Index of Persons and Places: D, E, F, G

Pages 742-767

Calendar of Papal Registers Relating To Great Britain and Ireland: Volume 11, 1455-1464. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1921.

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D., papal register rubicated by, 401.

Dabrichcourt, Damverychcourt, Thomas, lord of Stratfieldsaye, indult to, 361.

-, -, Beatrice his wife, 361.

Dachius . See Dathus.

Daldalketh. See Dalkeith.

Dalgety, co. Fife. See Fordel.

Dalkeith, Daldalketh [co. Edinburgh], James Douglas lord of, 395.

Dall' (rectius Vall'), Robert de. See de Valle.

Dalrimple, John, lord of a place in Ardwyning, indult to, 226.

-, John, clerk, to be a canon of Moray and prebendary of Dipple and Ruthven, 267.

Dalserf or Machan [co. Lanark], chapel of, appropriated to Hamilton collegiate church, 439 note.

Dalthus . See Dathus.

Dambury. See Danbury.

Daminis. See Devenish.

Damverychcourt. See Dabrichcourt.

Damynys. See Devenish.

Danbury, Dambury [co. Essex], Robert Darci lord of, 228.

Danvers, John, rector of Bishopsbourne, dispensation to, 122.

Dany (or Davy), Thomas, vicar of Sherborne, co. Gloucester, dispensation to, 538.

Danyson (or Dauyson), John, rector of Walpole, dispensation to, 27 (bis).

Darci, Robert, lord of Danbury, indult to, 228.

-, -, Elizabeth his wife, 228.

Daren [sis]. See Kildare.

-, written in error for Deren [sis], 285.

Darley, Derley [co. Derby], Augustinian abbey of St. Augustine, abbot of, papal mandatary, 179.

-, -, canon of. See Loutburgh, John.

Darly, John, nobleman, vidame of Amiens, lord of Picquigny, indult to, 299.

-, -, Yoland de Burgundia, his wife, 299.

Darsset, Thomas, vicar of St. Michael's, Southampton, dispensation to, 581.

Dathus , Dachius, Dalthus, Datus, 2, 10, 12, 13, 15, 16, 26, 51, 52, 176, 177, 182, 192, 360, 361, 362, 376, 378, 407, 409, 410, 417, 420, 437, 576, 578, 587, 590, 595, 680.

Dauffoys. See Duffus.

Dauyson, John. See Danyson.

David ap Gruffith, Gruffich, vicar of Llangenydd, dispensation to, 640.

David, Maurice, a canon of Limerick, papal mandatary, 351.

-, Philip. See Morgan.

Daviot and Dunlichity, cos. Inverness and Nairn. See Dunlichity.

Davy. See Dany.

Deal, Deele [co. Kent], rectory of, 555, 556.

Dearean. See Derrane.

Dearg. See Abbeyderg.

Dearne, Dirnus, river. See Bolton upon Dearne.

Debenham, Thomas, literate, witness, 615.

Decanatis , priory de, in the diocese of Carcassonne, John prior of. See Guasqueti.

-, -, William prior of. See Croyser.

Deele. See Deal.

Deer, Old, Deir, Deire, Dere [in Buchan parish, co. Aberdeen], Cistercian abbey, abbot of, papal mandatary, 405, 412.

-, -, David abbot of. See Bane.

-, -, Nicholas abbot of. See de Fores.

-, -, William abbot of. See Evyot.

-, -, monks of. See Evyot, William; Fores, Nicholas de.

-, -, convent of, consent of, to the payment of a pension to David Bane, 585.

de la Hay, Richard, a Friar Preacher of the house of King's Langley, a kinsman of king Henry VI, dispensation to, 149.

Delbot, John, rector of Harlton, dispensation to, 633.

Delney, Delny [in Kilmuir-Easter parish, cos. Ross and Cromarty], chapel of St. Mary the Virgin, 334.

Dene Magna. See Mitcheldean.

Denle, Joan, wife of Baldwin de Lomprey, indult to, 638.

Denmark, benefices of the Hospitallers in, 640.

Depyng (or de Pyng), John, a monk of Ramsey, indult to, 226.

Deram, Thomas, a monk and steward of Coventry priory, a proctor of the prior and convent of Coventry, 83.

Derby, John, priest, rector of Marston Moretaine and of Cranfield, sometime rector of Sandy, dispensation to, 591.

Dere. See Deer, Old.

Dereham, East, Derham [co. Norfolk], rectory of, 235.

Deren [sis]. See Derry.

-, written in error Daren [sis], 285.

Derham. See Dereham, East.

Derley. See Darley.

Dernok. See Dornoch.

Derrane, Dearean, Dorean, Doren, Dorran [in Kilbride parish, co. Roscommon], Augustinian priory of St. Mary, prior of, papal mandatary, 34, 283, 315.

-, -, canon of. See O'Connor, Thady.

Derry, Deren [sis], [Ireland], Bartholomew bishop of. See O'Flannagan.

-, John bishop of. See O'Gibbon.

-, John bishop provided of. See Bole.

-, bishop, dean and chapter of, provision and reservation of benefices in the collation of, 467, 469.

-, dean of, papal mandatary, 508.

-, Dermit dean of. See Macglosgay.

-, John dean of. See Macgillabride.

-, archdeacon of, papal mandatary, 468.

-, official of, a party to a simonical agreement, 284.

-, -, charge of simony against, 285.

-, -, papal mandatary, 485.

-, canons of. See Ocaelty, Donald; Oduuayll, Peter; O'Flannagan, James; Okerualan, John; Omearagayd, Patrick; Omulmochari, David; Omurgessan, Henry.

-, chapter etc. of, papal letters to, 341, 358.

-, city and diocese of, intimidation in, 314.

-, city of. See Londonderry.

Dertusensis . See Tortosa.

Desfynnowyr (rectius de ffynnowyr, i.e. Fynnowyr). See Fennor.

Desmond, Dessemonia, James earl of. See Fitz Gerald.

Deuros (i.e. Devereux), Miles, late a canon of Ferns and prebendary of Kilcommon, 206.

Devenish, Daminis, Damynys [co. Fermanagh], Augustinian priory of St. Mary, prior of, papal mandatary, 248, 300, 313, 315, 321.

-, parish and collegiate church of St. Lasrianus, vicarage of, 315, 316.

Devereux. See Deuros.

Devises, Visee [co. Wilts], rectory of, 183.

Devon, Thomas earl of. See Courteney.

Dewe, Matthew, chaplain at the altar of St. Stephen in the parish church of St. Sepulchre, Holborn, indult to, 514.

-, -, to be a papal chaplain, 682, 683.

Deynys, Thomas, literate, to be a notary public, 9.

Dibden, Dipden [co. Hants], rectory of, 51.

Dichesyate. See Ditcheat.

Didaci de Coca, de Coca, de Concha, de Coqua, Didacus de Coca, master John, a papal chaplain and auditor, papal commissary, 380, 418, 422, 4834, 497.

-, -, sentence of, 455.

Didesham. See Dittisham.

Dier. See Dyer.

Dimufres (rectius Dumfres). See Dumfries.

Dingwall, Dingwale [cos. Ross and Cromarty], parish church of, united to Urquhart priory, 288.

Dingweul, Thomas de, sometime rector of Kilchoman, 480.

Dipden. See Dibden.

Dipple, Dupil, Dupile [now in Speymouth parish, co. Elgin], a prebend in Moray, 64.

-, a prebend (with Ruthven) in Moray, 267.

Dirnus . See Dearne.

Disart. See Dysart, co. Fife.

Disertlaurays. See Inch St. Laurence.

Disert Malacala, Disertmalacala. See Dysert, co. Clare.

Diserto fonte Conneri , abbey de. See Kells, co. Antrim.

Ditcheat, Dichesyate, Dychesyate [co. Somerset], rectory of, 554, 564.

Dittisham, Didesham [co. Devon], rectory of, 94.

Dodbrooke, Dodbroke [co. Devon], rectory of, 172.

Dogett, John, archdeacon of Chichester, dispensation to, 663.

Dombar. See Dunbar.

Domnachfinnrach. See Donaghenry.

Domnachmor. See Donaghmore, co. Limerick; Donaghmore, Queen's county; and Donaghmore, co. Tyrone.

Domnachsinra (rectius Domnachfinra). See Donaghenry.

Dompnachmor. See Donaghmore, co. Tyrone.

Donaghenry, Domnachfinnrach, Domnachsinra, Donnachsinra [co. Tyrone], a prebend (with Clonoe), in Armagh, 266.

-, vicarage of, 281, 282.

Donaghmore, Domnachmor, Donaghomor [co. Limerick], a prebend in Limerick, 259.

-, vicarage of, 178.

Donaghmore, Domnachmor [Queen's county]; rectory of, 11.

Donaghmore, Domnachmor, Dompnachmor [co. Tyrone], a prebend in Armagh, 242, 243.

-, rectory of, 550.

-, Godfrey late rector of, 550.

-, William (Wllialmus) rector of, 550.

Donaghmore, co. Wexford. See Glascarrig.

Donaghomor. See Donaghmore, co. Limerick.

Donaldi, Dominicus, priest, rector of Kilchoman, sometime vicar of Kilcolmkill, rehabilitation etc. of, 480.

-, -, father of, vicar of Kilchoman, 480.

-, John, chancellor of Dunkeld, reservation of a pension upon the fruits of a canonry of Glasgow and of the prebend of Cardross for, 33, 34.

Donati, Thady, clerk, a litigant for a canonry of Killaloe and the prebend of Tulla, 356.

Donbrothy. See Dunbrody.

Dongadamond and Donyrish [now forming part of the parish of Particles, co. Limerick], rural portions of, within the parish of Ballingaddy, 350.

Donglas. See Douglas.

Donnachsinra. See Donaghenry.

Donwin, Andrew de, late rector of Dunlichity, 316.

Donyngton, Richard, rector of Solihull, dispensation to, 124, 125.

Donyrish. See Dongadamond and Donyrish.

Doonmoon, Duynmuyn [in Knocklong parish, co. Limerick], parish church united to that of Knocklong. vicarage of, 354, 355.

Doora, Dubgere [co. Clare], vicarage of, 212.

Dorchester, Dorcestre [co. Oxford], Augustinian priory, canon of. See York, Henry.

Dore. See Abbey Dore.

Dorean, Doren. See Derrane.

Dorneford alias Durneford. See Durnford.

Dornoch, Dronnok, Drounok [co. Dumfries], rectory of, 211, 431, 432.

Dornoch, Dernok [co. Sutherland], cathedral church of the diocese of Caithness at, grant of immunity in the precincts of, 617.

-, -, relics of St. Gilbert in, 616.

-, -, James dean of. See Kennedy.

-, -, deanery of, 458.

Dorran. See Derrane.

Douedall, John, knight, son and heir of Joan Stokes, a litigant in a testamentary suit, 243, 244.

Douffoys. See Duffus.

Douglas, George, earl of Angus, brother of. See Douglas, Hugh.

-, -, patron of the rectory of Carmichael, presentation made by, 460.

-, Donglas, Hugh de, clerk, brother of the earl of Angus, a kinsman of James II, king of Scots, and a nephew of James [Kennedy], bishop of St. Andrews, treasurer of Glasgow and a canon of Aberdeen, Brechin and Bothwell and prebendary of Kincardine O'Neil, Guthrie and Hawick, dispensation to, 12.

-, -, to be rector of Kirkinner, 421.

-, -, grant to, 423.

-, -, petition of, 422.

-, James, earl of Douglas, kinsman of. See Heris, William.

-, -, petition of, 261.

-, Dugles, James or James de, lord of Dalkeith, patron of the rectory of Newlands, 395.

-, -, Janet his relict, presentation made by, 395.

-, -, alleging himself to be lord of Dalkeith, presentation made by, 395.

-, Dougles, master William de, prior of Whiteherne, a kinsman of James II, appointed a papal chaplain, 683.

Dounton, Joan, widow of Thomas Dounton, and wife of Thomas Kent, dispensed to contract marriage afresh with the latter, 468, 469.

-, -, daughter of, 468, 469.

-, Thomas, late husband of Joan Dounton, 468, 469.

Dover, Dovaria, Dovoria [co. Kent], Benedictine priory of St. Martin (or SS. Mary and Martin) of the New Work, Novi operis, Robert prior of. See Overton.

-, -, monks of. See Bertym, Nicholas; Duoci, Thomas; Guston, Anthony.

-, hospital or God's house, commonly called the 'Maison Dieu,' of the order of St. Mary, master of, and his successors, grant to, 159, 160.

-, -, master and brethren of, petition of, 159.

-, -, brethren of, dispensation to, 160.

-, port of, 608.

Down [co. Down], bishop of. See Down and Connor.

-, archdeacon of. See Kilclief.

Down and Connor [cos. Down and Antrim], John late bishop of. See Festade.

-, Richard bishop of. See Wolsi.

-, Thomas bishop of. See Pollard.

-, bishopric of, reservation of, 235.

-, episcopal mensa of, small value of, 234.

Down, St. Mary, Saynt Marydown [co. Devon], rectory of, 171.

Downmor. See Dunmore, co. Galway.

Dramcleyb. See Drumcliff, co. Clare.

Draper, Trap, Clement, grant by, 50.

Drayton Beauchamp, Drayton Beaucham [co. Buckingham], rectory of, 575.

Drayton Parslow, Drayton Passelowe [co. Buckingham], rectory of, 664, 665.

Drew, Henry, layman, dispensed to remain in his marriage with Joan Hamely, 434, 657.

-, Radulphus, a canon of Salisbury, indult to. 98.

Driumleathan. See Drumlane.

Dromard, Drummard [co. Sligo], a prebend in Killala, 253.

Dromcheybb (rectius Dromcleybb), Dromcleyb. See Drumcliff, co. Clare.

Dromdaleague, Drumdaliag, Drumwydaliug [co. Cork], a prebend in Cork, 265, 393.

Dromline, Druimmlayll [co. Clare], rectory of, 249.

Dromore, Dromoren [sis], [co. Down], Donatus [bishop-]elect of. See Ohendua.

-, Nicholas late bishop of, 322.

-, Richard bishop of. See Misyn.

-, chapter etc. of, papal letters to, 322.

-, episcopal mensa of, insufficiency of, 322.

Dronnok. See Dornoch, co. Dumfries.

Droth, Robert, late prior of the house of the Cruciferi at Athy, 288.

Drounok. See Dornoch, co. Dumfries.

Druell, John, rector of Fulham, indult to, 371.

-, -, official of London, certificate of, exemplified, 609615.

-, -, letters inspected by, 614.

Druimcliab. See Drumcliff, co. Sligo.

Druimleachan. See Drumlane.

Druimmlayll. See Dromline.

Drumcaha. See Drumkay.

Drumcliff, Dramcleyb, Dromcheybb, Dromcleyb, Drunteleyv [co. Clare], rectory of, 345, 346.

-, rectory in ecclesiastical fee of, 72, 74 note.

-, rectory of ecclesiastical fee in the parish church of, 500.

Drumcliff, Druimcliab [co. Sligo], vicarage of, 252, 253.

-, parishioners of, 252.

Drumdaliag. See Dromdaleague.

Drumfres. See Dumfries.

Drumgoon, Drumguyn alias Machariminbayr [co. Cavan], parish church of St. Patrick, rectory of, 215.

Drumkay, Drumcaha [co. Wicklow], rectory of, 333.

-, parishioners of, receive the sacraments at the church of Wicklow, 333.'

Drumlane, Druimleachan, Druimleathan, Drumleachan, Drum. lean [co. Cavan], Augustinian priory of St. Mary, dependent on the abbey of Kells, co. Meath, prior of, papal mandatary, 219, 240.

-, -, Peter prior of. See Magaurughan.

-, -, Thady prior of. See Macgumin.

-, -, canon of. See Magaurughan, Peter.

Drummard. See Dromard.

Drumwydaluig. See Dromdaleague.

Drunfreis. See Dumfries.

Drunteleyv (rectius Drumcleyv). See Drumcliff, co. Clare.

Duacen [sis]. See Kilmacduagh.

Dubgere. See Doora.

Dublin [co. Dublin], province of, 684.

-, provincial statutes of, 464.

-, archbishop of, papal letters of, 102, 324.

-, -, papal mandatary, 101, 262.

-, Michael archbishop of. See Tregury.

-, cathedral church of St. Patrick, dean of, papal mandatary, 370.

-, -, canons of. See Crueys, William; Eue, Nicholas; FitzEustace, Richard; Margalyn, Thomas; Nangle, Martin; Noreys, Philip; O'Bryne, John; Ohuren, John; Waring, Robert.

-, -, canonry of, unlawfully detained by Michael [Tregury,] archbishop of Dublin, 211.

-, -, prebends in:



-, city and diocese of, intimidation in, 211.

-, Augustinian priory of All Saints without the walls of, prior of, papal mandatary, 355, 477.

-, Cistercian abbey of St. Mary without the walls, abbot of, papal mandatary, 101.

Dublinen [sis], incorrectly written Dumblanen [sis], 324.

Dudyngton. See Dunton.

Duffus, Dauffoys, Douffoys [co. Elgin], Alexander Sutherland lord of, 453.

Dugles. See Douglas.

Duinune. See Dunoon.

Duke, Henry, priest, master of the hospital of St. Nicholas, Salisbury, indult to, 627.

Dumbar. See Dunbar.

Dumblanen [sis]. See Dunblane.

-, an error for Dublinen [sis], 324.

-, written in error Dumkelden [sis], 249 note.

Dumfermlim. See Dunfermline.

Dumfries, Dimufres, Drumfres, Drunfreis [co. Dumfries], vicarage of, 432, 510, 511, 560.

Dumglas. See Dunglass.

Dumiule. See Kinnoul.

Dumkelden [sis], an error for Dumblanen [sis], 249 note.

-, an error for Dunelmen [sis], 196.

Dunamon, Dunyingayn [cos. Galway and Roscommon], a moiety of the tithes of, part of a canon's portion in Elphin, formerly belonging to the community of that church, 266.

Dunbar, Dombar, Dumbar [co. Haddington], collegiate church, canons of. See Carrick, John; Lydel, George.

-, -, prebend in:


-, John Otterburn archpriest of, 484, 659.

Dunblane, Dumblanen [sis], [co. Perth], bishop of, papal mandatary, 43, 159, 270, 385.

-, -, rights of, in relation to the abbey of Inchaffray, saved, 74, 503.

-, Robert bishop of. See Lawder.

-, Henry dean of. See Murref.

-, William dean of. See Scot.

-, archdeacon of, papal mandatary, 306, 519.

-, official of, papal mandatary, 378.

-, treasurer of, papal mandatary, 249, 280.

-, canon of. See Lech, Patrick.

Dunbrody, Donbrothy alias de Portu [co. Wexford], Cistercian abbey of St. Mary, abbot of, papal mandatary, 451.

Dundayre. See Duniry.

Dundee, Dunde [co. Forfar], parish church of St. Mary, chaplaincy at the altar of St. Saviour in, 291.

-, vicarage of, 24, 38, 279, 307, 384, 483, 484, 679, 680.

Dundonald, Dwndonalde [co. Ayr], chapel of, 39.

Dundonall, Matthew, vicar of Kilbelfad, to be a canon of Killala and prebendary of Errew and rector of Kilfian, 260.

Dundrennan, Dundranen, Dundraynam [co. Kirkcudbright], Cistercian abbey, abbot of, papal mandatary, 507.

-, -, Thomas sometime abbot of. See de Levinston.

-, -, pension on the fruits of, 380, 381.

Dunelmen [sis], written in error Dumkelden [sis], 196.

Dunfermline, Dumfermlin, Dunfermelyn, Dunfermht, Dunfermlim, Dunfermlyn, Dunfernihit [co. Fife], Benedictine abbey, abbot of, papal mandatary, 413, 424, 438, 441, 596, 643, 666, 667.

-, -, monks of. See Boys, William de; Erlande, Malizeus de; Grethon, Henry.

-, -, Pluscardine priory dependent on, 330.

Dungarvan, Dungarwan [co. Waterford], plebania or rectory of, 75, 76.

-, -, a prebend in Lismore, 75, 76.

-, cure of souls of, transferred to the church of Lismore, 75.

Dungiven, Dungemin, Dungemyn, Dungewyn [co. Londonderry], Augustinian priory of St. Mary, prior of, papal mandatary, 251, 303, 469, 508.

Dunglass, Dumglas, Dunglas [in Oldhamstock parish, co. Haddington], collegiate church of St. Mary the Virgin, founder of. See Hume, Alexander.

-, -, provost of, indult to, 561.

-, -, William provost of. See Park.

-, -, appropriation of the vicarage of Edrom to, 397.

-, -, indulgence to persons visiting and giving alms for the repair of, 560, 561.

Dungourney, Dungorne [co. Cork], rectory and vicarage of, 431.

Duniry, Dundayre [co. Galway], rectory of, 486, 487.

Dunkalleyin. See Dunkellin.

Dunkeld [co. Perth], bishop of, confessors appointed by, 417.

-, -, indult to, 552.

-, -, papal mandatary, 2, 24, 38, 108, 310, 416, 678, 679, 680.

-, -, reservation of benefices in the collation of, 602.

-, -, to receive the oath of fealty of Thomas [Spens], bishop of Aberdeen, 310 (bis).

-, -, vicar in spirituals of, 417.

-, bishops of, grants made by, of the possessions of the episcopal mensa, 378.

-, James late bishop of. See Raulston.

-, Thomas bishop of. See Lawder and de Levinston.

-, bishop, dean, archdeacon, and chapter of, provision and reservation of benefices in the collation of, 173, 184.

-, bishop, dean and chapter of, reservation of benefices in the collation of, 519, 595, 596.

-, dean of, papal mandatary, 24, 79, 457 (bis).

-, dean and canons of, reservation of benefices in the collation of, 602.

-, dean and chapter of, pension upon the fruits of, 318, 319.

-, archdeacon of, papal mandatary, 104, 306.

-, Adam archdeacon of. See de Mongomeri.

-, John archdeacon of. See Carrick.

-, chancellor of, papal mandatary, 69.

-, John chancellor of. See Donaldi.

-, official of, papal mandatary, 25, 282.

-, James precentor of. See Levinton.

-, James treasurer of. See Levinton.

-, canons of. See Forster, Gilbert; Inglis, Alexander; Lindsay, David; Ogylvy, David; Piot, Christopher.

-, canon provided of. See Ogylvy, William.

-, chapter of, rectory of Abernyte united to, 318.

-, -, suspended a divinis, 318.

-, prebends in:



-, cathedral church of, laid under an interdict, 318.

-, city and diocese of, churches etc. in, 268 (bis).

-, episcopal mensa of, grants of the possessions of, revoked, 378.

-, -, possessions of. See Fordel.

Dunkellin, Dunkalleyin, Dunkleyn [in Killeely parish, co. Galway], rectory of, 223, 249.

Dunlichity, Lundichti [now united to Daviot, cos. Inverness and Nairn], rectory of, 316.

Dunmore, Downmor, Dunmor, Hanarayd [co. Galway], rectory of, 437, 465, 466.

-, vicarage of, 254, 255.

Dunmore, Kyltakechayn, Kyltakethayn [in Durrow, Queen's county], rectory of, 465, 466.

Dunmow, Great, Great Dunmowe [co. Essex], parishioners of, indult to, 92.

-, chapel of St. George the Martyr in the town of, 92.

-, parish church of, 92.

Dunmowe, John, a monk of Waverley abbey, dispensation to, 51.

Dunnowyn, Dunnobin, Duowyn, Andrew or Andrew de, archdeacon of Sodor, 110.

-, -, charges against, 39, 40.

-, -, death of, 482.

Dunoon, Duinune, Dunovne [co. Argyll], rectory of, in the presentation of the eldest son of the king of Scots, 604, 605.

-, -, granted by James II and appropriated to the episcopal mensa of Argyll, 605, 691.

Dunseer, Dunsiar. See Dunsyre.

Dunstable, Dunstaple [co. Bedford], Augustinian priory, John prior of. See Roxston.

-, -, canon of. See Legger, Thomas.

-, -, convent of, licence granted by, 203.

-, -, chapel appropriated to. See Ballidon.

Dunsyre, Dunseer, Dunsiar [co. Lanark], Adam Hebpurn of, 484, 659.

Dunton, Dudyngton [co. Buckingham], Edmund Hampden lord of, 519, 521.

Dunurlin, Dunvorllyn [co. Kerry], vicarage of, 332.

Dunyingayn. See Dunamon.

Duoci, Thomas, priest, a monk of the priory of St. Martin of the New Work, Dover, dispensation to, 675.

Duowyn. See Dunnowyn.

Dupil, Dupile. See Dipple.

Duren, Simon de, a Carmelite friar, bishop of Mayo, provision to, 309.

-, -, faculty for the consecration of, 309.

-, -, oath of fealty of, 309.

-, -, letters patent of, sealed with his seal, 309.

-, -, directed to go and reside at Mayo, 309.

-, -, licenced to exercize pontifical offices in the city and diocese of Worms, 309.

-, -, grant of a pension on the fruits of the church of Worms to, 309, 310.

Durham [co. Durham], bishop of, benefices in the collation of. See Durham, St. Nicholas; Gateshead; Kepier.

-, -, demesne of, 131.

-, -, frequent absence of, from his church, 109.

-, -, papal mandatary, 97, 196, 197, 435.

-, -, pension reserved to, 374.

-, -, tenents of, 131.

-, Laurence bishop of. See Bothe.

-, Robert bishop of. See Nevill.

-, Benedictine priory (cathedral) of SS. Mary and Cuthbert, prior of, papal mandatary, 197.

-, -, -, the priory or cell of Coldingham in the collation of, 426.

-, -, William prior of. See Ebchester.

-, -, priorship of, the cell of Coldingham formerly appropriated to, to be separated from, 426.

-, -, prior and chapter of, consent of, to appropriations, 131, 132, 373, 374.

-, -, -, seal of, 131, 132.

-, -, -, letters of, exemplified, 374.

-, -, -, pension reserved to, 374.

-, -, prior and convent of, grant to, ratified, 5, 6.

-, -, -, guests entertained by, on Christmas eve, 5.

-, -, monk of. See Pincher, John.

-, -, monks of, 109.

-, -, -, Coldingham priory governed by, 426.

-, -, number of religious in, 5.

-, -, chapter etc. of, papal letters to, 324.

-, -, priory dependent on. See Coldingham.

-, cathedral church of, chantry or chapel of SS. Mary the Virgin and Cuthbert in, constitution of, 119.

-, -, -, chaplain of. See Sothem, Robert.

-, -, chapter house of, 132.

-, -, -, letters dated at, 374.

-, city of, 426.

-, -, the chaplains of the chantry of SS. Mary the Virgin and Cuthbert, in Durham cathedral, to reside in, 119.

-, -, provision for the education of boys and youths of, in grammar and singing, 119.

-, parish church of St. Nicholas, in the gift of the bishop of Durham, appropriation of, to Kepier hospital, confirmed, 131, 132.

-, -, present rector of, 132.

-, parish of St. Giles. See Kepier.

Durhame, John de, priest, reservation of the vicarage of Logie, co. Forfar, for grant in commendam to, 79.

Durisder, Andrew de, dean of Aberdeen, a canon of Glasgow and prebendary of Kirkandrews, an Augustinian canon of Lincluden, vicar of Old Kilpatrick and subdean of Glasgow, afterwards bishop of Glasgow, 33, 46, 47.

-, -, provision to be made to, 2.

-, -, to take the fruits of his former benefices, until he obtain possession of the bishopric of Glasgow, 2.

-, -, collations and provisions made by, 68, 506.

-, -, faculties to, 41 (bis), 267.

-, -, grant to, 593.

-, -, hospital and chapel of St. Nicholas, Glasgow, founded by, 662.

-, -, indult to, for the visitation of his diocese by deputy, 43.

-, -, institutions made by, 395, 427, 460.

-, -, nephew of. See Murhede, Thomas de.

-, -, petition of, 270.

-, -, refusal of, to institute, 413, 414.

-, -, vicar-general in spirituals of. See Thomas, abbot of Paisley.

-, -, nuncio in England and Scotland, safe conduct for him and his retinue, 40.

Durnford, Dorneford alias Durneford [co. Wilts], Richard Wodehill of the parish of, 536.

Durrow, Queen's county. See Dunmore.

Dutton, John, a Friar Preacher and confessor-general of the household of Margaret queen of England, dispensation to, 154.

Duynmuyn. See Doonmoon.

Dw, David de, late rector of the chapel of Arrat, 278.

Dwndonalde. See Dundonald.

Dwulyng, John, priest, charges brought by, 187.

Dychesyate. See Ditcheat.

Dyer, Dier, Martin, a canon of Exeter and vicar of Paignton, dispensation to, 12, 13.

-, -, indult to, 107.

Dyghton, John, rector of a moiety of High Hoyland, dispensation to, 523.

Dynguayl, Alexander, late vicar of Fodderty, 325.

Dynham, John, knight, son of. See Dynham, Oliver.

-, Oliver, clerk, son of John Dynham, knight, dispensation to, 570, 632.

Dysart, Disart [co. Fife], rectory of, 333.

Dyscyrtaensgusa. See Dysert, co. Limerick.

Dysert, Disert Malacala, Disertmalacala [co. Clare], vicarage of, 74 note, 75, 345, 346.

-, Matthew Ogriffa vicar of, 72, 74.

Dysert, Dyscyrtaensgusa [co. Limerick], a prebend in Limerick, 247.


Eachdruim Omane, Eachdruym Omayne. See Aughrim, co. Galway.

Eaglaysandenoyc. See Toomyvara.

Eagliayssydminyn. See Killeenagariff.

Earl Soham, Soham Comitis [co. Suffolk], rectory of, 151.

Easdara. See Ballysadare.

Easky, Ymleachyseall, Ymleachyssall [co. Sligo], vicarage of, 274, 275.

East, the, return of John [Tiptoft,] earl of Worcester from, 580.

Eastleach Martin, Estelechy Sancti Martini [co. Gloucester], rectory of, 654, 655.

East Riding, Estridding [co. York], Richard archdeacon of. See Toone.

Ebchester, William, prior of Durham, and his successors, licence etc. to, 109.

Ebdey. See Abdie.

Eblesbourn alias Busshopeston. See Bishopstone.

Eboracen [sis]. See York.

Ebredunen [sis]. See Embrun.

Ebroycensis . See Evreux.

Eckington, Ekyngton, Elington, Elyngton [co. Derby], moiety of the rectory of, 99.

-, union of the two portions of the rectory of, 337, 338.

-, patrons of. See Strangways, James de, and Elizabeth his wife.

-, rectors of the two portions of. See Kirkeby, Thomas, and Orell, William.

-, William Orell rector of, 596.

Edename, Edentane, Ednen, Thomas, a canon of Aberdeen, commissary of Ingram [de Lindsay,] bishop of Aberdeen, 258.

-, -, substituted proctor of Andrew Stewart, 33.

Edinburgh, Edimburch, Edinbourgh, Edinburg, Edymburg, Edynburg [co. Edinburgh], Augustinian abbey of Holyrood, abbot of, papal mandatary, 47.

-, -, Archibald abbot of. See Crawford.

-, collegiate church of the Holy Trinity, with a poor hospital near (commonly called Trinity College), founded by Mary [of Gueldres], queen of Scots, appropriation of Soutra hospital to, 447, 448.

-, -, foundation and endowment of, confirmed, 450.

-, -, indulgence to penitents visiting and giving alms to, 493, 494.

-, -, union of the hospital of Soutra and the chapel of Ochterogarte to, confirmed, 450.

-, -, master or rector of, faculty to, 450.

-, -, provost of, to appoint confessors, 494.

-, -, provost and two senior members of, to apply twothirds of the alms offered there to the completion etc. of their church, 494.

-, -, -, to keep one key of the alms-chest, 494.

-, -, two-thirds of the alms given at, to be devoted to its completion etc. 494.

-, parish church of, chaplaincy in, 461.

Edington, Edyngton [co. Wilts], Augustinian friars' house of SS. Mary and Catherine and All Saints of the order of the abbey of Grandmont (Bonshommes of God), brother of. See Standerwyke, Thomas.

Edmond, Thomas, rector of Amersham, and a chaplain of Thomas [Bourchier], archbishop of Canterbury, dispensation to, 132.

Ednen. See Edename.

Edrom, Edrame [co. Berwick], vicarage of, appropriation of, to Dunglass collegiate church, 397.

-, vicar of. See Hume, John.

Edward III, king of England, great grandson of. See Bourchier, William.

Edward IV, king of England, affection of James [de Piccolominibus,] cardinal priest of St. Crisogonus' for, 471.

-, chaplain of. See Rotherham, Thomas.

-, favour and assistance of, requested by the pope, 676, 677.

-, great council or parliament of, clerk of. See Faukes, John.

-, indult to, 653.

-, kinsmen of. See Courtenay, Peter; Graystok, Richard.

-, a master of the chancery of. See Faukes, John.

-, papal nuncio to. See Hoppe, Thomas.

-, petitions of, 472, 490, 496, 629, 655, 670.

-, proctor or proctor-general of, in the Roman Court. See Courteney, Peter.

-, queen of, 653.

-, secretary of. See Bothe, John.

Edward, prince of Wales, duke of Cornwall and earl of Chester, chamberlain of. See Hampden, Edmund.

-, chancellor of. See Morton, John.

Edymburg; Edynburg. See Edinburgh.

Edyngton. See Edington.

Edzell, Adzell [co. Forfar], rectory of, 332 (bis), 333.

Eggecombe, Thomas, rector of St. Mary's, Lambeth, dispensation to, 122.

Egglestone, Egliston [co. York, N.R.], Premonstratensian priory of St. John the Baptist, canon of. See Norham, John.

Egglossayel. See Egloshayle.

Eglinton, John de, layman, safe conduct for, 120.

Egliston. See Egglestone.

Egloshayle, Egglossayel [co. Cornwall], vicarage of, 624.

Egnesham. See Eynsham.

Ehedworth (rectius Chedworth). See Chedworth.

Ekyngton. See Eckington.

Eleanor of Scotland, duchess of Austria. See Helen.

Elington. See Eckington.

Elphin [co. Roscommon], bishop of, a canon of Elphin received by the authority of, 213.

-, -, papal mandatary, 302, 305.

-, Cornelius bishop of. See Omulalaid.

-, John bishop of, death of, 357.

-, Laurence bishop of. See Obeolan.

-, Nicholas bishop of. See O'Flannagan.

-, Thomas bishop of. See Baret.

-, William bishop of. See O'Hedian.

-, bishop, dean, archdeacon and chapter of, provision of benefices in the collation of, 410.

-, dean of, papal mandatary, 198, 212, 222, 283, 432.

-, Thomas dean of. See Oflannagan.

-, official of, papal mandatary, 200, 204.

-, provost of, papal mandatary, 432, 438, 628.

-, a canon of, parcels of tithes held by, as a title of a perpetual benefice, 35.

-, canons of, indefinite number of, 34.

-, canons of. See also Burgo, Milerus de; MacEgan, Donald; Macgillaruayd, Dermit; Macgillaruayd, Donald; Machedian, Cristin; Macinfirmanaig, Maurus; Magoreactayd, Charles; Obernyn, Eugenius; O'Connell, Eugenius; O'Connor, Charles; O'Flannagan, Dermit; Ofloynd, John; Ohactagan, Thomas; Okahalan, Cornelius; Omochan, Cormac; Omochan, Malachy; Ostingyn, Patrick; Ostingyn, Seanchanus; O'Toner, John.

-, chapter etc. of, papal letters to, 357.

-, prebends or canon's portions in:


Kilbegnet and Dunamon.

-, a moiety of the tithes of Oran assigned in place of a prebend in, 305.

-, community of the church of, 266.

-, -, benefice formerly belonging to. See Clonchumoisig.

-, -, parcels of tithes belonging to, 35.

-, -, tithes formerly belonging to, 302.

-, city and diocese of, intimidation in, 316, 481.

-, clergy and people of, false bulls read to, 44.

Elphinstone, Elphinsten, William, priest, collation of the rectory of Kirkmichael to, annulled, 335, 336.

-, Elphinston, William de, a canon of Glasgow, papal mandatary, 431, 510.

-, -, objection to, as judge, 510.

-, -, sub-delegate of. See Lech, Patrick.

Eltisley, Eltesley [co. Cambridge], rectory of, 165.

Ely [co. Cambridge], bishop of, exemption of King's College, Cambridge, from the jurisdiction of, 540.

-, -, licence of, for the foundation of a chantry, 115.

-, -, nephew of. See Haukini, John.

-, -, papal mandatary, 71, 471.

-, -, dwelling at London, papal mandatary, 495.

-, William bishop of. See Gray.

-, archdeacon of, exemption of King's College, Cambridge, from the jurisdiction of, 540.

-, -, licence of, for the foundation of a chantry, 115.

-, John archdeacon of. See Stokes.

-, Benedictine priory (cathedral), prior of, papal mandatary, 270.

-, -, prior and chapter of, licence of, for the foundation of a chantry, 115.

Elyngton. See Eckington.

Emblacen [sis]. See Emly.

Embrun, Ebredunen [sis], [HautesAlpes, France], John archbishop of. See Bavili.

Emly, Hymolacen [sis], Imelacensis, Imolacen [sis], Imulacen [sis], [co. Tipperary], bishop of, papal mandatary, 2, 317, 353, 425, 483.

-, Cornelius sometime bishop of. See Ocunlis.

-, Cornelius bishop of. See Omulalaid.

-, William bishop of. See O'Hedian.

-, voidance of the see of, 246.

-, dean of, papal mandatary, 2, 48, 354, 398.

-, archdeacon of, papal mandatary, 48, 398.

-, chancellor of, papal mandatary, 351, 354.

-, precentor of, papal mandatary, 48, 245, 283, 317, 354, 398.

-, treasurer of, papal mandatary, 317, 351.

-, canons of. See O'Cahill, John; Odufyr, Philip.

-, prebends in:

Inch St. Laurence.


Emperor, the. See Frederick III.

Enachdunen [sis]. See Annaghdown.

England, abuse of corrodies in, 96.

-, archbishops etc. of, exhortation to, 114, 115.

-, archers and men-at-arms hired in, for fighting against the Bohemians and Hussites, employed against the French, 669.

-, behaviour of Francis [de Coppinis,] bishop of Terni in, 676.

-, Benedictine monasteries in, observance of, 5.

-, benefices in, 471.

-, benefices of the Hospitallers in, 647 (bis).

-, benefices of master John Lax in, 598.

-, benefices wont to be given to secular priests in, 93, 111, 145, 162, 513, 520, 553, 642.

-, bishops of, 108.

-, cardinal of. See Beaufort, Henry.

-, Carmelite friars in, prior provincial of. See Miluerton, John.

-, case more conveniently to be made clear in, 129.

-, chancellor of. See Nevill, George; Waynflete, William.

-, charges upon the fruits etc. due to the papal Camera in, 495.

-, Cluniac province of, 559.

-, collector of a tenth etc. in. See Coppinis, Francis de.

-, collector or collector-general of the papal Camera in. See Clementis, Vincent.

-, sub-collector of the papal Camera in. See Rudhale, Richard.

-, collectorship of the papal Camera in, assignments on the fruits of, 26, 376, 383, 695.

-, high constable of. See Tiptoft, John, earl of Worcester.

-, customs of, 542, 600.

-, discords in, legate de latere sent to calm, 676.

-, ecclesiastics in, rehabilitation of, 498 note.

-, enemies of Richard Whalley in, 599.

-, faculties to dispense persons in, 83, 364.

-, faculty to grant plenary indulgence to persons in, who contribute to the crusade, 403.

-, a province of the Friars Preachers, 592.

-, help against the Turks sought from, 676.

-, heavy cost of hospitality in, 636.

-, indulgences granted by Martin V in, 669.

-, king of, always chief of the order of Knights of the Garter, 655.

-, kings of, corrections and removals of the provost, priests etc. of Eton college to be done in accordance with the will of, 117.

-, -, ecclesiastical property at the disposal of, 541.

-, -, founders of the college of St. George the Martyr in Windsor castle, 655.

-, -, sanctuaries founded by, 580.

-, - See also Edward III; Edward IV; Henry V; Henry VI.

-, laws of, 609.

-, papal legates in. See Coppinis, Francis de; Otto and Ottobon.

-, papal legate and commissary in. See Coppinis, Francis de.

-, legate de latere to. See Cusa, Nicholas de.

-, legate de latere sent by Pius II to, 675.

-, letters of citation transmitted to, 71.

-, licence for an Augustinian canon of Bridlington to study at an university without the realm of, 530.

-, members of the hospital of S. Spirito in, 82.

-, lawful money of, 532, 563, 592.

-, moneys of the Jubilee indulgences in, 17, 19.

-, native of. See Lax, John.

-, papal nuncios in. See Durisder, Andrew de; Ferrarii, Anthony; Gaufridi, John; Hoppe, Thomas; Obizis, John de; Vercelli, Augustinus abbot of.

-, papal nuncio and commissary in. See Coppinis, Francis de, bishop of Terni.

-, people of, declaration to, 675.

-, persons living in, 23.

-, possession of the hospital of S. Spirito in Sassia, Rome, in. See Writtle.

-, preceptory-general in, of the Augustinian abbey of SaintAntoine-de-Viennois, 14.

-, prelates of, estate of, 569.

-, prelates and nobles of, 529.

-, primate of. See Bothe, William, archbishop of York; Bourchier, Thomas, archbishop of Canterbury.

-, proceedings against master John Lax in, 598.

-, queen of. See Margaret of Anjou.

-, realm of, services of James de Piccolominibus to, 470.

-, robbery on a journey to Rome from, 607.

-, sea between France and, 317.

-, secular cathedral churches in, habit of canons of, 547.

-, the triennial tenths for a crusade reduced to one tenth in, 402.

-, university or studium particulare in, 254.

-, visitations of the vicars of the master general of the order of S. Spirito in, 376.

-, vows to fight against the Turks taken in, 173.

-, wars etc. in, 402.

-, landing of Thomas Becket in, 516.

-, Francis [de Coppinis,] bishop of Terni in, 529.

-, mission of Nicholas de Cusa to, in order to solicit help against the Turks, 19, 20.

-, Antonius Ferrarii sent to, on business connected with the expedition against the Turks, 32.

-, Robert Flemmyng to go to, 574.

-, Edward Ponynggys the son of a baron of, 151.

-, Anthony de Rochaprioris sent to, on business of the pope, 1.

English, the, enmity of, for the citizens of Trouane, 446, 471.

-, expulsion of, from Normandy, 599.

-, fear of the French king of weakening his realm in the face of, 81.

-, hospital of the Holy Trinity and St. Thomas the Martyr of. See Rome.

-, Normandy and other parts of France in the possession of, 599.

-, portion of the diocese of Trouane in the hands of, 446, 471.

-, wars between the Scots and, 189, 371.

-, wars of, with the French, 446.

English pilgrims, reception of, at the hospital of the Holy Trinity and St. Thomas of Canterbury in Rome, 652.

Enniscorthy, Iniscorthy, Iniscrohyn [co. Wexford], Augustinian priory of St. John the Evangelist, prior of, papal mandatary, 267, 306.

Ennok, Thomas, rector of Weeley, and a chaplain of John [de Mowbray], duke of Norfolk, dispensation to, 534.

Enrolothan. See Innerleithen.

Entwisels, Margaret, dispensed to marry John Bradshagh the younger, 268.

Epaldyng (rectius Spaldyng). See Spalding.

Epworth [co. Lincoln], rectory of, 177.

Erag (rectius Crag). See Crag.

Erdebury. See Arbury.

Erdington. See Yarnton.

Ereforden [sis]. See Hereford.

Erfurt [Prussian Saxony], church of St. Mary, canon of. See Forster, Hugh.

Ergadien [sis] (i.e. Argyll), diocese, 480.

Erlande, Malizeus de, priest, a monk of Dunfermline, indult to, 362.

Ernestus , 273, 280, 325, 327, 332, 337, 340, 343, 346, 348, 350, 351, 357.

Ernot (rectius Euiot). See Evyot.

Errew, Horiub, Horrub [in Crossmolina parish, co. Mayo], a prebend in Killala, 247, 248, 260.

Ersken, Cristiana, wife of Robert Crechton, and formerly wife of John Crechton, dispensed to marry anew, 330.

-, -, kinswoman of. See Hay, Margaret.

Eruli de Narnia, Berardus, bishop of Spoleto, collation made by, 268.

Esculo, Angelus de, Ventura his daughter, 155.

-, Melillus de, Julian, John, James, Ciaccus and Dominic his sons, 155.

-, William de, layman, serjeant-at-arms of Nicholas V, will of, 155.

-, -, heirs universal of, 155.

-, -, executors of, 155.

-, -, executor of. See Capranica, Dominic de, cardinal priest of St. Cross in Jerusalem.

Eslak, Thomas, rector of Great Rissington, dispensation to, 515.

Estbery alias Potterspery. See Potterspury.

Estbradenham. See Bradenham, East.

Estlechy Sancti Martini. See Eastleach Martin.

d'Estouteville, William, cardinal priest of St. Martin's in Montibus, called the cardinal of Rouen, members of the household of. See Auchinleck, Adam de; Ogilvy, David.

-, -, plate etc. of Nicholas V, assigned to, 191.

-, -, resignation made to, 64.

Est Pennard. See Pennard, East.

Estpery alias Potterspery. See Potterspury.

Estridding. See East Riding.

Eststretemore [in Street parish, co. Somerset], tithe of woodfall wood in, 134, 137.

Eton, Eton by Windsor [co. Buckingham], college of St. Mary, alterations in the constitution of, confirmed, 117.

-, -, appropriation of its possessions to, 117.

-, -, muniments of, 118.

-, -, persons of, transferred to the college of St. George the Martyr in Windsor castle, 656.

-, -, provost, priests etc. on the foundation of, correction and removal of, 117.

-, -, suppression of, and annexation of, to the college of St. George in Windsor castle, 655657.

-, collegiate church of St. Mary, founder of. See Henry VI.

-, -, grant of plenary remission to penitents visiting etc. 386, 387.

-, -, indulgence to persons visiting etc. confirmed, 560.

Eue, Nicholas, clerk, to be a canon of St. Patrick's, Dublin, and prebendary of Newcastle, 355.

Eugenii, Archibald son of Gilbert, priest, provided to the rectory of Dunoon, to have collation thereof, 604, 605.

Eugenius IV, acolyte of. See Forster, Gilbert.

-, appeal committed by, 692.

-, commission of, 668.

-, dispensation of, exemplified from the register, 67.

-, dispensations granted by, 65, 86, 99, 145, 147, 163, 168, 236, 237, 556, 591, 601, 635, 681.

-, faculty granted by, 175.

-, grant made by, 117.

-, grant of, confirmed, 104.

-, -, to Friars Minors of the Observance, 583.

-, indult granted by, 237.

-, letters, bulls or mandates of, 18, 102, 201, 214, 385 (bis), 386, 387, 462, 532, 533, 633 (bis).

-, -, confirmed, 29, 29 note, 386, 539, 540.

-, -, confirmed and exemplified, 560.

-, -, exemplified, 691.

-, -, renewed, 143.

-, pension reserved by, 471.

-, protection of papal officials etc. by, 597, 598.

-, provisions made by, 236, 504.

-, register of, 67, 691.

-, rehabilitations etc. made by, 208, 237.

Eugubio, Anthony de, procuratorfiscal of the pope and the papal Camera, 669.

Everbeur, Aberbode [in the diocese of Malines], Premonstratensian abbey, abbot of, faculty to, 549.

Eversam in Kendale, Eversham, Eversham in Kendale. See Heversham.

Evesby, John, abbot of Woburn, dispensation to, 651.

Evesham [co. Worcester], Benedictine abbey, abbot of, papal mandatary, 42.

Evesham, Richard, prior of Maxstoke, dispensation to, 569.

Evyot, Ernot, William, a monk of Old Deer, formerly a monk of the order of Val-des-Choux, afterwards abbot of Old Deer, provision to, 322.

-, -, oath of fealty of, 322.

-, -, letters patent of, sealed with his seal, 322.

-, -, claim of, to have had provision of Old Deer abbey, 344.

-, -, agreement of, concerning the payment of a pension to David Bane, confirmed, 585.

Ewhurst [co. Sussex], a prebend (with Hollington) in the chapel royal of St. Mary in Hastings castle, 88.

Exceat, Excet [now in West Dean parish, in Willingdon hundred, co. Sussex], rectory of, 364.

Exeter, Exonien [sis], Oxonien [sis], [co. Devon], bishop of, chaplain of. See Hele, Nicholas.

-, -, faculty to, 119.

-, -, papal mandatary, 71, 241, 366, 383, 471, 472, 554, 570, 604, 670, 680.

-, -, dwelling at London, papal mandatary, 495.

-, -, Martin Dyer in the service of, 107.

-, -, seal of, 671.

-, Edmund bishop of. See Lacy.

-, George [bishop-]elect of. See Nevill.

-, John [bishop-]elect of. See Hals.

-, dean of, papal mandatary, 578.

-, Peter archdeacon of. See Courteney.

-, official of, papal mandatary, 596.

-, sub-dean of, duties of, 640.

-, -, papal mandatary, 657.

-, John sub-dean of. See Row.

-, canons of. See Dyer, Martin; Keys, Roger; Row, John.

-, chapter etc. of, papal letters to, 30.

-, prebend in (not named), 107.

-, -, cathedral church, clerk of the exchequer of. See Paulyn, William.

-, statutes of, 639.

-, parish church of St. George, rectory of, 646.

-, parish church of St. Mary Major, rectory of, 552.

-, parish church of St. Olave, rectory of, 530.

-, diocese of, confessor-general for, 434.

-, Henry duke of. See Holland.

Exonia , a mistake for Oxonia, 557 note.

Exonien [sis]. See Exeter.

-, a mistake for Oxonien [sis], 69 note, 517 note.

-, wrongly written Oxonien [sis], 30, 342, 596, 653 note.

Exonis, Jordan de, a canon of Tuam and prebendary of Balla, charges against, 473.

Eye, Ey [co. Suffolk], Brome by. See Brome.

Eynesbury [co. Huntingdon], rectory of, 522.

Eynsham, Egnesham [co. Oxford], Benedictine abbey, John abbot of. See Quenyngton.

-, -, poverty of, 370.


Fabiani (? rectius fabrarii). See Smith.

Fabricius , Fabritius, Fabrunntius, Frabicius, 63, 68, 100, 124, 143, 148, 157, 369373, 375378, 398, 513521, 525, 572, 657, 682.

Faconburgh, William. See Nevill, William de, lord Fauconberg.

Fahan, Fathynmura [co. Donegal], vicarage of, 284, 285.

Fail, Fale [in Tarbolton parish, co. Ayr], hospital of, founded by Mary, queen of Scots, union of the house of Trinitarian friars at Fail to, 403.

-, -, rectors of, 403.

-, house of Trinitarian friars, minister and friars of, charges against, 403.

-, -, to be suppressed and united to the hospital of Fail, 403.

Falco , 10, 14.

Falconer, Thomas, late precentor of Ross [in Scotland], 257.

Falcus, John, abbot of St. Bernard without the walls, Valencia, papal mandatary, 505.

Faldyngworth, William, rector of Gayton le Marsh, dispensation to, 623.

Fale. See Fail.

Falegh. See Fawley.

Fange. See Vange.

Fareham, co. Hants. See Whipstrode.

Fareman, Thomas, vicar of East Pennard, dispensation to, 595.

Farroll, Farrol, Thomas, priest, to be a canon of Ferns and prebendary of Kilcommon with the rectory of Kilrane annexed, 206.

-, -, to be a canon of Limerick and prebendary of Donaghmore, 259.

Farule, Gilbert de, late rector of Thankerton, 506.

Fathynmura. See Fahan.

Fauconberg, lord. See Nevill, William de.

Faukes, John, rector of St. Clement's, Hastings, a master of the Chancery of Edward IV, a clerk of Parliament, rector of St. Bride's, Fleet Street, London, dean of the chapel royal in. Windsor castle, and a canon and prebendary of Lincoln, Chichester, and Lichfield, sometime chancellor of Chichester, dispensation to, 635.

Faversham [co. Kent], Benedictine abbey of St. Saviour, monks of. See Spiser alias Vode, John; Sutton, Robert.

Fawle. See Fawte.

Fawley, Falegh [co. Hants], rectory of, 70.

Fawte, Fawle, Thomas, priest, late rector of Callan, 464.

Fayreclogh, Geoffrey, rector of St. Helen's, Ibstock, dispensation to, 601.

Feakle, Fyecayl [co. Clare], parish church of, 219.

Fearn, Fern, Ferne, Nouiferni, Noveferne, Noviferny [co. Ross], Premonstratensian abbey, abbot of, papal mandatary, 205, 257, 325, 476, 482.

Fearttakyreach. See Fertagh.

Fechkill, Fechel, Fichkill, Fichrill, Nicholas de, an Augustinian canon of Scone, afterwards abbot of Inchaffray, 79.

-, -, dispensation to, 74.

-, -, provision to, 74.

-, -, faculty for the blessing of, 74.

-, -, oath of fealty of, 74.

-, -, letters patent of, sealed with his seal, 74.

-, -, alleged to be a monk of Inchaffray, death of, 502, 503.

Feletis , A. de, 225.

Feletto, Antonius, bishop of Concordia, a papal secretary and registrator, 210, 213, 226, 228.

-, -, correction made by, 228 note.

Felksten. See Folkestone.

Fennor, desfynnowyr (rectius de ffynnowyr) [co. Tipperary], a prebend in Cashel, 355.

Ferentino [province of Rome, Italy], canon of. See Vivianis, Luke de.

Fergussi alias Macgillafiurgy, Moricius, priest, to be vicar of Alwascal, 286.

Fermoy, alias de Castrodey, de Castro Dei [co. Cork], Cistercian abbey of St. Mary, abbot of, papal mandatary, 425, 630.

Fern, Ferne. See Fearn.

Ferne, John or John de, clerk, afterwards deacon, to be vicar of Fodderty, 325.

-, -, to be dean of Caithness, 460.

Fernia , abbey de. See Ferns.

Ferns [co. Wexford], bishop of, papal mandatary, 379.

-, John bishop of. See Purcell.

-, Robert bishop of. See Whittey.

-, bishopric of, reservation of a pension on the fruits of, 324, 329.

-, archdeacon of, papal mandatary, 379.

-, Dermit chancellor of. See Odiuffin.

-, Philip chancellor of. See Nogul.

-, precentor of, papal mandatary, 206.

-, canons of. See Deuros, Miles; Farroll, Thomas; Purcell, John; Sutton, Robert; Whittey, John.

-, chapter of, John Purcell acceptable to, 324.

-, chapter etc. of, papal letters to, 324.

-, prebends in:


Kilcommon, co. Wicklow.

-, city and diocese of, intimidation in, 430.

-, Augustinian abbey of St. Mary de Fernia, abbot of, papal mandatary, 267, 306.

-, -, Thomas abbot of, executor of a papal mandate, 477.

-, Dermit Odiuffin of, 430, 596.

Ferrara [Italy], papal letters dated at, 538.

Ferrarii, Antonius or Anthony, precentor of Barcelona, a member of the household of Calixtus III, a canon of Seville, an acolyte and chaplain of the pope, papal nuncio and receiver-general, an abbreviator of apostolic letters and a member of the household of Rodrigo [de Lanzo-Borja,] cardinal deacon of St. Nicholas' in Carcere Tulliano, sent to England and elsewhere on business connected with the expedition against the Turks, faculties to, 31, 32.

-, -, grant and indult to, 387.

-, -, safe-conduct for him and his companions, 32.

Ferrarii , Michaelis, 1 et passim to page 205.

-, -, a secretary of Calixtus III, 81 note, 103 note, 152 note, 165 note.

-, -, addition made by, 150 note.

-, -, alteration made by, 103 note.

Fertagh, Fearttakyreach, Frattakyreach [co. Kilkenny], Augustinian priory, prior of, election of, by the convent, invalid, 202.

-, -, Thady prior of. See Magriyd.

-, -, Thady de facto prior of. See Ocrinam.

-, -, warden or administrator of. See Ocrinam, Thady.

-, -, convent of, election of a prior by, invalid, 202.

Festade, John, bishop of Connor alias bishop of Down and Connor, death of, 235.

-, -, resignation admitted by, 303.

Fethard, Fydard, Fyderd [co. Wexford], a prebend in Ferns, 451.

Fewleston. See Fugglestone.

Feysby, John, chaplain of the chantry of William Copston in St. Michael's, Coventry, dispensation to, 594.

Fiby (rectius Fivy). See Fyvie.

Fichkill, Fichrill. See Fechkill.

FictzEustace. See FitzEustace.

Fidelis , 8593, 100, 101, 103, 107, 108, 186, 193, 683.

-, C., 5, 10, 23, 24, 27, 28, 30, 31, 34, 35, 36, 38, 39, 80, 104, 114, 150, 180, 376, 378, 403, 435, 442, 528, 549, 560, 575, 592, 593, 680, 681.

-, P., 33.

Fillingham, Fyllyngham [co. Lincoln], rectory of, 655.

Finlai, Luke, to be vicar of Blakat, 304.

Finneisplace, in the diocese of Trouane, Richard Finney lord of, 361.

Finney, Richard, lord of Finneisplace, indult to, 361.

-, -, wife of, 361.

Fismoris. See Fitz Maurice.

Fissher, William, of Bicton, layman, founder of the chapel of St. Catherine, Bicton, licence to, 534, 535.

Fitzadam, Fizadam alias de Burgo, Richard, vicar of Carrigaline and sometime vicar of Kildimo, to be prior of SS. Mary the Virgin and Edward the Martyr by the bridge of Limerick, 292, 293.

FitzAlan, William, earl of Arundel, Arrendelle, indults to, 89.

-, -, Joan his wife, 89.

-, -, petition of, 235.

-, -, hospital of the Holy Trinity, Arundel, founded by him and his progenitors, 235.

FitzEustace, Richard, priest, to be a canon of St. Patrick's, Dublin, and prebendary of Lusk, 210, 211.

-, FictzEustace, Roulandus, layman, dispensed to marry, 370.

FitzGerald, de Geraldinis, Gerald son of Philip, a canon of Limerick, papal mandatary, 254, 504.

-, de Geraldinis, James, earl of Desmond, son of. See FitzGerald, Thomas infra.

-, -, Joan his daughter, dispensed to marry anew, 263.

-, de Geraldinis, Maurice son of David Fuscus (the Brown) a canon of Limerick, papal mandatary, 254.

-, de Geraldinis, Thomas, son of James, earl of Desmond, dispensed to marry Elis Barry, 232.

-, de Geraldinis, Thomas FitzMorice, earl of Kildare, dispensed to marry anew, 262, 263.

- See also de Geraldinis.

Fitzharry alias Fitz Nicoll, Richard, clerk, precentor of Limerick, formerly rector of Ballingaddy, to have collation afresh of the said precentorship, 10.

FitzHugh, Henry, knight, indult to, 369.

-, -, Alice his wife, 369.

FitzMaurice, Fitzmoris, Fysmoris, David, clerk, to be chancellor of Ardfert with the annexed rectory of Kilmalkedar, 448.

-, -, to be also rector of Randbarad, 504.

-, Fitzmoris, Gerald, de facto rector of Randbarad, 504.

-, Fismoris, John, priest, precentor of Ardfert, charges against, 275.

-, Fismoris, John, de Geraldinis, vicar of Ardfert, to be precentor of Ardfert, 275.

-, Fysmoris, Maurice, de facto chancellor of Ardfert, 448.

-, Nicholas, bishop of Ardfert, institution made by, 218.

-, Fitzmores, Patrick, layman, dispensed to marry Morina Macmachuna, 242.

-, -, brother of, 242.

FitzNicoll. See Fitzharry.

Fitz-Warine, Fytzwaren, lord. See Bourchier, William.

Fivy. See Fyvie.

Fizadam. See Fitzadam.

Flanders, papal legate to. See Coetivy, Alan de.

Flayn, John, a Gilbertine canon of North Ormsby, dispensation to, 150.

Fledborough, Fletburg [co. Nottingham], John Tunstal lord of, 131.

Fleming, Flemming, Flemmyng, master Robert, dean of Lincoln, proctor of Henry VI in the Roman Court, and a papal notary, appointment of, 681.

-, -, indults to, 517, 572.

-, -, safe-conduct for, 574.

-, Flemyng, Robert, vicar of Newchurch, indult to, 338.

-, Thomas, bishop of Leighlin, resignation admitted by, 272.

Fletburg. See Fledborough.

Flete, Robert, a brother of the hospital of St. Bartholomew, Smithfield, dispensation to, 586, 587.

Flokston rectius Folkston. See Folkestone.

Florence, Florentinus [Tuscany, Italy], archbishop of, 21 note.

-, Orlandus archbishop of. See Bonarli.

-, dominions of the city of, 20 note, 40.

-, gold florin of, 517.

-, merchants of, 26, 404, 412.

-, - See also Medicis, John de; Medicis, Peter de.

-, merchants of, dwelling in London, 669.

-, papal letters dated at, 67, 68, 102 (bis), 287, 501 note, 532, 533.

Floure, John, rector of St. Olave's, Exeter, dispensation to, 530.

Flumine dei , abbey de. See Kilbeggan.

Fodderty, Foreti, Fotherdy [cos. Ross and Cromarty], parish church of St. John the Baptist, vicarage of, 325, 460.

Foderingham, James, layman, charge and sentence against, 378.

Fogg, John, esquire, indult to, 361.

Fogur. See Fore.

Foleford, Baldwin, knight, indult to, 298.

-, -, wife of, 298.

Folkestone, Felksten, Flokston, Folkeston [co. Kent], Benedictine priory of SS. Mary and Eanswith, Thomas prior of. See Banys.

-, -, monk of. See Lane, William.

Foller, Thomas, vicar of the parish church of St. Mary, Ivinghoe, dispensation to, 176.

Fondera, William de, bishop of Oloron, a papal auditor, papal commissary, 129, 160, 327, 328.

Fonte Sancti Patricii , abbey de. See Ballintober.

Fontibus , abbey de. See Fountains.

Forbes, Richard, a canon of Aberdeen, collation of the deanery of Aberdeen to, 33.

-, -, oath of fealty of, 33.

-, William, dean of Brechin, a kinsman of James II, king of Scots, and nephew of James [Kennedy], bishop of St. Andrews, afterwards a canon of Glasgow and of Moray and bishop-elect of Aberdeen, dispensations to, 12, 528.

-, -, provision etc. to, 516 (bis).

Forcett, Forsett [co. York, N.R.], parish church of, appropriated to the abbey of St. Mary without the walls, York, 197.

Fordel, Fordale [in Dalgety parish, co. Fife], belonging to the episcopal mensa of Dunkeld, 378.

Fordoun, Forden [co. Kincardine], vicarage of, 336, 337.

Fore, Fogur, Fouor [in St. Feighin's parish, co. Westmeath], Benedictine priory of SS. Taurin and Feighin, prior and convent of, 321.

-, -, -, unlawfully detaining the rectory of the rural lands of Kilmore, 435.

-, -, tithes etc. belonging to, farm of, 321.

Fores, Nicholas de, abbot of Old Deer, subsequently a monk of the same, 322.

-, -, deprivation of, 344.

-, -, alleged resignation of, 344.

-, -, proctor of. See Lindsay, William.

Forestarius (or Forestarii), John, sometime rector of Bona, 286.

Foreste. See Carluke.

Foreti. See Fodderty.

Forgeo , Forgio alias de Clar, abbey de. See Clare.

Forgue, co. Aberdeen. See Sorg.

Forlivio , Antonius de, a clerk of the apostolic Camera, 59.

-, -, thesaurarius, 469.

Fornes. See Furness.

Forscar. See Forster.

Forsett. See Forcett.

Forsith. See Forsyth.

Forstar, Forstarii. See Forster.

Forster, Forscar, Forstar, Forstarii, Frostar, Furster, Gilbert, priest, an acolyte and chaplain of the pope, archdeacon of Brechin, a canon and succentor of Moray, provided to and a litigant for the vicarage of Dundee, 483, 484.

-, -, confirmation of grant, etc. to, ratified, 104.

-, -, provision of the vicarage of Dundee to, 24, 38.

-, -, to be chaplain of Arrat, 278.

-, -, to be a canon of Dunkeld and prebendary of Moneydie, 384.

-, -, a proctor of John Tyri, de facto vicar of Dundee, 679, 680.

-, -, death of, while following the Roman Court, 455, 456 (4), 457, 484.

-, -, Alexander Inglis, surrogated to the right of, 484.

-, Hugh, a proctor of causes in the Roman Court, to be a canon of St. John Neumiinster, Wurtzbrg, 300 note.

-, Hugh, a canon of Erfurt, grant to, 308 note.

-, Forstar, Froster, Robert, clerk, a kinsman of James II, king of Scots, rector of Hailes, co. Edinburgh, and a litigant for the same, provided to canonries of Aberdeen, Glasgow and Moray, and the prebends of Rathven, Carstairs and Spynie, reservation to, 449.

-, -, provision to, 588, 589.

-, -, death of, 454, 465.

-, Frostar, Walter, clerk, a litigant for the vicarage of Fordoun, 336, 337.

Forsyth, Forsythte, Patrick, late vicar of Alyth, 291.

-, Forsith, Forsych, Thomas or Thomas de, to have collation of a canonry of Glasgow and the prebend of Glasgow I, 68.

-, -, a canon of Glasgow, papal mandatary, 449, 671.

Fortiguerra, Nicholas de, cardinal priest of St. Cecilia's, resignation made to, 411.

Foston, Richard, rector of Blatherwycke, dispensation to, 629.

Fotherdy. See Fodderty.

Fouelleto or Foueletto, William Poncius de. See Poncius.

Foul', vicarage de. See FowlisEaster.

Fountains, de Fontibus [in Fountain's Earth, Kirkby Malzeard parish, co. York, W.R.], Cistercian abbey of St. Mary, abbot of, papal mandatary, 200, 238 note.

-, -, abbot and convent of, benefice appropriated to. See Crosthwaite.

-, -, -, dissention between Walter Lombarde, vicar of Crosthwaite and, 633.

-, -, -, parties to an agreement regarding the portion of the vicar of Crosthwaite, 532, 533.

-, -, -, petition of, 633.

-, -, -, to repair the chancel of Crosthwaite church, 532.

-, -, monk of. See Hulle, William.

Fouor. See Fore.

Fowell, Henry, rector of the chantry of Teynham, dispensed to hold the vicarage of Linsted also, 622, 623.

Fowlis-Easter, Fowlis, de Foul' [co. Perth], vicarage of, 38, 39.

Frabicius . See Fabricius.

Fractoris, William, priest, to be succentor of Moray, 456.

France, Francia, clergy of, collection of a tenth from, 81.

-, collector of a tenth in. See Coetivy, Alan de.

-, dominions of Philip duke of Burgundy outside the realm of, 486, 687.

-, gracie expectative in, 696, 696 note, 697, 697 note.

-, king of, crowns of the mint of, 678.

-, -, enemies of, expelled from Normandy, 599.

-, -, See also Charles VII; Louis XI.

-, members of the hospital of S. Spirito in, 82.

-, papal legate de latere to. See Coetivy, Alan de.

-, papal nuncio in. See Gaufridi, John.

-, parts of the realm of, in the possession of the English, 599.

-, sea between England and, 317.

-, tenths imposed in, 17, 19.

-, wars etc. in, 559.

Fransham, Great, Great Fraunsham [co. Norfolk], rectory of, 625.

Fraser, Patrick, late dean of Caithness, 460.

Fratour, William, a canon of Aberdeen, papal mandatary, 453.

Frattakyreach. See Fertagh.

Fre, John, clerk, rector of a parish church in the diocese of Ely, dispensation to, 536.

-, -, rector of a parish church in the diocese of Lincoln, dispensation to, 573.

Frederick III, emperor of the Romans, request made to, 20.

French, the, archers and men-at-arms raised in England for service against the Bohemians and Hussites, employed against, 669.

-, hostile incursions of, at Christchurch, 637.

-, hostile incursion of, in the Isle of Wight, 317.

-, wars of, with the English, 446.

Freshford (or Aghoure), Achur [co. Kilkenny], a prebend in Ossory, 344, 345, 355.

Freskyd. See Cotyn.

Freston, Denis, rector of St. Andrew's, Worcester, dispensation to, 158.

Frome [co. Somerset], vicarage of, 522.

- See also Keyford.

Frome, Nicholas, abbot of Glastonbury, grant to him and his successors, 98.

-, -, grant made by, 97.

-, -, letters of, inspected, 97.

-, -, petition of, 98.

Frostar, Froster (rectius Forster). See Forster.

Fuentes , G. de, 453, 456, 469, 471, 474, 632, 633, 634, 635, 638, 639, 643, 658, 664, 684.

Fueran. See Oran.

Fugglestone, Fewleston [co. Wilts], church of, burnt, 587.

-, rectory of, 587.

Fulflood, in Weeke parish, co. Hants. See Winchester, St. Mary de Valle.

Fulford, Fulforth [co. York, E.R.], chapel of, tithes arising within the bounds of, 129, 160, 196.

-, parish church of St. Olave, annexed to the abbey of St. Mary, York, Greendyke alleged to be in the parish of, 389.

Fulham [co. Middlesex], John Druell rector of, 371.

Fulleford, William, a canon of Wells, indult to, 227.

Fullere, William, rector of the parish church of St. Andrew, Gunton, and chaplain of [Walter Lyhert], bishop of Norwich, dispensation to, 88, 89 (bis).

Fulstow, Fulstowe [co. Lincoln], chapel of St. Mary called Merchchapelle within the bounds of. See Marsh Chapel.

-, rector of, 631.

Fuontes , 694.

Fuoranmor. See Oranmore.

Furan. See Oran.

Furnes, Furnensis [Belgium], church of St. Walburga, dean of, papal mandatary, 426.

Furness, Fornes [co. Lancaster], Cistercian abbey, monk of. See Tanfeld, John.

Furster. See Forster.

Fuxo, Peter de [cardinal] bishop of Albano, papal mandatary, 405.

Fuyt. See Machand.

Fydard, Fyderd. See Fethard.

Fyecayl. See Feakle.

Fyllyngham. See Fillingham.

Fynaboren [sis]. See Kilfenora.

Fyncham, Beatrice, household servant of Thomas Lomley, knight, and Margaret, his wife, indult to, 84.

Fynnaboren [sis]. See Kilfenora.

Fynnowyr. See Fennor.

Fynoboren [sis]. See Kilfenora.

Fysmoris. See FitzMaurice.

Fysse, Andrew, a canon of Aberdeen, papal mandatary, 288.

Fyssher, John, rector of Marston Trussell, dispensation to, 123.

Fytzmores. See FitzMaurice.

Fytzwaren'. See Fitz-Warine.

Fyvie, Fiby, Fivy [co. Aberdeen], Benedictine priory, dependent on Arbroath abbey, Alexander prior of. See Mason.

-, -, Robert prior of. See Cuby.

-, -, united and appropriated to Arbroath abbey, 405, 406.


G ., papal register rubricated by, 278 note.

Gaceti. See Gazeti.

Gadrynghull. See Goodringhill.

Galbally (or Aherloe), Gallanaleaherlach, Gallbale alias Natharlach [co. Limerick], rectory of, 283.

-, vicarage of, 354, 355.

Gallanaleaherlach, Gallbale alias Natharlach. See Galbally.

Gallen, Galyn [King's county], Augustinian priory, prior of, papal mandatary, 501.

Gallie . See the Gauls.

Galway, Galluia [co. Galway], vicarage of, 255.

-, parish church of St. Nicholas, vicarage of, 333, 334.

Galway, John, a monk of St. Dogmells, dispensation to, 147.

Galyn. See Gallen.

Gamechestre. See Godmanchester.

Gandavium . See Ghent.

Gantbell (rectius Gantwell). See Cantwell.

Garampius , Josephus comes, priest, of the church of Rimini, prefect of the Vatican archives (1750), 31 note.

Gari. See Ballingarry, in the barony of Connello Upper, co. Limerick.

Garilhati , Garilliaci, Garilliati, N., 497, 504, 648, 664, 686.

Garnet, Robert, donsel, safe-conduct for, 173.

-, Thomas, donsel, safe-conduct for, 173.

Garra. See Ballingarry, in the barony of Coshlea, co. Limerick.

Garre. See Ballingarry, in the barony of Connello Upper, co. Limerick.

Garton, Alice de, widow, indult to, 229.

Gatcombe, Gattecombe [co. Hants], rector of, obligations of, with regard to the parochial chapel of Whitwell, 326, 327.

Gateshead, Gatesheved [co. Durham], chapel of St. Edmund the Bishop, in the collation of the bishop of Durham, appropriation of, to the priory of St. Bartholomew, Newcastle on Tyne, confirmed, 373, 374.

-, -, two chaplains to be provided to celebrate mass etc. in, 374.

Gattecombe. See Gatcombe.

Gaufeld. See Cranfield.

Gaufridi, John, bishop of Arras, papal nuncio to the realms of France, England and Scotland, to the other parts of Gaul and to the dominions of Philip, duke of Burgundy, afterwards cardinal priest of St. Martin's in Montibus, 486.

-, -, grant to, of the powers of a legate de latere in those parts, 597.

-, -, faculties to, 687690.

-, -, not to use the faculties granted to him outside the realm in which he is for the time being, 690, 691.

-, -, members of the household of, 688. See also Carpentarii, Christopher; Kaernynynen, Alan.

-, -, oath received by, 453.

-, -, petition of, 458 note.

Gaul, other parts of (i.e. than the realm of France), papal nuncio to. See Gaufridi, John, bishop of Arras.

Gauls, the, Gallie, papal legate to. See Coetivy, Alan de.

-, parts of, outside the realm of France, 687.

Gautbell. See Cantwell.

Gayton, William, prior of Watton, dispensation to, 144.

Gayton le Marsh (in Maresco) [co. Lincoln], rectory of, 623.

Gazeti, Gaceti, Lewis, prior of the Carthusian house of ValSaint-Georges, a papal nuncio to Scotland etc. commission to, for the collection of the tenth in Scotland, 36.

-, -, faculties to, 36, 37.

-, -, grant to, 37.

Gealward, John, vicar of Ballyspillane, sometime rector and vicar of Dungourney, 431.

Gedwert. See Jedburgh.

Geffray, Thomas, vicar of Mayfield, dispensation to, 122.

Gele, John, late an acolyte of Calixtus III, a canon of Magdeburg and Lbeck, and an abbreviator of papal letters, 24.

Geraldinis, Aulina de, wife of Florence O'Driscoll, indult to, 298.

-, Gerald de, a canon of Cloyne, dispensed to receive the bishopric of Cork and Cloyne, 469.

-, -, a canon of Cloyne, in minor orders, provision of the bishopric of Cork and Cloyne to, 470.

-, -, clerk, of Cloyne, a member of the household of Jordan [Purcell], bishop of Cork and Cloyne, charge of forgery against, 472.

-, -, provided to the bishopric of Cork and Cloyne, falsely alleged to be void, inhibition etc. of, 472.

-, -, appointed proctor of Jordan [Purcell], bishop of Cork and Cloyne by a forged instrument, 472.

-, - [bishop-]elect of Cork and Cloyne, faculty for the consecration of, 473.

-, -, oath of fealty etc. of, 473, 474.

-, - [bishop-]elect of Cork and Cloyne, papal nuncio, safe-conduct for, 694, 695.

-, Gerald de, a canon of Limerick, papal mandatary, 274.

-, Gerald son of Philip de. See FitzGerald.

-, James de, earl of Desmond. See FitzGerald.

-, John de, an Augustinian canon of Killagh, mandate for the absolution of, and dispensation to, 198.

-, John de, layman, dispensed to marry Ranatina Magrath, 236.

-, John Fismoris de. See FitzMaurice.

-, John son of Thomas de, vicar of Ardfert, and provided to the precentorship of Ardfert, dispensation to, 312.

-, Maurice de, a canon of Limerick, papal mandatary, 292, 499.

-, Maurice son of David Fuscus de. See FitzGerald.

-, Thomas son of James earl of Desmond. See FitzGerald.

-, Thomas FitzMorice de, earl of Kildare. See FitzGerald.

-, See also FitzGerald; and cf. de Gherardinis.

German, Isle of Man. See St. Germanus.

German nation, Hospitallers' provinces of the, 640.

Germanus , Jo., 628.

Germany, Alamania, archbishops and bishops of, 20.

-, Crusade published in, and the collection of a tenth, 21.

-, papal legate to. See Carvajal, John.

-, Anthony Ferrarii sent as papal nuncio to, 387.

-, prebends etc. in, reservation of, 204 note.

-, Upper and Lower, members of the hospital of S. Spirito in, 82.

Gerones , Jo., 491.

Gerona, Gerunden [sis], [Spain], Cosmas [bishop-]elect of. See de Monteferrato.

Gerveys, late husband of Anne, mother of John, Robert and Stephen Smith, 19.

Gheldria . See Gueldres.

Ghent, Gandavium [Belgium], church of Ste. Pharailde, edict affixed to the door of, 670.

Gherardinis, Laurence son of Thomas de, a Friar Preacher, dispensation to, 592.

Ghililberti , Ghiselberti. See Giselberti.

Gilberti, John, priest, to be vicar of Kilbarchan, 303.

Gilbertstown, Bailyg(?)ebert [in Lickbla parish, co. Westmeath], tithes etc. of, belonging to Fore priory, 321.

Gilifortis . See Gillifortis.

Gill abbey. See Cork.

Gillifortis , Gilifortis, a clerk of the apostolic Camera, 59.

-, the pope's treasurer general, oath to be taken before, 684.

Giselberti , Ghililberti, Ghiselberti, Jo., 687, 690.

Glakbeed. See Blakberd.

Glanberchayn. See Castlehaven.

Glandebaten [sis] (sic). See Glendalough.

Glascarrig, Glasargi, Glascarg, Glasharge [in Donaghmore parish, co. Wexford], Benedictine priory of St. Mary, of the order of Tiron, prior of, papal mandatary, 267, 306.

-, -, -, grant of the fruits of the rectory of Leitrim, co. Cork, made by, 630.

-, -, prior and convent of, 630.

-, -, benefice belonging to. See Leitrim, co. Cork.

-, -, founders of, William Condon of the stock of, 630.

Glasgow [co. Lanark], bishop of, benefices in the collation of, falling void in certain months, faculty to make provision of, 593.

-, -, citation of, 693.

-, -, executor of a papal mandate, 666.

-, -, officials of, cited, 693.

-, -, papal mandatary, 25, 34, 64, 249, 269, 270, 280, 330, 376, 379, 385, 403, 439 (bis), 447, 604, 643, 666, 667.

-, -, resignation made to, 448.

-, -, resignations made to, and exchange carried out by, 506.

-, -, right of institution to the provostship of Hamilton reserved to, 439.

-, -, suits before, 667.

-, Andrew bishop of. See de Durisder.

-, John bishop of. See Cameron.

-, William bishop of. See Turnbull.

-, voidance of the see, 335.

-, -, the advowson of Cambusnethan belonging to the king of Scots during, 256.

-, -, vicar-general in spirituals deputed or appointed by the chapter during, 205, 256, 335.

-, bishop and chapter of, provision of benefice in the collation of, 441.

-, bishop, dean, archdeacon and chapter of, provisions and reservations of benefices in the collation of, 173, 184.

-, bishop, dean and chapter of, provisions and reservations of benefices in the collation of, 301, 432, 458, 595, 596.

-, dean of, papal mandatary, 47, 303, 643, 666, 667.

-, James dean of. See Inglis.

-, John dean of. See Mytton.

-, Thomas dean of. See Mirton and Vaus.

-, archdeacon of, papal mandatary, 173, 256, 403, 425, 439, 498, 643, 666, 667.

-, chancellor of, papal mandatary, 671.

-, official of, papal mandatary, 183, 205, 303, 305, 334, 416, 431, 510.

-, David precentor of. See Cadzow.

-, Andrew sub-dean of. See de Durisder and Stowart.

-, Hugh treasurer of. See de Douglas.

-, canons of. See Alexander; Auchinlek, Adam; Balfour, John de; Cameron, Thomas; Clepham, Richard; Durisder, Andrew de; Elphinstone, William de; Forster, Robert; Forsyth, Thomas de; Inglis, James; Kennedy, James; Kennedy, John; Murhede, Thomas de; Napare, Alexander; Ogilvy, David; Penven, Robert; Penven, Thomas; Ryrik, Gilbert de; Spens, Thomas de; Stewart, Andrew; Turnbull, Robert; Walteri, William; Watson, William.

-, canons provided of. See Donaldi, John; Forbes, William; Forster, Robert; Hel, Andrew; Ogilvy, William; Penven, Robert; Preston, Alexander.

-, chapter of, 413.

-, -, suit before, 335, 336.

-, -, vicar-general in spirituals appointed or deputed by, during voidance of the see of Glasgow, 205, 256, 335.

-, capitular mensa of, appropriation of the rectory of Glencairn to, to be annulled, 413, 414.

-, prebend in, reservation of, 158, 182.

-, prebends in:



Glasgow I.




-, chapel of St. Thomas near, appropriated to Hamilton collegiate church, 439 note.

-, hospital and chapel of St. Nicholas the Confessor, founded by Andrew [de Durisder], bishop of Glasgow, indulgence to persons dying in etc. 662.

-, city and diocese of, churches and cemeteries in, 267.

-, -, impoverishment of, 43.

-, episcopal mensa of, goods belonging to, concealed and usurped, 270.

- See also Conclud.

Glasgow I, de Glasgu primo, a prebend in Glasgow, 68, 429, 506.

Glasharge. See Glascarrig.

Glasquen [sis]. See Glasgow.

Glass [cos. Aberdeen and Banff], rectory of, 269.

Glastonbury, Glastonia [co. Somerset], Benedictine abbey of St. Mary, abbot of, 547.

-, -, -, papal mandatary, 11, 107, 133, 547, 577, 578.

-, -, Nicholas abbot of. See Frome.

-, -, abbot and convent of, litigants touching tithes, 1347.

-, -, -, seals of, 97.

-, -, lector of, 97.

-, -, sacrist of. See Codworth, John.

-, -, monks of, dispensations to, 98.

-, -, -, number of, 98.

-, -, - See also Codworth, John; Marche, Edward; Newton, Robert; Selvod, John; West, John; Wullyngton, John.

-, -, convent of, consents to a grant made by the abbot, 97.

-, -, -, letters of, inspected, 97.

-, -, -, petition of, 98.

-, -, antiquity of, 98.

- See also Sharpham.

Glenbervie, Glenberuy [co. Kincardine], a prebend in Brechin, 269.

Glencairn, Glencarne [co. Dumfries], rectory of, 413, 414.

-, -, appropriation of, to be annulled, 413, 414.

-, -, patron of. See Cunynghame, Alexander de.

Glendalough, Glendallacen [sis], Glendebaten [sis], [co. Wicklow], dean of, papal mandatary, 333, 340.

-, archdeacon of, papal mandatary, 477.

Glenguhny, Glenguhnii, in the diocese of Glasgow, rectory of, 494.

Gloucester, Gloucestre, Glouecstria [co. Gloucester], archdeacon of, papal mandatary, 232.

-, Philip archdeacon of. See Polton.

-, Benedictine abbey of St. Peter, monk of. See Bayman, John.

-, parish church of St. John the Baptist, rectory of, 124, 140.

-, parish church of St. Michael, rectory of, 88.

Glys (? rectius Elys), Robert, a canon of Clonfert, papal mandatary, 487, 491.

Godfrey, John, an Augustinian canon and vicar of Bradbourne, indult to, 25.

Godmanchester, Gamechestre [co. Huntingdon], vicarage of, 181.

Godringhull. See Goodringhill.

Godshill, Godsehill, Godsehyll [Isle of Wight], parochial chapel of Whitwell within the bounds of the parish of, 327.

-, vicar of, consent of, to a grant of the right of burial at Whitwell, 327.

Gogar, in Corstorphine parish, co. Edinburgh. See Ochterogarte.

Goldesburghe, Joan, a nun of Nun Monkton, dispensation to, 127.

Goldewell. See Goldwell.

Goldilgan. See Coldingham.

Goldwell, Goldewell, James, rector of Harrietsham, formerly rector of Cheriton and commissarygeneral of John [Kempe], archbishop of Canterbury, dispensations to, 90, 91, 142.

Gonne, Gonne, G. (i.e. Gulielmus), or master William, 203, 209, 210, 213, 214, 215, 221, 225, 234, 236, 240, 247, 249, 251, 256, 258, 261, 265, 267, 268, 269, 270, 272, 274, 276, 277, 278, 280, 282, 285, 287, 295, 303, 304, 305, 306, 307, 686.

-, -, an abbreviator of apostolic letters, proctor of Adam de Mongomeri, 25.

-, -, a canon of Rennes, papal mandatary, 498.

Gonvylehalle. See Cambridge.

Gooderyk, Richard, a married clerk, notary public, 169.

Goodleigh, Goodlegh [co. Devon], parish church of St. George, rectory of, 533.

Goodringhill, Gadrynghull, Godringhull alias Wodforde sive Trykhyll aut Briani [? a manor in Henbury, co. Gloucester], a prebend in the collegiate church of Westbury on Trym, 120, 229.

Gordon, Alexander, earl of Huntly. See Seton alias Gordon.

-, Gorden, William, late vicar of Sorg, 426.

-, William, clerk, to be a canon of St. Mary Hugh, St. Andrews, and prebendary of Uphall, 453, 454.

Gorones , 470.

Goste, Andrew, priest, holding a chantry within Spalding priory, dispensation to, 156.

Goudhurst, co. Kent. See Combwell.

Govan, Gowen, Guuen, Guvane, Guven [cos. Lanark and Renfrew], a prebend in Glasgow. 210, 421, 440, 458.

Gracedieu, de Gratia Dei [in Lusk, co. Dublin], Augustinian canonesses' priory of St. Mary, prioress and convent of, presentation made by, 477.

Grace Dieu, de Gratia Dei [in Parc Grace-Dieu, co. Monmouth], Cistercian abbey of St. Mary, monk of. See Ady, Robert.

Gradanis , priory de. See Grzes.

Graham, George de, clerk, to be provost of Hamilton, 439.

-, Grahame, Patrick, clerk, kinsman of James II, king of Scots, and nephew of James [Kennedy], bishop of St. Andrews, dispensation to, 10.

-, Graym, Patrick [bishop-] elect of Brechin, sometime rector of Kinnell, 474.

Grai. See Grey.

Grammont. See Grandmont.

Grampound, Grampont [co. Cornwall], Thomas Sage, lord of a place in, 228.

Granard [co. Longford], vicarage of, 283.

Grandmont (alias Grammont) [HautVienne, France], house of the order of the abbey of (i.e. Bonshommes of God). See Edington.

Graney, Grany [co. Kildare], Augustinian canonesses' priory of St. Mary, prioress, commonly called abbess, and convent of, provision of a benefice in the collation of, 394.

Grantham [co. Lincoln], Belton by, q. v.

Grany. See Graney.

Grasse [Alpes-Maritimes, France], bishop of, papal mandatary, 376, 431, 453, 494, 510.

Grassis, master Anthony de, a papal chaplain and auditor, papal mandatary, 502.

Gratia Dei , abbey de. See Grace Dieu, co. Monmouth.

-, priory de. See Gracedieu, co. Dublin.

Gray, Thomas, nobleman, dispensed to re-contract marriage with Elizabeth Nevill, 624.

-, -, elder brother of, 624.

-, William, bishop of Ely, member of the household of. See Valtrim, John.

- See also Grey.

Graym. See Graham.

Grayson, William, abbot of Kirkstall, dispute of, with Robert Mapilton, vicar of Owthorne, 200, 238 note.

Graystok, baron of. See Greystock.

Graystok, Richard, clerk, son of the baron of Greystock, and a kinsman of Edward IV, dispensation to, 664.

Greatconnell, Conall [co. Kildare], Augustinian priory of St. Mary, prior of, papal mandatary, 370.

Great Dunmowe. See Dunmow, Great.

Great Fraunsham. See Fransham, Great.

Great Hornyngesherth (rectius Horn yngesheath). See Horningsheath, Great.

Great Masyngam. See Massingham, Great.

Great Paryndon. See Parndon, Great.

Gregorii , V., 41.

-, W., 107, 108.

Gregorius , secretary of Pius II, 463.

Gregory [?], erased fragment of a bull of, 501 note.

Gregory XI, restrictions placed upon papal chaplains by, 188, 683 (bis).

Grendikes, Grendyk, Grendykes, le. See Grenedikes.

Grene (or Greue), Thomas, chaplain of the chantry at the altar of St. Mary, in the parish church of St. Clement in the East, London, dispensation to, 170.

-, Thomas, chaplain of the chantry of St. Giles by Lincoln, dispensation to, 645.

Grenedikes, le Grendikes, Grendyk, le Grendykes, Grenedickes, Grenedykes [variously alleged to be in the parish of St. Laurence, York, and Fulford], dispute as to the tithes of, 129, 160, 196, 389.

-, tithes of, awarded to the abbot and convent of St. Mary, York, 389.

Greni, John, an Augustinian canon, provided to the bishopric of Kilfenora and vicar commendatary of Godmanchester, indult to, 181.

Grethon, Henry, abbot of Paisley, sometime a monk of Dunfermline, 388, 390.

Greue. See Grene.

Grey, Grai, Edmund, lord Grey de Ruthyn, indult to, 520.

-, -, Katherine his wife, 520.

- See also Gray.

Greystock, Graystok, baron of, son of. See Graystok, Richard.

Grzes, de Gradanis [in Carcassonne, Aude, France], priory of, John prior of. See Guasqueti.

-, -, William prior of. See Croyser.

Grimston, Grymston [co. Norfolk], rectory of, 595.

Grosseto [Italy], portion of the diocese of, taken to form the diocese of Pienza, 457 note.

Grotemore, Ricius, clerk, to be a notary public, 296.

Groyser. See Croyser.

Gruffith, Gruffich, David ap, vicar of Llangenydd, dispensation to, 640.

Gryffyth, Richard, clerk, dwelling in Canterbury, to be a notary public, 296.

Grymston. See Grimston.

Guasqueti, John, a member of the household of Pius II, to be prior of Grzes and de Decanatis, 405.

-, -, consent of, to the payment of a pension out of those priories, 405.

Gubbio [Perugia, Italy], Anthony de Pamphiliis, a citizen of, 340.

Gudibouur, Thomas, an Augustinian canon of Carlisle, dispensation to, 567.

Gueldres, Gheldria [Netherlands], duchy of, 36.

Guillermus Rocha, Peter, a papal notary, papal mandatary, 652.

Guisborough, Guisburne [co. York, N.R.], Augustinian priory, prior of, papal mandatary, 532.

Gunthorp, John, to be a penitentiary in the basilica of St. Peter and the Roman court and a papal chaplain, 684.

Gunton [co. Norfolk], parish church of St. Andrew, rectory of, 88.

Guston, Anthony, a monk of SS. Mary and Martin of the New Work, Dover, dispensation to, 657.

Gutherst alias Mugg, Richard, clerk, notary public, 162.

Guthre, Guttre, master Richard, a monk of Arbroath, and confessor of James III, appointed a papal chaplain, 686.

Guthrie, Guthri [co. Forfar], a prebend in Brechin, 421.

Guttre. See Guthre.

Guuen, Guvane, Guven. See Govan.

Gyam, William, rector of Minchinhampton and chaplain of Tockington, dispensation to, 568.

Gyfforde, Robert, of London, an Augustinian friar, prior of St. Augustine's, London, dispensation to, 651.

Gygar, John, rector of Wyberton, dispensation to, 593.

Gylling, Robert, a Friar Preacher of Yarm, dispensation to, 527.