Cecil Papers: June 1585

Pages 99-100

Calendar of the Cecil Papers in Hatfield House: Volume 3, 1583-1589. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1889.

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June 1585

161. “Yours Knawin” to Archibald Douglas.
1585, June 3. Has found a marvellous good agent, which impeaches him from writing at any length. Presents his service to Lord Leicester and Sir Francis Walsingham, and as for Sir Philip Sidney, if thanks be not sufficient, he cannot otherwise requite his wholesome . . . The King's good will doth daily increase to yourself. Let Roger come home, &c.—3 June 1585.
Signed :—“Yours Knawin.” Damaged.
162. John Lesly to Lord Edward Stewart.
1585, June 7. Announces his arrival in Ghent with Captain Seton.—From Ghent, 7 June 1585.
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163. Lord Hume [?] to Archibald Douglas.
1585, June 13. Thanks him for speaking in his cause. The favourable intention of the Earl of Leicester toward him will, he trusts, not fail him, he being the only person that, (as his due,) since the writer's coming into the world, hath had interest therein. Desires to see M. de Mauvissière and his wife afore they pass the seas.—This 13th of June 1585.
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164. “Yours assurit” to Archibald Douglas.
1585, June 17. Has not written, knowing the Master of Gray to have written fully. Concerning the matter of France and Spain, his opinion was ever that it should turn to treachery in the end. The remedies should be thought of in time. If her Majesty deal so frankly and honourably with the King, his master, as both he shall merit and it shall stand with her great weal and surety, Scotland will be at her devotion. But if her good nature be drawn by any crafty counsellors to be suspicious of the King, it will breed further inconvenience, and the loss of labour on either side. Hears that the 20,000 crowns once concluded to be offered is diminished to 16,000. Marvels how any loving honest counsellor to her Majesty durst give such advice. Though it seem to hold in 4,000 crowns in her purse, neither the receiver could be greatly enriched, nor the giver by the want thereof any the poorer. But the whole being once mentioned by the Master of Gray and himself to the King, it would not only cause his Majesty to think he was over slenderly dealt with, but would minister just matter to some evil willers of this course to thwart the same. Knows her Majesty is like to have much ado in disbursing money, but when she has disbursed 500,000 crowns, perhaps it will not be better spent than the way that these 20,000 are meant. “Deal plainly with her Majesty, on whose well doing one great part of the surety of this land consists . . . . . Her Ambassador here carries himself wisely and discreetly.” Excuses to Lord Leicester and Mr. Secretary.—From Dunfermline, this 17th of June 1585.
165. William Seley to Archibald Douglas.
[1585], June 26. His father being advertised, both by letters and messengers from sundry of his friends in Scotland, that the Earl of Arran and his family had been banished from the Court, and commanded not to appear within 12 miles of the same, and that the Castle of Edinburgh was engaged to be surrendered into the hands of the Master of Gray, advised Mr. Secretary thereof with all expedition as a matter of great importance. Nevertheless, they now doubt the truth of this in the manner in which it was first reported, and have sent to their friends, enjoining them to make diligent enquiry as to the exact truth. This, however, can not be done with expedition, because the Court is beyond the water, and that few or none are suffered to remove from thence into these parts by reason of the plague, which is somewhat prevalent in Edinburgh and other places adjacent. Trusts that Mr. Secretary will take this oversight, if it be such, in no evil part.—Twisell, 26 June.
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166. Gunpowder.
1585, June 26. Warrant under the Privy Signet for the transportation of gunpowder.—Greenwich, 26 June 1585.
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167. David Richardson (of Dumfries) to Mrs. Bastian.
1585, June 30. With reference to certain velvet and taffety, which he has been commissioned to buy for her by her sister Katherine, desires to know if she still wishes to have the goods; if not, he will dispose of them elsewhere.—London, 30 June 1585.