Deeds: A.13401 - A.13500

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A Descriptive Catalogue of Ancient Deeds: Volume 5. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1906.

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A.13401 - A.13500

London. A. 13401. Acquittance for the present year, viz. 1267, by Sinicius, clerk of the pope's camera, and papal nuncio, to the prior and convent of Holy Trinity, London, for his procuration of 7s. granted him by the pope. London, Monday after St. Martin in Winter, in the said year.
Camb. A. 13402. Counterpart indenture, 13 February, 32 Henry VIII, being an assignment, in consideration of 30l. and 5l. rent, by Symeon Sampson, of Benefyld, co. Berks, gentleman, to William Chamber, of Royston, co. Herts, gentleman, of the lease of a messuage lands and reversion, as in A. 12628; with covenant to deliver up the lease 'eftsonez as the said William Chamber shall obteyne of the said Deane and Chanonz a graunte of a newe lease to hym made of the premyssez and that the seyd Symeon shall be alwey agreable for the obteynyng of the seyd newe lease.' English. Signed per me Ric'm Chamber. Seal.
Kent. A. 13403. Deed poll by Thomas, marquess of Dorset, reciting that the king had granted him the lordship or manor of Whitewyke, and all the land, &c. in Whitewyke, Swanyngton, Whityngton, Donyngton, Hokelscote, Neuton Unthanke, Bocherdeston Roteby and Markefelde, co. Leicester, late belonging to William, viscount Beamont, and the advowson of the church of Markefelde, in the said county, the king's park of Bardon excepted, in exchange for the manors of Lee, Bankers, and Shroffolde and the advowson of the church of Lee, co. Kent, he enfeoffs the king, of the said manors and advowson in Kent, a messuage, garden and 6a. meadow in Lee, late John Mathewe's only excepted, as from Michaelmas last. 28 March, 3 Henry VIII. Signed, Thomas Dorssett. Seal broken, a unicorn in front of a sun in splendour.
Memorandum endorsed of enrolment on the dorse of the close roll.
[Middx.] A. 13404. Counterpart indenture, 4 March, 11 Henry VIII, between Sir William Fitz William, knight, 'tresorer of howshold of the most reverend father in God Thomas lord cardynall legate a latere of the popes holynes archebysshopp of Yorke prymat of Englond and chaunceller of the same,' and Sir Richard Rokeby, knight. 'comtroller of houshold of the said reverend father,' of the one part, and William Lytton, of London, 'gentilman,' of the other, being an assignment by Lytton to them, to the said archbishop's use, of a lease made to him, 1 February, 2 Henry VIII, by John, the abbot, the prior and the convent of the monastery of 'Seint Petres of Westminster,' 'from the fest of Cristmas then last,' for twenty- four and a quarter years, at a rent to them, 'and to the celerrar of the seid monastory,' of 50s. 8d. yearly, of 'five tenementes with ther gardens adjoynyng in the strete called the Kinges strete in the town of Westminster; consideration, 50l. in hand. Signed per me, Wyll'm Lytton.
Memorandum endorsed that Sir William Fitzwilliam, within named, redelivered to Thomas Henege, 'squyer,' 4 marks sterling in gold' 12 March, 11 Henry VIII, to the use of 'my lord Cardinalles grace,' which 53s. 4d. is part of the 50l. within written and in full of payment for all rents herein due the 25 March in the said year, 'and from that day forthe to take the rentes of the hole;' also endorsed: Vacat.
Warw. A. 13405. Copy on paper of an indenture, 29 September, 23 Henry VII, whereby Anne Wittilbury, widow, late the wife of Robert Wittilbury, esquire, Thomas Mountagu and Edward Vyllers, gentlemen, co-executors of Robert's will, ratify and confirm to Elizabeth Catisby,' widow, late the wife of George Catisby, esquire, and executrix of his will, a bargain and sale, 26 October, 19 Henry VII, by the said Robert and Anne in consideration of 80 marks to the said George, of the manor and advowson of Stretton upon Fosse, with provision for the payment of 20l., balance of the purchase money due. English.
Middx. A. 13406. Indenture, 18 May, 23 Henry VIII, being an assignment by John Russell of the town of Westminster, carpenter, in consideration of 20l. paid him by John, abbot of Westminster, and by Thomas Crumwell, of London, gentleman, to the said Thomas, to the king's use, of a demise, 25 September, 16 Henry VIII, by the said abbot, the prior and convent of Westminster, to him for forty years from Michaelmas then next, at 3s. 4d. rent, of a tenement and garden 'percell of a mease or grete tenement called the Bell,' 'in the Kinges strete of the towne of Westminster.' English. Seal, a boar's head couped.
[Middx.] A. 13407. Counterpart indenture, 24 March, witnessing that 'William Blaknall, Hewgh Morland, and William Hachet, maysters and wardens of the Fraternyte of our lady Seynt Mary Vyrgyn kept within the paryssh chyrche of Seynt Margaretes of the towne of Westminster of the oon parte hathe lett to ferme the Inne Hostry called the Rose set on the west syde of the Kynges strete ther at Westminster aforseyd', 'unto William Tull of Westminster aforseyd tyler on the tother parte', from Lady Day, 9 Henry VII, for fifty years, at 4l. rent; he shall 'kepe it wyndtyght and watertyght', &c. English.
Endorsed: Vacat.
Middx. A. 13408. Indenture of demise, 4 May, 1620, by Richard Gibson, of the city of Westminster, co. Middlesex, gentleman, to Richard Wylmott, of the same, blacksmith, in consideration of 20l., of a tenement 'within the Newe Pallace of Westminster', called 'the Eagle and Childe', in Wylmott's occupation; to hold from Lady Day last for twenty-one years, at 16l. rent, &c. English. Signed. Richard Gibson. Witnesses' names endorsed.
[Linc.] A. 13409. Articles of agreement made at Kynsbur', 11 March, 3 Henry VIII, between Mr John Brasebrig, esquire of the one part, and Robert, prior of the monastery of St. Kateryne without Lyncoln of the other part, 'for enclosers comen and fyshynges clamed used and made by the seid Prior off late days.' Fishing is mentioned in 'the ryver of Wythom; they or their counsell shall, at 'lamas next at Lyncoln,' produce old men of the country as witnesses, &c. English. Signed By me Joh' Brasbrig; by me Robert the prior off Saynt Kateryns. Paper.
Endorsed: Bracebrigge.
Wilts. A. 13410. Indenture of fine, in the octave of St. John the Baptist, [11] Edward II, between Walter de Eskudemor, querent, and Nicholas Malemayns, deforciant, and afterwards on the morrow of . . . . ., 12 Edward II, after the death of the said Walter between Peter son and heir of the said Walter and the said Nicholas, of ten messuages, 108a. land 6a. meadow, pasture for eight oxen, two bulls, eight cows, twenty-five pigs, two hundred sheep, 13s. 4d. rent and the rent of eight cartloads of firewood (busce), in Wermenystre and Bussbopestrowe; acknowledged to be the right of Walter as of Nicholas' gift, for which, Walter grants them to Nicholas for life, at the rent of a rose at Midsummer, with reversion to Walter and his heirs.
Dorset. Wilts. A. 13411. Indenture of fine (circa Edward III, . . . . . . . . . the said Hugh and Edmund have granted . . . . . . . to the heirs of the body of the said William and Elizabeth, with remainder in default to Thomas son of Simon de Remmesbyry and Margaret, daughter of William . . . . ., knight, and the heirs of their bodies, with remainder in default to the right heirs of the said Elizabeth. Fragment.
[Linc.] A. 13412. To all faithful of Christ, &c. William son of Gilbert de Brakenberg, greeting. Know that I am bound, for money lent (ex causa mutui) to Master Ralph de Wykham in 70l., which I spent in pleas against the abbot of Park Louth (de Parco Lude) and Herbert de Salfletby; to be paid to him or the bearer, 35l. at Michaelmas, 1272, and 35l. at Christmas following, in the church of St. Herfredus of Louth. Dated at Lincoln, in the month of January, 1272. Witnesses:—Sir Richard, prior of Ormesby, Andrew, canon of Ormesby, Master Robert, rector of the church of Fulestou, John, the clerk of Elkinton. Two seals, with, written opposite them respectively, on the dorse, Sigillum Willelmi de Brakenber, and Sigillum Prioris de Ormesby.
[Suff.] A. 13413. Willelmus frater H. Regis Angl'. Thome Murdac et Willelmo Escorceueile et ministris eorum de Hintlesham, salutem. Precipio vobis quod dimittatis catalla sanctimonialium de Wica penitus quieta et permittatis eas bene et in pace tenere sicut melius et liberius tenuerunt dum manerium in mea dominica manu tenui. Et nisi feceritis, Galfridus Tresgoz dapifer meus faciat. Ne amplius in clamore audiam. Teste Willelmo filio Radulfi. Apud Meldonam.
Chester. A. 13414. Indenture of apprenticeship, 8 November, 1599, of Richard Daniell, of Deresbury, to John Daniell, of the same, esquire, for seven years. Signed Rychard Danyell.
London A. 13415. Indenture of apprenticeship of John Smert, son of Thomas Smert, late of Mildenhale, co. Suffolk, to Walter Smert, citizen and skinner (pellipario) of London, from All Hallows next for thirteen years. London, 26 October, 18 Edward IV.
Endorsed:—'Cordwanerstrete ijs. vjd.'; also 'Intratur in Papiro cum litera J de introitibus apprentic' tempore Willelmi Philipp Camerar' videlicet xvj die Novembris,' 18 Edward IV.
Middx. A. 13416. Indenture tripartite, being the counterpart of a feoffment by Richard Plokyngdon, William Veysy and William Pokelyngton, to Philip Malpas, citizen and draper (pannar') of London, Thomas Bryan, 'gentilman,' John Fereby, yeoman of the crown (raletto de corona), and Robert Wilkynson, citizen and 'irmonger' of London, of all the land, &c. in Istylworth, Chesewyk, Heston and Northwode, which were Master John Somerseth's, the great messuage in the parish of Istylworth wherein the said Master John lately dwelt, a tenement called 'Sandons' and a tenement called 'Clementes' exepted; to hold to them, their heirs and assigns for ever, upon the following conditions, viz. that they shall pay yearly, in the undermentioned chapel, during twelve years next, to a chaplain who shall celebrate divine service in a chapel at 'Braynford brigge' in the parish of Istylworth lately built by the said John Somerseth for his own soul and the soul of the said Richard Plokyngdon for ever, 10 marks by quarterly payments, and to a clerk who shall minister there 4 marks yearly during the said term, also to five poor persons who shall pray for the said souls 7½d. a week payable monthly in the same chapel, and every second year at Christmas a suitable robe to each and to them and the clerk two cartloads of fuel to be delivered at the houses there ordered for them, and two loads to the chaplain to be carried and cut at his expense; they shall keep the said chapel and houses in repair; and if within the said term they shall cause all the said land, &c. to be amortized to the maintenance of the said chaplain, clerk and poor, the present indenture and seisin had thereon shall stand, with right to the said Richard, William and William to re-enter in default; vacancies of chaplain, clerk, or poor, to be filled within a month. Richard and the others have put their seals to one part, and Philip and the others to the other two parts. Witnesses:—Thomas Frowyk and Thomas Porthaleyn, esquires, William York and others (named). Istylworth, 20 September, 2 Edward IV.
[Notts.] A. 13417. Charter of Roger de Quency, earl of Winchester, constable of Scotland, addressed generally. Whereas Philip Luvell, his cousin (cognatus), made fine with him for 60 marks for all his right in the marriage of the daughter and heir of Robert de Flintham, he releases the said 60 marks to the said Sir Philip, for those 60 marks which he owed Sir Philip for the crop (blado) which he took of Sir Philip's crop at Logres in the kingdom of Scotland. London, Friday before the Apostles Simon and Jude, 42 Henry III. Seal of arms, chipped.
Endorsed: A reles of the wardeshep of Flintham.
[Notts.] A. 13418. Bond by Margery, late the wife of Gilbert de Brunnesleye Randal (Ranulphus) Paschayl, of Estweyt, Richard de Brunnesleye, and Nicholas son of Ralph de Henouer, to Roger Scot, merchant of Notingham, in a half sack of wool, clean, &c. of the wool of Brunnesleye, to be delivered at Notingham at the feast of the Holy Trinity, 1281, for the money which Roger has paid them, &c. Notingham, Sunday before the Conversion of St. Paul, 1280.
[Oxford.] [Warw.] A. 13419. Piece of paper, with pedigree, torn, at head, followed by memoranda:—[Hey]co' (in margin). Henr' de quo, (i) Ricardus qui dicebatur Capellanus [de quo] Henricus, de quo Thomas Hacok, de quo Willelmus qui nunc, &c.
(ii) Henricus de quo Alicia qu[am] despons' Radulphus Osbarn, Clemencia, Juliana.
(1) The said Richard gave 2a. land to the said Alice, daughter of Henry, her heirs and assigns, with remainder in default of heirs of her body to Clemencia and Juliana, her sisters, and their heirs, in fee simple.
(2) The said Alice afterwards gave the said 2a. to the said William son of Thomas, and his heirs, in fee simple.
(3) The said Thomas gave 14a. land, by the name of Thomas son of Henry Hacok, to Agnes daughter of Robert Wycham, in Great Bourton, as follows, 'habendum et tenendum dicte Agneti ad terminun vite sue et heredibus nostris legitime procreatis de capitalibus &c.'
(4) Feoffment by Nicholas de Say to Isabel daughter of William Pedefer and to her children by Henry the Chaplain (pueris suis exeuntibus de Henrico Capellano) and their heirs, and to whom they may please to assign the same, except religious, for their service, of a half-virgate of land and a messuage within and without the town of Sukkeberge, which Hugh de Dodeford held, to hold of him and his heirs, in fee and heredity by 3s. rent for all service, &c. Witnesses:—William and Osbert de Sukkeberge, William Chatere and others (named).
[Middx.] A. 13420. (1) Feoffment by Hugh Peverel, of Edelmeton to Richard, the prior, and the canons of Holy Trinity, London, of 3a. 3r. land in Langeheg, between lands of the canons, abutting on his land there; rent to him and his heirs, 1d. at Michaelmas and 1d. at Easter; consideration, 9 marks in gersum. Witnesses:—William de Forda and others (named).
Endorsed: . . . . . . in campo qui vocatur Langeheg.
(2) Annexed, a Jewish 'star' (Hebrew), with at the foot:—Starr' Aaron filii Abrahe de iij acris et iij rodis terre in Langeheg emptis de Hugone Peverel.
[Middx.] A. 13421. Jewish 'star' (Hebrew), with at foot:—Istud starr' fecit Hagin' films Magistri de London' domino Ade de Stratton de acquietancia de Stanmere de omnibus debitis in quibus dominus S. de Cheyndut ei tenebatur. Ita quod idem Judeus nec heredes sui nichil exigere possunt de predicto Ada nee de heredilms suis racione terre de Stanmere de predictis debitis.
London. A. 13422. (1) Know all men that I Saer son of Henry, citizen of London, owe to Benedict son of Crespin (Benedicto Crespini), Jew, 80l., to be paid him at Michaelmas, 18 Henry III; if I do not then repay, I will give him weekly for each pound 2d. interest (ad lucrum), &c. 6 February, in the same year.
(2) Peter Clanvagg', baker of London, owes to Isac of Suwerk, 40s. to be repaid at All Hallows in the 53rd year. Done, 22 October, in the year of our reign 52.
(3) Ben' Crespin died in the year 35 or 36.
[London.] A. 13423. Chirograph indented, being a release by Bonevie son of Samuel Muton to Alexander de Dorsete of his right in a house in the market of Westchep, which house was of Abraham son of Rabi (Abrahe fil' Raby), his grandfather, which Geoffrey son of Peter, earl of Essex had, and which Gilbert de Waleton held by the gift of Geoffrey de Maundevill, son and heir of the same Geoffrey son of Peter, earl of Essex; for this Alexander gave him 20 marks. Witnesses:—Serlo, the mercer, then mayor of London, Richard Reng', Joceus Young (Juvene), then sheriffs of London, William son of Benedict, then aldeiman of that ward, Constantine son of Alulf, William Wite, Turebert Lorimer, Andrew the saddler (sellario), Ernulf the saddler, William de St. Ivo (Sancto Ivone), William Fuster, Richard Gurnard, Richard the Serjeant (servient). Jews witnesses, who are under- written, viz. Benedict bishop of the Jews (episcopo Judeorum), Joceus the priest (presbitero), Manser the clerk, Benedict Crespin, James his brother, Alexander son of Leo Blund. Three lines of Hebrew at foot.
Endorsed: Star de seuda que fuit Alexandri de Dorset in foro. In Westchepe.
[Leic.] A. 13424. Feoffment by Robert Northampton, the prior and the convent of St. John the Baptist of Launde (Landa), to William Catesby, esquire, son of William Catesby, knight, of an annuity 26s. 8d., for his good counsel past and to come, for life. 8 March, 22 Edward IV.
Endorsed: The fee of iiij nobulles of prior of Lawnd.
Essex. Suffolk. A. 13425. [Note of fine between Richard] earl of Gloucester and Hertford, petent, and Simon, abbot of St. Edmund's, tenant, of the manor of Mildenhal, and of a messuage and carucate of land in Ikelingham, acknowledged to be the right of the abbot and his church; the abbot grants to the earl a messuage and two carucates of land in Manhall, Cestreford, Brening and Waleden, co. Essex; he grants to the earl the manor of Suthwald, co. Suffolk, . . . . . by service of a bezant of gold and 2s. to the bier (feretrum) of St. Edmund; he grants to the earl a carucate of land in Gaysleye, Nedham, Caneham and Heyham, which he formerly held of the earl; he grants that the earl may have all pleas within the earl's demesne manors, to wit, Clere with Stokes, Hunedene with Stradeset, Desynnynge with Graysleye, Kenteford and Cavenham . . . . . . . ., with lands in Lakingeheth which are of the earl's fee, and are held of the said earl in the same town mediately or immediately (per medium vel sine medio), saving to the said abhot all manner . . . . . . . . . , saving to the earl . . . . . ; the earl did homage to the abbot in the same court for the lands and tenements aforesaid. They have agreed that if anything is to be corrected . . . . . Blind. At foot, Dies datus est eis de capiendo cyrographo suo in crastino Purificacionis beate Marie.
Endorsed: Et Eobertus de Brywys apponit clamium suum. See 'Memorials of St. Edmund's Abbey,' vol. II, pp. xxxj, 295.
[Middx.] A. 13426. Grant by the dean and chapter of the free chapel royal of St. Mary, the Virgin, and St. Stephen within the palace of Westminster, to Nicholas Ludforth, verger (virgebajulantem) of the said chapel both in chanting and organ-playing (tam in arte cantandi quam organa perstrependi), of the office of verger (officium rirgebajulantis) and the office of organist (officium organa perstrependi) for life, in accordance with the statutes, &c., with a salary, as verger, of 9l. 2s. 6d., payable at the end of every month, at the rate of 6d. a day; for his livery, to wit, his cloak (toga) 13s. 4d. yearly at Christmas; as organist, of 40s. at the four quarters usual, by the hands of the treasurer; and distributions of obits (distributionesque obituum) as the other vergers; when absent, with the dean's permission, he shall find a deputy at his own expense. 30 September, 1527. At foot, 9 November, 2 Edward VI. Allowance was made to the said Nicholas Ludforde by decree of court of the yearly sum of 12l. in full of the above, with arrears thereof from Easter last. Signed Ry: Sakevyle, Thomas Moyle, Wa: Mildmay.
Endorsed: Intratur coram me Hugone Losse supervisore domini regis ibidem.
[Middx.] A. 13427. Grant by John Chamber, M.D., dean of the free chapel royal of St. Mary, the Virgin, and St. Stephen within the palace of Westminster, with assent of the chapter, to William Pampyon one of the clerks in the second form (in secunda forma) of the said chapel sufficiently skilled in the art of chanting, of a clerkship (unum clericatum) for life, with the yearly stipend of 6l. 13s. 4d. and all the other profits thereto belonging, &c.; in case of sicknoss, &c. he shall find a deputy, &c. 5 December, 32 Henry VIII. Ecclesiastical seal. At foot, 9 November, 2 Edward VI. Allowance by decree of court of 7l., with arrears from Easter. Signed Sakevyle Moyle, and Mildmay, as above. Endorsed as above.
[Middx.] A. 13428. The like by John Chamber, clerk, dean, &c., to John Royston of the office of receiver and collector of rents and farms in London, Westminster, and Lambethe, by himself or deputy, for life, with the fee of 7l. and profits, going out of the great hostel or principal tenement called 'le George' in Lumbardstrete; he is put in possession by payment of 12d. 24 August, 25 Henry VIII. Ecclesiastical seal, broken. At foot, Enrolled in the office of Thomas Mildemaie, auditor, among the enrolments of the same office for the year 2 Edward VI. Endorsed as above.
Kent. A. 13429. Grant by John Lesse, clerk, master of the college of All Saints of Maydeston, and the chaplains of the same, to Richard Rede, doctor in laws, for his good counsel and other benefits to them and the college, of 4l. annuity from their land and tenements in the borough of Westrey (burga de Westre) in the parish of Maydeston. At foot, Allowed with arrears for two years at Michaelmas, 2 Edward VI. Signed Ry: Sakevyle, Thomas Moyle, Ric. Goodrick.
[Middx.] A. 13430. Grant, as A. 18428, to John Hawclyfe, of the town of Westminster, 'barbour' of the office of bailiff within the liberties of the said chapel within the said town, for life, by himself or deputy, with the fee of 20s. going out of the principal tenement called 'le Holme,' in the high street (strata regia) there, in John Rede's tenure; he is put in possession by 12d. 4 March, 37 Henry VIII. Ecclesiastical seal. At foot, Annuity allowed with arrears from Easter, 2 Edward VI. Signed Ry: Sakevyle. Endorsed as above.
[Middx.] A. 13431. Grant, as A. 13427, to Thomas Wallys, one of the clerks in the second form of the free chapel and master of the choristers, skilled in the art of chanting, for life, of a clerkship, with the stipend of 6l. 13s. 4d. and of 40s. as master of the choristers, &c. 20 November, 36 Henry VIII. Ecclesiastical seal. At foot, Allowed in court. Ry: Sakevyle.
York. A. 13432. Grant by Leonard Shaw, master of the confraternity or gild of St. Christopher and St. George, the Martyrs, in the city of York, and the wardens, brethren and sisters of the same, to Henry Mason, for his good counsel and service, of the office of clerk of the gild, for life, by himself or deputy, with the fee of 5l. and a cloak (tunica), price 6s. 8d. yearly, with leave to distrain on their land, &c. in the said city. At York, in the council chamber within the Gild Hall (in camera concclii infra Guyldam Aulam), 16 July, 23 Henry VIII. Ecclesiastical seal, broken. At foot, 4l. allowed in full with arrears from Easter, 2 Edward VI. Signed as A. 13426. Enrolled by me John Harbert, supervisor.
Berks. A. 13433. Grant by Hugh, the abbot, and the convent of Redyng, to John Jenys, M.D. for his care of those in sickness, &c. of 4l. annuity charged on all their land, &c. in Berkshire. 26 July, 30 Henry VIII. Ecclesiastical seal, broken. At foot, Allowed with arrears from Michaelmas, 38 Henry VIII. Signed Ry: Sakevyle, Wa: Mildmay, Ric. Goodrich, John Gosnold.
[Middx.] A. 13434. Grant, as A. 13427, to Christopher Barton, as Subsacrist, of 4l. 13s. 4d. annuity; he is put in possession by 4d. 22 October, 37 Henry VIII. Allowed with arrears. Signed Sakevyle, Moyle, and Mildmay.
Endorsed as A. 13426.
Pemb. A. 13435. Appointment by William Wattes, the prior, and the con- vent of St. Mary, the Virgin, of Pill (Pulla), of John Phillipps (Ph'z), of P. . . (Pulu'), esquire, as steward of their courts, &c. within the lord- ships of Pembroke and Haverford, and as approver (approbatorem) and supervisor of all their lordships, &c. within the said county and lordship or elsewhere within the diocese of St. David's; to hold the said offices to him and his heirs for ninety-nine years, with 40s. fee charged on all their land, &c. in the said county; proviso that during the said term that they will not confer any title, rectory or vicarage upon any without the counsel and assent of the said John and his heirs. 28 December, 1531, 23 Henry VIII. Ecclesiastical seal. At foot, Fiat, &c. proviso, &c. Ry: Sakevyle, Wa: Mildmay, John Gosnold.
Linc. A. 13436. Grant by Richard, prior of the house or monastery of St. Mary, the Virgin, of Bullyngton, of the Gilbertine order, and the convent of the same, to John Broune, gentleman, for good counsel past and to come, of an annuity of 26s. 4d. from their land, &c. in Wynthorpe, for the term of his life. 23 October, 29 Henry VIII. Fragments of seal.
[Staff.] A. 13437. Grart by Hector Beane, master of the gild of St. Mary, Lichefeld, with the assent of the brethren thereof, to John Otteley, gentleman, for counsel rendered and to be rendered, of an annuity of 20s. charged on their land, &c. in Lichefeld; they have put him in possession by 6d. 29 November, 37 Henry VIII. Seal. At foot, Allowed with arrears from Easter, 2 Edward VI. Signed Ry: Sakevyle, Wa: Mildmay.
Salop. A. 13438. Admission by Sir John Hussey, master or warden (magister sive custos) of the New College or Perpetual Chantry of St. Mary Magdalen of Battelfild next Shrewsbury (jurta Salop') and the brethren or collegers (confratres sire collegiatores) of the same place, of Sir Roger Mosse, chaplain, as a brother, to serve God and St. Mary Magdalen there, according to the foundation of King Henry IV and the other founders and benefactors thereof; also grant to him of the chamber (cameram) which Sir John Breyn lately held and of a garden with a pond (stagno) in the College orchard and 8 marks pension, as his stipend by virtue of the said founda- tion for life. 24 April, 1546, 38 Henry VIII. At foot, Examined and enrolled by Richard Cupper, surveyor there of particulars.
[Warw.] A. 13439. Grant by Thomas Gardinor, master of the gild of the Holy Trinity, St. Mary the Virgin, St. John the Baptist and St. Katharine, the Virgin, founded in the city of Coventry, and the brethren and sisters of the same, to Thomas Brewer and Thomas Edyn, of the office of surveyors of repairs and works, and of the tenements and buildings of the gild, by themselves or their deputies for life in survivorship, with the fee of 5 marks charged on all the land, &c. of the gild in the said city; they are put in possession by 4d. Ecclesiastical seal, broken. At foot, Allowed with arrears from Easter, 2 Edward VI. Signed Ry: Sakevyle, Wa: Mildmay.
Oxford. Warw. A. 13440. Indenture being a grant by Simon Ryley and William Gardyner, masters and wardens of the gild of St. Mary, founded and maintained in the parish church of Brailes, and the brethren of the same, to John Pittes, clerk, and schoolmaster (ludimagistro) of Brailes, for good service done them, of 8l. 20d. annuity, charged upon a hostel called 'le George,' in Thomas Wilkes' occupation, a messuage called 'Bernardes ground' in the said William Gardyner's occupation, cottages in the occupation of Henry Rounton, Robert Prestcote, Robert Machyn and Thomas Mountforthe, a close and virgate of land in 'Dodfold,' in Symon Ryley's occupation, and four cottages in the occupation of William Warde, Richard Machyn, John Tomkyns and Richard Heycocke, all in Brailes; and upon a messuage and virgate and a half of land, with meadow belonging, in Weston, between land of William Sheldon, gentleman; upon the mill in Eppwell, in the occupation of Edward Halthen and the cottage in Banbury, in the occupation of William Welford, both in co. Oxford. 6 October, 29 Henry VIII. At foot, Examined by me Clement Throkmerton, surveyor; also allowed. Signed Ry: Sakevyle, Thomas Moyle, Wa: Mildmay.
Warw. A. 13441. Grant by Robert Shelmerdyne, clerk, chanter (cantarista) of the chantry of Aston Birmycham, commonly called 'Erdington Chauntry,' founded in the parish church of Aston Birmycham, to John Throkmerton, of the Middle Temple, London, gentleman, for his good counsel, of 40s. annuity, charged on all the land, &c. to the said chantry belonging, for life; he is put in possession by 4d. 15 March, 36 Henry VIII. Signed per me Robart Shelmardyn. At foot, clause of ratification by Francis Englefeld of Englefeld, co. Berks, esquire, true and undoubted patron of the said chantry. 20 March, 36 Henry VIII. Signed Frauncis Englefeld. One seal remaining.
Endorsed: Allowed with arrears from Easter, 2 Edward VI; also allowed in court, 7 November, 3 Edward VI.
[Salop.] A. 13442. Grant by John Hussey, master or warden, and the brethren of the College of St. Mary Magdalen of Battelffilde, to John Hussey, of Medill, for good service rendered and to be rendered, of 40s. annuity for life, with leave to distrain in default on their lordship of Aston. 26 March, 30 Henry VIII. Ecclesiastical seal, broken.
Endorsed: Enrolled by Richard Cupper, surveyor.
York A. 13443. Grant by Sir Thomas Seymour, K.G. lord Seymour of Sudeley, High Admiral of England, to Elizabeth Clyff, for good service done 'to the late excellent Pryncesse Katheryne late Quene of England Fraunce and Irland and late my moost deare and entyerly beloved spowse and wyef, as also by the rewarding thereof to move the said Elyzabeth to have in her remembraunce contynually duryng her lyef the goodnes of the said late Quene with my good wyll and hertie affeccyon borne nott only unto her highnes but also unto her the said Elyzabeth Clyff for the same her servyce,' of 6l. 13s. 4d. annuity out of the manor or lordship of Nonne Monkton, for life. 8 September, 2 Edward VI. English. Signed T. Seymour. At foot, 'Fiat exemplificasio cum all' arreragiis,' from Michael- mas, 2 Edward VI. Signed Ry: Sakevyle.
Endorsed: Mr Standisse. Mris Cliff.
[Glouc.] A. 13444. Grant by same to Alice Prykett 'in consyderacion of the greate labors and paynes taken' by her 'abowt thexellent Princes Quene Katheren in hur graces travell and bringing to bedd of hur graces furst childe namyd Mary as also in hur most diligence by hur usyd in and abowt the birthe of hur graces said litle dowghter wherin the said Alice shewid hur self as paynefull serviceable and expert as any woman possybly might,' of 40s. annuity 'owt of my hole lordship and mannor of Sudeley,' for life, also 'two fee dere to be taken within my parke of Sudeley,' 'to wytt one bucke in somer and one doo in winter, and the sight of this my graunt by the keper of my said parke for the tyme being shalbe a sufficient warraunt,' &c. 31 August, 2 Edward VI. English. Signed T. Seymour. Seal.
Endorsed: Allowed in court, 7 November, 3 Edward VI.
[Middx.] A. 13445. Feoffment by William Eyston, of Istelworth, to King Edward [III], of a messuage called Worton, with a curtilage adjacent and 93a. land in the parish of Istelworth, one acre between land of John Pate and Peter Fanelore, &c.; also of 80a. land in a place called Imbury in the said parish, between 'Babbeworthponte' and the common heath of Istelworth, and of the site of the water-mill lately called 'Imburymulle,' also of 20a. meadow there in 'Northmede,' 'Guthmede,' 'Millehawes,' &c.; 9a. pasture there next the said land in Imbury, &c. 2a. wood called 'Wortongrove,' 2a. wood in a place called 'Pirygardyn,' ½a. wood next the garden of the messuage of Worton, 2a. wood called 'Pirygrove,' and 19s. rent in the same parish; also of 50a. land, lying together, in a place called 'Osturle,' in the parish of Eston, enclosed with hedges and ditches, &c.; also of 10a. land, lying together in 'Lamptonfeld,' called 'Knyghtland,' and various roods, half-acres, &c. described, at 'Horeapuldore,' 'Longechurchhull,' 'Shorteshute,' 'Heymede,' 'le Forlang,' 'Donewellfor- lang,' 'Bromdych,' &c. and one acre meadow lying at 'Holmede' and it is 'Dolmede' among other participants; also of the reversion expectant on the death of Thomas his brother of 3a. in the said parish of Istelworth, and of a cottage there, expectant on the death of Robert Man. Warranty. Witnesses, Andrew de Gyldeford, of Yellyng, and others (named). Istel- worth, 10 March, 49 Edward [III]. Seal of arms.
Memorandum endorsed of enrolment on the dorse of the Close Roll, in March of the said year.
[Middx.] A. 13446. Counterpart indenture, 18 May, 23 Henry VIII, being an assignment by John Garlonde, of the town of Westminster, yeoman, and 'Elayn' his wife, to Thomas Crumwell, of London, gentleman, to the king's use, in consideration of 13l. 6s. 8d. paid them by the king, by the hands of John, abbot of Westminster, and the said Thomas, of a lease made to them, 24 September, 16 Henry VIII, for forty years from Michaelmas then next at 20d. rent, by the said abbot and the prior and convent of Westminster, of 'one tenement percell of a grete mesuage called the bell set and being in the kinges strete of the said towne of Westminster.' English. Seals.
[Middx.] A. 13447. Counterpart indenture, 18 May, 23 Henry VIII, being an assignment by Guy Gascoyn of the town of Westminster, carpenter, and 'Jone' his wife, to Thomas Crumwell, of London, gentleman, to the king's use, in consideration of 33l. 6s. 8d. paid them by the king, by the hands of John, abbot of Westminster, and the said Thomas, of a lease made to them, 4 September, 1524, 16 Henry VIII, for forty years from Michaelmas then next, at 3s. 4d. rent, by the said abbot, and the prior and convent of Westminster, of 'one tenement percell of a grete mesuage called the bell set and being in Kingestrete in the towne of Westminster aforsaide.' English. Seals.
[Middx.] A. 13448. Counterpart indenture, 18 May, 23 Henry VIII, being an assignment by John Rede, of Westminster, 'gentilman,' to Thomas Crumwell, 'gentilman,' to the king's use, in consideration of 66l. 13s. 4d. and 16l. paid to 'oon Thurstan Amere of Westminster baker,' by the said Thomas and the abbot of Westminster, as above, of a lease made by the said abbot, prior and convent, 17 October, 1516, 8 Henry VIII, to 'Johanne Trower of Westminster, wedow now wife unto the said John Rede,' of three tenements with a garden adjoining, 'buylded in the kinges strete at Westminster nigh unto the lane called Endif.' English. Seal.
Middx. Surrey. A. 13449. Feoffment by Thomas Dixon, son and heir of William Dixon, deceased, late of Westminster, 'brewer,' and brother and heir of David Dixon, to John Gunthorp, dean of Wells, Thomas Dixon, citizen and draper (pannario) of London, his uncle, Leonard Knyght, John Faryndon, 'gentilmen,' and John Gybbes, citizen and merchant of London, of all his land, &c. derived from his said father and brother, in Westminster, co. Middlesex, and Walworth and Newynton, co. Surrey, or elsewhere in the realm, to the use of the said Thomas, his uncle, for life, subject to the payment to him of 20s. at Michaelmas yearly, with remainder to the said feoffees to the use of the heirs of his body, with remainder in default to the use of the said Thomas, his uncle, and his heirs for ever, according to the will of the said William Dixon, his father; attorneys to deliver seisin, John Toller and William Snawdon. 31 January, 3 Henry VII. Seal.
Memorandum endorsed of enrolment in the Bench, roll one of charters, &c. of Hilary Term, 3 Henry VII.
Essex. A. 13450. Deed poll by John, earl of Oxford; reciting that he is seised as of fee and right of the offices of warden and steward (custodis ac senescalli) of the whole forest of the king of Essex, commonly called Waltham Forest, by inheritance; to which office of warden belongs (dinoscitur pertinere) from time beyond memory the appointment and admission of a deputy throughout the whole forest, of a forester on horse, and three foresters on foot, called 'yomen fosters,' in three bailiwicks of the same forest; being desirous of fulfilling the king's pleasure, he grants that the king for life may appoint such deputy, steward and foresters, who shall hold such offices for the king's life, their own [lives] or during pleasure, as shall seem good to his Majesty, with the fees accustomed; when, after the king's death, vacancies occur, the earl and his heirs to have the appointment. 22 February, 12 Henry VIII. Signed John Oxinford. Seal.
Endorsed: 'No. ix. The Earl of Oxford's Deed of departing from the Forest of Waltham during the King's life.' See Fifteenth Report of Commissioners of Woods and Forests (1793) Appx No. 6.
Bedf. A. 13451. Copy or draft indenture between the king and John Cheney, of Pytchellythorn, co. Bucks, gentleman, witnessing that the king by advice and consent of the council of the court of augmentations has demised to the said John the rectory of the parish church of Harrold, late to the priory of Harrold belonging, timber and the advowson of the vicarage reserved, from Lady Day last for twenty-one years, at 10l. rent, &c. Signed per me Tho. Pope, Joh'es Onley, Robert Sowthwell. At foot, Dated 27 April, 29 Henry VIII.
Endorsed: Expedited at Grynewiche, 2 May, 29 Henry VIII.
I. of Wight, &c A. 13452. Contemporary copy or draft of memorandum of agreement between King Edward and the lady Isabel, countess of Albemarle and Devon; the countess shall give to the earl all her inheritance, to wit both the Isle of Wytht and all other land, &c. with advowsons, knights' fees, &c. inherited or purchased, which she held in fee, except the manors of Seve- hampton, Witechirche, Harewod and Tiverton, and the service of Henry Trenchard for one knight's fee, and of Richard de Affton for one knight's fee, which shall remain to the countess to be held of the king and his heirs by the services due and accustomed; the countess shall cause the king to have seisin of the said lands, the said four manors and two knights' fees excepted; the king shall hold the said inheritance as his own till some reasonable time to be fixed between them, and afterwards shall grant the same, knights' fees excepted, to the countess for life by final concord to be made in the king's court, provided however that all the tene- ments which are held in dower of the said inheritance, when they happen, shall remain to the king, as shall also the said knights' fees and their in- cidents; the king shall be allowed to make his profit by sale or otherwise of the woods which were in the Countess's hand of the said inheritance; the countess shall do what she pleases with the said four manors, saving the king's service; if the countess recover the manor of Navesby, which she claims to be her right, she shall assign it to the king to the value and exchange of the manor of Tiverton, and if it fall short shall make up the value from other her lands; if the countess do not recover the manor of Navesby, but recover the manor of Craft, which she likewise claims, she small make similar exchange; if she recover neither, or be remiss in the suit or die, she or her heirs shall make such exchange from other of the land remaining to her; all the lands which may hereafter come to her, to wit those which Thomas de Breaute holds or other, shall remain to the king, by the said fine; the king shall assign the countess 1,000l. of land to be held till the fine is levied, the assignment to be made before the countess puts the king in seisin of the said inheritance, lands, &c.; the king shall give the countess for her said inheritance 20,000 marks, a moiety to be paid when he shall receive seisin, and the other moiety when the said fine shall be levied; when the fine has been levied and the said countess has had again her seisin of the said inheritance, lands, &c. by the said fine, then the king shall have again the said 1,000l. of land, quit of the countess; the king and countess have covenanted to observe all the above articles. Cf. A. 7122.
A. 13453. Ancient copy, on two skins, of documents relating to Furness Abbey:—
(1) Letters patent of Henry III notifying his grant by charter to the abbot and monks of Fumes' of the homage and service of Michael le Flemeng. Patent Roll Calendar, 1227, p. 147.
(2) Writ to the sheriff of Lancaster to enquire if the above grant be to the king's damage. 28 February, 12 Henry III.
(3) The inquisition thereon returned by the sheriff.
Note:—The above three documents were entered in the Furness Coucher, on folios now lost, as appears by the index prefixed. See 'The Furness Coucher,' Chetham Soc., pp. 78, 457.
(4) Letters close of Henry III, confirming the above grant. Close Roll Calendar, 1228, p. 38.
(5) Release by Henry son of Herveus to the monks of the advowson of Ursewik. 'The Furness Coucher,' p. 452.
(6) Memorandum of agreement, at Beumunt, Tuesday before the Purification, 1257, between William son of Michael de Furn' and the abbot of Furn', touching his suit to the abbot's court of Dalton. Note:— Entered in the Coucher, on folio now lost. See 'The Furness Coucher,' pp. 82, 457.
(7) Charters of John, as count of Mortoyn, and as king, to William de Furn', and of Robert, abbot of Furnes', to Michael son of William Flamang, produced in evidence by John de Kauncefeld. 'The Furness Coucher,' p. 468, in different form.
(8) Letters by the king to the abbot of Furn' on behalf of Lawrence de Seynt Mor for the marriage of Alina late the wife of Michael de Furneys, Westminster, 28 April, 5 Edward [I].
(9). Memorandum that in the time of King John, Michael Flandrensis was lord of the manor of Aldingham, to whom succeeded William, his son and heir, who married Alyna daughter of Thomas son of Cospatricius of Galwag', of whom he begat Michael and Daniel and lived lord of the manor for nine years and then died; to whom succeeded Michael, then six years old, and for one year and seventeen weeks he remained in the king's custody, and afterwards the king gave his wardship and marriage to Sir Henry son of Herveus; he remained in Sir Henry's custody till his full age and married Agatha, Sir Henry's daughter; and the same Henry, as guardian, bestowed on Daniel, brother of the said Michael, the churches of Aldingham, St. Rumbald and Hyniton, as patron thereof; and in the time of the said Michael, King Henry gave to Robert, abbot of Furn', the homage and service of the said Michael and his heirs; and Michael died in the homage of the said abbot Robert, to whom succeeded William, then fifteen years old, and he remained in the custody of the said abbot Robert for two and a half years; and afterwards Agatha, his mother made fine with the abbot for his marriage and the remainder of hie minority (residuo etatis sue) for 300 marks; and afterwards the said abbot married the said Agatha, as his widow, to Sir Marmaduke de Arel'; and after the death of the said William there succeeded to him Michael, his son, then of full age, who did homage to Sir Hugh, the abbot that now is, who upon sufficient security respited his relief; which Michael, during the said respite, died; and there succeeded to him one Alina, as sister and heir, who made fine for her relief for 100 marks. After whose death the lord abbot holds the manor of Aldingham as chief lord of the fee, to whom belongs the wardship of the manor, as of his fee till the [full] age of John de Cancefeld, who is within age. Cf. 'The Furness Coucher,' pp. 464, 465.
(10) Inspeximus by Henry III of charters and confirmations of Stephen, count of Boulogne, Henry I, &c. Charter Roll Calendar, i, p. 18.
Note.—Entered in the Coucher, but now, in part, lost. See 'The Furness Coucher,' pp. 25, 129.
[Berks.] A. 13454. Copy of grant in fee farm by the abbot and convent of Cluni to the prior and convent of Montacute of the manor of Letecombe. Kal. July, 1261. See 'Montacute Cartulary,' Somerset Record Soc., p. 157.
[Berks.] A. 13455. 'Dicitur quod qnidam Walterus dictus magister tenuit manerium de Ledecumbe ad firmam xviij annis et tempore firme sue vacavit tenementum quod magister Willelmus tenuit. Idem Walterus accepit uxorem nomine Isabellam que fuit amica cujusdem sacerdotis nomine Reginaldi qui Reginaldus genuit ex eadem Isabella filium nomine Ricardum. Qui Ricardus post mortem predicti Walteri et Isabelle emit a dominis predictum tenementum secundum consuetudinem manerii. Predictus Ricardus genuit Willelmum antequam esset sacerdos ex quadam Mabilia que fuit filia sacerdotis et predictus Ricardus emit ab abbate Cluniacen' predictum tenementum ad opus predicti Willelmi tenendum secundum consuetudinem manerii.'
Cornw. Devon. A. 13456. Indenture, 14 February, 27 Henry VIII, between Edward Payne, of Overshote, co. Dorset, and Richard Payne, of Apsame, co. Devon, of the one part, and John Newington, of London, mercer, of the other; whereas the king, 'having perfite knoledge of dyvers mynes' in counties Devon and Cornwall, 'beinge many mynes of oure beringe and havinge golde silver leade beringe silver in hyme irne stelle coper and brasse in them,' by letters patent, 1 August, 14 Henry VIII, appointed Sir William Compton, knight, 'late decessid,' the said Edward and Richard, one Thomas Ludlowe, with divers other to the number of nineteen persons, his commissioners with 'highe power and auctorities.' they to be his 'surveyors tryors serchers and fynners' for all mines having the said metals in them in the said counties to hold 'the same offices and mynes and metalles' to them and their assigns for the term of their lives in survivorship, yilding yearly of all 'golde and silver oure as shallbe founde' 'the xijth parte treuly fyned and tried,' and such 'dieuties and custome' on other metals as elsewhere paid in the realm, and yielding to the chief lords of the soil or their farmers one-tenth part of the metals 'delyvered above the grounde,' with power to search for mines, follow and dig them, according to the custom of other mines, power to 'areaste shippes barkes barges' and other vessels, when and where necessary 'for the cariage of wode undrewoddes colles,' &c. for the 'separacion probacion triall and purgacion of the seid metalles,' and 'cartes waynnes,' &c., 'behoffull for the seid fuell,' power to 'take' 'artificers workemen and laborers,' power to make watercourses, &c. 'in all the kinges demayne londes' 'within the said sheres,' power to 'apointe a steward beinge sufficiently lernid in the lawe of this realme or by his deputye to kepe courttes to here and determyne causes' 'accordinge to the righte and equities of the kinges lawes and custome amonge the Tynners afore tyme usid,' power to make a common seal, &c.; now the said Edward and Richard covenant that Newington shall be admitted before 23 April next, to the place and room of the said Thomas Ludlowe as one of the said commissioners; that they will deliver to him the common seal; that they shall 'cause to be broght and seene' by his 'lerned councell' 'the very selffe commission' 'undre the kinges said brode sealle,' to 'savegarde . . . thobteyninge' of the grants therein contained, 'to execute the same offices' as 'any other of the seid commis- sioners duringe the lyffe of the seid John Newington and his assignes and the longer lyver of them'; if they fail in observance of covenants, they shall with four days of the said 23 April make a release to him of their 'romes lien and place' in his favour, &c. English. Signed R.H. and by me Edwarde Payne.
Leic. A. 13457. Counterpart of demise, 12 August, 38 Elizabeth, by Gabriell Pulteney, of Mysterton, esquire, and Dorothy his wife, in con- sideration of 50l., to John Elkynton, of Shawell, gentleman, of a close oalled the 'Highe Feilde' with the meadow belonging 'for the provision of haye,' called the 'Highe Feilde Meadowe,' in Mysterton, for ten years at 120l. rent, with covenants on either side and proviso in case Gabriell's title prove defective. English. Signed John Elkinton. Seal.
Leic. A. 13458. Indenture being the defeasance of a feoffment made by Thomas Staunton of Staunton and William Thorp of Thorp, esquires, to Thomas Thurland, William Babyngton, esquire, Gervase Clyfton, esquire, Thomas Lokton and Roger Hudson, of the manor of Fene Drayton next Boresworth, which they had by the feoffment of Henry Husy, esquire; to wit, if Thomas Thurland have quiet possession thereof from Whitsun last for sixteen years, the manor shall revert to Staunton and Thorp at the end of that term. 9 June, 8 Edward IV.
Leic. A. 13459. Acquittance by Knyghtley and Fermor, as in A. 12963, dated 21 April, 36 Elizabeth.
Leic. A. 13460. Counterpart of demise, 8 July, 31 Elizabeth, by Gabrieil Pulteney, of Knoll, co. Warwick, esquire, to Thomas Saxton of Lutter- worth, 'taylor,' 'at the earnest suyte of John Saxton,' Thomas' father, 'a little before his deathe,' of a 'cottage howse and gardein place,' late in John's occupation, 'on the west syde of the High Streat' in Lutterworth, from Lady Day last for twenty-one years, at 10s. rent. English. Signed T. S. Seal.
Endorsed: 'Sealed and delivered in the presentes of John Shatteswell and Thomas Shakspeare and others per me Thoma' Shakspeare, Be me John Shatswell.'
[Leic.] A. 13461. Letter of attorney by John Muryel of Pulteneye to William Owyn and William Deken of the same, to deliver seisin to Adam de Assheby of Pulteneye and Christian his wife of a messuage and virgate of land there which he had by descent after the death of his uncle Richard. London, Saturday, the morrow of the Purification, 21 Edward III.
[Leic.] A. 13462. Indenture of demise by Sir John de Pulteneye, knight, to John le Wrighte and Emma his wife, for the term of their lives, of a messuage and 16a. land in Pulteneye, which he had by their gift and feoffment, at a rent during Emma's life of 4s. 8d. at the feasts of St. Martin and the Finding of the Holy Cross, and of 10s. after her death; with remainder after their decease to William Dekene of Pulteneye in tail, at 10s. rent, with reversion in default to himself and his heirs. Witnesses:— Sir Richard de Egebaston, Sir Ralph de Stanlowe, knights, and others (named). Pulteneye, Whitsun, 22 Edward III.
Leic. A. 13463. Indenture of demise, 24 July, 37 Elizabeth, by Gabrieil Pulteney of Misterton, esquire, to John Pulteney, of the same, gentleman, his son, of a burgage with garden and orchard, late in Thomas Taylor's occupation, in Lutterworthe, next the 'Swanne,' &c. with 2a. arable in the fields of Lutterworthe and common of pasture for one horse, one cow and one heifer, from Michaelmas next for twenty-one years, at 8d. rent. English. Signed per me Gabrieil Pulteney. Seal. Witnesses' names, Dorothy Pulteney and others, endorsed.
Leic. A. 13464. Counterpart of demise, 25 August, 37 Elizabeth, by Gabrieil Pulteney, of Misterton, esquire, to Robert Spencer, esquire, son and heir apparent of Sir John Spencer, knight, George Shyrley, of Astwell, co. Northampton, esquire, Thomas Spencer, of Clarden, co. Warwick, esquire, Thomas Temple, esquire, son and heir apparent of John Temple, of Stowe, co. Bucks, esquire, Bassell Fildinge, esquire, John Cope, esquire, and George Cope, gentleman, of the meadows, pastures and closes in Misterton and Pulteney and Misterton cum Pulteney, called 'Wynterfeilde, Holbecke, Thornebrowe, the Warren the Coniger and Sharphill and the close of pasture called the Highe Feilde in Misterton, to hold from and after the decease of the 'Ladye Katherin Darcie nowe wief of Sir Harry Darcye knight,' for the sixteen years then next following, at a peppercorn rent at Michaelmas, if demanded. English. Signatures and seals of arms of Spencer and Shirley.
Endorsed: The lease for the children.
Leic. A. 13465. Indenture of demise, 22 February, 5 Elizabeth, by Mighell Pulteney, of Mysterton, esquire, to Francis Bacon, of London, gentleman, in consideration of 80l. of an annuity of 16l. out of the manor or lordship of Misterton, for the lives of himself and of John, Edward and Edmond his sons, at Francis' dwelling house in the 'precincte of the late howse called the White Friers in Fletestrete in the suburbes of London'; proviso for voidance on payment of 80l. the last day of January next, &c. English. Signed Mychaell Pulteney. At foot, acknowledged before me John Gibon, master in chancery, the said day and year.
Memorandum endorsed of enrolment on the dorse of the Close Roll, 26 February, 5 Elizabeth. Signed Edward Ridge.
Lanc. A. 13466. Deed poll being an assignment by Adam Smythe of Man- chester, mercer, to Samuel Tippinge of the same, gentleman, of certain parcels of land in Orveralporde and Netheralporde, in Manchester, in the occupation of Oswolde Mosley, the elder, containing by estimation 23½a. and 'one roodelande,' 'and so muche more lande joyninge to the same uppon the southend as will make upp the same foure and twentye acres of lande one roodeland one halffe roodeland and two falles of lande,' to hold during the residue of a term of twenty one years. 11 September, 44 Elizabeth. English. Signed per me Adam Smythe. Seal. Witnesses' names endorsed.
Lanc. A. 13467. Indenture of demise (ad firmam dimisit), 2 November, 17 Henry VIII, by Robert Wawen, of Cumberall in the town (rilla) of Whityngham, to William Sowrebuttes, of Wheteley within the hamlet (villatam) of Thorneley, of the third part of a house and the sixth part of place of land, called 'le Birkez,' between Stodeleybroke and Longerige in Wheteley; to hold to the said William, his heirs and assigns for ever, rendering yearly 3s. 4d. Witnesses, Robert Hoghton and Geoffrey Starkye, gentlemen, and others (named).
Lanc. A. 13468. Bond by Richard Holland, of Heaton, co. Lancaster, esquire, Anne Millington, of Millington, co. Chester, widow, and John Millington, her son, to Oswould Moseley, of Manchester, co. Lancaster, draper, in 100l., conditioned for John's good behaviour, according to covenants in indentures of even date between him and the said Oswoulde, viz. to abide with him for nine years from 'the feast daye of St. Martyn the bysshopp in wynter last,' 'and during the said yeares hym to serve in the misterie and trade of a draper.' 9 August, 35 Elizabeth. Signed Rychard Holland, Anne Myllyngtonne, John Myllyngtonne. Two seals.
Lanc. A. 13469. Indenture being an assignment, 10 April, 1 Mary, by Margarett Trafford of the Garrett, widow, to 'Rauffe' Trafford, her son, to whom the reversion thereof belonged, of her life estate in the third part of the 'manor howse of the Garrett,' &c. in the town or lordship of Manchester, as by conveyance made by George Trafford, late her husband, may appear, of the water mill called 'Garrett Mylne,' &c. and of land, &c. in Chorleton. English.
Lanc. A. 13470. Counterpart of demise, 10 October, 37 Henry VIII, by John Danyell, of Derresbury, co. Chester, 'gentylman,' to Henry Kyrkham, of Larebreke, co. Lancaster, husbandman, and Robert Kyrkham his son, in consideration of 6l. 13s. 4d., of the messuage and lands in Larebreke, then in Henry's occupation at 18s. rent; to hold for the term of their lives in survivorship at the same rent, to be paid 'in the mancion place or dwellyng howse of the seid John Danyell called the Halle of Derresbury in Derresbury afforeseid,' and if the king have any 'warres' and John be 'comaundet by the kynge's highness letters or by the chieff lorde or mayster of the seid John Danyell' to serve in person or with any number of men, the said Robert, or 'oon such as the seid John shall accept,' 'arrayed and weponed for the warres,' shall 'serve the kinge's highnes . . . . . . in the retynue of the seid John,' &c. English.
Lanc York [W.R.] A. 13471. Indenture being a feoffment by Ralph Trafforde, of Garret, co. Lancaster, esquire, to Philip Edgerton, of Olton, co. Chester, knight, Alexander Barlowe, of Barlowe, co. Lancaster, esquire, Hugh Travers, of Greis Inne, and Richard Humston, of his manor of Garret, in the parish of Manchester, co. Lancaster, and all his messuages, lands, &c. in Manchester and Chorleton in the said county, and also of all his manor of Wykke alias Whyke in Saddilworth Frith, co. York, &c. or elsewhere in the realm; to hold to the uses specified in indentures tripartite, 14 April, 1 Mary; attorneys to deliver seisin, Robert Holme, gentleman, and John Bexweke, yeoman. 15 April, 1 Mary. Fragment of seal.
Lanc. A. 13472. Indenture being a feoffment by Ralph Hulme, gentleman, to George Trafford, esquire, and Margaret Hulme, his daughter, in frank marriage, with reversion to himself if she die without surviving issue by the said George, of two burgages in Manchester (Mamcestre), which he had by the gift and feoffment of Robert Mason and of Ralph Prestwich, esquire, and Ralph Mody, chaplain, respectively; attorneys to deliver seisin, John Birches and Nicholas Orrell. 28 April, 1509.
Lanc. A. 13473. Feoffment by John Wawen, of Combrall within the town of Whittingham, 'yoman,' to Nicholas Wawen, of Wheatley within the hamlet of Thorneley, 'yoman,' of two closes in Thorneley, containing 7a. land, called 'le Furre House Feld' and 'le Holme,' with a barn or house at the south end of 'le Holme' in the occupation of William Wawen, his natural brother, at 10s. rent, with everything of his inheritance to the said closes belonging; also of his right in the third part of a house and the sixth part of a place of land called 'le Birkez,' lying between 'Stodley Brooke' and 'Longridge' in Wheatley, in the occupation of Thomas Sourbuttes. 2 April, 26 Elizabeth. Witnesses' names endorsed.
Memorandum endorsed of livery of seisin in person, 2 April, in the said year.
Lanc. A. 13474. Bargain and sale and feoffment by Robert Proctor, of Keisden, co. York, yeoman, in consideration of 20 marks, to John Redmayn, of Thornton, esquire, of a fourth part of the manor or capital messuage of Wraton in Lonsdayll, and of all the land, &c. belonging; attorneys to deliver seisin Robert Tatham, of Thornton, and Marmaduke Higshon, of Wraton, yeomen. 31 July, 3 Edward VI.
York. A. 13475. Lettor of attorney by Thomas de Trafford to Ralph de Pilkyngton, to deliver seisin to John de Huntyngdon, warden of the collegiate church of Manchester (Mamcestre), and Hugh del Scoles, chaplain, of all his land in the county of York, according to his charter indented thereof. 2 January, 13 Henry VI.
Lanc. A. 13476. Release by Gabriell Hesketh son of Bartholomew Hesketh of Rufford, co. Lancaster, esquire (armigeri), to John Danyell, son and heir apparent of Thomas Danyell of Derresburye, co. Chester, gentleman, of his right in the land, &c. in Larebreck, late of the inheritance of John Danyell, deceased, father of the said Thomas. 8 July, 4 Edward VI.
Lanc. A. 13477. Indenture, 16 January, 9 Henry VIII, between John Danyell of Derresbury, co. Chester, 'squyer,' and William Hurdilton, of Chester, 'gentilman'; witnessing that 'where afore the day of makyng hereof an indentur of covenauntes was made between the said John on the one partye and Sir Richard Bolde knyght on the other partye,' concerning a bargain and sale by Danyell of his 'seignoris fraunches liberties comyns of pastures frefermes homages fealtes and rialtes' in Sutton, Eccleston and Raynhill, co. Lancaster; now Danyell delivers the said indenture of covenants into William's hands, and 'doth inseale a full releashe unto the said Sir Richard,' and grants that William shall deliver the said indenture and release to Sir Richard 'for a fynyall bargan and full sale of the said seignoris and all the other premysses,' to be had to the said Sir Richard his 'heiers and assignes accordyng to the tenour and effect of a polled dede,' which John, at Sir Richard's request, has made to 'Robert Bolde, Thomas Johnson chapelleynes Henry Sanderson Edwarde Bernes and William Banke thaire heieres and assignes for ever whiche dede berith date,' 14 March, 8 Henry VIII; John further covenants to 'be redy and forthe comyng at any tyme,' at Sir Richard's request, to further assure; and for the performance of all this agrees to be bound to Sir Richard 'in a obligacion of Statute Marchaunt or Statute of Staple of cc. li.' English.
Lanc. York [W.R.] A. 13478. Indenture being a feoffment by George Trafford, esquire, to Richard Bul[ke]ley, esquire, Henry Trafford, clerk, rector of the parish church of Wylmeslawe, Master Adam Bekensall, clerk, Henry Farington, esquire, John Caryngton, esquire, William Trafford, son of Edmund Trafford, knight, Hugh Typpyng, rector of the parish church of 'Assheton super Mercy banke,' and James Shalcros, merchant, of all his manors, &c. in Manchester (Mamcestre), Chorleton, le Whyk and Sadylworthe Frythe within the counties of Lancaster and York, or elsewhere in the realm, to the use of his last will; attorneys to deliver seisin, Richard Kenworthey and John Barlawe. 22 July, 17 Henry VIII. Seal.
Lanc. A. 13479. Counterpart of demise by Grace Danyell, 'wido,' and John Danyell, 'squyer,' to John Bold, 'gentilman,' and Grace, his wife, of 'one mese' and all the land Ac. 'which Henry Dugard now holdes,' in Sutton, for the term, of their lives in survivorship, at a peppercorn rent 'in Cristynmas' for the first six years 'if it be askyd,' and thereafter, to them and the heirs of John, 24s. rent; Grace and John are bound in 40l. 'for the performance hereof.' 16 April, A Henry VIII. English.
York. [W. R.] A. 13480. Counterpart indenture, 10 April, 1 Mary, between Mar- garete Trayforde of the Garrett, co. Lancaster, widow, and Rauf Trayforde, her son; whereas she holds for life all those lands, &c. in the town or lordship of Whikke in Sadyllworthfryth, co. Yorke, in the occupation of Robert Whyteheade, Alexander Bredbente, Oliver Harropp, Alexander Harropp and Richard Kenworthie, as by conveyance thereof made by George Trayforde, late her husband, may appear; and whereas she likewise holds for life all those lands, &c. in Wyke in the occupation of Henry Wilde, Richard Butterworth, Rauf Whiteheade, Alexander Whewall, James Shawe and John Whewall, the younger, the third part of parcels of land called 'the Stryndes' and 'the Whikedge,' 'with the thirde part of the slate mynes in Whike'; the reversion of all which belongs to Rauf and his heirs; in consideration of certain sums of money she bargains, sells, gives, grants and surrenders all the said lands, &c. to the said Rauf. Signed by me Raff Traffard. English.
Lanc. A. 13481. Bond by Thomas Assheton, of Penketh, esquire, to Elyn Assheton, his sister, in 40l. at All Hallows next, conditioned for his paying her 10 marks at such days at Peter Anderton and Gilbert Assheton shall appoint, and after the decease of Sysle Assheton his mother such sums of money as the said Peter and Gilbert shall name. Signature and seal. Witnesses' names endorsed.
[Leic.] A. 13482. Feoffment by John Muryel, of Pulteney, to Adam de Assheby, of the same, and Cristian, his wife, of a messuage and a virgate of land there which came to him by descent on the death of Richard Muryel his uncle. Witnesses:—Sir John de Pulteney, knight, and others (named). London, Saturday, the morrow of the Purification, 1346, 21 Edward III. Seal.
[N'hamp.] A. 13483. Indenture of award, 27 March, 13 Elizabeth, by 'Edmunde byshopp of Borough Seynt Peter, William Latymer, deane' of the same, and Robert Wyngefeld, the younger, gentleman, upon matters in dispute between Thomas Robynson, yeoman, and John Kyrby, glover, of the same. English.
Derby. Notts. A. 13484. Counterpart indenture, 21 July, 16 Henry VII, between the king, of the one part, and Sir John Seint John, Sir Henry Willoughby, knights, Thomas Leeke, 'squyer,' one of the executors of the testament of Henry, late lord Grey, and Roger Johnson; 'wher the seid Henry, late lord Grey, in his life willed and declared by his will' that the manor and castle of Codnoore and the manors of Heinnore, Losco and Langley, co. Derby, and the manor of Estwayte, co. Nottingham, should be sold to the king, to the use of his son Henry, duke of York, for 1,000l.; and 'wher the said Thomas and Roger,' at the time of lord Grey's decease, were seised of the said castle and manors to the use of his will, 'and sithen that the seid John and Sir Henry have opteyned the astate of the seid Thomas and Roger' therein, the said Sir John, Sir Henry, Thomas and Roger by these presents have bargained and sold the said castle and manors to the king, covenanting before the 'fest of Seint Marten the Bishop in Wynter,' next to make estate thereof, &c. and to deliver to James Hubert and Thomas Lucas, 'a dede of feffement by the whiche John Zouche squyer enfeffed the seid Henry Willoughby and oder personez of the seid castell,' &c. 'also a dede of releez made of the seid castell,' &c. 'by the seid Thomas Leeke and Roger Johnson unto the seid Sir John Seint John and Sir Henry Willoughby,' enrolled in the 'Comyn Place' in Hilary term last, and all other deeds concerning the premises in their keeping, and copies, &c.; 'for the whiche astate bargayne and sale the seid kyng' 'promyttith to content and pay,' 1,000l. 'before the fest of Seint Andrewe thappostell next.' English. Signatures and seals.
Memorandum endorsed of enrolment on the dorse of the close roll.
Bedf., &c. A. 13485. Counterpart indenture, 28 November, 24 Henry VII, between the king, of the one part, and Richard, earl of Kent, of the other; 'where the saide Erle before this tyme for greate sommes of money to the same Erle' by the king paid, hath bargained and sold to the king his lordships and manors of Ruthyn and Dyffryncluyd and all his manors, lands and tenements in 'Ruthyn Dyffryncluyd and the Marches of Wallis,' as by indentures thereupon made appears, with a further agreement that after the king had received a certain sum from the profits of the said manors, he should pay the earl 40l. yearly for life; now nevertheless the earl bargains and sells to the king the said rent of 40l. and all his right in the said manors; 'and over that,' the earl bargains and sells to the king the lordships and manors of Amptyll, Snelston, Bryngham, Tyngryth, Podyngton, Brokebrough, Northwod and Flytewyke, in the counties of Bedford, Buckingham and Northampton, and all other his manors, lands, &c. in the said counties, or in the counties of Norfolk, Sussex, Essex, Huntyngdon, Cambrige and Oxford, or elsewhere in the realm, &c. with covenant to deliver all deeds, &c. concerning the said manors before Easter next; to one part of these indentures the king has caused his 'pryvy seale to be sett' and to the other the earl 'hath setto his seale of hys armys.' Signed R. Kent. Seal of arms, perishing, quarterly I and IV barry and three roundels in chief, II and III quarterly (1) seven mascles, three, three and one, (2) and (3) barry and an orle of martlets, (4) a maunch. Signatures of witnesses, viz. of Richard, bishop of Winchester, Robert Sheffeld, knight, Edmund Dudeley, esquire, and Master Thomas Wulcy, endorsed; also memorandum of endorsement on the close roll, in December of the said year, by William Malhom, clerk.
A. 13486. Bond by Kellam (Kenelmum) Hedges, of Aston by Birmingham, co. Warwick, yeoman, to Sir William Catesbie, knight, in 30l., conditioned for his allowing, as administrator of Edward Hedges, his brother, deceased, the said Sir William to sue the said Edward's creditors, &c. 20 June, 30 Elizabeth. Signed by mark.
Norf A. 13487. Counterpart indenture, 8 January, 30 Henry VIII, between John Giggez, of Brunham Seynt Clement, gentleman, of the one part, and Humfrey Deane, of Wigenhall, gentleman, of the other; whereas by deed indented, 25 July, 27 Henry VIII, John covenanted with Humfrey that he would assure by fine, or otherwise, the manor of Vewterez and all other his land, &c. in Brunham Seynt Clement, Brunham Norton, Brunham Westgate, Brunham Sutton, Burnham Depdall, Burnham Seynt Andrew, Burnham Thorpe, Holkeham, Wighton and Warham to Sir Roger Touneshende, knight, and other, to the uses in the said indenture contained; and whereas John is now seised in fee of the 'mesuages, landez,' 'closes, pightellez,' &c. 'with the libertie of oon folde,' in Burnham Seynt Clement, Burnham Sutton and Burnham Thorpe, 'which wer of late Walter Marssh citezin and marcer of London,' as by deed to him thereof made, 12 December, 28 Henry VIII, appears; 'and where further William Conengsby esquier lerned in the lawe and accounsaile with the seid Humfrey hath devised for thassuraunce beforereherseid that the seid John Giggez and Agnes his wief in this next Hillary Terme shall suffer oon Humfrey Karvile esquier and Robert Touneshende esquire to recover ageynst them,' the said manor, &c. 'by the namez of the maner of Vewterez,' 'oon meace,' 40a. land 6a. meadow, 20a. pasture 60a. 'bruery and heth,' and 100s. rent, in the said places; 'the seid Humfrey know- legeth by theez presentz,' 'that the seid John did purcheace the seid mecez,' &c. late Walter Marsh's, 'syns the tyme of making of the seid dede indented,' &c. English. Seal. Signed by me Humfry Dene.
Norf A. 13488. Indenture being a feoffment by John Gigges, of Brunham St. Clement, gentleman, in consideration of 23s. 4d., to William Symson, of Brunham aforesaid of a parcel of land there, which he had inter alia by the grant of Roger Touneshende, knight, by writing indented, 12 December, 28 Henry VIII; rent, 1d. at Michaelmas. 7 May, 1 Edward VI. Signed be me John Gygges. Seal. Memorandum of livery of seisin endorsed, in the presence of Richard and John Hoo and others.
N'hamp. Warw. A. 13489. Deed poll being a grant by Richard Catesbye, of West Haddon, co. Northampton, gentleman, in consideration of 100l. to Jane Chamberlayne, of Shyngey, co. Cambridge, widow, of 15l. annuity out of the manors of Lapworth, co. Warwick, and West Haddon, co. North- ampton, for the lives of herself and Margaret Chamberlayne her daughter, or either of them, payable at Michaelmas yearly, 'at the Tendringe House within the Ryall exchaunge in the citie of London,' between 'one and three of the clocke in thafter none'; she is put in possession by payment of 6d. 8 February, 14 Elizabeth, 1571. English. Signed, Rychard Cattysbey. Seal.
Endorsed: '100l. at St. Michaells Churche in Coventrye the xxth of Octobre, 1580, between one and iij. a clock after none.'
Worc. A. 13490. Counterpart of demise, 15 November, 20 Elizabeth, by Robert Acton, of Ribisforde, esquire, to Edward Osland, 'of the pareshe of the Rocke,' yeoman, in consideration of good service, of the tenement called 'the Portors,' and three 'lesows or pasturs,' one called 'Royolles' and the other 'Portors,' in the parish and lordship of Ribisford, in the occupation of William Dickynes, for nine years from date, at 40s. rent. English. Signed Edward Osland.
Warw. A. 13491. Indenture of bargain and Sale, 28 May, 35 Henry VIII, by Thomas Grene, of Tonworth, co. Warwick, yeoman, to Richard Catesbye, of Legiers Asshebye, co. Northampton, esquire, in consideration of 73l. 6s. 8d., of a 'mese with one cotage a tanhowse and two croftes thereto adjoynynge in Tonworth,' 'which late were one Thomas Warren nowe decessed,' also a close or pasture called 'Lyttyll Hawkeshawe,' another pasture called 'Greate Hawkeshawe,' a meadow called 'the longe medowe,' a pasture called 'Wyntertons,' a croft or pasture called 'Medo- croftesffyld,' 'all whiche be togeder lyenge in Tonworthe,' also another close called 'the longe crofte with a meadow called Leyghtons and another lyttyll medowe thereto adjoynynge,' in Tonworthe. English. Seal. See A. 13495.
Norf. A. 13492. Indenture, 10 June, 1 Edward VI, between John Gygges, of Burneham Overey, 'gentilman,' of the one part, and Thomas Hoo 'of thinner Temple in London, gentilman,' of the other; 'wheare as before this tyme duringe the space of fyve or six yeares last paste by thassente of the frendes of the said Thomas Hoo and of one Anne Deane, nece of the said John Gygges dyvers and sondrye mocyons requestes persuacyons offers promyses compactes condyscentes and agreamentes for a maryage to be had betwene the said Thomas and the said Anne beinge cosyn and nearest heire of the said John Gigges, as well by wordes as by dyvers and sondrye letters hathe been many and often tymes not onelye by the said John Gigges, and by one Agnes his wyfe beinge grandame to the said Anne, but also by Richard Hoo and Humfreye Deane gentilmen their fathers, had made moved and procured whearupon an intyre love and perfytt mynde betwene the said Thomas and Anne hath ensued to marye togeather' . . . .; and whereas the said Thomas Hoo with others, stands seised, Thomas to his own use 'and the said others with the said John Gygges' to the said John's use, of the reversion of the manor of Vewters in Burneham aforesaid, as by an estate thereof made, 14 August, 20 Henry VIII, by Sir Roger Tuneshende, knight, to the said Thomas and others, appears; in consideration thereof and of 'a presente contracte and affyaunce of matrymonye betwene the said Thomas and Anne,' Thomas covenants to marry her 'when lawfull and convenyente age of the said Anne will it permytt,' and John covenants that he and his heirs shall from henceforth stand seised of the said manor of Vewters to the only use of the said Thomas and Anne and their heirs, and of all other the lands of said John in Burneham or elsewhere, county Norfolk, upon condition that the said marriage take place 'in facie ecdesie,' &c. and that Thomas shall pay to Elianour and Marye Deane, Anne's sisters, 50l. apiece upon their attaining full age and releasing their right to the said Thomas and Anne; Thomas and Anne may enter unto the said manor at Michaelmas following the marriage, if John be then alive, provided that before such entry Thomas assure an annuity to John of 10l. out of the said manor for life. English. Signed be me John Gygges. Seal.
[Essex.] A. 13493. Counterpart indenture, 27 August, 2 Henry VII, between the king, of the one part, and Roger Buk, Roger Maskall, and twelve others, 'of the townys of Walton and Filstow,' of the other, whereby they covenant that when 'it shall fortune any shippe englisshe to be in the saide townys,' they will in the presence of the king's 'custumers, comptrollers and serchours,' 'yf thei wolbe present,' take 'suretie' of the owner, purser, or master of every such ship to double the ship's value, 'that the maryners of the said ship shalle in the see and in the stremes of the same kepe the peas ayenst all the kinges subgiettes and also other of his amyte and allye and ayenst al other havyng the kinges saufconduyt'; with other covenants, to be observed during seven years next. English. Fragments of seals.
Surrey. A. 13494. Deed poll by John Lynden, 'prior of the howse of the Holly Crosse of Reygatt,' and the convent of the same, whereas Thomas Stydolff, esquire, has lent them 'in redy money,' 16l. 7s. 4d., for payment thereof, they grant that for two years next the said Thomas and John his son may retain 5l. 5s. rent due by them to the prior and convent yearly for the manor of Westhumble in Mykelham, Dorkyng and Lethered, with lands in Lethered and Ashted, and that for two years from Michaelmas last the said Thomas may receive 58s. 8d. rent due from Roger at Well for the farm of a tenement in Hedley. 10 November, 27 Henry VIII. English. Signed per me predictum Johannem priorem, per me dominum Robertum Ayers. Cancelled by cuts. Ecclesiastical seal. See A. 13514. Cal. Letters and Papers, Henry VIII, Vol. IX, pp. 268-9.
Warw. A. 13495. Counterpart of bargain and sale, 30 May, 35 Henry VIII, by Richard Catesbye, of Legiers Asshebye, co. Northampton, esquire, to Thomas Grene of Tonworthe, co. Warwick, yeoman, in consideration of 113l. 6s. 8d., of a 'mese,' three crofts adjoining, and three other crofts in Tonworthe, to the said mese belonging, 'in the occupyenge of one Bawdewyn Ball, a cottage, croft and little meadow adjoining in the 'occupyenge' of one William Barne, closes or pastures called 'Olde Bettesworthe,' with a croft adjoining called 'the Hall Hethe,' a pasture called 'Newe Bettesworthe,' a 'pasture with a medowe in the same called Greate Fenlond,' a close called 'Littyll Fenlond,' three crofts lying together called 'Calvesley,' with a 'medowe and a fordrove therto adjoyn- ynge,' and a pasture called 'Lady Hethe,' all in Tonworthe; also of 2s. 2d. rent from 'certeyn lond of Richarde Fulwood gentilman,' called 'Myllardeslond,' and 6d. rent out of a little croft of land of Thomas Yardley, in Tonworth &c. English. Seal. See A. 13491.
Essex. A. 13496. Counterpart indenture, 18 July, 3 and 5 Philip and Mary, between William Abbotte, of Hartland, co. Devon, esquire, and Margery, his wife, daughter and heir of Sir William Denham, knight, of the one part, and Clement Cysley and John Keyll of Estham, co. Essex, of the other, leading the uses of a fine to be levied to the said Clement and John of a messuage, tenement or farm called 'Gayshams Hall,' in the occupation of Rauf Tracie in the parish of Barkyng, with lands there called 'Battell Downe, Long Grove, Gauntes Hethe, Hors Grove, Bromefeyld, Bashe Leaze and Pentie Grove,' whereof the said William and Margery are seised in fee, in her right, by the name of one messuage, one toft, one garden, one orchard, 200a. land, 100a. meadow, 100a. pasture, 50a. 'fresh marshe' and 40a. wood in Gayshams Hall and Barking, with the tithes of grain and hay therefrom, to wit, to the use of Margery for life, with remainder to the use of Arthur Breame her younger son in tail, with remainder in default to the use of her right heirs. English. Signed per me Clement Syslay, per me John Keyl.
Suff. A. 13497. Indenture, 4 May, 31 Elizabeth, leading the use of a fine to be levied by Robert Kent, of Heringswell, yeoman, son and heir of Robert Kent, to Robert Smyth of Tudenham, gentleman, of a messuage, &c. and land abutting on 'a ryver comonlie called St. Athelbertes streame,' &c. in Heringswell, late of the said Robert Kent his father and before that of Henry Kent his grandfather, which he had sold to the said Robert Smyth in consideration of 10l. and 4l. annuity for life, viz. to the use of the said Robert Smyth and his heirs for ever. English. Signed by mark. Witnesses' names endorsed.
Worc. A. 13498. Bond by Edward Grevyle, of Milcote, co. Warwick, esquire, to Thomas Lucy, esquire, in 500 marks at the Purification next, conditioned for his standing to the award of Robert Brudenell, one of the king's justices 'of his bench at pleez before hym to be holden,' William Grevyle, 'another of the Kynges justices of his Comen Place,' Sir Robert Throkmorton, knight, and Edward Belkenap, esquire, upon the title in dispute between them to the manor of Goldycote and land in Goldicote and Aldermarston, to be made before the Purification next, and for his suffering the said Thomas Lucy to occupy the premises from the 31st instant till 23 July then next. 24 July, 3 Henry VIII. Signed Edward Grevyll.
A. 13499. Deed poll being a grant by Geoffrey Scrope, clerk, lord Scrope of Upsale, to Thomas, cardinal archbishop of York, for life, of the stewardship of all his honors, castles, lordships, manors, lands and tenements, in possession or reversion; of the office of master of the game (magistri deductus ferarum) in all his forests, parks, chaces and warrens within the realm, with power to take deer, &c. at his pleasure; of authority over all men on his estates, &c; and, in return for many benefits, of 20l. annuity, charged upon all his lands. 4 December, 7 Henry VIII. Seal.
Calais A. 13500. Feoffment by William Sandes, K.G., lord Sandes, chamberlain of the king, and captain of the town and castle of Guysnes within the marches of Calais, for a certain sum paid him on the king's behalf, to William Powlett, knight, controller of the king's household, Master Thomas Cromwell, master and treasurer of the king's jewels, Henry Norice, and Thomas Henedge, gentlemen of the king's Privy Chamber, and Robert Fouller, esquire, vice-treasurer of Calais and the marches, to the king's use, of a tenement and site in the parish of St. Nicholas, Calais, between 'Old Haven' Street on the east, 'Sainct Nicholas strete' on the south, the tenement of the heirs of John Page on the west, and the tenement late in the tenure of James Wading on the north; attorney to deliver seisin, Robert Rolfe, recorder of Calais. Certified under the seal of the mayoralty of Calais. 26 November, 24 Henry VIII. Signed. Wyllia' Sandys. Seal, and official seal, chipped.
Memorandum endorsed of entry in the new green (glauco) register of charters of the Great Hall of Calais, in the time of Thomas Tate, mayor, 24 Henry VIII.