Cecil Papers: April 1598

Pages 57-58

Calendar of the Cecil Papers in Hatfield House: Volume 14, Addenda. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1923.

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April 1598

Richard Hawkyns to the Earl of Essex.
1598, April 1. From the Tercera and on divers occasions he has written to Essex, on whom depends his hope of restoration to liberty. Begs Essex to procure him some prisoner that may free him. It will be no great pay for his many years' service without recompense, as the Lord Admiral and the sea books can witness: which is the only blot that detains the King from signing his liberty. Refers to his father's, uncle's and his own services to Essex and his father, and begs Essex to advise his wife what course she should take for his best remedy. —From the Common Gaol in Syvyll, 1 April 1598.
Holograph. 1 p. (199. 56.)
Frances Anderton to the Earl of Cumberland, and in his absence, the Viscountess Montygue the "Douger" [? Dowager.]
[1598, 15 April ?] For his favour towards her poor brother, whose letter she encloses, which will satisfy Cumberland of his hard estate and earnest desire to be received into her Majesty's favour.
Alludes to Lady Montygue as her aunt.—Easter Eve.
Holograph. Endorsed:—1600. 1 p. (82. 93.)
The Duc de Bouillon to the Earl of Essex.
[1598, April 15/25.] Mon cher conte, La ou est l'utille la est l'honneste. Vous l'aprandres aiusy par le retour de Monsr. Cessille. Je respons pour vous que vous n'an croyes rien aussy ne scay Je la variete de vos prossedures et les longuemant de vos dessins a nos conseils et avis ont bien ayde a ce que nous voyons ou sommes par aparanse pres de voir vous vous traverses an vostre conseil et vostre royne an recoit du dommage et vos amis de I'inconveniant. Les afaires de l'ennemy commun n'aucmanteront de guyeres sy vous vous donnes loysir de l'experimanter et quoy que I'on vous puisse dire croyes que le cœur du Roy n'est point porte a l'aimer ny a se fier de luy. Ces petits desgouts nous viendront possible pour bien an nous fesant miens connoitre que nous ne fesons le besoing que nous avons les ungs des autres. Je ne veus pas a cest heure jecter les occasions que j'aurois de me douloir du peu de tesmoignage que vostre souverayne ma randu qu'elle m'estimast digne de quelque honneur prossedant de sa part. Je veus les choses bonnes par ce qu'elles le sont et vous aimer et honorer plus que ma vie. Vostre cousin vous dira de mes noles. Aimes le, il merite et il vous servira fidellemant, luy aiant resconnu l'ame la plus fidelle que j'aye veu de ma vie.
A Nantes ce 25e Apvril.
Endorsed:—"D. of Bouillon, recd. May '98 by Mr. Vernon.
Holograph. 1 p. (135. 216.)
[John Colville] to the [Earl of Essex.]
[1598, April.] This Spaniard Spinosa at their embarking seeing a many of your ships and of the Zeelanders lying before Calais in their way, took great fear and found fault that the rest was so hasty, as by his own letter written back to Bruges to his brother you shall see shortly; so it may be that he has taken some other ship away. Broun will make you certain thereof. If they hear before their embarking of the intercepting of their letters, it shall put them to some other resolution; alway now you are on your guard there, and except you permit them willingly their purpose is defeated for once, and if I may say it without ostentation, I believe the lifting of 500 armed men had not disappointed them so much. If this be well accepted, God willing, you shall see a better follow; Whose name be blessed for ever.—Undated.
Endorsed:—Mr. Collile.
1 p. (174. 72.)
East Witton, Yorks.
[1598, Before May.] Petition of Matthew Metcalfe of Banebrigg and Alexander Metcalfe of Countersyde, Yorks, to the Lord Treasurer, praying him to direct the Lord President and Council in the North to hear and determine the possession of the Mill of Est Wittone, Yorks, and the damages of the same, upon their bill against Raulph Atkinson. (fn. 1)Undated.
¾ p. (162.)
[Before May. 1598.] ii. Information preferred to lord Burghley by [—]. As to wastes committed by Ralph Atkinson and others in the lordship of East Wytton, Yorks.—Undated.
1 p. (2324.)
[Before May, 1598.] iii. Note of certain offices and tenements in the lordship of East Witton, Yorks.—Undated.
Endorsed:—Mr. Archibald Douglas against Atkinson.
½ p. (2232.)


  • 1. Exch. Special Commissions, No. 2657, is a commission dated May, 1598, to inquire into the misdoings of Ralph Atkinson at East Witton.