Cecil Papers: 1645

Pages 384-385

Calendar of the Cecil Papers in Hatfield House: Volume 22, 1612-1668. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1971.

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Brigstock Park.
1644–45. Five papers dealing with the affairs of Brigstock Park, of which one is a survey of the park lands, etc. It states inter alia:
"That Mr Jackson stirred up my Lords tennants to petition an abatement of rents, in regard that hee had the greatest part of the parks in his owne hands.
Whereas Mr Jackson is respited 20l for ye parsonage wee find that hee letts as much to the towne as come to 801 p ann, besides the parsonage tithes of Liveden, my Lord Mountagues closes worth 401 p ann.
Mr Jackson will not lett anie man joyst a cowe in the parke but they must make their composition with the vicar for tithe mile.
About the parsonage house there is neither barne nor stable nor any outhouse.
The ould parsonage is quite decayed.
The stock in my Lords grounds hath not been molested nor have the tennants suffred any losse since these troubles; onely Nicholas Jackson had some stock taken awaie lately about ye tyme Leicester was lost in June last, but his neighbours say his losse was not above 201 at most, he having his cattle againe for a small some of money.
Mr Jackson makes great improvement of the grounds as now they stand, sold lately 1000 sheep for neere 10001.
Ffor the taxes we find that Brigstock is taxed att 4:16:8 p. weeke,—18s 9d per weeke to Rockingham, 3:9:9 p. month to Sir Thomas Ffarfx, 4:16:0 p. month to the Scotts, 10s 4d p. weeke for Ireland. The towne paid for 8 dragoons 431 that was a recruite for Sir William Wallers army.
The towne paid 81 for provision for Sir Thomas Ffarfax army when they quartered att Harborowe.
The towne paid 31 for bedding for Rockingham, and another small charge for sicke soldiers.
Upon examination we find the parks are to paie one halfe of the said taxes and the towne the other."
The whole tax for 1645 on the Earl of Salisbury's lands came to £215:9:0.
2 pp. (Accounts 41/9d.)
[1645, April 14]. Bill for books.
June 6 Citty petition 0 0 1
June 14 Perfect Occurrences 0 0 1
July 14 Sr Thomas Fairfax 3 letters 0 0 1
July 15 Of the Kings letters bound 0 1 0
July 21 Diurnal 0 0 1
July 28 Mr Peters relation 0 0 1
August 13 Apologie for Britanicus 0 0 1
Aulicus Hue and Cry 0 0 1
August 19 Sir Thomas Fairfax letters 0 0 1
Britanicus 0 0 1
September 1 Diurnal 0 0 1
Britanicus 0 0 1
Letter from Huntingdon 0 0 1
September 15 Diurnal 0 0 1
Britanicus 0 0 1
At bottom: Receipt signed by Hugh Perry and dated 14 April, 1645.
Endorsed: "Pirryes bill." 2 pp. (Bills 254/4.)
1645, June 24 to 1646, June 23. Three accounts:
(1) "Money disbursed for his Lpps use from the 24th June, 1645 till the xxiiith June, 1646." Inter alia:
"Paid for three loades of strawe with the cariage to the mannor house to stop the windowes which were broken and spoyld by the souldiers: and for puttinge in wooden barres and stoppinge the windowes with the strawe, and makinge cleane the house after the souldiers quarteringe there in [? October] 1645, Lieutenant Generall Cromwell quarteringe about Cranborne with his armye of about 3000 souldiers att that tyme, lis.
Paid for two loades of woode with the cariage and workemanship for hedging up the East garden where the pales were taken awaye by the Kings and Gorings souldiers and burnt up, xiis.
Paid to the constable of Cranborne towards the charges of prest soldiers for the army under Sir Thomas Fairfax, xxis. Paid for my charges in ridinge to Weymouth to Mr Fussell to demand such writings and rolles as hee had of his Lpps in his custodye, which hee refusing to deliver, I attended the committee with his answer, xxs."
6 pp.
(2) Arrears at Cranborne. Inter alia:
"The arreres for the Castlehill and Burwood copices for the three last yeares come to 501 12s 2d. It is humbly desird that this maye bee discharged in consideration there was verie smale proffit made of the woodes in those tymes by reason of the poore sorte of people who carried what they pleased out of the wood; and manye who bought woode durst not come with theire carts to fetch it for feare of losinge theire horses by the souldiers, and for my selfe and my man who sould the wood wee durst not oppose them for feare of losinge our lives which they did threaten."
8 pp.
(3) A book of receipts for the year 1646.
Much torn and damaged. 11 pp. (Accounts 43/2.)
Quartering at Cranborne.
1645, July 1 to 1646, June 24. "A particular of monies disbursed for quarter and contribution from the first of July, 1645, till the 24th of June, 1646." Inter alia:
"On Wednesdaye the second of Julye, 1646, there came to Cranborne the Earle of Pembrookes sonne, Collonell Howard, Collonell Sheffeild, Captaine Phillip Cecill with other commanders to the number of fifteene with their followers; where they viewed the ruines of the mannor house and refresht themselves and their horses; they rode that night to Blandford, their charges came to xs. On Monday the xxth of October, 1645, there came to Cranborne Leutenant Generall Cromwell and his armye, himselfe with Coll. Pickeringe, Coll. Hamond with some other comanders were quartered with mee and their followers with xxtie horse besides the court of guard which had their supper and breakefast. The charges at that time (with the charges that the countrye men put mee to, that came in with their carriages, in eating up my corne and burninge up my hedges), besides the hurt done to my lord in burning up the gates at the mannor house and a little house in the orchard, came to v1 vis viiid."
Other commanders whose soldiers were accommodated at Cranborne were: Captain Woodward, Captain Master, Colonel Whalley, Captain Leighton, Lieutenant-General Cromwell's son, Colonel Rainsborough, Lieutenant-Colonel Bowen, Major Cooper, Lieutenant Tyre, Quartermaster Ashe, Colonel Riche, Captain Hall of Lord Fairfax's Life Guards.
Endorsed: "Disbursements for quarter and contribution from the first of July, 1645 till the 24th June, 1646. xxx1 ixs viiid." 3 pp. (Accounts 43/6.)
Henry Percy to the Earl of Salisbury.
[? 1645] October 28. "Your Lordship will know by your daughters (fn. 1) letter that she passed over her journie hither verie well. One passage since her comeing hither I must acquaint your Lordship with, which I thinke will be omitted in her letter. It is only that she made her selfe extreame sicke one day with eating to many peaches."—Penshurst, Oct. 28.
Holograph. Seal. 1 p. (200. 39.)
1645, December 1. "Ordered uppon the question by the Commons assembled in Parliament, That such monies as are or shalbee due to the state by the Earl of Pembrooke for or by reason of the wardshipp of the coheires of the Lord Viscount Bayning, or for any fine, rent or composition made for the same, bee discharged and acquitted in respect of extraordinary losses susteyned for adhering to the Parliament. And yt is referred to the former Committee to bring in an ordinance to this purpose.—Die Lune 1mo Decemb. 1645. Hen. Scobell, clic. Parliament. Vera Copia."
Copy. 1 p. (Legal 88/7.)


  • 1. Catherine, daughter of the Earl of Salisbury, married Philip Sidney, Lord Lisle, on 9 May, 1645.