Vatican Regesta 514: 1458-1461

Pages 679-681

Calendar of Papal Registers Relating To Great Britain and Ireland, Volume 11, 1455-1464. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1921.

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Vatican Regesta. Vol. DXIV. (fn. 1)


1 Pius II.

17 Kal. Oct.
(15 Sept.)
St Peter's, Rome.
(f. 2.)
To the bishops of St. Andrews, Dunkeld and Orvieto (Urbevetan.). Mandate, as below. It was set forth to Calixtus III on behalf of Richard Willi, (fn. 2) priest, of the diocese of Brechin, that he obtained possession of the perpetual vicarage of Dunde in the said diocese, by collation made first by authority of the ordinary and then by papal authority, on its voidance by the death of Richard Crag, and that John Thiri, rector of Lyni in the diocese of Glasgow, alleged that he had been presented to it, on its becoming void as above, by abbot James and the convent of the Benedictine monastery of Lindores in the diocese of St. Andrews, and that the late John bishop of Brechin unjustly refused to institute him; that from the said refusal and from Richard's obtaining of possession he appealed to the apostolic see, and that each of them appointed proctors in the Roman court for the prosecution of the cause; that Nicholas V committed the cause of the appeal, at John's instance, to Master Bernard de Bosco, and the same cause and that of the principal matter, at Richard's instance, to Master Orlandus de Bonarlis, both of them chaplains and auditors of the present as of the said pope, etc. (a long account of the litigation in the Roman court follows, and of alleged fraud by Gilbert Furster, archdeacon of Brechin, one of Thiri's proctors, who said that provision had been ordered to be made to him by papal authority, and of the said pope Calixtus's issue of a mandate of inquiry). Seeing that pope Calixtus died before the report was made, the present pope, having learned of Gilbert's fraud by the said report and by witnesses, restores Richard to his original condition as regards the suit, and restores him to possession of the vicarage, etc., and orders the above three bishops to restore him to possession, remove the said Gilbert and any other, and cause satisfaction to be made to Richard in respect of its fruits etc. received by Gilbert since he took possession etc. Moreover, after Richard has been thus restored, if Gilbert, after having been absolved, will have a judicial trial with Richard about the vicarage, (fn. 3) the above two bishops of St. Andrews and Dunkeld are to hear and decide such cause, enforcing the observance of their decision by ecclesiastical censure, etc. Justis et humilibus. (L. Dathus. | xxviii. Ja. Bouron. D. de Piscia.) [In the margin: Augusti. 5½ pp. Briefly in Theiner, Vet. Mon. Hib. et Scot. Hist. Illustr., p. 453, from ‘Reg. Tom. XLVII, fol. 2,’ i.e. the present Register. See also Cal. Papal Lett., X, pp. 250, 251 (with the spelling ‘Richard Trag’), and above, pp. 24, 38, 278, 306, 384.]

2 Pius II.

5 Id. Aug.
(9 Aug.)
(f. 38d.)
To Francis, bishop of Terni (Interamnen.), the pope's legate and commissary in the realm of England, the principality of Wales and the lordship of Ireland. Mandate, the pope having long heard that Vincent Clementis has behaved unjustly and unworthily in his office of collector of the papal Camera in England etc., to remove him from his office, the pope himself hereby revoking and deposing him, and forbidding him to meddle any longer therewith. The above bishop is, himself or by deputy, to exercise it, make an inquiry into Vincent's administration, proceed against him and his deputies judicially, and send the process closed under the bishop's seal to the pope, order Vincent to appear in person before the pope etc. Regimi[ni] universalis ecclesie presidentes. (Ja. Papien. | A. de Montia.) [3 pp.]

3 Pius II.

15 Kal. May.
(17 April.)
St. Peter's, Rome.
(f. 55.)
To William, bishop of Winchester. Absolution (it having been recently set forth to the pope on his behalf that he fears lest he may have committed anything by which he may have incurred the indignation of the pope and the apostolic see, especially when the pope ordered Francis bishop of Terni, legate in England, and the archbishop of Canterbury and the bishop of Exeter to make inquiry into the truth of certain charges made to the pope against him) from any sentences of excommunication etc., even for disobedience to the pope's mandates, dispensation on account of irregularity contracted, and rehabilitation. He is to do a salutary penance, to be imposed by the confessor of his choice to whom he shall confess his sins. Precellens auctoritas Romani pontificis. (Ja. Papien. | C. Fidelis.) [3 pp. +.]
(f. 56.)
To Laurence, bishop of Durham. The like, mutatis mutandis. Registered briefly, with: ‘Precellens auctoritas Romani pontificis etc. prout in superiori proxime scripta de verbo ad verbum, mutatis tamen mutandis, sub eadem data, et idem scriptor.’ (In the margin is: Ja. Papien.)
To William, archbishop of York. The like, mutatis mutandis. Similarly registered: ‘Precellens auctoritas Romani pontificis etc. prout in superiori predicta de verbo ad verbum, mutatis tamen mutandis, ac sub eadem data.’ (In the margin:Ja. Papien, and at the end: C. Fidelis, which evidently applies also to the preceding letter.).


  • 1. On the back of the volume is the usual modern red leather label, with: ‘Pii ii. Secre. L. xvii. T. xlvii.,’ and on the bottom edge of it is the usual contemporary description, apparently ‘i. Secretus d(omini) n(ostri) Pii pape ii.’ After the usual parchment and paper flyleaves come 7 pp. of very brief ‘Rubricelle,’ headed with that word and ending with ‘Finis.’ The volume is a thin one, containing only ff. i to cxlvi. of text, f. i. being headed: ‘Liber primus secretorum tempore domini Pii pape secundi anno primo.’
  • 2. Also spelt ‘Wih.’
  • 3. super predicta vicaria cum ipso Richardo judicialiter experiri voluerit.