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Calendar of Papal Registers Relating To Great Britain and Ireland: Volume 11, 1455-1464. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1921.

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Hacket, Walter (Walbertus), late prior of SS. Mary the Virgin and Edward the Martyr by the bridge of Limerick, 293.

Hackney, Hakeney [co. Middlesex], vicarage of, 95.

Hacle. See Hatle.

Hacrum Homane. See Aughrim, co. Galway.

Hadelsey, Richard, notary, demands against, remitted, 614.

Hadington, William de, a monk of Inchaffray and de facto abbot of the same, election of, and charges against, 502, 503.

-, -, pension granted by, 672.

-, -, proctor of, in the Roman court. See Inglis, James.

Hadrianus , papal register rubricated by, 9 note.

-, papal register to be rubricated by, 398 note.

Haghton. See Aghton.

Hagis, Andrew, a monk of Pluscardine, pension reserved to, 330, 331.

-, Hagys, Richard, rector of All Saints, Vange, dispensation to, 671.

Hailes, Halis, de Halis, alias Colinton [now in Colinton, co. Edinburgh], rectory of, 449, 589.

Hailes, Hayles [co. Gloucester], Cistercian abbey of St. Mary, relaxation of penance to persons who visit and give alms for the repair etc. of, 190.

Hakeney. See Hackney.

Halberstadt [Germany], dean of, papal mandatary, 24.

Haldernes. See Holderness.

Haliburton, Patrick lord of, dispensed to remain in his marriage, 347.

-, -, wife of. See Hepburn. Margaret de.

Halis, parish church de Halis. See Hailes, co. Edinburgh.

Hall, Halle, John, lord of a part of Quarley, indult to, 296.

-, -, Agnes his wife, 296.

-, Nicholas, prior of Pontefract, instrument drawn up at the request of, 138.

-, Halle, Richard, witness, 49.

-, Thomas, witness, 138.

-, Halle (or Hallie), Thomas, a canon of London, chaplain of William [Waynflete], bishop of Winchester, and rector of Bishopstone, dispensation to, 94.

Hallam, co. York, W.R. See Halon.

Halle, Hallie. See Hall.

Halon (? Hallam, co. York, W.R.), John Leek of, 238.

Hals, Halse, John, archdeacon of Norfolk or Norwich, and chaplain of Margaret, queen of England, dispensation to, 154.

-, - [bishop-]elect of Exeter, resignation of, 30.

-, - [bishop-]elect of Lichfield and Coventry, papal mandatary, 556.

-, Halse, Thomas, an error for John Hals, 30.

Halstede, Axolstede, Andrew de, sub-prior of St. Bartholomew, Smithfield, witness, 611.

Halton [co. Buckingham], parish church of St. Michael, rectory of, 589.

Halton Holegate, Halton by Spyllysby [co. Lincoln], Robert Potter alias Milam, rector of, 193.

Hamand, William, late vicar of Clonelty, 353.

- Cf. also Hamond.

Hambledon, Hamelden [co. Buckingham], rectory of, 173.

Hamelake. See Helmsley.

Hamelden. See Hambledon.

Hamely, Joan, dispensed to remain in her marriage with Henry Drew, 434, 657.

-, -, kinswoman of, 434.

Hamilton, Cadzow, Hammylton, Hamylton [co. Lanark], erection of the parish church of, into a collegiate church, confirmed, 439.

-, collegiate church, provost of, papal mandatary, 510.

-, -, George provost of. See de Graham.

-, -, litigant for the provostship of. See Vaus, Martin.

-, -, chapels appropriated to. See Dalserf; Glasgow, chapel of St. Thomas near; Hamilton; and Lanark.

-, chapel of, appropriated to Hamilton collegiate church, 439 note.

-, vicarage of, provostship created from the fruits of, 439.

-, lord of. See Hamilton, James infra.

Hamilton, Hamylton, David, late rector of Kirkinner, 421.

-, Hammylton, James, lord of Hamilton, knight, indult to, 674.

-, -, petition of, 438.

-, -, presentation made by, 439.

-, -, and his heirs, right of presentation to the provostship of Hamilton reserved to, 439.

-, Hamylton, Robert de, priest, sometime rector of Abernyte, pension assigned to, 318, 319.

-, -, residing at the university of Paris, 318.

-, -, proctors of. See Logan, Henry; and Raulston, James, late bishop of Dunkeld.

Hamond, William, an Augustinian canon, dispensation to, 134.

-, Hamownd, William, a Premonstratensian canon of Torre, dispensation to, 342.

- Cf. also Hamand.

Hampden, Edmund, knight, chamberlain of Edward, prince of Wales, lord of Dunton, indults to, 519, 521.

-, -, Anne his wife, 519, 521.

Hampsterley, John, an Augustinian canon of Studley, dispensation to, 370.

Hampton Monialium . See Minchinhampton.

Hamylton. See Hamilton.

Hanarayd. See Dunmore.

Handborough, Hanburghet [co. Oxford], rectory of, 673.

Handsacre, Hondesaccre [in Armitage parish, co. Stafford], a prebend in Lichfield, 88.

Hanham, Veschanam [co. Gloucester], chapel of, in the parish of Bitton, indult for burials in, 116.

-, inhabitants of, petition of, 116.

Hanob. See Hennock.

Hanslope, Hanslap [co. Buckingham], rectory of, 538.

Harecourt, John, clerk, of Exeter, dispensations to, 128.

Harlaxton, Herlexton [co. Lincoln], rectory of, 561, 562.

Harleston, Harlston [co. Norfolk], chapel of, 89.

Harlestone, Harleston [co. Northampton], rectory of, 143.

Harleton alias Harlton. See Harlton.

Harlston. See Harleston.

Harlton, Harleton alias Harlton [co. Cambridge], rectory of, 633.

Harper, Harp, William, Joan sometime his wife, grant by, 50.

Harreys, John, a Premonstratensian canon of Torre abbey, dispensation to, 93.

Harrietsham, Herittyshan, Herriettysham, Heryettysham, Heryettyshay [co. Kent], rectory of, 90, 91, 142.

Hartlebury, Hertilbury [co. Worcester], a manor of the bishop of Worcester, statutes dated at, 232.

Hartside, Hertyshed [now in Lamington parish, co. Lanark], rectory of, the second portion of the rectory of Lamington, 575.

Hasdara , abbey de. See Ballysadare.

Haselyngseld, Haselyngsleld (rectius Haselyngfeld). See Haslingfield.

Haslingfield, Haselyngseld, Haselyngsleld [co. Cambridge], parish church of All Saints, vicarage of, 150.

Hastings, Hastinges, Hastyng [co. Sussex], chapel royal or collegiate church of St. Mary within the castle of, canons of. See Heyde, Baldwin; Rudyng, John.

-, -, prebends in:

Ewhurst and Hollington.


-, parish church of St. Clement, rectory of, 635.

Hatle, Hacle, Simon, clerk, grant to, of the prerogatives of a member of the pope's household, 594, 595.

-, -, reservation of benefices for collation to, 596.

Hauefild. See Hove Villa.

Haukesworth. See Hawkesworth.

Haukini, John, an Augustinian canon of Trentham, nephew of the bishop of Ely, to be a papal chaplain, 192.

Haukrygge. See Hawkridge.

Haultoft, Haultost, Gilbert, rector of Sherington, dispensationto, 27.

Hawick, Hawyk [co. Roxburgh], a prebend in Bothwell collegiate church, 421.

Hawkedon, Richard, vicar of Tavistock, dispensation to, 641.

Hawkesworth, Haukesworth, Richard, vicar of St. Laurence's, York, a litigant respecting tithes, 129, 160, 196.

Hawkridge, Haukrygge [co. Somerset], rectory of, 559.

Hawksworth, Howekysworth [co. Nottingham], John Howekysworth lord of, 130.

Hawkyns, Thomas, rector of Sedgeberrew, dispensation to, 165.

-, Thomas, rector of the parish church of St. Giles, Bredon, dispensation to, 169.

-, Thomas, rector of Saddington, dispensation to, 175.

Hawyk. See Hawick.

Haxbi, Thomas, priest, notary public, 119.

Haxei, John, layman, formerly a coroner of co. Lincoln, dispensed to receive orders, 110, 111.

Haxwode (rectius Haywode). See Haywood, Great.

Hay, Margaret, a kinswoman of Cristiana Ersken, late wife of Robert Crechton, 330.

-, Thomas de, clerk, sometime vicar of Alyth, 291 (bis).

Haydok, Gilbert, rector of Houghton, and chaplain of Whipstrode, dispensation to, 102.

-, Haimundus, rector of East Dereham, and a canon of St. Martin-le-Grand, London, grant to, 235.

Hayles. See Hailes, co. Gloucester.

Haylys, Robert, alleged clerk, 121.

Hayman, Richard, archdeacon of Huntingdon, indults to, 497, 650.

Hayne, Richard, nobleman, indult to, 298.

-, -, Joan his wife, 298.

Haywood, Great, Haxwode, Heywode [in Colwich parish, co. Stafford], manor of, letters dated in the chapel or principal chapel of, 82, 478.

Headley, Hedle [co. Surrey], rectory of, 237.

Heanton Punchardon, Heaunton [co. Devon], rectory of, 641.

Hectoris, John, bishop of Sodor, deprivation made by, 262.

-, -, institutions made by, 262, 480.

Hedle. See Headley.

Hedley, Thomas, rector of Bishop's Caundle, dispensation to, 530.

Hedyan, Hedyhan. See O'Hedian.

Heinrici de Argentina, John. See Argentina.

Hel (? rectius Bel), Andrew, a member of the household of James II, king of Scots, provision of canonries of Glasgow and Aberdeen to, 182.

Hele, Nicholas, rector of St. George's, Exeter, and a chaplain of the bishop of Exeter, dispensation to, 646.

Helen, Eleanor of Scotland, daughter of James I, king of Scots, consort of Sigismund, duke of Austria, chaplain of. See Wienna, John de.

-, indult to, 562.

-, a benefactress of the Friars Minors' house of Bozen, 91.

Helgey. See Hilgay.

Helmsley. Hamelake [co. York, N.R.], Marjory Wentworth, baroness de Roos, lady of the castle of, 170.

Helperthorpe, Helpthorp [co. York, E.R.], Edmund Partyngton lord of, 186.

Hembury. See Henbury.

Hemmynge (or Hemynnge), John, vicar of Almondsbury, and a chantry-priest in the church of the Kalendars, Bristol, dispensation to, 90.

Hemswell, de Hemswellis [co. Lincoln], rectory of, 562, 563.

Hemynnge. See Hemmynge.

Henbury, Hembury [co. Gloucester], a prebend in the collegiate church of Westbury on Trym, 229.

- See also Charlton, Goodringhill and Laurence Weston.

Hennier , Ma., registrator of papal letters, 427, 428.

Henry III, founder of the hospital of St. John the Baptist without the east gate, Oxford, 69.

Henry V, intention of, to found a chantry in the conventual church of St. Peter, Shrewsbury, 478.

Henry VI, ambassador of, to the pope. See Clementis, Vincent.

-, archers and men-at-arms raised for service against the Bohemians and Hussites, employed by, against the French, 669.

-, chamberlain of, lord. See Stanley, James (rectius Thomas).

-, chapel royal within the lodging of, sub-dean of. See Wygrym, John.

-, chaplains of. See Bermingham, Fulc; Keys, Roger; Kirkham, Robert; Kyrkeby, John.

-, confirmation granted out of consideration of, 114.

-, consent of, to be obtained, for the reform of sanctuaries, 581.

-, -, to the suppression of the hospital of St. John the Baptist without the east gate, Oxford, and the foundation of a new college [Magdalen College], 69.

-, council of, a clerk of. See Kent, Thomas.

-, -, member of. SeeChedworth, John, bishop of Lincoln.

-, discord between a number of his nobles and barons and, 676.

-, dominions of, papal nuncio and commissary in. See Coppinis, Francis de, bishop of Terni.

-, enemies of, 181.

-, faculty granted at the instance of, 498 note.

-, founder of Eton College, 117, 560, 656.

-, -, alterations in the said foundation made by, 117.

-, -, grant of plenary remission to penitents visiting that church, made at the instance and for the lifetime of, 386, 387.

-, grants etc. of, confirmed, 21, 22.

-, grants of, to King's College, Cambridge, confirmed, 539543.

-, help solicited from, against the Turks, 20.

-, household of, member of. See Shirwod, William.

-, information afforded to the pope by, 529.

-, keeper of the Hanaper of. See Kirkham, Robert.

-, kinsmen of. See Bourchier, John; Courteney, John; de la Hay, Richard; Tiptoft, John de, earl of Worcester.

-, legate de latere sent by Pius II to, 675.

-, letters of, 35.

-, licence of, for the foundation of a chantry, 115.

-, licences for appropriations granted by, 50, 62, 63, 83, 478.

-, master of Chancery of. See Kirkham, Robert.

-, master of the children of the lords of the court of. See Shirwod, William.

-, offer of, to go on a crusade, 386.

-, papal confirmation of a provision to Montacute priory desired by, 547.

-, papal letters to, 30, 35, 68, 264, 322, 323, 324 (bis), 340, 341, 357, 358 (bis), 359, 360, 377.

-, -, omitted, 341 note.

-, parliament of, at Westminster, in the fourth year of his reign, 114.

-, parts subject to, 23, 83.

-, petitions of, 14, 23, 129, 153, 160, 166, 386.

-, privileges of, in respect of King's College, Cambridge, 542.

-, proctor of. See Fleming, Robert.

-, receiver of, for the honour of Tickhill, 526.

-, secretary of. See Mannyng, Thomas.

-, service of, 181, 526, 538, 557.

-, -, John Lax engaged in, 98.

-, eldest son of. See Edward, prince of Wales.

-, a suggested successor to John [Chedworth], bishop of Lincoln, likely to be acceptable to, 557.

-, John Morton acceptable to, 556.

-, Philip Norreys imprisoned by order of, 101.

-, Waltham Abbey in the patronage of, 171.

Henry (sic), king of England, papal letters to, 470.

Hensakir, John, late archdeacon of Ossory, 400.

Henton, John, prior of Bruton, sometime a canon of the same, decree in favour of, 96.

-, -, father of, 96.

- alias Lombe, William, clerk, notary public, 360.

Hepburn, Adam, of Dunsyre, layman, party to a matrimonial suit, 484, 485, 659, 660.

-, -, wife of. See Hum, Ellen or Helen.

-, Margaret de, wife of Patrick, lord of Haliburton, dispensed to remain in her marriage, 347.

Her . (i.e. Hermannus). See Lutkehut.

Herbipolen [sis]. See Wrtzburg.

Herbixgh, Thomas, late archdeacon of Ossory, 400.

Herby (? rectius Hervy), Thomas, an Augustinian canon, dispensation to, 185.

Hereford, Herforden [sis], [co. Hereford], bishop of, faculty to, 295.

-, bishop of, papal mandatary, 69, 133, 171, 411.

-, John bishop of. See Stanbury.

-, Richard archdeacon of. See Rudhale.

-, episcopal mensa, proposed reservation of a pension on, 441.

-, cathedral church, vicarage in the choir of, 581.

-, city and diocese of, clergy of, statutes made by, confirmed, 648, 649.

Herford, John, a monk of Battle abbey, dispensation to, 524.

Herforden [sis]. See Hereford.

Heringtom. See Carrington.

Heris, William, a kinsman of James II, king of Scots, and of James [Douglas], earl of Douglas, rector of Kirkgunzeon, a canon of Lincluden and prebendary of Kirkpatrick, and master of the hospital of Trailtrow, dispensation to, 261.

-, -, late rector of Wigtown, sometime rector of Kells, co. Kirkcudbright, 498.

Herittyshan. See Harrietsham.

Herlexton. See Harlaxton.

Her [mannus]. See Lutkehut.

Herriettysham. See Harrietsham.

Hert, Thomas, rector of St. Andrew's, Rochford, dispensation to, 575.

-, Walter, rector of Marnhull, dispensation to, 27.

Hertilbury. See Hartlebury.

Hertishorn, William, nobleman, indult to, 228.

-, -, Alice his wife, 228.

Hertyshed. See Hartside.

Hervy, Hervi, Henry, precentor of Aberdeen, commissary of Ingram [de Lindsay], bishop of Aberdeen, 258.

-, -, death of, 338.

-, Thomas, an Augustinian canon of St. Mary's, Southwark, dispensation to, 606.

- See also Herby.

Herwardi, William, priest, rector of St. Michael's, Halton, dispensation to, 589.

Heryettysham, Heryettyshay. See Harrietsham.

Heston, co. Middlesex. See Hounslow.

Hettinggham alias Byort, Hetyngham alias Byott, John, an Augustinian friar of Clare, chaplain of John de Vere, earl of Oxford, dispensations to, 294, 660, 661.

Heversham, Eversam in Kendale, Eversham, Eversham in Kendale [co. Westmoreland], parish church of, appropriated to the abbey of St. Mary without the Walls, York, 63.

-, -, portion reserved for a vicar out of, 63.

Hexham [co. Northumberland], Augustinian priory of St. Andrew the Apostle, John prior of, dispensation to, 550, 551.

-, -, canon of. See Wardell, Thomas.

-, -, numbers of canons in, 550.

-, -, poverty of, 550, 551.

Heyde, Baldwin, rector of Beckley and a canon of the collegiate church of St. Mary in Hastings castle and prebendary of Hollington, sometime rector of Eastleach Martin, dispensation to, 654.

Heyes, Robert, a brother of the hospital of St. John the Baptist, Oxford, dispensation to, 70.

Heyward, Richard, rector of Holy Trinity, Stanford Dingley, and a fellow of New College, Oxford, dispensation to, 553.

Heywod, Thomas, a canon of Lichfield, and prebendary of Handsacre, rector of Bosworth and of Rolleston, dispensation to, 88.

Heywode. See Haywood, Great.

Hierosolymitanus . See Jerusalem.

Hilgay, Helgey [co. Norfolk], rectory of, 592.

Hille, John, alleged clerk, 120.

Hinton, Little, Little Hynton [co. Wilts], rectory of, 586.

Hintreth, John, layman, indulgence to persons giving alms to, 607.

Hirspaco , Hirspacco, Hrispaco, A. de, 53, 55, 56, 124, 125128, 130134, 140, 142, 143, 145, 171, 189, 376, 402.

Hispania . See Spain.

Hndesay (rectius Lindesay). See Lindsay.

Hngght. See Knyght.

Hodnet [co. Salop], rectory of, 533.

Hogsthorpe, Hoggesthorpe, Hoggestorpe [co. Lincoln], rectory of, 372, 396, 397.

Hohgton. See Houghton.

Holand. See Holland.

Holand, in the diocese of York. See Hoyland, High.

Holderness, Haldernes [co. York, E.R.], Owthorne in [the rural deanery of], 200.

Holderness, William, priest, indult to, 299.

Holes, Andrew, chancellor of Salisbury, sometime archdeacon of Anglesey, absolution etc. for, 390, 391.

-, -, indult to, 551.

Holington. See Hollington.

Holland, comt of, 36.

Holland, Holand, Henry, duke of Exeter, indult to, 228.

-, -, Anne his wife, 228.

-, Holand, Richard, priest, formerly a litigant for the precentorship of Moray, 257.

-, -, sometime rector of Bona, 286.

Hollesley, Hollysle [co. Suffolk], parish church of All Saints, rectory of, 166.

Hollington, Holington, Holyngton [co. Sussex], a prebend in the collegiate church or chapel royal of St. Mary in Hastings castle, 654, 655.

-, a prebend (with Ewhurst) in the same church, 88.

Hollysle. See Hollesley.

Holt, Holte [co. Worcester], free chapel within the castle of, 37.

Holte, Hol, Ralph, and Helen his wife, grant by, 50.

Holycross, Holycross de Wochtarlamond, Woichdarlamand, Wolarlaund, Wotarlamand, Wotheycland [co. Tipperary], Cistercian abbey of St. Mary alias Holy Cross, abbot of, papal mandatary, 345.

-, -, Denis abbot of. See O'Connell.

-, -, Dermit abbot of. See Ohifirnayn.

-, -, Fergal abbot of. See Ohifirnayn.

-, -, Odo abbot of. See Ograda.

-, -, William abbot of. See O'Connell.

-, -, monks of. See Ohifirnayn, Dermit; Omulrian, Malachy.

-, -, grange dependent upon. See Colethr.

Holy Land, the, military service in, 158.

-, vows of pilgrimage to, 126, 366, 627, 689.

Holyngton. See Hollington.

Holywood, Sacri nemoris [co. Dumfries], Premonstratensian abbey, abbot of, papal mandatary, 211.

Home, Homie or Honne, Patrick or Patrick de, archdeacon of Teviotdale, appointed a papal notary, 683.

-, -, papal letters exemplified on behalf of, 691693.

-, -, a member of the household of James II, king of Scots, and rector of Carrington, to be prior commendatary of Coldingham, 425, 426.

Honde (or Houde), William, rector of St. Peter, Belton [in the parts of Kesteven], dispensation to, 671.

Hondesacre. See Handsacre.

Honespil. See Huntspill.

Honne. See Home.

Honorius IV, immunity granted to the lands of the church of Caithness by, 616, 617.

Hoon, Robert, rector of Drayton Beauchamp, dispensation to, 575.

Hope, Robert, rector of Great Melton, dispensation to, 579.

-, Thomas, to be a canon of Constance and of the church of SS. Felix and Regula, Thuncen., 85.

-, Thomas, a canon of Wells, and a chamberlain of the hospital of the Holy Trinity and St. Thomas of Canterbury, Rome, petition of, 651.

-, Hoppe, Thomas, a papal chamberlain, papal nuncio to Edward IV and the realm of England, safe-conduct for, 654.

-, Thomas, rector of Brompton Ralph, and an abbreviator of papal letters, dispensations to, 86, 118.

-, -, substituted by John Purcell as proctor for Robert [Whittey], bishop of Ferns, 324, 329.

-, -, reservation of a canonry of Cloyne and the prebend of Kilmacdonogh for collation to, 325.

Horeil, Gilbert, rector of Little Hinton, dispensation to, 586.

Horiub. See Errew.

Horn , Jo., 503, 504, 505, 506, 507, 508, 649, 661, 662, 663, 664, 669, 672, 673, 677.

Horne, William, vicar of Lenham, dispensation to, 125.

Horneby, William, parson of the parish church of St. John Zachary, London, dispensation to, 585.

Hornese, John, a monk of Roche abbey, dispensation to, 622.

Horningsheath, Great, Great Hornyngesherth [co. Suffolk], rectory of, 105.

Horrub. See Errew.

Houde. See Honde.

Houghton, Hohgton [co. Hants], rectory of, 102.

Hounslow, Hundesllowe [in Heston parish, co. Middlesex], house of Trinitarian Friars at, John minister of. See Wodehall.

Housbonde, David, a canon of Chichester, and prebendary of HoveVilla, dispensationto, 179.

Hove Villa, Hauefild [a portion of Hove, co. Sussex], a prebend in Chichester, 179.

Howekysworth. See Hawksworth.

Howekysworth, John, lord of Hawksworth, indult to, 130.

-, -, Joan his wife, 130.

Howys, Robert, rector of Brumstead, indult to, 298.

Hoyland, High, Holand [co. York, W.R.], one moiety of the rectory of, 523.

Hrispaco . See Hirspaco.

Hudton, John, priest, a monk of Coupar-Angus, confirmation of the election of, as abbot of the same, 416.

-, -, oath of fealty etc. of, 416.

Hulle, William, a monk of Fountains abbey, dispensation to, 597.

Hum, Huni, Ellen or Helen, wife of Adam Hepburn, party to a matrimonial suit, 484, 485, 659, 660.

Hume [co. Berwick], Alexander Hume lord of, 397.

Hume, Alexander, lord of Hume, founder and patron of the collegiate church of St. Mary, Dunglass, petition of, 397.

-, John, vicar of Edrom, resignation of, 397.

-, -, proctor of. See Young, Thomas.

- Cf. Hum.

Hunden, John, archdeacon of St. Davids, 179 note.

-, -, a Friar Preacher, provision of the bishopric of Llandaff to, 358.

-, -, faculty for the consecration of, 359.

-, -, indult to, 369.

-, -, oath of fealty etc. of, 359.

Hundesllowe. See Hounslow.

Hungary, benefices of the Hospitallers in, 640.

-, Cluniac province of, 559.

-, members of the hospital of S. Spirito in, 82.

Hungerford, de Hungerfurdi [cos. Berks and Wilts], parish church of St. Laurence, vicarage of, 675.

-, Robert Hungerfordi lord of, 297.

Hungerfordi, Robert, the elder, lord of Hungerford, indult to, 297.

-, -, Margaret his wife, 297.

Huni (rectius Hum), Ellen. See Hum.

Hunt, John, priest, a monk of Thorney abbey, dispensation to, 537.

Hunter, Hwter, Patrick, layman, indulgence to persons giving alms to, 590.

Huntingdon [co. Huntingdon], Richard archdeacon of. See Hayman.

-, Augustinian priory of St. Mary, canon of. See Salle, John.

Huntly, Huntle, Alexander earl of. See Seton alias Gordon.

Huntspill, Honespil [co. Somerset], rectory of, 184.

Hurlegh, John, rector of Hanslope, and chaplain of John [Tiptoft], earl of Worcester, indult to, 538.

Hutteman, John, a monk of Riddagshausen, dispensation to, 628.

Hwter. See Hunter.

Hyell, William, prior of Plympton St. Mary, dispensation to, 620.

Hylmydan. See Kilmeadan.

Hymolacen [sis]. See Emly.

Hyndeber, Oliver, late vicar of Kyldroma, 308.

Hynton, Little. See Hinton, Little.

Hyron. See Byron.

Idvy. See Kirkden.

Ierosolymitan [us]. See Jerusalem.

Iflannagan. See O'Flannagan.

Igrane. See Ograne.

Iherlathi. See Oherlathi.

Ihon, Richard, vicar of Widecombe in the Moor, and official of the archdeacon of Totnes, indult to, 578.

Ihynwyr. See Ohynwyr.

Ikalhil. See O'Cahill.

Illard. See Ullard.

Iloynsyd. See O'Lynch.

Imber, Immer [co. Wilts], free chapel of, John Combe rector or warden of, 527.

Imolacen [sis], Imulacen [sis]. See Emly.

Incemacneri. See Inchmacnerin.

Inchaffray, Inchaffaray, Inchchaferay, Insula missarum, Insula missarum alias Inchaferay [in Madderty parish, co. Perth], Augustinian abbey, George abbot of. See Murray.

-, -, John late abbot of. See Murray.

-, -, Nicholas abbot of. See de Fechkill.

-, -, William de facto abbot of. See de Hadington.

-, -, abbot and convent of, seals of, 672.

-, -, sub-prior and convent of, election of an abbot by, 502.

-, -, canons of, election of an abbot by some of, under duress, 502.

-, -, canons of. See Hadington, William de; Murray, George.

-, -, alleged monk of. See Fechkill, Nicholas de.

-, -, convent of, consent of, to the granting of a pension, 672.

-, -, convent etc. of, papal mandate to, 74.

Inchbrayock, Insula sancti Brioci [co. Forfar], vicarage of, 259, 280.

Inchchaferay. See Inchaffray.

Inchcolm, Insula Sancte (sic) Columbe [in the Firth of Forth], Augustinian abbey, abbot of, papal mandatary, 344.

Inchmacnerin, Incemacneri, Insula Macnere, de Insula Macnery [an island in Lough Key, now known as Church Island, in Boyleparish, co. Roscommon], Augustinian priory of St. Mary, prior of, papal mandatary, 28.

-, -, Fergal provided prior of. See Ogormily.

-, -, Thomas prior of. See Obeachnachan.

-, -, Maurice prior commendatary of. See Macdonnchayd.

-, -, prior and convent of, 202.

-, -, canons of. See Macdonnchayd, Maurice; Magriyd, Thady; Ogormily, Fergal.

-, -, convent of, election of a prior by, 493.

-, -, insufficient resources of, 411.

-, -, possessions of, usurped, 493.

-, -, temporary union of the vicarage of Ardcarn to, 411.

Inch St. Laurence, Disertlaurays [co. Limerick], a prebend in Emly, 354, 355.

Inchture, Inchstour [co. Perth], vicarage of, 268.

Inescronan, See Inniscronane.

Inesgat. See Canon Island.

Inghys (rectius Inglys). See Inglis.

Ingilton, Robert, lord of Conim, indult to, 225.

-, -, Clemence his wife, 225.

-, William, clerk, dispensation to, 642.

Inglis, Alexander, a canon of Dunkeld, to be vicar of Dundee, 483, 484.

-, Inghys, Inglys, James or James de, a canon of Glasgow and prebendary of Carstairs, a canon of Moray and prebendary of Dipple, or of Dipple and Ruthven, provided to the deanery of Glasgow, 34, 64.

-, -, death of, 267, 271, 334.

-, Inghys, James, late vicar of Kilbarchan, 303.

-, James, vicar of Lasswade, sometime proctor of William [de Hadington], abbot of Inchaffray, pensions assigned to, 672.

-, Simon de, priest, reservation of a canonry of Moray and the prebend of Dipple for collation to, 64.

-, Simon, priest, to be vicar of Symington, 305.

Ingmanthorp, Yngmanthoporp [co. York, W.R.], Robert Roos, knight, of, 238.

Ingysullevayn, Morina. See O'Sullivan.

Inimecorman, Anina. See Macorman.

Iniscayn Lathahrn (i.e. in Lough Erne), Inischain. See Inishkeen.

Iniscorthy, Iniscrohyn. See Enniscorthy.

Inisdasleioueg alias the parcels of Cahyirbreslean and Kylldacom and Kyillymunelleach, rectory of. See Caher, co. Kerry.

Inisgad. See Canon Island.

Inishkeen, Iniscayn Lathahrn, Inischain, Inyscacyn, Inyscaeyn [in Clenish parish, co. Fermanagh], parish church of St. Fergus (Fergal), rectory of, 504.

-, -, vicarage of, 299, 313, 314, 315.

Inishlounaght, de Surio [co. Tipperary], Cistercian abbey of St. Mary, Dermit abbot of. See O'Hiffernan.

-, -, Florence abbot of. See Omulwill.

-, -, Patrick late abbot of, 509.

-, -, Richard de facto abbot of. See Londrus.

-, -, monk of. See Londrus, Richard.

-, -, convent of, election of an abbot made by, 510.

Inishmurray, Insula Murbayd, de Insula Muribay, de Insula Murybay [in Ahamlish parish, co. Sligo], Augustinian priory of St. Mary, prior of, residing in the diocese of Winchester, papal mandatary, 326.

-, -, John prior of, residing in the diocese of Winchester, papal mandatary, 326.

-, - See also Aughris [to which place the monastery of Inishmurray was very early transferred].

Iniskathid; Inisrayd (rectius Iniscayd). See Scattery Island.

Iniyisfahyn. See Innisfallen.

Innerleithen, Enrolothen, Innerlethan [cos. Peebles and Selkirk], vicarage of, 460, 573.

Inniscronane, Inescronan, Inyscronayn, Inys Cronayn, Yniscronnan [co. Clare], Augustinian priory, prior of, papal mandatary, 251, 303, 419, 438, 448, 491.

Innisfallen, Iniyisfahyn, Innisfalynd, Innysfalynd [in Aghadoe parish, co. Kerry], Augustinian priory of St. Mary, prior of, papal mandatary, 17, 203, 218.

Innocent III, founder of the hospital of S. Spirito in Sassia, Rome, 29 note.

Innocent VI, restrictions placed upon papal chaplains by, 188, 683 (bis).

Innysfalynd. See Innisfallen.

Insula , Sancti Columbe in. See Iona.

Insula Macnere , Insula Macnery, priory de. See Inchmacnerin.

Insula missarum , abbey de. See Inchaffray.

Insula Muribay , Insula Murybay, priory de. See Inishmurray.

Insula sancte (sic) Columbe. See Inchcolm.

Insula sancti Brioci . See Inchbrayock.

Insula sancti Molanfyd , Insula Sancti Molansyd rectius Molanfyd, abbey de. See Molana.

Insula Sanctorum , priory de. See Saints Island, co. Longford.

Insula Vecca (rectius Vecta). See Wight, Isle of.

Insula vivencium . See Monaincha.

Insulen [sis]. See Kilfenora.

Insulis, Angus de, Angus son of John de, or Angus Johannis, a canon of Ross [in Scotland], rector of St. Germanus', of Kilcolmkilland of Kilchoman, to be archdeacon of Sodor, 39, 40.

-, -, dispensation to, 109, 110.

-, -, rehabilitation of, 261, 262.

-, -, to have collation afresh of the rectory of Kilchoman, 262.

-, -, death of, 480.

Interamnen [sis]. See Terni.

Interannen [sis], written for Interamnen [sis] (i.e. Terni), 580, 582.

Inverness, co. Inverness. See Bona.

Inverurie, Inverouri [co. Aberdeen], vicarage of, 211.

Inybrieyn, Filorcia. See O'Brien.

Inycearbaill, Morina. See O'Carroll.

Inyscacyn (rectius Inyscaeyn), Inyscaeyn. See Inishkeen.

Inyscathid. See Scattery Island.

Inys Cronayn, Inyscronayn. See Inniscronane.

Inyskahyd. See Scattery Island.

Inysmureii. See Aughris.

Inyymwyt (i.e. Ingen Meaght). See Meade.

Iona, de I, Sancti Columbe in Insula, de Y Insula [in the parishes of Kilfinichen and Kilvickeon, co. Argyll], Benedictine abbey of St. Columba, abbot of, papal mandatary, 39, 262, 480.

-, -, -, privilege granted to, that no one of noble birth be received as a monk thereof, 124.

-, -, John Macgilleoyn to be received as a monk of, 124.

-, -, ancestors of John Macgilleoyn buried in, 124.

Ireland, Ibernia, Ybernia, the archbishop of Armagh sent to, on business of the pope, etc., 59.

-, Augustinian friars in, exemplification of letters of various popes to the said order made at the petition of, 143.

-, brethren and sisters of the third order of St. Francis, called the order of St. Francis, called the order of Penance, in, appointment etc. to, 1402.

-, collector of the apostolic Camera and nuncio of the apostolic see in. See Purcell, John, bishop of Ferns.

-, collector of a tenth etc. in. See Coppinis, Francis de.

-, a sub-collector of the papal Camera in, dispensation granted by, 221, 222.

-, ecclesiastical benefices in, mandate for the collection of a tenth of, for the recovery of Constantinople, 59.

-, faculty to grant plenary indulgence to persons in, who contribute to the crusade, 403.

-, Friars Minors (conventual) of, the Friars of the Observance disturbed by, 440.

-, Friars Minors of the order of the Observance in, confirmation to, 583, 584.

-, -, minister-provincial of, 583.

-, -, vicar-provincial of. See Ocluban, Malachy.

-, lectures in canon law in a place in, not a university, 345.

-, litigation in, 436, 607.

-, -, papal nuncio and commissary in. See Coppinis, Francis de.

-, papal nuncios in. See Obizis, John de; Vercelli, Augustinus abbot of.

-, papal nuncios and collectors in. See O'Hedian, John; Molana, John abbot of.

-, primate of. See Bole, John, archbishop of Armagh.

-, a province of the Friars Minors of the Observance, 440.

-, -, faculty for the reform of certain houses of that order in, 404.

-, -, vicar-provincial and Friars Minors of the Observance of, petition of, 440.

-, statements made in, respecting the force of certain absolutions, 263.

-, student in, 409.

-, the triennial tenths imposed for a crusade reduced to one tenth in, 402.

-, no university in, 237.

-, university or studium particulare in, 254, 433.

-, wars etc. in, 177, 177 note, 402.

-, Clones and Clankelly in, 550.

-, Killnichnyss in, 550.

-, Philip Norreys of, 102.

-, Gerald [de Geraldinis], bishop of Cork and Cloyne, and Thady Clerk sent to, on the pope's business, 694.

-, return journey of John O'Hedian to, 399.

-, lordship of, benefices of the Hospitallers in, 647 (bis).

-, -, papal legate and commissary in. See Coppinis, Francis de.

Ireton, Ralph, bishop of Carlisle, agreement made by, 532, 633.

Irpe, John, a Benedictine monk, dispensation to, 567.

Iseldon. See Islington.

Islay, Yle [co. Argyll]. See Kilchoman.

Islep, William, a Benedictine monk, dispensation to, 127.

Isles, lord of the. See Ross, earl of.

Islington, Iseldon [co. Middlesex], vicarage of, 60, 65.

Ispalen [sis]. See Seville.

Ispedrell, Robert, rector of East Bradenham, dispensation to, 574.

Italy, Cluniac province of, 559.

-, members of the hospital of S. Spirito in, 82.

-, provinces of, benefices of the Hospitallers in, 647.

Itaschill. See Otaschill.

Ivinghoe, Ivyngho [co. Bedford], parish church of St. Mary, vicarage of, 176.

Iwrassall. See Owrassall.


Jakson, John, rector of Fillingham, dispensation to, 655.

James I, king of Scots, father of James II, 426.

-, daughter of. See Helen, duches of Austria.

James II, king of Scots, 289.

-, brother of. See Stewart, Andrew.

-, chaplain of. See Lockart, Patrick.

-, confessor of. See Levinston, Thomas de.

-, consent of, to a presentation, 256.

-, dominions of, papal nuncio and commissary in. See Coppinis, Francis de, bishop of Terni.

-, father of, 426.

-, grant of the rectory of Dunoon to the episcopal mensa of Argyll made by, 691.

-, household of, members of. See Hel, Andrew; Home, Patrick; Lockart, Patrick; Lyell, Andrew; Vaus, Thomas.

-, injury done to, by John Pincher, 426.

-, kinsmen of. See Douglas, Hugh de; Douglas, William de; Forbes, William; Forster, Robert; Graham, Patrick; Heris, William; Lindsay, Walter; Stewart, Alexander, earl of Mar; Stewart, David.

-, letter from, to the pope, 421.

-, papal letters to, 310 (bis).

-, petitions of, 10, 12 (ter), 13, 39, 74, 182, 375, 380, 381, 397, 403, 418, 422.

-, patron of the chancellorship of St. Andrews, presentation made by, 447.

-, proctor of Andrew Stewart, 33.

-, relict of. See Mary of Gueldres.

-, first secretary of. See Vaus, Thomas de.

-, service of, 104.

-, son of. See James III.

-, tutor of James, afterwards James III, grant made by, 605.

-, wife of. See Mary of Gueldres.

-, Alexander de Cunynghame in the wardship of, 413.

-, Alexander Mason favoured by, 406.

James III, king of Scots, son of James II and Mary of Gueldres, benefice in the patronage of. See Dunoon.

-, alleged patron of Glenguhny, collation made out of consideration for, 494.

-, confessor of. See Guthre, Richard.

-, consent of, to an appropriation, 447.

-, intention of, to complete Trinity College, Edinburgh, 493.

-, papal letters to, 452.

-, petitions of, 450, 605.

-, presentations made by, 498, 605.

-, progenitors of, founders of Soutra hospital, 447.

-, uncle of. See Stewart, Andrew.

Janet, John, rector of Colerne, chaplain of Robert [Nevill], bishop of Durham, dispensation to, 95.

Janua , B. de, 441, 483.

Jardin, Archibald, rector of the second portion, called Hartside, of the rectory of Lamington, dispensation to, 575.

Jedburgh, Gedwert, Jedwort [co. Roxburgh], Augustinian abbey, abbot of, papal mandatary, 205, 278.

Jerevaus. See Jervaulx.

Jerusalem, Hierosolymitanus, Iero solymitan [us], patriarchy of, Tenos in, 624 note.

-, return of John [Tiptoft], earl of Worcester, from, 580.

-, vows of pilgrimage to, 170.

-, Holy Sepulchre at, vows of pilgrimage to, 520.

-, St. Cross in. See Cardinal priests.

Jervaulx, Jerevaus [co. York, N.R.], Cistercian abbey, abbot of, papal mandatary, 196.

Joannes , Joannis. See Johannis.

Johannes , corrector of papal registers, 345.

Johannis , Angus. See de Insulis.

-, Joannes, Joannis, Matheus, 5, 79, 80, 81.

-, -, secretary of Calixtus III, 79 note.

-, Nicholaus, an Augustinian friar, to be a papal chaplain, 682 note.

John XXII, indulgences etc. granted to papal chaplains by, 188, 683 (bis).

John (surname omitted), priest, of the diocese of York, dispensation to, 112.

John [of Gaunt], duke of Lancaster, and Blanche his wife, chantry in the cathedral church of St. Paul, London, founded by, 14, 15.

Jolyf, Thomas, rector of Clifford Chambers, dispensation to, 622.

Jordan, master, sub-deacon and notary of Alexander IV, 29.

Jornet , M., additions and alterations initialled by, 106 note, 118 note, 122 note, 129 note, 145 note, 153 note, 154 note, 159, 173.

Josso, master John, a papal chaplain and auditor, papal commissary, sentence of, 385.

Jule, Henry, rector of Yoxall, and a kinsman of William [Bothe], archbishop of York, dispensation to, 543.

Julius , 2, 13, 33, 34, 39, 40, 45, 93, 110.


Kaernynynen, Alan, rector of Telgruc, chaplain at the altar of St. Gouternus in the parish church of Motreff, and a member of the household of John [Gaufridi], cardinal priest of St. Martin in Montibus, to be vicar of Treffgondern, 458 note.

Kalco, Kalko. See Kelso.

Kalmanach. See Kilmanagh.

Kanedi. See Kennedy.

Karlionen [sis]. See Carlisle.

Karmadym. See Carmarthen.

Karmichel, Thomas de, rector of Melville, a canon of Sodor and prebendary of Kingarth, to be rector of Kells, co. Kirkcudbright, 498.

Kathyr Brislayn alias Ynysdasliauag. See Caher, co. Kerry.

Kay, David, priest, rector of Kirkden, and a chaplain and member of the household of James [Kennedy], bishop of St. Andrews, dispensation to, 600.

-, -, reservation of benefices for collation to, 601, 602.

-, -, grant to, of the preferences enjoyed by certain members of the pope's household, 602.

Kaylleleych (rectius Kayllcleyth). See Kilclief.

Kaynell, Robert, rector of North Wraxall, dispensation to, 664.

Keelmoren [sis]. See Kilmore, co. Cavan.

Kelday, James, rector of Dodbrooke, dispensation to, 172.

Kellis , rectory de. See Kells, co. Kirkcudbright.

Kelkow. See Kelso.

Kells, de Diserto fonte Conneri [in Connor parish, co. Antrim], Augustinian abbey, abbot of, papal mandatary, 308.

Kells, de Kellis, de Kiellis [co. Kirkcudbright], rectory of, 498.

Kells, Kenlys, de Kenlys [co. Meath], Augustinian abbey of St. Mary, abbot of, papal mandatary, 224.

-, -, the priory of Drumlane dependent on, 307.

Kelmor, Kelmorensis. See Kilmore, co. Cavan.

Kelmychel. See Kirkmichael or Resolis.

Kelso, Calco, Kalco, Kelkow, Kelse alias de Kalko [co. Roxburgh], Benedictine abbey, abbot of, papal mandatary, 301, 429, 506, 691.

-, -, Richard abbot of. See Robsen.

-, -, William abbot of. See Boncle.

-, -, abbatial mensa, value of, 445.

-, -, decrease in the number of monks in, 445.

Kelsy, Richard, rector of Hambledon, dispensation to, 173.

Kemess, Kemmeys [a hundred and deanery in co. Pembroke], Newport in. See Newport, co. Pembroke.

Kemiocheson (rectius Kennocheson). See Kennocheson.

Kemmeys. See Kemess.

Kempe, John, cardinal priest of St. Balbina's, and archbishop of York, called the cardinal of York, 669.

-, -, dispensation granted by, 364.

-, -, cardinal bishop of St. Ruffina's and archbishop of Canterbury, commissarygeneral of. See Goldwell, James.

-, -, indulgences granted by, 108.

-, -, union of benefices made by, 66, 67.

-, Thomas, bishop of London, debt owed to the papal Camera by, measures to enforce payment of, 676, 677.

-, -, executor of Henry Beaufort, cardinal priest of St. Eusebius, 669.

-, -, indult to, 298.

-, -, proceedings against, annulled, 669, 670.

-, -, statement of, relative to proceedings against him, to be inquired into, 670, 671.

-, -, vicar-general in spirituals of. See Conyngensburgh, Edmund.

Kencoldroun, Kencoldrown. See Kingoldrum.

Kendal, Kendale [co. Westmoreland]. See Burton in Kendal and Heversham.

Kendal, Kirkbykendell [co. Westmoreland], parish church of, appropriated to the abbey of St. Mary without the walls, York, 197.

Kene, Nicholas, rector of Blakeney, dispensation to, 577.

Kenedy, Kenidi. See Kennedy.

Kenilworth, Kenylleworth [co. Warwick], Augustinian priory of St. Mary, canon of. See Shawe, Robert.

Kenlys, Kenlys, abbey de. See Kells, co. Meath.

Kennay and Macgundi. See Cannaway.

Kennedy, Kenidi, Henry, to have collation of canonries of Moray and Aberdeen, with reservation of prebends, etc., 204.

-, James (1), bishop of St. Andrews, chaplain and member of the household of. See Kay, David.

-, -, the parish church of Crichton erected into a collegiate church by, 289.

-, -, executor of a papal mandate, 378.

-, -, founder of the collego of St. Salvator at St. Andrews, 417.

-, -, household of, member of. See Kennedy, John.

-, -, kinsmen of. See Kennedy, James (2); Kennedy, John.

-, -, nephews of. See Douglas, Hugh de; Forbes, William; Graham, Patrick.

-, -, petitions of, 10, 12.

-, -, principal official of. See Lauder, Thomas.

-, -, reformation and refoundation of the college of St. Salvator at St. Andrews by, confirmed, 376.

-, -, refusal of, to institute a person presented by a lay patron, 453.

-, -, secretary of. See Seres, John.

-, -, suit before, as arbitrator, 336.

-, -, sub-commissioners of. See Achilmere, John; and St. Andrews, John prior of.

-, Kenedy, Kennedei, James (2), a kinsman of James [Kennedy], bishop of St. Andrews, rector of Tannadice and provided to a canonry and prebend of Aberdeen, to be a canon of Glasgow and prebendary of Govan, 440, 441.

-, -, to be dean of Dornoch, 458, 459.

-, Kenedy, John, clerk, a kinsman and member of the household of James [Kennedy], bishop of St. Andrews, to be a canon of Glasgow and prebendary of Govan, 420, 421.

-, Kanedi, John, rector of Dysart, sometime rector of Edzell also, 333.

Kennocheson, Kemiocheson, Kennocthson, John, clerk, precentor of Caithness, petition of, 617.

-, -, to have collation afresh of that dignity, 320.

Kent, Rent, Robert, witness, 49.

-, Thomas, a clerk of the Council of Henry VI, indult to, 15, 16.

-, -, his present wife, 15, 16.

-, Thomas, layman, dispensed to contract marriage afresh with Joan Dounton, 468, 469.

-, -, Isabella his former wife, godmother to a daughter of Thomas and Joan Dounton, 468, 469.

Kenylleworth. See Kenilworth.

Kepier, Kepyer [in the parish of St. Giles, Durham], poor hospital of St. Giles, in the gift of the bishop of Durham, John master or warden of. See Lound.

-, -, appropriation of the parish church of St. Nicholas, Durham, to, 131, 132.

-, -, slender resources of, 131.

-, -, daily resort of guests to, 131.

Kere, Richard, rector (sic) of Wythibrook, dispensation to, 592.

- Cf. Kerre.

Kerick (rectius Rerick). See Ryrik.

Kermardyn, John, clerk, demands against, remitted, 614.

Kerre, John, rector of Oxborough, dispensation to, 522.

- Cf. Kere.

Kessingland, Kessynglond, Ressynglond [co. Suffolk], vicarage of, 574, 581.

Keston. See Keyston.

Kettins, Reenos (? rectius Ketnes), [co. Forfar], rectory of, annexed to the house of Trinitarian friars at Berwick upon Tweed, 47, 48.

Kettle (or Lathrisk), Lochtresk [co. Fife], vicarage of, 25.

Keuernock, John, sometime archdeacon of Lismore, 346.

Key, Roger, rector of Hilgay, dispensation to, 592.

Keyford [in Frome parish, co. Somerset], William Twynnyo lord of, 228.

Keynsham, Keynesham, Reynesham [co. Somerset], Augustinian abbey of St. Mary, Thomas abbot of. See Tyler.

-, -, canon of. See Chapeleyn, John.

-, Emota Arnold of, 362.

Keys, Roger, a canon of Exeter, rector of Stoke Climsland, archdeacon of Barnstaple, and chaplain of Henry VI, dispensation to, 86, 87.

-, -, indults to, 87, 299.

Keyston, Keston [co. Huntingdon], rectory of, 65, 67.

Kibworth Beauchamp, Kibworth [co. Leicester], rectory of, 585.

Kidlington, Kuddelington near Oxford [co. Oxford], parish church of St. Mary, vicarage of, 532.

Kiellis , rectory de. See Kells, co. Kirkcudbright.

KielZeby. See Kirkeby.

Kilbarchan, Rilbrachan [co. Renfrew], vicarage of, 303.

Kilbarron, co. Donegal. See Assaroe.

Kilbeggan, de Flumine dei [co. Westmeath], Cistercian abbey of St. Mary, abbot of, papal mandatary, 407.

-, -, Cormac abbot of. See Macmurcrataid.

-, -, Kienanus abbot of. See O'Farrell.

Kilbegnet, Cilluignata [cos. Galway and Roscommon], a moiety of the tithes of, part of a canon's portion in Elphin, formerly belonging to the community of that church, 266.

Kilbelfad, Boyllbelfada, Kyllbelfada [co. Mayo], vicarage of, 260.

Kilbourne, co. Waterford. See Ballycashin.

Kilbride, co. Kilkenny. See Callan.

Kilbride, co. Roscommon. See Derrane.

Kilbryan, co. Roscommon. See Lough Key.

Kilccomhyr. See Kiltormer.

Kilchoman, Sancte (sic) Comani, Sancti Comani, Sancti Comani in Yle [in Islay, co. Argyll], rectory of, 109, 262 (bis), 480.

-, vicar of, 110.

-, vicarage of, 480.

Kilclief, Kaylleleych [co. Down], parish church of St. Kelanus, archdeaconry of, in the church of Down, 32.

-, -, John archdeacon of. See Macassyn.

-, -, Simon archdeacon of. See Sumerset.

-, -, William archdeacon of. See Prinn.

Kilcolgan, Kylcolgan, Kyllcolgon [co. Galway], rectory of, 249, 408.

Kilcolman, co. Kerry. See Killagh.

Kilcolmkill, St. Columba in Morwarne alias in Cencubwdenahe, Sancti Columbe in Moravia or Morovia [now in Morvern parish, co. Argyll], rectory of, 40, 109, 110, 262 (bis).

-, vicar of, 110.

-, vicarage of, 480.

Kilcolmkill, St. Columba [in Southend parish, co. Argyll], a prebend in Argyll, 334.

Kilcommon, Kylcom [co. Wicklow], a prebend in Ferns, 206.

Kilconickny, co. Galway. See Killaspugmoylan.

Kilcooly, de Aruicampo, de Arvicampo [co. Tipperary], Cistercian abbey of St. Mary the Virgin, abbot of, papal mandatary, 345.

-, -, Malachy provided abbot of. See Omulrian.

-, -, Philip abbot of. See Omulwardayn alias Obrothe.

-, -, monk of. See Omulwardayn alias Obrothe, William.

Kilcorbey, Kilcorboy. See Croghan.

Kilcorkey, co. Roscommon. See Kyllearyi.

Kilcroan, Chilerua(n), Collerubayn, Killcruayn [co. Galway], vicarage of, 212, 213, 475.

Kilcrohane, Kyllerochayn [co. Kerry], vicarage of, 18.

Kildacommoge, Cilldacomog [co. Mayo], vicarage of, 274.

Kildare, Daren [sis], [co. Kildare], bishop of, papal mandatary, 210.

-, dean of, papal mandatary, 210, 276.

-, archdeacon of, papal mandatary, 210.

-, canons of. See Machesdela, Donald; Maclaghlyn, John; Omacua, Thady.

-, Kildarie, Thomas Fitz Morice earl of. See Fitz Gerald.

Kildimo, Kyldima [co. Limerick], vicarage of, 293.

Kilfenora, Cilleferbuidi [co. Clare], vicarage of, 277.

Kilfenora, Fynaboren [sis], Fynnaboren [sis], Fynoboren [sis], Insulen [sis], [co. Clare], bishop of, 206.

-, -, consent of, required to a grant of certain lands belonging to the episcopal mensa, 206.

-, -, papal mandatary, 210, 223, 249.

-, Denis bishop of. See O'Cahan.

-, John bishop of. See Greni.

-, chancellor of, papal mandatary, 211, 221.

-, John chancellor of. See Macgeruaister.

-, Matthew de facto chancellor of. See Olochlaind.

-, Nemeas chancellor of. See Macgeruaister.

-, official of, papal mandatary, 206, 488.

-, treasurer of, papal mandatary, 211, 221.

-, canon of. See Ocuyn, Donald.

-, city and diocese of, lack of competent judges in, 245.

-, episcopal mensa, fruits of, consumed by war, 181.

-, -, lands called de Nuoua belonging to, 206.

Kilfian, rural lands of Bredayg [co. Mayo], rectory of, 260.

Kilfinichen and Kilvickeon, co. Argyll. See Iona.

Kilgebam, a portion in the collegiate church of Scattery Island, 350.

Kilglass, Kyllglais [co. Roscommon], vicarage of, 247.

Kilgobnet, Killgobnat, Kyllgobnat [co. Waterford], vicarage of, 273 (bis).

Kilhaenayn. See Killinan.

Kilkeedy, Killcaide, Kyllichaydi [co. Clare], parish church of, alias the rural lands of Rockforest (q.v.), rectory of, 500.

-, the rectory of Rockforest (q.v.) within the bounds of the parish church of, 251.

Kilkeedy, Killkidi [co. Limerick], vicarage of, 274.

Kilkehampton. See Kilkhampton.

Kilkenny West, Kyllcaynne, Kyllkeneayd [co. Westmeath], Hospitallers' priory of St. John the Baptist, prior of, papal mandatary, 224, 407.

Kilkerrin, Killcornyn alias Corkcomuga [co. Galway], rectory of, 475.

Kilkhampton, Kilkehampton [co. Cornwall], Roger Becansowe rector of, 553.

Kilkivan, Sancti Comani in Kynure (i.e. Kintyre), [now in Campbelton parish, co. Argyll], rectory of, 482.

Killadreenan, Killadrynyn, Kyladryyn, Kylldrinin [now a townland in Newcastle parish, co. Wicklow], vicarage of. See Newcastle, co. Wicklow.

Killadysert, co. Clare. See Canon Island.

Killagh, de Bello loco, de Belloloco [in Kilcolman parish, co. Kerry], Augustinian priory of St. Mary, prior of, papal mandatary, 17, 203.

-, -, prior and convent of, benefice in the presentation of. See Caher, co. Kerry.

-, -, -, presentation made by, 337.

-, -, canon of. See Geraldinis, John de.

Killala, Aladen [sis], [co. Mayo], bishop of, papal mandatary, 260, 333, 339, 357, 404, 440 (bis).

-, -, a canon received by authority of, 260.

-, Bernard bishop of. See O'Connell.

-, Richard bishop of. See de Burgo.

-, Rory bishop of. See Baret.

-, dean of, papal mandatary, 260, 481.

-, Donatus dean of. See Oduyn.

-, Thomas dean commendatary of. See Baret.

-, William dean of. See Baret.

-, archdeacon of, papal mandatary, 274.

-, chancellorship of, the rectory of Rosserk formerly so styled, 215.

-, -, a prebend in the parish church of Rosserk so called, 349.

-, official of, papal mandatary, 308, 436.

-, provost of, papal mandatary, 481.

-, canons of. See Baret, Mulerus; Baret, Mulerus son of David; Baret, Mulerus of Henry; Baret, William; Cok, John; Dundonall, Matthew; Macmuoglay, Donald; Ocearnaid, William; Ochonnegan, William; O'Connell, Eugenius; O'Connor, Magonius; Odubda, Dermit; Odubda, Dermit (son of Magonius); Oflandaile, John; Olochlaind, Felimy; O'Murray, Thomas.

-, canon provided of. See O'Connell, Eugenius.

-, de facto canon of. See Oduda, Cornelius.

-, prebends in:




-, city and diocese of, contentions in, 174.

-, See also Moyne.

Killaloe, Lagonien [sis], Laonien [sis], Laooien [sis], Leonien [sis], Laoonien [sis], [co. Clare], bishop of, institution by authority of, 219.

-, -, papal mandatary, 291, 406 (bis), 448.

-, -, rights of, saved, 74.

-, Donatus bishop of. See O'Brien.

-, Matthew [bishop-]elect of. See Ogriffa.

-, Thady [bishop-]elect of. See Magrath.

-, bishop and chapter of, consent of, to an appropriation, 433.

-, -, reservation of a benefice in the collation of, 627.

-, dean of, papal mandatary, 433, 485, 628.

-, archdeacon of, papal mandatary, 251, 347, 448.

-, Thady archdeacon of. See Macconmara.

-, Thady, the younger, archdeacon of. See Macconmara.

-, archdeaconry of, temporary appropriation of the vicarage of Killokennedy to, 433.

-, chancellor of, papal letters not presented to, 443.

-, -, papal mandatary, 11, 393, 443, 444 note.

-, treasurer of, papal mandatary, 10, 356.

-, Odo (son of James) treasurer of. See Macconmara.

-, canons of. See Macconmara, Cornelius; Macconmara, Fyninus; Macconmara, Malachy; Macconmara, Thady; Macconmara, Thady (son of Thady); Maccray, Donatus; Macgillapadraic, Donatus; Magrath, Thady; Ocormacayn, David; Ocuyn, Donald; Odeayd, Cornelius; Odeay, Denis; Ograda, Donatus; Ograda, Rory.

-, litigant for a canonry of. See Donati, Thady.

-, prebends in:




-, city and diocese of, intimidation in, 219, 247, 249, 277, 316, 339, 599.

Killaspuglonane, Kyllaspuglonayn [co. Clare], vicarage of, 221.

Killaspugmoylan, Kyllaabrygmaclayn, Kyllassobaigmayclayn, Kylshaspoye Moellyn, [in Kilconickny parish, co. Galway], a prebend in Clonfert, 210, 250, 409.

Killaspugmullane, Kylaspugmellam, Kylaspugniellan, Kylaspugniellay, Kylaspugnieway [co. Cork], a prebend in Cork, 374, 375.

Killcaide. See Kilkeedy, co. Clare.

Killcornyn alias Corkcomuga. See Kilkerrin.

Killcruayn. See Kilcroan.

Killeely, Kyllfiele [cos. Clare and Limerick], vicarage of, 220.

Killeely, co. Galway. See Dunkellin.

Killeenagariff, Kylleachnagarub alias Eagliayssydminyn [co. Limerick], vicarage of, 316.

Killeenbrenan, Cillanabrenaynd, Cillavanabrenaynd [in Moorgagagh parish, co. Mayo], house of the third order of St. Francis, dedicated to St. Mary, brother of. See Oruayn, Thomas.

Killeeneen, Killyhegney [co. Galway], vicarage of, 215, 216.

Killgobnat. See Kilgobnet.

Killinan, Kilhaenayn [co. Galway], a prebend in Kilmacduagh, 224.

Killkidi. See Kilkeedy, co. Limerick.

Killmianna. See Kilmeena.

Killmichlucca. See Clonca.

Killmictayd. See Kilmacteige,

Killmochot. See Kilmoe.

Killmoir Nasynda (rectius Nasynna). See Kilmore-na-Sina.

Killnichnyss, rectory of, 550.

-, Malachy rector of, 550.

Killokennedy, Killokeinedid, Rylleogennedi [co. Clare], vicarage of, 433, 438.

-, -, temporarily appropriated to the archdeaconry of Killaloe, 433.

Killoscobe, Killoscoba [co. Galway], vicarage of, 217.

Killtheam. See Kilshane.

Killtomays. See Kilthomas.

Killtrennan, parish church of, annexed to the vicarage of Kiltoghert, 409.

Killuran, Kylluarayn [co. Clare], parish church of, 219.

Killyhegney. See Killeeneen.

Kilmacdonogh, Kylmodonoc [co. Cork], a prebend in Cloyne, 325.

-, vicar of, with cure of souls, 325.

Kilmacduagh, Duacen [sis], [co. Galway], bishop of, dispensation granted by authority of, 250.

-, -, papal mandatary, 277.

-, Denis bishop of. See Odonchua.

-, dean of, papal mandatary, 207, 277.

-, Denis archdeacon of. See Macgillavanach.

-, Thomas late archdeacon of See Macgillavanach.

-, chancellor of, papal mandatary, 215, 216.

-, provost of, papal mandatary, 215, 216.

-, canons of. See Macgillavanach, John; Macgillavanach, Thomas.

-, canon provided of. See Macgillavanach, David.

-, prebends in:



-, city and diocese of, intimidation in, 223, 417, 489.

-, See also Newtown.

Kilmaclenine, Kyllmiclenyn [co. Cork], a prebend in Cloyne, 304.

Kilmacowen, Cillmacuagyn, Kyllmaccuagin [co. Sligo], parish church of, rectory of Clonchumoisig within the bounds of, 222.

-, vicarage of, 266, 305, 306.

Kilmacteige, Kilmictayd, Kilmthig, Kyllmyctayg [co. Sligo], rectory of, alias Banada (q.v.), 273.

-, vicarage of, 587, 607.

Kilmainemore, Kyllmeoynmoir, Kyllmeoynmor [co. Mayo], vicarage of, 331, 332, 333.

Kilmaley, Kyilmale, Kyllmaile [co. Clare], vicarage of, 303, 339, 340.

Kilmalkedar, Kylmolkedar [co. Kerry], rectory of, annexed to the chancellorship of Ardfert, 448.

Kilmanagh, Kalmanach [co. Kilkenny], a prebend in Ossory, 464.

Kilmaurs, Kilmawre, [co. Ayr], Alexander de Cunynghame lord of, 413.

Kilmeadan, Hylmydan, Kylmydan [co. Waterford], parish church of St. Mary, rectory of, appropriated to the capitular mensa of Waterford, 379.

-, See also Adamstown.

Kilmeen, Kyllmyn alias Kyllatuail [cos. Cork and Kerry], vicarage of, 350, 351.

Kilmeen, Kylmen [co. Galway], a prebend in Tuam, 486.

Kilmeena, Killmianna [co. Mayo], vicarage of, 476, 477.

Kilmoe, Kyllmo alias Killmochot [co. Cork], parish church of St. Brandan, vicarage of, 352.

Kilmon. See Kilmun.

Kilmore, Cellemor, Keelmoren [sis], Kelmor, Kelmoren [sis], Triburnen [sis], [co. Cavan], bishop of, assent of, to the erection of a prebend, 435.

-, -, canons of Kilmore received by authority of, 214, 215.

-, -, deprivation by, 217.

-, -, papal mandatary, 219, 220.

-, -, portion payable to, out of the rectory of the rural lands of Kilmore, 435.

-, Andrew bishop of. See MacBrady.

-, Thady bishop of. See Macgumin.

-, bishop, dean, archdeaon and chapter of, provision of benefices in the collation of, 410.

-, bishop and chapter of, reservation of a benefice in the collation of, 694.

-, official of, papal mandatary, 219, 313.

-, canons of, number of, fixed, 435.

-, canons of. See MacBrady, Andrew; MacBrady, Malachy; Ocayrbry, Terence; Odroma, Nemeas; O'Gibbon, John; Omolmochary, Maurice; Osyridean, Cormac.

-, canonries created in, 240.

-, chapter of, 240.

-, prebend in. See Kilmore, rectory of the rural lands of.

-, change of title from Triburnen [sis] to Keelmoren [sis], 214.

-, city and diocese of, intimidation in, 307.

-, clergy of the diocese of, 240.

-, episcopal mensa of, 307, 435.

-, parish church of St. Felimy, erected into a cathedral church with thirteen canons, 240.

-, rectory, not belonging to the episcopal mensa of Kilmore, of the rural lands of the whole parish of the parish church of, 435.

-, -, to be erected into a prebend in Kilmore, 435.

Kilmore-na-Sina, Killmoir Nasynda, Kyllmoirnasinna, Kyllmoir Nasynna [co. Roscommon], Augustinian priory of St. Mary, prior of, papal mandatary, 252, 409, 411.

Kilmthig. See Kilmacteige.

Kilmuir-Easter, Kylmor [cos. Ross and Cromarty], a prebend in Ross, 334.

-, See also Delney.

Kilmun, Kilmon [co. Argyll], collegiate church, provost of, papal mandatary, 604.

Kilnamanagh, Kylnamanach [co. Wexford], rectory of, 306.

Kilnasulagh, Kyllathnasuleach [co. Clare], vicarage of, 279.

Kilpatrick, Old, Kilpatrik, Kilpatult [co. Dunbarton], vicarage of, 1, 2, 46, 47.

Kilrane, Sancti Rodani alias Roadani [co. Wexford], rectory of, annexed to the prebend of Kilcommon, 206.

Kilrush, co. Clare. See Scattery Island.

Kilshane, Killtheam [co. Tipperary], vicarage of, 277.

Kilshanny, Kyllscanay, Kyllsenaid, Kyllssenay, Kyltena [co. Clare], Cistercian abbey of St. Mary, abbot of, papal mandatary, 210, 211, 221, 249, 339.

Kilthomas, Killtomays, Kyllthomaessy [co. Galway], rectory of, 417, 488, 489.

-, patron of. See Burgo, William de.

Kiltoghert, Rilhtachinre, Rilhtachnirt [co. Leitrim], vicarage of, 409.

-, -, temporarily erected into a prebend of Ardagh, 410.

Kiltormer, Kilccomhyr, Kylcromhyr [co. Galway], vicarage of, 486.

Kiltrustan, Cloynnacailltrach [co. Roscommon], parish church of, 35.

Kilvickeon, co. Argyll. See Iona.

Kimar, Kimarum. See Kymer.

Kinard, Ceanard [co. Kerry], a prebend in Ardfert, 356.

Kincardine O'Neil, Kincardin [co. Aberdeen], a prebend in Aberdeen, 421.

Kingarth, Kyngart [co. Bute], a prebend in Sodor, 498.

Kingoldrum, Kencoldroun, Kencoldrown [co. Forfar], vicarage of, 332 (bis), 333.

Kingr', Henry, sometime rector of Ardnurcher, charges against, and deprivation of, 501.

King's Langley [co. Hertford], house of the Friars Preachers at, friar of. See de la Hay, Richard.

Kinloss, Kinlos, Kynlos [co. Elgin], Cistercian abbey, abbot of, papal mandatary, 85, 316.

Kinnard, James, priest, de facto canon of Caithness and prebendary of Canisbay, 476.

Kinneigh, Cenneith [co. Cork], rectory of, 392.

Kinnell, Kynnell [co. Forfar], rectory of, 474.

Kinnoull, Dumiule, Kynuile, Rumiule [co. Perth], rectory of, 92, 93, 278.

Kintyre, Kynure, rectory of Sanctus Comanus in. See Kilkivan.

Kirby, West, West Kytkby [co. Chester], John Creci rector of, 281.

Kirkam. See Kirkham.

Kirkandrews, Kirkandris [co. Kirkcudbright], a prebend in Glasgow, 1, 2.

Kirkbykendell. See Kendal.

Kirkby Lonsdale, Kyrkbylonsdell [co. Westmoreland], parish church of, appropriated to the abbey of St. Mary without the walls, York, 197.

Kirkby-Malzeard, co. York, W.R. See Fountains.

Kirkcham (rectius Kirkeham). See Kirkham.

Kirkchrist, Kyrkcrist [now united to Twynholm, co. Kirkcudbright], rectory of, 507.

-, -, union of the church or chapel of Kirkeoch (q. v.) with, confirmed, 507.

-, Robert de Colston rector of, 686.

Kirkden, Idvy [co. Forfar], rectory of, 600.

Kirkeby, KielZeby, Thomas, rector of one portion of the rectory of Eckington, consent of, to the union of the two moieties of that rectory, 338.

Kirkeoch, Kyrkenok, Kyrknok [in Kirkchrist parish, co. Kirkcudbright], church or chapel of, sometime occupied by a religious woman, united to the rectory of Kirkchrist, 507.

-, -, cure of souls of, 507.

-, -, tithes of, 507.

Kirkgunzeon, Kirkghorzan, Kirkgunzan [co. Kirkcudbright], rectory of, 625.

-, William Heris rector of, 261.

Kirkham, Kirkcham, Robert, dean of the chapel royal of St. Stephen, Westminster, a chaplain of Henry VI, a master of Chancery and keeper of the Hanaper, dispensation to, 145.

-, Kirkam, Thomas, abbot of Vale Royal, to retain that abbey in commendam, when promoted to the bishopric of Sodor, 343, 344.

-, -, provision of the bishopric of Sodor to, 359.

-, -, faculty for the consecration of, 359.

-, -, oath of fealty etc. of, 359.

Kirkinner, Carnisimile alias Kyrkymur, Carnisinule alias de Kyrckyner, Carnismule alias Kirkynner, Kyrkyuir, Cornismule alias Kyrkinner, Kirkim [co. Wigtown], rectory of, 39, 113, 114, 380, 381, 418, 419, 421, 422, 423, 458.

-, rector of. See Douglas, Hugh.

-, great distance of, from Coupar-Angus, 113.

Kirkmahoe, Kyrkmanchquho [co. Dumfries], a prebend in Glasgow, 506, 507.

Kirkmichael, Kylkmichel [? co. Ayr or co. Dumfries], rectory of, 334, 335, 336.

Kirkmichael or Resolis, Kelmychel [co. Ross], a prebend in Ross, 577 (bis).

Kirkpatrick [? Kirkpatrick-Irongray, co. Kirkcudbright], a prebend in Lincluden collegiate church, 261.

Kirkstall, Kyrkestall [now in Leeds, co. York, W.R.], Cistercian abbey of St. Mary, William abbot of. See Grayson.

-, -, abbot and convent of, parish church appropriated to. See Owthorne.

-, -, convent of, dispute of, with Robert Mapilton, vicar of Owthorne, 200.

Kirkstead, Kirkstede, Kyrkstede, Kyrkysted [co. Lincoln], Cistercian abbey of St. Mary, Richard abbot of. See Waynflete.

-, -, monk of. See Thorpe, Thomas.

-, -, poverty of, 594.

Kirkynner. See Kirkinner.

Kirton, Kyrketon [co. Suffolk], parish church of St. Mary, rectory of, 167.

Kislingbury, Kyselingbury [co. Northampton], rectory of, 539.

Knevet, Elizabeth, to be dispensed to marry, 55.

-, -, the mother of Robert Tey, her godmother, 55.

Knocklong, Long [co. Limerick], parish church united to that of Doonmoon, vicarage of, 354, 355.

-, See also Doonmoon.

Knockmaon, Cnokmohan [in Whitechurch parish, co. Waterford], parcel of, the title of a perpetual benefice, 328.

Knockmoy, Collis victorie [in Abbeyknockmoy parish, co. Galway], Cistercian abbey of St. Mary, abbot of, papal mandatary, 209, 473.

-, -, Cornelius abbot of. See MacEgan.

-, -, Donald abbot of. See Omurenyg.

-, -, Malachy abbot of. See O'Kelly and Occrualli.

-, -, William abbot of. See de Burgo.

-, -, monk of. See Burgo, William de.

Knyght, Alice, formerly wife of Thomas Knyght, dispensed to remain in her marriage with Thomas Byron, 238.

-, Hnyght, Thomas, a kinsman of Thomas Byron, 238.

-, -, wife of. See Knight, Alice supra.

Knyuet. See Kynet.

Krane, in the diocese of York, Thomas Nellson lord of, 186.

Kuddelington near Oxford. See Kidlington.

Kyghley, Richard, vicar of Mitford, dispensation to, 125.

Kyillymunelleach. See Caher, co. Kerry.

Kyilmale. See Kilmaley.

Kyladryyn [i.e. Killadreenan] alias Newcastle. See Newcastle, co. Wicklow.

Kylaspugmellam, Kylaspugniellan, Kylaspugniellay, Kylaspugnieway. See Killaspugmullane.

Kylcolgan. See Kilcolgan.

Kylcom. See Kilcommon.

Kylcorbey, Kylcorboy alias Cruachan. See Croghan.

Kylcromhyr. See Kiltormer.

Kyldima. See Kildimo.

Kyldroma [now part of Ballynahaglish parish, co. Mayo], vicarage of, 308, 309.

Kylkmichel. See Kirkmichael.

Kyllaabrygmaclayn. See Killaspugmoylan.

Kyllaspuglonayn. See Killaspuglonane.

Kyllassobaigmayclayn. See Killaspugmoylan.

Kyllathnasuleach. See Kilnasulagh.

Kyllatuail. See Kilmeen, cos. Cork and Kerry.

Kyllbelfada. See Kilbelfad.

Kyllcaynne. See Kilkenny West.

Kyllcolgon. See Kilcolgan.

Kylldacom. See Caher, co. Kerry.

Kylldrinin [i.e. Killadreenan]. See Newcastle, co. Wicklow.

Kylleachnagarub alias de Eagliayssydminyn. See Killeenagariff.

Kyllearyi [? Kilcorkey, co. Roscommon], vicarage of, 304.

Kyllernimthyr (rectius Kylleruimchyr) alias Kynealethyn. See Ballynakill, in Leitrim barony, co. Galway.

Kyllerochayn. See Kilcrohane, co. Kerry.

Kyllfiele. See Killeely.

Kyllglais. See Kilglass, co. Roscommon.

Kyllgobnat. See Kilgobnet.

Kyllichaydi. See Kilkeedy, co. Clare.

Kyllkeneayd. See Kilkenny West.

Kyllmaccuagin. See Kilmacowen.

Kyllmaille. See Kilmaley.

Kyllmeoynmoir. Kyllmeoynmor. See Kilmainemore.

Kyllmiclenyn. See Kilmaclenine.

Kyllmo alias Killmochot. See Kilmoe.

Kyllmoirnasinna, Kyllmoir Nasynna. See Kilmore-na-Sina.

Kyllmyctayg. See Kilmacteige.

Kyllmyn alias Kyllatuail. See Kilmeen, cos. Cork and Kerry.

Kyllscanay, Kyllsenaid, Kyllssenay. See Kilshanny.

Kyllthomaessy. See Kilthomas.

Kylluarayn. See Killuran.

Kyllynnageny, a prebend in Emly, 352.

Kylmen. See Kilmeen.

Kylmodonoc. See Kilmacdonogh.

Kylmolkedar. See Kilmalkedar.

Kylmor. See Kilmuir-Easter.

Kylmydan. See Kilmeadan.

Kylnamanach. See Kilnamanagh.

Kylshaspoye Moellyn. See Killaspugmoylan.

Kyltakechaym, Kyltakethayn (rectius Kyltakechayn). See Dunmore [in Durrow, Queen's county].

Kyltena. See Kilshanny.

Kyme, South, Kyme [co. Lincoln], Augustinian priory of St. Mary, canon of. See Mace, John.

Kymer, Kimar, Kimarum, Gilbert, dean of Salisbury, 53 note.

-, -, indult to, 298.

-, -, service of, 607, 626.

-, Rymer, Gilbert (Gisbertus), dean of Wimborne, indult to, 9.

Kymmont, Georgius de, to be vicar of Morton, 549.

Kynealethyn. See Ballynakill in Leitrim barony, co. Galway.

Kynet (or Kyuet? rectius Knyuet), John, a canon of the collegiate church of Westbury on Trym and prebendary of Goodringhill, relaxation of an oath of, 120.

Kyngart. See Kingarth.

Kynlos. See Kinloss.

Kynnell. See Kinnell.

Kynuile. See Kinnoull.

Kynure. See Kintyre.

Kyrekyner. See Kirkinner.

Kyrieleyson , abbey of St. Mary de. See O'Dorney.

Kyrkbylonsdell. See Kirkby Lonsdale.

Kyrkerist. See Kirkchrist.

Kyrkeby, John, rector of Langton, co. Lincoln, a chaplain of king Henry VI, dispensation to, 153, 154 (bis).

Kyrkenok. See Kirkeoch.

Kyrkestall. See Kirkstall.

Kyrketon. See Kirton.

Kyrkgate, Thomas, rector of Loughborough, dispensation to, 183.

Kyrkinner. See Kirkinner.

Kyrkmanchquho. See Kirkmahoe.

Kyrknok. See Kirkeoch.

Kyrkstede. See Kirkstead.

Kyrkymur. See Kirkinner.

Kyrkysted. See Kirkstead.

Kyrkyuir. See Kirkinner.

Kyselingbury. See Kislingbury.

Kytkby (rectius Kyrkby), West. See Kirby, West.

Kyuet. See Kynet.