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Calendar of the Cecil Papers in Hatfield House: Volume 22, 1612-1668. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1971.

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Earl Marshal. See Howard, Thomas.

Earle, Sir Richard. See Erle, Sir Richard.

Eastland Merchants. See Baltic Company.

Eastmarsh, Wheatacre, co. Norfolk, marsh called, 39.

Eastwick, co. Herts, money collected towards defence of King of Bohemia within parish of, 126.

Ebbis, Anna, wife of Anne of Denmark's minister, petition to King, 84.

Ecclesiastical Corporations, reference to grants to Elizabeth I by, 146.

Edenborrowe. See Edinburgh.

Edgecombe (Edgcombe), Sir Richard, of Edgcombe, co. Cornwall, 12.

Edgehill, co. Warwick, reference to battle of, 446.

Edinburgh (Edenborrowe), Scotland, King at, 47.
-, letters dated from, 48(2), 303.
-, Declaration against Episcopacy by General Assembly at, 304.
-, Scots fortify castle of, 335.
-, guarded by troops and batteries, 335.
-, Scottish demand regarding status of Mayor of, 366.

Edlitt, William, of Barnelms, co. Herts, work undertaken by him at Hatfield House, 5.

Edmondes, Sir Clement, Clerk of the Privy Council, 51, 60, 84, 85, 118, 146, 163.

Edmondes, Sir Thomas, Treasurer of the Household, 60, 84, 85, 118, 131, 141, 146, 163, 177, 193.
-, his opinion and verdict at examination of Lord Treasurer Suffolk, 112.
-, in favour of referring Yelverton to King's clemency, 132.
-, takes oath to marriage treaty with Spain, 185.
-, 197, 200(2), 213, 227, 228.

Edmondes (Edmonds), Thomas, a trooper under the command of Colonel Fleetwood, signs joint letter to Earl of Salisbury, 402.
-, gives particulars of capture of a highwayman, 402.

Edmonton, co. Middlesex, proposed sale of Earl of Salisbury's property at, 11.
-, right of common in Enfield Chase enjoyed by parish of, 411.

Edolph, Sir Robert, of Hinxhill, co. Kent, his estate valued at 1000, 14.

Edolph, Sir Thomas, of St. Radigund's alias Bradsole, Polton, co. Kent, his estate valued at 1000, 13.

Edward III, King of England, Royal free chapel of Windsor founded by, 7.
-, 15, 18.

Edward VI, King of England, mentioned, 7, 38.

Edwardes, George, of North Tuddenham, co. Norfolk, sued for debt, 78.

Edwards, Mr [? John], of Davington, co. Kent, his estate valued at 300, 14.

Edwards, Mr, 424.

Egemberg. See Eggenburg.

Egerton, John, 1st Earl of Bridgewater, 213.

Egerton, Sir Thomas, Baron Ellesmere, Lord Chancellor, his speech at installation of Montagu as Lord Chief Justice of King's Bench, 38.
-, petition to, 43 and n.
-, reference to his judgment on the Colville case dealing with naturalization of Scots, 350.

Eggenburg (Egemberg) [Austria], letter dated from, 121.

Eglinton, Earl of. See Seton, Alexander.

Elbe, River [Germany], closed to interrupt supply of naval stores to Spain, 217.

Elien, L. See Andrewes, Lancelot.

Eliot, Sir John, of Port Eliot near St. Germans, co. Cornwall, M.P. for St. Germans, his speech in support of Duke of Buckingham's impeachment, 211.

Elismore. See Egerton, Sir Thomas.

Elizabeth, Lady. See Elizabeth, Princess.

Elizabeth I, Queen of England, mentioned, 5, 6, 60, 95, 105, 107, 146, 261, 412.
-, Earl of Salisbury purchases a history of, 138.
-, her portrait at Salisbury House, 251.

Elizabeth, Princess, later Queen of Bohemia, daughter of James I, her marriage to Elector Palatine, 13 and n.
-, informed of her husband's election as King of Bohemia, 91.
-, requested to obtain assistance for Bohemia from James I, 91.
-, 117, 118(2), 155, 156.
-, expected in United Provinces, 147.
-, to settle in Arnhem, 147.

Elizabeth, Queen of Philip IV, King of Spain, Prince Charles meets, 172.
-, her gifts to Prince Charles, 172.
-, 174.

Ellis, Humphrey, of Ware, co. Herts, testifies to capture of a highwayman, 402.

Ellis (Eleis), Mo., Clerk to the Scottish Treaty Commissioners, 323.

Elmham, South, St. James in, co. Suffolk, 188.

Elphinstone, John, 2nd Lord Balmerino, appointed by King as Commissioner of Scottish Treasury, 369.

Elstree, co. Herts, money collected towards defence of King of Bohemia within parish of, 125.

Elvetham, co. Hants, letter dated from, 35.

Elwish, Sir Gervase. See Helwys, Sir Gervase.

Elwyse, Sir Gervase. See Helwys, Sir Gervase.

Ely, co. Cambridge, 289.

Ely, Bishop of. See Felton, Nicholas.

Ely House, Holborn, London, mentioned in tract called New Magna Charta, 408.

Emerson, Mr, of Barnet, co. Herts, conveys threat from Mompesson to Yelverton, 149.

Emperor, The. See Ferdinand II.

Enfield, manor of, co. Middlesex, 12, 432.
-, copyholders on, 411.

Enfield (Enfelde Park), co. Middlesex, 3, 152, 423, 424, 432.
-, project for employing poor of, 80, 81.
-, traditional and annual meeting at Postern plain of tenants of, 412.
-, rights and customs of freeholders and inhabitants of, 412, 413.
-, Earl of Salisbury charged with fishing at the old pond in, 430.

Enfield (Endefeild) Chase, co. Middlesex, hunting prohibited in, 5.
-, King orders revival of Court of Roundhedge in, 10.
-, 12, 206, 209.
-, damage done by unemployed poor to, 80.
-, deer to be taken out of, 83.
-, charges against, and defence of, Court of Roundhedge in, 139.
-, warrant issued by Fairfax for protection of deer in, 403.
-, presentation by jury of customs, etc., of, 411.
-, customary right of tenants of South Mimms manor and parish in, 421.

Engeham (Engham), Edward, of Ratling Court, Nonington, co. Kent, his estate valued at 1000, 13.

England, religious refugees in, 5.
-, King receives complaint from the nobility of, 7.
-, glass manufactured by Frenchmen in, 31.
-, money collected towards defence of King of Bohemia by clergy of, 129.
-, Prince Charles refers to liberty to be shortly given to Catholics in, 181.
-, lack of Spanish confidence and opposition of divines militating against royal marriage between Spain and, 181.
-, States General granted leave by King to raise volunteers in, 192.
-, alleged military preparations in Spain and Flanders arouse anxiety in, 212, 217.
-, Privy Council issues instructions in event of invasion of, 213.
-, suggested measures for defence of western and southern coasts of, 219, 220.
-, Low Countries and, 258.
-, fear of Scottish invasion of, 299, 301.
-, Scottish forces advance into, 319.
-, proposals for better conditions of trade between Ireland, Scotland and, 347.
-, described as "the place of rest and quiet", 427.

England (Inglond), Christopher, Rector of Helmingham, co. Norfolk, sues Muriell for non-payment of tithes, 153.

Epictetus, of Hierapolis, Stoic philosopher, purchase of his Enchiridon, 391.

Episcopacy, Declaration of Scottish General Assembly at Edinburgh against, 304.

Erle (Earle), Sir Richard, of Stragglethorpe, co. Lincs, mentioned in tract called New Magna Charta, 408.

Erle, Sir Walter, of Charborough, co. Dorset, LieutenantGeneral for the Ordnance, M.P. for Weymouth and Melcombe, munition, ordnance and military forces of Dorsetshire surveyed by, 353, 354.

Erskine, John, Lord Erskine, signs joint letter to English Peers at York, 322.

Erskine, Thomas, Lord Fentoun, Captain of the Yeomen of the Guard, later 1st Earl of Kellie, Earl of Salisbury seeks Captaincy of the Guard from, 43(3), 44, 45, 49, 53, 55, 56.
-, letter to Earl of Salisbury, 53.
-, 60, 84, 141, 146, 163, 213, 227, 228.
-, takes oath to marriage treaty with Spain, 185.

Erskine, Thomas, 2nd Earl of Kellie, signs joint letter to English Peers at York, 322.

Esam. See Evesham.

d'Eschaux, Bertrand, Archbishop of Tours, 283.

Essenden. See Essendine.

Essendine (Essenden), co. Rutland, petition to Earl of Salisbury from tenants at, 458, 459.

Essendon (Essenden), co. Herts, money collected towards defence of King of Bohemia within parish of, 127, 443.

Essex, reference to "the fat county" of, 219.
-, 220, 230.

Essex, Countess of. See Devereux, Frances.

Essex, Earl of. See Devereux, Robert.

Essex House, Strand, London, letter dated from, 85.
-, criticism of Cromwell's behaviour in, 398.

Eusebius, Pamphili, Bishop of Caesarea, English translation of his Ecclesiastical History bought for Arthur Capell, 265, 266.

Eustackius [? Asseline a Sancto Paulo], purchase of work by, 391.

Evans, George, Steward to the Earl of Salisbury, his accounts, 436, 450.

Evelyn, Mr. See Evelyn, John.

Evelyn, John, of London, manufacturer of gunpowder, 143.

Evesham (Esam), co. Worcester, King and his army at, 376(4), 377(5), 378.
-, King goes to Bath from, 377.
-, taken by Parliamentary forces, 378.
-, bailiff of Marston and Pebworth imprisoned at, 379.

Ewen, Margaret, a servant to Anne Turner, gives evidence at Franklin's trial, 27.

Excellency, His. See Nassau, Maurice, Count of.

Exchequer, The, 50, 57, 116, 227.
-, Lord Treasurer Suffolk charged with mishandling money in Receipt of, 95, 96 seqq.
-, Bingham's treatment of Tellers of, 97, 108.
-, suggestion in House of Commons that money be given directly to King of Bohemia and not through, 155.
-, Lord Treasurer Cranfield freezes annuities paid by, 159.
-, money disbursed by Hertfordshire on soldiers to be refunded by, 227, 301, 309.
-, Commissioners of, 373.

Exchequer, Chancellor of the. See Greville, Sir Fulke.

Exchequer, Court of the, 82.

Exeter (Exon, Exceter), co. Devon, 37, 46, 47(2), 407.

Exeter, Bishop of. See Carey, Valentine.

Exeter, Countess of. See Cecil, Frances.

Exeter, Earl of. See Cecil, Thomas.