Index of Persons and Places: S

Pages 845-859

Calendar of Papal Registers Relating To Great Britain and Ireland: Volume 11, 1455-1464. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1921.

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Sabrigesworth, Sabrygesworth. See Sawbridgeworth.

Sacri nemoris , abbey. See Holywood.

Saddington, Sedenston [co. Leicester], rectory of, 175.

Sage, Thomas, lord of a place in Grampound, indult to, 228.

St. Albans [co. Hertford], Benedictine abbey, abbot of, papal mandatary, 87, 97, 120 (bis), 149, 609.

-, -, -, the office of claustral prior revocable at the pleasure of, 88.

-, -, -, a claustral prior exempted from removal by, 88, 89.

-, -, William claustral prior of. See Albon.

-, -, monks of. See Albon, William; Shenley, Edmund,

St. Andrews [co. Fife], bishop of. annual synod of, 665.

-, -, benefice in the patronage of, 412.

-, -, excepted from an inhibition, 643, 666, 667.

-, -, papal mandatary, 2, 25, 33, 34, 47, 157, 209, 210, 332 (bis), 336, 347, 376, 378, 379, 388, 390, 424, 425, 426, 438, 441, 445, 453, 454, 455, 460, 465, 516, 585, 589, 643, 666, 667, 679, 680, 691, 693.

-, -, reservation of benefices in the collation of, 601.

-, -, resignation made to, 448.

-, -, vicar-general in spirituals of, 447.

-, -, the abbot and convent of Arbroath exempted from all episcopal jurisdiction save that of, 441, 442.

-, James bishop of. See Kennedy.

-, bishop, dean (sic), archdeacon and chapter of, provision and reservation of benefices in the collation of, 173, 184.

-, bishop, prior, archdeacon and chapter of, provision of benefices in the collation of, 589.

-, bishop, prior and chapter of, provision and reservation of benefices in the collation of, 107, 449.

-, bishop and chapter of, cited, 447.

-, archdeacon of, papal mandatary, 336, 494, 665, 667.

-, -, reservation of benefices in the collation of, 602.

-, chancellor of, papal mandatary, 173.

-, Alan chancellor of. See Cant.

-, chancellorship of, the poor hospital of Soutra erected into, and subsequent suppression of, 447, 448, 450.

-, official of, papal mandatary, 43, 210, 249, 280, 440, 445, 458, 460, 474.

-, John official of. See Scheves.

-, Thomas official of. See Luderdel.

-, Augustinian priory (cathedral), prior of, papal mandatary, 47, 413, 418, 421, 422.

-, -, -, reservation of benefices in the collation of, 602.

-, -, prior and chapter of, consent of, to the erection of a collegiate church, 289.

-, -, William prior of, executor of a papal mandate, 318.

-, -, -, a sub-commissioner of James [Kennedy], bishop of St. Andrews, 378.

-, collegiate church of St. Mary Hugh, called the chapel royal, canons of. See Crethon, George de; Gordon, William.

-, -, prebend in:


-, collegiate church or college of St. Salvator, provost of, papal mandatary, 379, 418, 422, 423, 445, 665, 667.

-, -, John provost of. See Achilmere.

-, -, provost and two senior fellows of, to apply certain alms to the completion of their church etc., 418.

-, -, provost and two senior masters of, confessors appointed by, 417.

-, -, -, key of collection box kept by, 418.

-, -, indulgence to penitents visiting and giving alms for the completion etc. of, 417.

-, -, fruits due to the papal Camera by reason of an indulgence granted to, 685.

-, -, inmates of, exemption etc. for, 378.

-, -, reformation and foundation anew of, confirmed, 376.

-, parish church of the Holy Trinity, fruits due to the papal Camera by reason of an indulgence granted to, 685.

-, castle of, letters dated at, 376.

-, university of, faculty of decrees in, 116.

-, Andrew Stewart of, 1.

Saint-Antoine-de-Viennois [Isre, France], Augustinian abbey of St. Anthony, abbot of, pension to, 13.

-, -, -, jurisdiction of, 14.

-, -, Humbert abbot of, and the convent of, petition of, 13.

-, -, abbot and convent of, protection for, 14.

-, -, chapter-general of, 13, 14.

-, -, obligations of preceptories-general dependent upon, 13.

-, -, preceptor-general of, in England, neglect of, 14.

-, -, preceptory-general of, in England, exemption of, from the jurisdiction of the said abbey, annulled, 14.

St. Antony, diocese of Vienne, abbey of. See Saint-Antoine-deViennois.

St. Asaph [co. Flint], Thomas bishop of. See Bryd.

-, David dean of. See Brodwell.

-, canon of. See Lassy, John.

-, city and diocese of, clergy of, statutes made by, confirmed, 648, 649.

St. Augustine, the apostle of the English, body of, in the abbey of St. Augustine, Canterbury, 536.

St. Catharine of Siena, canonization of, 427 note.

St. Columba, prebend of. See Kilcolmkill.

St. Columba in Morwarne alias in Cencubwadenahe. See Kilcolmkill.

St. Davids, Menevensis [co. Pembroke], bishop of, faculty to, 360.

-, John bishop of. See de la Bere.

-, Robert [bishop-]elect of. See Tully.

-, John archdeacon of. See Hunden; and Smith.

-, William archdeacon of. See Thame.

-, canon of. See Canton, Richard.

-, canons residentiary of, 548.

-, chapter of, benefice formerly appropriated to. See Llandyssil.

-, city and diocese of, clergy of, statutes made by, confirmed, 648, 649.

-, episcopal mensa of, pension upon the fruits of, 411.

St. Denys [in Southampton, co. Hants], Augustinian abbey, canon of. See Robys, Thomas.

-, -, parish church appropriated to. See Southampton, St. Michael.

St. Dogmells [co. Pembroke], Benedictine abbey of the order of Tiron, monk of. See Galwey, John.

St. Edmund de Bruy (sic), abbey of; St. Edmunds Bury. See Bury St. Edmunds.

St. Elizabeth, chapel of. See Winchester.

St. Ervan, Seynt Erven [co. Cornwall], rectory of, 106.

St. Feighin's, co. Westmeath. See Fore.

St. Finbar's Cave, abbey of. See Cork.

St. Germanus, parish of, diocese of Sodor [? German, in the Isle of Man], Angus Johannis rector of, 39.

St. Gilbert, sometime bishop of Caithness, relics of, preserved in Dornoch cathedral, 616.

St. James, shrine of; St. James in Compostella. See Santiago di Compostela.

St. John the Evangelist, Augustinian priory of, in the diocese of Lincoln, 561.

St. John Zachary, parish church of. See London.

St. Lizier or Conserans, Conseranen [sis], [Arige, France], bishop of, papal mandatary, 564.

St. Malo, Maclovien [sis], [Ille-etVilaine, France], bishop of, papal mandatary, 604.

-, bishop etc. of, reservation of a benefice in the collation of, 501 note.

St. Mansinus, church of. See Kilmacallan.

St. Mary Otery. See Ottery St. Mary.

St. Michael's Mount, in the diocese of Ardfert, priory of. See Ballinskelligs.

St. Molanfayd, abbey of. See Molana.

St. Molua de Cluan. See Magheracloone.

St. Neots, Villa Sancti Neoti [co. Huntingdon], Benedictine priory of, monk of. See Ramesei, John.

St. Olave, parish church of, in the diocese of Exeter. See Exeter.

St. Omer [Pas-de-Calais, France], provost, canons and chapter of, 497.

St. Osmund, sometime bishop of Salisbury, canonization of, 53.

-, -, money lent for the costs of, 54.

-, -, note of, 52 note.

-, relics of, to be translated to Salisbury cathedral, 53, 54.

-, -, adornment of the place of deposit of, 54.

SS. Peter and Paul, shrine of. See Rome.

St. Pol-de-Lon, Leonen [sis], [Finistre, France], diocese of, 458 note.

St. Winifred the Virgin, relics of, 479.

Saints Island, de Insula Sanctorum, [in Cashel parish, co. Longford], Augustinian priory of St. Mary, canon of. See O'Connor, Dermit.

Sala , Je. de, 41 et passim to page 684.

-, Jo. de, 695.

- Cf. Salas.

Salamanca [Spain], official of, papal mandatary, 270.

-, canonry and prebend of, 270.

Salas , Je de, 582, 695.

-, Jo [hannes] de, 449, 462, 466, 467, 484, 490, 495, 496, 600, 615, 622, 629, 632, 640, 641, 646, 653.

-, -, a writer of apostolic letters, 463.

- Cf. Sala.

Salehurst, co. Sussex. See Robertsbridge.

Salem [formerly Salmansweiler, Baden, Germany], Cistercian abbey, abbot of, papal mandatary, 86.

Salghall, John, late abbot of St. Werburgh, Chester, 35.

Salisbury, Sarisberiensis [co. Wilts], bishop of, licence of, required, 144, 144 note.

-, -, papal mandatary, 11, 87, 107, 234, 338, 538, 577, 578.

-, Osmund sometime bishop of. See St. Osmund.

-, Richard bishop of. See Beauchamp.

-, dean of, papal mandatary, 11.

-, Gilbert dean of. See Kymer.

-, dean and chapter of, papal mandataries, 54.

-, Vincent archdeacon of. See Clementis.

-, Andrew chancellor of. See Holes.

-, canons of. See Clementis, Vincent; Drew, Radulphus; Loveybondi, John; Morton, John; Wytby, Richard.

-, canon residentiary of. See Cramborne, John.

-, chapter of, 53 note.

-, -, papal mandataries, 53.

-, prebend in:

Lyme Regis.

-, cathedral church of, alms given in, to be converted to the adornment of the place of deposit of the relics of St. Osmund, 54.

-, -, relaxation of penance to those who shall visit and give alms to, on the day of the translation of the relics of St. Osmund, 53, 54.

-, -, relics of St. Osmund to be translated to, 53.

-, city and diocese of, observa tion of the feasts of St. Osmund and his translation in, 53.

-, diocese of, sub-collector of the papal Camera in. See Stretton, John.

-, hospital of St. Nicholas, Henry master of. See Duke.

-, Registrum rubrum of, 53, 54, 54 note.

Salisbury, Thomas, a canon of Lincoln, dispensation to, 368.

Salle, John, an Augustinian canon of St. Mary's, Huntingdon, dispensation to, 558.

Salmansweiler. See Salem.

Salop, archdeacon of, consent of, to an appropriation, 479.

-, -, pension reserved to, 479.

-, Thomas archdeacon of. See Lye and Yn.

Salopia . See Shrewsbury.

Salthous, Thomas, rector of Portland, dispensation to, 548.

Salviatis, James de, and his fellows, merchants of Florence, dwelling in London, agents of the pope's banker, 669.

-, -, society of the heirs of, and their fellows, dwelling in London, 404.

Sameria , Samerya, abbey de. See Assaroe.

Sampson, Henry, rector of the parish church of St. Gregory, Tredington, and provost of Oriel college, Oxford, dispensation to, 150.

Sanbroke, John, chaplain at the altar of St. Mary the Virgin and SS. Anne, Catherine and Margaret, in the parish church of Stoke Edith, dispensation to, 581.

Sancher, Gilbert, layman, sometime substituted as executor of the will of Margery, formerly his wife, 258.

-, -, executors of the will of. See Blandseil, Alexander; and Sancher, John.

-, -, Margery late his wife, mother of John Cadzou, executors of the will of. See Cadzou, William; and Alani, Andrew.

-, Sanchcer, John, layman, one of the executors of the will of Gilbert Sancher, 258.

Sancti Brioci , insula. See Inchbrayock.

Sancti Columbe in Insula . See Iona.

Sancti Columbe in Moravia or Morovia . See Kilcolmkill, in Morvern parish, co. Argyll.

Sancti Comani , Sancte (sic) Comani, Sancti Comani in Yle, church of. See Kilchoman.

Sancti Comani in Kintyre, Kynure, rectory of. See Kilkivan.

S. Lazarus . See Burton Lazars.

Sancti Michaelis de Rupe , de Ruppe, priory. See Ballinskelligs.

Sancti Molanfyd , abbey de Insula. See Molana.

Sancti Rodani alias Roadani , parish church. See Kilrane.

Sancto Jacobo, Gerald de, rector of Chapelrussell, charges against, 254.

Sanctomauro, Thomas de, knight, lord of Babcary, indult to, 228.

-, -, Philippa his wife, 228.

Sandere, Sandeir, John, late rector of Callan, 463.

Sandwich [co. Kent], parish church of St. Mary, vicarage of, 665.

Sandy, Sonday [co. Bedford], rectory of, 567, 591.

Sanenses, Jaqueline de, wife of Philip de Rolepot, indult to, 360.

San Quirico [Tuscany, Italy], transferred from the diocese of Arezzo to that of Pienza, 457 note.

-, death at, 458 note.

-, less than two days' journey from Pienza, 458 note.

-, castle of, 456, 457 (bis).

-, -, death of Gilbert Forster at, 484.

Santiago di Compostela, Compostela, St. James [of or in Compostela] [Galicia, Spain], vows of pilgrimage to, 126, 170, 366, 520, 627, 689.

Santoria (rectius Stantona), Edmund de. See Stantona.

Saragossa, Cesaraugustan [us], [Spain], province of, 165 note.

-, Cosmas prior of the church of. See de Monteferrato.

Sarasburgen [sis] (i.e. Salisbury), 281.

Sardinia, members of the hospital of S. Spirito in, 82.

Sares, Alan, of Calthorp, clerk, notary public, 225.

Saresbirien [sis] (i.e. Salisbury), 281.

Sassia , hospital of S. Spirito in. See Rome.

Sauerey, Thomas, priest, an Augustinian canon of Great Massingham, dispensation to, 673.

Saundrees, Thomas, rector of St. Martin's, Oxford, dispensation to, 100.

Saussaye, de Sausoya [Eure, France], collegiate church of St. Mary, dean of, papal mandatary, 471, 496.

Savage, William, rector of St. Nicholas, Shepperton, dispensation to, 629.

Savoy, papal legate to. See Coetivy, Alan de.

Sawbridgeworth, Sabrigesworth, Sabrygesworth [co. Hertford], vicarage of, 639.

Saxia , hospital of S. Spirito in. See Rome.

Say, William, rector of Sutton Courtney, dispensation to, 147.

Saynt Marydown. See Down, St. Mary.

Says, Henry, rector of Westcott Barton, dispensation to, 579.

Scalholten [sis]. See Skalholt.

Scanley. See Stanley.

Scarbroke, John, rector of Newhaven, dispensation to, 592.

Scaresbrek alias Scaresbree, Joan, dispensed to marry, 348.

-, -, kinswoman of, 348.

Scattery Island, Iniskathid, Inisrayd, Inyscathid, Inyskahyd, Yniscathayd [in Kilrush parish, co. Clare], secular and collegiate church, prior of, papal mandatary, 354, 356, 490.

-, -, portionaries of. See Ogillaschannan, Maurice; Ogillaschannan, William, Okrillid, Laurence.

-, -, portion in. See Kilgebam.

Schefebere. See Shebbear.

Scherpham. See Sharpham.

Scherwode, William, priest, to be a penitentiary in the basilica of St. Peter, and a papal chaplain, 682.

Schoctesbroke, Robert, knight, lord of West Woodhay, indult to, 227.

-, -, Isabel his wife, 227.

Schwerin, Zwerinen [sis], [Mecklenburg-Schwerin], bishop of, papal mandatary, 24.

Scilly, Sully, isle of [co. Cornwall], chapel of St. Elidius in, dependent upon Tavistock abbey, 603.

-, -, indulgence to persons visiting etc., 604.

-, inhabitants etc. of, oppressed by pirates, 603.

-, John Colishyl lord of, 603.

Sckytebrob (rectius Sckytebrok). See Skidbrooke.

Scolan. See Oseancan, Thomas.

Scone [co. Perth], Augustinian abbey, Thomas abbot of, indult to, 362.

-, -, canon of. See Fechkill, Nicholas de.

-, -, vicarage depending upon. See Logie, co. Forfar.

Scoriswoide, Scorisworde, Scoriswoyde, George de, de facto vicar of Dumfries and a litigant therefor, 432, 510.

-, -, death of, 511.

-, Seherswod, Gregory, vicar of Dumfries, a student at Paris university, dispensation to, 560.

Scot, Scotte, John, esquire, indult to, 362.

-, -, Agnes his wife, 362.

-, John, priest, proctor of Henry Murref and of William Scot, 249, 279.

-, Laurence, priest, precentor of Ross [in Scotland], to have collation afresh of that diginity, 257.

- William, vicar of Stirling, afterwards dean of Dunblane, 249.

-, -, proctor of. See Scot, John.

-, -, provision to, 279.

Scotland, Scotia, benefices of the Hospitallers in, 647 (bis).

-, cause committed to upright men in, 288.

-, chancellor of. See Creichton, William de.

-, Cluniac province of, 559.

-, collector of the papal Camera in, 418.

-, -, to appoint confessors, 494.

-, -, to keep the second key of the alms-chest of Trinity College, Edinburgh, 494.

-, collector or sub-collector of the papal Camera in, 599.

-, collector of a tenth etc. in. See Coppinis, Francis de.

-, collegiate churches in, insignia of, 439.

-, a constitution of, 395.

-, Eleanor of. See Helen.

-, faculty to grant plenary indulgence to persons in, who contribute to the crusade, 403.

-, faculties to dispense persons in, 41 (bis).

-, intimidation in, 502.

-, lawlessness in, 616, 617.

-, magnates of, 502.

-, marches of, 43.

-, money of, 34, 291, 405, 585, 678.

-, papal nuncios in. See Brechin, bishop of; Durisder, Andrew de; Gaufridi, John; Gazeti, Lewis; Obizis, John de; Remersona, Anthony.

-, queen of. See Mary.

-, realm of, 426.

-, restraint upon appropriations in, 113.

-, simony in, 41.

-, the triennial tenths imposed for a crusade reduced to one tenth in, 402.

-, wars etc. in, 402.

Scots, abbey of St. James of the. See Ratisbon.

-, king of, advowson of the vicarage of Cambusnethan belonging to, during voidance of the bishopric of Glasgow, 256.

-, -, benefices in the patronage of. See Soutra; Kells, co. Kirkcudbright; Ochterogarte.

-, -, dignity in the patronage of, 447.

-, -, eldest son of, benefice in the presentation of. See Dunoon.

-, - See also James I; James II; James III.

-, kings of, founders of Coldingham priory, 425.

-, -, consent of, to its appropriation, 426.

-, queen of. See Mary.

-, wars between the English and, 189, 371.

-, Hexham priory burned by, 551.

-, Lanercost priory impoverished by invasions of, 15.

Scotte. See Scot.

Scrooby, Strohy [co. Nottingham], manor of, letters dated at, 138.

Scrymjowr, Thomas, a Friar Preacher of Winchelsea, dispensation to, 145.

Scutari (or Chrysopolis), Crisopolitan [us], [Asia Minor], Mark bishop of, papal mandatary, 12.

Seal, Richard, a Crouched Friar, dispensation to, 52.

Seangola. See Shanagolden.

Secras. See Seres.

Sedenston. SeeSaddington.

Sedgeberrew, Segysbarew [co. Worcester], rectory of, 165.

Sefton, earls of, ancestor of. See Molyneus, Richard.

Segorbe, Segobricen [sis], [Valencia, Spain], official of, papal mandatary, 23 note.

Segysbarew. See Sedgeberrew.

Seherswod. See Scoriswoide.

Selam, John, a brother of the hospital of St. John the Baptist, Oxford, dispensation to, 70.

Selby [co. York, W.R.], Cluniac abbey of St. Germanus, abbot of, papal mandatary, 389.

Selly, John, rector of Rotherfield, dispensation to, 151.

Selott, John, archdeacon of Cornwall, indult to, 528.

Selvod, John, a monk of Glastonbury, indult to, 84.

Sempringham, Simpryngham [co. Lincoln], chapel in the parish of. See Pointon.

-, rector of, 643.

-, rights of the church of, saved, 643.

Senen [sis], 670.

- See Siena.

Senes, John, sometime a canon of Aberdeen and prebendary of Monymusk, 412.

Senis , A. de 591, 661, 691.

Sera , Ja., 626.

Seres, Secras, Seras, John, priest, secretary of James [Kennedy], bishop of St. Andrews, de facto provost of Maybole and rector of Lamington, to have collation afresh of those benefices, 427, 428.

-, -, witness, 376.

Sergeant, Walter, clerk, to be a notary public, 295.

Serne. See Cerne.

Serones (? Gerones), 494.

Servatius , 20, 56, 188, 388, 396, 430, 560, 565, 584, 687, 689.

Sesby, John, a monk of Robertsbridge priory, dispensation to, 185.

Seton alias Gordon, Alexander, earl of Huntly, Huntle, and lord of Gordon and Badenoch, BadZenach, indult to, 297.

-, -, wife of, 297.

Sevenoaks, Sewenok [co. Kent], rectory of, 52.

-, free chapel of St. John the Baptist in, 52.

-, vicar of, with cure of souls, 52.

Sevenok, James, abbot of St. Augustine's, Canterbury, formerly a monk of the same, confirmation of, 68.

-, -, faculty for the blessing of, 68.

-, -, oath of fealty etc. of, 68.

-, Sevenoke, John, an Augustinian canon, dispensation to, 28.

Seville, Ispalen [sis], [Spain], canon of. See Ferrarii, Anthony.

-, prebend in (unnamed), 387.

-, diocese of, indulgence for a church in, 578 note.

Sewale alias Archer, Cristina, wife of John Archer, to have a sentence of divorce a mensa et thoro, 319.

-, -, dowry of, 319.

Sewenok. See Sevenoaks.

Seynt Erven. See St. Ervan.

Shanagolden, Seangola [co. Limerick], vicarage of, 350.

Sharp, Henry, master or warden of the college of the chapel of Corpus Christi by the church of St. Laurence Pountney, London, formerly a chamberlain to pope Nicholas V, dispensation to, 168.

-, -, indult to, 556, 557.

-, -, reservation of the vicarage of St. Michael, Coventry, for collation to, 63, 64.

-, Sharpe, Henry, a canon of Lichfield and prebendary of Ufton, papal mandatary, 57, 60, 556, 557.

-, Sharpe, Stephen, clerk, a student of Oxford university, dispensation to, 148.

Sharpham, Scherpham, Sherpham [now in Glastonbury parish, co. Somerset], park of, tithes of woodfall wood in, 1347.

Shaw, Shawe, John, vicar of Marshfield, grant to, 232.

-, Robert, priest, an Augustinian canon of Kenilworth, dispensation to, 631.

Shebbear, Schefebere [co. Devon], church of, to be served by a canon of Torre abbey, 343.

Shedworth. See Chedworth.

Sheffeld, William, clerk, rector of Hogsthorpe, to have collation afresh of that church, 372.

-, -, rehabilitation etc. of, and dispensation for, 372, 396, 397.

Shenley, Edmund, a monk of St. Albans, dispensation to, 526.

Shepperton, Shypperton [co. Middlesex], parish church of St. Nicholas, rectory of, 629.

Shepton Mallet, Shepton Malet [co. Somerset], rectory of, 184.

Sherborne, Shirborn, Shuborn [co. Gloucester], vicarage of, 538.

Sherevenham. See Shrivenham.

Sherington, Sheryngton [co. Buckingham], rectory of, 27.

Sherman, Shermon. See Baker.

Sherpham. See Sharpham.

Sherston Magna, Sherston [co. Wilts], rectory of, appropriated to Tewkesbury abbey, 43.

-, a portion of the fruits of, to be reserved for a vicar, 43.

-, present rector of, 43.

Shirborn. See Sherborne.

Shirwod, William, rector of St. Michael the Archangel at the south gate, Oxford, a member of the household of Henry VI and master of the children of the lords of his court, dispensation to, 521.

Shoreham, Sorham [co. Kent], rectory of, 86.

Shotley, co. Northumberland. See Blanchland.

Shrevenham. See Shrivenham.

Shrewsbury, Salopia [co. Shropshire], Benedictine abbey of St. Peter, Thomas abbot of. See Ludlow.

-, -, abbot and convent of, 479.

-, -, -, petition of, 478.

-, -, precentor of, 479.

-, -, convent of, 478.

-, -, appropriation of the rectory of Great Ness to, confirmed, 478, 479.

-, -, benefice in the patronage of. See Ness, Great.

-, -, chantry of St. Winifred the Virgin in, foundation of, 478, 479.

-, collegiate and parochial church of St. Chad, canons of. See Lye, master Thomas; Reedhill, master John.

-, -, Bicton (q. v.) situate within the bounds of, 534.

-, -, distance of Bicton from, 534.

-, -, rights of, over the daughter chapel of Bicton, saved, 535.

-, letters dated at, 479, 479 note.

Shrivenham, Sherevenham, Shrevenham [co. Berks], parish church of St. Andrew, vicarage of, 553.

Shrule, Struccayr [co. Mayo], parish church of All Saints, vicarage of, 340.

Shrygley, Isabel, wife of Henry Rolston, 179.

Shuborn (rectius Shirborn). See Sherborne.

Shypperton. See Shepperton.

Sible Hedingham, Sibilhengham [co. Essex], Robert Smith of, 188.

Sicilies, the two, members of the hospital of S. Spirito in, 82.

Sickingen, Reynardus de, bishop of Worms, pension to be paid by, 310.

Sidlesham, Sidelsham [co. Sussex], a prebend in Chichester, 364.

Sidon [Syria], bishop of, papal mandatary, 171.

-, Peter (sic) late bishop of, 323.

-, William [bishop-]elect of. See Westecarre.

-, bishopric of, in partibus infidelium, 66, 323.

-, city and diocese of, William Westecarre not to exercise pontifical offices without, 323.

Siena, Sena, Senensis [Italy], merchant of, 495.

-, papal letters dated at, 379, 391, 401, 401 note, 402, 403, 405, 410, 412, 413, 4159, 421, 504, 505, 5218, 530, 531, 5336, 550, 551, 56475, 5779, 583, 585, 586, 661, 662, 662 note, 664, 665, 668, 671, 677, 680, 683.

-, papal register compiled at, 525 note.

-, papal registers rubricated at, 392 note, 407 note.

-, St. Mary's, papal letters dated at, 521.

-, S. Salvatore without the walls, papal letters dated at, 410.

-, St. Catherine of, 427 note.

Sigismund, duke of Austria, 662 note.

-, indult to, 562.

-, consort of. See Helen.

-, members of the household of, indult to, 562.

-, territory of, 91.

-, a benefactor of the Friars Minors' house of Bozen, 91.

Silimbrenyn (rectius Cilimbrenyn). See Moorgagagh.

Silkstone, Silkeston, Silkoston [co. York, W.R.], parish church of, appropriated to Pontefract priory, 138.

-, -, chapels belonging to, 139, 140.

-, -, provision of bread, wine and wax necessary for, 140.

-, vicarage of, constituted, 138.

-, -, collation of, reserved to the archbishop of York, 139.

-, vicar of, fixed portion assigned to, 139.

-, -, provision of a manse for, 139.

-, master Robert Thorneton vicar of, 139.

Siluen [sis], A. [i.e. Alvarus Alfonsi, bishop of Silves], correction made by command of, 344 note.

Silves, Silven [sis], [Portugal], bishop of, papal mandatary, 455, 465, 469, 506.

Silvyer, sir Thomas, chaplain, witness, 138.

Simpryngham. See Sempringham.

Simson, William. See Widerall.

Sinibaldis , F. de, 10, 11.

Sisteron, Sistaricen [sis], [BassesAlps, France], bishop of, papal mandatary, 405, 419, 420.

Skalholt, Scalholten [sis], [Iceland], diocese of, 311.

Skelton [co. York, N.R.], William de Nevill, lord Fauconberg, lord of, 568.

Skidbrooke, Sckytebrob [co. Lincoln], church of, to be served by a canon of Torre abbey, 343.

Slavonia, commissary of Calixtus III to. See Newport, John.

Slith, Laurence, priest, a litigant for the vicarage of Fordoun, 336.

Smale, John, clerk, to be vicar of Kingoldrum, 332.

Smison, William. See Widerall.

Smith, John, brother of Margaret Smith, and godfather to John Pakynton, 57.

-, fabianus (? rectius fabrarius), John, brother of Robert and Stephen, indult to, 19.

-, -, mother of. See Anne, widow of Gervase.

-, Smyth, John, priest, archdeacon of St. Davids, dispensation to, 368.

-, -, indult to, 179, 179 note.

-, Smyth, John, vicar of Stanford in the Vale, dispensation to, 588.

-, Mabel (Mabilia), of Ware, wife of Robert Smith, sentence of divorce obtained by, confirmed, 188, 189.

-, Smyth, Synyth (rectius Sinyth i.e. Smyth), Margaret, to be dispensed to marry, 57, 60.

-, -, brother of. See Smith, John, supra.

-, Sympth, Owen, priest, an Augustinian canon of Carmarthen, dispensation to, 642.

-, fabianus (? rectius fabrarius), Robert, brother of John and Stephen, indult to, 19.

-, Smyth, Robert, layman, of Sible Hedingham, sentence of divorce obtained by Mabel Smith, his wife, against, confirmed, 188, 189.

-, fabianus (? rectius fabrarius), Stephen, brother of John and Robert, indult to, 19.

-, -, Beatrice his wife, 19.

-, Smyth, Thomas, clerk, notary public, 520.

-, -, oath of fealty of, 520.

-, alias Bolt, Thomas, rector of All Saints, Winchester, dispensation to, 51.

-, Smyth, William, priest, indult to, 566.

Smithfield, hospital of St. Bartholomew. See London, religious houses.

Smocke, John, rector of West Bagborough, dispensation to, 89.

Smyth. See Borsworth and Smith.

Snellshall, Snesale alias Sneshale [in Whaddon parish, co. Buckingham], Benedictine priory, monk of. See London, William.

Snyterlee alias Blackeney. See Blakeney.

Soboltre. See Subulter.

Soby, James, sometime rector of Buckland Filleigh, 174.

Sodor [co. Argyll], bishop of, faculty to, 54.

-, -, papal mandatary, 286, 480.

-, -, vicar-general in spirituals of, papal mandatary, 54.

-, John bishop of. See Hectoris.

-, Thomas bishop of. See Burton and Kirkham.

-, archdeacon of, papal mandatary, 85, 124, 286 (bis).

-, Andrew archdeacon of. See Dunnowyn.

-, Angus archdeacon of. See de Insulis.

-, Cristinus archdeacon of. See Batii.

-, official of, papal mandatary, 124.

-, canon of. See Karmichel, Thomas de.

-, chapter etc. of, papal letters to, 359.

-, prebend in:


-, city (sic) and diocese of, 54.

-, episcopal mensa of, slender fruits of, 344.

Soest, Susacien [sis], [Germany], church of St. Patroclus, dean of, papal mandatary, 395, 507, 560.

Soham Comitis. See Earl Soham.

Sohan, George de, clerk, a litigant for the rectory of Mmto, inducted thereto, 205.

Sole , M. de, 56, 162, 452, 4558, 460, 462, 4657, 480, 622, 62931, 634, 635, 640, 646, 660.

Soler, John, subdeacon, papal nuncio in Aragon etc., commission and faculty to, 80 notes.

Solihull [co. Warwick], rectory of, 124.

Solomiac [Gers, France], parish church of St. Mary, and the chapel of SS. Christopher and Martin therein, relaxation of penance to penitents visiting and giving alms to, 152.

-, chapel of SS. Christopher and Martin, chaplain of, faculty to, 152.

Soltra, Soltre. See Soutra.

Sonday. See Sandy.

Soper, John, clerk, to be a notary public, 296.

Sorderland (rectius Souderland). See Sutherland.

Sorg [? Forgue, co. Aberdeen], vicarage of, 426.

Sorham. See Shoreham, co. Kent.

Sothem (or Sothern), Robert, one of the chaplains of the chantry of St. Mary the Virgin and St. Cuthbert in Durham cathedral, dispensation to, 119.

Southam [co. Warwick], parish church of, appropriated to Coventry priory, 82, 83.

-, vicarage of, instituted, 82, 83.

-, William Sugge rector of, 82.

Southampton, Sutampton [co. Hants], parish church of St. Michael, appropriated to the priory of St. Denys, vicarage of, 581.

-, abbey of St. Denys near. See St. Denys.

Southwark, Suthverk, Suthwerk, Sutwerk [co. Surrey], Augustinian priory of St. Mary, canon of. See Hervy, Thomas.

-, Augustinian hospital of SS. Mary and Thomas the Martyr of Canterbury, William master of. See Crosse.

-, -, indulgence to persons visiting etc., 636.

Southwell, John, rector of All Saints, Warham, dispensation to, 174.

Soutra, Soltra, Soltre [co. Haddington], poor hospital of, Alan rector of. See Cant.

-, -, erected into a dignity called the chancellorship of St. Andrews, and subsequently restored or reduced and appropriated to Trinity College, Edinburgh, 447, 448, 450.

Sowthlen. See Lynn Regis.

Spada , G. de, 467.

-, Spadada, S. de, 5, 9, 32, 44, 53, 54, 91, 95, 96, 103 et passim to page 694.

Spain, Hispania, Cluniac province of, 559.

- prebends etc. in, reservation of, 204 note.

-, queen of, 605 note.

Spalding, Epaldyng, Spaldyng [co. Lincoln], Benedictine priory, prior and convent of, petition of, 466, 467.

-, -, holder of a chantry within. See Goste, Andrew.

-, -, appropriation of the vicarages of Spalding and Weston to, 467.

-, vicarage of, appropriated to Spalding priory, 467.

-, cure of souls of, 467.

Spannochiis de Piccolominibus, Spanochiis, Ambrose de, a merchant of Siena, banker of Pius II and of the papal Camera, 383, 495, 670.

Sparkeford, Richard, rector of St. Matthew's, Friday Street, London, dispensations to, 38, 134.

Speccote, Thomas, clerk, dispensation to, 636.

Spekyngton, John, subdean of Wells, confirmation of the letters of Thomas [Bekynton], bishop of Bath and Wells, in favour of, 638.

-, Richard, clerk, to be a notary public, 639.

Speldhurst, Speldehyrst [co. Kent], rectory of, 170.

Spens, Thomas de, bishop of Whiteherne, sometime a canon of Glasgow and prebendary of Kirkmahoe, afterwards bishop of Aberdeen, 507.

-, -, executor of papal mandates, 290, 439.

-, -, translation of, 310 (bis).

-, -, oath of fealty etc. of, 310 (bis), 311.

-, -, faculty to, 617.

-, -, inhibition of, 666.

-, -, mandate against the molestation of, by the abbot and convent of Arbroath, 644.

-, -, papal letters granted to, to be annulled, 666.

-, -, petition of, 643.

-, -, resignation made to, 600.

-, -, suits of, with the abbot and convent of Arbroath, 667.

Speymouth, co. Elgin. See Dipple.

Spilsby, Spyllysby [co. Lincoln], Halton by. See Halton Holegate.

Spine. See Spynie.

Spinosis , P. de, 59, 124, 195, 378, 406, 407, 421, 437, 439, 485, 504, 555, 615, 617, 618, 624, 626, 627, 628, 634, 684, 691.

Spiser alias Vode, John, priest, a monk of Faversham abbey, indult to, confirmed, 2.

Spoleto [Perugia, Italy], bishop of, papal mandatary, 34, 86, 108, 257, 268, 286, 301, 308 note, 316, 387, 519.

-, Berardus bishop of. See Eruli de Narnia.

Spot, Ninian, bishop of Whiteherne, sometime rector of Newlands, 395.

-, -, collation and provision made by, 498.

-, -, refusal of, to institute Thomas de Karmichel to the rectory of Kells, co. Kirkcudbright, 498.

Springfield Richards, Spryngfeld Richard [a portion or moiety of the rectory of Springfield, co. Essex], rectory of, 568.

Sproatley, Sprotley [co. York, E.R.], rectory of, 105.

Sprotlay, Robert, a chaplain of the chantry of John, duke of Lancaster, in the cathedral church of [St. Paul,] London, grant to, 14, 15.

Sprotley. See Sproatley.

Spryngfield Richard. See Springfield Richards.

Spyllysby. See Spilsby.

Spynie, Spine, Spyni [co. Elgin], a prebend in Moray, 449, 454.

Sruccayr. See Shrule.

Stackpole Elidor, Stakepulelider [co. Pembroke], parish church of St. Michael, rectory of, 539.

Stafford [co. Stafford], Augustinian priory of St. Thomas the Martyr, Richard prior of. See Colwych.

Stafford, Humphrey, duke of Buckingham, chaplian of. See Water, Philip.

-, -, nephew of. See Bourchier, John.

-, -, petition of, 539.

Stak, Stach, John, archdeacon of Limerick, a canon of Lismore and prebendary of Dungarvan, dean of Ardfert, a canon of Cloyne and prebendary of Coole and Britway, a canon of Limerick and prebendary of Croagh, sometime rector of the plebania of Dungarvan, confirmation etc. to, 75, 76.

-, -, promotion of, 550.

Stakepulelider. See Stackpole Elidor.

Stamford, Stantford [co. Lincoln], Augustinian friars' house, brother of. See Burne, Thomas.

Stanbury, John, bishop of Hereford, proposed resignation of, 441.

-, -, faculty to, 441.

Standerwyke, Thomas, an Augustinian friar of Edington, dispensation to, 513.

Standlake, Stanlake [co. Oxford], rectory of, 177, 661.

Standum, Patrick, priest, vicar of Newcastle, co. Wicklow, and a litigant therefor, 477.

-, -, provision to, 306.

Stanes, Thomas, rector of Peldon, dispensation to, 144.

Stanford, John, a Carmelite friar, dispensation to, 520.

Stanford Dingley, Stanford juxta (?), [co. Berks], parish church of the Holy Trinity, rectory of, 553.

Stanford in the Vale, Stanford [co. Berks], vicarage of, 588.

Stanlake. See Standlake.

Stanlay. See Stanley.

Stanles, James. See Stanley.

Stanley, Scanley [in Chippenham parish, co. Wilts], Cistercian abbey, abbot of, 53 note.

Stanley, Stanlei, Stanles, James, clerk, of York, son of James (rectius Thomas) Stanley, lord chamberlain of Henry VI, and kinsman of Henry (sic), duke of Norfolk, dispensations to, 292, 372, 373.

-, Stanlei, James (rectius Thomas). See Stanley, Thomas, infra.

-, James, rector of St. Mary on the Hill, Chester, dispensation to, 518 (and corrigenda).

-, Stanlei, Thomas (called James in error), lord chamberlain of Henry VI, son of. See Stanley, James.

-, Thomas, knight, lord of the Isle of Man and of Lathom, indult to, 227.

-, -, petition of, 381, 382.

-, -, his wife, 227.

-, Stanlay, Thomas, vicar of Crosthwaite, charges against, 532, 533.

-, William, rector of Stoke Hammond, dispensation to, confirmed, 236.

Stansfield, Simon, vicar of Batley, dispensation to, 527.

Stantford. See Stamford.

Stanton (or Staunton), Nicholas, rector of Redenhall and chaplain of Harleston, dispensation to, 89.

-, Stantton, Walter, late archdeacon of Ossory, 400.

Stantona, Santoria, Edmund (Emundus in Vol. IX., p. 498) de, clerk, rector of Ballinrobe, a canon of Tuam, and provided vicar of Robeen, to have collation afresh of the rectory of Ballinrobe, 208.

-, -, papal mandatary, 217.

-, -, rehabilitation etc. of, 236, 237.

-, John de, clerk, to be received as an Augustinian canon of Ballintober, and to have provision of that abbey, 459, 460.

-, -, blessing of, 460.

Stanton Harcourt, Staunton Karecourt, Steaunton Karecourt [co. Oxford], rectory of, 561.

Stantton, Staunton. See Stanton.

Staunton Karecourt, Steaunton Karecourt (rectius Harecourt). See Stanton Harcourt.

Stefenisson, Philip, clerk, to be a notary public, 296.

Steil, John, a canon of Brechin, papal mandatary, 258.

Stelbart (rectius Stewart). See Stewart.

Stelle, William, witness, 138.

Stenton, co. Haddington. See Pitcox.

Stephani , Dionisius, a Carmelite, bishop of Rhosus, 52 note, 53 note.

Stepner, John son of Peter, dispensed to remain in his marriage, 287.

-, -, Isabel Lomer his wife, 287.

Steresakyr, Thomas, priest, of York, notary public, 360.

Stewart, Alexander, earl of Mar, a kinsman of James II, king of Scots, natural son of. See Stewart, David.

-, Andrew, clerk, of St. Andrews, brother of James II and uncle of James III, kings of Scots, dean of Aberdeen, a canon of Aberdeen and prebendary of Oyne and of Rathven, collation to, 465.

-, -, exception of the vicarage of Old Kilpatrick from a provision to, 46.

-, -, oath of fealty of, as dean of Aberdeen, 2.

-, -, proctors of. See Edename, Thomas, and James II, king of Scots.

-, -, reservation of the deanery of Aberdeen, a canonry of Glasgow and the prebend of Kirkandrews, a canonry of Lincluden, the vicarage of Old Kilpatrick and the sub-deanery of Glasgow for collation to, 1, 2.

-, -, reservation of the deanery of Moray and of a canonry of Aberdeen and the prebend of Rathven for collation to, 414.

-, -, resignation of the deanery of Aberdeen by, 33.

-, Stelbart, Steuuart, David, natural son of Alexander [Stewart], earl of Mar, a kinsman of James II, king of Scots, a canon of Moray and prebendary of Spynie, afterwards bishop of Moray, 449, 454.

-, -, absolution to, 452.

-, -, dispensation to, 446.

-, -, provision of the bishopric of Moray to, 452 (bis).

-, -, faculty for the consecration of, 453.

-, -, oath of fealty of, 453.

-, -, consent of, to the reservation of a pension for his predecessor, 453.

-, -, to be rector of Dunlichity, 316.

-, James, a canon of Ross [in Scotland] and prebendary of Kirkmichael or Resolis, bishop of Moray, sometime dean of Moray and a canon of Aberdeen and prebendary of Rathven, afterwards a bishop in the universal church, 414, 577 (bis).

-, -, resignation of, 452 (bis).

-, -, reservation of a pension to, from the episcopal mensa of Moray, 452, 453.

-, Stuart, Robert, sometime vicar of Alyth, 291.

-, William, knight, patron (for one out of three turns) of the rectory of Minto, presentation made by, 205.

Sthenes (rectius Schenes). See Schenes.

Stillington, Robert, archdeacon of Taunton, papal mandatary, 136.

Stirling, Strewellyn [co. Stirling], vicarage of, 249, 279.

Stirlyng, Peter, a Trinitarian friar, a moiety of the fruits of the house of that order at Berwick upon Tweed, simoniacally assigned to, 47.

Stockes. See Stokes.

Stockton, Stokton [co. Wilts], rectory of, 237, 238.

Stoke Climsland, Stoke [co. Cornwall], rectory of, 87.

Stoke, East, Stoke [co. Nottingham], a prebend in Lincoln, annexed to the chancellorship, 525.

Stoke Edith [co. Hereford], chaplaincy at the altar of St. Mary the Virgin and SS. Anne, Catherine and Margaret in the parish church of, 581.

Stoke Hammond, Stokhamond, Stoukhamond [co. Buckingham], rectory of, 236.

Stoke Newington, Stoke Newton [co. Middlesex], rectory of, 602.

Stoke upon Trent [co. Stafford], rectory of, 581, 582.

Stokes, Alice, late wife of Philip Nettervill, suit concerning the goods of, 243, 244.

-, -, children of. See Nettervill, Laurence (and his sisters).

-, Elizabeth, sister of Alice Stokes, a litigant in a testamentary suit, 243, 244.

-, Joan, sister of Alice Stokes, son and heir of. See Douedall, John.

-, Stockes, Stokys, John, clerk, archdeacon of Ely, auditor of the court of and commissary of Thomas [Bourchier], archbishop of Canterbury, 77.

-, -, suits before and sentences of, 179, 180, 319, 320.

-, John, rector of Broughton, co. Oxford, dispensation to, 641.

Stokhamond. See Stoke Hammond.

Stokton. See Stockton.

Stokys. See Stokes.

Stoneleigh, Stonley [co. Warwick], vicarage of, 558.

Stones, John, rector of Long Buckby, and a chaplain of Richard [Nevill], earl of Warwick, dispensation to, 661.

Stonham Aspall [co. Suffolk], rectory of, 591.

Stonley. See Stoneleigh.

Stoode, John, rector of Epworth, and a prebendary of Lincoln, dispensation to, 177.

Stortford. See Bishop Stortford.

Stoukhamond. See Stoke Hammond.

Stourinystermarsahall' (rectius Stourmynstermarshall). See Sturminster Marshall.

Stowe [co. Buckingham], archdeacon of, papal mandatary, 25, 371.

-, John archdeacon of. See Colynson.

Strabok. See Uphall.

Stradbally, Stradbale [co. Waterford], vicarage of, 272, 273.

Stradfeltsay. See Stratfieldsaye.

Strangman, Nicholas, rector of Langham and a student at Oxford, dispensation to, 173.

Strangways, James de, and Elizabeth his wife, patrons of the rectory of Eckington, petition of, 337, 338.

Strassburg, Argentinen [sis], [Germany], city and diocese of, 12.

-, commonalty and citizens of, 12.

Stratfieldsaye, Stradfeltsay [co. Hants], Thomas Dabrichcourt lord of, 361.

Stratford Langthorne, Stratford [in West Ham, co. Essex], Cistercian abbey of St. Mary, abbot of, licence of, 638.

-, -, monk of. See More, Richard.

Strathaquhyn, Strathagutyn, William, a monk of CouparAngus, to be coadjutor of Thomas [Levinston], abbot commendatary of the same, 388.

Stratton. See Sturton.

Street, Strete [co. Somerset], rectory of, 98, 554.

-, John Lax rector of, 97, 135.

-, Roger Wodehele rector of, 134.

-, chapel (sic) of, a book formerly kept in the choir of, 137.

-, See also Eststretemore; and Weststretemore.

Stretton, John, chancellor or commissary of Richard [Beauchamp], bishop of Salisbury, proceedings of, 536, 537.

-, John, priest, sub-collector of the papal Camera, in the diocese of Salisbury, dispensation to, 365.

Stretton in Ledale (i.e. le Dale). See Church Stretton.

Strewellyn. See Stirling.

Strin (rectius Scrin), vicarage of. See Tuam.

Strohy (rectius Scroby). See Scrooby.

Stronge, John, a canon of Ossory and prebendary of Kilmanagh, sometime rector of Callan, to have collation afresh of that rectory, 463, 464.

Stuart. See Stewart.

Stucy, Richard, rector of St. Andrew's, Abbots Ripton, dispensation to, 594.

Stude. See Ramesci.

Studley, Studlay [co. Warwick], Augustinian priory of St. Mary, canon of. See Hampsterley, John.

Sturminster Marshall, Stourinynstermarsahall' [co. Dorset], vicarage of, 534.

Sturton, Stratton [co. Nottingham], rectory of, appropriation of, 389.

-, rector of, 389.

-, vicar of, to be instituted, 390.

Sub Ayron [co. Cardigan], a rural deanery, Llandyssil in, 548.

Subulter, Soboltre [co. Cork], vicarage of, 668, 669.

-, -, to be united to the vicarage of Castlemagner, 668, 669.

Sucton Couetenei (rectius Sutton Courtenei). See Sutton Courtney.

Sudbury [co. Suffolk], John Page of, 226.

Sudbury alias Cralle, John, rector of Wethersfield, dispensation to, 147.

Sugar, Sugat, Hugh, priest, a canon of Wells, chancellor of the bishop of Bath and Wells, rector of Lympsham and Brean, grant to, 126.

-, -, indults to, 121, 126, 299.

Sugge, William, rector of Southam, 82.

Sulimannus , a clerk of the apostolic Camera, 59.

Sully. See Scilly.

Sumerset, Simon, archdeacon of Kilclief (i.e. of Down), charges against, 32.

Sumner, William, rector of Little Cheverell, dispensation to, 178, 179.

Sunson, William. See Widerall.

Surio , abbey de. See Inishlounaght.

Surrey, Surre, John archdeacon of. See Waynflete.

Susacien [sis]. See Soest.

Sutampton. See Southampton.

Sutherland, Sorderland, Souderland, Alexander, lord of Duffus, patron of a canonry of, and the prebend of Uphall in St. Mary Hugh, St. Andrews, presentation made by, 453.

Suthill, John, rector of Thormanby, dispensation to, 522.

Suthverk, Suthwerk. See Southwark.

Sutri, Sutrin [ensis], [province of Rome, Italy], diocese of, 19 note, 40.

Sutton, Richard de, a brother of the hospital of St. Bartholomew, Smithfield, witness, 611.

-, Robert, a monk of Faversham, dispensation to, 587.

-, Robert, priest, a canon of Ferns and prebendary of Fethard, to have collation thereof afresh, 451.

-, Thomas, a monk of the abbey of St. Augustine near Bristol, de facto abbot of the same, 133.

-, Thomas, rector of Whitchurch and chaplain of the free chapel in Holt castle, dispensation to, 37.

Sutton Courtney, Sucton Couetenei [co. Berks], rectory of, 147, 148.

Sutton in the Marsh, in Maresco [co. Lincoln], a prebend in Lincoln, sometime annexed to the chancellorship, 525.

Sutton Valence [co. Kent], vicarage of, 662.

Sutwerk. See Southwark.

Suytyng, Walter, layman, dispensed to marry Maud Perett, 570.

-, -, Cristiana late his wife, godmother of a nephew of Maud Perett, 570.

Swanscombe [co. Kent], parish church of SS. Peter and Paul, rectory of, 625.

Swindon, Swyndon [co. Gloucester], rectory of, 105.

Swineshead, Swynneshed, Swynshede [co. Lincoln], Cistercian abbey of St. Mary, abbot of, papal mandatary, 466.

-, -, monk of. See Tonard, Robert.

Swyndon. See Swindon.

Swynneshed, Swynshede. See Swineshead.

Symington, Symonton [? co. Ayr or co. Lanark], vicarage of, 271, 272, 305.

Symon , papal register rubricated by, 211 note.

Symondsbury, Symondesborgh, Symondesburgh [co. Dorset], rectory of, 163, 184.

Symonton. See Symington.

Sympth, Synyth (rectius Sinyth i.e. Smyth). See Smith.

Syon abbey [in Isleworth parish, co. Middlesex], Augustinian house of the order of St. Bridget, dedicated to SS. Mary the Virgin and Bridget alias St. Saviour, confessorgeneral of, papal mandatary, 151.

-, -, abbess, convent, confessor-general and brethren of, 639.

-, -, brothers of. See Pinchebek, John; Wyot, Richard.

Syracuse [Sicily], bishop of, papal mandatary, 564.