Vatican Regesta 493: 1463

Pages 493-497

Calendar of Papal Registers Relating To Great Britain and Ireland: Volume 11, 1455-1464. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1921.

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Vatican Regesta, Vol. CCCCXCIII. (fn. 1)

De Curia.

5 Pius II.

6 Kal. Sept.
(27 Aug.)
(f. 4.)
To all Christ's faithful who shall see these presents. Grant (the pope having learned that by Mary, relict of James II king of Scots, a collegiate church or chapel or poor hospital of Holy Trinity, without the royal burgh of Edinburg in the diocese of St. Andrews, has been founded and erected for a provost and ten or twelve priests and clerks, and has been continued with magnificent and costly work, the which church, chapel or hospital James III the present king of Scots, son of the same James II and Mary, intends to finish) of plenary absolution and remission and indulgence, in the hour of death, of all their sins, crimes and excesses, even in cases reserved to the apostolic see, to all faithful, being truly penitent and having confessed, who on 10 July, being the day of the dedication, and on its octave, from the first to the second vespers, visit the said church, chapel or hospital and give alms according to their means and by the advice of one of the confessors to be appointed as below, and the like to those who are prevented by a lawful impediment from making such visit, and to the poor inmates of the said church or hospital who die therein, these presents to begin on the day of the said dedication next year, and to last, by periods of five years, for forty years only. The pope further grants faculty to fit confessors, secular and regular of any order, appointed by the provost and the collector of the papal Camera, to hear the confessions of the said faithful on the five-yearly day of the said dedication, four days before and four after, and on the octaves, grant them absolution and enjoin penance. The moneys offered for obtaining the said indulgence shall be preserved in a box to be kept locked (claudenda) with two keys, one to be kept by the provost and two senior [members] of the college, the other by the collector, and a third of all such oblations etc. shall be reserved to the Camera for the defence of the catholic faith against the Infidels, the other two-thirds to be devoted by the said provost and two senior [members] for the finishing of the buildings, the supply of ornaments and the furnishing (in. … muniendum) and maintenance of the said college and poor, etc. Maximum certe munus. (G. de Piccolominibus. | c. (fn. 1) G. de Porris. Jo. Baptista.) [In the margin: Augusti. 2 pp. Theiner has made his cross in the margin of the Rubricelle, although not on f. 4, but the bull is not in his Monumenta. See above, Reg. Vat. CCCCLXXXVI, ff. 228 and 253d.]

6 Pius II.

16 Kal. Oct.
(16 Sept.)
St. Peter's, Rome.
(f. 21.)
To the bishop of Grasse and the archdeacons of St. Andrews and Brechin. Mandate to collate and assign to David Weirc (rectius Weire), provost of St. Methven (sancti Mervotii, rectius Metveni), Methven, in the diocese of St. Andrews, M.A., who is of noble birth, out of consideration for James king of Scots, who alleges that he is the patron, the parish church of Glenguhnii (sic) in the diocese of Glasgow, value not exceeding 16l. sterling, void by the death without the Roman court of Robert Tullouch; notwithstanding that he holds the said provostship, a principal dignity with cure, value not exceeding 24l. sterling, with which he is hereby dispensed to receive and retain for five years only the said church of Glenguhny (sic). Nobilitas generis, litterarum etc. (G. de Piccolominibus. | xxxxv. G. de Porris. Coll(ationata) Serones. Jo. Baptista.) [In the margin:Septembris. 2 pp. Theiner, Vet. Mon. Hib. et Scot. Illust., p. 451, No. 832, from ‘Reg. Tom. XXVI, fol. 21,’ i.e. the present Register, omitting the Non obstantibus and following clauses, and therefore the mention of the value of the provostship and the dispensation.]

5 Pius II.

14 Kal. Aug.
(19 July.)
(f. 34.)
Assignment to Walter bishop of Norwich from the fruits etc. due to the papal Camera in England (after, however, 2,000 florins of gold of the Camera have been paid therefrom, in accordance with the pope's order, to the merchants from whom the pope received that sum some months ago) of a like sum of 2,000 gold florins of the Camera which the said bishop has lent free of interest, (fn. 1) and which have been received from him in ready money (fn. 2) this day and deposited at the ordinary receipt of the Camera by Ambrose de Spa(n)nochiis de Piccolominibus, merchant of Siena, the pope's banker (fn. 3); with mandate hereby to Vincent Clementis, collector of the said fruits etc., to pay the bishop the said sum, which the pope also hereby orders to be allowed in Vincent's accounts by Lewis cardinal priest of S. Laurence's in Damaso, the pope's chamberlain, and the treasurer and clerks of the said Camera. Ad fut. rei mem. Apostolice sedis providentia. (G. de Piccolominibus. | Coll(ationata) B. Jo. de Salas.) [2 pp. In the left-hand margin at the beginning, beneath the ‘G. de Piccolominibus,’ is ‘car(dinalis).’ See below, Reg. Vat. DXVIII, ff. 247 and 253, and cf. above, Reg. Vat. CCCCLXXVII, f. 156.]
(f. 35d.)
To the bishops of Ely and Exeter, dwelling at London. (fn. 4) Mandate, as below. The pope lately (upon its being set forth to him on behalf of the abbot and convent of St. Mary's, Wymundham, O.S.B., in the diocese of Norwich, that although, before the erection of the priorship into the abbatial dignity by papal authority [Cal. Papal Lett., Vol. X, p. 19, 20 and 50], they were exempted from all jurisdiction archiepiscopal, episcopal and archidiaconal etc., paying to the bishop of Norwich by way of indemnities 40s. of English money a year, nevertheless Walter bishop of Norwich and his officers cited, admonished, convoked etc. the said abbot and convent, whereby they were hindered from divine service etc.) believing the aforesaid to be true, at the petition of the abbot and convent exempted the monastery and all its appropriated parishes and churches (fn. 5) from all archiepiscopal and episcopal jurisdiction etc., as before the said erection. The recent petition, however, of the said bishop contained that the monastery and its parishes and churches (fn. 6) were never exempted from the jurisdiction of the ordinary before the said erection, and that the said pension of 40s. was payable, not by way of indemnities, as was falsely set forth, but for the annual visitations of the said parish churches (fn. 1) by the bishop or his deputies, and that the said exemption made by the pope is to the great prejudice and loss of the church of Norwich. The pope therefore at the said petition and that of Edward king of England, orders the above two bishops, if they find the foregoing to be true etc., to annul the said exemption etc., and to restore the bishop, present and future, to his original state as regards his said jurisdiction, and to hear, decide and terminate all causes between him and the abbot and convent, which causes the pope hereby calls up to himself, causing their decision to be observed by ecclesiastical censure, without appeal etc., and invoking if necessary the aid of the secular arm. Romani pontificis. (G. de Piccolominibus. | Coll(ationata) B. Jo. de Salas.) [3¼ pp. In the margin, as before, is ‘car(dinalis).’ See above, p. 489.]
Non. July.
(7 July.)
(f. 69.)
To the archbishop of Cashel. Mandate, as below. The recent petition of Redmond (Readmundus) Baren, chancellor of Cashel, contained that a dispute formerly arose between Matthew Ogriffa, [now] elect of Killaloe (Laonien.), and John Ohedian and Cornelius Omolcom, priests, of Cashel, about the deanery of Cashel (the latter two of whom still claim it), that, whilst the cause has been pending before the said archbishop, the said Matthew has been elected and appointed bishop of Killaloe, wherefore the said deanery is to become void by the said promotion and by the consecration to be administered to the said elect. The pope therefore orders the archbishop to surrogate Redmond in and to all whatever right belonged to the said Matthew at the time of the said appointment, and to make him collation and provision of such right, etc., and moreover, if he find by the result of the said suit that neither John nor Cornelius has a right in or to the deanery, to reserve to the archbishop's gift, for collation to Redmond, the deanery itself, a major dignity with cure, value not exceeding 24 marks sterling, upon obtaining which he shall resign the said chancellorship. Vite etc. (G. de Piccolominibus. | xxxx. G. de Porris. Baudetus. Jo. de Tartarinis.) [In the margin:Augusti. 3 pp. Theiner has not made his cross opposite the brief rubricella:
Cassellen. Raymundus Baren. fo. lxviiiio ., nor on f. 69. The bull is therefore not in his Monumenta.]

6 Pius II.

Kal. Oct.
(1 Oct.)
St. Peter's, Rome.
(f. 133.)
To the deans of the churches of St. Mary de Sausoya and St. Peter de Maccriis in the dioceses of Evreux and Laon. Mandate in regard to the pope's indult to Henry bishop of Térouane (Morinen.), dated 12 Kal. July anno 4 (20 June, 1462), to receive etc. a charitative subsidy from all the clergy of his diocese, which the pope hereby recapitulates; the pope having learned from the said bishop that none of the said subsidy has yet been exacted because the dean, provost, canons and chapters of Térouane and St. Omer and others have appealed to the pope against the said grant, which appeals the pope has committed to Master John Didaci de Coqua, a papal chaplain and auditor. At the said bishop's petition, the pope hereby declares the said appeals frivolous, calls up to himself the causes themselves, extinguishes the suits etc., and orders the above two deans to execute the said grant, etc. In apostolice sedis. (G. de Piccolominibus. | xxx. G. de Porris. L. de Mancinis.) [In the margin: Septembris. 2¾ pp. See above, pp. 446 and 471.]

5 Pius II.

10 Kal. June.
(23 May.)
St Peter's, Rome.
(f. 227d.)
To Richard Hayman, archdeacon of Huntingdon, in the church of Lincoln. Indult to visit by deputy the churches, monasteries and other ecclesiastical places of his said archdeaconry and also of one other archdeaconry which he shall hold for the time being, and the persons thereof, and to receive the procurations; with mandate executory hereby to the archbishop of Canterbury and the archdeacon of Lincoln. (fn. 1) Meruit tue devotionis. (G. de Piccolominibus. | xxxv. A. de Urbino. P. de Chiarry. N. Garilhati.) [In the margin: Novembris. 1½ pp.]


  • 1. On the back of the volume is the usual modern red leather label, with: ‘Pii ii. de Cur. An. v. vi. T. xxvi,’ and on both the top and bottom edges of the volume is the usual contemporary description: ‘xxvi. bullarum Pii.’ Inside the volume is the front half of the original parchment binding, with the contemporary description: ‘Liber xxvi. bullarum Pii pape ii.’ and various unimportant contemporary notes and the 16th century ‘Vis(um) V(incentius) Cl(ementinus).’ The Rubricelle, of which there are 9 pp., are headed: ‘Rubricelle libri xxvi. bullarum domini Pii pape ii. de anno mcccclxiii. anno quinto et sexto,’ and end with ‘Finis. Deo gratias, alleluya.’ There are i–cccxvi. ff. of text.
  • 2. Beneath the numeral ‘c’ is a large ‘b,’ probably representing an unfinished ‘Bandetus’ (or ‘Baudetus’), who in fact subscribes the letters which precede and follow this one in the Register.
  • 3. gratis et amore.
  • 4. in numerata pecunia.
  • 5. depositarius noster.
  • 6. Londonis commorantibus.
  • 7. cum omnibus eius parrochiis et ecclesiis (? rectius parrochialibus ecclesiis) eidem monasterio incorporatis.
  • 8. cum parrochiis et ecclesiis antedictis.
  • 9. Here in predictis ecclesiis parrochialibus.
  • 10. Quocirca venerabili fratri archiepiscopo Lincolnien. (sic) et dilecto filio archidiacono ecclesie Lincolnien. per apostolica scripta mandamus quatenus ipsi vel eorum alter per se vel alium seu alios faciant