Vatican Regesta 389: 1448-1449

Pages 47-51

Calendar of Papal Registers Relating To Great Britain and Ireland: Volume 10, 1447-1455. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1915.

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Vatican Regesta, Vol. CCCLXXXIX. (fn. 1)


2 Nicholas V.

14 Kal. July.
(18 June.)
St. Peter's, Rome.
(f. 34d.)
To the archbishop of York. Mandate to dispense John Robynson, layman, and Agnes, relict of William Dryng, of his diocese, to marry, notwithstanding the impediment of spiritual relationship arising from the fact that William was godfather at the baptism of two children of John by another wife. Oblate etc. (Pe. de Noxeto. | xx. P. Sucius. H. Senstlebin [sic].) [In the margin: Ap(rilis.]
6 Kal. Feb.
(27 Jan.)
St. Peter's, Rome.
(f. 38.)
To John, cardinal priest of St. Balbina's. Mandate, as below. The recent petition of Thomas, bishop of Bath and Wells contained that although there belonged to him, as bishop, all spiritual and ecclesiastical power and jurisdiction etc. over the Benedictine monastery of St. Mary, Glastonbury and its abbot and convent and all its monks and persons, as also over all its members, possessions etc. churches and chapels in the diocese, and all the inhabitants, parishioners, rectors, vicars etc. of the said members, possessions etc., churches and chapels; and especially the right of visiting the said monastery and its abbot and convent, and the said members etc. churches and chapels, and their said persons, and of exercising such visitation in person or by his officials, commissaries etc.; the right of correcting and punishing crimes and excesses of the abbot, convent and monks and the other said persons, and of making reformation; the right of proving wills and, in the case of those dying intestate, administering their goods; the right of augmenting vicarages and vicars’ portions of such of the said churches and chapels as have had perpetual vicarages instituted in them; the right of receiving reverence and honour by the ringing of bells from the said abbot and convent and monks and persons whenever he should arrive at, pass near or depart from the said monastery, churches, chapels etc., nevertheless abbot Nicholas and the convent have prevented him from exercising the said jurisdiction and rights, etc. Seeing that, as the said petition added, the present pope has given commission to the above cardinal to hear and decide divers causes which arose lately between the said bishop and abbot and convent (concerning jurisdiction and the right of correcting and punishing (fn. 2) crimes etc. of clerks and laymen within the bounds of the pretended archdeaconry of Glastonbury, and other matters), namely after they had been, by appeal of the abbot and convent, introduced to the Roman court, and after divers processes had been made and papal letters and commissions obtained; and seeing that the said bishop desires a speedy end of all the said causes etc., the pope, at the said petition, holding sufficiently expressed hereby his said commission and all other commissions granted by himself or Eugenius IV, and their consequences, and all causes pending in the matter, within or without the Roman court, and revoking the said causes, orders the above cardinal, in person or by other or others, to summon the said abbot and convent and others concerned, hear all the causes between the bishop and the abbot and convent and all others interested, and decide them without appeal, causing his decision to be observed by ecclesiastical censure. Humilibus supplicum votis. (Pe. de Noxeto. | xxiiii. A. de Magio. D. de Luca.) [In the margin: April(is). 3 pp. +. See above, p. 45.]

3 Nicholas V.

Non. April.
(5 April.)
St. Peter's, Rome.
(f. 93.)
To John Freday, a Friar Preacher. Dispensation, at his own petition and that of John, duke of Norfolk (Narfolchie), whose chaplain he is, to hold for life any benefice with or without cure wont to be governed by secular clerks, of any value, even if a parish church or its perpetual vicarage etc., and to resign it, simply or for exchange, as often as he pleases., Religionis zelus etc. (Pe. de Noxeto. | xxviii. P Sucius. A. de Magio.) [In the margin: Aprilis. 1 p.]
6 Non. May.
(2 May.)
(f. 148.)
To John Lax alias Chestre, rector of Strete in the diocese of Bath and Wells, bachelor of civil law (in legibus). Dispensation to him, who is an abbreviator of apostolic letters, to hold for life, with the said church, value not exceeding 40l. sterling, any benefice with cure or otherwise incompatible, even if another parish church etc. or a dignity etc., and to resign them, simply or for exchange, as often as he pleases etc., notwithstanding the pope's late ordinance to the contrary [see above, p. 5] etc. Litterarum etc. (Pe. de Noxeto. | xxxxv. A. de Magio. Ja. de Rizonibus.) [In the margin: Aug(usti). 12/3 pp. See below, pp. 55. 71.]
Non. July.
(7 July.)
(f. 185.)
To Robert Morpath’, a monk of the Benedictine monastery of St. Albans, etc. Rehabilitation etc., as below. His recent petition contained that formerly, after Master William Gray, archdeacon of Northampton, a papal notary, then a papal nuncio in those parts (by virtue of a faculty to dispense eight religious persons below the lawful age to be, after attaining their twenty-second year, promoted to the priesthood, or, if already so promoted before the lawful age, to minister in their orders, and to dispense each such person to hold a benefice with cure, even if a parish church etc.) had dispensed him, who had been promoted to holy orders before the lawful age, after attaining his twenty-first year to minister in his said orders and hold a benefice with cure, he, by virtue of the said dispensation, without asking licence of his abbot, obtained the perpetual vicarage, which he still detains, of Aldeworth' in the diocese of Salisbury, collated to him by authority of the ordinary. At his said petition, stating that he doubts whether the said faculty extended to the said monastery, and that the abbot thereof has on account of the foregoing excommunicated him, from which he appealed to the apostolic see within ten days from his learning thereof, the pope absolves him from the said sentence, as far only as regards the taking effect of these presents, rehabilitates him, decrees that the said dispensation and obtaining possession hold good from the time of the said obtaining possession, and dispenses him, by virtue alike of the said letters and of these presents, to minister in the said orders and retain the said vicarage, value not exceeding 20 marks sterling, and to exchange it for another parish church or perpetual vicarage, as often as he pleases. Religionis etc. (Pe. de Noxeto. | xxxx. A. de Magio. L. de Castiliono.) [In the margin: Junii. 12/3 pp.]
3 Id. Aug.
(11 Aug.)
(f. 205d.)
To Thomas Tudenham, knight, lord of the place of Oxburgh in the diocese of Norwich. Indult to have a portable altar and to have mass celebrated thereon before daybreak. (Registered briefly: ‘Conceditur altare portabile cum clausula ante diem. Datum.’)
Ibid. The like to Thomas Hergham, nobleman, lord of the place of Denham [in the same diocese], and Isabel his present wife. (These two come together, and after the second is: xx. xxiiii. A. de Magio. Ja. de Rizonibus.) [In the margin is Aug(usti).]
4 Kal. July.
(28 June.)
(f. 271.)
Confirmation etc., as below. Lately, at the petition of Andrew Ogard, knight, of the diocese of Norwich (setting forth that formerly the late William Daubenay alias de Albineyo, of the said diocese, founded and endowed the Benedictine priory of [St. Mary the Virgin,] Wymundham in the said diocese, and ordained that in the event of its being erected into a monastery or abbey, such abbey should be free from the payment of a mark of silver to the abbot and convent of St. Albans, due in accordance with the said foundation; and adding that the monks in the said priory were numerous, and that divine worship was laudably performed) the present pope erected the said priory into a monastery, made provision thereof to Stephen of London (de persona dilecti filii Stefani Londonen’) [now] abbot, then prior, and exempted and released in perpetuity St. Mary's from the said payment and from all jurisdiction etc. of the abbot and convent of St. Albans, so that the latter should not henceforth have the power, as hitherto, of appointing the prior or monks of St. Mary's nor of exacting the said mark, the pope further reserving to the said knight and his heirs and successors for ever the right of presenting to the bishop the person whom the convent had previously elected abbot, which person the bishop could not without reasonable cause refuse, etc. [See pope Nicholas's bull of erection etc. dated 16 Sept. 1448, in Monasticon, III, pp. 338–9, and also above, pp. 19, 20.] Seeing that, as Henry, king of England has by his letters informed the pope, the abbot of St. Albans has molested the abbot of St. Mary's against the pope's said exemption and release, the pope hereby, motu proprio, confirms the said erection, provision, exemption etc., and the blessing which, in accordance with the pope's letters, the bishop of Norwich conferred upon the said Stephen, etc., absolves the abbot and convent of St. Mary's from all sentences of excommunication etc. inflicted by the abbot of St. Albans, etc., and orders the latter and all judges spiritual and secular to cease, from the time of the notification of these presents, from molesting the abbot etc. of St. Mary's, without a special mandate of the apostolic see. The pope further grants indult to the abbot and convent of St. Mary's to rent, let or grant to farm or yearly pension, to any persons, even laymen, for periods of one, two or three years all the fruits etc. of St. Mary's and of its members etc.; notwithstanding the possibility of the said Andrew not being of the said diocese, the fact of St. Albans being exempt and immediately subject to the apostolic see, etc. Ad perpetuam rei memoriam. Ex iniuncte nobis. (Pe. de Noxeto. | lx. A. de Magio. L. de Castiliono.) [In the margin Junii. 2½ pp.]
(f. 272.)
To the bishop of Norwich and the abbots of St. Peter's, Westminster and Bury St. Edmunds. Mandate exemplifying the preceding, to defend the abbot of the above monastery of St. Mary, and not to allow him to be molested by the abbot of St. Albans or any others. Hodie nostre emanerunt. (Pe. de Noxeto. | xx. A. de Magio. L. de Castiliono.) [In the margin: Junii.]


  • 1. On the back of the volume is the usual modern label, with ‘Nicol. V. Secret. Tom. v.’ Inside the cover is the usual front half of the original sheepskin binding, with ‘Rome. Spoleti. Fabriani. Anno Tertio,’ ‘Quintus Secretus Nicolai Vti ,’ and other contemporary notes. A flyleaf has, in the hand of Giovanni Bissaiga. ‘Nicolai V. Secret. Tom. v.' and then follows the text, there being no rubricelle. At the end of the volume, below the subscriptions to the last letter, as usual, is the name ‘Gaspar Blondus.’
  • 2. The words ‘corrigendi et puniendi’ are substituted in the margin for ‘et delinquentium,’ cancelled.