Vatican Regesta 410: 1449

Pages 197-200

Calendar of Papal Registers Relating To Great Britain and Ireland: Volume 10, 1447-1455. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1915.

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Vatican Regesta. Vol. CCCCX. (fn. 1)

De Curia.

3 Nicholas V.

4 Non. April.
(2 April.)
St. Peter's, Rome.
(f. 42.)
Reservation, motu proprio, to the pope's gift of the first canonry and prebend which become void, by death or resignation otherwise than for purpose of exchange, in the church of Dax in Aquitaine, except during the months lately granted by the pope to the ordinaries. Ad fut. rei mem.Etsi ecclesiarum.
Concurrent mandate, also motu proprio, to the sacrist of Gerona and the officials of Bordeaux and Bayonne, to collate and assign such canonry and prebend when void to William Raimundus of le Muret (de Mureto), clerk, of the diocese of Aire, a student of canon law and well beloved of Henry, king of England, inducting him etc. Vite etc. (Jo.Aurispa. xviii. xx. A. de Magio. Coll. S. Cousin.Ja. de Riconibus.) [3 pp.]
14 Kal June.
(19 May.)
(f. 83d.)
To Richard Clepham, priest of the diocese of St. Andrews, bachelor of canon law. Collation and provision, as below. The pope lately, upon learning that the precentorship of Moray, a non-major dignity with cure, was void by the death of Andrew de Tulach, ordered provision thereof to be made, first to the late Adam de Hammylton, and then to Andrew de Duresder, clerk, of the dioceses of St. Andrews and Glasgow. Afterwards the pope made provision to Adam of the rectory of Kyrkynnir in the diocese of Whiteherne [above, Reg. Vat. CCCCIX, f. 53] and to Andrew of the deanery of Aberdeen, a major dignity [ibid., f. 224d], whereby, inasmuch as upon obtaining the said benefices all their right in or to the said precentorship would become void, he reserved it or such right to his gift, for collation to the above Richard [ibid., f. 174]. Seeing that subsequently the said Adam [de Hammylton] died at the apostolic see without having had possession of the said precentorship and parish church, whereby the former became and is void, and is reserved under the pope's late reservation of all dignities etc. void at the said see, the pope hereby makes collation and provision of it, value not exceeding 40l. sterling, to the above Richard, whether it be void as stated, or be still void by the death of the said Andrew [de] Tulach, or by his resignation or those of the said Adam [de Hammylton] or Andrew de Duresder, or in any other way. Litterarum etc.
Concurrent mandate to the bishops of Bergamo (Pergamen.), Glasgow and Dunkeld to induct the above Richard. Dudum cum cantoria. (—. A. de Corneto.Coll. S. Cousin.) [5 pp.]
(f. 148d.)
To William Hoge, priest, of the diocese of St. Andrews, bachelor of canon law. Reservation, as below. The pope recently ordered provision to be made to Richard Clepham, priest, of the diocese of St. Andrews, of the precentorship of Moray, a non-major dignity with cure, void by the parish church of Kyrkynniyr in the diocese of Whiteherne or the deanery of Aberdeen being respectively obtained by the late Adam de Hamylton and Andrew de Duresder of the dioceses of Glasgow and St. Andrews, or by the resignation of the said precentorship by [the late] Andrew de Tulach to the ordinary. Afterwards, upon the said precentorship becoming void by the death of the said Adam at the apostolic see, the pope made collation and provision of it to the said Richard [above, f. 83d]. Seeing that Richard consents to the reservation upon the fruits etc. thereof of a perpetual yearly pension of 20l. sterling, the pope reserves and assigns to the above William the said pension for life, to be paid by Richard or his successors, half on SS. Philip and James's, half on St. Martin's, in the town of St. Johns in the diocese of St. Andrews, etc. Litterarum etc. [See another form of the reservation, above, Reg. Vat. CCCCIX, f. 54d.]
Concurrent mandate to the bishop of Bergamo (Pergamen.) and the abbots of Paisley and Inchcolm (Insule Sancti Columbe de Emonia), in the dioceses of Glasgow and Dunkeld. Hodie dilecto filio. (Pe. de Noxeto. xii. x.A. de Magio. A. de Corneto. Coll. S. Cousin.) [3½ pp. In the margin. Septembris.]
10 Kal. July.
(22 June.)
(f. 211.)
To Nicholas Blare, archdeacon of Orkney. Collation and provision, as below. The pope made provision of the subdeanery of Glasgow, a dignity [cf. above, Reg. Vat. CCCCIX, f. 172d], void in a certain way and previously reserved, to the late Christopher Gynys, clerk, to whom provision had previously been made [ibid., f. 139] of the archdeaconry of Orkney, on its voidance by the death of Andrew de Tuloch, whereof the said Christopher was not in possession, which, if he obtained it meanwhile, or all right in or to it, he was to resign upon obtaining the said subdeanery. Seeing that the said archdeaconry has become void at the apostolic see, and therefore reserved, by the death there of the said Christopher without having had possession of it, and without obtaining the said subdeanery, the pope hereby makes collation and provision to the above Nicholas, who has spent much money in following the Roman court, of the said archdeaconry, a major elective dignity with cure, value not exceeding 20l. sterling; notwithstanding that he holds the rectory of Dunnottir in the diocese of St. Andrews, value [likewise] not exceeding 20l. sterling, and that the pope lately made provision to him of a canonry of Aberdeen and another of Brechin, with reservation of as many prebends and of a dignity etc. of one of them. He is hereby dispensed to hold the said rectory with the said archdeaconry for life, if he get it, and to resign them, simply or for exchange, as often as he pleases, and hold instead two other incompatible benefices, provided that they be not two parish churches or perpetual vicarages nor one of each. Upon obtaining the said archdeaconry the said other expectative letters shall be null as far only as regards other incompatible benefices. Vite etc.
Concurrent mandate to the bishop of Bergamo (Pergamen.), the precentor (cantori) of Aberdeen and the chancellor of Brechin. Hodie dilecto filio. (Pe. de Noxeto. xxx.xx [sic]. Ja. Bouron Jo de Vulterris. Coll. S. Cousin.) [4⅓ pp.]
8 Kal. Oct.
(24 Sept.)
(f. 226d.)
To the abbot of St. Mary's, Cong (de Cunga), in the diocese of Tuam, and John de Burgo and Thomas Obrayn, canons of Tuam. (fn. 2) Mandate (the pope having been recently informed by William Dolphyn, clerk, of the diocese of Clonfert, that formerly James Obrogayd, priest, of the said diocese, bargained with the late Malachy Omadagayn, then holding the archdeaconry of Clonfert, and promised to pay him a sum of money if he would resign it in his favour; that Malachy resigned it to the ordinary, who, in ignorance of the said bargain and promise, made collation and provision to James, who under pretext thereof took possession, and made the said payment to Malachy, thereby committing simony; and that James is a dilapidator of the goods of the archdeaconry and a public and notorious fornicator) if William, who from fear of James's power has no hope of obtaining justice in the city and diocese of Clonfert, will accuse James before them etc. as usual, to summon James, and if they find the above to be true, to deprive James of the said archdeaconry and of the perpetual vicarage of Kylltulach in the said diocese (of which, under pretext of a union thereof for his life to the said archdeaconry, made by authority of the ordinary without reasonable cause, he has detained possession for more than eight years) and in that event to collate and assign to the said William the said archdeaconry, a non-major dignity, and vicarage, value not exceeding 12 and 3 marks sterling respectively, both with cure of souls, upon their becoming thus void, even if they be already void, the archdeaconry by the death of James Yhurain or the vicarage by the death of Dermit Yoreactaid or Patrick Ybrayn, or the vicarage by the non-promotion to priest's orders of Thady Ydonallam within the statutory time, or in any other way. William is hereby dispensed to hold them together for life. Nobilitas etc. (Pe. de Noxeto. | xxx. G. de Nuuolonibus. L. Therunda. Coll. S. Cousin.) [4¼ pp. In the margin: Octo(bris).]
Prid. Non. June.
(4 June.)
(f. 252.)
To William Cotton, nobleman, lord of the place of Landwad, and Alice his wife, noblewoman, of the diocese of Norwich. Indult to have a portable altar, on which they may have mass celebrated before daybreak, and mass and other divine offices celebrated privately, in places under interdict. (Pe. de Noxeto. xxii. G. de Nuuolonibus.L. de Castiliono. Coll. S. Cousin.) [Registered briefly: ’Sincere devotionis affectus quem ad nos et Romanam geritis ecclesiam non indigne meretur etc. ante diem, circa tamen diurnam lucem proviso. …’]


  • 1. On the back of the volume is the usual modern label, with ‘Nicol. Curia. Liber v. Tom. xxvi.’ Inside the cover is the usual front half of the original sheepskin binding, with, in contemporary hands, ‘[Liber] Quintus bullarum de curia Nicolai quinti,’ ‘Fabriani,’ and other notes. A flyleaf has, in the hand of Giovanni Bissaiga, ‘Nicolai v. de Curia.Liber v. Tom. xxvi,’ after which come the rubricelle.
  • 2. The address was ‘dilecto filio Milero Ocendubayn canonico Tuamen.' This is cancelled and the above substituted in the margin, with the note: ’S. Cousin. Correctum de mandato domini Poggii Secretarii.’