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Pages 244-246

Calendar of the Cecil Papers in Hatfield House: Volume 23, Addenda, 1562-1605. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1973.

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Gaddesden (Gadsden), co. Herts, 195.
-, parson of. See Chambers, Robert.

Gadsden. See Gaddesden.

Gallis, Richard, brother of James Gallis (d. 1603), 115, 119.

Gallis, James, of Windsor, co. Berks, a lunatic, 115, 119.

Gaol Fever, at Newgate, 112.
-, at Exeter, 219.

Garter, The, inn, High Street, Windsor, co. Berks, 115, 119.

Gatehouse, The, prison, London, 83, 90, 91, 153, 204, 211.

Gaunt. See Ghent.

Gavelkind, 172.

Gawdy, Sir Francis, judge, 211.

Geaste or Ghest, Edward [? of co. Worcester], his petition, 112.

Geaste or Ghest, Edward, junior [? of co. Worcester], his petition, 112.

Geaste or Ghest, William [? of co. Worcester], his petition, 112.

Geddington, co. Northants, manor of, 216.

Geddington Woods or Chase, co. Northants, 108.

Geffe, Nicholas, of London, petition to Cecil and Home, 207.

Gelders, genealogy of the Dukes of, 101.

Genealogy, of the Cecil family in co. Northants, 143.
-, of European dynasties, 144.

Geneva [Switzerland], Cecil visited in Angers by agent of, 35.

George, Richard, of Cirencester, Feodary of Gloucester, petition to Hesketh, 110.

George, The, Sittingbourne, co. Kent, Postmaster's house called, 21.

Gerald, Sir John FitzEdmund, of Cloyne, co. Cork, Ireland, petition to Privy Council, 122.

Germany, trade between Lisbon and, 154.
-, 212.

Gerrard, Peter, a Dutchman residing in Duke Street, London, 7.

Geynkyn, John, of the Strand, London, artisan, petition to Privy Council, 128.

Ghent (Gaunt) [Belgium], reference to Pacification of, 16, 17.
-, to contribute towards discharge of debts to England, 17.

Gibbs, Gertrude, wife of Ralph Gibbs and sister of Lady Dorothy Unton, request on behalf of, 1.

Gibbs, Ralph, of Honington, co. Warwick, reference to his grave illness, 103.

Gibbs, William, of South Perrott, co. Dorset, 4.

Gibralter, Straits of, 91.

Gilbert, Ambrose, of Dover Court, co. Essex, deceased, wardship of heir of, 160.

Gilbert, Sir John, of Compton, co. Devon, particulars of his law suit, 194.

Giles, Edward, naval captain, seizes Spanish vessel, 163.

Giles, Sieur, Governor of Chteaubriant, meets English envoys, 73.

Gillesland, co. Cumberland, 80.

Giraudet, Claude, French lawyer, his deposition concerning death of Faure, 124.

Glamorganshire, map of, 102.

Glanfield, Captain. See Glanfield, Toby.

Glanfield, Toby, Captain, complaint against, 188(2).

Glass, manufacture of Venetian, 179.

Glemsford, co. Suffolk, manor of, 165.

Gloucester, co. Gloucester, grant of annuity to Cecil by Mayor and burgesses of, 125.

Gloucestershire, aulnage of, 217.

Glover, Christopher, Groom of the King's Bows, petition to Cecil, 168.

Goddard. See Goddard, Thomas.

Goddard, Thomas, of Akenham, co. Suffolk (d. 1596), wardship of heir of, 82.

Golleta, Tunis [North Africa], plan of citadel of, 103.

Goodall, George, former Keeper of Brigstock Parks, co. Northants, petition to Cecil, 170.

Goodman, Gabriel, Dean of Westminster, 79.

Goodman, Philip, father of Mary Sledd, (d. 1602), mentioned, 199.

Goodridge, Nicholas, of Totnes, co. Devon, alleged lunacy of, 199.

Goodridge, Walter, of Totnes, co. Devon, son of Nicholas Goodridge, petition to Cecil, 199.

Goodrych, H., of Pertenhall, co. Beds, signs Todd's petition, 176.

Goodwin, Sir Francis, of Upper Winchendon, co. Bucks, M.P. for Buckinghamshire, member of House of Commons Committee, 132.
-, dispute over his election referred to in House of Commons's address to King, 134, 145, 147.

Goodwin, John, of Muswell Hill, co. Middlesex (d. 1575), particular of his estate, 2.

Goodwin, William, son of John Goodwin, 2.

Gosin or Gosine or Gosson, Gerrard, physician, of St. Olave, Hart Street, London, 113 and n.

Gough, Thomas, of Newbury, co. Berks, petition to Cecil, 210.

Gower, Abel, Fellow of Oriel College, Oxford, signs testimonial to Lister, 191.

Gower, William, a former soldier at Berwick, petition to Cecil, 214.

Graies Inn. See Gray's Inn.

Graves, Thomas, in the service of Sir Robert Cecil, petition to Cecil, 167.

Gravesend, co. Kent, 21, 216.

Gray, Sir John, of Pirgo, co. Essex, 182.

Gray's Inn (Graies Inn), London, 159, 204.

Great Seal (English), The, 6, 120, 156, 167.

Great Seal (Irish), The, 185, 186.

Greaves, Thomas, Bailiff of Spalding and Paulets in Godnow, co. Lincoln, petition to Cecil, 127.

Green, George, of Wombwell, co. Yorks, petition to Cecil, 221.

Green, Henry, of the Signet Office, petition to Cecil, 216.

Green, William, of co. Yorks, wardship of his heir, 159.

Green (Grene), Mr, accompanies Cecil to France, 27.

Greenwax, 186.

Greenwich, co. Kent, 121.
-, patent of title of Earl of Salisbury issued to Cecil at, 210.

Grevill, Mr. See Greville, Fulke.

Greville, Sir Edward, of Milcote, co. Warwick, M.P. for Warwick, member of House of Commons Committees, 132, 135.

Greville, Sir Fulke, of Beauchamps Court, co. Warwick, writes to Cecil, 22.
-, copies of poems by, 101.

Grey. See Grey, Edward.

Grey, Edward, 4th Lord Grey of Powis (d. 1551), mentioned, 155.

Grey, Edward, illegitimate son of Edward Grey, 4th Lord Grey of Powis, claim on behalf of, 155.

Grey, Richard, 1st Lord Grey of Powis (d. 1466), mentioned, 155.

Greyhound, The. See White Greyhound.

Griffith, Griffith ap John, of Waun, co. Anglesea, 128 and n.

Grimston (Grymston), Gabriel, of Edmonton, co. Middlesex, leases Prior's Grove to Burghley, 2.

Growte, Francis, complaint against, 82.

Grymston, Gabriel. See Grimston, Gabriel.

Guard, Yeoman of the. See Tashe, Brian.

Guernsey, Island of, petition to Cecil from deputies of, 194.
-, Bailiff and Jurats of, 194.
-, Governor of. See Leighton, Sir Thomas.

Guise, House of, their friendship for James VI, 93.

Gulvall, co. Cornwall, 109.

Gunpowder, covenants for supply of, 178.

Gunter, Edmund, scholar of Westminster School, letter to Cecil, 78, 79 and n.

Gwyn, John Lewis, of Henllan, co. Denbigh, reference to his murder, 177.