Cecil Papers: May 1597

Pages 14-15

Calendar of the Cecil Papers in Hatfield House: Volume 14, Addenda. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1923.

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May 1597

Sir Henry Woodhouse.
[1597, Bef. May.] The services done to the Queen by Sir Henry Woodhouse, with his losses.
Discovery of the treasons practised by Throckmorton, Brooke, Redman, and others in Norfolk, in 14 Eliz. Apprehension of agents employed by the Duke of Alva to send over 1,000 English mariners to him, in 16 Eliz. Provision of ships and soldiers in 17 Eliz. In 1588 was appointed Governor of Yarmouth, where he continued from the beginning of May till the end of August, with the charge of 900 men, and in all that time lay in the field between Yarmouth and Winterton and in Yarmouth. Services in the victualling of Newhaven.—Undated.
Note by Burghley. "These services are to be considered, but your debt is for ready money, being £1057, that hath been due these 2 years may not be further delayed."
½ p. (1476.)
— Meverell.
[1597, May 3.] Draft of the proviso clause of grant, relative to jointure, &c., to be made out of "the said manors and other the premises" to the wife and children of "the said" — Meverell, if he shall hereafter marry with the consent of the Lord Chamberlain, Lord Keeper, Lord Treasurer, and Master of the Court of Wards.
Endorsed: "Mr. Solicitor's opinion." 1 p. (48. 42.)
[1592.] Act by the Queen ordaining that white woollen cloth called vesses, razes, pack clothes, sailing clothes or sorting clothes made in Somersetshire, Wiltshire, Gloucestershire and Oxfordshire, or elsewhere of the like make, sold for £6 or under, and every coloured cloth sold for £5 or under, may be conveyed and sold beyond seas, unbarbed, unrowed, not first coursed, nor shorn.
Cf. Cal. of C.P. XIII., p. 475.
7 pp. (139. 300a to 306.)
The Merchants Trading to Russia to the Queen.
[1597, May 20.] They advised their agent resident at the Musko of the great price and scarcity of corn here, and he contracted with the Emperor for 3,000 quarters of wheat, rye and barley to be paid for in Spanish money or dollars. They pray for licence (fn. 1) to transport the value of a thousand pound weight of bullion, to pay for the said corn.—Undated.
½ p. (186. 136.)
Sir Thomas Cecil to Sir Robert Cecil.
[1597?], May 28. The bond you write for is at Wimbledon, whither I go this evening, and to-morrow will send it to the court by a man of my own. This present Saturday.
¼ p. (177. 24.)
William Powell to Lord Burghley.
[1597? May?]. For a commission for the finding of certain concealed lands.—Undated.
½ p. (755.)


  • 1. The Licence was granted 20th May, 1597. C.P. vii, 206.