Deeds: A.10801 - A.10900

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A Descriptive Catalogue of Ancient Deeds: Volume 5. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1906.

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A.10801 - A.10900

N'hamp. A. 10801. Release by William Grymbolde of Norhampton to Nicholas Walshe, William Willys, and Thomas son of Richard Hanwell, of his right in the land &c. formerly of Thomas Watford, since deceased, in Watforde, which they had by the gift of Alice Prestwych of Norhampton, widow, Thomas's daughter, 6 October, 13 Edward IV. Seal.
[Norf.] A. 10802. Feoffment by Reynald Cuper and John his son of Plumstede, to Philip Tynker of Matelask, of two pieces of land in Plum- stede and Tune Bernyngham. Monday after St. Thomas the Martyr, 44 Edward III. One seal.
[Norf.] A. 10803. Feoffment by Robert at 'le Thorn' of Burnham Nortun to Thomas son of Adam Bentune of Burnham, for his homage and service and 20s. in gersum, of 1 rood land in the fields of Burnham Northun, at 'Burwes Gathe,' &c. Witnesses:—Peter le Veutre, and others (named).
Leic. A. 10804. Indenture of demise by Lawrence de Hastynges, earl of Pembroke (Penebrok'), to Agnes late the wife of Hugh de Merynton and to John de Merynton, of a yearly rent of 20l. from the manor of Nayleston, for eight years from date. London, Friday the feast of St. Barnabas the Apostle, 18 Edward III. French. Seal of arms.
[Salop.] A. 10805. Indenture of demise for the term of his life by William Huggeford, knight, lord of Appeley, to William Skirmor, of the water mill, multure (secta multure) of tenants, free and bond, 3 crofts and 3a. land adjoining the mill, and the fishing with all nets &c. except 'wade' and 'stalnet,' at Huggeford; rent, 30s., suit of his court of Appeley, and a heriot at death, &c. Huggeford, Monday before the Annunciation, 10 Richard II. Seal.
Warw. A. 10806. Bond by Richard Matheu of Ruyton to John de Catesby in 20l. due at Assheby Leger on the feast of the Apostles Philip and James next, conditioned for the levying of a fine by the said Richard and Celot his wife, of a messuage, a virgate of land, la. wood and 2a. meadow, in Priours Herdewyk, according to the directions of the said John or his counsel . . . . Thursday in Easter week, viz. Thursday after the Annunciation, 3 Henry IV. Seal.
Cornw. A. 10807. Grant by Thomas de Carmynow to Hugh de Malpas and James Gerves, of the reversion of all the land, &c. which Elizabeth de Carmynow his mother held in dower, of his assignment, of the land &c. which were Sir Thomas de Carmynow's, his father, her late husband, in the county of Cornwall. The feast of St. Lawrence, 7 Richard II. French. Seal of arms, broken and effaced.
Warw. A. 10808. Indenture being a mortgage by John Wylughby of Bobenhull to Eobert Burdet and John Astwell and Thomas Wavre, chaplains, of all his land &c. there, to secure the payment to John de Catesby at Asscheby Leger, co. Northampton, on Saturday being Easter eve next, of 40s. Witnesses:—Edward de Metteley and others (named). Saturday the feast of St. Maur the Abbot, 19 Richard II. Seal.
[Warw.] A. 10809. Feoffment by William Brook, rector of the church of Lodbrok, John Brook and John Barbour of Bisschopes Ichyngton to Robert son of John de Catesby of a yearly rent of 13s. 4d. from the lands and tenements which formerly belonged to Lucy late the wife of Nigel Richards (Ricardi) in the town of Bobenhull, which rent they had by the feoffment of the said John de Catesby. The feast of St. Gregory the Pope, 8 Henry IV. Three seals, the third of arms.
[Warw.] A. 10810. Release by Martin Colbront, of Coventre to Gerard de Alispath, of his right in a messuage in Coventre in Waste Garden (wasto gardino); rent, to the chief lords, 4d.; consideration, 2½ marks.
[Camb.] A. 10811. Counterpart of demise by Roger prior of Anglesey, and the convent of the same, to John de Bodekisham, Maud his wife, and Joan their eldest daughter, for the term of their lives, of a tenement which Margery Bassat formerly held of them in Little Wilburgham; rent, 12d. &c.
[Warw.] A. 10812. Feoffment by John Lauerence of Bulkynton to his eldest son John, and Isabel daughter of John Wawe of the same, and their issue, with remainder in default to himself, of the third part of a messuage, 12½a. arable with headlands, and with the meadow belonging to a half virgate of land there. Thursday before St. Lucy the Virgin, 22 Edward III. Seal effaced.
[Warw.] A. 10813. Feoffment by Nicholas Gower of Toneworthe to John son and heir of Richard Martyn of the same and Felicia his wife, of the land &c. which he had by the feoffment of the said John there. Friday after Christmas, 11 Edward II. Seal.
[Chester.] [Derby.] A. 10814. Chirograph indented being the memorandum of an agreement between Dame Ingrid de Chetle and Sir Geoffrey de Dutton, made at Easter next after the departure of Sir Randolf earl of Chester and Lincoln from England on his pilgrimage, to last for the term of her life (et durabit usque ad finem diete domine corporalem); to wit, she quit- claimed to Geoffrey and Helen his wife and their heirs all her dower in the town of Murcaniston, for a concord (pro concordia . . . . facienda) between her two daughters; for this, the said Geoffrey and Hellen, assigned her 12s. rent in the town of Chetle, to wit, from Simon de Hedislee 2s., from Richard son of Ravenswart 3s., from Robert Hunter (venatore) 2s., from Adam Ywere 12d., from Robert son of Hunter (venatoris) 2s., and from Hugh (Hudde) 2s.; she shall take nothing from the said men save the said 12s. on the feast of the Apostles Peter and Paul; if by death, or other- wise, the said men were unable to pay Geoffrey and Helen shall pay the said 12s. from their amobyr (hamoveriis) yearly. Witnesses:—Philip de Orrebi, then justice of Chester, Hamo de Mascy, Roger de Menewarin, Hamo, parson of Chetle, and others (named). One seal, decaying.
[N'hamp.] A. 10815. Feoffment by Henry le Campioun of Weleton to his son Richard, for service rendered, of his capital messuage (capitalum domum) &c. there, a building (domo) between the said capital messuage and the gate (portam meam) excepted; also of the reversion of the grange which Margaret de Tewe held of him for term of years, and of four cottages which William Martyn held of him for life, and the reversion of all other his lands &c. there. Wednesday the eve of the Apostles Philip and James, 8 Edward II. Seal, decaying.
[N'hamp.] A. 10816. Indenture of demise by John Bernard of Brandeston and Isabel his wife, to Thomas le Eyr of Welton, for the term of his life and a year over, of all their land etc. in Welton; rent, 11s. Trinity Sunday, 12 Edward III.
[N'hamp.] A. 10817. Feoffment by Nicholas de Craunforde of Esseby St. Leger to Godfrey Haliwey of Wlfhamcote, merchant, of a messuage, toft, and croft in Esseby, which Parnel Ailwene held of him in bondage, next the tenement John Ailwene then held of him in bondage, and of a half virgate of land adjacent; also grant to the said Godfrey, his heirs and assigns, of the said Parnel Ailwene, his bondwoman, with all her progeny, &c. Monday after St. Andrew the Apostle, 13 Edward II.
[Cornw.] A. 10818. Feoffment by John de Trejagu, knight, to Roger le Taillour, burgess of Bodmin, of four messuages, and all his land of Tredenek beside Nanscolleth; also of a messuage, and all his land of Woen beside Nanscolleth; also of two messuages and all his land of Tresulian beside Poldu; also of two corn-mills in Nanscolleth with multure of tenants &c.; also grant of the right to dig turves in his land of Nanscolleth for repair of the mill-banks &c. Witnesses:—Sir John de Carmynou and Sir John de Tynten, knights, Osbert Hameli, John de Tregadou, John de Nauntyan, Thomas de Brendon, William Pasford. Bodmin, the feast of the Conversion of St. Paul, being Friday, 18 Edward II. Seal of arms, effaced.
Endorsed: Stengylly.
[Warw.] A. 10819. Feoffment by John Thurbarn of Bulkyngton, chaplain, to John la Nerouce of the same, of a place of land with a house on it towards the cross there. Saturday the feast of St. Michael the Archangel, 26 Edward III.
[Kent.] A. 10820. Counterpart of demise by the king, by William, bishop of Winchester, his chancellor, to William Chapman and William Eghethorne of Wyvelesberghe of his manor of Esschettesford for seven years from the morrow of Michaelmas, 41 [Edward III]; rent, 60l. Quenesburgh, 13 January in the said year.
[Warw.] A. 10821. Release by Henry son of Walter de Bannebur', in Coventre, to Robert of the Belfry (de Clocherio) of Coventre, clerk, of his right in the land in Earl Street (vico comitis) there between the land of William Spark and William Hod on either side, and in land in St. Nicholas Street there between land of Roger le Neve and Walter Marbatin on either side, with 2s. 6d. rent from the house of the said Walter Marbatin, and with 2s. rent in Well Street (vico fontis) viz. from land formerly William Hanne's, 12d. and from land formerly Adam Attegrene's, 12d.; rent to the lords of the fee, viz. to the heirs of Margery de Recham, for the land in Earl Street, 2s., and to the prior of Coventre, for the land in St. Nicholas Street, 2s. Witnesses:—Robert de Chilton, bailiff of Coventre, and others (named).
[Warw.] A. 10822. Feoffment by John le Boscher of Lodbrok to Nicholas de Taneworth, of a place of land in the same town, between the messuage of William Suepston and 'le ewe'; rent, a clove gillyflower at Michaelmas; consideration, 4s. beforehand. Witnesses:—Sir John de Lodbrok, knight, and others (named). Fragment of seal.
Endorsed: Lodbrok.
[Linc.] A. 10823. Letter of attorney by Orframinna late the wife of Walter de Poynton to Sir John Rayner, chaplain, to deliver seisin to John de Whittelbyry, Thomas de Brunham, and Sir John de Westhorp, chaplain, of the tenements which John Blyth and Thomas de Dancastre of Lincoln held of her in Wykford. Canwyk, Wednesday after St. Luke the Evangelist, 1383.
Endorsed: Lyncolne.
Linc. A. 10824. Release by John de Westhorp, vicar of the church of Ouston, to Sir Henry de Plesyngtun, knight, and Elesabet his wife heir of Maud de Wythylsbery daughter of Orframinna [de] Poynton, of all his right in the tenements which John Blyth of Lincoln formerly held in Wycford of Orframinna de Poynton and in a messuage which Thomas de Doncastre of Lincoln formerly held in Wycford, in the city of Lincoln, which tenements he formerly had, together with John de Wythylsbery and Thomas de Brun- ham, since deceased by the gift and feoffment of the said Orframinna. Ouston, 1 March, 1424.
Endorsed: Relese de Cowyc, Lyncolne . . . . .
Linc. A. 10825. Feoffment by Orframinna late the wife of Walter de Poynton of Canwyk to John de Wittelbyry of Wyssenden, Thomas de Brunham and Sir John de Westhorp, chaplain, of all the tenements which John de Blyth, 'parchemeyner' of Lincoln, held of her in Wykford, in the city of Lincoln, between 'le litelgotes,' on the north, tenements of John de Hardeby on the south, and from the highway to the city walls; also of a messuage which Thomas de Dancastre, 'barkar,' held of her in Wikford,in the same city, between 'le litelgotes,' on the south and tenements of the prior and convent of St. Katharine's without Lincoln, on the north, and extending from the highway to the water of Brayford. Witnesses:— Robert . . . . . mayor, Robert de Lynne, 'lister,' and John Schip- man, 'skynner,' bailiffs of Lincoln, and others (named). Canwyk, Wednesday after St. Luke the Evangelist, 1383.
[N'hamp.] A. 10826. Feoffment by John Burgh of Braundeston to Thomas his son of all the land there, which he had by the feoffment of Agnes Burgh, his mother; with remainder, in default of Thomas' issue, to his own right heirs. Sunday after St. Hilary the Bishop, 1 Henry VI.
N'hamp. A. 10827. Indenture, being the memorandum of the delivery, 25 May, 10 Henry V, in the presence of John Esturton, mayor of Coventre, Henry Breux, and Robert Melburn, bailiffs, Richard Southam, master of the gild of the Holy Trinity, St. Mary, and St. John the Baptist, of Coventre, Thomas Wildegrys, master of the gild of Corpus Christi and St. Nicholas, of Coventre, and others (named), by William Attilburgh of Coventre to Richard Ryvell of the same, of fourteen score of charters, writings and muniments, sealed and unsealed, touching the manor of Buckeby, co. Northampton, of the inheritance of the said Richard; which charters, &c. he had by the delivery of Joan his late wife. Seal.
[Warw.] A. 10828. Acquittance by John Buckemore of Coventre to John de Catesby of Assheby Leger, co. Northampton, esquire, for 40s. for Christmas quarter last of an annuity of twelve marks payable to him quarterly, for life, in the church of the Hospital of St. John the Baptist of Coventre. Dated at Coventre, in the said church, Monday after the Purification, 6 Henry V.
[Warw.] A. 10829. Release by William son of Robert Bonhomme of Coventre to Geoffrey son of William Austyn of Hull, of his right in a messuage in Wymundeslone, in Coventre, bounded by the Shirbourne &c. Sunday after St. Wulstan, 12 Edward III. Seal.
[Norf.] A. 10830. Feoffment by Stephen de Brokedysch, parson of a mediety of the church of St. Margaret of Brunham, to Thomas Baniolf of Brunham St. Clement and John Atte Merch, perpetual vicar of the church of St. Clement of Brunham, of 1a. land in the field of Brunham St. Clement, &c. Monday before St. John before the Latin Gate, 21 Richard II.
Warw. A. 10831. Indenture being a feoffment by John Buckemore of Coventre to John de Catesby of Assheby Leger, co. Northampton, esquire, of all his estate in a moiety of the manor of Lappeworth, rendering to him therefore yearly for life 12 marks by quarterly payments, in the church of the Hospital of St. John the Baptist of Coventre. Lappeworth, Tuesday after St. Martin the Bishop, 6 Henry V. Seal.
Warw. A. 10832. Counterpart of the above. Seal of arms (Catesby).
Warw. A. 10833. Release by Roger Aylesbury, son and heir of Agnes Aylesbury to John Buckemore of Coventre, of his right in a moiety of the manor of Lappeworth. Lappeworth, Michaelmas Day, 1 Henry V. Seal of arms.
[N'hamp.] A. 10834. Feoffment by Henry Asser, merchant, dwelling in Catesby, to William Snow of Heliden, of a grange with part of a curtilage, with a dovecot in the curtilage, in Heliden, next the curtilage of Alice atte Welle, &c. Thursday after St. Hilary, 11 Edward III.
[N'hamp.] A. 10835. Release by William son and heir of the late Robert atte Well (ad fontem) of Heliden, clerk (clericum), to Henry of Heliden, merchant, of his right in a grange, with a court adjacent, with a dovecot in the court, in Heliden, which the said Henry held of his demise for term of years. Thursday after St. Luke the Evangelist, 11 Edward III. Seal.
[Warw.] A. 10836. Feoffment by Geoffrey Austin of Hulle, 'barkere,' to William son of William de Overton of Lillyngton the younger, of two messuages lying together in Wymundeslone, in Coventre, together with the reversion of the tenement which Stephen Skathelok and Emma his wife held of him for the term of their lives. Witnesses:—Roger le Bray, then bailiff of Coventre Roger de Pacwode, coroner, and others (named). Tuesday, Michaelmas day, 12 Edward III. Seal.
[N'hamp.] A. 10837. Counterpart of demise by Thomas de Lodynton and Joan his wife and Rose daughter of John Malorre of Weleton to Richard le Mareschal of Weleton of all the land &c. in Weleton which came to them in ward on the death of one Benedict le Mareschal, till the full age of John son and heir of the said Benedict &c. together with the reversion of the land &c. which Agatha late the wife of John le Mareschal and Maud late the wife of the said Benedict held in dower, if they died during the said minority; rent, 12s. Sunday before St. Valentine, 7 Edward II.
[Warw.] A. 10838. Indenture of demise by Mariota daughter of the late Ranulph de Frangketon to Robert de Dunstaple and Margaret his wife of a site with houses in Coventre for ten years from Lady Day, 23 Edward I, situate next land of the master, brethren and sisters of the hospital of St. John of Coventre, &c.; rent, to the prior and convent of Coventre, 6d.; they are to have the refusal, if, within the said term, she desire to sell or make further demise of the premises; consideration, 24s.
[Warw.] A. 10839. Indenture of demise by Giles le Waydour of Coventre to Henry de Flichamstede of Coventre, clerk, and Margaret his wife, for the term of their lives in survivorship, of the tenement which the said Henry formerly held of Sir Adam atte Hall (de Aula), chaplain, next Smytesfordh bridge in Coventre, next the Shirbourne, &c.; rent, 9s. Witnesses:—John. de Clyfton, then bailiff, Roger de Pacwode, coroner of Coventre, and others (named). Thursday the eve of St. Lawrence the Martyr, 4 Edward III. Seal, broken.
[I. of Wight.] A. 10840. Grant in pure and perpetual alms by John de Blakelonde, son and heir of Richard de Blakelonde, for his soul and his parents' souls, to the abbot and convent of St. Mary of Quarr, of the rent and service of Juliana late the wife of Richard Wodelond, together with the reversion of a messuage and 6a. land in 'la Hethene stret,' abutting on the road from Quarr to Nywechcrche, &c. Blakelonde, Monday after St. Vincent the Martyr, 13 Edward III. Seal.
[N'hamp.] A. 10841. Feoffment by Richard Martyn of Weleton to his daughter Alice, of 3½a. arable in the fields of Weleton and Esseby St. Leger, next lands of John Mallory, Simon de Tewe, Nicholas de Craunford, &c. Weleton, Sunday before All Hallows day, 28 Edward [I] ending. Seal.
Cornw. Devon. A. 10842. Indenture of fine levied at Exeter in the quinzaine of the Purification, 54 Henry III, before the justices in eyre, between Richard king of Almain querent, by John de Wyke, and Roger de Valle Torta, impedient, of the manor and castle of Tremeton and sixty knights' fees and a half in the counties of Cornwall and Devon, and of the manor of Kalstok with the advowsons of the churches of Kalstok and St. Stephen's, to the said Richard in tail, with remainder in default to the said Roger and his heirs; the said Richard at Roger's instance, has granted to Alexander de Oxton 200a. wood in the manor. of Kalstok called the wood of Kelly, to hold with the manor of Inniswork, to him and his heirs, of the said Richard and his heirs, aforesaid, or in default, of the said Roger and his heirs; consideration, 300l. paid by the said Richard to the said Roger. Copy.
Cornw. Devon. A. 10843. Feoffment by Roger de Valle Torta to Richard King of the Romans, Duke of Cornwall, in tail, of the castle of Tremeton, fifty-nine knights' fees in Cornwall and Devon to the said castle belonging, and the manor of Tremeton and town of Esse with the water and one and a half knights' fees in Sutton, Tamerton, Makerton and in the water of Tamar (Taumbr'); also of the manor of Kalestok with the woods, except Kelly wood assigned to the manor of Ineswerke; to hold as freely as Reginald de Valle Torta, or Ralph, his brothers, held the same; with reversion, in default of the issue of the said Richard, to himself and his heirs. Witnesses:—Walter bishop of Exeter, Richard prior of Lanceveton, Richard prior of Bodmin, Reginald de Boterell, Philip de Bodrigan, Ralph de Arondell, Alan Bloyou, Thomas Lercedekne (Archidiacono), Thomas de Kent (Kancia), and Ralph de Bevill, knights, Stephen Heym, John Beaupre steward of Cornwall. Copy.
[Cornw.] [Devon.] A. 10844. Writ by [Edward II] to the Treasurer and Chamberlains of the Exchequer, reciting the proceedings in the claim of John Corbet and Henry son of [Henry de la P]omery to the castle of Tremeton with the towns of Esse, Sutthen, Tamerton, Makerton and Calstoke, as cousins and heirs of Roger Vautort and ordering them to examine the records in their custody concerning the said tenements and certify him thereof under the seal of the exchequer within three weeks after Easter next, returning therewith the present writ. Teste G. le Scrop, at Westminster, 20 February, 5 [Edward II]. Added:—Pascha a°. ix. Ro. cxx.
Endorsed: Scrutatis scriptis &c. in Thesauraria vestra et sub custodia nostra existentibus transcripta &c. vobis mittimus in cedulis huic brevi consutis. Copy. Cf. Rot. Parl. i, pp. 332, 345; Ancient Petitions, 875–6.
[Essex.] [Herts.] [London.] [Middx.] A. 10845. Confirmation by G[ilbert] bishop of London, to the prior and canons of Holy Trinity, London, of their benefices in his diocese, viz. the church of Loefstaneschirche, with the chapel of Alsieswiche, the church of Brumfeld, the church of Nutelege, the church of St. Botulf, the church of Toteham and the church of Wlcumestoewe. Witnesses:—John de Hospitali, Master Richard de Storteford and others (named).
[Kent.] A. 10846. Confirmation by Godfrey de Luci, bishop of Winchester, to the church of Holy Trinity, London, and the canons regular there, in perpetual alms, of 20s. rent which his father gave them from his rent in the town of Niweton.
[N'hamp.] A. 10847. Feoffment by Richard Aleyn of Lillebourne to John de Bramptone of the same, of a tilth (unam culturam terre arabilis) in Jelvertoft, containing 11 selions. Witnesses:—William le Mercher of Lillebourne, and others (named). Seal.
[Cornw.] A. 10848. Indenture, being a feoffment by Roger de Trewenhart to Peter Caham and Margery his wife, in tail, of all his lands &c. in the town of Wodefold, beside the road leading to Trefula on the north, which John Philyp formerly held, the toll of tin excepted; also of a place of land in the town of Sendey, adjoining the churchyard on the west, with houses and gardens; rent, 10s. 2d. at the quarters usual in the manor of Talgullou, with suit of court twice a year &c., and suit of his mill in the manor of Talgulgou (sic), &c. and two dayworks (dietis) in autumn, or 4d. for fine, 6s. 8d. for a relief, &c. Witnesses:—John Trevarthyan, John de Trevas- wethen, William Talkarn, John de Resworn, clerk. Sendey, Thursday before the Epiphany, 21 Richard II.
[London.] A. 10849. Chirograph indented being the memorandum of an agreement between John de Laufar, clerk, and William de Auverne, citizen of London, that, whereas William had removed the earth in his garden next a stone wall in front of John's sollar (solarii) without John's assent, he shall construct three stone buttresses (butericeos) to support the said wall, and keep them in repair; the water running off the said sollar he shall catch in his garden; John shall have two windows opening on the said garden, but so barred with iron that William may incur no loss thereby; William may not block the view of the said windows by buildings. Witnesses:—Sir Roger son of Roger, then mayor of London; John de Tolesan and Ralph Hardel, then sheriffs; Adam de Basinges, Stephen Bukerel, Michael Toovy, John Normann, Thomas de Durham (Dunolmia), Lawrence de Frowik, Nicholas Batt, Robert de Cornhull, Robert Hardel, Nicholas son of Joceus, Thomas son of Thomas, Alexander le Ferrun, Ralph Sperleng, William son of Richard, John Adrian, William Viel, William Aswy, Gervase le Cordewaner, John le Minor and Richard de Hadestok, then aldermen.
[Warw.] A. 10850. Indenture of demise by John de Fraunketone of Coventre to Richard le Large, of Ruytone beside Bulkyntone, and Celota his wife, for six years from Michaelmas, 1321, at 16s. rent of a messuage in the High Street, Coventre. Witnesses:—Roger Dayseye, bailiff, Roger de Pacwode, coroner of Coventre, and others (named). Friday after the Purification, 1320, 14 Edward II.
[Suff.] A. 10851. Feoffment by Beatrix late the wife of William Fox, widow, to Sir Philip Basset, for his homage and service and 40s. beforehand, of 3a. meadow in Bredmad in the parish of Danengho, which the said William bought of Alexander Crisping; also of 3a. pasture abutting on pasture of the said Sir Phillip and on the messuage of Alexander Koc, in the parish of Charisfeud; rent, 1d. at Michaelmas. Witnesses:—Sir William de Lisle (Insula), and others named. Seal (a bird), with legend: s. beatricis. fil. henrici coci.
[Warw.] A. 10852. Indenture being a feoffment by Nicholas le Deystere of Coventre to William son of Robert Bonhomme of Coventre, of 13s. 4d. rent from a messuage which he had by William's gift in Wymundeslone, in Coventre, between the tenements of Henry del Sartry, &c., and the Shirbourne, &c. Saturday, Christmas Day, 13 Edward III.
[Norf.] A. 10853. Release by Bartholomew son of Walter Caly to Thomas de Lewys, rector of the church of Walpol, Lewes mediety (pro porcione Lewenc'), and to Godwin —, of his right in a messuage with buildings and 14a. land adjacent, in Walpol, &c. Witnesses:—John de Colevile and William Lovel, knights, Henry de Walpol, and others (named). Thursday after St. Martin the Bishop, 15 Edward III. Seal.
[Herts.] A. 10854. Feoffment by Adam son of William Cook (coci) to Hugh de Bodekesham, for his homage and service, of the land which Roger son of Eustace held of his father in Standon, Payn's acre (acram pagani), 2a. land at the head of the croft of Ailwin the deaf (Ailwini surdi) next Richard de Melkele's land, and the land called 'Blowenlee'; rent 2s.; also confirmation of all the land of Pochendene, and the homage, rents and services of Hubert de Standon, which the said William, his father, gave to the said Hugh; rent 12d. as in his father's charter; for this Hugh has released to him and his mother all the land which was Geoffrey le Ridere's, and has given him 60s. Witnesses:—Richard earl of Clare, Richard his brother, and others (named).
Endorsed: Ad Angleseie.
[Warw.] A. 10855. Release by Margery late the wife of Richard Miller (molendinarii) of Wawenes Wotton to John Jory of the same, chaplain, and Robert his brother for the term of their lives, of her right in a messuage and curtilage, which the said John had by the gift of the said Richard there, saving to her 3s. rent. Third Sunday in Lent, 16 Edward III.
[Warw.] A. 10856. Feoffment by William atte Well (ad fontem) of Hatton to William Brummon of Alveston of 1a. land, lying dispersed together with meadow in Hatton field, on the tilth (cultura) called 'Longrug,' viz. ½a. extending from 'Rouelowe' to 'Milisantes Hoke,' &c. and ½a. extending from the lower 'Vildene Wey' to 'le Medwe Half Aker,' &c; rent, ½d. at Easter; consideration, 10s. beforehand.
[Hunt.] A. 10857. Feoffment by Robert de Hale, clerk, to God and the church of St. Mary and St. Benedict of Rammeseye and Sir John the abbot and the convent of the same, of a messuage with buildings in the town of Aylington, between his messuage on the west and the several pasture of John son of John le Lord, called 'Hulkecroft' on the west, together with 33a. 2½r. arable, and 4r. meadow, in the fields and meadows of Alyngton, described in detail, all of which he had by the feoffment of Robert son of John le Lord of Alyngton; also of 8s. rent from John son of Richard Cook (coci) for a messuage and croft in Aylington, which he had by the feoffment of William Waldechef of Cesterton. The morrow of St. John the Baptist, 32 Edward I.
[Warw.] A. 10858. Feoffment by Nicholas atte Berue of Toneworth to his son John and Margery, John's wife, their heirs and assigns, of a curtilage with a house on it, between his house &c. Thursday the morrow of St. Katharine the Virgin, 15 Edward II.
[N'hamp.] A. 10859. Defeasance of a bond, dated Monday the Conversion of St. Paul, 12 Richard II, by Thomas Herbery of Cleycoton, to Alice late the wife of John Botiler, of the same, in 10 marks due at Whitsuntide next; viz. if she take the fruits from 6a. land without hindrance from him, or the heirs of his body, for the term of her life, &c. Tuesday after the Conversion of St. Paul, 12 Richard II.
Warw. A. 10860. Release by William de Broke of Warwick to William Broun of the same, merchant, and Agnes his wife, and William's heirs and assigns of his right in a curtilage beside their own curtilage within the borough of Warwick, between the curtilages of Roger le Gouere, Peter le Organer, &c. Saturday in Easter week, 18 Edward II. Seal, broken.
[Cornw.] A. 10861. Counterpart of A. 7041.
[York, W.R.] A. 10862. Feoffment by William de Thorneton to William Bakster and Thomas de Ormesheved, chaplains, of all his land, &c. in Burton in Lonesdale and Overbentham. Witnesses:—John de Redemane, of Twisil- ton, and others (named). Tuesday before St. Peter's chair, 5 Henry IV.
[Salop.] A. 10863. Indenture being a feoffment by Richard Dobyn, rector of the church of Buturley, to Roger son of Adam, formerly lord of 'la Sete,' and Margery his wife, in tail, with reversion in default to the heirs and assigns of Roger, of the manor of 'la Sete,' three water mills on the Temede excepted. Monday after All Hallows, 20 Edward II.
A. 10864. Certificate by Fremin de Coquerel, keeper of the prévôté of Paris (garde de la prevoste de Par'), that Luchino of Genoa (Luquin de Jennes) came before him and acknowledged the receipt, on behalf of Aimer (Emart) de Valence, knight, lord of Montignac, from Stephen Marcel, draper, burgess of Paris, of 902l. (livres Parisis), weak money (de flebe monnoie). Sealed with the seal of the prévôté, 1307, Tuesday after the Trinity. French.
[Camb.] A. 10865. Release by Gervase de Carletuina to William de Criketot, of his right in common of pasture of the assart (esserti) of the wood of Wilingham, lying between the wood of William de Moiun of Brinkele and the wood of the said William de Criketot; consideration, 1 mark.
Endorsed: Com' Cantebregge; Gervasii de Kareltun.
[Hunt.] A. 10866. Feoffment by Peter Fesaunt, son and heir of the late Robert le Snou, in Ramesey, to Adam son of the late Richard le Launder (lotoris) of the same, of a strip of land 23½ft. by 1½ft. in his meadow, on the east of Adam's messuage, and in a path from the same to a willow at the head of the common lode (lade) between the messuages belonging to the chapel of St. Mary and 'le Newefeldfen,' &c.; rent, 1d. to the chief lords &c.; consideration, 3s. beforehand. Tuesday after the Annunciation, 31 Edward I.
[Warw.] A. 10867. Indenture of demise by the prior, William, and convent of the cathedral church of St. Mary of Coventre, to William de Catesby, Joan his wife, and John their eldest son for a term of their lives in survivorship, of a site in Coventre, called 'le Scolemor,' between the Shirburne on one side and his tenement on the other, with access to it over the said stream by a bridge he had put in repair, and with all trees growing thereon; rent, 6s. Wednesday, the feast of St. Matthew, 25 Edward III.
[Warw.] A. 10868. Feoffment by Thomas son of Alexander le Shereman of Coventre, clerk, to William de Catesby, of a messuage in Coventre in 'le Hullestrete', beside John le Warde's and opposite the chapel newly founded (de novo fundate) in Babbelake. Sunday after St. Andrew the Apostle, 18 Edward III. Seal.
Cornw. A. 10869. Bond by Walter Corrogan to Ralph Reskymer, esquire, in 100l, on the 7th March next, conditioned for William Trethewy, clerk, standing to the award of William Bef and John Lawys, arbitrators chosen on his side, and of John More and Nicholas Radford, chosen on the side of the said Ralph Reskymer, concerning the title to one third of the manor of Pennarth, whereof an assise of novel disseisin is depending as yet undecided (indiscussata), their award to be delivered on the first day of the next assizes in the county of Cornwall, or, in the event of their failing to agree, to the award of Nicholas Asshton, one of the justices of the king of his Common Bench. 22 November, 29 Henry VI. Fragment of seal.
N'hamp. A. 10870. Release by Henry de Stratford, son and heir of William de Stratford, late burgess of Norhampton, to Richard de Stratford his brother of his right in a capital messuage in Abindonestrete, Norhampton, and in two messuages and an oven in the same street, which the said Richard had by their father's feoffment, and whereof he had impleaded the said Richard before the justices in eyre at Norhampton. Wednesday after the Epiphany, 3 Edward III. Witnesses:—Sir Robert de Arden, warden of the town of Norhampton, Simon de Launshull, his lieutenant, William de Tekne and John le Waydour, coroners of the same, and others (named).
[N'hamp.] A. 10871. Indenture of demise by John Mallory, esquire, and Elizabeth his wife, to Thomas 'O the Hull' of Welton, Juliana his wife, and — their son, for the term of their lives in survivorship, of the messuage they then dwelt in there; rent, 18s. &c. 10 December, 6 Henry VI. Two seals, one of arms, the other a fragment.
N'hamp. A. 10872. Indenture of demise by William Leyard of . . . . . bergh the younger and Joan his wife, daughter and heir of . . . . . of Norhampton, to William Plomer and Maud his wife, for the term of their lives, of a capital messuage with a garden [in Norhampton]; rent, 20s. Monday . . . . . 31 Edward III. Fragment of seal. Damaged.
[Norf.] A. 10873. Feoffment by Henry de Pakenham, William Galyon, Roger Russhebrok, John Cokett, and John Hamchirche to Thomas Hickis of Saham, of a messuage with buildings, called 'Fridayes,' and ½a. land lying in the croft of the same messuage, in the town of Tomeston at Damdyche, next land of William Burdeley, &c. which inter alia they had by the gift and feoffment of Lawrence Hickis of Tomeston. Sunday after Midsummer, 12 Henry VI. Two seals.
[Essex.] A. 10874. Feoffment by Brainell of Wiches to the nuns of Wikes, of 3a. land next to the 2a. which he gave them in alms; rent, 6d. at Easter; consideration, 1 mark. Seal, effaced.
[Essex.] A. 10875. Confirmation by Thomas son of Brainell of his father's gift to the nuns of Wiches of 2a. land in perpetual alms, and of 3a. at 6d. rent at Easter yearly. Seal, effaced.
[Chester.] A. 10876. Indenture being a grant by Robert son of Warin son of Richard de Croxton,to Richard son of Richard Broun and Margery Richard's wife, his mother, of all his land &c. formerly the said Warin his father's, in Croxton, to hold to the said Richard and Margery for the term of her life. Witnesses:—Adam de Bostok, Robert de Croxton, Richard son of John de Croxton, and others (named). Thursday, the eve of St. Luke the Evangelist, 5 Edward III.
Endorsed: Derysbury.
[Bedf.] A. 10877. Indenture being a grant in pure and perpetual alms by Walter Hacun of Litlinton to the church of St. Benedict of Ramesey, and abbot Ranulph and his successors, and the convent of the same, of a hedge (sepem) between Syrloklond and Tolyeshey. Witnesses:—Sir Ralph de Merston, Sir Henry de Northwod and others (named).
Endorsed: . . . . . . . . de quadam haya in Cranfeld. See A. 9702.
[N'hamp.] A. 10878. Feoffment by Lettice daughter of the late Robert Harm of Esseby St. Leger, being unmarried and of full age, to Nicholas de Stokes, of the same, of a half-acre of arable in the north field there, on 'Cleyfurlong.' Saturday the feast of St. Barnabas the Apostle, 10 Edward II. Witnesses:— William 'under the leef' of Esseby, and others (named).
[Cornw.] A. 10879. Feoffment by Martin Nanspyan, chaplain, brother and heir of Reginald Nanspyan, to John Tretherff, esquire, of all his lands &c. in Tendeyll Mur, Treloddrowe and Tregonowe. Witnesses:—John Arundell, Talverne, esquire, and others (named). 8 August, 6 Henry VII.
[Cornw.] A. 10880. Release by Martin Nanspyan, chaplain, brother and heir of Reginald Nanspyan, to John Tretherff, esquire, of his right in land &c. in Tendeyll Mur, Treloddrowe and Tregonowe. Witnesses:—John Trenowyth, esquire, and others (named). 12 August, [6] Henry VII. Fragment of seal.
[Norf.] A. 10881. Release by Agnes Neel, of Matelask, widow, to Robert Hoo, parson of the church of the same town, of her right in two pieces of arable there. The feast of St. Agatha the Virgin and Martyr, 6 Henry V.
[Cornw.] A. 10882. Release by Walter Condorou to John Tretherf of his right in land &c. in the town of Condorou. Witnesses:—William Bodrugan, knight, John Gay of Bossohan, and others (named). Tretherf, Friday before the feast of St. Michael, 7 Henry V. Seal.
[N'hamp.] A. 10883. Release by John de Catesby of Assheby Leger to John Nyghtyngale of Brawnston, of his right in a tenement in Falclyff, which the said John had by his demise. Thursday after Palm Sunday, 3 Henry V. Seal of arms.
[Wilts.] A. 10884. Indenture of demise by Thomas Halum, esquire, to Simon Horshull of his whole manor of 'La Throop' beside Remmysbury, fishing and swannery in the several water excepted, to hold during the minority of the daughter and heir of Robert atte Throp, being in the custody of Robert Halum, bishop of Salisbury; rent, 9l. to the said Thomas, and to the chief lord and the king the services due and accustomed, &c. Remmysbury 2 October, 13 Henry IV.
[Hants.] A. 10885. Release by Joan la Fraunceyse late the wife of Geoffrey de Huntingefelde to William le Cuvir of the house of St. Swithun of Winchester and Maud his wife, of her right in a tenement, formerly the said Geoffrey's in 'Kinghatestrete,' between the tenement of Henry le Skinner (pellipar') on the south and the lane of Seuetwichene on the north, in which tenement she had claimed a half part from them in name of dower by the king's writ called Unde nichil habet; consideration, 20s. beforehand. Witnesses:—Sir Payn, then treasurer of Wolvesey, Nicholas Tebaud, then steward of the soke (de soka), and others (named).
[Hants.] A. 10886. Feoffment by Richard Fon to John de Waren, earl of Surrey, Ralph Bygot and William Trenchant and Alice his wife and the heirs of the said William and Alice of all his land in Aulton. Witnesses:— Hugh le Charer and others (named). Wednesday in Easter week, 2 Edward III. Seal, effaced.
[Suff.] A. 10887. Feoffment by John Wolleman, of Eston Bavent, the elder, to John Childurous and Thomas Childurous of Eston aforesaid, of all his land &c. formerly John Goodemond's in Atherton within the town of Reydon, which together with Roger Wolleman, since deceased, he had by the gift of Roger Borhed, of Bliburgh. Reydon, Michaelmas, 28 Henry VI.
[Camb.] A. 10888. Feoffment by William Talemasche to Eustace son of Roger of a messuage and croft which the said Roger held in the town of Wilburheham, for his homage and service, and for 12s. in gersum (kersumia), and to Alice his wife a talent (talentum); rent, 18d. for all service, saving the king's service, to wit as much as belongs to the defence of one croft in the town of Wilburham.
[Warw.] A. 10889. Feoffment by Richard Skylmon of Toneworth to Richard Dolfyn, smith (fabro), of the same, of six pieces of arable in 'le Hemfeld,' beside 'Carswellemede' of Toneworth, Sunday before St. Gregory the Pope, 21 Richard II.
[Warw.] A. 10890. Feoffment by John de Sudley to Ralph le Chapman of Dercet of two pieces (placeas) of land in 'la Suthend' adjoining Ralph's messuage. Witnesses:—Richard Dastin of Grete, Sir Ralph, vicar of Dercet and others (named).
Linc. N'hamp. Rutl. York, E.R. A. 10891. Release by John Morley, chaplain, to Robert Bolton, clerk, and Robert Bolton, esquire, of his right in the manors &c. which, together with them and others, he had by the feoffment of Michael de la Pole, late earl of Suffolk, father of the now earl, in Kyngeston upon Hull, Miton, Rymeswell, Beaughom, Drypole, Newelond, Anlaby, Oustemersk and Cotyngham, co. York, Westwode Staunford, co. Lincoln, Burley, co. Northampton, and Burley, co. Rutland. 1 October, 9 Henry VI. Seal.
Linc. N'hamp. Rutl. York, E.R. A. 10892. Feoffment by William de la Pole, earl of Suffolk, Robert Bolton, clerk, and Robert Bolton, esquire, to John Shardelowe, knight, Thomas Hoo, esquire, John Roys, John Golafre, Richard Wyot, Andrew Sperlyng, and Robert Danvers, of the manor of Courthall, in Kyngeston upon Hull, the manors of Miton, Rymeswell, and Beaughom, co. York, and land &c. in Kyngeston, Miton, Rymeswell, Beaughom, Drypole, Newe- lond, Anlaby, Oustemersk, and Cotyngham, co. York, the manor of West- wode, and land &c. in Staunford, co. Lincoln, the manor of Burley, co. Northampton, and land &c. in Burley, co. Rutland, all of which they, together with others, had by the feoffment of Michael de la Pole, earl of Suffolk, father of the said earl William. 20 October, 9 Henry VI. Signed "Suffolk." Fragments of seals.
Memorandum endorsed that in the time of John Bedford, mayor, Richard Scoles and William Kelsay, bailiffs, that charter of feoffment was registered in the register of the town of Kyngeston upon Hull, in the 97th fo. reckoning from the Kalendar of the said register, and that seisin was delivered in the presence of the said mayor and bailiffs, with attornment of all the said earl's tenants of the said town, and of Miton, Rymeswell, Beaughom and Dripole, co. York.
[N'hamp.] A. 10893. Feoffment by Nicholas Chaumbre of Esthaddon, co. Northampton, son and heir of Henry Chaumbre, to John Catesby, esquire, of 20s. rent from the land, formerly John Tewe's, in Welton, whose son and heir is Thomas Tewe, which the said Henry, his father, had by the gift of Thomas Danby of Hayford. Witnesses:—Eustace Burnaby, Richard Knyghtley and Robert Catesby, esquires, and others (named). Welton, the feast of St. Alban the Martyr, 18 Henry VI. Seal.
N'hamp. A. 10894. Indenture being a feoffment by John Chaumbre and Richard Willoughby, esquires, to John Watford, son of Thomas Watford, late of Great Creton, esquire, deceased, and to Elizabeth his wife, and the heirs of the body of the said John, of all the land &c. which they lately had, together with Thomas Chaumbre, Thomas Compeworth, esquires, and Thomas Stotesbury of Norhampton, 'draper,' since deceased, by the gift and feoffment of the said Thomas Watford in Watford, with remainder, in default of John's issue, to Alice Prestwych, daughter of the said Thomas Watford, in tail, with remainder, in default, to William Watford, brother of the said Thomas, in tail, with remainder, in default, to the right heirs of Thomas. Watford, 1 June, 34 Henry VI. Witnesses:—William Catesby, knight, John Catesby, John Dyve, Eustace Burneby, and Thomas Wilde, esquires. Seals.
[Suff.] A. 10895. Feoffment by Nicholas Duelle of Thurleston to Sir Alexander de Sprouton, perpetual vicar of the church of Thurleston, and Margery de Bonges, late the wife of Martin Justus, of a messuage, with buildings, in Thurleston, next the road from Thurleston church to Ipswich, &c.; rent, 4d.
[Norf.] A. 10896. Counterpart of a feoffment by Robert Gloys of Hyndryng- ham, and John Gloys, chaplain, to John Hayward, Roger Harryessone, and William Groom of Brunham, of a messuage in Brunham St. Clement, and all their lands &c. there and in Brunhamthorp and Sutton; with warranty by Robert Gloys on payment by the said John, Roger and William of 30l. at certain dates, failing which, the charter of feoffment and seisin had thereon to be void. Saturday before Midsummer, 1 Henry VI. Three seals.
[Warw.] A. 10897. Confirmation by William de Ardern the elder of the grant made by Hugh de Prestwode and Agnes his wife, by their charter indented, to William de Ardern the younger and Agnes his wife, in tail, of the manor of Rodbourn. Friday, Michaelmas day, 37 Edward III. Seal.
[N'hamp.] A. 10898. Release by Peter son and heir of John le Haiward of Braundeston to Thomas Adam of the same, chaplain, of his right in two messuages there, which Thomas had by the gift and feoffment of Agnes, his sister. Thursday after St. Mark the Evangelist, 30 Edward III.
[Wilts.] A. 10899. Surrender by Nicholas son and heir of the late Roger de Hedyntone to the abbess and convent of Lacok, of three burgages which he held of them there.
[Norf.] A. 10900. Confirmation by John de Subiri, chaplain, executor of the testament of Sir William Haste, late rector of the church of Stanford, on behalf of himself and his co-executors, to Dame Denise de Munchensi (de Monte Caniso) and Sir Ralph de Coggeshal, knight, of the wardship of the lands and heir of the late Sir William de Munchensi (de Monte Caniso), knight, deceased, which the said Denise and Ralph had by the grant of R[ichard], bishop of London, to whom, both by gift inter vivos and by his last will the said Sir William Haste had assigned the same. Stanford, 14 February, 22 Edward I.