Cecil Papers: June 1597

Pages 15-17

Calendar of the Cecil Papers in Hatfield House: Volume 14, Addenda. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1923.

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June 1597

The Duc de Bouillon to the Earl of Essex.
1597, June 1/11. Je vous ay escript depuis mon arrivé en ces pais, et fesant responce a une depesche que j'ay receue de Monsr. de la Fontaine je l'ay voulue acompaigner de cellecy, ou je vous confirmeray l'affection et le service que je vous ay si solempnellement jures, desirant que vous croyes ces qualites si assurees en mon ame, qu'elles n'en puissent estre arrachees par subject quelconques, puis qu'elles y sont nees de vostre vertu et par vos merites. Je me dispose de m'acheminer a Chasteleraut, affin de me trouver en l'assemblé generalle, quy y est convoyquee. En laquelle se doibuent aussi trouver tous les principaux de la religion, pour prendre une derniere resolution en nos affaires, et ou j'espere fere et avancer ce que je vous ay autrefoys dict. Souvenes vous en je vous supplie et tous les propos que nous avons eus ensemble. Et croyes de ma part je seray constant jusques a la mort mes choses, voulant esperer le semblable de vous; de quy je loue infiniment les sanites, resolutions es occurrances presentes, a l'execution desquelles j'espere que dieu vous benyra. Elles sont dignes d'ung grand courage, comme le vostre, mais comme elles partent d'une grande generosite qu'elles soient aussi executees d'avec la mesmes verdur (sic). L'utillité, quy en reussira, ne peult estre que grande a tous les deux estats, et peult servir d'ung grand apuy a nous de la religion. J'escris plus particullierement a Monsr. de la Fontaine sur ce subject, et le prie de vous communiquer ma letre ensemble celle que j'escris a vostre souveraine, a la quelle j'ause dire mes advis la dessus, mais c'est les jecter devant Mynerve. La creance que j'ay qu'elles les aura agreables, me faict user de ceste liberte.—A Turenne le 11e Juin, 1597.
Signature. 1½ p. (135. 209.)
Elizabeth Hampden, widow of William Hampden, to Sir Robert Cecil.
[1597, Before June 3.] She prays for the wardship of her child. She authorised one William Hampden, her husband's kinsman, to proceed for her in the matter; but is now informed he goes about to procure it for his own use.—Undated.
½ p. (186. 61.)
Dudley Norton to Sir Robert Cecil.
1597, June 7. Hopes Sir William Brooke has satisfied Cecil of the unjust course held against him by Jonas Bodenham. Understands Cecil has freed Bodenham from the pursuivant, and that he prepares to go to sea. Begs either that Bodenham shall put in securities to answer him at the Council table, or that the cause be referred to some indifferent men.—The Fleet, 7 June, 1597.
Holograph. 1 p. (41. 51.)
William Spicer (fn. 1) to Lord Burghley.
[1597, Before June 13.] For the office of Comptroller of her Majesty's Works.—Undated.
½ p. (1356.)
William Stallenge to Sir Robert Cecil.
[1597, June 21.] Captain Croft should have written herewith, but in his absence I do so. He hath had some dealings with the Flemings, but I cannot yet say what.
Holograph. ½ p. (52. 36.)
Susan Countess of Kent to the Queen.
[1597, June.] In consideration of £600 owing for the service of her late husband Sir John Wingfeild in the low Country wars, as appears by attestation of Sir Thomas Sherly, and of his service in the late voyage into Spain where he lost his life, she prays for grant of a lease value £100 a year. (fn. 2)Undated.
1 p. (186. 85.)
R. Hayes to Sir Robert Cecil.
[1597, June.] Craves pardon for moving Cecil in a suit with which he perceives Cecil was not well pleased. Prays for appointment to some place where he may serve Cecil.— Undated.
Holograph. 1 p. (90. 96.)
Sir Jar. Harvye to Lady Warwick.
[1597, June ?] Since by the death of Sir John Alderych this occasion presents itself for my further advancement, I entreat you, as he by the means of his friends made to her Majesty succeeded Sir Thomas Baskavyle in this regiment, which is now void of a Colonel by his death, that it will please her Majesty to be as gracious to me. Pardon me if I importune you to move her Majesty on my behalf, for from her these great advancements come, and without the means of such honourable personages as yourself our own deserts will carry nothing.— Undated.
Endorsed: Sir. Jar. Harvie.
2 pp. (130. 133.)


  • 1. Made Surveyor of Works 13 July, 1597. (S.P. Dom. Cal: 1595–7 p. 439.)
  • 2. Grant of an annuity of £100 to her and her son 9 July, 1597. (S.P. Dom. Eliz. under date.)