Index of Persons and Places: A

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Calendar of Papal Registers Relating To Great Britain and Ireland: Volume 11, 1455-1464. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1921.

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Abarnethi, Abarnethy. See Abernethy.

Abbadia S. Salvatore, in the diocese of Chiusi, papal letters dated at, 449, 450, 451, 453, 454, 455, 465, 628, 684.

-, the castle of San Quirico less than two days' journey from, 457 (bis).

-, Pius II. and his court residing at, 457 (bis).

Abberbrocht, Abberbroth, Abberbrothat, Abberbrothoc, Abberbrothot. See Arbroath.

Abbernethy, George de, clerk, dispensation to, 640.

Abbey, co. Clare, See Corcomroe.

Abbeyderg, Dearg [in Taghsheenod parish, co. Longford], Augustinian priory, prior of, papal mandatary, 508.

Abbey Dore [co. Hereford], Cistercian abbey, abbot of, papal mandatary, 71.

Abbeygormacan, de Noua uia [co. Galway], Augustinian abbey of St. Mary, abbot of, papal mandatary, 316.

Abbeyknockmoy, co. Galway. See Knockmoy.

Abbeyleix, Queen's county. See Leix.

Abbirnethy. See Abernethy.

Abbots Ripton [co. Huntington], parish church of St. Andrew, rectory of, 594.

Abbrebrothot. See Arbroath.

Abdie, Ebdey [co. Fife], vicarage (called pensionaria) of, 580.

Abdy, Robert, rector of Sandy, dispensation to, 567.

Abendon. See Abingdon.

Aberbode. See Everbeur.

Aberbroth, Aberbrothoc, Aberbrothot. See Arbroath.

Aberdeen, Alberdonen[sis], [co, Aberdeen], bishop of, benefices in the collation of, 617.

-, -, inhibition of, 666.

-, -, institution etc. made by authority of, 269.

-, -, papal mandatary, 322, 395, 453 (bis), 454, 457 (bis), 484, 659 (bis).

-, -, resignation admitted by authority of, 269.

-, -, support afforded to neglectful vicars by, 668.

-, Ingram bishop of. See de Lindsay.

-, Thomas bishop of. See Spens.

-, William elected bishop of (by the chapter). See Forbes.

-, bishop, dean, archdeacon and chapter of, provision and reservation of benefices in the collation of, 173, 184.

-, bishop, dean and chapter of, provision and reservation of benefices in the collation of, 430, 458, 560.

-, dean of, papal mandatary, 269, 429, 449, 456.

-, Andrew dean of. See de Durisder and Stewart.

-, Richard dean of. See Forbes.

-, archdeacon of, absent in remote parts, 269.

-, -, papal mandatary, 269, 288.

-, James a litigant for the archdeaconry of. See Lindsay.

-, chancellor of, papal letters impetrated to, 258.

-, -, papal mandatary, 412.

-, Duncan chancellor of. See Lichton.

-, official of, papal mandatary, 33, 183, 205, 256, 259, 269, 300, 414, 455 (bis), 560, 577.

-, -,suit before, 258.

-, precentor of, papal mandatary, 288.

-, Henry precentor of. See Clerk and Hervi.

-, Andrew treasurer of. See Lyell.

-, Henry treasurer of. See Rind.

-, canons of. See Balfour, John; Clait, John; Douglas, Hugh de; Ednen, Thomas; Forbes, Richard; Forster, Robert; Fratour, William; Fysse, Andrew; Lindsay, James; Lindsay, William; Mirton, John; Monypenny, George; Nicolai, Patrick; Senes, John; Stewart, Andrew; Stewart, James; Ydil, Walter.

-, canons provided of. See Forster, Robert; Hel, Andrew; Kennedy, Henry; Kennedy, James; Lindsay, William; Macnab, Maurice; Preston, Alexander; Vaus, Thomas.

-, de facto canon of. See Lindsay, William.

-, canonry and prebend of, 280.

-, chapter of, election of a bishop made by, 528.

-, -, election of a dean by, invalid, 33.

-, chapter etc. of, papal letters to, 310.

-, major dignities of, excepted from reservations, 300, 329.

-, prebend and dignity in, reserved, 329.

-, prebends in, reserved, 107, 158, 182, 204.

-, prebends in:


Kincardine O'Neil.




-, diocese of, parish churches in, appropriated to monastic houses, ruinous condition etc. of, 644.

-, -, -, excepted from an inhibition in favour of the abbot and convent of Arbroath, 644.

-, -, -, dispute as to the condition of, 666, 667.

-, -, parish churches in, united to the abbey of Arbroath, 666, 667, 668.

Abergavenny, Bergeveny [co. Monmouth], lord of. See Nevill, Edward.

Abernethy, Abarnethi, Abarnethy, Abbirnethy, Albernethy [co. Perth], collegiate church of St. Bride, provost of, papal mandatary, 306, 579.

-, vicarage of, 286.

Abernyte, Abernit [co. Perth], rectory of, united to the chapter of Dunkeld, 318.

Abingdon, Abendon [co. Berks], Benedictine abbey of St. Mary, William abbot of. See Asshendon.

Abingdon by Northampton. See Abington, co. Northampton,

Abington, Wofthynea, de Wo[th]enia, de Wothina [in Owneybeg barony, co. Limerick], Cistercian abbey of St. Mary, abbot of, papal mandatary, 245, 283, 352.

-, -, monk of. See Omubceayn, Matthew.

Abington, Abingdon by Northampton [co. Northampton], parish church of SS. Peter and Paul, rectory of, 588.

Abirbrothok. SeeArbroath.

Abriachy alias Bonach. See Bona.

Abrobrothot. See Arbroath.

Abryachy. See Bona.

Abulen[sis]. See Avila.

Ach, Agnen[sis], [an ancient district, now part of Finistre, France], archdeacon of, papal mandatary, 458 note.

Achadeo , archdeacon de. See Aghadoe.

Achadlurcarre. See Aghalurcher.

Achaduyn. See Aghadown.

Achamicairt. See Aghmacart.

Achcruym Omane, Achdrymd Omany, Acheruym Omane. See Aughrim, co. Galway.

Achilmere, Athilmer, John, provost of St. Salvator's at St. Andrews, executor of a papal mandate, 419.

-, -, sentence of, confirmed, 423.

-, -, a sub-commissioner of James [Kennedy], bishop of St. Andrews, 378.

Achmmcharth. See Aghmacart.

Achonry, Akaden[sis], [co. Sligo], bishop of, castle built by, granted to Bernard Oheadra, dean of Achonry, 646.

-, -, papal mandatary, 348.

-, -, rights of, in connection with the blessing of an abbot of Ballysadare, saved, 487.

-, Cornelius bishop of. See Omochan.

-, James bishop of. See Blakedon.

-, bishopric of, smallness of the fruits of, 237.

-, bishop, dean and chapter of, reservation of a benefice in the collation of, 607.

-, dean of, papal mandatary, 273, 487, 492.

-, Bernard dean of. See Oheadra.

-, provost of, papal mandatary, 487, 492.

-, canons of. See Macabrechim, Thomas; Ocleri, Dermit; Ofloynn, Dermit; Ohara, John; Ocearnaid, Bernard; Ocearnaid, Cornelius; Omochan, Odo.

-, lands of the church of, 646.

-, city and diocese of, intimidation in, 313.

Achras, Achros. See Aughris.

Achur. See Freshford.

Achynach. See Aghinagh.

Ackinsen, Richard, rector of Glass, sometime vicar of Cullen, 269.

Acly. See Ady.

Acon, Thomas de, rector of Upper Clatford, dispensation to, 578.

Aconia . See Acre.

Acras. See Aughris.

Acre, Aconia [Syria], hospital of St. Thomas the Martyr of. See London: religious houses.

Acte voch (rectius Atteuo[r]th). See Atworth.

Acthamaland. See Aghavallen.

Adamstown, Paltol Martine, Paltolmartyne, Poltolmartyne alias Ballyadam [in Kilmeadan parish, co. Waterford], rectory or portion of, appropriated to the capitular mensa of Waterford, 379.

Adare, Adar [co. Limerick], house or convent of Trinitarian friars, John minister of. See Maclanchay.

Adrianus , 25, 95, 159, 414, 589, 592, 593, 595, 596, 600, 605, 662.

Ady (or Acly) alias Newent, Robert, a monk of Grace Dieu, co. Monmouth, dispensation to, 528.

Adzell. See Edzell.

Ag . See Aguilo, Johannes.

Aghadoe, de Achadeo [co. Kerry], archdeacon of, papal mandatary, 350.

-, Dermit archdeacon of. See O'Sullivan.

-, Florence archdeacon of. See O'Sullivan.

-, Maurice archdeacon of. See O'Sullivan.

-, Thady archdeacon of. See O'Sullivan.

- See also Innisfallen.

Aghadown, Achaduyn [co. Cork], vicarage of, 305.

Aghalurcher, Achadlurcarre [co. Fermanagh], vicarage of, 314, 315.

Aghanloo, Aluuga [co. Londonderry], vicarage of, 467.

Aghavallen, Acthamaland [co. Kerry], rectory of, 273.

Aghinagh, Achynach [co. Cork], vicarage of, 320.

Aghmacart, Achamicairt, Achmmcharth, Athumicarth [Queen's county], Augustinian priory, Dermit prior of. See Omeathair.

-, -, Patrick prior of. See Obuagy.

-, -, canon of. See Ocrinam, Thady.

Aghnameadle, co. Tipperary. See Toomyvara.

Aghoure, co. Kilkenny. See Freshford.

Aghton alias Haghton, Nicholas, layman, dispensed to marry, 348.

Agmondesham. See Amersham.

Agnanina , Ja. de, 301.

Agnen [sis]. See Ach.

Aguilo , Johannes, Ag., papal registers rubricated by, 289 note, 293 note, 331 note.

Ahamlish, co. Sligo. See Inishmurray.

Ahoghill, Atheochtaill [co. Antrim], vicarage of, 303.

Airteach, Archayrt [an ancient division in the north-west of co. Roscommon], vicarage and rectory of, 187.

Akaden[sis]. See Achonry.

Aladen[sis]. See Killala.

Alamania . See Germany.

Alani, Andrew, layman, one of the executors of the will of Margery, late wife of Gilbert Sancher, 258.

Albania, commissary of Calixtus III to. See Newport, John.

Albano [province of Rome, Italy], Peter [cardinal] bishop of. See de Fuxo.

Alberbrocht, Alberbroth, Alberbrothe, Alberbrothoc, Alberbrothot. See Arbroath.

Alberdonen[sis] for Aberdonen[sis], 258 note.

Albernethy. See Abernethy.

Albertis , B. de, 382, 530.

Albi [Tarn, France], diocese of, litigation respecting a parish church in, 574 note.

Albon, William, a monk and claustral prior of St. Albans, confirmation and decree in favour of, 88, 89.

Albotractu , abbey de. See Tracton.

Alcala , Jo. de, 471.

-, -, papal register rubricated by, 443.

Alcester, Alyncestre [co. Warwick], Benedictine abbey of SS. Mary the Virgin and John the Baptist, William sometime abbot of. See Burton.

-, -, monk of. See Burton, William.

Alcok, John, rector of St. Margaret, New Fish Street, London, dispensation to, 648.

Alderton, Aldyrton [co. Gloucester], rectory of, 143.

Aldington, Aldyngton [now in Thornham parish, co. Kent], parish church of, appropriated to Combwell priory, union of, with Thornham, confirmed, 66, 67.

-, -, fewness of parishioners of, 66.

-, -, small value of fruits of, 66, 67.

-, -, nearness of, to Thornham, 66.

-, rectory of, 662.

Aldyrton. See Alderton.

Alessandria [Italy], bishop of, papal mandatary, 24, 38, 39, 42, 104, 272, 276 (bis), 278 (bis), 303, 320.

-, Mark bishop of. See de Marinaribus.

Alet [Aude, France], bishop of, papal mandatary, 241.

Alexander IV, example of, 7.

-, grant by, quoted, 95.

-, privileges granted by, 29, 29 note, 30 (bis).

-, privileges granted to the Cruciferi by, 114.

-, subdeacon and notary of. See Jordan, master.

Alexander IV (? rectius V), letters of, renewed, 143.

Alexander V, exemption granted by, 615, 616.

Alexander, late a canon of Glasgow and prebendary of Govan, 421.

Alexandri, Patrick or Patricius, scholar, dispensation to, 260.

-, -, to be rector of Morton, 549.

Alexandria [Egypt], Arnoldus patriarch of. See Rogerius.

Aleyn, John, doctor of laws, indult to, 226.

-, -, Anne his wife, 226.

-, John, rector of Wood Eaton, dispensation to, 578.

- Cf. Allyn.

Alfonsi, Alvarus, bishop of Silves. See Siluen[sis], A.

Alfonso, king of Aragon, chamberlain and counsellor of. See Newport, John.

Allerton, Robert, donsel, safe conduct for, 173.

Allington, Aylyngton [co. Lincoln], rectory of, 79.

Allyn, John, priest, indult to, 84.

- Cf. Aleyn.

Almondsbury, Almunsbury [co. Gloucester], vicarage of, 90.

Althorpe [co. Lincoln], John Nevill, lord of, 296.

Althy. See Athy.

Aluerdescote. See Alverdiscott.

Aluuga. See Aghanloo.

Alverdiscott, Aluerdescote [co. Devon], rectory of, 23.

Alvernia (rectius Algarvia). See Auverne.

Alwascal, in the island of Uist, Oist [co. Inverness], parish church of St. Mary, vicarage of, 286.

Alwoode, Oliver, vicar of Sawbridgeworth, dispensation to, 639.

Alycht. See Alyth.

Alyncestre. See Alcester.

Alyth, Alycht, Alytht [co. Perth], vicarage of, 291 (bis).

Amanati , Jacobus. See Lucen[sis] and de Piccolominibus.

Amelia [Perugia, Italy], Roger bishop of. See Mandosi.

Amelia , A. de, 263, 267, 272, 279, 289, 291, 300, 301, 303, 304, 305, 308, 315, 322, 325, 326, 329, 330, 332, 333, 334, 338, 339, 341, 342, 346, 351, 353, 354, 355, 357, 358, 359.

Amersham, Agmondesham [co. Buckingham], rectory of, 132.

Amesham, John, a monk of Westminster, dispensation to, 658.

Amici , Michaelis, 12 et passim to 694.

-, -, a canon of St. Denis, Lige, a writer and abbreviator of apostolic letters, appointed nuncio and collector for the crusade in Mayence etc., 59.

Amiens [Somme, France], bishop of, papal mandatary, 447.

-, vidame of, See Darly, John.

Anaghcriochan alias Clonferta, Anaghcrochan alias Clonfertha, Anagerothan alias Clonferta. See Clonfert, co. Cork

Anagni [province of Rome, Italy], papal letters dated at, 29 (bis).

Anagnia , A. de, 339.

Ancona [Italy], bishop of, papal mandatary, 454, 456, 460 (bis).

-, Agapitus bishop of. See Rustici-Cenci.

-, papal letters dated at, 509, 673, 674, 675.

Angers [Maine-et-Loire, France], canon of. See Principis, Oliver.

Anglesey, Andrew archdeacon of. See Holes.

Angulo, Anglo, Thomas de, a canon of Tuam, to have collation of the prebend of Balla, 209.

-, -, charges against, 473.

Angus, George earl of. See Douglas.

Anicien [sis]. See Le Puy.

Annaghdown, Enachdunen[sis], [co. Galway], bishop of, papal mandatary, 244.

-, John bishop of. See Connere.

-, Raymund bishop of. See Bermingham.

-, Thomas bishop of. See Baret.

-, dean of, papal mandatary, 244, 333.

-, Bernard dean of. See Ochoyn.

-, Matthew dean of. See O'Flaherty.

-, archdeacon of, papal mandatary, 264.

-, John archdeacon of. See O'Madden.

-, canon of. See Obarcdy, Richard.

-, chapter etc. of, papal letters to, 341.

-, cathedral church of, nonresidence of the dean at, 476.

-, -, vicarage or chaplaincy in, 220, 222, 239.

-, city and diocese of, favouritism in, 255.

-, -, intimidation in, 250, 491.

-, Augustinian abbey of St. Mary de Portu patrum, abbot of, papal mandatary, 220.

-, -, Eugenius abbot of, charges against, 295.

-, -, Richard abbot of. See de Burgo (Ruffus).

-, -, Thady abbot of. See Odubayn.

-, -, canon of. See O'Flaherty, Cornelius.

-, Premonstratensian abbey of St. John the Baptist de Cella parva, Eugenius abbot of. See MacEgan.

-, -, John de facto abbot of. See Omeallayd.

-, -, Maurice abbot of. See Mac Egan.

-, -, Patrick sometime abbot of. See O'Duffy.

-, -, canons of. See Odubayn, Thady; Omeallayd, John.

Anne, widow of Gerveys, and mother of John, Robert and Stephen Smith, indult to, 19.

Antro Sancti Findbarii , Fymbarry, abbey de. See Cork, Gill abbey.

Aosta, Augusten[sis], [Turin, Italy], chancellor of, papal mandatary, 108.

Appulton, Thomas, rector of a moiety of the rectory of Springfield called Springfield Richards, dispensation to, 568.

Aquila [Abruzzi, Italy], papal letters dated at, 29.

Aquilone , Jo. de, 468, 473, 477, 653, 655, 660, 672, 683.

-, -, papal notary, 683.

Aragon [Spain], benefices of the Hospitallers in, 647 (bis).

-, king of. See Alfonso.

-, -, chamberlain and counsellor of. See Neuport, John.

-, kingdom of, papal nuncios in. See Poncius de Fouelleto, William; and Soler, John.

-, members of the hospital of S. Spirito in, 82.

Arblaster, Arbelstr, Thomas, the elder, esquire, and Alice his wife, grant by, 49, 50.

Arbroath, Abberbrocht, Abberbroth, Abberbrothat, Abberbrothoc, Abberbrothot, Abbrebrothot, Aberbroth, Aberbrothoc, Aberbrothot, Abirbrothok, Abrobrothot, Alberbrocht, Alberbroth, Alberbrothe, Alberbrothoc, Alberbrothot, Arbroch [co. Forfar], Benedictine abbey of St. Thomas the Martyr, abbot of, faculties to, 666 668.

-, -, -, papal mandatary, 104, 209, 211, 301, 336, 474.

-, -, -, privilege granted to, 442.

-, -, Malcolm, abbot of, benefices in the presentation of, 436.

-, -, -, licences to, 436, 599.

-, -, -, faculty to, 436.

-, -, -, and the convent of, petition of, 405.

-, -, abbot and convent of, exempted in respect of parish churches appropriated thereto from all episcopal jurisdiction save that of the bishop of St. Andrews, 441, 442.

-, -, -, bishops and ordinaries inhibited from molesting, 643.

-, -, -, annulment of inhibition in favour of, as regards the diocese of Aberdeen, 644.

-, -, -, privileges granted to, to be confirmed, 665, 666, 667.

-, -, -, provision of benefices in the collation of, 449, 589.

-, -, -, reservation of benefices in the collation of, 42, 300, 329.

-, -, -, suits with Thomas [Spens], bishop of Aberdeen, 667.

-, -, claustral prior of, faculty to, 666.

-, -, claustral sub-prior of, 442.

-,-, monks of, benefice wont to be governed by. See Fyvie.

-, -, monks of. See Boncle, William; Cuby, Robert; Guthre, Richard; Mason, Alexander.

-, -, a monk's portion in, 406.

-, -, union and appropriation of the dependent priory of Fyvie to, 405, 406.

-, -, priory of Fyvie dependent on, 424.

-, -, appropriated churches of, 441, 667, 668.

-, -, parish churches annexed to, obligations of the vicars of, 668.

-, -, -, See also Meldrum, Old,

-, -, parish churches in the diocese of Aberdeen united to, 666, 667, 668.

-, -, impoverishment of, 405.

Arbroch. See Arbroath.

Arbury, Erdebury [in Chilvers Coton, co. Warwick], Augustinian priory of St. Mary the Virgin, John prior of. See Bronley.

Archayrt. See Airteach.

Archer, Cristina, wife of John Archer. See Sewale.

-, John, layman, charges against, 319.

-, -, wife of. See Sewale alias Archer, Cristina.

-, Thomas, dean of Ossory, charges against, 344, 345.

Archros. See Aughris.

Arcubus , parish church of St. Mary de. See London: parochial churches.

Ardabaden[sis], an error for Ardakaden[sis], 410.

Ardach. See Ardagh, co. Mayo.

Ardacha, diocese of Killaloe, portion of a rectory, 218.

Ardagh, Ardabaden[sis], Ardakaden[sis], [co. Longford], Cormac bishop of. See MacGauran.

-, John [bishop-] elect of, substituted for John O'Hedian, as proctor of Jordan [Purcell], bishop of Cork and Cloyne, 470.

-, -, resignation falsely made by, 472.

-, dean of, papal mandatary, 307.

-, canons of, no fixed number of, 410.

-, -, unduly detaining the rectory of Muintir-Eolays, 508.

-, -, See also MacConachy, Eugenius; Magamrugan, Cormac; Magranaill, Cormac; Offaynd, John; Ogonuand, John; Orodichayn, Eugenius.

-, prebend (temporary) in, See Kiltoghert.

-, prebends in, alleged division of the rectory of MuintirEolays among, 508.

-, city and diocese of, intimidation in, 283.

Ardagh, Ardach [co. Mayo], a prebend in Killala, 308, 309.

Ardakaden[sis]. See Ardagh, co. Longford.

Ardcarn, Ardcarrna [co. Roscommon], vicarage of, to be temporarily united to the priory of Inchmacnerin, 411.

Ardfert, Arferden[sis], [co. Kerry], bishop of, papal mandatary, 236, 237, 242.

-, bishop of, dwelling in London, papal mandatary, 469.

-, Maurice bishop of. See O'Connor.

-, Nicholas bishop of. See Fitz Maurice.

-, dean of, papal mandatary, 17, 273, 275.

-, John dean of. See Stak.

-, archdeacon of, papal mandatary, 247, 273, 337.

-, chancellor of, papal mandatary, 332.

-, David chancellor of. See FitzMaurice.

-, Eugenius chancellor of. See Macsynyn.

-, Maurice chancellor of. See FitzMaurice.

-, precentor of, papal mandatary, 273.

-, precentor (tricenarius) of, papal mandatary, 332.

-, John precentor of. See FitzMaurice; FitzMaurice (de Geraldinis); and de Geraldinis (son of Thomas).

-, canons of. See Odumachan, Philip; Ohuoyna, Philip; Oseancain, Thomas.

-, de facto canon of. See O'Connor, Thomas.

-, prebend in. See Kinard.

-, city and diocese of, favouritism in, 356.

-, -, intimidation in, 213.

-, diocese of, lack of justice in, 448.

-, vicarage of, 275, 312.

- See also Barrow.

Ardiahyn (rectius Ardrahyn). See Ardrahan.

Ardkeen, Arkyn [co. Down], rectory of, 32, 33.

Ardnurcher, Arnirchir, Arnurhire [King's county, and co. Westmeath], rectory called the plebania of, 501, 502.

Ardrahan, Ardiahyn, Ardrachyn, Ardrathyn [co. Galway], rectory of, 216.

-, vicarage of, 251.

Ardrim, William, a brother of the hospital of the order of the Cruciferi at Burton Lazars, dispensation to, 126.

Ardwyning, in the diocese of St. Andrews, John Dalrimple, lord of a place in, 226.

Are, Richard de, late vicar of Cambusnethan, 256.

Arezzo, Aretin[us], [Italy], bishop of, papal mandatary, 372.

Arferden[sis]. See Ardfert.

Argent, Clement, rector of Hemswell, dispensation to, 562, 563.

Argentina, John son of Henry, Heinrici, de, a Friar Minor, a chaplain and commensal of Margaret queen of England, and rector of Whitchurch, dispensations to, 118, 119 note, 562.

Argentinen[sis]. See Strassburg.

Argyll, Lismore, Lismore alias Argyll, Ergadien[sis], [co. Argyll], bishop of, papal mandatary, 425, 671, 691, 693.

-, George bishop of. See Lawder.

-, archdeacon of, papal mandatary, 124, 318.

-, canon of. See Weyke, James.

-, prebend in. See Kilcolmkill.

-, episcopal mensa of, appropriation of the rectory of Dunoon to, 691.

Ariminen[sis]. See Rimini.

Arkyn: See Ardkeen.

Armagh, Armachan[us], [co.Armagh], province of, 684.

-, archbishop of, official or vicar-general in spirituals of, appeal brought before, from the court of the official of Meath, 243.

-, -, papal letters to, 102, 322, 341, 358, 35960.

-, -, reservation of benefices in the collation of, 300.

-, -, rights of, in connection with the consecration of a bishop of Clonmacnoise, saved, 360.

-, John archbishop or [archbishop-]elect of. See Bole.

-, John archbishop or late archbishop of. See Mey.

-, dean of, papal mandatary, 242, 276.

-, official of, papal mandatary, 276, 314.

-, canon of. See Mackamail, John; Mackamail, Patrick; Macrevair, William; Oconne, Magonius; Oculean, Ysac; O'Kelly, Patrick; Olucharean, Cristin; Olucharean, Patrick (1) and (2); Omolmuaid, Maurice; Omulchain, John.

-, canon provided of. See Macgillacosgli, Thady.

-, de facto canon of. See Oculain, David.

-, chapter of, petition of, 323.

-, -, reservation of benefices in the collation of, 300.

-, chapter etc. of, papal letters to, 323.

-, prebends in:



Clonoe and Donaghenry.


-, city and diocese of, intimidation in, 248, 282, 308.

-, Augustinian abbey of SS. Peter and Paul, abbot of, papal mandatary, 265.

Armeburgh, Reginald, grant by, 50.

-, Robert, esquire, grant by 50.

Armitage, co. Stafford. See Handsacre.

Arnirchir. See Ardnurcher.

Arnold, Emota, of Keynsham, indult to, 362.

Arnuhire. See Ardnurcher.

Arras [Pas-de-Calais, France], bishop of, papal mandatary, 247, 516, 546, 596.

-, John bishop of. See Gaufridi.

Arrat (or Caldhame), Arrate [in Brechin parish, co. Forfar], chapel of St. Mary Magdalen, 278.

Arrendelle. See Arundel.

Artes, Peter de, late a canon and prebendary and provost (for the month of November) of Valencia, 462.

Aruicampo , abbey de. See Kilcooly.

Arundel, Arrendelle [co. Sussex], Augustinian hospital of the Holy Trinity, called God's houses, master of, grant to, 235.

-, William earl and lord of. See FitzAlan.

Arundel, Arundell, John, archdeacon of Richmond, afterwards bishop of Chichester, indult to, 72.

-, -, provision of the bishopric of Chichester to, 377.

-, -, faculty for the consecration of, etc., 377.

-, Arundell, John, rector of Kilbworth Beauchamp, dispensation to, 585.

-, Arundell, Walter, an Augustinian canon of Christchurch, dispensation to, 564.

Arvicampo , abbey de. See Kilcooly.

Aschele, Edward, rector of Warnford, dispensation to, 164.

Asdara. See Ballysadare.

Asgeptenc. See Askeaton.

Ashby, Nicholas, bishop of Llandaff, death of, 358.

Ashridge, Asscherruge, Asscheruge [in Pitstone, co. Buckingham], house of the order of Bonshommes [of Grammont], brother of. See Cowper, Thomas.

Askeaton, Asgeptenc [co. Limerick], vicarage of, 385, 386.

Assaroe, de Sameria, de Samerya [in Kilbarron parish, co. Donegal], Cistercian abbey of St. Mary, abbot of, papal mandatary, 619.

-, -, monk of. See O'Flannagan, Bartholomew.

Asscherruge, Asscheruge. See Ashridge.

Asshendon, Asshendoy, William, abbot of Abingdon, indult to, 521.

Assheton, Aysshton, Nicholas, arbitrator, award of, 610, 611, 612.

Aston Clinton, Aston Chinton, Aston Chynton, Aston Quynton [co. Buckingham], rectory of, 646.

Aston Flamville, Aston Flamvil, Aston Flamvile, Aston Flamwile [co. Leicester], rectory of, 60, 65.

-, -, John Wardale, rector of, 375.

Aston Quynton. See Aston Clinton.

Atheochtaill (rectius Acheochcaill). See Ahoghill.

Athilmer. See Achilmere.

Athinlec, Athinlek. See Auchinleck.

Atholia, Atoha, John, late rector of the chapel of Arrat, 278.

Athumicarth. See Aghmacart.

Athy, Althy [co. Kildare], house of St. Thomas the Martyr of the friars of the order of the Cruciferi, John prior of. See Okarten.

-, -, Robert prior of. See Droth.

-, -, friar of. See Okarten, John.

Atoha (rectius Atholia). See Atholia.

Aton. See Atton.

Attigi in meassa. See Attymass.

Atton, Aton, John or John de, late vicar of Dumfries, 432, 511.

Attymass, Attigi in meassa [co. Mayo], vicarage of, 274, 275.

Atworth, Acte voch [co. Wilts], free chapel of, 562.

Auchinleck, Athinlec, Athinlek, Adam de, late a canon of Glasgow and prebendary of Glasgow I, and a member of the household of William [d'Estouteville], cardinal priest of St. Martin's in Montibus, and formerly prebendary of Kirkmahoe, 68, 506, 507.

Audeley, Humphrey, donsel, absolution of, and dispensation to, 677.

-, -, Elizabeth his wife, relict of James Lottrell, 677.

Aufyn (?rectius Austyn), Richard, rector of Burnham Norton, dispensation to, 110.

Augeroles , Jo. or Jo. de, 276, 487, 502.

Aughrim, Achcruym Omane, Achdrymd Omany, Acheruym Omane, Eachdruim Omane, Eachdruym Omayne, Hacrum Homane [co. Galway], Augustinian priory of St. Catherine, otherwise of St. Mary, prior of, papal mandatary, 276, 331.

-, -, canons of. See Burgo, Milerus de; O'Kelly, John.

Aughris, Achras, Achros alias Inysmureii, Acras, Archros [in Templeboy parish, co. Sligo], alias Inishmurray, Insula Murbayd [in Ahamplish parish, co. Sligo], Augustinian priory of St. Mary, prior of, papal mandatary, 308.

-, -, John prior of. See Orachur.

-, -, Thady prior of. See Odubda.

-, -, canons of. See Odubthyg, Patrick; Orachur, John.

-, -, increase in number of canons of, 619.

Augia Major . See Reichenau.

Augusten[sis]. See Aosta.

Aukland. See Bishops Auckland.

Auraycen[sis]. See Orange.

Aurispa , Jo., 225, 226, 227, 228, 281, 298, 360, 361.

Austria, duchess of. See Helen.

-, duke of. See Sigismund.

-, a province of the Friars Minors, minister-provincial of, papal mandatary, 91.

Austyn. See Aufyn.

Auverne, Alvernia [France], benefices of the Hospitallers in, 647 (bis).

Auxonen[sis], a mistake for Oxonien[sis], 570 note.

Avinionen[sis], Avignon, [Vaucluse, France], viguerii and clavarius of (among officials of the papal court), 194 note.

-, convent of the Celestines, chapter house of, 405.

Avila, Abuben[sis], [Spain], official of, papal mandatary, 270.

Avinionen[sis], See Avignon.

Axminster, co. Devon. See Newenham.

Axolstede. See Halstede.

Aylmer, John, rector of Sevenoaks, and chaplain of the free chapel of St. John the Baptist, Sevenoaks, dispensation to, 52.

Aylyngton. See Allington.

Aysshton. See Assheton.

Ayton, John, an official of John [Cameron], bishop of Glasgow, charges against, 692, 693.