Cecil Papers: 1652

Pages 426-428

Calendar of the Cecil Papers in Hatfield House: Volume 22, 1612-1668. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1971.

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1651, October 1 to 1652, September 29. Household expenses, etc. Inter alia:
October 15 Ffor expence of dyett for my Lord and his sonne going to and coming from Newmarkett at ye horse race. 5 13 0
For ribans to trimme the riders suit that rode ye race. 0 06 0
To the tailer for making his suit. 0 07 0
November 14 Ffor a booke called the Life of Sir Phillip Sidney for my Lord. 0 01 0
January 15 For a speaking bird by my Ladyes comand. 1 10 0
Ffor a cage for it. 0 08 0
January 31 To a man that brought a present of wyne from the Dutch Ambassador to my Lord. 0 05 0
March 18 Ffor a booke called the Life of Father Paul for my Lord. 0 01 0
44 pp. (Box M/1.)
1651–52, January 27. Bill for books and paper supplied to the Earl of Salisbury. In addition to the purchase of the Diurnall, Occurrences, Politicus and Books of News, it contains the following items:
Act for delinquents lands 0 1 0
Relation of Scotland 0 0 1
Act of Treason 0 0 2
Booke of Lillyes 0 1 8
Earl of Darbies speech 0 0 1
Booke of Col. Lilboure 0 0 6
At bottom: Receipt signed by Catterne Perry and dated 27 January 1651.
Endorsed: "The Booksellers bill paid 27 January 1651." 2½ pp. (Bills 254/14.)
[1651–52, January 27]. A duplicate, but in greater detail, of Bills 254/14 (see preceding item).
A bill for books supplied to Mr [Edward Cecil]:
For a Turkish history 0 15 0
Barclaies Argenes (fn. 1) 0 8 0
Poeticall dictionary 0 5 0
Argenes lattine 0 3 3
Cornelius Tascitus 0 1 6
At bottom: Receipt signed by Catterne Perry and dated 28 January, 1651.
Endorsed: "27th of January 1651. To Mis Perry for books on ye bill of debts." 1 p. (Bills 254/16.)
J. W. Fraiser to Mrs Eliza Fraiser.
1652, April 23. He has received her letter dated April 5, and confirms all she has done in securing the executors of the Earl of Pembroke in the matter of a bond. "I shall send you the masks and other things you desyred with Mr Villiers who is to part from Paris within feaue dayes. I feare Paris will be too hot for me to stey, the King of France being within 7 myles with an army of 12000 and the Prince of Condy with his of 13000 at the same distance, the Parisiens strongly divyded. I resolve, if you will approve of it, to goe to the Spa with two patients in Flanders, who invites me to that journey, having receaved much benefit by my counsel the last year. The tyme will be the begining of June, the place is cheape and pleasing, and I shall be out of the noyse and trouble of a warr which is lyk to be long and cruell in this kingdom. England is now the place of rest and quiet, and is lyk to be the arbiter of forraine troubles."—Paris, the 23 of Aprill, 1652.
Holograph. Fragment of seal. ¾ p. (General 72/41.)
[1652, May 20.] Acknowledgement of a debt of £1500 to Peter Warburton, a Justice of the Common Pleas, by Sidney Bere, and obligation to repay the sum of £1030 on November 24, 1652 in the dining hall of Serjeants Inn, in redemption of "one greate table dyamond set in a collett".—Undated.
At bottom: Receipt by Peter Warburton of the sum of £1030, dated 4th of December, 1652.
Endorsed: "20 May, 1652. My cos. Sidney Beres bond for 10301, 24 Nov. 1652. The diamond [? released] and 10301 paid 4 December 1652 to Mr Justice Warburton." 1 p. (Legal 94/2.)
[1652, May 20.] Agreement by Sidney Bere to sell to Peter Warburton the above mentioned diamond for £1000, upon condition that it may be redeemed for £1030 by November 24, 1652.—Undated.
Endorsed: "20 May, 1652. My cos. Sidney Beres grant of a diamond jewell by way of pawne." 1 p.
Richard Wright, linendraper, to the Earl of Salisbury, Sir Robert Pye and the rest of the Executors of the late Earl of Pembroke.
[1652, July 20.] For payment for linen cloth supplied for the Earl of Pembroke. Has lost all his estate by reason of these troubles, the late King being almost £2000 in debt to him.— Undated.
Note: 20 July, 1652.
1 p. (P. 1832.)
[1652]. "A bill of the charges in renewing the pictures for Salsbury house." This includes £4 for renewing 30 pictures unspecified, £1:5. for renewing and stopping of the picture of Adam and Eve, 7/– for doing the same to the portrait of Judge Bacon, and various other charges for cleaning and carriage of pictures.
Signed: Robert Dalton. Endorsed: "The picture drawers bill. 1652." ¾ p. (Bills 254/15.)


  • 1. In Bills 254/14 this is described as "Barcles Argenis with pictures".