Index: J, K

Pages 598-599

Calendar of the Cecil Papers in Hatfield House: Volume 8, 1598. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1899.

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Jackson :

Daniel, 560.

William, Town Clerk of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, letter to, 346,

letter from, 397.

Jacob, one, in the Ordnance Office, 242.

James VI. of Scotland, King. See Scotland.

James, Jaymes :

Francis, of Bread St., London, 265.

Thomas, a merchant of London, 432.

Thomas, a London merchant, settled in Spain, information about, 265, 266.

Jaques, 17.

Jargeau, synod of Reformed Ministers at, 329.

Jasper, Mr., the Queen's post into France, 262, 351, 363.

Jefferey, John, mayor of Southampton, letter from, 414, 509.

Jefferys, Mr., a minister, 459.

Jeffreys, Sir John, justice of assize, 102.

Jegon, Dr. John, Vice-Chancellor of Cambridge University, 486.

letter from, 319.

Jenison, W., of Newcastle, and his wife, concerning the accusations brought against, 386.

letter from, 384.

Jenkin, David, coroner of Monmouthshire, 259.

Jenkinson, John, butcher, of Southwark, 74.

Jenkynes, Captain, justice of the peace in Pembrokeshire, 422.

Jenyngs, Captain Richard, 503.

Jephson, Jepheson :

Captain, 345.

Francis, 554.

Jersey, Isle of, 176.

matters concerning, 251.

export of fish from, to Spain, 280.

Captain of, 280.

steps taken for fair trial of a cause in, 280.

Jervaulx, dissolved monastery of, lands of, 218.

Jesuit, Jesuits :

going to the North of England, 59.

charge of harbouring, 81.

referred to, by Udall, 130.

their route from France and Spain to England, 174, 176, 186, 195.

effect of the sway of, 263.

a messenger employed by those in England, 351.

prisoners in Wisbech Castle, 382.

methods to pervert Englishmen, 382.

plot against England, 396.

controversy with the priests in England, 492.

a certain dangerous, 532.

in the Low Countries, 556.

Jewels kept by the Queen, 5.

Jews in Poland, a tax on, 166.

Jhobe, Captain, captures by, 180.

Joann, Dom, Spanish commander, lost on voyage with troops to France, 82.

Job, Captain, from Ireland, 381.

Joells, , 447.

John, King, and the Transylvanians, 167.

Johnson :

alias Kockwood, educated in Spain, 266.

one, the Queen's chaplain, 322.

Johnstone, laird of, 129, 146.

Johnstones, the, 143, 145.

Jolles, John, victualler, 199.

letter from, 371.

Jones :

one, register of the bishop of Gloucester, 451.

John, of Treowen, 454,

Sir Thomas, knight, of Cardigan. 469.

Thomas, bishop of Meath, letter from, 385.

Jornes, 274.

Jowssy, Robert, 510.

Joyeuse, Cardinal de, mission to the Pope, 567.

Jukes, Thomas, of Montgomery, 469.

Justices going circuit in counties where they were born, 252.


Kalmer, Calmer, in Sweden, 308.

Keamer, John. See Keymer.

Keir, one, a regular messenger to the Guises from the K. of Scotland, 147.

his father's employment, 147.

Kelinge, William, 2.

Kelly, Kellie :

Sir Edward, brother of, of Prague, 266.

John, a dangerous person, 286.

Kelsterne, John, 546.

Kelway family, the, 565.

Kentish cloth, 65.

Kerpen (Carpen), between Cologne and Aix, 113.

Kerr, Ker. See Carr.

Kerry, co. of, Ireland, 375.

the calamities of. 420.

Keymer, Keamer, John, letters from, 275, 286, 559.

Kidman, , 377.

Kidwelly, South Wales, receivership of, 104.

Kilburn, letter dated at, 207.

Kildare, county of, money due to gentlemen of, 420.

Kildare :

Countess of, 417.

a ward obtained by, 324.

Earl of, excuses himself from coming to Dublin, 433.

Killigrew, Kellegrew, Kyllygrew :

Mrs. Dorothy, letter to her husband in prison, 155.

Sir Henry, 270.

John, Captain of Falmouth Castle, charge against, 58.

rumour of his execution for treason,

in prison, 338.

letters, &c., from, in his imprisonment, 155, 190, 191.

alleged treasonable relations with Spain, 303.

William, letter from, 254.

King, , wife of, 555.

King's Bench, a prisoner in the, 453.

Kingsmill, Kingesmill, Kyngesmyll :

Mr., company of 100 men of, 89.

Fardinandoe, in the army in Ireland, 386.

Richard, letter from, 325.

W., letter from, 386.

Kingston Lacye, 250.

Kingston-upon-Hull. See Hull.

Kinloss, Lord of, 484.

Kinsale (Kinshall), troops landed at, 503.

Kirkcudbright (Kirkowrit), 104

Kirkham :

Giles, of Pynn, Devon, suspected of recusancy, 388.

William, 426.

Kirkham's lease, the matter of, 23, 441.

Kitson, Sir Thomas, 566.

Knevit, Thomas, 3.

Knights, lieutenants of counties, 486.

Knockfergus. See Carrickfergus.

Knollys, Knollis, Knolles :

Mistress Lettece, offered in marriage, 284.

Sir Thomas, serving in the Low Countries, 353.

letter from, 547.

his wife's connexions, &c., 547.

Sir William, comptroller of the Household, 199, 274, 352.

as one of the Privy Council, 334, 336.

letter from, 353.

Knyght, K., letter from, 334.

Kockwood, , of the Middle Temple, educated at a Spanish seminary, 266.

Kybriacka [? St. Brisac] in France, 81.

Kydlington parsonage, 438.

Kylnesey, on the coast of Yorkshire, 494, 495.

Kyngsmyll. See Kingsmill.

Kyntyre. See Cantire.

Kyrkham. See Kirkham.

Kyrvyn, Henre, of Coventry, 486.