Index of Persons and Places: P, Q, R

Pages 834-845

Calendar of Papal Registers Relating To Great Britain and Ireland: Volume 11, 1455-1464. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1921.

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P . (i.e. G. de Piccolominibus), 647 note.

Page, John, of Sudbury, priest, indult to, 226.

Paglia, Palea, river, [Siena, Italy], papal letters dated at, 508.

Paignton, Peyngton, Peynton [co. Devon], vicarage of, 12, 13, 107.

Paisley, de Palle to , de Pasleto, de Paslito [co. Renfrew], Cluniac abbey of St. Mirren, abbot of, papal mandatary, 34, 69, 270, 271, 303, 318, 378, 416.

-, -, Henry abbot of. See Grethon.

-, -, Thomas abbot of, vicar-general in spirituals of Andrew [de Durisder], bishop of Glasgow, collation made by, 334.

-, -, -, death of, 388.

-, -, abbot and convent of, provision of benefices in the collation of, 301, 432.

-, -, reservation of a pension on the fruits of, 388, 390.

Pakynton, John, layman, to be dispensed to marry, 57, 60.

-, -, John Smith, his godfather, 57.

Palea . See Paglia.

Paleis. See Chapelrussell.

Palle to , abbey de. See Paisley.

Palmer, Thomas, priest, one of the executors of the will of Margery Babyngton, 122.

Palmierus , Palmierius, M., 164, 177.

Paltol Martine, Paltolmartyne. See Adamstown.

Pamphiliis, Anthony de, a citizen of Gubbio, proctor of John Mothel, bishop of Limerick, 340.

Panigaliis , A. de, 47, 51, 171, 188.

Papien [sis]. See Pavia.

Papien [sis], Ja [cobus], (i.e.James de Piccolominibus, bishop of Pavia, q. v.), 411 et passim to page 681.

Parc Grace-Dieu, co. Monmouth. See Grace Dieu.

Parco Lude , abbey de. See Louth Park.

Parenzo, Parentin [us], [Istria, Austria], bishop of, papal mandatary, 388, 390.

Paris [France], university of, students of, 318, 560.

-, -, students of the Cistercian order to be sent to, 557 note.

Park, Parke, Gruffinus, vicar of SS. Peter and Paul's, Yarnton, dispensation to, 531.

-, James de, priest, to be vicar of Maybole, 303.

-, Parke, John, rector of Norton St. Philip, dispensation to, 365.

-, William, provost of the collegiate church of Dunglass, petition of, 397.

Parkham [co. Devon], rectory of, 526.

Parndon, Great, Paryndon Magna [co. Essex], rectory of, 671.

Particles, co. Limerick. See Dongadamond and Donyrish.

Partyngton, Edmund, nobleman, lord of Helperthorpe, indult to, 186.

-, -, Cecily (Sicilia) his wife, 186.

Paryndon Magna . See Parndon, Great.

Parys, John, rector of St. Mary's, Broad Hinton, dispensation to, 531.

Pascasii, Paschasii, Bartholomew, a canon and prebendary and provost (for the month of November) of Valencia, 462, 545.

Pashl, Thomas, rector of Methley, dispensation to, 518.

Pasleto , abbey de. See Paisley.

Paslewe, Thomas, rector of Burghclere, dispensation to, 625.

Paslito , abbey de. See Paisley.

Patrick, clerk, of the diocese of Armagh, 308.

Paul II, register of (wrongly ascribed to Pius II), 698, 698 note.

-, register partly belonging to, 696, 696 note.

-, a register of Pius II rubricated in the reign of, 501 note.

Pauli (?), a papal register rubricated by, 196 note.

Pauli, John, priest, to be received as a monk of the abbey of Mons Sanctus, and to have provision of the same, 311.

-, -, oath of fealty of, 311.

Paulyn, William, rector of St. Mary Major's, Exeter, and a clerk of the exchequer of the cathedral of Exeter, dispensation to, 552.

Pauy, Hugh, rector of Dittisham, dispensation to, 94.

Pavia, Papiensis [Italy], bishop of, papal letters to, 35.

-, Jacobus or James bishop of, See Papien [sis]; and de Piccolominibus.

-, cardinal of. See Piccolominibus, James de.

Paynel, Richard, a monk of Beaulieu, dispensation to, 629.

Peacock, Pecok, Pecoli, Reginald, bishop of Chichester, afterwards a bishop in the universal church, heretical tractates compiled by, 77.

-, -, absolution etc. of, ratified, 768, 178.

-, -, charges against, trial of, and resignation of, 377.

-, -, abjuration of heresies by, and alleged relapse of, 529.

-, -, to be deposed and degraded from the episcopal, sacerdotal and other ecclesiastical orders, 529.

-, -, heretical books composed by, to be collected and burned, 529, 530.

Pebokis (rectius Petcokis). See Pitcox.

Pecok, Pecoli. See Peacock.

Pede, Richard, chancellor of Lichfield and rector of Stoke upon Trent, dispensation to, 581, 582.

Pedel, John, a monk of Bindon abbey, dispensation to, 629.

Pedwell, Peddewell, John, vicar of Winscombe and a vicar in Wells cathedral, indult to, 577.

-, William, rector of Wootton Fitzpaine, dispensation to, 182.

Pedyn, Thomas, to be dispensed to marry, 24.

-, -, late wife of, godmother of Joan Vheler's child, 24.

Pelagrini, Peregrini, John, a canon of Valencia, and a litigant for a canon's house, 545, 546.

Peldon [co. Essex], rectory of, 144.

Pele , G., 425, 688.

Pennard, East, Est Pennard [co. Somerset], vicarage of, 595.

Penneg (? rectius Penuen), Pennwen. See Penwen.

Penshurst, George, late abbot of St. Augustine's, Canterbury, 68.

Penwen, Pennwen, Penven, Robert, clerk or priest, vicar of Cadder and chaplain of Conclud, provided to a canonry of Glasgow and the prebend of Glasgow I, 506.

-, -, reservation for, confirmed, 429.

-, Penven, Penneg, Robert, an official of John [Cameron], bishop of Glasgow, charges against, 692, 693.

-, Penuen, Penven, Perawen, Thomas, a canon of Glasgow and prebendary of Glasgow I. afterwards prebendary of Kirkmahoe and rector of Thankerton, provision to, 429.

-, -, to have collation of his benefices afresh, 506, 507.

-, -, proctor of, 506.

Peny, Thomas, vicar of St. Peter's in the East, Oxford, dispensation to, 549.

Perawen (rectius Penwen). See Penwen.

Perch, John, a canon of Lincoln, and chaplain of William [Waynflete], bishop of Winchester, dispensation to, 165.

Percy, George, rector of Caldbeck, and of Rothbury, grant to, 554, 555.

-, -, dispensation to, 555.

Peregrini. See Pelagrini.

Perett, Maud relict of John, dispensed to marry Walter Suytyng, 570.

-, -, nephew of, Cristiana Suytyng godmother of, 570.

Perisson, Nicholas, rector of Beckington, grant to, 516.

Permenter, John, rector of SS. Peter and Paul's, Abington, and a chaplain of the archbishop of Canterbury, dispensation to, 588.

Pershore, Pershor [co. Worcester], parish church of St. Andrew, vicarage of, 176.

Person, John, vicar of Bradford, co. Somerset, dispensation to, 631, 632.

Pertenhall, Pertenale [co. Bedford], rectory of, 562.

Perugia [Italy], bishop of, papal mandatary, 64, 291, 300, 301.

Petra fertili , abbey de. See Corcomroe.

Petri, Paul, of Mildeburgh, a Friar Preacher, dispensation to, 663 note.

Petriolo [Tuscany, Italy], papal letters dated at, 404, 409, 411, 443, 443 note, 460, 465, 467, 468, 607, 628, 629, 639, 648, 662, 662 note, 673, 682 note.

-, rubrication of a papal register completed at, 437 note.

Petsmyth. See Ledys.

Pewton (rectius Newton). See Newton.

Peyngton, Peynton. See Paignton.

Ph ., Phi. See Philippus.

Philip, duke of Burgundy, papal nuncios to the dominions of. See Ferrarii, Anthony; Gaufridi, John.

Philip ap Rys, priest, indult to, 361.

Philippus , Ph., Phi., 9 note, 21 note, 25 note, 31 note, 36 note, 38 note, 48 note, 52 note, 57 note, 58 note, 62 note, 65 note, 103 note, 123 note, 165 note, 186 note, 401 note, 407 note, 427 note, 431 note, 443 note, 621 note.

-, papal register rubricated by, 379 note.

Piccolomini, adoption of James Amanati, bishop of Lucca, into the family of, by Pius II, 564 note.

Piccolominibus, Ambrose de Spannochiis de. See de Spannochiis.

-, F. de, 619.

-, G. de, 406 et passim to page 698.

-, -, described as a papal secretary, 631 note, 696 note.

-,-, thes [aurarius], 479.

-, -, absente, 628.

-, - See also P.

-, James (Jacobus) de, formerly James (Jacobus) Amanati, bishop of Lucca, afterwards bishop of Pavia, cardinal priest of St. Crisogonus', called the cardinal of Pavia, 195, 399 et passim to page 577, 601 note.

-, -, adoption of, unto the family of the Piccolomini, 564 note.

-, -, correction made by command of, 595 note.

-, -, papal bulls surrendered at the intervention of, 469, 469 note.

-, -, papal commissary, citation issued by, 489, 490.

-, -, pension on the fruits of the archdeaconry of Canterbury transferred to, 470, 471.

-, - See also Lucen [sis], Ja [cobus]; and Papien [sis], Ja [cobus].

Picheley. See Ramesei.

Picquigny, Pinquegny, [Somme, France], John Darby lord of, 299.

Pienza, Crosignanum, Pientia [Italy], papal letters dated at, 456, 457 note, 458, 458 note, 463, 466, 503, 615, 621, 622, 629, 630, 631, 633, 675.

-, papal register rubricated at, 431 note.

-, rubrication of a papal register begun at, 437 note.

-, Pius II residing at, 458 note.

-, San Quirico less than two days' journey from, 458 note.

-, the native town of Pius II, erected into a city and made the seat of a new bishopric, 457 note.

Piglis, Gerocius de, society of, 404 bis.

Pinchebek, John, an Augustinian brother of Syon abbey, indult to, 638, 639.

Pincher, John, a monk of Durham and prior of Coldingham, charges against, 426.

Pingil (or Piugil), Robert, clerk, a member of the household of Anthony de la Cerda, cardinal priest of St. Crisogonus', declaration concerning the provision of the vicarage of Old Kilpatrick to, 46.

-, -, reservation for, 46, 47.

Pinquegny, See Picquigny.

Piot. See Pyot.

Pipminster alias Pypteminster. See Pitminster.

Pisa, Pisanus [Tuscany, Italy], archbishop of, 21 note.

Piscia , A. de, 683.

-, B. de, 22, 85.

-, D. de, 67, 69, 173, 372 et passim to page 688.

-, Philip de, notary of the papal Camera, 19.

Pitcox, Pebokis [in Stenton parish, co. Haddington], a prebend in the collegiate church of Dunbar, 457.

Pitminster, Pipminster alias Pypteminster [co. Somerset], Richard vicar of, 241.

Pitstone, co. Buckingham. See Ashridge.

Pittis, John, rector of Parkham, dispensation to, 526, 527.

Piugil. See Pingil.

Pius II, acolyte of. See Forster, Gilbert.

-, appointments made by, wrongly registered in a register of Calixtus III, 194 note.

-, assembly appointed by, for resisting the Turks, 675.

-, at Balnea Petrioli, 392 note.

-, banker (depositarius) of, papal mandatary, 412.

-, - See also Spannochiis de Piccolominibus, Ambrose de.

-, bulls cancelled by order of, 462, 462 note.

-, bulls of, relating to the crusade, 696 note.

-, cancellation made by order of, 169 note.

-, constitution of, annotated, 658.

-, dispensation of Calixtus III entered in a register of, 195.

-, grants made by, between his election and coronation, 550 note.

-, household of, member of. See Guasqueti, John.

-, journey of, from Tivoli to Rome or vice versa in one day, 428.

-, -, to Mantua, 675.

-, letter to, mentioned, 421.

-, letters of, obtained surreptitiously, 463, 464.

-, -, wrongly registered, 65 note.

-, loans to, 376, 404, 412, 695.

-, -, repayment of, 495.

-, native town of. See Pienza.

-, papal letters cancelled by, 393, 418.

-, procurator-fiscal of. See Eugubio, Anthony de.

-, renunciation of certain rights made to, 439.

-, residing at Pienza, 458 note.

-, residing with his court at the abbey of San Salvatore, 457 (bis).

-, secretaries of. See Gregorius; Lax, master John; Piccolominibus, G. de.

-, sub-deacon of. See Clementis, Vincent.

-, tapestry sold to, 404.

-, treasurer of, papal mandatary, 412.

-, treasurer-general of. See Gillifortis.

-, treasury of, 677.

-, vice-chamberlains of. See Cesari de Senis, Alexius; Nardinis, Stephen de.

Planas , Planes, S., 467, 469, 475, 5058, 510, 511, 626, 639, 640, 643, 659, 6614, 6725, 678, 684.

Plente, John, vicar of Sturminster Marshall, dispensation to, 534.

Pluscardine, Pluscardyn [co. Elgin], Benedictine priory, dependent upon Dunfermline abbey, John prior of. See de Benale.

-, -, William prior of. See de Boys.

-, -, monks of, benefice wont to be governed by, 330.

-, -, - See Benale, John de; Hagis, Andrew.

-, -, convent of, election of a prior by, 330.

-, -, buildings of, in ruins, 330.

-, -, pension reserved upon the fruits of, 330, 331.

-, -, priory canonically annexed to. See Urquhart.

Plympton St. Mary, Plympton [co. Devon], Augustinian priory of SS. Peter and Paul, William prior of. See Hyell.

Poer, Power, Robert, bishop of Waterford and Lismore, formerly archdeacon of Lismore, appropriation and union made by, 379.

-, -, death of, 346.

Pointon, Poynton [co. Lincoln], chapel of, in the parish of Sempringham, to have the right of baptism and burial, 643.

Poland, benefices of the Hospitallers in, 640.

-, Cluniac province of, 559.

-, members of the hospital of S. Spirito in, 82.

Pollard, Thomas, [provided] bishop of Down and Connor, alleged death of, 235.

Poltolmartyne alias Ballyadam. See Adamstown.

Polton, Philip, archdeacon of Gloucester, indult to, 234.

Poncius de Fouelleto (or Foueletto), William, a canon and sacrist of Barcelona, papal nuncio in Aragon etc., commission and faculty to, 80 notes.

Pontanus, master Lewis, of Rome, a papal chaplain and auditor, papal commissary, sentence of, confirmed in part, 692, 693.

Pontanus ,O., secretary and registrator, 189 note, 190 note, 197, 199, 201, 203, 204, 207, 211, 214, 215, 218, 221, 224, 227, 2358, 241, 244, 24652, 255, 259, 280, 281.

-, -, corrections made by, 249 note, 250 note, 263 notes, 279 note.

Pont de Sorgues, in the diocese of Avignon, papal letters dated at, 557 note.

Pontefract [co. York, W.R.], Cluniac priory of St. John the Evangelist, Nicholas prior of. See Hall.

-, -, prior and convent of, appropriation to, confirmed, 13740.

-, -, -, burdened by the resort of guests, 138.

-, -, -, to construct a manse for the vicar of Silkstone, 139.

-, -, convent of, instrument drawn up at the request of, 138.

-, -, chapter house of, 138.

Ponteroberti , priory de. See Robertsbridge.

Pontigny, Pontiniacum [Yonne, France], vision of Thomas Becket at, 516.

Pontyngdon alias Portlond, John, vicar of Blandford Forum, dispensation to, 645.

Ponynggys, Edward, rector of Westbourne and of Crayford, dispensations to, 89, 151.

Pope, John, a canon of Wells, indult to, 86.

Porcell. See Purcell.

Porris , G. de, 20, 21, 40, 84, 94, 105, 111, 186, 189, 190, 384, 411, 426, 445, et passim to page 684.

Porta, Ardicinus de, cardinal deacon of SS. Cosmas and Damian's, papal mandatary, 691.

Porter, Thomas, esquire, Anne sometime his wife, grant by, 50.

Portland [co. Dorset], rectory of, 548.

Portlond. See Pontyngdon.

Portu , abbey de. See Dunbrody.

Portugal, benefices of the Hospitallers in, 647 (bis).

-, members of the hospital of S. Spirito in, 82.

Portu patrum , abbey de. See Annaghdown.

Portyngton, Thomas, rector of Blyborough, dispensations to, 27 (bis).

Potager, William, lord of a place in Washam, indult to, 226.

Poteman, William, rector of St. Mary Woolnoth, London, and of Standlake, dispensations to, 177, 661.

Potter alias Milam, Robert, rector of Halton Holegate, appointed a chaplain of the pope, 193.

Potterspury, Estbery, Estpery alias Potterspery [cos. Buckingham and Northampton], rectory of, 566.

Power. See Poer.

Poyciaci, Peter, prior of the priory de Valle, and prior commendatary of the priory de Bossia, decree concerning the payment of a pension by, 16.

Poynton. See Pointon.

Preston, Alexander, provision of canonries of Glasgow and Aberdeen to, with reservation of a prebend in each, 158, 519, 520.

-, -, grant to, 159.

-, -, and his retinue, safeconduct for, 661.

-, John, priest, an Augustinian canon of Warter priory, mandate for dispensation to, 186, 187.

Prestwich, Prestwiche [co. Lancaster], rectory of, 364.

Pretis , de, rubricelle written by, 192 note.

Principis , O., 503, 507, 662, 665, 669, 675, 677.

-, -, papal letters registered ad relationem, 662.

Principis, Oliver, a canon of Angers and of Nantes, papal mandatary, 458 note, 476, 480, 482, 510, 678.

Prinn, William, late archdeacon of Kilclief (i.e. of Down), 32.

Prior, co. Kerry. See Ballinskelligs.

Pruuton. See Newton.

Pug, Ansiassius, [bishop-]elect of Monreale, papal mandatary, 368 (bis).

Purcell, Purcel, Pursell, John, priest, archdeacon of Lismore, a canon of Cloyne, of Cork and of Ferns, prebendary of Kilmacdonogh and Kilaspugmullane, afterwards bishop of Ferns, collector of the apostolic Camera and papal nuncio in Ireland, 325, 346, 375.

-, -, appointment of, by Calixtus III, 193.

-, -, consecration of, 338.

-, -, oath of, 193.

-, -, proctor of Robert [Whittey], bishop of Ferns, Thomas Hope substituted for, 324, 329.

-, -, provision of the bishopric of Ferns to, 324, 329.

-, Jordan, bishop of Cork and Cloyne, appointment of a coadjutor for, 425.

-, -, collation made by, 395.

-, -, member of the household of. See Geraldinis, Gerald de.

-, -, proctors of. See Geraldinis, Gerald de; O'Hedian, John.

-, -, resignations made to, 314, 320, 395.

-, -, resignation of, 470.

-, -, -, falsely made, 472.

-, -, to be restored to the full enjoyment of his see, 472.

-, Porcell, Purcel, Patrick, clerk, rector of Callan, 463, 464.

-, -, provision of the archdeaconry of Cashel to, 393.

-, -, -, cancelled, 443, 444.

-, -, absent from the Roman court, 443.

-, -, ecclesiastical rents etc. belonging to, 443.

-, Pursel, Richard, a canon of Cloyne and of Limerick, and prebendary of Cooliney, provided to the precentorship of Limerick, charges against, 351.

-, -, papal constitutions exemplified for, 234.

-, -, papal mandatary, 2.

-, -, to be rector of Chapelrussell, 254.

-, Pursell, Richard, clerk, a claimant to the deanery of Lismore, 328.

Purneour, Thomas, rector of Chiriton Fitzpaine, dispensation to, 634.

Pursel, Pursell. See Purcell.

Puteo , G. de, 38, 46, 579, 60, 61, 636, 104, 143 et passim to page 623.

Pycton, Pyeton, William, a monk, sometime prior of HolyTrinity, York, dispensation to, 649.

Pykynham, William, rector of Rayleigh, dispensation to, 639.

Pyng, John de. See Depyng.

Pyot, Piot, Christopher, late a canon of Dunkeld and prebendary of Moneydie, 384.

-, Laurence, priest, provided to the precentorship of Moray, resignation of, 256, 257.

Pypteminster. See Pitminster.

Pyrules, John, priest, indult to, 226.


Quarley [co. Hants], John Halle lord of a part of, 296.

Quarre, John, clerk, dispensation to, 565.

Quenyngton, John, abbot of Eynsham, indult to, 370.

Quimper, [Finistre, France], official of, papal mandatary, 458 note.

Quin, Cimhy [co. Clare], and Ogashin (q.v.), rectory of the rural lands of, 438.


Rabacta, Peter de, and his fellows, of Bruges, society of, 404.

Rabranny, Rabrany. See Rathfran.

Racaneto , A. de, 8, 25, 30, 82.

Radcliff, Radclyff, Roger, rector of Eltisley, dispensation to, 165.

-, Radychleff, Redeleff, William, archdeacon of Cashel or claimant thereto, death of, 393, 400.

Radnor, New, Redne Nova [co. Radnor], rectory of, 681.

Radicofani, Radicofanum [Siena, Italy], 508.

Radstone, Rodstan [co. Northampton], Thomas Wylloughbi lord of, 227.

Radychleff. See Radcliff.

Ragon, Hugh, rector of Bishopstone, co. Hereford, dispensation to, 564.

Rainaldus , 58 note.

Raithbrannard. See Rathfran.

Ralbride (i.e. Kilbride). See Callan.

Ramesei alias Picheley alias Stude, John, a monk of St. Neots, dispensation to, 623.

Ramsey, Ramesey [co. Huntingdon], Benedictine abbey of SS. Mary and Benedict, monk of. See Depyng, John.

Randbarad (? Barrow in Ardfert parish, co. Kerry), rectory of, 504.

Ranfrow, Gilbert, donsel, founder of a chapel in the parish church of Solomiac, 152.

Ranutiis . See Rinuciis.

Raphael (?), 188.

Raphoe [co. Donegal], bishop and chapter of, reservation of a benefice in the collation of, 619.

-, official of, papal mandatary, 619.

Rath, William, rector of the parish church of St. George, Northampton, and sub-collector of the papal Camera in the diocese of Lincoln, dispensation to, 163.

Rathernan, Rathyman alias Cloenbolt [co. Kildare], vicarage of, 276, 277.

Rathfran, Rabranny, Rabrany, Raithbrannard [in Templemurry parish, co. Mayo], house of Friars Preachers, brother of. See Obruochayn alias Ohanly, Dermit.

-, -, brethren of, neglect of divine worship by, 177.

-, parish church of St. Mary, vicarage of, 248, 349.

Rathgarve, co. Westmeath. See Ballycomoyle.

Rathgoggan, Cogem Rayt [co. Cork], vicarage of, 351.

Rathkeale, Raydgella, Raytgela, Raythgela, Raytkacla, RaZ gella [co. Limerick], Augustinian priory of St. Mary, prior of, papal mandatary, 73, 74, 274, 351, 483, 504.

Rathven, Rochwen, Rophan, Rothwen [co. Banff], a prebend in Aberdeen, 414, 449, 465.

Rathyman alias Cloenbolt. See Rathernan.

Ratisbon [Bavaria], Rupert administrator of, papal mandatary, 391 note.

-, Benedictine abbey of St. James of the Scots, Otto abbot of, 391 note.

-, -, monks of, insubordination of, 391 note.

-, -, visitation and reform of, 391 note.

Raulston, James, late bishop of Dunkeld, one of the proctors of Robert de Hamilton, 318.

-, -, resignation admitted by, 318.

-, -, union of benefices made by, 318.

Rawleyns, William, vicar of Great Claybrooke, dispensation to, 27.

Ray , 479.

Ray, corrected to Kay, 601 note.

Raydgella. See Rathkeale.

Rayleigh, Rayley [co. Essex], rectory of, 639.

Raynach (sic) and Magindi. See Cannaway.

Raytgela, Raythgela, Raytkacla (rectius Raytkaela), RaZgella. See Rathkeale.

Reading [co. Berks], Benedictine abbey, John abbot of. See Thorne.

-, -, monk of, imprisoned and tortured, 648.

Reate , A. de, 431 et passim to page 691.

-, B. de, 401, 578.

Reatin [us]. See Rieti.

Rede, David, rector of Dunoon, and a litigant for the same, 605.

-, -, resignation of, 604.

- Walter, a brother of the hospital of St. John the Baptist, Oxford, dispensation to, 70.

Redeleff (rectius Redcleff). See Radcliff.

Redemyld, Redemyle. See Redmile.

Redenhall, Redenhale [co. Norfolk], rectory of, 89.

Rederfelde (rectius Roderfelde). See Rotherfield.

Redhyll, Master John, a canon of Lichfield, witness, 82.

Redmile, Redemyld, Redemyle, rectory of, 175.

Redne Nova. See Radnor, New.

Redonen [sis]. See Rennes.

Reedhill, Master John, a canon of St. Chad, Shrewsbury, witness, 478, 479 note.

Reenos (? rectius Ketnes). See Kettins.

Regas , Bartholomeus, vice-treasurer of the apostolic Camera, 59.

Reichenau, Augia Major [an island in the Untersee, Baden, Germany], Benedictine abbey, abbot of, papal mandatary, 86.

Reigate, Reygate [co. Surrey], vicarage of, 632.

Reims [Marne, France], vidame of, papal mandatary, 2, 205, 211, 300.

Reisk, Resk [co. Waterford], parish church of St. Mary, rectory of, appropriatea to the capitular mensa of Waterford, 379.

Relyng (? rectius Kelyng). See Causton, Edmund.

Remersona, Anthony, a canon of St. Peter, Middelburg, a papal nuncio to Scotland, etc., commission to, for the collection of the tenth in Scotland, 36.

-, -, faculties to, 36, 37.

-, -, grant to, 37.

Rendall, John, vicar of Great Milton, dispensation to, 570.

Rennes, Redonen [sis], [Ille-et-Vilaine, France], canon of. See Gonne, William.

Rent. See Kent.

Renucius . See Rinucius.

Rerich, Rerick, Rerik, Rerilr (rectius Rerik). See Ryrik.

Resk. See Reisk.

Resolis. See Kirkmichael, co. Ross.

Ressynglond (rectius Kessynglond). See Kessingland.

Restennet, Rostinot [co. Forfar], Augustinian priory, prior of, papal mandatary, 405.

Rewe, John late archdeacon of Lismore, 346.

Reygate. See Reigate.

Reynesham (rectius Keynesham). See Keynsham.

Rhodes, alms for the help of, 386.

-, chapter-general of the Hospitallers at, 640, 647.

Rhosus, Ros [s] en [sis], [Cilicia], Dionisius bishop of. See Stephani.

Ricardi, Martin, a Carmelite Friar, licence for the migration of, 631 note.

Richard, duke of York, councillor of. See Wylloughbi, Thomas.

-, service of, 538.

Richard, vicar of Pitminster, suit against, 241.

Richard alias O'Hedian, John son of Thomas, late archdeacon of Cashel, 400.

Richemunde, Thomas, a Friar Minor, dispensation to, 145.

Richmond [co. York, N.R.], archdeacon of, 63.

-, -, alleged exemption of the abbot and convent of St. Mary's without the walls, York, from the jurisdiction of, 197.

-, John archdeacon of. See Arundel and Bothe.

-, Laurence archdeacon of. See Bothe.

-, archdeaconry of, Burton in Kendal and Heversham in, 63.

-, -, parish churches in, 197.

Rickling, Rykelyng [co. Essex], Henry Langley lord of, 228.

Riddagshausen, Riddaghehusen [Brunswick, Germany], Cistercian abbey, monk of. See Hutteman, John.

Rieti, Reaten [us], [Perugia, Italy], bishop of, papal mandatary, 24.

-, Angelus bishop of. See Capranica.

Rilbrachan (rectius Kilbrachan). See Kilbarchan.

Rilhtachinre, Rilhtachnirt (rectius Kilhtachuirt). See Kiltoghert.

Rimini, Ariminen [sis], [Italy], Josephus comes Garampius, priest of the church of, 31 note.

Rind, Henry, late treasurer of Aberdeen, 429.

Rindown, Ryndun [co. Roscommon], Hospitallers' house of St. John the Baptist, Charles prior of. See O'Kelly.

-, -, Dermit prior of. See MacEgan.

Ringrone, Rynnroyn [co. Cork], vicarage of, 392, 393.

Ringstead, Great, de Ryngstedi Magna Sancti Petri [co. Norfolk], parish church of St. Peter, rectory of, 572.

Rinucius , Renucius, Rinuccius, Rinutius, 25, 35, 225, 226, 281, 296, 297.

Rinuciis , Ranutiis, Rinutiis, C. de, 402, 417, 562, 566, 636.

Ris, Riys, John, vicar of the parish church of St. Nicholas, Galway, charges against, 255.

-, -, resignation of, 334.

Risborough, Monks, Monks Risburgh, Risburgh Monachorum [co. Buckingham], parish church of St. Dunstan, rectory of, in the immediate jurisdiction of the church of Canterbury, 673.

Risby, Rysbi, Rysby [co. Suffolk], rectory of, 568.

Rissington, Great, Rysindon [co. Gloucester], rectory of, 515.

Rivaulx, Ryvaus [co. York, N.R.], Cistercian abbey, abbot of, papal mandatary, 196.

Riys. See Ris.

Rizionibus , Rizonibus, Ja. de, 330, 338.

Roba in Chera. See Ballinrobe (N. of the river Robe).

Robeen, Robin [co. Mayo], vicarage of, 208.

-, proximity of, to Ballinrobe, 208.

Robertsbridge, de Ponteroberti [in Salehurst parish, co. Sussex], Cistercian priory of St. Mary, monk of. See Sesby, John.

Robin. See Robeen.

Robsen, Richard, abbot of Kelso, charges against, 445.

Robys, Thomas, priest, an Augustinian canon of St. Denys near Southampton, dispensation to, 176.

Rochaprioris, Anthony de, a papal serjeant-at-arms and member of the household of Calixtus III, sent to England by the pope, safe-conduct for, 1.

Roche, de Rupe [co. York, W.R.], Cistercian abbey of St. Mary, monk of. See Hornese, John.

Roche, John, a canon of Cloyne, papal mandatary, 630.

-, -, provision to, 550.

-, William, archdeacon of Cloyne, appointed coadjutor to Jordan [Purcell], bishop of Cork and Cloyne, 425.

-, -, removal of, 472.

Rocheford. See Rochford.

Rochester, Roffen [sis], Rossen [sis] (sic), [co. Kent], bishop of, chaplains of, 547.

-, John bishop of. See Low.

-, Benedictine priory (cathedral), prior of, to wear pontifical insignia, 645.

-, -, prior and convent of, churches belonging to, 645.

-, -, prior and chapter of, indult to, 645.

-, -, celebration of mass etc. at, in the presence of the bishop, 547.

-, city and diocese of, no secular collegiate church in the gift of the bishop in, 547.

Rochford, Rocheford [co. Essex], parish church of St. Andrew, rectory of, 575.

Rochfort, John, vicar of Chilham, indult to, 362.

Rochwen (rectius Rothwen). See Rathven.

Rockforest, Offlancard, Oflanncaed, [a townland in Kilkeedy parish, co. Clare], rectory in rural fee called the rectory of, 251.

-, rectory of the rural lands of, alias of the parish church of Kilkeedy, 500.

Rocklen, John, rector of Heversham, 63.

Rode , Jo., 270, 291, 322, 323, 324, 340.

Redstan. See Radstone.

Roffen [sis]. See Rochester.

-, written in error Rosen [sis], 645.

Rogerius, Arnoldus, patriarch of Alexandria, and bishop of Urgel, faculty to, 525 note.

Rolepot [? in the diocese of Trouane], Philip de Rolepot lord of, 360.

Rolepot, Philip de, lord of Rolepot, indult to, 360.

-, -, wife of. See Sanenses, Jaqueline de.

Rolleston [co. Stafford], rectory of, 88.

Rolston, Henry, layman, 179.

-, -, Isabel Shrygley his wife, 179.

Rome, Urbs, Alma Urbs [Italy], death of William Watson between Mantua and, 589.

-, Journey of Thomas Becket to, 516.

-, notarial instrument relating to the sale of property in, 674 note.

-, Master Lewis Pontanus of, 692.

-, receipt of the Camera, 495.

-, reservation of benefices void by death of followers of the Roman court in, or between Mantua and, 589.

-, robbery on a journey from England to, 607.

-, rubrication of a register begun at, 482 note.

-, Camera apostolica, acknowledgement of acquittance at, 412.

-, -, memorandum dated in, 405.

-, -, oath taken in, 684.

-, -, promise dated at, 59.

-, -, register rubricated in, 419 note.

-, Lateran, papal letters dated at, 7.

-, SS. Apostoli, papal letters dated at, 498 note.

-, church of S. Biagio della Fossa, house near, 652.

-, S. Maria Maggiore, papal letters dated at, 47, 48, 116, 11821, 132, 187, 267, 268, 272, 297, 304, 306, 398.

-, St. Peter's, basilica of St. Peter, 682, 684.

-, -, altariste of, 194.

-, -, doors of, edict affixed to, 670.

-, -, -, sentences affixed to, 598.

-, -, papal letters dated at, 1 et passim.

-, -, rubrication of a papal register begun at, 419 note.

-, hospital of the Holy Trinity and St. Thomas the Martyr de Urbe, called the hospital of the English, brethren and sisters of, indult to, 524, 525.

-, -, -, petition of, 651.

-, -, chamberlains of. See Courteney, Peter; Hope, Thomas; and Lassy, John.

-, -, chamberlains, governors and procurators of, confirmation of a purchase by, 155.

-, -, chaplain of. See York, Henry.

-, -, rectors or governors of, 652.

-, -, enemies of, 651.

-, -, new statutes made for, revoked, 652.

-, -, visitation of, 651.

-, -, statute relating to the reception of English pilgrims at, 652.

-, -, house bordering upon, 156.

-, -, house in Rome belonging to, suit concerning, 652.

-, Cistercian monastery of St. Anastasius without the walls, monk of. See Macmurcrataid, Cormac.

-, hospital of St. Bridget, house bordering upon, 156.

-, hospital of S. Spirito in Sassia, formerly the hospital of St. Mary in Saxia de Urbe. Sancti Spiritus in Saxia de Urbe, Sancti Spiritus super Tiberim in loco qui dicitur Sancta Maria de Saxia, master and brethren of, confirmation and exemplification of papal bulls in favour of, 2830.

-, -, Peter preceptor of. See Matheus.

-, -, Christopher vicar and envoy of, safe-conduct for, 81.

-, -, Francis vicar and envoy of, safe-conduct for, 81.

-, -, Nicholas vicar and envoy of, safe-conduct for, 81.

-, -, note of the foundation of, 29 note.

-, -, subject houses of, 376.

-, confraternity of S. Spirito in Saxia, re-foundation of, exemplified, 29.

-, -, book of, 29 note.

-, shrines of SS. Peter and Paul, vows of pilgrimage to, 126, 170, 366, 520, 627, 689.

-, contrada Tribii parentum, house in, 652.

-, rione Arenula, sale of a house in, 155, 156.

-, rione Parione, house in, 652.

-, Via Monserrato, 156 note.

-, university of, 107.

-, -, student at, 211.

Romei, Peter, late a canon of Valencia, 545, 546.

Romsey, Rumusey [co. Hants], Benedictine nuns' abbey, abbess and convent of, rights of, saved, 326.

-, -, parish church of Romsey united to, 326.

-, -, -, appointment of a chaplain etc. in, 326.

-, parishioners of, licence and faculty to, 326.

-, vicar of, rights of, saved, 326.

-, vicarage of, 626.

Ronke. See Rouke.

Roos, Marion baroness de. See Wentworth.

Roos, Robert, of Ingmanthorp, knight, grant made by, 238.

Rophan. See Rathven.

Ros, Thomas, sometime rector of Bona, 286.

Roscommon, Rosbomayn, Roscomayn [co. Roscommon], Augustinian priory of St. Mary, Charles prior of. See O'Connor.

-, -, John late prior of. See MacEgan.

-, -, Maelerus prior of. See de Burgo.

-, -, Magonius prior of. See O'Kelly (Macheochu).

-, -, Maurice late prior of. See O'Connor.

-, -, Thady prior of. See O'Connor.

-, -, William late prior of. See O'Flannagan.

Roseavalle , abbey de. See Monasterevan.

Rosen [sis] rectius Rofen [sis] (i.e. Roffen [sis]), 569.

-, rectius Rossen [sis], (i.e. Ross, co. Cork), 569.

Rosheere. See Ross, cos. Calway and Mayo.

Roskayn. See Rosskeen.

Ross, Rossen [sis], Denis (sic) bishop of, faculty to, 52.

-, Nicholas (sic) bishop of, papal mandatary, 12.

Ross, Bossan [sis] (sic), Rosen [sis], Rossen [sis], [in Ireland, co. Cork], bishop of, papal mandatary, 55, 56, 213, 425.

-, Richard bishop of. See Clerk.

-, Robert [bishop-]elect of. See Colynson.

-, dean of, papal mandatary, 305.

-, archdeacon of, papal mandatary, 85.

-, chancellor of, papal mandatary, 221, 305, 391.

-, canons of. See Odonnagayn, Dermit; Ogillagymayn, David; Ohega, Dermit; Omongayn, Donald.

-, canon provided of. See Olongan, Lactinus.

Ross, Rosheere [cos. Galway and Mayo], vicarage of, 332.

Ross [in Scotland], bishop of, a canon received by authority of, 262.

-, -, faculty to, to receive a resignation, 289.

-, -, papal mandatary, 246, 316.

-, John late bishop of. See Bullock.

-, Thomas bishop of. See de Tullach.

-, David dean of. See Balfour and Ogilvy.

-, John dean of. See Caldor.

-, Thomas dean of. See de Vaus.

-, William dean of. See Ogilvy.

-, chancellor of, papal mandatary, 325, 334, 482.

-, official of, papal mandatary, 320.

-, Laurence precentor of. See Scot.

-, Thomas precentor of. See Falconer.

-, canons of. See Insulis, Angus son of John de; Stewart, James; Weyke, James.

-, canon provided of. See Wyly, Richard.

-, prebends in:Kilmuir-Easter.

Kirkmichael or Resolis.

Ross, countess of. See Levinston, Elizabeth.

-, earl of, and lord of the Isles, benefice in the patronage of. See Kilchoman.

-, John, John de Yla, John de Yle, earl of. See Macdonald.

Rosse, Thomas, a canon of Moray, papal mandatary, 456.

Rossen [sis]. See Rhosus; Ross; Ross [in Ireland].

-, written in error for Roffen [sis], 645.

Rosserk, Rosserie, Rosseyre, Rossterg [in Ballysakeery parish, co. Mayo], rectory of, or prebend in, called the chancellorship of Killala, 215, 349.

-, vicarage of, 215, 349.

Rossevalle , abbey de. See Monasterevan.

Rosseyre (rectius Rosseyre). See Rosserk.

Rosskeen, Roskayn [co. Cork], vicarage of, 669.

-, -, to be united to the vicarage of Castlemagner, 669.

Rossorry, co. Fermanagh. See Lisgoole.

Rossterg. See Rosserk.

Rossy, Thomas de, vicar of Inchture, dispensation to, 268.

Rostherne, Rowstorn [co. Chester], rectory of, 319, 320.

Rostinot. See Restennet.

Rothbury, Rothbery, Rothebery [co. Northumberland], rectory of, 555.

-, Alexander Coke rector of, 533.

Rotherfield, Rederfelde [co. Sussex], rectory of, 151.

Rotherham, Thomas, priest, a chaplain of king Edward IV, dispensation to, 602.

Rothwen. See Rathven.

Rouen [Seine-Infrieure, France], cardinal of. See d'Estouteville, William.

Rouira, Bartholomew, late a canon of Valencia, 545.

Rouke (or Ronke), Thomas, rector of Stonham Aspall, dispensation to, 591.

Row, John, a canon and sub-dean of Exeter, confessor-general for the diocese of Exeter, dispensation to, 639, 640.

-, -, papal mandatary, 433, 434, 657.

-, -, death of, 657.

Rowen. See Ruthven.

Rowstorn. See Rostherne.

Roxston, John, prior of Dunstable, licence granted by, 203.

Ruaygh, Adam, late archdeacon of Ossory, 400.

Rubeis , P. de, 620, 689.

Rudde, Clement, alleged clerk, 121.

-, Thomas, vicar of Welton, dispensation to, 147.

Rudhale, Richard, archdeacon of Hereford, a sub-collector of the papal Camera in England, and rector of New Radnor, dispensations to, 367, 681, 682.

Rudyng, John, rector of the parish church of St. Michael, Gloucester, a canon of the chapel royal of St. Mary, Hastings, and prebendary of Ewhurst and Hollington, dispensation to, 88.

Ruffi , Rufi, Johannes, papal register rubricated by, 236 note.

Rufford [co. Nottingham], Cistercian abbey, abbot of, papal mandatary, 122.

Rufi . See Ruffi.

Rugg, William, rector of Down St. Mary, dispensation to, 171.

Rumiule (rectius Kinniule). See Kinnoull.

Rumusey. See Romsey.

Rupe , abbey de. See Roche.

Rupe , priory Sancti Michaelis de, Ruppe Sancti Michaelis, priory de. See Ballinskelligs.

Rusell alias de Paleis, free chapel of. See Chapelrussell.

Russell, William, of Whittlesey, layman, a litigant concerning a charge of defamation brought against him, 270, 271.

- alias Creagh, William. See Creagh.

Rustici-Cenci, Agapitus, bishop of Ancona, residing in the Roman court, papal mandatary, 599.

Ruthven, Rowen [now part of Cairnie parish, co. Aberdeen], a prebend (with Dipple) in Moray, 267.

Ruthyn, Edmund Grai lord de. See Grey.

Rykelyng. See Rickling.

Ryliden, Cristina, indult to, 362.

Rylleogennedi (rectius Kylleogennedi). See Killokennedy.

Rymer (rectius Kymer), Gilbert. See Kymer.

Rynde, John de, priest, a chaplain in the parish church of Edinburgh, and presented to the rectory of Carmichael, to have collation of that rectory, 460, 461.

Ryndun. See Rindown.

Ryngstede, Richard, prior of Bury St. Edmunds, indult to, 112.

Ryngstedi Magna Sancti Petri , rectory de. See Ringstead, Great.

Rynnroyn. See Ringrone.

Rypley, Ryphey, George, an Augustinian canon of Bridlington, grant and indult to, 530.

Ryrik, Kerick, Rerich, Rerick, Rerik, Rerilr, Gilbert or Gilbert de, priest, a canon of Glasgow, rector of Dornoch and of Kirkgunzeon and vicar of Dumfries and of Inverurie, dispensation to, 625.

-, -, papal mandatary, 672, 678.

-, -, proctor of Martin Vaus and of Thomas Vaus, dean of Glasgow, 439.

-, -, provisions and collations to, 211, 431, 432, 510, 511.

Rys, Philip ap, priest, indult to, 361.

Rysbi, Rysby. See Risby.

Rysindon. See Rissington, Great.

Ryton [co. Durham], parish church of, curate of, 373.

-, -, pension on the fruits of, 373, 374.

Ryvaus. See Rivaulx.