Cecil Papers: October 1583

Pages 14-15

Calendar of the Cecil Papers in Hatfield House: Volume 3, 1583-1589. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1889.

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October 1583

36. The King of France to the Queen Mother.
1583, Oct. 22/Nov. 1 Has seen and well considered the two Memorials, which his brother has entrusted to her, and which she has forwarded to him by the bearer. Touching the declarations which he wishes to obtain, both for his own satisfaction, and for the tranquillity and safety of those who accompanied him in his expeditions to the Low Countries, so far as concerns his said brother, the perfect friendship which he bears towards him, of which he has given notable proofs and which he desires to continue as long as possible, and the advantage which their union and good understanding brings to the affairs of his kingdom, not only give him the assurance of his safety which he requires, but are also so far sufficient to close the mouths of those who would so forget themselves as to speak thereof to his disadvantage, or to build on that foundation any sinister opinion, that he thinks he has no need of any other declaration than the assurance, which he begs her to convey to him, of the continuauee of his goodwill.
At the same time he is so desirous to satisfy his brother, and at the same time to disappoint those who, seeing them physically separated, are trying to separate them in heart and affection, that he is willing, if she approves thereof, to expedite the declaration sent herewith, which has been drawn up with regard to what concerns his brother in the two said Memorials. Begs, however, to be pardoned if he has not been able to follow this example with regard to those who accompanied his said brother, feeling himself unable either to avow and confirm the commissions and directions issued to them both in France and in the Low Countries, as if they had been given by himself, or to acknowledge that all the enterprises undertaken by his said brother in these countries have been executed for the benefit and advantage of the Crown of France, as contained in the said Memorials.
Has, however, added to the Declaration which he sends such a clause as he has thought necessary for their safety and protection, and will be very glad to do whatever is just and reasonable in that behalf.—St. Germain, 1 November 1583.
Copy. French. 3 pp.
Copies of the two Memorials referred to in the preceding letter.
French. 2 pp.
37. The Duke of Anjou to the King of France.
1583, Oct. 26/Nov 5. Hopes his Majesty will not take in ill part the request which he has entrusted to the Queen his mother to make on his behalf, to which he never thought he should be compelled, and so much the less from his Majesty, who knows much better than anyone the just reasons which have moved him thereto.
Must say that it would be a continual regret to him to find that he was not more favoured than those who are so much his inferiors, and that he had merited nothing for the great services rendered by him to his Majesty, both at Issoire, La Charité, and other places, as since during the peace which God be thanked still endures, during which he has occupied himself, not without great labour, expense, and hazard, in hindering the greatness of him alone whose greatness should be an object of suspicion to his Majesty.—Château-Thierry, 5 November.
Copy. French. 2½ pp.
38. Lord Rich and Sir Thomas Mildmay to Lord Burghley.
1583, Oct. 28. Report upon the execution of the Commission dated 7 Dec. 1582, against the transport of grain, which expires on All Saints' Day. Have lately found some extraordinary buying and transporting of corn by strangers, note of which they enclose.—28 October 1583.
1 p.
Enclosing :—
A declaration of some such special matters as are presented and informed touching the Commission for the restraint of corn, grain, and other victual to be transported, &c.
1 p.
39. The Duke of Anjou.
1583, Oct.29/Nov.8. An “Esclaircissement” by the Duke of Anjou of his intention with respect to the articles answered by his Majesty to the Memorials presented by him to the Queen Mother.
Endorsed :—“Double de la dernière Instruction envoyée par Monsieur de Racquan, du viij jour de Novembre, 1583.”
Copy. French. 3 pp.
40. Sir Edward Stafford to Lord Burhghley.
1583, Oct. 30. Defeat of the Duke Casimir and his encounter with the Spaniards. The Master of Gray goeth to Scotland with great store of chalices, copes, and other things belonging to the mass, to spread abroad in Scotland. He meaneth if he can presently to convey the young d'Aubigné [away],—Paris, 30 October 1583.
1 p.
41. Sir Edward Stafford to Lord Burghley.
1583, Oct. 31. By the contents of his answer to Mr. Secretary enclosed, Burghley may see an advertisement of the corrupting of some near about the writer. It was given to the Queen, &c.—Paris, 31 October 1583.
1 p.