Deeds: C.3765 - C.3800

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A Descriptive Catalogue of Ancient Deeds: Volume 6. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1915.

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Series C. (CHANCERY.)

C.3765 - C.3800

[Sussex.] C. 3765. Certificate by the official of the archdeacon of Chichester of the due administration of the goods of Simon le Veutre of Rousparre by Mabel his relict and John de Kyngesfolde, the executors of his testament. Horsham church, Tuesday after St. James the Apostle, 1320.
[Wilts.] C. 3766. Grant by Richard Wager to Thomas Denedanz and Felicia his wife, of a burgage in Selestrete, Bradeford, at the rent of a rose. Fragment of seal.
[Essex.] C. 3767. Grant by John Deyn of Halstede to Osbert de Lacstrate, Avice his wife, John his younger son, and the heirs of the latter, of a messuage and 18a. land called 'le Wyndhel' with pasture and marsh in Asshchildeham, which John Deyn brother of William Deyn bought of the heirs of Thomas Wynd. Great Mapeltrestede, Sunday after Epiphany, 16 Edward II.
Kent. C. 3768. Grant by Lawrence Legh of the parish of Broklond to Henry Baldewyn of Snave, John Inglot, Thomas Wolvyn, John Fermour, Robert Admond, 'wevyr' and William Adam, all of Brokland, and Thomas Fordman of the parish of Warehorn, of all his land in the parishes of Broklond, Fayrefeld, Brenset, and Warehorn or elsewhere in the county. 7 November, 13 Edward IV.
Chester. C. 3769. Grant by John son and heir of Philip de Eggerton to John le Smyth of Chester of two messuages there between Foregatstrete and the field of the dean and chapter of the collegiate church of St. John, Chester, in fee-farm, at 10s. rent. Witnesses: Nicholas Danyell, mayor, and John Loker and John de Rotheley, sheriffs. 7 December, 22 Henry VI. Seal.
[Cambridge.] C. 3770. Grant by Roger Boredene to Alexander de Dullinham of a messuage and croft in the town of Dullingham, and twelve acres of land in two places in the field called 'Cannok' there. Sunday after the Nativity of St. John the Baptist, 5 Edward III.
[Chester.] C. 3771. Grant by William son of Henry de Morton to Robert son of Hugh de Brom, Emma his wife, and the children (pueris) of their bodies lawfully begotten, of all his lands in Morton in Wiral. Seal.
[Wilts.] C. 3772. Demise by Richard Grombold of Marlebergh to John Mulle of Remmesbury and Edith his wife of a messuage called 'Kaleys' and two cottages in 'le Mersshe' in Marlebergh for twenty-three years at a rent of three peppercorns; the said Richard shall pay to the con- stable of Marleberg yearly at the term called 'Hock' a rent called 'langaveleselvere,' and binds himself not to alienate the premises without consent of the tenants. Witnesses:—Thomas Heose, mayor of Marle- berge and others (named). 14 May, 4 Henry IV. Seal. Cf. C. 4495.
[Devon.] C. 3773. Demise by Andrew Hylle to Richard Colste and Joan his wife and John Sayer and Ydonea his wife of a close in Grenefen lying to the south of the highway from Modbury to Totnes and Dertemouth, and to the north and east of a close called 'Boundemor,' with 'folebote' 'housbote,' and 'firebote,' for sixty years at a rent of 22s. 31 July, 38 Henry VI.
Bedford. C. 3774. Quitclaim by Thomas Stacy of Beeston, the elder, to Thomas Stacy the younger of his right in lands, rents and servieesin Beeston formerly of John Berell, and in land &c. formerly 'Freynshis,' which he held by the curtesy after the death of Anne his wife. 20 October, 19 Henry VI.
[Sussex.] C. 3775. Grant by Richard Alfray to John and Thomas Alfray, John Morys, Andrew Hasilden, Richard att Mell, and John Stanlee of the lands in the parish of Estgrenstede which he had by the gift of the said John Moris and Agnes his wife. 4 October, 36 Henry VI.
[Notts.] C. 3776. Demise by John de Wynthorp of Newerk to Robert Hilleston, 'mercer,' of the same, of 3a. 3r. on Sandepittfurlong, on Smethclif beside the land of William Bernacul, knight, on Gorbrod, and on Barnebygatefurlong abutting on a road called 'Codyng- tongate,' in the fields of Newerk and Northgate, for eleven years. Friday before Easter, 7 Henry IV. Seal.
[York, W.R.] C. 3777. Grant by Stephen de Wyghton of Herthull to Simon son of John de Belgh', and Joan Stephen's daughter, and the heirs of their bodies, in free marriage, with remainder to his own right heirs, of the lands in Herthull which he had by inheritance after the death of his parents Thomas de Wyghton and Ellot his wife, at a rent of 5s. yearly to the lord of Serlbe, and two yearly appearances at the court of Serlbe; also a messuage and land in Herthull which he had from William Ward of Herthull, at a rent of 1d. yearly to the lord of Serlbe. Monday, the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin, 19 Edward III.
[Essex.] C. 3778. Grant by Walter son of Walter de Tilyngham to John de Neuport, and Joan his wife for their lives in survivorship, and to the executors of the survivor for one year after his or her death, of the lands they hold in the towns of Little Wodeham, Purlee, Maldon, and the hamlet of Haylislee; also grant that John may hold the marsh 'del Mouthwyk' in St. Lawrence and rent therein of which the grantor has the reversion after the death of the said Joan, quit of the said rent, for his life &c. London, Friday after the Nativity of St. John the Baptist, 29 Edward III. Seal.
Memorandum endorsed of enrolment on the Close Roll.
[Lincoln.] C. 3779. Grant by Robert son of Ralph son of Peter of Wiflingham to Thomas Ad Ripam of Wyflingham of divers selions on Sixel Hill, Suth Langlandes, Nordstoc in the North Field and Suthstoc, all in Wyflingham, at a yearly rent of ½d.
[Notts.] C. 3780. Grant by William son of Richard de Bilburgh to Richard son of William le Clerk of Neuthorp, chaplain (capellano), Agnes his sister, and William son of the said Richard, and the heirs of the said Richard and William, of a cottage and land in Neuthorp, land in 'le Newfeld,'and land whereon is built part of his chamber which is situated on (super) the said cottage, all which he had by the gift of the said Richard son of William. Witnesses:—Robert de Brinnesley, William de Selleston, and others (named). Sunday before St. Thomas the Apostle, 22 Edward III. Seal (broken).
Bedford. C. 3781. Quitclaim by Agnes Stacy of Northyzevell, widow, to Thomas Stacy her son of all her right to lands late of John Berell and William Frensches in Beeston. 6 August, 21 Henry VI. Seal.
[York, W.R.] C. 3782. Grant by William son of Adam the chapman (mercatoris) of Herthill to Agnes his sister and the heirs of her body, with remainder to himself and his heirs, of an acre of land in a furlong called 'Bynethegate' in the the north field of Herthill which Adam had by the gift of William le Warde. 19 May, 22 Edward III.
Bedford. C. 3783. Grant by Joan Botiller of Northyzevell to Reynold Botiller of Caldecote in the parish of Northyzevell of a dovecote between the tenement of the lord of Northyzevell on the south, and that of Sir William Flynt formerly called 'Byrchefordes' on the north, with the east end abutting on the tenement of the college of St. Mary of Northyzevell, land on the furlong called 'Hacchedych' and meadow in 'le Turpettes' between that of St. John of Jerusalem and the college of St. Mary, all in Caldecote. 28 April, 2 Edward IV. Fragment of seal.
Salop. C. 3784. Grant by William de Boghay, rector of Walton-on-Trent, and Philip de Eggerton, chaplain, to Ralph de Eggerton of Caldecote for life with remainder to William his son and Ellen daughter of John de Haukeston of Wrymeforde, and the heirs of their bodies, remainder to his right heirs, of a messuage called Hamton in Hamtonneswode, which they had by his gift. Friday, Invention of the Holy Cross, 15 Richard II. Two seals.
[Devon.] C. 3785. Grant by John Rauf ate Water to Geoffrey Fardel of a seld at 'le Apildore,' in the manor of Northam, next the strand 'ate Apildore,' &c. to hold according to the custom of the said manor, at a rent of 1d. yearly during the first ten years, and half a mark yearly afterwards. Sunday before Michaelmas, 8 Edward III. Witnesses:—Reynold ate Hyth, and others (named). Seal.
Endorsed: An undertaking that the grantor shall maintain the walls of the said seld and the tenant the roof.
[Bedford.] C. 3786. Grant by John son of Richard Boude of Buddinho to John Agu of Thornecote, Alice his wife, their heirs and the assigns of the said John, of 2½a. on Drunhul, 'atclayhuldych,' and on Northlong, abutting on Lordyswey, in the field of Buston. Wednesday after St. Matthew, 10 Edward III.
On the back of the document and the fold at the bottom are Scriptural fragments and a rhyming hexameter.
Salop. C. 3787. Counterpart of C. 3784. Two seals.
[Bedford.] C. 3788. Grant by Elicia relict of Andrew Juel of Thornecote to Robert her son, his heirs and assigns, with remainder to Cecily his sister, her heirs and assigns, of half a rood of meadow in 'le Wydefen' abutting on 'le Fendyhc.' Wednesday after St. Valentine, 33 Edward I. Seal.
Devon. C. 3789. Indenture between William Mountfort of Brideport of the one part, and William Urye, John Jaybin, William Glovere, and John Colin and Gerard Vowel, clerks of the other part, declaring that he enfeoffed them of all his messuages, lands, rents, and services in Clifftoundertemouthe Hardenasse and Southtoundertemouthe on con- dition that they should re-enfeoff thereof any person he should name. Feast of St. Ambrose, 3 Henry V. Five seals, three perfect.
Chester.] C. 3790. Grant by Ralph de Haselwelle and Joan his wife for their own lives to William son of Urian de Eggerton, Eustacia his wife, and the heirs of their bodies, with reversion in default to their own right heirs, of all their land, &c. in Little Caldey. Witnesses:—David de Eggerton, sheriff of Cesterchir, and others (named). Sunday after the Circumcision, 1332.
[Staff.] C. 3791. Grant by Stephen son of Ody de Snede to Roger his son of a messuage and land in Ravenshale in the fee of Bettileyg' bought of Peter le Salter, William de Wryme and Christiana relict of William le Naylore and William her son. Witnesses:—John de Thiknes and Adam son of Geoffrey, bailiffs, and others (named). Friday, the feast of St. Vincent, 1327.
[Surrey.] C. 3792. Grant by Richard Yonge, 'spicer,' and John Wariner to John Shene, cooper and citizen of London, and Joan his wife, of lands in Pekham and Camerwell which they had by the gift of John Shene, cooper. 9 July, 11 Henry IV. Two seals.
[Norf.] C. 3793. Grant by Richard Barker, Robert Wende of Southreppes, and William atte Mylle of Alteburg to John Kydlam of Southreppes of land in Marketesthorp which they had by the gift of John Barker of Southreppes, deceased, abutting on land of the rector of Antingham, &c. Wednesday after the Nativity of St. John the Baptist, 11 Henry IV. Three seals.
Lancaster. C. 3794. Demise by John son and heir of James Oxcliff to Robert son of John Oxcliff of Lancaster of a burgage by Lancaster castle for sixty years at a yearly rent of a rose. 20 April, 7 Edward IV. Seal effaced.
Essex. C. 3795. Grant by John Prentys of Sprynfeld to Robert Plomer of Sandon, gentleman, of la. land in Spryngfeld on the highway from Chelmesford to Sandfordmylle, which he had by the feoffment of John Vescy of Chelmesford. 19 March, 7 Henry VII.
[Staff.] C. 3796. Quitclaim by Luke le Keu of Donynton to John son of Alan de Haukeston of his right in a messuage and land in the fee of Onileye which he had by the feoffment of Robert son of David de Onileye. Sunday after the Exaltation of the Holy Cross, 6 Edward III. Seal.
[Derby.] C. 3797. Grant by Robert Olyver of Burton-on-Trent to Richard Broun of Repyngton of land in Stapenhull which he had by the gift of John Lyng of Burton. Thursday after St. Barnabas, 6 Henry VI. Seal.
[Sussex.] C. 3798. Quitclaim by Thomas atte Hide of Cherlewode and Maud his wife to John son of Thomas de Langle of the parish of Ifelde of all their right in land called 'Stintyng' in Ifelde between the wood called 'Prestwode' and the highway to Horsham, which she had for life by the gift of John de Langele, her husband. Monday in Easter week, 41 Edward III.
[Staff.] C. 3799. Grant by John Seyntbarbe, esquire, to John Agard and Robert Peyte of a tenement in 'le Monkestrete,' Tuttebury. 28 August, 1 Edward IV.
[Salop.] [Staff.] C. 3800. Grant by Thomas de Admuston, rector of Northebure and Roger Fremon of Loynton, to Iseult de Bruggewey of Onyley in fee tail, with remainder to Iseult daughter of Thomas her son in fee tail, remainder to the monastery of St. Thomas by Stafford, of all lands which they had by her gift in the fee of Onyley and Gravenhongre. Monday after Christmas, 12 Henry IV.