Cecil Papers: June 1601

Pages 178-180

Calendar of the Cecil Papers in Hatfield House: Volume 14, Addenda. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1923.

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June 1601

Alderman Robert Lee to [Sir Robert Cecil.]
[1601, before June 16.] Suit has been made for the custody of his brother Rowland Lee, a supposed lunatic. Denies the lunacy, and submits names of indifferent persons of whom inquiry may be made into the matter.—Undated.
1 p. (1221.)
[See Part xi., p. 242.]
Sir Rychard Molyneux to Sir Robert Cecil.
[1601], June 17. It is reported that Cecil has delivered up his office of the Chancellorship of the Duchy, which he is sorry to hear, as it is the place wherein he would most chiefly have required Cecil's favour. Prays that he may still assure himself of Cecil's patronage and friendship; and that he may recommend to him the estate of this county, for their good and relief, as occasion requires.—Sefton, 17 June.
1 p. (186. 104.)
M[artin Heton], bishop of Ely, to Sir Robert Cecil.
1601, June 21. Desiring to prefer Mr. Gibbins, that is towards me, and a Bachelor of Divinity, to be a Prebendary in the Cathedral Church of Westminster, and understanding that you have taken especial care of that church, I have thought it fit not to commend this suit to her Majesty without first craving your approbation. May it please you to grace our suit with the underwriting of your name to our bill.—London, 21 June, 1601.
½ p. (192. 95.)
Camillo Camrdoini to Sir Robert Cecil.
1601, June 22/July 2. Cannot lose the occasion of Signor Aureliano Townshend's lodging in his house to write to Cecil to pay his respects and offer his services. Geneva, 2 July, 1601.
Holograph. Italian. 1 p. (86. 135.)
Sir Charles Danvers.
[1601, June or later.] Note of manors lands and tenements late in the possession of Sir Charles Danvers, attainted of high treason.
Endorsed:—Notes for the Earl of Oxford.
Undated. 1 p. (206. 63.)
[Cp. Calendar S.P. Dom. 1601–1603, p. 56.]
Petition of Robert Barker, Queen's Printer, to [the Council. (fn. 1) ]
[1601, June.] Her Majesty granted him the privilege of her Highness' Printer of the Bible and Testament in the English tongue. As one Andrew Harte, a Scot, and John Norton, an Englishman and stationer of London, have practised to impugn her Majesty's privilege by imprinting the Holy Bible in the English tongue at Dort beyond the seas:—
1. To her Majesty's dishonour, for Holy Scripture were ever of special notice, lest any imposture or alteration might creep in, by thus publishing from out impure hands, from so obscure places and persons, so far remote from authority in matters of religion; the condition of printing even within the land having been hardly defended from attempt of Jesuits, Puritans, and other malcontents.
2. To the undoing of their Lordship's suppliant and about 30 servants, honest householders and ancient men, such as have spent their lives in this trade.
3. To the drawing over sea, into foreign and obscure parts, a number of English correctors, furniture, and printers of the basest and worst sort;
Prays they will by special warrant call before them the said Harte and John Norton, now, with some of the books so printed, come over sea.
Undated. 1 p. (185. 138.)


  • 1. On June 30, 1601, the Council made an order on this petition. See Acts of P.C. 1601–1604, p. 11.