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Calendar of the Cecil Papers in Hatfield House: Volume 23, Addenda, 1562-1605. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1973.

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Baas, co. Herts, manor of, 86.

Bacchus, Mr Sam. See Backhouse, Samuel.

Backhouse (Bacchus), Samuel, of Swallowfield, co. Berks, M.P. for New Windsor, member of House of Commons Committee, 135.

Bacon, Lady. See Bacon, Anne.

Bacon, Anne, widow of Lord Keeper Bacon (d. 1579), and mother of Sir Francis Bacon, letter to Earl of Essex, 86.

Bacon, (Sir) Francis, King's Counsel, M.P. for St. Albans, 95, 149.
-, his reports to House of Commons, 130, 133(2)
-, member of House of Commons Committees, 131, 135.

Bacon, (Sir) Nathaniel, of Stiffkey, co. Norfolk, M.P. for Norfolk, member of House of Commons Committees, 132, 135.

Bacon, , 87.

Bagnall, Sir Ralph, of Barlaston, co. Staffs, deceased, mentioned, 181.

Bagnall, Sir Samuel, of Narrowwater, Ireland, son of Sir Ralph Bagnall, petition to King, 181.

Baily, John, of Hoddesdon, co. Herts, and Chancery Lane, London, petition to Cecil, 184.

Baldham, co. Wilts, 170.

Bale, co. Norfolk, petition dated from, 204.

Ball, William, of Cambridge, petition to Privy Council, 7.

Ballybogan, West Meath, Ireland, 88.

Bamfield, Sir Amyas, of Poltimore, co. Devon, 217.

Bancroft, Richard, Archbishop of Canterbury, witnesses patent conferring title of Earl of Salisbury on Cecil, 222.

Banks, Thomas, of Hanslop, co. Bucks, 176.

Bannester, John, of Chester, deceased, mentioned, 161.

Barbiani, Vestrius, of the Papal Secretariat, 187.

Barborough. See Bourbourg.

Bare, co. Lancs, 90.

Barham Down, co. Kent, Cecil met by Kentish gentry at, 21.

Barker, Edward, of London, deceased, mentioned, 217.

Barnard, William, Mayor of Hull, signs petition to Cecil, 106.

Barnard, Mrs, 208.

Barnet, Chipping, co. Herts, 100.

Barnet, East, co. Herts, 100.

Barnevelt, Monsieur. See Oldenbarneveldt.

Barrington, Sir Francis, of Barrington Hall, co. Essex, M.P. for Essex, member of House of Commons Committees, 132, 139.

Barton, co. Lancs, 117.

Barton, Thomas, of Barton, co. Lancs, deceased, mentioned, 116.
-, wardship of his heir, 117.

Baschurch, Shropshire, 155.

Basill (Basyll), Simon, Surveyor of the King's Works, his petition, 187.

Basing, co. Hants, 168.

Baskerville, Mr. See Baskerville, John.

Baskerville, John, of Eardisley, co. Hereford, wardship of his heir, 96 and n.

Bassenthwaite, co. Cumberland, 90.

Bassett, Lady. See Bassett, Elizabeth.

Bassett, Elizabeth, Lady, wife of Sir Robert Bassett, 127.

Bassett, Sir Robert, of Heanton Punchardon, co. Devon, 122, 127.

Basyll, Simon. See Basill, Simon.

Bates (alias Breether), William, subdeacon of Wells, and member of the English College at Douai, his ordination authorized by Pope, 187.

Bath, co. Somerset, 112.

Batten, Henry, in the service of the Earl of Devon, petition to Cecil, 166.

Bayn or Baynes, Paul, Puritan divine, petitions to Cecil, 205(2).

Baynham. See Baynham, William.

Baynham, William [? Surveyor of the Crown's lands in Kent and Sussex], his dispute with Ashley, 8.

Bayning, Paul, merchant, late Alderman of London, petition to Privy Council, 120.

Beadlam, co. Yorks, 99.

Beale, Mr [? Robert Beale, of Barnes, co. Surrey, diplomatist and antiquary], attempts to reconcile Earl and Countess of Cumberland, 111.

Beaufort, Duchess of. See d'Estres, Gabrielle.

Beaulieu (Bewlgen), Jean, secretary to Sir Thomas Parry, contents of his letter to Anglois, 33.

Beaumont, Christophe de Harlay, Comte de, French Ambassador to England, 127, 188(2), 209.

Beaumont, Sir Henry, of Cole Orton, co. Leicester, M.P. for Plympton, member of House of Commons Committee, 135.

Beaumont, Sir Thomas, of Staunton, co. Leicester, M.P. for Tamworth, member of House of Commons Committee, 135.

Bedfordshire, estreats in, 186.

Beeston, Sir Hugh, of Beeston, Cheshire, M.P. for Shoreham, member of House of Commons Committee, 135.

Beeston (Bestonn), Mr. 105.

Beeston, Mr, accompanies Cecil to France, 22.

Belassis, Charles, Fellow of Jesus College, Cambridge, his opinion of statute concerning Mastership of Clare Hall, 84.

Belisle, Madame. See Bellisle.

Bellegarde, Roger de St. Lary, Duc de, Grand Ecuyer de France, Governor of Burgundy, known as Monsieur Le Grand, 41, 57.
-, brings English envoys to Henry IV, 57, 67.

Bellivre, Pomponne de, Chancellor of France, 37, 60.
-, attends conference with English envoys, 48.
-, his speech at the conference, 49.
-, called "bon homme" by Henry IV, 52.

Bellisle (Belisle), Antoinette d'Orleans de Longueville, Marquise de, widow of Charles de Gondy, Marquis de, 40.

Bellott, John, Feodary of Denbighshire, petition to Cecil, 104 and n.

Bennett, Thomas, Bailiff of Spalding and Paulets in Godnow, co. Lincoln, petition to Cecil, 127.

Bergen, Sebastian a, representative of the Senate of Hamburg in London, request on behalf of, 6.

Berkeley, (Sir) Maurice, of Bruton, co. Somerset, later M.P. for Minehead, accompanies Cecil to France, 22.
-, member of House of Commons Committees, 131, 135.

Bermondsey, London, plans of lands in, 8, 94.

Berry (Berye), Martin, Fellow of Trinity Hall, Cambridge, his opinion of statute concerning Mastership of Clare Hall, 84.

Bertie, Peregrine, 13th Lord Willoughby of Eresby, Governor of Berwick (d. 1601), letter from Cecil to, 85.
-, mentioned, 114, 212.

Bertie, Robert, 14th Lord Willoughby of Eresby, reference to his minority, 144.

Berwick (Barwyck), co. Northumberland, 124 and n, 153, 169, 212(2), 213, 214.
-, Governor of. See Bertie, Peregrine.
-, Deputy-Governor of. See Skinner, John.
-, Comptroller of garrison at. See Crane, John.

Berwys, John, of Dryholme, co. Cumberland, petition to Cecil, 213.

Berye, Martin. See Berry, Martin.

Beswick, William, of Spelmonden, Horsemonden, co. Kent, his suits against Mary Moore, 191.

Bethel, Zachary, in the service of the King, petition to King, 190.

Bewlgen. See Beaulieu, Jean.

Bicliffe, Thomas, of co. Yorks, deceased, mentioned, 222.

Bigge or Bigges, Sir Thomas, of Lenchwich, co. Worcester, 206.
-, letter to Cecil, 207.

Biggleswade, co. Beds, bailiwick of, 167.

Billing, Edward, former Keeper of Brigstock Parks, co. Northants, petition to Cecil, 170.

Billingsley, Sir Henry, Alderman and M.P. for London, member of House of Commons Committee, 135.
-, petition to Cecil, 169.

Billingsley, Dame Mary, wife of Sir Henry Billingsley and daughter of Sir John Killigrew, petition to Cecil, 169.

Binley, co. Warwick, 160.

Bird, Richard [? of Wheatenhurst, co. Gloucester], complaints against, 177, 218.

Biron (Byron), Charles de Gontaut, Duc de, Marshal of France, conversation between Edmondes and, 23, 26.
-, 26, 93.
-, visits Cecil at Orleans, 35.

Birone, , Wilson sent the writings of, 96.

Bishop Wilton, co. Yorks, manor of, 108.

Bisley, co. Gloucester, custom of manor of, 160, 177.
-, 165, 217.
-, petitions from tenants at, 177, 218, 221.
-, Stewards of. See Neale, Mr; Danvers, Henry; Rastall, John.

Bisphame, William, of London, grocer, his petition, 120.

Black Lion, The, inn, Hoddesdon, co. Herts, 86.

Blackwater, River, co. Tyrone, Ireland, reference to Lord Burgh's passage of (1597), 92.

Blackwell, Joan, of Bushey, co. Herts, widow of Robert Blackwell or Blackwall, petition to Cecil, 185.

Blaise, Jacques, Bishop of St. Omer, 187.

Blavet (Blavett) [Morbihan, France], Spanish offer to destroy fort at, 23.
-, 29, 68.
-, Henry IV expected to go to, 56.
-, French troops advance towards, 56.

Blencowe, Anthony, Provost of Oriel College, Oxford, signs testimonial to Lister, 191.

Bligh, Neville, of St. Thomas, Launceston, co. Cornwall, (d. 1603), particulars of his estate, 114.

Blois (Bloys) [Loir-et-Cher, France], English embassy at, 35.
-, Governor of. See Montigny.

Bloomfield, Bennet, a messenger of the King's Chamber, Middaie committed to custody of, 212.

Blount, Sir Charles, later Baron Mountjoy, Lord Deputy of Ireland and Earl of Devonshire, accompanies Cecil to France, 22.
-, letter to, 78.
-, 83, 87, 92, 122, 166, 182, 195, 200.
-, letter to Earl of Southampton, 89.

Blunden, Mr, 81.

Bodley, Mr, 204.

Boisdauphin, Urbain de Laval, Seigneur de, Marshal of France, 37.

Boissise, Jean de Thumery, Seigneur de, sent by Henry IV to England, 188.

Bold, Thomas, of Bold, co. Lancs, Deputy-Escheator of Lancashire, commission directed to, 116.
-, signs petition to Cecil, 116.

Bolingbroke (Bullingbroke), co. Lincs, 190.

Bolton, co. Herts, 100.

Bolton, co. Lancs, 90.

Bolton, Little, co. Lancs, 10.

Bolton, Richard, of Little Bolton, co. Lancs, 10.

Bonamy, John, of Guernsey, merchant, petition to Cecil, 194.

Books, list of Latin, 101.
-, theological, 103(4).

Borlase (Burlacy), Sir William, of Bockmer, co. Bucks, M.P. for Aylesbury, member of House of Commons Committee, 135.
-, complaints against, 219, 220.

Borrer, Juan. See Bourrell, John.

Bottisham, co. Cambridge, 159.

Bouillon (Bulloigne, Bouyllon, Bulloine), Henri de la Tour d'Auvergne, Duc de, Marshal of France, 19, 49, 52, 53(2), 72.
-, Queen writes to, 20.
-, brings English envoys to Henry IV, 36, 37.
-, his friendship with d'Epernon, 46.
-, attends conference with English envoys, 48.
-, confers with Cecil, 53, 62, 67.
-, his advice to English envoys, 62.
-, presents Cecil with portrait of Henry IV, 73.

Bouillon, Elizabeth of Nassau, Duchesse de, wife of Henri de la Tour d'Auvergne, Duc de Bouillon, Cecil pays courtesy call on, 62n.

Boulogne (Bulloine, Bulloigne) [Pas-de-Calais, France], fears of Spanish assault against, 30.
-, conditions at, 31.
-, Governor of. See Compaigno.

Bourbon, House of, Henry IV's ambition to promote ascendancy of, 93.

Bourbon, Charles de, Archbishop of Rouen, English envoys accommodated in Pontoise at the house of, 28.

Bourbourg (Burborough, Barborough) [Nord, France], reference to peace negotiations at, 12, 14, 15.

Bourke, Sir Thomas, commander of foot company in Ireland, petition to King, 114.

Bourne, William, petition to Cecil, 219.

Bourrell, John, alias Juan Borrer, alias Diego Parcar, English merchant, involved in legal proceedings in Madrid, 76.

Bouyllon, Monsieur. See Bouillon.

Bowes, Sir Jerome, of London, M.P. for Reading, member of House of Commons Committees, 131, 135.
-, dispute between Verseline and, 179.

Bowes, (Sir) Robert, English Ambassador to Scotland, (d. 1597), mentioned, 124.

Bowes, Sir William, of Bradley Hall, co. Durham, petition to Cecil, 95.

Bowssar, John, brother-in-law to Sir John Swinnerton, petition to Privy Council, 207.

Bowyer, Sir Edmund, of Camberwell, co. Surrey, M.P. for Surrey, member of House of Commons Committees, 132, 135.

Bowyer, Sir John, of Sydway Lane, co. Staffs, former M.P. for Newcastle-under-Lyme, death of, 204.

Bowyer, John, in the service of Sir Robert Cecil, petition to Cecil, 87.

Bowyer, Sir William, of the garrison at Berwick, petition to King, 122.

Bowyer, William, son of Sir John Bowyer, his wardship, 204.

Boxley, co. Kent, manor of, 8.

Boyle, Sir Richard, of Youghal, co. Cork, Ireland, 123.

Boysdolphin, Marshall de. See Boisdauphin.

Boyse, William, Fellow of Clare Hall, Cambridge, candidate for the Mastership of Clare Hall, 84.

Brabazon, Anthony, of Esker, Offally, King's County, Ireland, deceased, mentioned, 114.

Brackenborough, co. Lincoln, 113.

Brackenbury, Anthony, of Holme, co. Notts, 186.

Brackenbury, Francis, of Sellaby, co. Durham, petition to Cecil, 186.

Brackenbury, Richard, of co. Durham (d. 1601), uncle of Francis Brackenbury, mentioned, 186.

Brackley, co. Northants, 90.

Bradley, Cheshire, 90.

Bradshaw, Anne, widow of William Bradshaw, 89.

Bradshaw, William, of Derby, deceased, mentioned, 89.

Bradworthy, co. Devon, 90.

Bramfield, co. Herts, 100.

Bramston, Thomas, a seminary priest, petition to Cecil, 112.

Brandon, Vincent, of North Mimms, co. Herts, punished for fathering illegitimate child, 3.

Brasbone, John, public notary, witnesses statement concerning Clare Hall, 84.

Braybrook, James [? of the Inner Temple, London], recusant, 123.

Breasda, See Breasdafor.

Breasdafor or Brasdefer, , a physician in Rouen, to attend on Wilkes in his illness, 27.

Brecknock, Brecknockshire, Honour of, 76.

Brecknockshire, soldiers for Irish service from, 78.

Breisach (Brisack) [Alsace, France), 33.

Brereton, , secretary to Lord Cecil, 118.

Bresse [Ain, France], to remain to Henry IV in exchange for Saluzzo, 23.

Brest [Finistre, France], 188.
-, Governor of. See Sourdeac.

Bretby, co. Lancs [? co. Derby], 90.

Bridewell, prison, London, 77.

Bridges, to be prepared for King, 332.

Bridgewaters, cloth called, 220.

Brigstock, co. Northants, maps of Great and Little Parks at, 97(2).
-, further reference to Great and Little Parks at, 106, 107, 170.
-, 112.
-, disturbances at, 106, 107.
-, Keepers of. See Billing, Edward; Goodall, George.

Brisack. See Breisach.

Briskett, Michael, of Gray's Inn, London, memorandum on behalf of, 170.

Bristowe, Bishop of. See Thornborough, John.

Brittaigne. See Brittany.

Brittany (Brittaigne), claim of Infanta of Spain to, 15.
-, occupied by Spanish forces, 21.
-, French King's presence needed in, 21, 25.
-, news from, 23, 24, 41.
-, preparations at Quillebeuf for campaign in, 24, 26.
-, Cecil refers to state of affairs in, 29.
-, 36(2), 37, 42, 60, 61, 68, 188, 189.
-, Lieutenant-General of. See Sourdeac.

Brockett, William, Clerk of the Peace for Hertfordshire, 3.

Bromley, Sir Henry, of Holt Castle, co. Worcester, M.P. for Worcester, member of House of Commons Committee, 135.

Bromley, Mr, 81.

Brooke, George, of Cowling, co. Kent, conspirator (executed 1603), brother of Henry Brooke, 11th Lord Cobham, reference to his treason, 120(2) and n.

Brooke, Henry, 11th Lord Cobham, accompanies Cecil to Dover, 21.
-, returns to Court, 22.
-, Cecil writes to, 36.
-, 81, 105.
-, letter to Ashton, 111 and n.
-, reference to his conspiracy, 120.
-, petitions to Cecil, 199, 200.

Brooke, William, 10th Lord Cobham, note of his debts, 100.

Brooke, Sir William, brother of Henry Brooke, 11th Lord Cobham, (d. 1597), his alleged murder by Lucas, 111.

Broughton, Mr. [? Richard Broughton, lawyer, later member of the Council of Welsh Marches], 81.

Brouncker, Sir Henry, Lord President of Munster, 215.

Browne, John, of Burleigh, co. Northants, petition to Cecil, 116.

Browne, John, executor of John Freston, petition to Cecil, 186.

Browne, Sir Nicholas, 197.

Browne, Peter, a courier, brings letter from Edmondes, 23.
-, arrives at Angers from England, 36.

Browne, Philip, Provost-Marshal of Lough Foyle, petition to Cecil, 169.

Browne, Philippa, of Carlby, co. Lincoln, petition to Cecil, 158.

Browne, Thomas, son-in-law to Philippa Browne, complaint against, 158.

Bruce, Edward, Lord Kinloss, Master of the Rolls, 113, 189, 194.

Bruges (Burges) [Belgium], to contribute towards discharge of debts to England, 17.

Brushe, , in the service of Mr Neale, 160.

Brussels [Belgium], 16, 17.
-, to contribute towards discharge of debts to England, 17.
-, reference to action of Spanish King's Council of State at, 17.
-, petition from people resident in, 113.

Brymston, Nicholas, Bailiff of Spalding and Paulets in Godnow, co. Lincoln, petition to Cecil, 127.

Buckeridge, Mr. See Buckeridge, John.

Buckeridge, John, Dean of Northampton, 201.

Buckhurst, Lord. See Sackville, Robert.

Buckinghamshire, auditors of, 176.

Buckland Tout Saints, co. Devon, petition dated from, 116.

Budden, John, of Shaftesbury, Steward to Lord Stourton, complaints against, 79.

Buildwas, Salop, Abbey of, 155.

Bulkeley, Sir Richard, of Beaumaris, co. Anglesey, petition to Cecil, 128.

Bullen, Robert, of Bale, co. Norfolk, petition to Calvert, 204.

Bullingbroke. See Bolingbroke.

Bullock, John, of Darley, co. Derby, Feodary of Derbyshire, petition to Cecil, 187.
-, his son. See Bullock, John.

Bullock, John, of the Inner Temple, London, son of John Bullock, request on behalf of, 187.

Bulloigne, Duke of. See Bouillon.

Bulloigne. See Boulogne.

Burborough. See Bourbourg.

Burchinshaw. See Burkinshaw, Ralph.

Burges. See Bruges.

Burgh, Thomas, 5th Lord Burgh of Gainsborough, late Lord Deputy of Ireland (d. 1597), mentioned, 92.

Burghe, Lord. See Burgh, Thomas.

Burghley, Lord. See Cecil, Thomas.

Burgoigne. See Burgundy.

Burgundy (Burgoigne), 14, 26, 54.
-, genealogy of the Dukes of, 101.
-, Governor of. See Bellegarde.

Burkinshaw (Burchinshaw), Ralph, Controller of Musters in Ireland, 195.

Burlacy, Sir William. See Borlase, Sir William.

Burle, Henry, senior, deceased, 109 and n.

Burle, Henry, junior, his wardship, 109.

Burleigh, co. Northants, petition dated from, 116.

Burley, Richard [? of Potterne, co. Wilts], 170.

Burstead, co. Essex, 8.

Bury St. Edmunds, co. Suffolk, 82.

Bushey, co. Herts, 185.

Bussie, Mr, arrives at Angers from England, 36.

Bussy, Francis, brother of Mrs Pate, his suit against Thurbarn, 171(2).

Butler, Mary, prisoner in the Gatehouse, petition to Cecil, 211.

Butler, Theobald, Lord Butler, Viscount Tulleophelim, petition to Cecil, 185.

Butler, Thomas, 10th Earl of Ormond, 88, 186.

Butler, , described as "a verie bad and lewde fellow", 212.

Bygrave, co. Herts, 185.

Byron, Marshal. See Biron.

Bywater. See Bywater, Thomas.

Bywater, Thomas, minister and author of seditious book, 205.