Vatican Regesta 404: 1449

Page 179

Calendar of Papal Registers Relating To Great Britain and Ireland: Volume 10, 1447-1455. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1915.

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vatican regesta. Vol. CCCCIV. (fn. 1).

De Curia.

3 Nicholas V.

4 Kal. Nov
(29 Oct.)
(f. 98d.)
To the archbishop of Bordeaux. Mandate in regard to a long dispute during the pontificate of Eugenius IV, between Ayquelinus de Vinhali, prior of the Augustinian priory or hospital of St. James, Bordeaux (founded and endowed by divers kings of England, and especially by William, duke of Aquitaine and count of Poitou) and the dean and chapter of the cathedral (maioris) church of Bordeaux (about the wearing in processions etc. of an almuce by the said prior like that worn by the canons of St. Seurin's, Bordeaux, for which was afterwards substituted a modified form of that worn by the prior of the Cluniac monastery of St. Mary de la Daurade (de Aurate, i.e., Deaurate), Toulouse, and subsequently a still further modification), in the course of which dispute Henry, king of England petitioned Eugenius and the present pope on behalf of Ayquelinus, and in the last instance on behalf of the dean and chapter. Romanus pontifex. (P[e]. de Noxeto. | R.Bourdonis.) [7 pp. See below, Reg. Lat. CCCCXXXVI, f. 212.]


  • 1. On the back in gold capital letters on a red leather label, is the modern description: ‘Nicol. V. S(ecretus) de Cur. Liber. i. Tom. xx.‘Inside the modern green leather cover is the front half of the original sheepskin binding, with the contemporary description: ‘Primus Secretus Bullarum domini Nicolai pape V,’ the note, also in a contemporary hand: Nota quod non est rubricellatus totus,’ and other notes, contemporary and modern. On a flyleaf is, in the hand of Giovanni Bissaiga: ‘Nicolai V. Secret. de Curia. Lib. I. Tom. xx’ and ‘Verde’ (evidently an instruction to the binder). This is followed by sixteen pages headed ‘Rubricelle primi libri Secreti de Curia domini Nicolai pape Quinti,’ and ending ‘Et sic finis Rubricellarum istius libri per dei gratiam.’ There are 276 ff. in the volume, the last document beginning on f. 275v. and as the rubricelle begin with f. 1 of the text and go as far as f. 275 inclusive, i.e. are apparently complete, the above note must mean only that documents here and there have not been ‘rubricated.’ The volume contains letters ranging in date from year 1 to year 7.