Deeds: A.12601 - A.12700

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A Descriptive Catalogue of Ancient Deeds: Volume 5. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1906.

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A.12601 - A.12700

Somers. A. 12601. Deed poll by Andrewe Dun, of Old Cleve, husbandman; whereas Mary, countess of Sussex, in her widowhood, demised by inden- ture dated 20 September, 35 Henry VIII, to John Dunn, the said Andrewe, his son, and 'Bartholomewe' Dun, Andrew's daughter, for their lives in survivorship, 'one backehowse with twoo litle chambers therunto annexed lyenge within the grange of Bynham in the parishe of Olde Cleve,' 'the wheate barne,' 'the Oxhowse with a litle chamber therunto annexed called the sell,' 'the moiete of the culverhowse ther together with all the curtilage lyenge about the said howses,' 'a pece of ground then called the Crofft,' between 'the wheate barne and the schard medowe,' containing 2a., 'which croft of late was enclosed out of the said curtilage,' 6a. meadow south of William Batyn's meadow, 2a. wood in 'Blackgrovewood,' on 'the west syde of the Vicars wood,' 1a. 'fursez,' on 'the south syde of the schortmouthe next to the highe waye that extendeth to the chappell of Clyve,' a close called 'Langecrofft,' of 6a. south of 'the Oxhowse of Bynham'; and whereas on the death of the said John Dun 'his part in right did survive unto me the said Andrewe and Bartholmewe,' 'by reason whereof' they were jointly seased, &c.; and whereas Andrew and 'one John Crosse husbond of the said Bartholmewe,' about the first year of the Queen's reign 'by one assent consent and mediacions of frendes,' made partition of the premises, to 'injoy the same either of as in severalte by moietes devided'; now the said Andrew surrenders to 'Sr John Ratlyeff of Olde Cleve aforesaid knighte, beinge nowe by righte of inheri- taunce lawfully seased of the revercion of the premisses,' all his right therein 'by reason of the said particion devided or in jointure undevided.' 6 May, 9 Elizabeth. English. Signed by me Andro Dune. Seal, broken.
A. 12602. Bond by John Mone to John Sydenham, son and heir of Alexander Sydenham, in 200l. conditioned for the observance of covenants in indentures of 16 August. 17 August, 11 Henry VIII. Seal.
[Lanc.] A. 12603. Indenture between 'Henre' Blundell and 'Nichol' Blundell, his son, of the one part, and 'Henre' Scaresbrek of the other, witnessing that it is agreed between them that 'Nichol,' son and heir apparent of the said [Nichol] Blundell, 'shal be espowset and weddit to Margarete doghter to the said Henre Scaresbrek,' for which wedding Scaresbrek shall pay . . . . l., and, with others, shall be bound, 'ichon of thaym by hym self in the hole,' to 'Henre' and 'Nichol,' in eight several obligations of 10l. each and in another of 40l. payable at the Assumption, 1456, and the eight obliga- tions at the eight feasts of the Assumption and Purification of our Lady [next after] the feast of St. Valentine next, each obligation to be 'endorset' with condition, that if Scaresbrek pay 10 marks within twenty days of the feast of our Lady 'contenyt' in the said obligation, or if the said Margaret 'degh befor the same fest,' the obligation to be void; and the said 'Henre' and 'Nichol' grant that the said 'Henre,' being 'possessit in fe simple or fe taile of landez and tenementez to the yerly value of x marc' over all cherges,' shall within forty days next by his deed indented make a sufficient 'feffement' thereof to the said 'Nichol' and to Robert Blundell, clerk, in 'fe' who shall within the said forty days make a 'feffement' of parcel of the said land 'to the yerly valu of v marc' over the chergez' to the said Margaret for her life with remainder to the said 'Nichol the son of Nichol' and the heirs of his body, with remainder to 'Henre' and his heirs 'in fe'; 'with a clause of waranty of the said Nichol,' 'with a clause of Proviso also to be comprehendit therin that is to wete that if any devorce be hade or made in Court Christien betwene the said Nichol the son of Nichol and the saide Margarete at the sute of the said Margarete allonly, the cause also of such dyvorce hade and movet sprongen or comyn opon the party of the saide Margarete by the which the said matrimony hade be adnullet or voide,' the estate of the said Margaret, &c. to be void upon payment by the said 'Henre' and 'Nichol' of 100l. to 'Henre' Scaresbrek, within five years of the said divorce; the said 'Nichol' and Robert Blundell shall make feoffment of 5 mark of land 'remenaunt' of the said lands to the said 'Henre' Blundell for life, with remainder to Margaret for life, with remainder to 'Nichole' son of 'Nichole' and the heirs of his body, with remainder to the said 'Henre' and his heirs in 'fe,' &c.; covenant by 'Henre' and 'Nichol' not to encumber, 'outaken also and except all seen feffementz and estatez as have bene made of all the meses londez and tenementz which the said Nichol Blundell and Mergerete his wiff holden joyntly for the said joyntre so to be hade; outaken also and except the feffement to Raynold Johnson of londez and tenementez in Mikil Crosby to the yerly valu of xs. to term of his liff allonly made'; 'providet that hit be lefull unto the said Henre Blundell to make dimise or feffement at his will of londez and tenementz to the yerly valu of xls. over the reprisez and cherges therof or lesse valu unto William his son for terme of liff of the said William allonly saving the reversion therof to the said Henre Blondell and his heires'; with like power to 'Nichol' to make similar provision for 'one of his sones,' and saving the dower of 'every wiff' of his; covenant by 'Henre' and 'Nichol,' that if Margaret 'degh after the said espowselz and before that she come to the age of xvij yere about issu of hir body getyn by the said Nichol the son and beyng on lyve the tyme of hir such deth,' they, or one of them 'shall repay unto the said Henre Scares- brek or his executours halfendele the saide somme of xxli. and halfendele of all the saidez sommez also contenyt in the conditions of the saidez obligacions' then received, or due, at the rate of 10l. a year till fully paid; 'Henre' Scaresbrek to 'have the rewle and governance of the said Nichol the son of Nichol and Margarete,' till she come to 'the age of xvij,' finding them as long as they abide with him and 'be at his said rewle' 'resonable and competent mete and drynk, clothing and beddyng and the said Nichol the son exhibucion to scole of gramer by the advice and lymytacion of Ric Halsall and Laurens of Yreland,' taking to his own use the profits of the lands, as above; if any article 'in thees endentures' 'nedith correccion or reformacion,' the parties agree to abide, for a year from date the 'correccion and reformacion therof by the advice of [Ric' Ha]lsall and Ric' Bold of Cronshaw.' 18 January, 80 Henry VI. English. Fragments of two seals.
Endorsed: Evidences of Blundells in Lancassher.
Chester. A. 12604. Indenture of award under the hands and seals of Sir William Dansell, knight, receiver, and William Tooke, esquire, auditor general of the court of wards and liveries touching the value of his wardship and marriage claimed from John Daniell of Deresburye, by Thomas Webster, of the Inner Temple, London, gentlemen, viz. that John before the end of the month shall become bound with sufficient sureties in 200l. to pay 70l. to the said Thomas at certain dates, and shall forthwith be free to prosecute his 'liverie or ousterlemayne' out of the Queen's hands without Thomas' interuption. 9 May, 9 Elizabeth. English. Signatures. Fragments of seals.
Heref A. 12605. Indenture of apprenticeship, All Hallows day, 26 Elizabeth, of Thomas Pecke, son of Richard Pecke, deceased, to William Horsman, of Buckchastle, co. Hereford, 'wever,' from the said day, from year to year, for twelve years; his master is to instruct him in the art of 'wevers crafte,' with due correction (debita castigacione dicto serrienti apposita), and to find him in food, clothing, &c. with two suits (cum duplice vestimento) in the last year. Witnesses endorsed.
Flint. A. 12606. Deed poll by Richard Drihurst, late of Denbigh, co. Denbigh, gentleman, reciting that Foulke ap Thomas, late of Eriviot, deceased, mortgaged to him certain parcels of land, viz. 'Brynie Cochiou' and 'Ddole Cablid' in the township of Bryn Poliou, co. Flint, which were redeemed by John Foulke, gentleman, son and heir of the said Fowlke ap Thomas, and that by some casual means he had lost the deed of mortgage, so that he could not deliver it up to be cancelled, he releases his estate in the premises to the said John. 24 October, 35 Elizabeth, 1593. English. Signature. Witnesses endorsed, Roger Roydon, Eub'le Theloall and others (named).
[Lanc.] A. 12607. Indenture, 'Fridey next afore the feste of All Seyntes,' 8 Henry VIII, being a bargain and sale by John Danyell, of Derresbury, 'esquyer,' to Sir Rauf Denton, chaplain, Henry Smyth and Thomas Worsseley, 'kyrkrevysof the kyrk' of Farneworth, of the 'homage, ryaltez, cheffe rentes and servyce of Eccleston, Raynhull and Sutton,' and the 'cheff rent' of John Sale, viz. 1d. for his lands in Sutton, together with his homage and service; also of the reversion, expectant on the decease of Grace Danyell, his mother, who has the same in jointure for life, of the chief rent, viz. 5s. 1d. of Rauf Eccleston for his 'maner and tenementes' in Eccleston, of Richard Bower, viz. 16d. for his tenement in Eccleston, of Nich'ne Colley, viz. 6d. for his tenement in Eccleston, 'and of the wyffe of John Byrkenhed,' viz. 6d., 'for her landes' in Eccleston, of Perys William- son, viz. 3s. for his tenement in Sutton, 'the cheffe rent of Henry Norres, 'armiger,' viz. 13d. for 'his tenementes' in Sutton; 'item the cheffe rent of Perys Wetherby for his tenementes in Sutton now in the dowar of Johan Danyell wyf of the seid John Danyell for terme of hyr lyffe ijs.'; 'also the warde mariage homage and service of the said Rauf Eccleston and of his heirez as meche as perteneth to sex carucates of land in the towne of Eccleston'; also the homage and service of the said Bower, Colley, Byrkenhed, Williamson and Norres; also the homage and service of John Eltonhede for land in Sutton; also his common of pasture 'with all in- crochements upon the same yf any within the said towne of Sutton'; con- sideration, 10l. viz. 10 marks in hand and 5 marks 'to be paid at the next sessionez at Lanc 'to be holdyn afore the kynges justices of assyse' after the Purification next; with proviso that 'yf he pay agayne x markes unto the said Sr Rauf Henr' and Thomas,' 'afore the mondey in the thrydde weke of lentyn next suynge holly upon one day,' 'and also such other money as shall fortune the seid Sr Rauf Henr' and Thomas' 'to expend and coste upon the statute marchaunt and also upon their lerned counsaell for the suertie herof,' the feoffment to be void; covenant by Danyell 'to be at London afore the feste of seynt Andrew thappostull next comyng and ther to be redye to enseale and delyver for hys dede all such evidence and statutes marchandes,' as their counsel shall devise and to be bound in his writing obligatory in 100l. English. Fragments of seals.
Sussex. A. 12608. Bond by William Rose, of Westerton in the parish of Westhampnet, yeoman, to Edward Rose, of West Itchenor, yeoman, in 50l., conditioned for performance of covenants in indentures of bargain and sale of even date. 24 September, 40 Elizabeth. Signature and seal.
Somers. A. 12609. Indenture of demise by James Courtney, esquire, in consideration of 50l. fine, to David Morgaine, of Exeter, yeoman, Joan, his wife, and Nicholas their son, for their lives in survivorship, of three tenements, with orchards, &c. in Bere, in the parish of Aller, which John Woode held before and 3a. wood in Berewood, at 4l. 3s. 10d. rent, the best beast for a 'hariot,' and suit to his court 'holden at Bere and burough,' &c. 4 June, 2 Edward VI. English. Copy.
N'hamp. A. 12610. Bond by 'Cristian' Golde, of Wolton (sic), widow, late the wife of John Golde, to Richard Catisby, esquire, in 40l. at Midsummer next, conditioned for the observance of covenants in indentures of even date. 19 November, 27 Henry VIII. Seal.
Warw. A. 12611. Feoffment by John Rawlett, of Nonn Eton, 'tallow chaundler,' to John Suffocke, the younger, of the same, 'tannar,' in part performance of covenants in indentures, of 11th inst., of a messuage, cottage or tenement, there near 'le Towne bridge,' between Edward Moare's tenement and land of Margaret Knollys, widow, the lady of the manor, &c. which descended to him on the death of Edward Rawlett, his brother, according to the will of Edward Rawlett, his father, and which his said father bought of Edward Wightman, of Hinckley, co. Leicester, gentleman, as appears by charter, 26 July, 20 Elizabeth. 12 August, 29 Elizabeth. Signed, John Rawlatt. Witnesses' names endorsed.
Norf. A. 12612. Indenture being a feoffment by Thomas Pinchebek, to Thomas Drurye, of his land, &c. in Skarneng, to the intent that Thomas shall within four days of seisin had re-enfeoff him and Margaret daughter of Richard Hoo, his intended wife, thereof, in tail, with remainder in default to Margaret's right heirs. 1 January, 34 Henry VHI. Signed Thomas Pynchebecke. Seal. Memorandum of livery of seisin endorsed and of attornment by John Robartez, gentleman, the farmer there for term of years.
[Cornw.] A. 12613. Indenture of demise, 18 July, 32 Elizabeth, by 'Water' Tregose, of Trewothacke, esquire, and Anne, his wife, to William Reskymer alias Greber, of Merthyn, esquire, of their land, &c. in Tregose, in the parish of Stythianes, excepting thereout to him and his heirs begotten on the said Anne or in default to the right heirs of John Tregose his father the grist mill there and all the 'blowinge howses' in Carne Tregose, with 'courses of water and leates,' and 'all tynne toll tynne farme tynne and tynnworkes,' with liberty to 'sett seike and worke for tynne,' &c. and 'to builde a crasinge mill or mills blowynge howse or howses stampinge myll or mylls so yt be not hurtfull to the sayd grist myll,' all which premises were lately demised by John Tregose, esquire, to Warren John, John Robert and 'Phillippe' daughter of John Robertes; to hold to the said William during the lives of 'Phillippe' wife of John Treligan the younger, James Robyn alias Huntte, and Grace Ennyes daughter of Thomas Ennyes, gentleman; rent, 46s. 8d., two capons at Christmas, 'a beste beast in the name of a heriette or farlife' and suit to the court of the manor of Tregose; attorneys to deliver seisin, William Rycharde and John Treligan. English.
Chester. A. 12614. Counterpart of feoffment by John Danyell, of Dersburie, esquire, to William Ryder of Preston, 'yomane,' of the moiety of a close of pasture in Dersburie, abutting on the highway, in the occupation of Thomas Burchinhed, of the same, 'yomane,' called half 'lee Bromefeild'; attorney to deliver seisin, John Crymes of Dersburie, 'yomane.' 28 November, 16 Elizabeth.
Warw A. 12615. Release by Richard Smythe, of Newton, 'yoman,' to Nicholas Ethill alias Laurence, of Asteley, 'yoman,' of his right in a messuage or tenement in Nonne Eton, in the occupation of his, Richard's, father-in-law, William Worship, which he lately bought of the said William; also of his right in 5l. which Agnes Worship, William's wife, promised to return him at the last payment of 30l of the price of the premises. 13 February, 6 Elizabeth. Signed Ric' Smyt.
Devon. A. 12616. Counterpart of demise, 81 January, 28 Elizabeth, by Jasper Badge, of Parswill, husbandman, to Walter Master [of Tavystocke], yeoman, in consideration of 13l. fine, of the herbage and pasture of two closes called 'the above towne' and 'the Butt Parke,' containing 6a., at Parswill, parcel of his tenement there; to hold for eight years from Lady Day next; rent, 4d. Signed, Walter Master. Witnesses endorsed.
A. 12617. Acquittance, 23 October, 81 Henry VIII, by John Brad- shaw of Overton under Ardern, co. Leicester, gentleman, to William Glover, of Weston upon Trent, co. Stafford, for 10l. in full of 28l. 13s. 4d. for a certain agreement and contract between them of a wood (silve) called 'Drybroke.'
Pemb. A. 12618. Feoffment by Arnold Butler of Johnston, esquire, Maurice Wogan and Owen Butler, gentlemen, of 20 marks yearly rent from his manor of Johnston, to the use of Ellen Butler wife of the said Arnold, for her life; they are put in seisin by payment of 4d.; the grant and seisin had thereon to be void on performance of covenants in indentures between him and Hugh Harrys, gentleman, dated 22 July last. 18 May, 6 Elizabeth. Signed per me Arnold Butler. Witnesses endorsed.
Norf. A. 12619. Indenture, 22 September, 5 Edward VI, being an assign- ment by Edmund Inglott, of Owleton, gentleman, to Richard Hoo, esquire, of a lease made to him, by the name of Edmund son of Henry Inglot of Owleton, 'yeman,' 23 April, 4 Edward VI, for forty years from Michaelmas, 1555, by John Salisbury, dean of Norwich, and the chapter of the same, of the parsonage of Wighton, at 14l. 10s. rent. English. Signed by me Edmonde Inglott.
Derby. A. 12620. Feoffment by William Blackewall, of Alton, esquire, to Edward Hitchenson, of Wirkesworthe, 'yoman,' of two parcels of land in Wirkesworthe, in a place called 'le Dale,' in the occupation of . . . . Elizabeth Wyeld and Mary Spenser, widow; attorney to deliver seisin, Anthony Higget, the younger, of Wirkesworthe, yoman. 9 September, 34 Elizabeth. Signed William Blackwall. Witnesses endorsed.
[Hants.] A. 12621. Release by Lawrence de Pageham to Joan daughter of John Stake of his right in two crofts of land called 'Thenelcroftes,' land of the prior of Suthwik on the north, the highway from Suthwik to Frendestapele on the south, land of the rector of Wydeligh on the west, and land of Thomas son of Thomas Stake on the east. Witnesses, Nicholas and Simon Stake, and others (named). Draytone, Friday after St. Lawrence 3 Edward III. Seal, broken.
Linc. A. 12622. Indenture being a feoffment by John Etton, esquire, in performance of covenants in indentures, 17 July last, between John Copuldyke, knight, and himself, to John Langton, esquire, and John Dyon, esquire, of (1) a messuage and land in Waynflete St. Mary, in the tenure of Walter Swagge, at 28s. 8d. rent, 5a. pasture there in the tenure of William Huytson, at 20s. rent, 9a. pasture there in the tenure of William Ottne at 26s. 8d. rent, 7a. land in Waynflete All Saints in the tenure of Richard Holland, at 20s. 8d. rent, 1a. pasture there in the tenure of John Redman at 20d. rent, la. pasture there in the tenure of John Pert at 2s. 8d. rent, and 10a. meadow in Frysby in the tenure of John Smallney at 33s. 4d. rent, to the use of John Copuldyke, esquire, and Anne, his wife, in tail, with remainder in default to the use of himself and his heirs; (2) land in Waynflete All Saints in the tenure of Edward Warner at 6l. 2s. 4d. rent, 3a. pasture there, in the tenure of John Pert at 2s. rent, la. meadow in Irby in the tenure of Thomas Quadrynge at 2s. rent, to his own use for life, with remainder to the use of the said Anne and the heirs of her body by the said John Copuldyke, with remainder to the use of his own right heirs; (3) all other his land, &c. in county Lincoln, or elsewhere in the realm, land to the value of 100s. yearly only excepted, to the use of himself for life, with remainder to the use of the said Anne in tail, with remainder in default to the use of his own right heirs. 21 July, 3 and 5 Philip and Mary. Signed by me John Etton. Seal. Names of witnesses to livery of seisin at Frisby, in 10a. meadow, in the name of the whole, endorsed. See A. 12633.
[Hants.] A. 12623. Feoffment by Richard de Saunfford, son and heir of Robert de Saunford to William Stake of Frundestapele, of a place of land in his wood (bosco) of Drayton on the west side next the wood called 'le Hurst,' of Warblyngton, containing 8 perches by 4, for the purposes of a sty (ad unam porcoriam levandam); also grant of common in the said wood for all beasts coming (cum omnibus animalibus suis exeuntibus) from Frundestapele, under charge (wardo facto); rent, a rose at Midsummer. Witnesses:—Sir Reginald son of Peter of Wedhamton, William le Faukenyer, knights, and others (named). 49 Henry [III] (anno regni regis Henrici quarto decimo nono). Seal.
[Hants.] A. 12624. Duplicate of A. 12623. For 'wardo facto,' 'wardo fracto' is substituted, and the date appears as anno regni regis Henrici quarto decimo.
Salop. A. 12625. Acquittance 24 September, 5 and 6 Philip and Mary, by 'Rouland' Heyns, of the town of Bridgnorthe, 'bocher,' to William Lee, gentleman, for 19l. 14s. 'as well for his parte and the parte of the legace of Sr Rouland Lymell, clerke, as also' for all demands by force of any testament, &c. Signed, Rolland Hayns. Witnesses' names endorsed.
Denbigh. A. 12626. Counterpart of bargain and sale by John Fowlke ap Thomas ap Grono, of Eriviat, gentleman, to Gruffin ap Thomas ap Ll[ewell]en of the same, in consideration of 20l. of a messuage or tenement there, in the occupation of Margaret Lewys, widow, containing 20a.; the feoffment to be void on payment to the said Gruffin of 20l. on the feast of St. Philip and St. James, 1593, 1594, 1595 or 1596 at his mansion house in Eriviat. 16 April, 34 Elizabeth, 1592. Seal. Witnesses' names endorsed.
Suff. A. 12627. Indenture, being a feoffment by Thomas Leake of Sudbury, 'cordener,' to Thomas Maynerde, of the same, writer, for life, with remainder to William Bateman of Toppysfelde, co. Essex, 'carpenter,' and Margaret his wife, and the heirs and assigns of Margaret, of a messuage with a garden, &c. from of old called 'Alredes,' successively John Scalder's, William Heron's, Thomas Felton's and Giles Strachye's, in Sudbury, in the parish of All Saints, on the north side of the street lately called 'Frerestrete,' next the great gates, &c. which he had by Thomas Maynerd's release, dated 20 May last. 24 May, 1 and 2 Philip and Mary. Witnesses' names endorsed.
Camb. A. 12628. Indenture, 4 December, 27 Henry VIII, being an assign- ment, in consideration of 40 marks and 8l. rent, by Symeon Sampson, of Benyfeld, co. Berks, gentleman, to William Turpyn of Bassyngbourne, co. Cambridge, gentleman, of a lease made to him, 8 April, 26 Henry VIII, by the dean and canons of St. George's, Windsor, for thirty years of (1) a messuage or inn called the 'Bed Lyon,' (2) their copyhold lands, and (3) the reversion of their parsonage and glebe lands, in Caxton, at rents of 100s. for the messuage and lands, and 10l. for the parsonage; the parsonage is now held by John Hynde 'sergeaunt atte lawe and Thomas Lavender as deputie to the said John,' by virtue of a lease thereof to James Forest; one part of the original lease shall remain, as the canons agreed, in the custody of William Dobson, of Warfeld, co. Berks, gentleman. English. Seal.
London. A. 12629. Counterpart of demise, 6 December, 4 Edward VI, by John Dodmore, of London, gentleman, to Nicholas Chowne, citizen and haberdassher of London, for twenty-one years, in consideration of 20 marks and 20l. rent, of a messuage or 'bierbrewhouse' and 'seller,' late of Sir 'Raulffe' Dodmore, knight, in Grauntham Lane, in the parish of 'All Hallowes the more,' abutting on the 'newe howse' of John Shute, 'paynter,' on the north, and the Thames on the south, now in Nicholas' occupation, and late in the tenure of Henry Pott, 'bierbrewer,' with a 'seller under the halle of the greate tenement' wherein Sir Thomas Darcey, knight, late dwelled, now in the tenure of the said John Shute, with brewing implements, as in schedule indented annexed. English. Seal.
Norf. A. 12630. Release by Robert Hogon, esquire, proprietor or possessor of all the manors and lands, both spiritual and temporal of the late dissolved monastery of Wendling, by virtue of the king's letters patent, dated 1 November, 35 Henry VIII; reciting that Thomas, late abbot there, and the convent of the same, by their charter dated 4 January, 27 Henry VIII, sold to Richard Hoo, of Skarneng, gentleman, Edmund Bedingfelde, knight, Henry Bedingfelde, esquire, John Giggez and William Bury, of Great Walsingham, a close (inclausum) called the 'Milclos,' with a meadow adjacent containing 6a. together with a pightell called 'Erleham Yarde'; a close called 'Felker clos' with 15a. arable lying dispersed, and 2a. meadow; 15a. land in 'Havercrofte' on the south of Richard Hoo's messuage, late of John Pomefrett, clerk, being in three pieces and parcel of the demesne lands of the manor of 'Northendehall,' &c.; 3r. land, now inclosed with other lands of the said Richard in 'Churche- gate clos,' and 4a. ½r. in 'Coldehamfelde,' &c., all in Skarneng, to the use of the said Richard Hoo, his heirs and assigns; release by Robert to the said Richard of his right in the premises, in consideration of 8l. and of Richard's surrender of 20s. annuity granted to him by letters. patent dated 81 May, 4 Henry VIII, as auditor and steward of the lands of the said monastery. 12 March, 35 Henry VIII. Witnesses' names endorsed.
Glouc. A. 12631. Indenture of bargain and sale, 2 March, 1 Elizabeth by Rese Apowen, of Upton, co. Pembroke, esquire, to William Rogers, the elder, of Dowdeswell, co. Gloucester, gentleman, in consideration of 130l. of the reversion expectant on the death of the lady Katharine Buckler, now wife of Roger Lygon, esquire, of the land, &c. in the parish, and formerly parcel of the manor, of Dowdeswell, not before sold to William Rogers, father of the said William, and of the advowson of the parish church there, discharged of all incumbrances created by William Aprice of Sandyhavon, co. Pembroke, esquire, Isabell late wife of the said William Aprice, now deceased, and himself; a statute merchant in 500l. acknowledged by the said Rese, 1 February last, to Walter Compton, of Avenyng, co. Gloucester, esquire, to be void on observance of covenants, English. Signed R. Abowen, Seal. Endorsed '15. John Hygford.'
[Somers.] A. 12632. Bond by John Mone, esquire, to John Sydenhame, in 100l. at Easter next, conditioned for Sydenham's quiet enjoyment of two tene- ments in Northepederton, with covenant that John Mone 'schall nott sell nor ley no lande to morgage un to no man withyn the paryche of Northepeder- ton withoute hit be to the seid John Sydenham.' 24 November, 10 Henry VIII. Seal, broken.
Linc. A. 12633. Countepart of A. 12622. Signed by me John Etton; by me John Lagton; I. Dyon.
Linc. N'hamp. A. 12634. Indenture whereby Edward Heron of Stamforde, co. Lincoln, esquire, covenants with Edward Heron, the younger, his son, for his love to Dorothy his wife, and for her full jointure, and for his love to the said Edward, John and James, his sons, that he will stand seised of the manors of Caswike and Langtoft in the said county, and of all his lands in Uffington, Caswike and Deepinge, and of all his land, &c. in the county of Northampton to the said manors belonging, to the use of himself for life, with remainder as to the manor of Caswike and premises in Uffington to his wife's use for life, with remainder to the use of the said Edward, his son, in tail male, with remainder in default to the use of the heirs male of James, his son, with remainder in default to the use of the heirs male of his own body, and with remainder as to the manor of Langtoft to the use of the said Edward Heron, the younger, and John Heron, his sons, successively in tail male, with remainder in default to the heirs male of his own body; with proviso that this covenant or indenture shall be of no effect on tender of 5s. 'either in sylver or in golde,' to his said sons to avoid it, or on his declaration in writing to that effect, or if his said wife shall not, upon notice of the death of Eleanor Woodhouse, wife of Francis Woodhouse, esquire, sometime wife of John Netlam, surrender her share in the said premises to the next in reversion. 7 October, 86 Elizabeth. English. Cancelled by cuts. Signed Edw. Heron. Seal. Memorandum of voidance, by tender of 5s. endorsed.
A. 12635. Bond by John Wycam of Swalle Cleffe, esquire, John Small, of Schuttford, and William Steffenys, of Smalle (sic) Cleffe, co. Oxford, husbandman, to William Lucy, of Charlcot, esquire, in 100l. at Midsummer next. Charlcot, 2 April, 28 Edward IV. Seals.
Somers. A. 12636. Release by John Mone to John son and heir of Alexander Sydenham of his right in all land, &c. in the parish of North Pederton. 20 August, 11 Henry VIII.
Dorset. A. 12637. Indenture of demise, 1 March, 1518, 10 Henry VIII, by John Keton, canon of Salisbury, prebendary of Yatmenstre Upbury, to John Berd of Yatmenstre, yeoman, for sixty years, at 10l. rent, of the site of the mansion place and the demesne lands of the said prebend, with the assent of Edmund the bishop, and John Longlond, the dean, and the chapter of Salisbury, dated 24 March, 1518, and 31 May, 1519 respectively. Seal of arms, fragment of bishop's seal; third seal lost.
N'hamp A. 12638. Counterpart of bargain and sale, 20 August, 7 Elizabeth, by Michael Poultney of Mysterton, co. Leicester, esquire, to William Vaus, lord Harrowdon, in consideration of 860l. of the manor or lordship of Wythmale alias Wymayle, with land, &c. in Wythemale alias Wymayle, Pycheley, Orlingbere and Lyttell Harrowdon, which descended to him on the death of Sir Thomas Pultney, knight, or from Fraunces Pultney, esquire, deceased, quit of all charges, except rents and services to the chief lord, the dower of Katharine, his now wife, a lease of parcel of the premises made by him to Elizabeth now wife of Sir Richard Mallery for fifteen or sixteen years yet to come, whereon a rent of 7l. is reserved, and a lease made by him of the premises in Orlingbere to 'Raff' Lane, esquire, for seventeen years, whereon a rent of 4l. 3s. 4d. is reserved; covenants for quiet enjoyment by 'Wyllyam, Lord Harrowdon,' &c. English. Signed W. Harowdon. Seal, an eagle's head erased, between the letters 'M' and 'F.' Witnesses' names endorsed; also a bargayne and sale . . . . . to William Lord Harrowden alias Vaux of . . . . .
Salop. A. 12639. Indenture of demise, 25 March, 21 Henry VIII, by Margery Wottely, of Pychford, widow, and Thomas Wotteley, her son and heir, of the same, gentleman, to 'Foulke' Lee, of Brygenorth, gentleman, and 'Johan' Lymell, of the same, widow, of a house in the High Street of Brygenorth, wherein Thomas Scheldon dwells, with a 'lesow' called 'Brynes Orcherd' and a barn; to hold to them and the heirs of 'Foulke' for forty years, at 31s. rent. English.
Montg. A. 12640. Counterpart of feoffment by Robert Acton, knight, lord of the lordship or manor of Deithour, in accordance with a decree of the president and others of the king's council in the Marches of Wales, made at Ludlow 15 July, 3 Edward VI, to Thomasine Trevor, widow, and to Edward ap David ap Gruffith ap Madoc, her son and heir, of all the land, &c. within the said lordship which he had by their gift and feoffment, to hold to them for her life and after her decease to Edward and the heirs of his body according to the custom of the said lordship; no alienation thereof to be made without his consent, and a rent of 9s. to be paid. Deithour, 25 December, 4 Edward VI. Signed, Edward ap David.
Endorsed: 'Sealed and delyveryd,' 28 February, 5 Edward VI, in the presence of Charles Acton and others (named).
Bedf. A. 12641. Counterpart of demise, 26 October, 1579, 21 Elizabeth, by John Rowe, of Clapham, co. Bedford, esquire, to Alexander Hunte, alder- man of Bedford, of a close, called the 'Lodge pasture' or 'Fowre pounde pasture,' 'next to the fielde of Bedforde and adjoyninge unto Clapham Parke,' now in Alexander's occupation, from Michaelmas last for fifteen years, at 4l. rent.
Linc. A. 12642. Counterpart of bargain and sale, 6 June, 36 Henry VIII, by Thomas Drant, son and heir of John Drant, of Harington, deceased, to Sir John Copuldyke, of the same, knight, of land, &c. in Harington Hagworthingham and Aswardby, or elsewhere in the county of Lincoln, whereof the said John Drant or others to his use were seised, &c.; con- sideration, three score pounds, of which 20l. in hand. English. Signed John Copuldyke. Witnesses' endorsed.
N'th'l'd. A. 12643. Feoffment by Alexander Hearon, of Meldonne, esquire, in completion of covenants contained in indentures of even date between himself of the one part, William Fenwicke, of Wallingtonne, Edward Shaftoye of Bavingtone and Thomas Mydleton, of Belshowe, esquires, and Marmaduke Fenwicke, of Kirkharle, gentleman, to the uses in the said indenture declared, of the manor and town (opidum) of Meldonne, with land, &c. there, and in Refhoe alias Reffhowe, Riplingtonne, Denam, Whawtonn, Thorntonnetemple, Heronsclose, Morpethe and Reddinge. 4 February, 83 Elizabeth. Signed 'Allexandr Hearo' his mark.' Seal. Witnesses to livery of seisin endorsed. See A. 12525.
A. 12644. Copy of an indenture,—June, 18 Edward IV, between Gerard Canyzian,—, and the king, concerning trade to be carried on by the said Gerard, in wool, &c. as the king's factor or attorney, with defeasance of bond in 6,000l. wherein Gerard is bound. English.
Leic. A. 12645. Counterpart of demise, 8 February. 31 Elizabeth, by Sir Henry Darcye, of Leighton Bromeswolde, co. Huntington, knight, and dame Katherine, his wife, to William Coventrye, of North Killworth, yeo- man, in consideration of his good service, of a messuage or tenement in North Killworthe, now in his occupation, with land there commonly called 'Brownes Close,' a croft and barn called 'Davyes' heretofore occupied with the said messuage by him or one John Cherey, also with land, &c. there commonly called 'one yarde lande,' heretofore let by Michael Pulteney, esquire, to one Thomas Pratt for twenty-one years from Michaelmas or Lady Day next after the 'decease or recease' of one John Yarnold, husbandman, 'nowe lately deceassed before any recease from the same'; to hold from Michaelmas last for forty years, paying for the premises demised to Pratt 15s. and for the residue, 38s. 4d. and such 'Rent Hennes' as for twenty years last past has been accustomed, with services due therefore to the chief lords. English. Signed Willyam Covyntre. Seal.
Endorsed: Sealed and delivered in the presence of Robert Newdegate; also vij. hennes dew.
Linc. A. 12646. Indenture being a feoffment by Richard Hoo, in per- formance of a condition specified in an indenture made to him by Thomas Pynchebecke, dated at Holbeche, 6 January, 34 Henry VIII (A. 12658), to the said Thomas and Margaret Hoo, his daughter, Thomas' intended wife, their heirs and assigns, of all the land, &c. in Holbeche, which he had by the gift of the said Thomas, by indenture of the said date. Holbeche, 7 January, 34 Henry VIII. Signed Ric'us Hoo. Seal.
Memorandum endorsed of livery of seisin in the presence of William and Robert Blytt and others (named), John Blytt, Walter Blytt, Thomas Hoo and John Blytt 'puero etatis trium quarteriorum unius anni et amplius.'
London. [N'th'l'd.] A. 12647. Bond by Persivall Ayre of Newcastle upon Tyne, mer- chant, to Owen Brynklowe, citizen and salter of London, in 160l. conditioned for the delivery at such 'key or wharf betwene the Tower of London and London Bridge' as Owen shall appoint, of 'sixscore chaldrons of Newcastle coales, comonly called Dorwin coales,' 'accompting one and twenty chaldrons for twenty,' half before 25 July and half before Michael- mas next. 14 May, 1588, 30 Elizabeth.
Lanc. A. 12648. Indenture of demise, 8 April, 31 Elizabeth, by Nicholas Wawen, of Thorneley, yeoman, to William Wawen, one of his younger sons, of a messuage or tenement in Ashley within Whittingham, in the occupation of Robert Sharplus, with land, &c. a 'close or clausure' called 'the brode feld' excepted, for the term of four score years, if William so long live, to commence after the death of the survivor of the said Nicholas, Robert Sharplus and Anne now wife of the said Robert, at 10s. rent. English. Witnesses' names endorsed.
Worc. A. 12649. Indenture, 10 April, 24 Elizabeth, being a demise by Robert Acton, of Ribisforde, esquire, to 'Raufe' Tornor, his servant, of a tenement with three parcels of ground to the same belonging, and of two parcels of ground, sometime in the tenure of Thomas . . ., on . . . ., for twenty-one years, at 4l. 6s. 8d. rent. English. Decayed.
Chester. A. 12650. Counterpart of demise 26 May, 21 Elizabeth, by John Daniell of Darsburye, esquire, to Richard Crymes, of Nether Whitley, 'husband,' in consideration of 18l. 10s., of two 'clausures,' pastures, crofts or parcels of ground called 'Peele Crofte' and 'Brende Yearthe,' in Newton near Darsburye, in Richard's occupation, formerly in the occupation of John Grymsdiche, esquire; to hold for the lives of Richard, Margaret his wife, and Thomas their son, in survivorship; to 'sowe, mowe, digge for marie," &c.; at 8s. rent and 20s. for a 'harriot'; attorneys to deliver seisin, John Tomlynson and Richard Starkie. English. Witnesses' names endorsed.
Denbigh. A. 12651. Indenture, being a feoffment by Meredyth ap David ap Hoel ap Harry, free tenent in the town of Eryviat in the comote of Issalet within the lordship and county of Denbigh, to Fulk ap Thomas ap Grono, gentleman, of 3a. arable and meadow in Eryviat, between land of Fulk, called 'y Wern Duy,' and the road from Croes Varred' to 'le Craban,' land of Sir Robert Dudley, earl of Leicester, and of the lord of the lordship of Denbigh, &c.; the feoffment to be void on payment of 5l. 8d. at Michaelmas 1568, 1572, 1576, 1580, or 1584, in the parish church of Henllan, &c. 26 January, 7 Elizabeth. Witnesses' names endorsed.
Bucks. A. 12652. Release by Edward Grymeston, of Ryshanlis, co. Suffolk, and Edward Grymeston, of Bradfeld, co. Essex, gentlemen, to John Wellesborne, of Fullwell, co. Oxford, esquire, of all actions, &c. concerning arrears of rent of a cottage or tenement, in ruins, a virgate of land and a piece of meadow called 'Winstonslake' in Westebury. 10 November, 21 Elizabeth. Signatures and seals (1) a ton, (2) of arms (Grimston). Witnesses' names endorsed.
N'hamp. A. 12653. Indenture of demise, 12 September, 18 Henry VIII, by Thomas Emson of Estneston, esquire, son and heir of Richard Emson, knight, deceased, to dame Elizabeth Lucy, his sister, late the wife of Thomas Lucy, knight, 'now also lately depertede,' of 'all that hys maner of pasture grounde callede Challok,' in the parish of—, with woods, &c. 'to the same manor of closses' belonging, from Michaelmas last for forty years, at 13l. 6s. 8d. rent; also demise to her of 'all those hys markes of swannes goyng in the feens callede the long hedede reell the short heded reell and the fygures,' 'with profeetes of there berdes or sygnetes,' during the said term; she 'shall not suffer the said markes' 'to decay as in bredyng swannes callede whyte swanes or heyrers but theme shall noryshe and maynteyne' as at present or better; rent 4l. and 'one doson of sygnetes'; Thomas shall appoint a 'keper of the said manor closses or pasture ground,' who shall have the wages &c. 'accustomed in the lyff of Dame Jane Emson' his mother, or in his time, &c. English. Signed by me Thomas Emson.
[Warw.] A. 12654. Feoffment by Robert Rawlott, of Nuneyton, merchant, to William Worschype of the same, bailiff, of a cottage there in 'Bakhows- lane' &c.; attorney to deliver seisin Humphrey Asche. 6 April 28 Henry VIII.
[Norf.] A. 12655. Feoffment by John Sterlyng, of Burnham Norton and Richard Osant, of the same, to William Short, of Burnham Ulp, Robert Crane of the same, and Thomas Plummer of Fakenham, of 2½a. land in one piece in the fields of Burnham Westgate, at 'Brancaster Wey, 'between lands of Margaret Lexham and land of St. Edmund, abutting on land of Master Calthorp. 4 March, 27 Henry VIII.
Chester. A. 12656. (1) Indenture being a feoffment by John Danyell of Dersburie, esquire, to William Ryder of Preston, 'yomane,' of the moiety of a close called 'lee Bromfeild,' in Dersburie, in the occupation of Thomas Danyell, of Dersbury, gentleman; attorney to deliver seisen, John Crymes of Dersbury, 'yomane.' 28 November, 17 Elizabeth.
(2) Schedule indented annexed, of even date, declaring the use of the 'feoffement indented' annexed, viz. that William Ryder, in consideration of 10l. paid by the said Thomas to the said John Danyell shall stand seised of the premises to the use of the said Thomas, for twenty years, at a peppercorn rent; or on payment of the said sum, with a year's notice given, to the use of John.
Salop. A. 12657. Release by Agnes late the wife of Walter Lochard, widow, to Thomas Gryme, of Seete, and Margaret his wife, their heirs and assigns, of her right in the land, &c. which was of John Seete, her father, in Seete and Stevynton. Witnesses, Roger Fox, William Wolascote, Edmund Soggedon. 12 March, 36 Henry VI.
Line. A. 12658. Indenture being a feoffment by Thomas Pynchebecke to Richard Hoo, of all his land, &c. in Holbeche, which he had inter alia together with Joan late his wife, since deceased, by the name of Joan Lotys, daughter and heir of Simon Lotys, late of Fleete, co. Lincoln, by the feoffment of Thomas Mody, clerk, and John Roberdys, gentleman, by their charter dated 16 October, 33 Henry VIII; upon condition that the said Richard Hoo shall, within four days after livery of seisin, by charter indented give the same to him and to one Margaret Hoo, Richard's daughter, his intended wife, to them and their heirs. Holbeche, 6 January, 34 Henry VIII. Signature and seal. Names of witnesses to livery of seisin endorsed, as to A. 12046.
A. 12659. Feoffment by [Rees ap Meredith ap David] to Maurice ap . . . . . . by 1d. rent to the chief lord . . . . . 11 June, 36 Henry VIII.
Linc. A. 12660. Letter of attorney, 16 November, 5 Elizabeth, by John Copuldyke of Harrington, esquire, to Thomas Drante of Hagworthingham, 'yoman,' and John Drante, of Harryngton, 'yoman,' to receive seisin of a messuage or tenement with appurtenances in Harrington, Aswardbie and Sawstropp, bought by him from one John Fenne of Halton, 'yoman.' English. Signed John Copuldyk.
Glouc A. 12661. Assignment by William at Well of Yevyngton within the parish of the Lye nigh Derehurst, 'yoman,' to Richard at Well, his brother, of his years to come in the manor or farm of Lytell Aston, and in tithe corn and hay in the parish of Nether Gytyng. 28 April, 2 Edward VI. English. Witnesses' names endorsed.
Cornw. A. 12662. Bond by William Kelly to James Luke in 20l. on the feast of the Apostles Peter and Paul next, conditioned for his standing to the award of William Carnsuyowe, esquire, Nicholas Cavell, Richard Kestell and John Nyclys, touching the title in dispute between them to land, &c. in Trethvan and elsewhere in the county of Cornwall, to be delivered before the feast of St. Thomas the Martyr nest. 22 June, 7 Henry VIII.
[Cornw.] A. 12663. Counterpart indenture made at Merthyn in the audit held there, 26 October, 16 Elizabeth, between John Grebar alias Reskymer, esquire, lord of the manor aforesaid (in the margin Trebarthyn manur') and Richard Bonython, the younger, esquire, witnessing that John has received from Richard 12½d. for a relief of a house and a quarter within the said manor in socage for 12½d. yearly rent, which Richard lately bought of Thomas Ryse one of the free tenants of the said manor, which premises formerly were of the heirs of Roskyllye; and 5s. 2½d. for arrears of the high rent aforesaid for five years at Michaelmas last; suit of court is respited. Witness:—John Thomas, steward there. Signed Rychard Bonython. Endorsed: The Acquittance for a releife for the deathe of Bonython for one house in Marhasyou.
[Berks.] A. 12664. Indenture of demise, 16 May, 12 Henry VIII, by Gilbert Talbott 'yn the countie of Worcester, knyght,' to John Cambye, of Stawn- ton Harcourt, co. Oxford, 'gentilman,' in consideration of 30l., of 'the syte of his maner of Burghfild,' with lands, specified, 'vjs. viijd. of rent resolute to the lord Lovell' out of 'Helmans' field,' some tyme sr William Stoners,' &c. from Michaelmas next, for forty years, at 17l. 12s. 6d. rent, in all. English. Signed per me Gilbert Talbott. Seal.
Westmd. A. 12665. Counterpart of bargain and sale, 8 May, 29 Elizabeth, by Marmaduke Redmayne, of Thornton Hall, co. York, esquire, to Henry Brabyn, of Dockar, co. Lancaster, gentleman, of the manor or lordship of Manserghe, &c. as well as all lands, &c. there which were of the inheritance of John Redmayn, esquire, his grandfather or of any of his ancestors, and lands, &c. there, which were of the inheritance of William Stanley, knight, late lord Montegle, &c.; covenant for himself and Alice his wife to levy fine, &c. English. Signed Henry Brabyn.
[Chester.] A. 12666. 'Indenture or schedule indented,' 30 October, 16 Elizabeth, witnessing that the 'true entent' of the deed annexed (A. 12667) is that Thomas Sutton 'the feoffee in the said dede named,' in consideration of 32l. paid to the said John Danyell by the said John Sutton, therein named, shall stand seised of the said two closes (in Deresburie) to the use of the said John Sutton, the elder, and one John Sutton the younger, brother to the said John, the elder, and the said Thomas, for sixteen years next, at a peppercorn rent; with proviso that on one year's notice given by the said John Danyell and payment to the Suttons of the said sum, less what they shall have received at the rate of 40s. a year, the said Thomas shall stand seised of the premises to the said John Danyell's use. English.
Memorandum of livery of seisin endorsed.
Chester. A. 12667. Indenture being a feoffment by John Daniell, of Deresburie, esquire, to Thomas Sutton of the same, husbandman, of two closes there called 'the Poole hey' and 'Newe comen woode,' now in the occupation of John Sutton, of the same, the elder, John Sutton, the younger, and Thomas Burchenhed, to the use specified in a schedule indented (A. 12666) annexed; attorney to deliver seisin, Thomas Daniell, of Deresburie, gentleman. 30 October, 16 Elizabeth.
Chester. A. 12668. Indenture, 12 July, 24 Elizabeth, being an assignment, in consideration of 11l., by Richard Crymes, of Neyther Whytley, 'yoman,' to John Sutton, of Dersbury, 'yoman,' of his years to come in the 'Cow Hey' close, in Dersbury, demised to him, in consideration of 21l. for twenty-one years' rent' afforehand,' at a peppercorn rent, by John Danyell, of Dersbury, esquire, 8 May, 19 Elizabeth, for twenty-one years, &c. English. Seal.
Denbigh. Flint. A. 12669. Counterpart of demise, 10 October, 42 Elizabeth, 1600, by Peires Foulk, of Eriviate, co. Denbigh, gentleman, to Margaret Wenne' of Kile Owen, co. Flint, widow, late the wife of John Wynn Foulk' gentleman, for the term of her life, in consideration of her releasing to him her right in 'the farme of Eriviate' and other the lands of the said John in the county of Denbigh, of the lands, &c. in the parish of Llanellwy, co. Flint, not assured to her by the said John for her jointure. Signed by mark. Witnesses' names endorsed.
[Glouc] A. 12670. Counterpart of demise, 11 August, 9 Elizabeth, by Henry Sherington, of Lacocke, co. Wilts, esquire, brother and next heir of Sir William Sherington, knight, to William Ridges, of the city of Bristowe, 'tailer,' of a tenement in Baldewynestrete alias Ballanstrete, in the said city, for twenty years, at 20s. rent. Signed by me Wyllyam Rydgys. Seal.
Somers. A. 12671. Counterpart of demise, 27 August, 9 Elizabeth, by John Syddenham, of Light, co. Somerset, esquire, to William Woodehowsse, of Northpetherton, 'husboundman,' in consideration of 33s. 4d. fine, of 'one tenement with halffe a burgage of land unto the same tenement adjoynyng or belonging' in Brigewatter, in the south part of 'Fryan Strete,' next land of Robert Halswell, esquire, &c. and a half burgage of land without the north gate of the town, for 60 years, at 8s. rent.
Cornw. A. 12672. Indenture made at Bodmin, 9 May, 4 Henry VI, witnessing that Edmond Court[enay], esquire, one of the king's commissioners of the tenth part of all manors, lands and [tenements], &c. in the county of Cornwall, as well in the name of any felony as any debt, has delivered to Thomas Eresy, [under] sheriff of Cornwall, the king's commission with the acte of parliament to the said commission annexed of the said tenth part to [perform] after the tenour and effect of the said act, as other counties of England doth and all the nine indentures of the nine hundreds of the said whole shire, sealed, to be put in and delivered where it shall please the king and his council, according to the act. Blind.
Linc. A. 12673. Feoffment by John Copuldyke, of Harrington, to . . . . Oresby, of Little Steping, yeom[en], of the moiety of a headland, in exchange, apparently, for their grant to him of the heads of two selions, called the two 'Headdinges,' in Aswardby. Signature and seal. A fragment.
Salop. A. 12674. Grant by Thomas Gower, of Oxenbold, yeoman, and Laurence Gower, his son and heir apparent, in consideration of a marriage to be had between the said Thomas and Anne Haburley, daughter of John Haburley, of Eyton, yeoman, to the said Anne, of 60s. rent from their land, &c. at Brockton, in the said county, for the term of her life, the first payment to be made at Lady Day or Michaelmas next after Thomas' death. 18 July, 1 Mary. Signed by mark and 'Laurenc' Gowre.' Witnesses' names endorsed.
Lincoln. A. 12675. Bond by Robert Sampson, of Digbye, to Robert Swan, of Durrington, yeoman, in 30l., conditioned for the payment of 16l. 13s. 4d. in the chamber of William Naylor, gentleman, in Lincoln's Inn, on the Purification next. 30 November,. 18 Elizabeth.
A. 12676. Deed poll by William Adderley, citizen and 'merchaunt- taillor' of London, whereby, after reciting the assignment made to him by Richard Conye, of Kirton in Hollande, co. Lincoln, gentleman, by indenture, 27 October, 80 Elizabeth, of the sum of 206l. 10s. 'which did growe due unto him the saide Richarde Conye by Sir James Harrington, knighte, by force of an eskape made by one Richarde Peck oute of the Gaole att Okeham,' co. Rutland, late in Sir James' custody as high sheriff of the said county, with power to sue or compound with Sir James there- fore, to the use however of Robert Purye, citizen and grocer of London, he covenants and grants with the said Richard, with the consent and at the request of the said Robert, that, the said indenture notwithstanding, the said Richard may keep to his own use all such sums as he can recover against Sir James in respect of the said escape. 22 December, 1589, 32 Elizabeth. English. Signed by me Will' Adderley.
Somers. A. 12677. Counterpart of demise, 7 November, 6 Elizabeth, by Thomas Wroughton, esquire, son and heir of Sir William Wroughton, knight, to Francis Rogers, of Bawderipp, gentleman, in consideration of 7l. 'before handes payed,' of a close of pasture, newly enclosed, of 14a. 'yn Bawderipp more' within the parish of Bawderypp, in the south-east corner of the said moor; to hold for Francis' life, at 3s. 4d. rent, with suit of the court at Bawderipp, &c. 1564. Signed Fraunceys Rogers.
Flint A. 12678. Release by Gregory ap David Annoill [clerk], to Gruffith ap Rys ap Sir David, of all his land, &c. in the towns of Brynpolyn and Gwernglefryt, in the lordship of the bishop, dean and chapter of St. Asaph within the county of Flynt. Brynpolyn, 8 March, 2 Henry VIII. Fragment of seal. See A. 5667.
Flint A. 12679. Feoffment by Gruffith ap Ll[ewell]i[n] ap Edmund, clerk, free tenant in the towns of Bodygan and Kylowen, in the lordship of the bishop and dean and chapter of St. Asaph within the county of Flynt, to David ap Jevaun ap Tudor and Agnes verch Harre ap Jevaun ap Robyn, of all his land, &c in the said towns, which he had by the gift and feoffment of the said David; to hold to them and the heirs of their bodies begotten between them, with remainder in default to the right heirs of David ap Jevaun. Bodygan, 29 April, 24 Henry VIII. Seal.
[Glouc] A. 12680. Counterpart of bargain and sale, 1 January, 4 Elizabeth, by Henry Sharington of Lacook, co. Wilts, esquire, brother and heir to Sir William Sharington, knight, to John Younge, of the city of Bristowe, esquire, in consideration of 113l. 6s. 8d. of (1) a tenement or storehouse 'upon the key' in the parish of St. Stevens, late in the tenure of William Shipman, now of William Carr, merchant, late parcel of the possessions of 'Cannynges Chauntery,' founded within the church of Ratclyff, between a storehouse late Henry Sharington's now Thomas Shipman's and a storehouse late William Tyndall's now occupied by William Aprice, extending from the key eastwards to the end of a tenement in Marshe Street, on the south side; (2) a 'tenement burgage or rent,' in the occupation of John Gorneye, merchant, in 'Balamstrete alias Baldwyn- strete,' in the parish of St. Leonardes, sometime belonging to the 'Chaunterie or service called Katheryn Jonnes service,' founded in the parish church of 'the Hollie Trinitie otherwise called Christes churche,' between the tenement late belonging to William Ballarde, merchant, deceased, now in the 'occupieng' of George Snyg, merchant, on the west, and a tenement in the 'occupieng' of Thomas Dixson, 'gonnar,' on the east, extending from the said street northward to the 'towne wall next to the marches there southward,' 'and in bredth from the orcharde grounde of James Baylies merchaunt estwarde unto the house and gardeine sometime in the tenure of Robert Butlares,' now of George Snygg, westward; which storehouse Sir William Sharington bought inter alia of Sir Myles Partridge knight, deceased, and Hughe Partridge, gentleman, Sir Myles' brother, as appears by indenture between them, dated 3 October, 2 Edward VI, and the tenement or burgage of the said Hughe Partridge, the survivor, as appears by indenture 24 December, 1 Mary. English. Signed John Yonge. Seal.
Lincoln. A. 12681. Feoffment by Thomas Ketlok, or Ketloek, of Hammeryng- ham, to Thomas Greyne, of Partnay, of the land, &c. in Aswardby Hagworthyngham and Haryngton, which he had by the gift of William Wadygnham, of Haryngton, John Dawson and Eustace Dawson. Aswardby, 10 March, 30 Henry VIII.
Endorsed: 'Thes being wyttnes at thys state takyng, Vynsent Gye, prest,' and others (named).
Norf. A. 12682. (1) Counterpart of demise, 12 January, 89 Elizabeth, by Sir Edward Clere, knight, to Robert Moulton, of Scrotby, of the rents reserved upon former leases, till Michaelmas 1598, and thereafter of twenty- two pieces themselves of land, containing 55a., in Scrotby and Castre, specified in a schedule indented annexed, for twenty-one years, at 13l. 15s. rent.
(2) The above mentioned schedule indented.
(3) Bond by Robert Moulton, of Scrotby, 'husbondman,' to Sir Edward Clere, in 30l. conditioned for observance of covenants in indentures of even date. 12 January, 39 Elizabeth, 1596.
Suff. A. 12683. Bargain and sale and feoffment by Henry Coker of Stoke by Neyland, 'husbondman,' in consideration of 45l., to Thomas Parysche, of the same, of a tenement, garden, croft, a croft and pightell, and a grove and pightell, late Roger Ponder's there. 15 June, 4 Elizabeth, 1562.
Memorandum of livery of seisin endorsed.
Hants. A. 12684. Release by Roger Alyn, and Joan his wife, one of the daughters and heirs of William Snokshull, to John Gounter, gentleman, of their right in all the land, &c. in Farlington, Fryndstaple and Farham, now in the possession of Margaret Gounter, widow, for her life. Arundell, 17 August, 15 Henry VIII. Seals.
Brecon. A. 12685. Feoffment by John ap John Saunders Paynard of the town of Brechon, dyer, to Andrew Paynard, of the same, gentleman, of two adjacent vacant sites (vacuas placeas terre) there, in the suburb, next the stone bridge over the Hothnye, one of them being in the fee of the late priory of Great Malverne, which sites one John Bannour and Agnes, his wife, had by the gift of Thomas ap John Barbour, and Margaret, his wife, deceased (defuncti). 1 October, 33 Elizabeth, 1591. Signed John Saundres. Witnesses' names endorsed.
Brecon. A. 12686. Release by same to same of his right in same. 3 October, 33 Elizabeth, 1591.
Brecon. A. 12687. Indenture of fine in the Queen's court of great session of the county of Brecon at Brecon, Monday, 25 March, 30 Elizabeth, before Edmund Walter and Thomas Estcourte, esquires, justices, between Andrew Paynard, querent, and John ap John Saunders, deforciant, of a messuage in the town of Brecon; consideration, 40l.
Brecon. A. 12688. Counterpart of A. 12687.
Brecon. A. 12689. Counterpart of feoffment by John ap John Saunders, of the town of Brecon, dyer, to Andrew Paynard, of the same, gentleman, in consideration of 35l., of a burgage there, in the suburb, reaching from ' Honthie Bridge' to the garden late Lewelin Saunders', and in width from the Honthie to a lane there leading from the said bridge to 'le Postrum,' now in his own occupation; the feoffment to be void on payment by John of 35l. at Michaelmas, 1591. 10 February, 30 Elizabeth, 1587. Witnesses' names endorsed.
Brecon. A. 12690. Counterpart of A. 12689. Signed John Saundres.
Brecon. A. 12691. Release by John ap John Saundres, of the town of Brecon, 'dier,' to Andrew Paynard, of the same, gentleman, of his right in two burgages, &c. in the suburb of Brecon in 'Ould Porte' street in John's occupation, extending from the said street to land of Lewelin Saundres, in David Watkyn's occupation, and in width from the Honddy to the lane (parvam viam) leading towards the castle of Brecon. 20 September, 32 Elizabeth, 1590. Seal.
Brecon. A. 12692. Feoffment by John ap John Saundres, of the town of Brecon, 'dier,' to Andrew Paynard, of the same, gentleman, of a burgage in a street there called 'Old Port Superior,' in his occupation, reaching in length from the bridge there to the garden of Saundres Llewelin Saundres, and in width from the Honthey to the lane there leading to a place called the Postrum. 22 December, 30 Elizabeth, 1587.
Brecon. A. 12693. Indenture of fine in the Queen's court of great session in the county of Brecon, Monday, 21 September, 26 Elizabeth, before Edmund Walter and Thomas Estcourte, esquires, justices, between John ap John Saunders, querent, and Andrew Paynott and Margaret his wife, deforciants, of two messuages in the town of Brecknock, with warranty against the heirs of Andrew; consideration, 40l.
Brecon. A. 12694. Release by Philip Havard, of the town of Brecon, gentleman, and Joneta verche Harry, his wife, to John ap John Saundries, of the same, 'dier,' of their right in two void sites (placeas terre vacue) there, in the suburb, next the stone bridge over the Honthy, one being in the fee of the late priory of Great Malverne, which they of late bought of Jenckin ap Jevan Bannour. 4 June, 28 Elizabeth, 1586.
Wilts. A. 12695. Counterpart of demise, 17 November, 1 and 2 Philip and Mary, by Andrewe Baynton, of Bromham, esquire, to William Wiat, or Wyat, of Clenche by Weekke, Johane his wife, and Geoffrey their son, for their lives, in consideration of 10l. and the surrender of a former lease made by Sir Edwarde Beynton, knight, his father, deceased, to the said William, of his manor of Clenche late parcel of the possessions of the monastery of Battell, 'courtes, hawking and hunting and the free warren ther,' &c. reserved; rent, to him and the heirs male of Sir Edward, 3l. 16s. 8d. to be paid at his manor of Bromham; attorneys to deliver seisin, William Danyell, gentleman, and Thomas Franckleyne 'thelder.' English. At foot: Exr by me Geoffrey Danyell. Two seals.
Glouc. A. 12696. Indenture of demise, 6 February, 24 Henry VIII, by Dame Joyce Acton, prioress of the monastery of Westwode, co. Worcester, and the convent of the same, to Nicholas Marten, of Hawkysbury, co. Gloucester, of the manor or farm of Litul Aston, from Lady Day next, for 64 years, at 5l. rent; consideration, a fine of 20l.; also demise to him of their tithe corn and all other tithes in the parish of Nethur Getyng, for the same term, at 4s. rent. Conventual seal, broken.
Endorsed: Irrotulatur: examinatur; also . 3 . John Hygford.
Hants. A. 12697. Feoffment by Thomas Kayllewaye, of Rockbourne, esquire, to Giles Wolferyes, of Salisbury, yeoman, in consideration of 25l. of a tenement, or cottage, in Northe Gorley, in the parish of Fordingbridge, late in the tenure of John Wynge, with the appurtenances in Northgoreley, Byckton and Fordingbridge, or elsewhere, co. Hants; attorneys to deliver seisin, Thomas Percey, of Over Burgat, co. Hants, yeoman, and Richard Bestlynge, of Southgoreley, husbandman. . . March, 18 Elizabeth. Witnesses' names and memorandum of livery of seisin endorsed.
Heref. A. 12698. Indenture being a feoffment by John Gwillim elder son of John Gwillim, of Biddeston, gentleman, deceased, to John Gwillim, of Whitfeld, gentleman, and Thomas Genyns, chaplain, of his part or moiety of a messuage called Trerese, with land, &c. belonging in the towns, fields and parish of Tretilley, Trecelley and Llangaran, within the lordships of Irchenfelde and Goodriche, in the hundred of Wormelowe, co. Hereford; which messuage, &c. William Apowell now has to farm; also of his part or moiety of a meadow at Trebynkenet within the lordship of Irchenfelde, between the river (rivulum sive torrentem) called Garran on the west and the river (torrentem) called Nant Whayne on the east; to hold to the said John and Thomas to use of himself and Jane his wife, and the heirs of his body on her body begotten, with remainder in default to his right heirs. 6 December, 4 and 5 Philip and Mary.
Wilts. A. 12699. Indenture of demise, 20 May, 9 Elizabeth, by John Hooper, of the 'cyty of Newe Sarum,' esquire, to Hugh, 'Salamon' and Richard Heade, sons of Robert Heade, of Lytle Woodforde, husbandman, for the term of their lives successively, in consideration of 20l. paid by Robert, of the reversion expectant on Robert's decease of a 'mese,' &c. in the hamlet of Lytle Woodforde, in the parish of Greate Woodforde, at 20s. rent; attorneys to deliver seisin, Robert Heade and Robert Boldaye. English. Signed per me Joh'em Hooper.
Memorandum of livery of seisin endorsed.
[Linc.] A. 12700. Indenture being a feoffment by William, Cony, of Boston, mercer, and George Houghson, of the same, merchant, to John Comyn, son of Robert Comyn, of Wyllyngton in Kirketon, Margaret daughter of John Foule, of the same, Richard Foule, of the same, and Charles Houghson, of Boston, merchant, and the heirs of the bodies of the said John and Margaret, with remainder in default to themselves, to the use of the last will of the said John Comyn, the son, of a messuage, &c. in Frampton, which they had by the said John Comyn's grant. 27 July, 1 Henry VIII. One seal.