Cecil Papers: 1574

Pages 120-123

Calendar of the Cecil Papers in Hatfield House: Volume 13, Addenda. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1915.

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Leases in reversion.
1573–4, Jan. 19. Order signed by Thomas Sekford that the Queen grants to her old servants Allen Mathew, one of the officers of the Ewery, and William Cocks, one of the officers of the pantry, leases in reversion to the value of 17l. each.— Hampton Court, 19 January, 1573.
½ p. (2322.)
The Earl of Oxford.
[1573–4.] Memorandum with respect to the Earl of Oxford's debts and money arrangements, and preparations for his journey abroad; also as to provision to be made for his wife his sister Lady Mary, and Lord Windsor's wife.
Partly in Burghley's hands. 1½ pp. (146. 13.)
Countess of Oxford.
1574, March. Particular value of lands assigned for the jointure of Anne, Countess of Oxford.—March, 16 Eliz.
6 pp. (146. 7.)
Lord Burghley's Leases.
1574, July 13. Note of Lord Burghley's leases.
1 p. (143. 106.)
The George of London.
[1574, June.] Notes touching the spoiling and taking the goods of William Crippes and Samuel Seathe, merchants of Sandwich, by Andres Gripe, dwelling in the Brill.
They loaded their ship the George of London with beer to the value of 220l., which with their apparel and necessaries was taken to the Brill by Gripe on April 10 last. Since then they have travailed by order of process as they were willed by the Council, but can have no redress. Gripe misusing the merchant, as in beating, biting by the face, ear, hands and legs, and laying in irons, also in threatening the master, constrained him to drown himself.—Undated.
1 p. (98. 106.)
Cf. S.P. Dom: Eliz. Vol 97, No. 26 for proceedings in this case.
Tho. Fanshawe to Lord Burghley.
1574, Oct. 16. Details of the customs paid by the Stillyard merchants.—Warwick Lane, 16 October, 1574.
Signed. 2 pp. (247. 139.)
Merchants of the Steelyard.
1574, Oct. 21. Complaints of the Merchants Adventurers against the Stillyard Merchants.—Undated.
Endorsed by Burghley: 21 October, 1574. 2 pp. (247. 141.)
The Hanse Commissioners.
1574, Oct. 28. Petition of the Hanse Commissioners to the Council.—Undated.
Endorsed by Burghley: 28 October, 1574.
7 pp. (247. 143.)
The Hanse Commissioners.
[1574, Nov. 2.] Reply to the petition of the Commissioners of the Hanse.—Undated.
Endorsed: 2 November, 1574.
Draft with corrections by Burghley. 6 pp. (247. 147.)
Sale of Timber Trees.
1574, Nov. 5. Bargain and sale by Christopher Baker of Lockeswood, Sussex, one of the assistants of the Admiralty, to Edward Earl of Lincoln, of 116 oak trees, with their lops and tops, being already marked with an anchor, in Bydlande, parish of Kyrdforde, Sussex. Consideration money 10l.— 5 November, 16 Eliz.
Signed and sealed. 1 p. (132. 8.)
The Orators of the Steads to Lord Burghley.
1574, Nov. 27. Concerning the salt tax (quota) and the importation of staves. "London ex curia Stilliardana quinto calendarum Decembris, 1574."
Endorsed: The Orators of the Steads at their departure.
Latin. 3 pp. (247. 151.)
Lord Cobham.
1574, Dec. 16. Receipts for quit rents of the manors of Shorn, Walenge, Randall, and Cobham Hall, Kent, due to William, Lord Cobham.
pp. (145. 59.)
Presentations at Court.
1574. "1574. Many die not presented to the Court. Many presented for which go no warrants. Many have warrants that never sit. Many sit and never found. Many found and never certified. Many certified and no tenure. Many found with tenure that never proceed. Many proceed as far as price and no further. Many proceed through, and after be bought at second hand and pas travers."
½ p. (2182.)
Certificates of the Commission of Pirates.
[1574 ?] Schedule of seizures and sales of pirates' goods made in behalf of the Lord Admiral (Earl of Lincoln) in the counties of Yorks, Suffolk, Norfolk and Lincoln. The only date mentioned is July, 1574.
pp. (132. 32.)
Coast of Kent.
[1574 ?] Plan of the coast from the Reculvers to the Downs, with details of the Isle of Thanet, showing the water courses from Reculvers to Sandwich, and the "new cut" from Sandwich to the sea. A few of the names in Burghley's hand.—Undated.
Vellum. (Maps 1. 61.)
[Before 1575.] Presentments of the Jury at the Sessions of Swanmote, Cambs.—Undated.
Endorsed by Burghley: "Bishop of Ely. Cambridge, Swans, Sir R. Chester." 1 p. (213. 95.)
Order of the Garter.
[After 1574.] First founders of the order of the Garter, with their successors.
Endorsed by Burghley: "Knights of the Order a manu dextra." The last date mentioned is 1574. 2½ pp. (142. 45.)
Hospital of East Greenwich.
[1574?] Statutes of the Hospital of East Greenwich, founded by William Lambarde for the support of 20 poor persons; one to be chosen by the Master of the Rolls, one by the Drapers' Company, and the rest to be taken out of certain parishes in Blackheath hundred: with estimate of the charges of building and endowment, total 2,702l. 6s. 6d.— Undated.
27 pp. (238. 4.)