Vatican Regesta 414: 1450-1451

Pages 211-215

Calendar of Papal Registers Relating To Great Britain and Ireland: Volume 10, 1447-1455. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1915.

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Vatican Regesta. Vol. CCCCXIV. (fn. 1)

De Curia.

4 Nicholas V (cont.).

6 Kal. April.
(27 March.)
(27 March.)
St. Peter's, Rome.
(f. 66d.)
To all and singular. Requesting safe-conduct, to be valid for a year only, for Master Andrew de Durisder, subdean of Glasgow, papal nuncio, whom the pope is sending to the realm of Scotland on business of the pope and the Roman church, and for his suite to the number of ten. Cum dilectum filium. (Marcellus. de Curia. G. de Puteo.)
Id. Feb.
(13 Feb.)
St. Peter's, Rome.
(f. 122.)
To the abbot of St. Mary's without the walls of York. Mandate, as below. The recent petition of Peter Pereii, layman, of the diocese of York, contained that in the year 1447 his wife Elizabeth de Holm, considering that she was a sexagenarian and more, had lived with him in the marriage state for many years, and had borne no children, and desiring in future to live in chastity and devote herself to holy meditations, vowed and promised of her own free will before John Trafford, [rural] dean of Oldernes, to live in chastity all her life. At the said petition, adding that the said Peter, who alleges that he and Elizabeth have for the last twelve years not cohabited, likewise desires to live in chastity and to serve God in all holy orders, the pope orders the above abbot if, after summoning Elizabeth and others concerned, he find the above statement to be true, to dispense Peter to be promoted to all, even holy and priest's orders, and minister therein. Humilibus supplicum votis. (G. Trapezuntius. xx. L. de Castiliono pro H. Senstlebin [sic]. Bonannus. G. de Puteo.)
7 Kal. March.
(23 Feb.)
St. Peter's, Rome
(f. 192d.)
To the chancellor and the treasurer and Alexander de Lychton, a canon, of Moray. Mandate, as below. Lately, on the voidance in a certain way [not here stated] of the precentorship of Moray, a dignity with cure, to which a certain canonry and prebend are annexed, the present pope made provision thereof [see above, Reg. Vat. CCCCIX, f. 174, and CCCCX, f. 83d] to Richard Clephame, clerk, of the diocese of St. Andrews, who was then holding another canonry and the prebend of Kyngusy in the said church of Moray. The recent petition of Christopher Pyot, a canon of Aberdeen, contained that the said Richard did not obtain possession of the said precentorship and canonry and prebend (in which event he was bound to resign his said canonry and prebend [of Kyngusy]), but rather neglected to do so, in consideration of an agreement made by him about them with a certain adversary, whereby he obtained instead a canonry of Ross and the prebend of Logy, which he still holds, wherefore the said canonry and prebend of Kyngusy are held to have become and to be void, although he still detains them, without having acquired any new title thereto. The pope therefore orders the above to summon the said Richard and others concerned, and if they find the foregoing to be true, to declare that the said canonry and prebend of Kyngusy became and are void as if Richard had obtained the said precentorship and canonry and prebend, and in that event to collate and assign them, value not exceeding 25l. [cf. above, p. 177] sterling, to Christopher; whether they became void as above, or be still void by the death of Alan Clephame, sometime a canon of Moray, to whom the pope granted provision thereof [when expected to become void] by the said obtaining [of the said precentorship and canonry and prebend] (fn. 2), or be void by the resignation of the said Richard, or in any other way. Vite etc. (P[e]. de Noxeto. xxiiii. H. Senselebin [sic]. L. de Cosciaris.) [3 pp. In the margin: Fe(bruarii). See also the next following mandate and above, pp. 176, 177.]
3 Kal. March.
(27 Feb.)
St. Peter's, Rome.
(f. 194d.)
To the bishop of Moray. Mandate, as below. The recent petition of Laurence Pyot, archdeacon of Aberdeen, M.A., contained that formerly, namely after he had obtained the precentorship of Moray, collated to him by authority of the ordinary, and after the present pope had made provision of it to Richard Clephame, clerk, of the diocese of St. Andrews [see the preceding] he, wishing to avoid the expense of the litigation which was likely to arise, made, without the Roman court and in Scotland (in partibus), an agreement with Richard in presence of James, bishop of St. Andrews, that he should, by way of compensation to Richard for his right in the said precentorship, resign to Richard his canonry of Ross and prebend of Logy therein, and that Richard should, for Laurence's benefit, resign to the pope the said right; that Richard promised to certify Laurence within a certain time of the resignation by William Hog, priest, of the said diocese, of the right claimed by him in or to the said precentorship under pretext of a certain collation and provision made to him thereof by the present pope [see above, Reg. Vat. CCCCIX, f. 54d, and CCCCX, f. 148d]; and that, upon Laurence's resignation of the said canonry and prebend, in accordance with the said agreement, to William, bishop of Glasgow, to whom Thomas, bishop of Ross had given commission, Richard obtained collation and is still in possession of them. At the said petition (adding that the said Richard had previously agreed to the reservation and assignment by the pope to the said William Hog for his life of a yearly pension, which reservation was duly made by the pope, upon the fruits etc. of the said precentorship, to be paid to him by Richard and his successors [see ibid.], all mention of which previous agreement Richard fraudulently suppressed in the said later agreement with Laurence, who, in ignorance thereof, resigned the said canonry and prebend, which he would not have done had he been aware of the said agreement; and that instead of holding the precentorship peaceably and freely, as he expected, he is being molested by the said William Hog in the matter of the said pension, and fears to be still more molested), the pope orders the above bishop, if he find the above to be true, to restore Laurence to the position in which he was before the said resignation, and the said Richard to whatever right he had in or to the said precentorship before the said agreement, remove Richard from the said canonry and prebend, and compel him to admit Laurence to possession thereof and restore to him the fruits etc. taken by him from the time of his having obtained possession, and moreover, for Laurence's greater safeguard, to make provision to him of the said canonry and prebend.Cum in ecclesiasticis. (P[e]. de Noxeto. xxviii. H.Senselebin [sic]. L. de Costiaris.) [3⅓ pp. In the margin Fe(bruarii).]
7 Kal. March.
(23 Feb.)
St. Peter's, Rome.
(f. 196d.)
To the abbot of Dere in the diocese of Aberdeen and Alexander de Lythton and Thomas Edinhame. canons of Aberdeen. Mandate to collate and assign to Andrew Fyffe, priest, of the diocese of St. Andrews. M.A., a canonry of Aberdeen and the prebend of Balheboy (rectius Balhelvy), value not exceeding 26l. sterling, which, on their voidance by the death of Robert Gardina, the late James de Gordon, priest, of the diocese of Moray, accepted, and had provision made to him thereof by virtue of letters of the present pope, but has, without having obtained possession, at least peaceable, died in a certain place [not named] not more than two days’ journey from the Roman court; summoning Richard Clephame, clerk, of the said diocese of St. Andrews, who alleges that he has a right, and any others; whether they be void by the death of one of the said Robert and James, or because the pope lately, at the wish of James king of Scots, annulled a faculty, granted at the petition of that king, to nominate to a certain number of benefices, by virtue of which Alexander Levynston, clerk, of the said diocese, who had been nominated by the said king to a canonry with expectation of a prebend of the said church [of Aberdeen], accepted on the ground of the said nomination, and caused provision to be made to him of, the said canonry and prebend. Litterarum etc. (P[e]. de Noxeto. xxv. H.Senselebin [sic]. L. Therunda.) [3½ pp. In the margin:Fe(bruarii).]
17 Kal. Oct.
(15 Sept.)
(f. 216.)
To James, king of Scots (Scotorum). Indult for the dean of his chapel to hear the confessions of the domestic members of the household, of both sexes, of him and the queen of Scotland (Scocie), and grant absolution and enjoin penance, in cases reserved to the apostolic see once only, in all other cases as often as opportune, administer the Eucharist and other sacraments, and commute any their vows, except only those of pilgrimage to the Holy Land (transmarino), SS. Peter and Paul, and St. James, and receive and convert to his uses the oblations of the said queen and household.Eximie devotionis. (—. lxxxx. H. Senselebin [sic].P. Davidis.) [In the margin: Mar(tii).]
Prid. Non. Mar.
(6 March.)
St. Peter's, Rome.
(f. 219.)
To John Crosseby, priest, of the diocese of Carlisle, I.U.B. Rehabilitation etc., as below. His recent petition contained that formerly (after he, who had committed homicide, had been dispensed by papal authority to be promoted to all, even holy orders and minister in the office of the altar, and hold a benefice with or without cure, even if a canonry and prebend in a cathedral or a collegiate church, with power to exchange it as often as he pleased; and after he, in virtue thereof, had obtained the parish church of Bryghtwel in the diocese of Lincoln, collated to him by authority of the ordinary) on the voidance by the death of Master John Smeton of a canonry of Lincoln and the prebend of Thornegate and the treasurership of that church, the late William Alnewyk, bishop of Lincoln made collation and provision thereof to him, who had obtained no other dispensation, by virtue of which he obtained possession, and held them together with the said rectory, and still does so, taking their fruits, in good faith. The pope hereby rehabilitates him, and dispenses him to retain for life the said rectory, treasurership (which is the lowest of the four dignities in the said church of Lincoln (fn. 3) and by papal privilege can and is wont to be held together with the said rectory) and canonry and prebend, value not exceeding 20l. sterling, 20l. sterling and 4 gold florins of the camera respectively, and to resign them, simply or for exchange, as often as he pleases, and hold instead three other compatible benefices, even it etc. Sedes a postolica, pia mater. (P. Candidus. xxxvi. H. Senstlebin [sic].Bonnannus [sic]. A. de Montepoliciano.) [1½ pp. See Cal.Papal Lett. VIII, p. 173, and below, Reg. Vat. CCCCXV, f. 247.]

5 Nicholas V.

3 Non. April.
(3 April.)
St. Peter's, Rome.
(f. 237d.)
To Peter Idle, nobleman, esquire (armigero), and Elizabeth his wife, noblewoman [no diocese mentioned]. Indult to choose their confessor, who may etc., as usual. Benigno sunt. (Rinucius. x. Fiocardus. G. de Puteo.) [In the margin: Apri(lis).]


  • 1. tecum …. dispensamus ac te legitimamus. The addition of the last three words is a novelty.
  • 2. On the back of the volume is the usual modern label, with ‘Nicol Curia. Lib. ix. Tom. xxx.’ Inside the cover is the usual front half of the original sheepskin binding, with ‘Nonus bullarum de curia Nicolai quinti,’ ‘mccccl,’ and other contemporary and later notes. A flyleaf has, in the hand of Giovanni Bissaiga. ‘Nicolai V. de Curia. Liber ix.Tom. xxx,’ after which come the rubricelle headed ‘Liber nonus de Curia domini nostri Nicolay divina providencia pape quinti,’ and then the text.
  • 3. cui de eisdem per assecucionem predictam concessimus provideri, the text being evidently incomplete.