c. English.
Endorsed: Sr John Ratclyff.
Hants. A. 12457. Indenture being a feoffment by Robert Arnolde, of Fareham, 'smyth,' in consideration of 16l., to Henry Bickley, of Portesmouth, 'marchant,' of a burgage and half-burgage with barn and garden adjacent in the borough of Fareham, in the west street there, between the tenement of Richard Segewike on the west and the burgage of Thomas Hyll on the east, the highway on the south and Richard Segewike's meadow on the north; rent to the chief lords, 18d. 18 September, 6 Edward VI. Seal.
Memorandum at foot that this charter was acknowledged before John White, esquire, one of the justices of the peace, and Ralph Hensley, gentleman, clerk of the peace of the said county, the said day and year according to the late statute. Signed per me Joh'em White, per me Rad'm Henslowe cl'icu' pacis.
Endorsed: Irrotulatn inter Memoranda de anno sexto regis Edwardi sexti.
N'hamp A. 12458. Release by Thomas Rayge, the younger, of Braunston, to William Saunders, Richard Wyllys, John Lytley, of Dunchurche, and Lawrence Robynson, of his right in a messuage with garden, a croft and a toft adjacent, in Braunston, they being seised thereof in fee to the use of Dame Elizabeth Lucy, widow, and her heirs, and to the use of her last will. 28 April, 19 Henry VIII. Seal.
N'hamp Warw. A. 12459. Indenture of demise, 20 December, 24 Henry VIII, by Cristean Golde, widow, late the wife of John Golde, of Welton, 'gentil- man,' to John Hynkley, of Welton, 'yoman,' in consideration of divers sums of money and of charges he has been at for her and her children since her husband's death, of all such 'meases, londes,' &c. in the counties of Northampton and Warwick as be assigned to her in dower, to hold for the term of her life at 20s. rent; also grant to him of the 'order, rule and custodie' of such land, &c. as belong to her as 'gardeign in socage unto John Golde, gentilman, sonne and heir of the said John Golde, deceassed.' Seal. English.
A. 12460. Letter of attorney by Alice Conwaye, of Evisham, co. Worcester, widow, late the wife of Edward . . . 'gentilman,' and his administratrix, to Margaret Augustyne, to sue, &c. upon a bond of 100l. wherein Thomas More, of Burcester, co. Oxford, esquire, since deceased, stood bound to the said Edward and the said Margaret, his daughter, dated 28 August, . . . . . Elizabeth. Dated . . September, . . . . 16 Elizabeth. Paper. Damaged.
A. 12461. Bond by Richard Walker, of the city of Coventry, mercer, to Ralph Waren, citizen and mercer of London, in 12l. at Easter, 1520. 22 February, 1515, 7 Henry VIII. Signed per me Rychard Walkar. At foot Carkeke. Seal (merchant's mark).
Leic. A. 12462. Letter of attorney by Thomas Reve and George Evelyn, gentlemen, to Anthony Grene, gentleman, and Henry Newton, to deliver seisin to Robert Grene, of Oldburie, co. Warwick, gentleman, of the advowson of the rectory of the parish church of Wedderley, according to the form of their charter thereof of even date. 20 May, 2 Elizabeth.
Warw. A. 12463. Indenture 26 January, 21 Henry VIII, being the memo- randum of an agreement between 'Richarde Everarde,' of Shentone, co. Leicester, 'yoman,' brother and heir of 'Johne Everarde,' late of Nuneton, co. Warwick, of the one part, and 'Elinour Everarde,' widow, late the wife of the said John, and William Lathame and Alice, his wife, daughter of the said Elinour, of the other, for a marriage to be had between William Everarde, second son of Richard, and 'Elinour' Lathame, daughter of the said William and Alice, before the 'feist of All Seyntes,' 1585, 'after the law and custome of Holie Churche,' if they consent, 'and the said law it woll soeffer to be doone'; the said Elinour and, Richarde shall enfeoff Thomas Try, esquire, 'Rauff' Purefoy, Thomas Langham, William Pulteney, Robert Acres, George Mathewe, Thomas Eyton, 'gentilmen, Thomas Bradgait, John Tomsone and Thomas Wightman, 'yomen,' of the land, &c. in Nunetone late the said John Everard's, viz. the house he dwelt in, bought of John Bonde, and land, &c. bought of one Wayt called 'Waytes landes' to the use of the said Elynour Everarde, for life, according to her said husbond's last will, with remainder to the use of the said William and Elynour Lathame, or if they refuse, or 'disable' themselves to marry, &c. 'the other chylder' of William and Alice Lathame are mentioned. English.
London. A. 12464. Indenture being a feoffment by Robert Savage of the Tower of London, 'yoman,' and George Savage, citizen and 'joynour' of London, to John Buntinge, 'baker,' William Maddockes, merchant taylor, John Lockwood, 'cowper,' John Elyott, 'letherseller,' James Platt, 'mercer,' Roger Savage, 'inholder,' citizens of London, and Nicholas Nicolles, clerk, of two messuages, in 'Gutter Lane,' on the east side, in the parish of St. Peter in Westcheape, London, in the occupation of Humphrey Cole, Thomas Adams and William Crokes, all of which they had by the grant of William Warde, gentilman; to hold to the use of them the said Robert and George, for the term of their lives in survivorship, without impeachment of waste, with remainder to the use of Philip and James Savage, sons of the said George in tail, with remainder in default to the use of the heirs male of the body of George, with remainder in default to the use of Alice Savage, daughter of George, in tail. 23 May, 12 Elizabeth. Executed by Robert by mark. Signed, By me, Gorge Savag. Seals. Witnesses to livery of seisin, &c. endorsed.
Norf. A. 12465. Grant by Charles, duke of Suffolk, to Robert Browne, esquire, of the office of steward of his lordships or manors of Tasburghe and Seislyngham, to be occupied by the said Robert or his sufficient deputy from Michaelmas next for the term of his life, with an annuity of 26s. 8d. therefrom. Butley, 26 September, 20 Henry VIII.
Memorandums endorsed:—(1) Enrolled in the account of John Browne, bailiff of Sexlyngham for the year 21 Henry VIII; (2) Enrolled and allowed among the records of Michaelmas Term, 1 & 2 Philip and Mary, on the side of the remembrancer of the king and queen, together with arrears from Michaelmas, 30 Henry VIII, T. Saunder; (3) Enrolled in the treasury of receipt of the Exchequer, Michaelmas Term, 1 & 2 Philip and Mary, per me Tho. Felton.
Suff. A. 12466. Counterpart of bargain and sale by Edmund Wheler of Polsted, 'husbondman,' for 40l. to Fabian Smythe, of the same, yeoman, of a close of land or pasture there called 'Overfyelde,' containing 8a. &c. which he bought of William Waldegrave, knight, by indenture 3 October, 25 Elizabeth; rent, to him, his heirs and assigns, possessors of 'Capelles Tenement,' his then dwelling, 2s. 6d. 26 March, 2 . . . Elizabeth. Signed Fabean Smythe.
Memorandum of livery of seisin endorsed.
Linc. A. 12467. Feoffment by Martin Waddyngham, of Freston, 'thacker,' to Richard Pedder, son of Thomas Pedder, of Freston, dwelling in Cathorpe, 'husbond,' in consideration of 4 marks, of a place of land, with building, in Freston, abutting on 'Northehowse,' &c.; he personally gave seisin. 28 March, 4 Edward VI. Witnesses to livery of seisin endorsed, with memorandum that this charter was enrolled at view of frank pledge with the third court of Easter (cum iija cur' Pasche) of Christopher Langholme, esquire, held at Freston, 16 May, 4 Edward VI.
Heref. A. 12468. Bond by John Gwillym, of Byddleston, in the parish of Llangaran, gentleman, to John Gwillym of Trereece, in the said parish, gentleman, in 200l. conditioned for his standing to the award of William Watkyns, of Treythell, in the parish of Llanrothall, and William Vaughan of Kyngescaple, gentlemen, upon all matters in dispute between them. 18 March, 25 Elizabeth. Witnesses' names endorsed.
Norf A. 12469. Indenture being a feoffment, in performance of indentures of bargain and sale of even date, by Thomas Thwaytes, of Hardingham, esquire, to Francis Sturges, of Cranworth, esquire, son and heir of Francis Sturges, esquire, deceased, of a moiety of the manor of Sowthebarrowe alias Sowthbregh in the said county, called 'Boteldes,' and of the lands and pastures called 'Oxleyfeld,' in the parish of Sowthebarrowe, the site of the manor and other the premises lying together between the stream (ripam currentem) between Sowthebarrowe and Reymerston, and land of Thomas Carsey, gentleman, on the north, &c. and being in Sowthebarrowe, Rysing, Craneworthe and Rymerston; also of the inoiety of two pieces of alder-carr (alveti) of 20a. and 4a. respectively, in Hardingham; with a moiety of the advowson of the church of Sowthe- barrowe alias Sowthebregh and of all rents issuing from lands in Sowthe- barrow, Woode Rysyng, Craneworthe and Reymerston; all of which he bought, to the use of himself, his heirs and assigns, of one John Aldham, gentleman; reserving to himself out of the said purchase the moiety of an alder-carr (alveti) in Sowthebarrowe late in occupation of William Burman, &c. 15 July, 29 Elizabeth, 1587. Signed by me Thomas Thwayt. Seal.
Memorandum of livery of seisin endorsed, in the presence of William Grigson, clerk, Thomas Carsey, Robart Tylney, Richard Thwaytes, John Cady.
Norf. A. 12470. Indenture being a feoffment by Thomas Pinchebek to Thomas Drurye of all his land, &c. in Skarneng, on condition that within four days after livery of seisin thereof the said Thomas Drurye shall regrant the same by charter indented to him and one Margaret Hoo, daughter of Richard Hoo, his intended wife, to hold to them and the heirs of their bodies, with remainder in default to the right heirs of Margaret. Skarneng 1 January, 34 Henry VIII. Signed Thomas Pynchebecke. Seal.
Memorandum of livery of seisin endorsed, in the presence of John Robartez, gentleman, farmer for term of years of the said land, &c. who attorned by payment of 1d. and of others (named).
Bedf. A. 12471. Bond by Alexander Hunt, of the town of Bedford, gentleman, and now mayor of the said town, to Robert Wotton, of Blonham, yeoman, in 300l. conditioned for his bequeathing to Elizabeth one of Robert's daughters goods, &c. to the value of 170l. if they be married and he pre-decease her. 22 September, 31 Elizabeth. Signed by mark. Seal.
Endorsed: Wotton v. Hunt. Eliz. Hunt execute'; also Clarck pl. Blott als. Blewett deft.
Worc A. 12472. Counterpart of demise, 27 August, 30 Elizabeth, by Robert Acton, of Ribisford, esquire, in consideration of 32l. fine and the good and diligent service of Francis Gittyns, his servant, to the said Francis and Jane Ynce, of Elmley Lovett, for the term of their lives, of a message or tenement, garden, orchard, and seven 'lesows or closses' there- unto belonging called 'Porteres,' and of a 'closse' called 'Spilsberyslynge lying by 'Hoockewood,' within the parish and lordship of Ribisford, at 35s. rent, with the best beast, or 40s. at deaths, and suit of court, &c.; attorney to deliver seisin, Henry Acton, gentleman; proviso for the surrender of the lease if Robert provide them with 'as good a lyvinge as the premisses is in every respecte at the judgement of two or four men yndifferently chosen.' English. Signatures of Frances Gyttns. Jane lnse.
[sle of Wight. A. 12473. Indenture being the award of William Porter, the elder, of Newport, 'marchaunt,' Richard Alys, of Shorewell, John Mowle, of Brixton, and John Poccok, of Shorewell, yeomen, upon the dispute between John Flemmyng, the elder, of Newport, 'tanner,' who possessed two parts of the land, &c. late belonging to William Wolles, of Woditon, by grant from Agnes, late the wife of Edward Hykkys, widow, and Elizabeth, late the wife of Roger Knyght, late of Nyton, widow, two of the co-heirs, on the one part, and Nicholas Birt, of Calbourne, 'husbondman,' and Joan, his wife, the third co-heir of the said William Wolles, and John, son and heir of the said Nicholas and Joan, on the other, touching the partition of the said William's lands at Shorewell, called 'Westbyllyngham,' and in Gatcombe and Shorewell, called 'Prestford' and 'Bretons'; to wit, the said John Flemmyng shall have 'Prestford' and 'Bretons,' and the said Nicholas and Joan Birt, and her heirs and assigns, shall have 'Westbillyngham,' with mutual releases and bonds in 40l. on either side not to molest the other; John shall pay the said Nicholas 33s. 4d. for the whole title of the said Nicholas and Joan in his share; all deeds, &c. con- cerning it to be delivered to him; and Nicholas shall occupy the land, &c. called 'Prestford' and 'Bretons,' by demise from John, by indenture, from Michaelmas next, for twenty-one years, at 7s. rent. Newport, the feast of St. Anne, 10 Henry VIII. Seals.
Leic. A. 12474. Indenture of acquittance whereby Sir Richard Knighteley, knight, Richard Fenys, of Braughton, co. Oxford, esquire, Valentyne Knighteley, son and heir apparent of the said Sir Richard, 'Hierome' Farmour, of Burcote, co. Northampton, esquire, and Richard Fermour, of Easton, co. Northampton, esquire, reciting that by indenture quadripartite, dated 20 February, 31 Elizabeth, between Sir Henry Darcy, knight, and Dame 'Katheryn,' his wife, of the first, 'Gabryell' Pulteney, of Mysterton, co. Leicester, esquire, of the second, John Cope, of Everdon, co. Northampton, and Thomas Thorneton, of Lincolnes Inne, co. Middlesex, gentleman, of the third, and themselves of the fourth part, the said Sir Henry and Dame Katheryn, and Gabryell Pulteney, granted them 500l. annuity out of 'all the capitall howses,' &c. in Mysterton cum Pulteney, for the term of the life of the said Dame Katheryn, payable at the 'dore or porche' of 'Lytterworthe churche,' of which premises so charged, the said Gabryell is now seised, acknowledge the receipt of 250l. from the said Gabryell, &c. due at Lady Day last, &c. 6 April, 34 Elizabeth. English. Signatures of Ri. Knyghtley, Hierom Fermor.
Cornw. Devon. A. 12475. Counterpart indenture, 19 December, 43 Elizabeth, between John Brod, of Morwinstowe, gentleman, of the first, Nicholas Baker, of the 'Borrowghe of Downehevette,' of the second, and John Hender, of Tintagell, and John Collyns, of the parish of Jacobstow, gentleman, of the third part; whereby the said John Brod recites that he has no male issue, but three daughters only; that he is determined, for avoidance of disputes, to divide his land, &c. between his said daughters in his lifetime; and that he desires to quiet and end disputes in law between himself and the said Nicholas Baker concerning some part of his land; for these considerations, and in consideration of 100l. to be paid by the said Nicholas to 'Johane' Brod, his second daughter, the discharge of an execution of 41l. against him at the suit of John Houmfry and Henry Baker, the discharge of 40l. 'now in question and suite of law' by the said Nicholas against him, and the discharge of five several obligations of l,000l. 'cancelled at thensealinge heere of' made by him to the said Nicholas, and in consideration of a marriage to be had between Digorie Baker, son and heir apparent of the said Nicholas, and Elizabeth Brode his eldest daughter, and of the affection he bears to the said Elizabeth, 'Johan' and Patience his daughters, and for the continuance of his lands in them, and the heirs of their bodies; he enfeoffs the said John Hender and John Collens of his manors, lands', &c. in the 'parishes, townes, villages, hamlettes and feeldes' of Cornakaie, Gostham, Water Pittes, Boccaten Downe, Chaple of Milton, Pipsthill' Woodford, Trulla Downe, Crosse, Brounspitt, Eastcott, Estcott Park' Hollaborow, Lopthorne, Orchard otherwise Canorchard, Polza, Tregolle' Pencuicke, Botreauxcastle borowgh, Hurdon, Tregaller, Hellinte, Hender wither, Bowitheike, Blacdon, Morewinstowe, Launcels, Jacobstow, Poun- stocke, St. Genn[i]s, St. Julet, St. Mary Weeke, North Hill, Clawton, Ashewater, Brodewood Wiger, Launceston Mary Magdalen, South Petherwyn, St. Stephens juxta Launceston, Minster, Tintagell, and Alternon, in the several counties of Devon and Cornwall, to the following uses, that is to say, as to messuages, &c. in Cornakaie, Gosham, Water Pittes, Boccaten Downe, Chaple of Milton, Pipschell, Woodford, Trulla Downe, Crosse, Eastcott, Eastcott Park, Hollaborowe, Lopthorne, Orchard otherwise Canorchard, Polza, Tregolle, 'villadge and borrowe' of Botreaux- castle, Blagdown, Morwinstow, Launcels, Jacobstowe, Pounstocke, St. Gennis, St. Mary Weeke, North Hill, Clawton, Ashewater and Brodwood- wiger, to the use of the said Digory Baker and Elizabeth Brode, in tail, with remainder in default to the use of the said Elizabeth in tail, with remainder in default to the use of the said 'Johan' Brode and Patience Brode, in tail, with remainder in default to the use of the right heirs of the said John Brode; and as to the capital messuage, barton, farm and 'demeynes' of Hurdon, to the use of John Martyn, and his assigns, for the term of the life of the said John Brode, for and towards the maintenance, education and bringing up as well of Mary now the wife of the said Joh[n Bro]de as of the said Patience during the life of the said John Brode, and after his death to the use of the said 'Johan' Brode, in tail, with remainder in default to the use of the said Elizabeth and Patience in tail, with remainder in default to the use of the right heirs of the said John Brod; and as to all and singular the other messuages, &c. in Tregaller, Launceston Mary Magdalen otherwise Done- hevett, South Petherwyn and St. Stephens juxta Launceston, 'beinge on other parcell of the premisses,' to the use of the said 'Johane' Brode in tail, with remainder in default to the use of the said Elizabeth and Patience, in tail, with remainder in default to the,use of the right heirs of the said John Brode; and as to the said messuages, &c. called Hellinte and Hender Wither, to the use of the said John Brode and his assigns for term of his life, without impeachment of waste, with remainder to the use of the said Patience Brod, in tail, with remainder to the use of the said Elizabeth and 'Johan,' in tail, with remainder in default to the use of his right heirs; and as to the other messuages, &c. in Bowithecke, Tintagell, Alternon, and Minster, the lands and tenements in the 'villadge and borowgh of Botreaux- castle onlie excepted,' to the use of the said Patience Brod in tail, with remainder in default to the use of the said Elizabeth and 'Johan,' in tail, with remainder in default to the right heirs of the said John; and as to all other the premises not above limited, to the use of the said John Brod and his heirs, &c.; attorneys to deliver seisin, 'Water' Jelbart and Thomas Dungie. English. Witnesses names endorsed, Mary Brod, Testante Jo. Martin, the mark of John Hidon, the mark of Water Jebarte, Thomas Dungie, Robert Hornebrooke, Ane Martyn, William Hender; also this deede was brought to us whose names are under written and by us shewed to diverse deponentes accordinge to theire severall deposicions examined before us by vertue of a comission out of his Majesties honorable court of wardes and lyveryes betweene thattorny of the saide courte in the behalfe of Thomasine Brode plaintiff and Nicholas Baker and Thomas Dungy defendants. Signed Arthur Hawck, Ric. Tremayne, Olyver Clowbery, Will'm Beare.
Devon A. 12476. Indenture of demise, 10 June, 23 Elizabeth, by Jasper Badge, of Pashill, in the parish of Tavystocke, yeoman, to Walter Trowte, of Tavystocke, 'cordiner,' in consideration of 18l., of two closes of land called 'the best leasuz' and the 'Oxen Parke' with a 'litell medowe in the same Oxen Parke lynge under the mylle leate, and the pasture of a litell peace of woodd in the said Oxen Parke with one lawffull waye to the same Oxen Parke over and uppon the Hyaldon Parke,'in Pashill, and in Walter's occupation; to hold for 4¼ years and 5 weeks from 30 May, 1585; rent, 4d. at Michaelmas if demanded; Walter shall 'tyll' no part of the said closes, 'but only take the pasture and rote or cut the fursses bromes and other fuell' there; Jasper to pay all 'tethes, justment rentes and spyrytuall dutyes,' &c. English.
Worc. A. 12477. Certificate under the hand and seal of Edwin, bishop of Worcester, at the request of William Blande, of the diocese of Worcester, that there has ever been a prebend in the cathedral church of Hereford, called the prebend of Inteberghe alias Inkebarow, of the collation of the bishop of Hereford, the corpus of which prebend was and is within the diocese of Worcester, &c. 10 October, 1562. Seal.
Chester. Lanc. A. 12478. Indenture between John Danyell of Dersbury, esquire, of the one part and John Ogle, esquire, of the other, whereby the former grants the ward and marriage of Thomas Danyell, son of. John Danyell his son, and his heir apparent, to the latter, to be mariet and weddet to Grace doghter of the said John Ogle by twyx this and the fest of the Purification of our blessed lady next comyng'; he shall make estate to the said Thomas and Grace, before the said feast, of land to the value of 6 marks yearly in the county of Lancastre in fee, &c.; he covenants that all his lands in the counties of Lancastre and Chestre, saving the jointure of Alice, his mother, or of any wife who shall survive him, shall descend to the said Thomas in tail, &c.; for this Ogle shall pay 100 marks, whereof part is to be repaid him if Grace die within eight years 'without issue enheritable,' and he covenants that if he die without heir male his said daughter shall have her lawful part of his land, if any other of his daughters have any part thereof; 'and to all the covenauntes obofe specifiet to be perfourmet on the partie of the said John Danyell and also that no devorse schalbe had betwene the said Thomas and Grace the cause rysyng on the partie of the said Thomas or by his sewte the said John Danyell and iij sufficiaunt persons with hym is bounden to the said John Ogle in a c. li,' &c.; Ogle shall have the 'kepyng and governyng of the said Thomas and Grace duryng the said viij yeres and also to have and take uppe all the sales and profettes of the said vj markesworth of lond yerly duryng the said viij yeres to fynd the said Thomas and Grace apon all maner necessaries longyng to thaim. Providet alwaies if the said Thomas wilnot abide nefe be governet by the said John Ogle at any tyme within the said viij years that then hit be lefull to the said Thomas to have the halfendell of the said vj markesworth of lond to fynde hym selfe apon fro thens furthe. In wittenes of the quech thyng,' &c. 1 December, 37 Henry VI. English.
Chester. A. 12479. (1) Counterpart indenture being a feoffment by John Daniell of Deresburie, esquire, to Thomas Sutton, of the same, 'husband- man,' of two closes of pasture called 'the Poole Hey' and 'Newe Comen Woode' lying to the north of 'Burchelez Woode,' in Deresburie, now or late in the several occupations of John Sutton, the elder, of Deresburie, John Sutton, the younger, and Thomas Burchenhed, to the use declared in a shedule indented annexed; attorney to deliver seisin, Thomas Daniell, of Deresburie, gentleman. 30 October, 16 Elizabeth. Signed by mark.
(2) 'Schedule indented' annexed, of even date, declaring that Thomas Sutton, the feoffee, in consideration of 32l. paid to the said John Daniell by the said John Sutton shall stand seised of the said two closes to the use of the said John Sutton, the elder, and John Sutton, the younger, brother of the said John, for sixteen years next, at a peppercorn rent, and there- after to the use of the said John Daniell; proviso for the voidance of the feoffment upon payment by John Daniell 'uppon any feaste daye of Saincte Martin the Busshopp in Winter' of the balance then due. English. Witnesses' names endorsed.
Oxford. Warw. A. 12480. Deed poll by Dame Elizabeth Wellisborne, of Asteley, co. Warwick, widow; whereas by indenture dated (blank) Elizabeth, she granted to her son John Wellisborne, esquire, all her estate in the manors of Fulwell and Myxbury, co. Oxford, and in 'one warren of conyes' there, reserving to herself for life 60l. rent; and whereas she demised to him her manor and lordship of Asteley, co. Warwick, 'one ferme called Stonehurste ferme only excepted,' from the 'feaste of All Sainctes,' 1575, for five years; she now covenants and grants that if the said John fail quietly to enjoy the said manor of Asteley and other the premises, the said rent of 60l. shall cease. 20 April, 18 Elizabeth.
N'hamp. A. 12481. Bond by Thomas Watson of Ashbielegers, husbandman, to William Catesby, knight, in 20l., conditioned for observance of covenants in indentures of demise of even date. 10 April, 21 Elizabeth. Witnesses. Seal.
Dorset. A. 12482. Counterpart of demise, 10 April, 3 Elizabeth, by 'Mr. Henrie Sharingeton of Lacocke,' co. Wilts, esquire, to John Cumpton, the elder, of the 'Burrowe of Shafton,' yeoman, Henry Edmundes, of the same, draper, John Compton, the younger, and Eoger Sturmye, of the same, husbandmen, of a piece of ground called 'Kowe lease,' parcel of the manor of Barton, formerly belonging to the abbey of 'Shafton,' late in the holding of the said John, the elder, and others; to hold from Lady Day last for eleven years, at 23l. rent. English. Signatures. Covenant endorsed that Sherington will take 22l. rent if Compton and the other 'shall saye of ther honesties that they gayne nothing above the rent of' 23l. &c.
Middx. A. 12483. Indenture of bargain and sale, 24 March, 37 Elizabeth, by William Kene, 'nowe of Southmyms,' gentleman, 'Frauncis,' his wife, and Elizabeth Waters, of the same, gentlewoman, to Dorothy Sharpe, of Rydge, co. Herts, widow, in consideration of 100l. to be paid before 24 March next, of ½a. land in 'Wilkes feilde,' adjoining 'Mamidesfeilde' and 'the rounde abowte felde,' which was excepted and reserved out of the land &c. sold by Thomas Mericke to Henry Ishame, citizen and mercer of London, by indenture dated 27 March, 6 Elizabeth, with the buildings thereon. English. Signatures. Fragments of seals. Endorsed:—Sharpe, plt. Budden', deft. Termino Hillarii, 1688.
[Hants.] A. 12484. Feoffment by William Peynter, younger son of John Peyntour, mercer, to his said father of a tenement in the town of Crischurchc, with a garden in 'le Westrete,' &c. with 4a. arable, viz. 2a, in 'Benettyshey,' and 2a. in 'Westmershe,' which he had by his said father's feoffment. Witnesses:—John Bevyll, mayor, Thomas Hancock and John Mody, constables, of the borough aforesaid, Thomas Grendam, Frank (Franco) Hamell. 28 May, 10 Henry VIII. Signed By me William Peynter, raerser. Seal.
Cheater A. 12485. Counterpart of demise, 26 May, 22 Elizabeth, by John Danyell, of Darsburie, esquire, to Roberte Jackson, of Norton, husbandman, in consideration of 3l. 6s. 8d., of a house and tenement with one close or pasture parcel of a close called 'Cliffe Buttes' adjoining the house on the west, in Darsburie, in Robert's occupation; to hold from day of date for the term of the lives of the said Robert and of Richard Jackson, his son, in survivorship, at 5s. rent, and doing the following services, viz. 'two daies sheeringe, one day muckinge, one day in the hay, one day weedinge corne and one day dychinge,'upon lawful warning, 'to be done with a good sufficient and able workeinan,' or 8d. 'for every day wantinge a sufficient and able man'; also yielding 'two rent hennes'; covenant by Robert that he 'shall not kepe ale or victuall to sell,' without John's consent, nor 'grynd any corne or grayne but at such mylne or mylnes as the said John . . . . shall erect or buyld . . . in Darsburie'; he shall 'sett three hundreth quickes in and about the premisses untill the same shall be sufficientlie furnished and fenced therewith.' English. Signed by mark. Witnesses' names endorsed.
Chester. A. 12486. Counterpart of demise, 24 October, 18 Elizabeth, by John Danyell of Daresbury, esquire, in consideration of 14l., to John Sutton, of the same, the younger, of the 'harbage and grasse of his closse of land and pasture' there called 'the Walle Crofte,' two closes called 'the two Darleyes,' and a close called 'the Common Woode,' now in the occupation of the said John Sutton, for twenty-one years at 16s. rent; the demise to be void on payment, on any Christmas Day during the term, of 14l. at Darsburie parish church between 10 and 2 o'clock. Witnesses' names endorsed.
[Lanc.] A. 12487. Bargain and sale by Christopher Proctor, of Keisden, gentleman, and Margaret, his wife, in the county of York, to John Redman of Thornton Hall, esquire, of a fourth part of the manor of Wraton with land, &c. late in the tenure of John Proctor, of the yearly value of 13s.; a messuage or tenement within the said bamlet (villat') of Wraton, now or late in the tenure of John M . . rall, of the yearly value of 6s. 8d.; a messuage or tenement now or late in the tenure of Geoffrey Baitson, of the yearly value of 6s. 2d.; with all the land, &c. to the said fourth part of the manor of Wraton belonging; attorneys to deliver seisin Robert Tatham and Richard Rigge, of Thornton. 4 November, 2 Edward VI. Copy.
Glouc. A. 12488. Bond by Robert Tanner of Dueresley, 'gentilman,' to William Rede, citizen and goldsmith, of London, in 100s. at Christmas next, conditioned for two payments of 50s. each. 11 October, 1470.
[Norf.] A. 12489. Release by Thomas Brakke at the request of John Pom- fret, clerk, son and heir and executor of John Pomfret late of Skernyng, deceased, to Richard Hoo and William Hoo, of his right in the land, &c. in Skernyng, which, together with others, he had to the use of the said John. 30 September, 18 Henry VIII. Seal. Witnesses' names endorsed.
Bedf. A. 12490. Counterpart of demise, 6 May, 24 Elizabeth, by 'Jhon' Rowe, of Clapham, esquire, to William Savage, of the same, in con- sideration of William's, true and faithful service ['alredey done and struck out] here after to be done,' of 'all that parte and parcell of leyes called Peneybarecoles,' containing 5a. in Clapham fields now or late 'in manu- raunce or occupacion of Evans Rychardes, Jhon Negose and Wyllyam Negose,' 'in the hither Leyfeilde,' next 'Fordes close,' abutting on 'the vjth pownde pasture' and 'close called Clayes,' and extending 'to the corner of the close over agaynst the pasture called Bartilmewe Stockin'; also of 'the comens for foure kyne or bullockes and the comens for thuirtie shepe' there, from Lady Day, 1584, for fifteen years, at 34s. rent, &c.; William shall not 'sell overe' his lease, &c. Signed by mark.
Denbigh. A. 12491. Indenture of demise in fee farm, 4 May, 19 Henry VIII, by Gruffith ap Jevaun ap Willyam, free tenant in the town of Ereiviad, in the comote of Issaled, within the lordship of Denbiegh, to Thomas ap Grono ap Jevaun ap Eig[n]on, of three parcels of land in the said town, &c. at 4d. rent.
Surrey. A. 12492. Bond by George Daborne, of Stoke next (juxta) Gulde- forde, mercer, one of the sons of John Daborne late of Guldeforde, to John Stoughton, of Guldeford, 'capper,' in 40l., conditioned for Stoughton's quiet enjoyment, &c. of a tenement and land which by 'dede poll' of even date the said John had granted him; viz., a tenement in the parish of 'the Holie Trynytie in Guldeford' between the tenement sometime called the 'Almes Howse' on the east, the 'High Strete' on the south, 'the North Towne Diche' on the north, and 'John a Strete's' tenement on the west; and a croft or parcel of land, containing 4a. in the parish of Stoke next Guldeforde, near 'Brache Wode,' between lands of the 'Busshopp of London' on the north, Richard Cope on the west, Sir Henry Weston on the east and Walter Harwarde, gentleman, on the south; without interruption by the said George, or Julian his now wife, &c. 29 May, 16 Elizabeth. English. Signed By me Georg Daborn. Witnesses. Endorsed the oblygacion of breache wood.
Devon. A. 12493. Feoffment by John Len' and Robert Cansey and Joan, his wife, sole daughter and heir (una filia et heres) of the said John Len', in consideration of 32l., to John Bagge,of all their land, &c. called 'Parcell' in the parish of Tavystoke, and of all their land, &c. now or late in his occupation, in the said parish; attorneys to deliver seisin, John Woode and William Collyn. 22 August, 6 Edward VI. Fragment of one seal.
Warw. A. 12494. Indenture of bargain and sale, 6 July, 6 Elizabeth, by Richard Pole, of Stonley, clerk, and Elizabeth, his wife, and Simon Mountforth, of Byckenhull, 'gentilman,' and Anne his wife, which Elizabeth and Anne are daughters and co-heirs of Robert Slade, late of Nune Eyton, deceased, to John Oughton, of Fyllongley, in the said county, yeoman, in consideration of 19l. 8s., of one messuage or tenement, one garden, one 'lytle crofte' and one ½a. meadow ground in Nune Eyton, 'in the Churchend there,' next 'Bondend lane,' &c. Fragments of seals.
Devon. A. 12495. Counterpart indenture, 20 October, 34 Elizabeth, between Mary Fytz of Fytzforde, widow, late the wife of John Fytz, esquire, of the one part, and 'Sr Frauncis Drake, knighte,' Christopher Harris and William Bonde, esquires, and Robert Moore, gentleman, being the defeasance of an indenture of even date whereby she granted them all her leases and goods, money, jewels and apparel excepted; to wit, she may take the rents of the premises to her own use for forty years, if she so long live, or for such shorter time as under her hand she may appoint; and after her death, or appointment, they shall grant the residue of the years then to come to John Fytz, son and heir of the said John Fytz, deceased, or to his 'lawfull begotten chylde,' if he or such child survive her, &c. English. Signed, ffra. Drak', Chr. Harris, Rob. Moore. Witnesses' names endorsed.
Wilts. A. 12496. Counterpart of demise, 10 March, 27 Elizabeth, by 'Wyllyam Moggaredge oi Bounteouscourt nere unto the Cyttye of Newe Sarum,' co. Wilts, gentleman, to John Burte, of the said city, pewterer, of his 'litle barne which hathe a shope windowe right agaynste Winchester gate,' within the manor of Mylforde, in the said county, 'adjoynynge faste to a barne,' late in the tenure of Nicholas Huttoft, deceased, on one side, and 'a gate howse' of the said William on the other; also of 'twelve foote of the backesyde of the bredthe of the sayd litle barne'; from Lady Day next for twenty-one years, at 10s. rent; Burte shall keep the premises in repair in 'breding, dabbing, fenceng, thaching and watlinge.' English. Signed bee me John Burt.
Devon. A. 12497. Counterpart of demise, 24 September, 21 Elizabeth, by Jasper Badge, of Pashill, in the parish of Tavystocke, yeoman, to Walter Trowte, of the same parish, in consideration of 17l., of a close called 'the Oxen Parke,' with right of way to it over the close called 'Hyaldon Parke,' the pasture of a 'litell peace of woodd lyinge' in 'Oxen Parke' and with a 'litell medowe lyinge in the' same, 'under the mylle leete,' in Pashill, and now in the said Walter's occupation; to hold from 'the feaste of Pentecost other wyse Whitsondaye,' viz. 7th June last, for six years, at 4d. rent, &c. Witnesses' names endorsed.
Oxford. A. 12498. Bond by John Croker, of Steple Barton, esquire, to John Wellysburne, of Fullwell, esquire, in 200l., conditioned for the observance of covenants in indentures of even date. 14 October, 26 Elizabeth. Signed J. Croker.
Lanc. A. 12499. Indenture of demise, 14 January, 29 Elizabeth, by Sir Gilberte Gerrard, knight, 'Mr. of the Rolles,' to Eichard Orrell, his servant, in consideration of faithful service, of a capital messuage, or tenement, called 'the Garret,' in the parish of Manchester, with land, &c. belonging, the water mill called 'Garret Myll' with all the 'tole, multure,' &c. thereof, as amply as any tenant for twenty years past had the same; all of which has been heretofore demised by Gilbert at 35l. rent; to hold to Richard from Lady Day next for twenty-one years at 30l. rent; covenant by Richard, in regard of the 5l. abatement of rent, to do repairs, &c. Signed G. Gerard. English. Seal of arms.
Memorandum endorsed that 'the parson of Stockport shall have the use and occupation of the premisses within demised untill the xth May nexte, accordinge to his bargaine.'
Camb. A. 12500. Release by Katharine Fissher, widow, late the wife of William Fissher, and before wife of Robert Holder, late of Barton, husbandman, to Richard Aylmere, of the same, 'yoman,' of her right in land, &c. which one Richard Malden bought of the said Robert, and which the said Richard Malden lately sold to the said Richard Aylmere, in Barton, Whytwell, Haselingefeld, Comberton, Grauncester and Coton. 5 August, 5 and 6 Philip and Mary. Seal.