Addenda and Corrigenda

Pages xxv-xxvii

Calendar of Papal Registers Relating To Great Britain and Ireland: Volume 10, 1447-1455. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1915.

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Addenda and Corrigenda.

Page 1, note 1, line 6, for neno read none.
6, margin, for 17 Jan. read 16 Nov.
15, margin, for 27 Feb. read 28 Feb.
22, margin, for 27 Feb. read 28 Feb.
37, line 15 from end, for Clement read Clementis.
77 add to the second footnote, The pope's Itinerary above, p. xvii, drawn up since this note was written, shows that the limits of the missing date must be extended to circ. July 11—circ. Sept. 18.
94, below 4 Nicholas V insert:—
15 Kal. July.
(17 June.)
St. Peter's, Rome.
(f. 148 bis d.)
To all and singular. Requesting a safe-conduct for John Gele, dean of SS. Peter and Paul's, Bardewick (Bardewicen.), in the diocese of Verden (Verden.), doctor of canon law, an acolyte of the pope, and an abbreviator of apostolic letters, who often has to go to divers parts on his own business, and for his retinue to the number of six. Cum dilectum filium. (—. | G. de Nivolonibus. Gratis de mandato etc.) [⅓ p.]
Page 94, below 5 Nicholas V insert:—
5 Id. April.
(9 April.)
St. Peter's, Rome.
(f. 148 bis d.)
To John Gele, dean of the above church, an acolyte of the pope, doctor of canon law. Grant, as below. The present pope on 18 Kal. July anno 1 [14 June, 1447] made provision to him of a canonry of Magdeburg and another of Halberstadt, with reservation of as many major prebends and of a dignity etc. of one of those churches, and subsequently (after the pope had made provision to him of the said deanery, previously reserved to the apostolic see) reserved motu proprio to his gift for that turn the first canonry and major prebend to become void in the same church of SS. Peter and Paul, Bardewick, and, also motu proprio, ordered provision to be made to him of such reserved canonry and prebend. The pope hereby grants that he may use and enjoy the said grants, alike of expectation and of reservation, notwithstanding his late constitution to the contrary, as if he were one of certain members of the pope's household described in a certain book in the chancery, etc. Grata devotionis obsequia. (—| M. Amici. Gratis de mandato etc.) [1½ pp. See Cal. Papal Lett., VIII, p. 247, and IX, pp. 33, 300, 349.]
Page 95, line 6, insert in the margin Ibid.
118, in the margin, below (21 Aug.), for St. Peter's, Rome, read Fabriano.
124, note 1, for 1443 read 1453.
125, line 10, after 12/3 pp. insert Pomeray did not, however, get the priory.See Cal. Pat. Rolls, 1452–1461, pp. 17, 106, 469, 470.
Page 146, line 8 from end, after Salisbury insert (sic).
150. line 17 from end, for Veneciis read Veneriis.
178, line 13 from end, for S. read G.
181, line 17, for B. de Callio read Jo. de Collis.
187, lines 7 and S, for Clement read Vincent.
188, line 32. for Cranterbury read Canterbury.
216, line 13, after Fe(bruarii) insert Hist. Dunelm. Scriptores Tres, ed. Raine (Surtees Soc., vol. IX, 1839), pp. cccxxvi–cccxxix, with wrong date, viz. 1453, Kal. Feb. anno 4.
223, line 5, for Clement read Clementis.
230, last line, for Arches read le Bow.
250, line 3, for Confirmation read Exemplification of the letters ‘Ad fut. rei mem. Ea que pro utilitate’ of Innocent VII, dated at St. Peter's, Rome, on 16 Kal. May anno 2 (16 April, 1406), which themselves exemplify the letters ‘Omnipotens deus cuius est terra' of Thomas archbishop of Canterbury, addressed to the mayor, sheriffs, aldermen and all other citizens or inhabitants of the city of London, and dated in his manor of Lamehith on 6 Aug. 1397, the first year of his translation; with confirmation.
250, line 10, dele (exemplified).
250, line 21, after 166, add see also below, p. 653.
252, in the margin, below (23 June), for St. Peter's, Rome, read Fabriano.
260, line 2, for spiritual relationship read quasi-affinity.
267, line 21 from end, for abbot read prior.
270, line 4, for Reman read Roman.
272, in the margin dele 20 or.
272, dele the second footnote and substitute The text is somewhat misleading. April 25 is evidently the date on which he took the oath, the date of his appointment being, as stated here and in the bull itself (above, Reg. Vat. CCCCXXXII, f. 20), April 20.
273, in the margin, for 1450[–1] read 1450.
282, line 8 from end, for Kildare read Derry (?), and for (Daren.) read (Daren.,? rectius Deren.).
283, line 2, after Killermiechan insert (rectius Killcrunechan).
295, line 11, after disponente insert [Wadding, Annales Minorum, XI (Rome, 1734), p. 511.]
297, line 4 from end, after Ciuitastis Castelle read rectius Ciuitatis Castelli.
307, line 25, for Toem read Toomyvara.
307, line 14 from end, for Thom read Toomyvara.
308, line 11 from end, for Peter, bishop of Siracuse read Peter (rectius Paul), bishop of Syracuse.
318, line 13 from end, and 319, line 8, for Ardcarne read Ardcarn.
333, footnote, for Jhesus read Jesus.
334, line 22, for Ferue read Ferne.
338, line 4, for I read II and for II read III.
338, line 5, for I read II.
343, lines 21 and 22 from end, for their read there.
355, line 6 of note, for A(ndrea)s read A(ntoniu)s.
375, line 7, for Clement read Clementis.
375, line 14 from end, after Kyllecimechan insert (rectius Kyllecrunechan).
388, line 20 from end, after him insert who is at the apostolic see.
404, line 24, after Kyllnamariach insert (rectius Kyllnamanach).
437, lines 10 and 11, for Killaloe (Lucionen. rectius Laonien.) read Limerick (Lucionen. rectius Limericen.)
Page 450, line 16 from end, for St. Mary's read SS. Peter and Paul's.
456, note 1, for Johannen read Johannem.
466, line 16, for Gonda read Gouda.
471, note 1, for Ber[narde? ] read H(er).
483, in the margin, under (29 Oct.) for St. Peter's read S. Maria Maggiore.
494, add to note 2, Both dates may, however, be correct, for the pope's Itinerary (above, pp. xvii sqq.) reveals several instances of bulls being dated from two places, e.g. St. Peter's and S. Pudenziana's, or St. Peter's and S. Maria Maggiore, on one and the same day.
506, line 2, for (rectius Drum) read (rectius Dirim', i.e. Dirimach).
506, line 13 from end, for Trevet read Trim.
532, line 16 from end, and 572, line 12, for Clement read Clementis.
559, line 12, for Trevet read Trim.
643, line 8 from end, for keepers of the read shall in future in no wise interfere with the custody.
643, last line, and 644, line 1, delete shall in future in no wise interfere [therewith].
644, note 1, after custodes insert (rectius custodie); after debeat insert (rectius debeant); and delete the? .
658, line 2, for his (eiusdem[que]) brethren read the brethren of the same, and delete the note.
659, line 19, for his brethren read the brethren of the same, and delete the note.
749, after Beaufort add Beaulieu. See Beuly.
752, after Bont add See also Bout.
754, after Bout add See also Bont.
763, line 16 of col. 1, for epicsopal read episcopal.
793, at foot of col. 2, add England, kings of, benefice in the gift of, 425.
794, after line 25 add England, queen of. See Margaret.
844, line 14 from foot of col. 2, for Ewen read Ewin.
860, after line 12 of col. 2, add Montacute, John prior of. See Benet.
868, after Obizis add See also Opizis.
885, after Opizis add See also Obizis.
899, at foot of col. 1 add Rome, camera apostolica, letter registered in, 177. …, …, oath of fealty taken in, 269.
903, line 21 from foot of col. 1, before prior of, add Augustinian priory (cathedral).
906, after line 13 of col. 1, add Salscott, Thomas, bishop of Annadown, papal mandatary, 40. …, …, rector of Willoughby, indult to, 41.
906, after Sarpe add See also Sharp.
909, after Sharp, Henry, add See also Sarpe.
923, bring together Torger and Torriger.