Cecil Papers: 1564

Pages 64-67

Calendar of the Cecil Papers in Hatfield House: Volume 13, Addenda. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1915.

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Trade with Flanders.
1564, May 22. Edict by the Regent in Flanders, with regard to commerce with England.—22 May, 1564.
Contemporary English copy. 2¼ pp. (247. 194.)
Sir William Fitzwilliams.
1564, Aug. 1. Letters patent to Sir William Fitzwilliams, Vice Treasurer and Treasurer at Wars in Ireland, appointing him Commissioner to execute martial law throughout the county of Westmeath and the Irish borders and countries adjoining; for the correction and repression of disorderly persons of vile and base condition, and idle vagabonds who inquiet the liege people.—Dublin, 1 August, 1564.
Seal. Parchment. 1 p. (215. 13.)
The Isabella.
1564, Aug. 10. "Este es treslado bien e fielmente sacado de una provança hha. en la çbdad de Gibraltar laqual esta firmada e signada de notario (?) publico segum por ella pare cia su thenor delaqual es el sige.
"En la muy noble e mas leal çbdad de Gibraltar a cinco dias del mes de Agosto año del nascimiento de nuestro salvador Jhu. Xpo. de mill e qui. c. e sesenta e quatro aos ante el muy magco. señor licenciado Bonyfas Corregidor e intendente (?) mayor en esta dha. çbdad por su Magt Real, e en pres. de my Juan Frutuoso, notario publico del numero desta dha. çbdad, pareçio presente Antonyo Cruz e Juan Gratin, mercaderes Yngleses estantes al presente en esta çbdad e presentaron un escripto de pedimyento con ciertas preguntas e un memorial del thenor siguyente."
The petition follows setting forth that when their ship the Ysabela was sequestered by the "intendente" (?) of this city in November last it contained the goods specified in this inventory and an inventory made before Barth. Rodriguez, notary public. The ship was then placed in charge of certain persons of this town under Alonso de la Fuente. Petitioners now make suit to recover it. Then follow the inventories and a detail of the proceedings.—Final date, 10 August, 1564.
Spanish. 25 pp. Endorsed: "Provance from Chilton." (139. 240.)
Richard Patrik to the Council.
1564, Oct. 16. Being a prisoner in the Fleet, petitions for release upon bond, that he may attend upon his office. Will be always forthcoming to answer complaints.
Endorsed: 16 October, 1564. ¾ p. (1794.)
Fellowship of Merchant Adventurers.
1564, Oct. 24. Petition of the Fellowship of Merchant Adventurers, "understanding by report and other apparent conjectures that the controversies lately sprung by the unkind dealings of the House of Burgundy be in some towardness to be ended and appeased." They pray for the continuance of the restraints here made for shipping of cloths and carseys for two months at the least after the agreement, adducing reasons for the grant of this petition.
Endorsed by Cecil: 24 October, 1564. (139. 285.)
— to Queen Elizabeth.
1564, Nov. 9. The prayer I urged in prose, I now repeat in verse—for elegy fits my argument. But think not if I play upon the pipe of verse, that my piping is all in play. My life and fortunes are at stake—oh! grant my prayer!— Mantuae Carpentariae, quinque Idus Novembris, 1564.
Draft. 1½ p. Latin. Endorsed: "Sent with my verses pro reditu." (202. 28.)
1564, Nov. 27. Exemplification dated 27 November, 1564, of documents in the Exchequer relating to Munster.
Includes: 30 October, 1564, articles between Sir Thomas Cusak and Earl Desmond, with regard to the latter's proceedings and possessions, and the government of his countries. 21 July, 1564, articles between Sir Thomas Cusak and other Commissioners, and Gerrot Desmond and others, with regard to the government of Munster. List of fines assessed by the Commissioners upon certain inhabitants of Cork county, for trespasses, hurts and injuries in the absence of the Earl of Desmond.
Endorsed by Cecil. 5 sheets of parchment. (215. 14.)
England and Spain.
1564, Nov. 30. Agreement for the meeting at Bruges of English and Spanish Commissioners, for the settlement of commercial questions.—30 November, 1564.
Latin. 2 pp. (247. 193.)
The Savoy, London.
1564, Nov. 30. Finding of the jury as to the encroachment of Mr. Secretary Cecil's house upon the highway, in Savoy, Duchy of Lancaster. November 30, 7 Eliz.
1 p. (2200.)
The Grand Turk to the Emperor Maximilian.
1564, Dec. 16. "Coppie d'unes lettres de deffiance envoyees a Maximilian Empereur des Romains, par Solyman le grant Turc, translaté d'Allemant en Françoys, le 16 Decembre, 1564.
Printed "a Bourdeaulx chez la vefve de Morpain. Prins sur la copie imprimée à Lyon Par Francoys Jaquy, 1565."
8 pp. (223. 17.)
Intercourse with the Low Countries.
1564, Dec. 29. Proclamation by the Regent of Flanders for opening intercourse with the Low Countries.—Brussels, 29 December, 1564.
French. Endorsed by Cecil. 1½ p. (247. 218.)
John Hales.
1564. Declaration against John Hales for contradicting the Archbishop of Canterbury's sentence against the Earl of Hertford's causes for his wife.
Latin. 5 pp. (142. 25.)
Indictment of John Hales.
[1564.] Presentment by jury of Middlesex that John Hales on the 12 January, 1563–4, at Westminster, presumptuously and contemptuously did debate with divers persons concerning the right, title, limitation and succession of the Imperial crown of England, and did, without licence, distribute copies of a pamphlet on this subject.
Draft. Latin. 3 pp. (209. 9.)
Merchants of Antwerp and Flushing.
1564. Complaints by Antwerp and Flushing merchants of spoliations by Englishmen.—1564.
pp. (247. 172.)
[? 1564.] The tolls taken at Billingsgate and "Rome Land" as well of Englishmen as strangers for groundage.—Undated.
½ p. (247. 187.)
The Earl of Leicester's Annuity.
[Eliz. After 1564.] Grant by the Queen to Robert Dudley, knight of the Garter, and Master of the Horse, of an annuity of 1,000l. to be paid out of the customs of the city of London to him and his heirs for ever.—Undated.
Parchment. Latin. 1 p. (185. 119.)
The Conference at Bruges.
1564–5, March 10. Mandate to Viscount Montagu, Nicolas Wotton and Walter Haddon to treat with the Spanish Commissioners at Bruges.—Westminster, 10 March, 1564.
Draft with corrections by Cecil. Latin. 2¼ pp. (247. 188.)
The Commissioners for Flanders.
1564–5, March 11. Schedule of writings delivered to Viscount Montague, principal Commissioner, and his colleagues sent into Flanders.—11 March, 1564.
Signed: Anthony Mountague; Walter Haddon. Endorsed by Cecil. 2 pp. (247. 162.)
The Conference at Bruges.
[1564–5, March.] Memorial of matters to be treated at the colloquy to be held at Bruges between the Queen's Commissioners, Viscount Montague, Mr. D. Wotton and Mr. Haddon, on the one part, and the Commissioners of the King of Spain on the other.—1564.
Principally in Cecil's hand. 14 pp. (247. 164.)
[? 1564–5, March.] Treaty of commerce respecting Antwerp.—Undated.
Latin. 7½ pp. (247. 178.)