Cecil Papers: 1573

Pages 118-120

Calendar of the Cecil Papers in Hatfield House: Volume 13, Addenda. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1915.

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A Scaling Engine.
[1573, March 31.] Plan of "an engine to scale a castle."— Undated.
Endorsed by Burghley: ult. Mart., 1573. 1 sheet. (Maps 2. 37.)
Pirates in the Narrow Seas.
1573, June 29. Warrant to the Earl of Lincoln, High Admiral, to set forth three or four ships to apprehend certain pirates who are come into the Narrow Seas, keeping their haunts between Dover and Calais, and so to the mouth of the Thames. The Primrose is to be used in the enterprise.—Manor of Greenwich, 29 June, 1573.
Signed by the Queen. Parchment. 1 sheet. (216. 1.) [Murdin, p. 257. In extenso.]
Thomas Wilson to —.
1573, Nov. 16. Upon the suit of Peter Coriton, and of Thomas Twiste, Edward Elliott, and John Barton, three of the Queen's servants, the Queen has granted to Coriton a lease in reversion of lands in the Manor of Trebigh, Cornwall, of which he is tenant, for 100l. fine. Particular of the lands.— 16 November, 1573.
1 p.
The Enclosure:
Your Honour's suppliants (? the above named servants) have been long suitors to the Queen, and have been prevented in divers things; and now the Manor of Trebigh, parcel of the preceptory of Trebigh, is granted to the Earl of Ormonde, so that the residue only of the preceptory is left. They pray for the allowance in respect thereof. 1 p. (2140.)
The Vice Chancellor and Heads of Colleges, Cambridge, to Lord Burghley.
1573, Nov. 25. Nicholas Brown of Trinity College for certain doctrine in two sermons, about Christmas last in the University church, against the state of the Ministry now established, contained in two articles in a schedule here-inclosed, was called the 29 January last before the Vice-Chancellor and Heads of Colleges and enjoined to retract the same upon the 12 day of July; before which day, upon Burghley's and Mr. Secretary's motion in his favour, they deferred the same until the 18 October; and then, bearing with him further to the 15 of this present month of November. At which, he rather confirmed his former assertions, and inveighed against the heads of the University and governors thereof for proceeding against him. For his contempt in not performing the order and decree of the Vice-Chancellor, they yesterday proceeded according to their statutes to his expulsion out of the University. Pray for Burghley's assistance herein.—Cambridge, 25 November, 1573.
Signed: John Whitgift, vice-chancellor, Andrew Perne, Edward Hawford, Roger Kelk, William Chaderton, Henry Harvy, Thomas Ithell, Thomas Byng, Thomas Legge, Robert Norgate. 1 p. (138. 131.)
The Enclosure:
Notes of a sermon of Mr. Nicholas Browne in St. Mary's, Cambridge, 15 November, 1573. 5 pp. (138. 128.)
The Regent of Scotland to the Same.
1573, Dec. 22. About the 12th of November I wrote unto your lordship for your favour and furtherance to have the Queen's Majesty's answer in certain matters whereof I wrote her Highness, and having not as yet received the sooner answer, these few lines I have thought meet to send by this bearer, to call to your remembrance that which I wrote unto Her Majesty and to yourself in my former letters, and to pray you be a good mean for the despatching towards me of an answer.
At Halyrud house the 22 day of December, 1573.
Signed. Seal. ½ p. Injured by damp. (147. 39(1).)
Magdalene College, Cambridge.
1573. Short extracts from the Statutes of Magdalene College.
Endorsed: 1573. 1 p. (136. 2.)
Malum Scheismatis in Relligione.
1573. Notes for historical essay on schism.
pp. Latin. Much decayed. Endorsed with date. (208. 1.)
[1573.] Depredations at sea by the subjects of the King of France on the subjects of the Queen of England, since 1562, for which no restitution has been made. Restitution made to Frenchmen by the Court of Admiralty. Restitutions made by order of the Council in 1573. Actions against English subjects not yet decided.
French: Translated out of English for M. Pinart, Secretary of State. 12 pp. Much damaged. (208. 2.)
Edmond Rous to Lord Burghley.
[1573 ?] Prays for the hearing and ordering of the matters between him and Thomas Rous, and that Thomas may be sequestered from his forcible use of petitioner's houses and lands.—Undated.
½ p. Endorsed. (29.)
William Baesh to the Same.
[1573.] Relative to a rumoured visit from Lord Burghley to his neighbourhood.
Latin. Undated. ½ p. (140. 72.)
1573. Estimate for the fence wall for the garden at Theobalds.
1 p. (143. 54.)
Thomas Cartwright.
1573. "Brief notes of Mr. Cartright's book."
"The untruths errors and slanders of the reply of T. C. against the public service and book of Common Prayer."
10 pp. (144. 100.)
Lord Cobham.
1573. William, Lord Cobham's "Bequests to my children" and to his wife. They consist of precious stones and jewelry, principally diamonds.
1 p. (145. 181.)
Cuthbert Armorer to the Queen.
1573. Prisoner in the Gate House. Servant of the late Earl of Northumberland at the time of his rebellion, and afterwards with the Countess in Scotland and Flanders. Confesses his offence and prays for pardon.—Endorsed: 1573.
Note by Thomas Sekford that the Queen refers the matter to the Council. 1 p. (1255.)