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Calendar of the Cecil Papers in Hatfield House: Volume 23, Addenda, 1562-1605. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1973.

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La Boderie (La Bodiere, La Bodire), Antoine le Fevre de, Steward to Henry IV, receives Cecil at Dieppe, 24(2), 25.
-, Henry IV's letter to, 28.

La Bodiere. See La Boderie.

La Bodire. See La Boderie.

La Capelle [Aisne, France], Spanish offer to restore, 23.

La Chtre (Castre), Claude de, Marshal of France and Governor of Orleans, meets Cecil and English embassy outside Orleans, 34.
-, visits Cecil, 35.

La Fontaine, Robert de Maon de, French agent and minister in London, 25.

Lake, Sir Thomas, Clerk of the Signet, M.P. for Launceston, 121, 152, 216.
-, member of House of Commons Committee, 131.

La Maison Blanche (La Masson Bland) [Calvados, France], English embassy dines at, 74.

La Marchffame. See Marche-enArdennes.

La Masson Bland. See La Maison Blanche.

Lambert, Edmund, of Boyton, co. Wilts, 86.

La Motte, William de, agent to the Seigneur de Sourdeac, petition to Cecil, 188.

Lamprize, Anthony, of Catalonia, Spain, 163.

Lamprize, Matthew, of Catalonia, Spain, 163.

Lancashire, 116.
-, Deputy-Excheator of. See Bold, Thomas.
-, Feodary of. See Downes, Roger.

Lancaster, co. Lancs, 214.

Lancaster, Duchy of, 123, 186.
-, Receiver of. See Molyneux, Sir Richard.

Lancaster, House of, extract from Fortescue's defence of the title of, 100, 101n.

Landham Castle. See Sandown.

Land Sergeant. See Musgrave, John.

Lane, Sir Robert, of Horton, co. Northants, petition to Cecil, 216.

Lane, Sir William, of Horton, co. Northants, petition to King, 220.

Langerman, Herman, of St. Botolph's, Aldersgate, London, merchant of the Steelyard, 7.

Langford, , 105.

Langley, Cheshire, 90.

La Noue (La Nouee), Franois de, French commander, his regi ment stationed in St. Quentin, 31.

Lanternam. See Llantarnam.

Larkes, Agnes, of Leake, co. Lincoln, wardship of her daughters, 82 and n.

Larkes, Mary, daughter of Agnes Larkes, 82.

La Rochepot (Rochpott), Antoine de Silly, Comte de, Governor of Anjou, meets English embassy at Ponts-de-C, 35.

La Tremouille (Tremonall), Claude de, Duc de Thouars, his private conference with Cecil at Nantes, 73.

Lavardin (Saverdyn), Jean de Beaumanoir, Marquis de, Marshal of France, 37.

Laver, John [? of Drayton, co. Somerset], petition to Cecil, 206.

Lawe, John, 211.

Lawmore Saresmore. See Saumur.

Lazonby, Richard, Master of the King's Crossbows, petition to King, 190.

Lea. See Lee, Thomas.

League, The (French Catholic), 33.

Leake, George, 6.

Leake, Gifford, in the Queen's service, petition to Cecil, 167.

Lecale, West Meath, Ireland, 88.

Le Catelet (Chasterlet, Le Chasteylett) [Aisne, France], to be restored by Spain to France, 15, 23.

Le Chasteylett. See Le Catelet.

Lee, Alderman. See Lee, Robert.

Lee, Gilbert [? of Aldersgate Street, London], 193.

Lee, Hugh, of London, merchant, petition to Cecil, 164.

Lee, Robert, of London, Alderman and brother of Rowland Lee, complaints against, 192.

Lee, Rowland, of London, a lunatic (d. 1604), mentioned, 192 and n.

Lee, Thomas, brother of Hugh Lee, 164.

Lee (Lea), Thomas, Captain, supporter of the Earl of Essex in his rebellion, his confession, 87 and n.
-, 88.

Leeke, John, petition to Cecil, 105.

Legate, The. See Medici, Alessandro de.

Legge, Thomas, Master of Caius College, Cambridge, his opinion of statute concerning Mastership of Clare Hall, 83.

Le Grand, Monsieur. See Bellegarde.

Leicestershire, estreats in, 186.

Leigh, co. Salop, 2.

Leigh, Elizabeth, mother of Ferdinando Leigh, given wardship of her son, 221.

Leigh, Ferdinando, of Middleton, co. Yorks, his wardship, 221.

Leigh, Sir Henry, Keeper of Carlisle Castle, 213, 214.

Leighton, Sir Thomas, Governor of Guernsey, 194.

Leighton, Sir William, of Plash, Shropshire, petition to Cecil, 156.

Leinster, Ireland, 185.

Leitche, John, Scottish merchant, petition to Queen and Privy Council, 91.

Leix. See Queen's County.

Le Maye, , 180(4).

Le Moyne, Isaac, petition to Cecil, 83.

Lemyng, John, petition to Cecil, 172.

Lencye, Monsieur de. See Sancy.

Lennox, Duke of. See Stuart, Ludovick.

Le Nomaghe, Daniel, his letter, 88.

Leominster, co. Hereford, bailiwick of, 165.

Le Premer or De Premier, Monsieur, takes English envoys to see Henry IV's mistress, 36.
-, 40.

Lesmolin, West Meath, Ireland, 88.

Letters of Reprisal, issued by Court of Admiralty, 269.

Leveson, Sir John, of Halling, co. Kent, M.P. for Kent, member of House of Commons Committees, 132, 135.
-, 200.

Leveson, Sir Richard, of Lilleshall, Shropshire, M.P. for Salop, member of House of Commons Committees, 131, 135.

Lewkenor, Sir Edward, of Denham, co. Suffolk, M.P. for Malden, member of House of Commons Committee, 135.

Limerick, county of, Ireland, 214.

Lincolnshire, 410.
-, Feodary of. See Shute, Richard.
-, Deputy-Feodary of. See Sherard.

Lionel of Antwerp, Duke of Clarence, third son of Edward III, King of England, (d. 1368), mentioned, 100.

Lion's Whelp, The, sent to bring English embassy home from France, 74.

Lippington, William, of Hunmanby, co. Yorks, husbandman, petition to Cecil, 172.

Lisbon (Lix) [Portugal], trade between foreign countries and, 154.
-, Flemish merchants granted licences to trade with, 154.
-, letter dated from, 155.

Lisley, Francis, of Moxhull, co. Warwick, deceased, 156.

Lisley, John, of Moxhull, co. Warwick, petition to Cecil, 156.

Lister, John, housekeeper to Sir Robert Cecil, petitions to Cecil, 158, 160, 197.

Lister, Matthew, physician, testimonial to, 190 and n.

Liston, Robert, petition to Cecil, 175.

Littleton, Gilbert, of Frankley, co. Worcester, 77.

Littleton, John, of Frankley, co, Worcester, petition to Cecil, 77.

Litton, Sir Rowland. See Lytton, Sir Rowland.

Livery, fees and charges relating to, 101.

Lix. See Lisbon.

Llandinam, co. Montgomery, 189.

Llantarnam (Lanternam), co. Monmouth, 198.

Lloid, Hugh. See Floyd, Hugh.

Lloyd, Fulk, of co. Denbigh, petition to Cecil, 177.

Lloyd, Henry, of Bodwyn, co. Anglesea, 128.

Lloyd, John, of the Court of the Arches, his opinion of statute concerning Mastership of Clare Hall, 84.

Locksmith, Mr, 2.

Locksmith, , 105.

Loftus, Adam, Lord Chancellor of Ireland, 163.

Loire, River [France], English embassy sails from Orleans to Angers on, 35.

Lok, Henry, poet, complaint against, 82.

London, 98(2), 100, 110, 111, 158, 163, 171, 175, 179, 191, 195, 196, 203(2).
-, prohibition of fairs near, 121.
-, reference to King's state journey through, 128.
-, plague in, 129.
-, petition dated from, 183
-, petition to Cecil from merchants of, 190.
-, cloth trade between France and, 190.
-, foreigners in, 191.
-, Lord Mayor of, 207
-, Sheriff of. See Smyth, Thomas.

London, Tower of, 113.
-, Court of the Liberty of, 153.
-, covenants for delivery of gunpowder to, 178.
-, letters dated from, 199, 200.
-, Clerk of the Court of the Liberty of. See Hellam, Jasper.
-, Lieutenant of. See Waad, Sir William.
-, Steward of the Court of the Liberty of. See Astell, John.

Long Mead, Rotherhithe, London, 8.

Longueville, Marie de Bourbon, widow of Lonor d'Orleans, Duc de, 40.

Lord Admiral. See Howard, Charles.

Lord Chamberlain. See Howard, Thomas.

Lord Chancellor. See Egerton, Thomas.

Lord Chief Baron. See Peryam, Sir William; Fleming, Sir Thomas.

Lord Chief Justice. See Popham, Sir John.

Lord Chief Justice (of the Common Pleas). See Anderson, Sir Edmund.

Lord Marquis. See Paulet, William.

Lord Thomas Howard. See Howard, Thomas.

Lord Treasurer. See Cecil, William; Sackville, Thomas.

Lord Warden. See Scrope, Thomas.

Lords, House of, agrees to discuss question of wardships and their commutation with House of Commons, 131.
-, proposes discussion on abuses of purveyance, 132.
-, Neville's request that his claim to title of Earl of Westmorland be heard by, 193.

Lorraine, Charles de, Duc d'Elboeuf (d'Afonse), 37.

Lorraine, Marguerite de, Duchesse de Joyeuse, widow of Anne de Joyeuse, deceased, late Marshal of France, and sister of Louise, Queen Dowager of France, her meeting with Henry IV at Tours, 33.

L'Hostell Vanderell, Rouen, Cecil lodged at, 27.

Lotaftes, Geddington Woods, co. Northants, 108.

Loughton, co. Essex, manor of, 123.

Louise, Queen Dowager of France, widow of Henry III, King of France, her meeting with Henry IV at Tours, 33.

Lovell, Jane, widow of Sir Robert Lovell (killed near Dundalk in 1600), petition to Cecil, 172.

Low Countries, The, 14, 18, 22, 23, 25, 40, 45, 51, 52, 53, 61, 83, 94, 183, 210.
-, foreign troops to leave, 17.
-, Dutch envoys insist that English forces be maintained in, 55.

Lower, Sir William, of St. Winnow, co. Cornwall, Commissioner for anchorage and quayage, 110.

Lowers. See Tours.

Lowther, William, parson of Cadbury, co. Devon, complaints against, 77.

Lucas, Thomas, alleged to have murdered Sir William Brooke, 111.

Lucas, , 2.

Luffe, Robert, Captain, former intelligence agent in Spain, petition to King, 184.

Lyonesse, The, of London, captures the White Greyhound with cargo of sugar, 91, 174.

Lytton (Litton), Sir Rowland, of Knebworth, co. Herts, M.P. for Hertfordshire, member of House of Commons Committee, 132, 139.

Lunauer, Giorgio, letter to Wilson, 96.