Cecil Papers: 1577

Pages 144-152

Calendar of the Cecil Papers in Hatfield House: Volume 13, Addenda. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1915.

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John Moore, Thomas Cooke and Henry Curtis, to the Same.
1576–7, March 6. For lease in reversion, in reward for services as sumptermen.—Undated.
Note by Sir Thomas Sekford that the Queen grants the petition. —Court at Westminster, 6 March, 1576.
1 p. (1201.)
Nicholas Arington to the Queen.
1577, April. Prays for a lease in reversion, for his services as provost marshal of Berwick.
Note by Dr. Valentine Dale that the Queen grants the petition.
Endorsed: April, 1577.
½ p. (2474.)
Richard Marshall to the Earl of Lincoln, High Admiral.
1577, May 1. Report upon his survey of a house late Cutlers, and a tithe called Bardney Tithe in Folkingham. Has heard his lordship to wish to have a house built for the parsonage: this house were good for the same. Acknowledges receipt of money for his lordship's provision. Folkingham, May 1, 1577.
Holograph. 1 p. (213. 11.)
The Queen at Theobalds.
1577 [May 14]. Lodgings appointed at Theobalds on an occasion of a visit by the Queen.
In Burghley's hand. 4 pp. (140. 22.)
1577, May 14. Theobalds. Bill of the appointment of lodgings at the Queen's Majesty's coming thither.
Endorsed. Corrections by Burghley.
1 p. (140. 24.)
Collegiate Church of St. Peter, Westminster.
1577, June 7. Names of the prebendaries of Westminster taken 7 June, 19 Elizabeth:—
Humphrey Perkins, D.D., continually resident.
William Latymer, D.D., most at Peterborough and sometimes here.
John Younge, D.D., continually resident.
John Still, D.D., most at Cambridge and sometimes here.
William Chatterton, D.D., most at Cambridge and sometimes here.
Richard Reve, B.D., most at Windsor and sometimes here.
William Younge, her Majesty's old chaplain most at — and sometimes here.
Thomas Browne, B.D., continually resident.
Percival Wyborne, M.A., at the Island of Jersey.
Walter Jones, bachelor in the law, most at York and sometimes here.
John Rugge, M.A., most at Welles and sometimes here.
Edward Grant, M.A., continually resident.
Names of all the Almsmen already placed in the church of St. Peter, Westminster, taken the same day:—
John Goodman.
Richard King.
Thomas Harrison.
John Dove.
John James.
Lawrence Laneham.
Richard Knolles.
John Gamman.
William Younge.
William Walleys.
John Christopher.
Matthew Lyppes.
Names of those who have their bills assigned under the Queen's hand and seal for almsmen:—
Thomas Luskyn.
John Phillippes.
Hugh Lewes Gwyn.
Walter Jones.
Richard Thompson.
Hugh Evans.
John Warren.
Thomas Warde.
Richard Fluyde.
Harry Robinson.
John Cox.
John Stake. 4 pp. (138. 160.)
Duchess of Suffolk to the Lord Treasurer.
[1577, July 2.] It is very true that my wise son has gone very far with my Lady Mary Vere: I fear too far to turn. I must say to you in counsel what I have said to her plainly, that I had rather he had matched in any other place: and I told her the causes. Her friends made small account of me. Her brother did what in him lay to "defase" my husband and my son. Besides our religions agreed not, and I cannot tell what more. If she should prove like her brother, if an empire followed her I should be sorry to match so. She said that she could not rule her brother's tongue, nor help the rest of his faults: but for herself she trusted so to "use" her as I should have no cause to mislike of her; and seeing it was so far forth between my son and her, she desired my good will, and asked no more. That is a seemly thing, quoth I, for you to live on: for I fear that Mr. Bartrey will so much mislike of these dealings, that he will give little more than his good will, if he give that. Besides if her Majesty shall mislike of it, sure we turn him to the wild world. She told me how Lord Sussex and Mr. Hatton had promised to speak for her to the Queen, and that I would require you to do the like. I told her her brother used you and your daughter so "elve" (evil) that I could not require you to deal in it. Well, if I would write, she knew you would do it for my sake, and since there was no undoing of it, she trusted I would for my son's sake help now. (Several sentences mutilated.)—and therefore kept him from the Court till her Majesty found fault with me, and said I did it "in a stomach" against her; but God knows I did it not so, but for fear of this marriage and quarrels. Within this fortnight there was one spoke to [me] for one Mistress Gaymege, an heir of (a) thousand marks land, which had been a meeter match for my son.—Undated.
Endorsed by Burghley: 2 July, 1577. Duchess of Suffolk. Percyv. Barlow. Lady Mary.
pp. (202. 136.)
Magdalene College, Cambridge.
1. The Fellows of Magdalene College, Cambridge to Lord Burghley.
1577, July 16 to Sept. 2. For that the common report runs that Mr. Howland our Master shall shortly be removed to St. John's College here, we the whole company of Fellows in Magdalene College account it our duty to the College to be careful to have one answerable to succeed so good a predecessor as Mr. Howland. We therefore as desiring always to fight under the banner of so honourable a patron are most earnestly to let you understand the very good liking we all have of Mr. Nicolls of Peterhouse, bachelor of divinity and your chaplain; whom if it please you to place as Master over us we will most willingly receive as one under whom we hope the good estate of our College, so well begun by Mr. Howland, shall in time grow to a more ripe maturity.—From our College in Cambridge, 16 July.
Endorsed: 16 July, 1577.
Five signatures. 1 p. (136. 10.)
2. Mr. Howland to the Same.
1577. Aug. The lands belonging to Magdalene College in Cambridge are certain gardens without Bishopsgate and the parsonage of St. Katherìne Christchurch
The gardens Mr. Benedict Spinola hath taken of her Majesty in fee farm, paying yearly to the College 15l., the old rent being before 7l.
The parsonage is likewise taken from her Majesty (but with clause to pass it over unto the College or to whom the Master and Fellows shall nominate) at the yearly rent of 25l., the old rent being 13l.
The yearly rent is increased in appearance 20l., but in deed (unless by your means Mr. Spinola do either take the parsonage in like form as he hath the gardens, or assure this rent of 25l. unto the College by substantial means) it is to be feared this yearly rent of 40l. will not continue. For being offered unto divers at that rent no man is desirous of it. Only one man offereth to give 30l. yearly, whose assurance for the continuance of the rent will be only a clause of re-entry, which is justly to be suspected.
Lastly, a long lease being passed from the College long since for 40 years yet to come, it would be chargeable and seem very strange that a College should go about to overthrow their own doings. Although as Mr. Spinola can better certify you the lease is utterly void and of no force.
Endorsed: Mr. Howland. Concerning the lands belonging to Magdalene College.
Unsigned. 1 p. (136. 12.)
3. Dr. Roger Goade, Vicechancellor of Cambridge, to Lord Burghley.
1577, Sept. 2. I acknowledge it my duty, so long as I continue in office under your lordship, to advertise you of our Cambridge affairs so often as occasion is ministered, so I would more largely have certified you what hath lately happened touching the Mastership of Magdalene College but that Mr. Howland, Master of St. Johns, I understand is of purpose rid up to inform you of the unlooked for admission of Mr. Copinger as Master upon her Majesty's letters: a sight whereof I obtained of Mr. Copinger and the President of that house, and having written out a copy thereof with mine own hand thought good speedily to send it here enclosed that you might consider thereof. This morning came unto me Mr. Proctor Purify and Mr. Vause, Fellow of Magdalene College, by whom after I understood that letters of authority were directed to the Fellows both for Mr. Nicholls and Mr. Copinger, and saw your grant under seal for Mr. Nicholls; because it seemed to me the Fellows were doubtful what to do, and also for avoiding unquietness among them, I willed Mr. Vause to signify to the President and Fellows in my name that mine advice was they should stay a time from admitting either one or the other until I had conferred with the heads what were meetest for them to do: intending in the meantime to have made you privy. Notwithstanding this message sent them both by Mr. Proctor Purify and Mr. Vause the President would needs proceed to the admittance of Mr. Copinger, alleging for himself the charge of her Majesty's letters; which whether they import such a present admittance I leave to you to judge; being sorry that your purpose for your own chaplain's preferment hath had no better success.—From the King's College in Cambridge this second of September, 1577.
Signed: Roger Goade, Procan. 1 p. (136. 13.)
The Queen to Magdalene College, Cambridge.
For as much as the Mastership of Magdalene College is void by the promotion of Mr. Howland and in our gift by our prerogative by reason of the nonage of Thomas Howard lord Audley; upon the good report we hear of the learning, piety, zeal in religion and other virtues of Henry Copinger, Master of Art and one of that University, we are moved to yield him our special favour and to give him our allowance to be Master of the said Magdalene College. Wherefore our will and pleasure is that upon receipt hereof you shall accept him as Master, and so use him as he may quietly enjoy it with all manner allowances and commodities thereto incident as amply as the said Howland or any other.—At our manor of Richmond the last day of July, 1577.
Endorsed: Copy of her Majesty's letters for the Mastership of Magdalen College for Mr. Copinger.
Copy by Dr. R. Goade. 1 p. (136. 11.)
4. Henry Copinger to Lord Burghley.
1577, Sept. 2. Would rather have attended in person than troubled him by letter, but the estate of his body requires rest and may not safely travel.—I will begin by signifying my reverence and obedience to your honour, notwithstanding that I used the benefit of her Majesty's mandate for the Mastership of Magdalene College without your privity, which though it may move suspicion of evil meaning, yet can it not being truly judged, for He which knoweth all is not ignorant how little I dreamed of any such matter before it was done, and how mere a stranger I was to the proceeding in it. For the execution of her Majesty's precept after, notwithstanding your warrant given otherwise, I trust you cannot judge that to be done in great post which stayed one whole month after the grant, and some reason why we should not further wait your pleasure herein, your gift bearing date the eighth of August and her Majesty's precept given out the last of July: so that if the thing had been doubtful yet the time had left no place unto further consultations.—September 2.
½ p. (136. 14.)
5. The Fellows of Magadlene College, Cambridge, to the Same.
1577, Sept. 2. Excuse themselves for not admitting D. Nicolls their Master according to his letters. Had received the Queen's letters of July 31 to make D. Henry Copinger Master, which they did—as piety commands and necessity compels, as saith Ulysses in Homer [quotation given].—Dat. e Collegio Magdalenes, Cant., 4 Non. Sept.
Signed: R. Jones, Jacobus Bromett.
Endorsed: The Fellows of Magdalene College: Mr. Copinger.
Latin. ½ p. (136. 15.)
Lord Burghley's Household Book.
1577, Sept. 28. Expenses of the household from 15 Oct., 1575, to 28 Sept., 1577. Gives the quantities and cost of provisions; and in many cases the names of persons at dinner or supper.
Damaged by damp. 526 pp. (Vol. 226.)
Sir George Turpyn and Matthew Farneham to the Queen.
1577, Oct. 10. Have lately purchased from Mr. Henry Knolls the manor of Knighton, Leicester, in fee farm, to the use of the tenants. Pray that the tenure may be changed from capite to socage, so that they may make particular estates to the tenants.—Endorsed: 22 Sept., 1577.
Note by Thomas Wilson that the Queen grants the petition.— Windsor, 10 Oct., 1577.
2 pp. (1550.)
John Weller, armourer, to Lord Burghley.
1577, Oct. 24. Details the difficulties he has met with in getting received at the Tower the armour and munitions now on his hands: and prays for warrant that they may be received, and warrant for payment.—Undated.
Endorsed: "24 Oct., 1577." 1 p. (202. 137.)
The Enclosure: List of armour and munitions which he has in readiness.
½ p. Endorsed: 24 Oct., 1577.
George Caverley to the Queen.
1577, Dec. 30. His 32 years' service in the wars. Of his wounds, received in the presence of the Lord Treasurer. He bought the room of a Poor Knight of Windsor at great charge, and prays for a lease in reversion to enable him to pay for the same.—Undated.
Note by Dr. Thomas Wilson, that the Queen grants the petition. —30 Dec., 1577.
1 p. (1257.)
Roman Catholics.
[1577, Dec. 31.] Discours sur quelques practiques des Catholiques dont on se faut garder.—Undated.
Endorsed: 31 Dec., 1577.
pp. (246. 90.)
Annotations des practicques dont il se fault garder.— Undated.
pp. (246. 95.)
1577. The elevation of "my uttermost gate at Thebald."
Endorsed by Burghley. 1 p. (143. 47.)
1577. Charge of a quarter of a year's household expenses at Theobalds.
Endorsed by Burghley. 1 p. (143. 87.)
1577. Plan of the terrace next the garden [? Theobalds].
Notes by Burghley. 1 p. (143. 45.)
Notes on Ireland by John Burgh.
[? 1577.] Conference before the rebellion and conference after and no harm proved to be done by him, although his sons did burn afterwards Athenry.
1. 1,200 great kine fined upon the Earl's children for burning of Athenry.
2. Clare Castle taken the 27 of June, being Monday.
3. Conference before the rebellion with his sons, the 23, and the 24 they entered into rebellion.
4. Sending up money by presumption to his sons after they had passed the Sheney.
5. The 6,000l. to pay the kine.
6. Contrarieties; the Earl sent for them and his sons affirm that they sent to him.
7. The 21 the father was with them and the 23 at Galowaye or Kilkenny.
8. From Galoway he went to see his daughter, being said to be sick or dead, which she was not, and went to his sons, being in actual rebellion at Kilcurne, and the 24th they burnt Athenry.
9. None comes into Galoway but by order of the Town and the Earl misliked and suspected there.
10. His own confession and his letters to be considered. The 30 of June he conferred with his sons after the burning of Athenry, the 24 of June.
11. An offer by a letter of Clanricarde that he would assure his sons not to do harm to Galoway.
12. Conference with Ulick the 28th upon his own confession to Bishop Bourghes' house which Ulick came with 15 persons.
13. Letters of the Earls sent off to Damport the 24 from Kilcorne.
14. A protection alleged by the Earl of Claricard and the Lord President's hands to the bill which the Earl did find.
Relief for money—Richard MackJonas and Damport.
Richard MackJonas declared of a casket of 500 marks sent to his sons by Edmund Offale, a horse boy.
Richard MackJonas speech of the Earl that the said Earl willed him not to take part against his sons. The words were spoken at "Kilcoran," where the said MackJonas was prisoner.
The Earl did send for the money, being in prison, which carried away afterwards and taken by force by his son.
Drawing in of the Scots.
Damport's accusation of the Earl's speech for the Scots, which the Earl denied utterly.
Cain Occancane, 26 Junij, at Loughrean, the Earl's house, said that if he served a churl or a shepherd he would do his commandment and willed him to go on his errand.
Endorsed: "For my Lord of Northumberland's service. For Botolph hold. Touching Ireland."
1 p. (179. 133.)
The Kingdom of Spain.
1577. Relatione possiede il Re Cattolicho nelli Paese Bassi, la Fiandra, et le Provincie congiontto adessa, et della Borgognia, la qual e devisa dal Statto di Lorena, possiede ancora in Itallia, il Statto di Milanno e i Regni di Napolli, Cicillia, Sardignia &c.: In Barbaria oran pignion nel Mediterano, le Isolle Canarie et i grandissimi paesi de le Indie, et in Spagnia molte provincie che sono quasi tutti Tittolli di regni.
Headed: "Trepolli rittornatto di Spagnia, 1577."
16 pp. (246. 1.)
Sir Francis Jobson.
[1558–1577.] Sir Francis Jobson's Inventions for the defence of harbours, rivers &c. Includes—
Plans for floating batteries.
Timber quay or harbour.
Chain across a river or harbour.
Mooring floating batteries.
Supporters for chains.
Engines to bar the mouths of harbours.
Dedicated to Queen Elizabeth.
(Vol. 325.)
Wark Castle.
[? 1565–1577.] Plan of Wark Castle on Tweed, by Rowland Johnson.—Undated.
1 sheet. (Maps 2. 24.)
Ford Castle.
[? 1565–1577.] Plan of Ford Castle, Northumberland, by Rowland Johnson.—Undated.
1 sheet. (Maps 2. 25.)
Norham Castle.
[? 1565–1577.] Plan of Norham Castle, on Tweed; by Rowland Johnson.—Undated.
Endorsed by Lord Burghley.
1 sheet. (Maps 2. 26.)
[? 1565–1577.] Two Plans of Berwick-on-Tweed, both endorsed "Sir Richard Lee's cards of Barwick." One by R[owland] Johnson, and the other probably by the same.— Undated.
2 large sheets.
Map of Berwick-on-Tweed and district, by [Rowland] Johnson.—Undated.
1 sheet.
Section of the fortifications at Berwick-on-Tweed, by Rowland Johnson; with letter attached by Johnson to the Council reporting thereon.—Undated.
Endorsed: Mr. Lee's and Mr. Portynaries' diversity of walls.
1 sheet. (Maps 1. 22–25, 28–9.)
Hugh Myller to the Queen.
1577–8, Feb. 21. For renewal of the lease of the parsonage of St. Kewes, Cornwall, of which he is tenant.—Endorsed, 1577.
Note by Thomas Wilson that the Queen grants the petition.— 21 Feb., 1577.
½ p. (1602.)
Freman Yonge to the Same.
1577–8, March 14. For a lease in reversion of certain lands, for his services as yeoman of the chamber.—Undated.
Note by Thomas Sekford that the Queen grants the suit.— Greenwich, 14 March, 1577.
½ p. (1077.)