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Calendar of the Cecil Papers in Hatfield House: Volume 23, Addenda, 1562-1605. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1973.

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Facondar, , a courier, brings letters to English envoys in Paris, 34.
-, conveys letters from Angers to England, 57.

Fairs, prohibited within 50 miles of London, 121.

Farfan, Dr Pedro, Judge of the Spanish King's Court in Mexico, 6.
-, writes letter of recommendation on behalf of Vallego, 6.

Farming Woods, Rockingham Forest, co. Northants, 107.

Farr, Henry, of Burstead, co. Essex, his wardship, 8.

Faure, Franois, [? of Paris, France], killed by Wiseman in a quarrel, 124.

Fawcet, Humphrey, Mayor of New Windsor, co. Berks, 115.
-, signs petition to Cecil, 119.

Felixstowe, co. Suffolk, manor of, 120.
-, Bailiff of. See Scrutton, William.

Fens, The, map of part of, 103.

Feodaries, Cecil's warning and instructions to, 117.

Fews, co. Armagh, Ireland, 123, 124.

Fflynte, Humfrey. See Flint, Humphrey.

Ffountaine, Mounsieur de la. See La Fontaine.

Ffreak, Sir Thomas. See Freke, Sir Thomas.

Field, Edward, Yeoman of the King's Chamber, petition to Cecil, 127.

Finch, William, of Watford, co. Herts, tanner, petition to Cecil, 185.

Fisher, William, a former auditor, petition to Cecil, 211.

Fitton, William [? of the Inner Temple, London], recusant, 123.

Fitzgarrett, , 89.

Fitzgerald, Sir Edward, Captain of a foot company in the Irish Army, 88.

Fitzgerald, Gerald, 9th Earl of Kildare (d. 1534), mentioned, 202.

Fitzgerald, Gerald, 11th Earl of Kildare (d. 1585), mentioned, 88.

Fitzgerald, Gerald, 14th Earl of Kildare, his suit for reversion of lands, 88.

Fitzgerald, Gerald, 14th Earl of Desmond attainted (d. 1583), disposal of lands of, 4.

Fitzgerald, Gerald, 87.

Fitzgerald, Jane, daughter of Gerald Fitzgerald, 14th Earl of Desmond, letter to Cecil, 121.

Fitzgerald, Mabel, Countess of Kildare, widow of Gerald Fitzgerald, 11th Earl of Kildare, 88.

Fitzpatrick, Florence, 3rd Baron of Upper Ossory, Ireland, 123.

Fitzwilliam, Alice, daughter of Richard Fitzwilliam, 190.

Fitzwilliam, Richard, of Ringstead, co. Northants, 190.

Fitzwilliam, Sir William, of Milton, co. Northants, 190.

Flanders (Fflaunders), 42, 99, 181, 183 and n.

Flax, cloth made of, 220.

Fleet, The, prison, London, 95, 209, 211, 213, 219.
-, dispute between the House of Commons and Warden of, 148.

Fleming, Sir Thomas, SolicitorGeneral, member of House of Commons Committee, 135.
-, 149, 155.

Fletcher, John, Deputy-Bailiff of St. Neots, petition to Cecil, 218.

Flint, Mr. See Flint, Humphrey.

Flint (Fflynte), Humphrey, Keeper of Cheshunt and Theobalds, 112.
-, charges Tooke with dishonest dealings, 173.

Florence [Italy], 175.

Florence, Duke of. See Medici, Ferdinand de.

Floyd (Lloid), Hugh, English agent and spy, expected in Venice, 96.

Floyd, Richard, of Algarkirk, co. Lincoln (d. 1602), mentioned, 221.

Foljambe, Francis, uncle to Godfrey Foljambe, 95.

Foljambe, Sir Godfrey, of Walton, co. Derby (d. 1585), mentioned, 95.

Foljambe, Godfrey, deceased, son of Sir Godfrey Foljambe, mentioned, 95.

Foljambe, Isabel, widow of Godfrey Foljambe, now wife of Sir William Bowes, 95.

Foljambe, Troth, widow of Sir Godfrey Foljambe, now wife of Sir William Mallory, 120.

Fordam, John, of co. Wilts, yeoman, 170.

Forrest, (Sir) Anthony, of Morborne, co. Hunts, petition to Perceval, 156.
-, petition to King, 178.
-, his sister. See Forrest, Elizabeth.

Forrest, Edward, an auditor, prisoner in the Marshalsea, petition to Privy Council, 208.

Forrest, Elizabeth, sister of Anthony Forrest, her secret marriage with Lord Denny's son, 157.

Fortescue, Sir John, Chancellor of the Exchequer, letter to, 92.
-, excerpt from his book on defence of the House of Lancaster's title to English throne, 100, 101n.
-, 161, 217, 221.
-, petition to Cecil, 220.

Forth, Dr. See Forth, Ambrose.

Forth or Ford, Ambrose, Master of Chancery in Ireland, 163.

Foster, Sir Thomas, Serjeant-atLaw, 211.

Fougres (Fulgiers) [Ille-et-Vilaine, France], English embassy stays at, 73.

Foulkes, Richard, of Bottisham, co. Cambridge, Bailiff of the Honour of Clare, charges against, 159.
-, petition to Cecil, 167.

Fovell, Thomas [? of St. Martin'sin-the-Fields, London (d. 1601], petition to Cecil, 76.

Fox, Hubert, petition to Cecil, 83.

Fox, , 155.

Foyle, Lough, Ireland, 169.
-, Provost-Marshal of. See Browne, Philip.

France, 9, 45, 93, 139, 181, 208.
-, account of Cecil's embassy to, 10 seqq.
-, Cecil's comment on the state of affairs in, 28, 29.
-, general desire for peace with Spain amongst members of Council of, 54.
-, genealogy of Kings of, 101.
-, trade between Lisbon and, 154.
-, English cloth trade with, 190, 208, 209.
-, trade between west of England merchants and, 208.

France, Admiral of. See Damville.

France, Chancellor of. See Bellivre.

France, Constable of. See Montmorency.

France, Council of, meeting between English envoys and, 48.
-, Secretary to. See d'Interville.

France, King of. See Henry IV.

Francke, Richard, petition to Cecil, 109.

Frankey House, co. Worcester, 77.

Franklin, George, brother of William Franklin, 190.

Franklin, Richard, son of William Franklin, petition to Cecil, 190.

Franklin, William, deceased, mentioned, 190.

Freeman, Nicholas, of London, clothier, petition to Cecil, 211.

Freke (Ffreak), Sir Thomas, of Iwerne Courtnay, co. Dorset, M.P. for Dorsetshire, member of House of Commons Committee, 135.
-, 168.

Freston or Freeston, John [? of Altofts Hall, Normanton, co. Yorks], 186.

Frias, Juan Fernandez de Velasco, Duke of, Constable of Castille, 196, and n.

Friesland (Ffrizeland), agrees to join in peace talks at Ostend, 18.

Fulgiers. See Fougres.

Fuller, Mr. See Fuller, Nicholas.

Fuller, Nicholas, of London, mercer, M.P. for London, member of House of Commons Committees, 131, 135.