Index of Persons and Places: W, Y, Z

Pages 868-877

Calendar of Papal Registers Relating To Great Britain and Ireland: Volume 11, 1455-1464. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1921.

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Wagot, William, rector of Heanton Punchardon, dispensation to, 641.

Wakering, Great, Wakering [co. Essex], vicarage of, 602.

Wakeryng. See Blakberd.

Wale, Thomas, abbot of Louth Park, dispensation to, 513.

Wales, papal nuncio in. See Vercelli, Augustinus abbot of.

-, prince of. See Edward.

-, principality of, papal legate and commissary in. See Coppinis, Francis de.

-, and the marches, murders etc. in, statutes made against, 648, 649.

Walknoll, Walknoff, convent of St. Michael the Archangel of. See Newcastle on Tyne.

Wall, Walle, Roger, archdeacon of Coventry, 50.

-, William, layman, to be dispensed to marry, 57, 58, 60.

-, -, his brother, godfather to Agnes Lussell, 58.

Walling, master John, a papal chaplain and auditor, papal commissary, sentence of, 692, 693.

Walpole, [co. Norfolk], parish church of St. Peter, rectory of, 27.

Walsyngham, John, a monk of Bury St. Edmunds, dispensation to, 512.

Walteri, William, late a canon of Glasgow and prebendary of Carstairs, 416.

Waltham Abbey, Baltheim [co. Essex], Augustinian abbey of the Holy Cross, immediately subject to the apostolic see, abbot of, 171.

-, -, monks of, 171.

-, -, mandate for the visitation and reform of, 171.

-, -, provision of, reserved to the pope, 171.

Walton, co. Cumberland. See Tryermain.

Walton [co. Somerset], chapel of, missal-book belonging to, 137.

Wanfleet. See Waynflete.

Wardale, Vardal, Verdale, Wardalle, John, priest, an advocate of the court of Canterbury, a canon of Lincoln, rector of Aston Flamville and vicar of Islington, sometime rector of Keyston, dispensations to, 60, 65, 67.

-, -, grants and indults to, 60, 375.

-, -, papal mandatary, 383.

-, -, witness, 615.

Warde, John, rector of St. Mary's, Binbrook, dispensation to, 370.

Wardell, Thomas, an Augustinian canon of Hexham, dispensation to, 526.

Wardrope, John, priest, appointed a papal chaplain, 188.

Ware [co. Hertford], Mabel Smith of, 188.

Warham [co. Norfolk], parish church of All Saints, rectory of, 174.

Waring, Waryn, Robert, priest, a canon of St. Patrick's, Dublin, and prebendary of Newcastle, charges against, 187, 188, 355.

Warmyngton, Christopher, rector of Aldington, dispensation to, 662.

Warnford, Warneford [co. Hants], rectory of, 164.

Warter, Wartria [co. York, E.R.], Augustinian priory, canon of. See Preston, John.

Warwick, Henry duke of. See Beauchamp.

-, Richard earl of. See Nevill.

Waryn. See Waring.

Washam [? Waxham, co. Norfolk], William Potager lord of a place in, 226.

Washington, Wasschington, Wasschyngton, Wesschyngton [co, Durham], parish church of, pension upon the fruits of, 373.

-, -, rector of, 373.

Water, Philip, rector of St. Michael's, Stackpole Elidor and of Kislingbury, and chaplain of the duke of Buckingham, dispensation to, 539.

Waterford, Vatirfordien[sis], Watyrfforden[sis], Watyrffordia [co. Waterford], dean of, papal mandatary, 273.

-, dean and chapter of, indult to, 535.

-, -, petition of, 379.

-, archdeacon of, papal mandatary, 500.

-, chancellor of, papal mandatary, 463.

-, canon of. See Oseancan, Thomas.

-, capitular mensa of, appropriation and union of benefices to, confirmed, 379.

-, Augustinian priory of St. Catherine the Virgin, of the order of St. Victor, by or without the walls of, prior of, papal mandatary, 379, 500.

-, -, Thady prior of. See O'Morrissey.

-, Benedictine house or church of St. John the Evangelist, Waterford, dependent upon, and wont to be governed by monks of Bath priory, 500.

-, -, John prior or warden of. See Lamport; and Maclanchay.

Waterford and Lismore [co. Waterford], bishop of, papal mandatary, 329.

-, Robert bishop of. See Poer.

Watlok, Simon, vicar of Mere, indult to, 162.

Waton. See Watton.

Watson, Vatson, Watsone, William, clerk, a canon of Glasgow and prebendary of Carstairs, to have collation afresh thereof, 334.

-, -, death of, 589.

Watton, Waton [co. York, E.R.], Gilbertine priory, William prior of. See Gayton.

Watyrfforden[sis], Watyrffordia. See Waterford.

Wause, Wausi. See Vaus.

Waverley [co. Surrey], Cistercian abbey of St. Mary, monk of. See Dunmowe, John.

Wawne, co. York, E.R. See Meaux.

Waxham, co. Norfolk. See Washam.

Waynflete, John, dean of Chichester and archdeacon of Surrey, brother of William [Waynflete], bishop of Winchester, dispensation to, 93, 94.

-, Vaynfflete, Richard, abbot of Kirkstead, dispensation to, 594.

-, Wanfleet, Robert, priest, an Augustinian canon of St. Botolph's, Colchester, dispensation to, 620.

-, William, bishop of Winchester, and chancellor of England, absolution etc. of, 680.

-, -, brother of. See Waynflete, John supra.

-, -, chaplains of. See Hall, Thomas; Neel, John; Perch, John.

-, -, licence to, for the foundation of a college [scil. Magdalen College] in Oxford, 69, 70.

-, -, petition of, 102.

-, -, provision of Montacute priory made by, 546.

Webber, John, rector of St. George's, Goodleigh, dispensation to, 533.

Weeke, Wyke [co. Hants], chapel of, dependent upon the parish church of St. Anastasius without the walls of Winchester, 593.

-, See also Winchester, St. Anastasius without the walls of; and Winchester, St. Mary de Valle.

Weeley, Wyly [co. Essex], rectory of, 534.

Weer, John. See Vere, John de.

Weir, Weirc, David, provost of Methven, to be also rector of Glenguhny, 494.

-, Were, John, sometime vicar of Maybole, 303.

-, Veir, Veyr, Quintin, clerk, afterwards priest, rector of Kirkmichael, provisions etc. to, 301, 335, 336.

Weirc (rectius Weire). See Weir.

Welbourne, Welburn, Wellburn [co. Lincoln], rectory of, 572.

Welburn, Robert, rector of Oswaldkirk, and receiver of the honour of Tickhill, dispensations to, 181, 526.

Wellburn. See Welbourne.

Wells [co. Somerset], dean of, faculties to, 9, 639.

-, dean of, papal mandatary, 107, 233, 436, 578.

-, Nicholas dean of. See Carent.

-, John treasurer of. See Bernard.

-, John sub-dean of. See Spekyngton.

-, sub-deanery of, appropriation of the rectory of Wookey to, 638.

-, canons of. See Bernard, John; Fulleford, William; Hope, Thomas; Pope, John; Sugar, Hugh.

-, cathedral church, vicar of. See Peddewell, John.

-, prebend in (not named), 126.

-, chapter-house of, 638.

-, city of, 638 note.

-, See also Bath and Wells.

Wellys, Hugh, bishop of Lincoln (12091235), chantry founded in Lincoln cathedral for the soul of, 175.

Welton [co. York, E.R.], vicarage of, 147.

Wenlok, John, knight, indult to, 16.

Wentworth, Marjory (Margaret in the Complete Peerage), baroness de Roos [widow of John de Ros, lord Ros], lady of the castle of Helmsley, indult to, 170.

-, Wenteworth, Philip, knight, nobleman, indult to, 170.

-, -, mother of. See Wentworth, Marjory supra.

Were. See Weir.

Wesschyngton. See Washington.

West, John, a monk of Glastonbury, dispensation to, 620.

-, William, demands against, remitted, 614.

Westbourne, Westborn, Westbourn [co. Sussex], rectory of, 89, 151.

Westbury on Trym, Westbury [co. Gloucester], collegiate church of St. Peter, dean of, emoluments of, fixed, 230.

-, -, -, house or mansion of, 120.

-, -, -, powers of, 230.

-, -, William dean of. See Okeborn.

-, -, dean and canons of, common seal of, 232.

-, -, dean and chapter of, petition of, 229.

-, -, sub-dean of, to have cure of souls etc. in the parish of Westbury on Trym, 231.

-, -, treasurer of, 229, 231.

-, -, -, mode of appointment and emoluments of, 231.

-, -, canon of. See Kynet, John.

-, -, canons of, consent of, to the statutes and ordinances of that church, 22932.

-, -, -, portions of, fixed, 229.

-, -, late canons of. See Berford, John; Leicester, Peter de.

-, -, prebends in:




Laurence Weston.

Peter de Leicester's, 229.

Adam Murimuth's (Merymouth), 229.

-, -, statutes and ordinances for, confirmed and exemplified, 22932.

-, -, assent given to statutes etc. at, 232.

Westcott Barton, Westcote Barton [co. Oxford], rectory of, 579.

Westecarre, Westecarte, William, prior of Mottisfont and bishop of Sidon, grant to, 57.

-, -, indult to, 66.

-, -, provision of the bishopric of Sidon to, 323.

-, -, faculty for the consecration of, 323.

-, -, oath of fealty etc. of, 323.

-, -, to repair to his see and not to exercise pontifical offices outside his city and diocese, 323.

-, -, indult of non-residence for, and to exercise pontifical offices in other cities and dioceses than his own, 323.

West Ham, co. Essex. See Stratford Langthorne.

West Kytkby (rectius Kyrkby). See Kirby, West.

Westminster [co. Middlesex], Benedictine abbey of St. Peter, abbot of, papal mandatary, 97, 120 (bis), 149, 478, 609.

-, -, George abbot of. See Norwych.

-, -, monk of. See Amesham, John.

-, -, privileges of sanctuary of, to be modified and reformed, 580, 581.

-, chapel royal of St. Stephen within the palace of, Robert dean of. See Kirkham.

-, letters patent dated at, 83.

-, parliament at, 114.

Weston, Bescon [co. Lincoln], vicarage of, appropriated to Spalding priory, 467.

-, cure of souls of, 467.

Weston,Thomas, rector of Rostherne, and a litigant therefor, 319, 320.

Weston Subedge, Weston sub Egg', Weston sub Egge [co. Gloucester], rectory of, 167, 572.

Weston Underwood, Weston Underwod [co. Buckingham], Robert Oldonay lord of, 297.

West Smythfield. See London: religious houses.

Weststretemore [in Street parish, co. Somerset], tithe of windfall wood in, 135, 137 note.

Westwodehai. See Woodhay, West.

Weterihale, Nicholas, a Cluniac monk, dispensation to, 28.

Wethersfield, Wethresfeld [co. Essex], rectory of, 147.

Wetton, Richard, rector of Ditcheat, dispensation to, 564.

Wey, Thomas, rector of St. Andrew's, Lewes, dispensation to, 369.

Weyke, James, clerk, secretary of John [Macdonald], earl of Ross, to be a canon of Ross and prebendary of KilmuirEaster, a canon of Argyll and prebendary of Kilcolmkill, and chaplain of Delney, 334.

Whaddon, co. Buckingham. See Snelleshall.

Whalley [co. Lancaster], Cistercian abbey, abbot and convent of, grant to, 563.

-, -, -, intimidation of, 563.

-, -, parish church of Blackburn appropriated thereto, to be governed by a monk of, 563, 564.

Whalley, Christopher, layman, 599, 600.

-, -, son of. See Whalley, Richard.

-, -, Elizabeth late his wife, 599, 600.

-, Richard, clerk, son of Christopher Whalley and Elizabeth his wife, inquiry as to the legitimacy of, 599, 600.

Whalsgrave, John, a monk of Meaux abbey, dispensation to, 517.

Whelpley, Liuhelpelei, Luhelpelei, Luhelpeley [in Whiteparish, co. Wilts], free chapel of, 607, 626.

-, manor of, 627.

Whilgy. See Whitgift.

Whipsnade, Vyppysnade [cos. Bedford and Hertford], William Cantelowe lord of, 226.

Whipstrode, Whypstrode [in Fareham parish, co. Hants], chantry or free chapel of St. James, 102.

Whit. See White.

Whitbourne, Whitborn [co. Hereford], rectory of, 588.

Whitchurch, Whytchurche [cos. Berks and Oxford], rectory of, 562.

Whitchurch, Whitechurche [co. Salop], rectory of, 37.

White, Adam, priest, an Augustinian canon of Newtown (see Corrigenda), dispensation to, 631.

-, Henry, rector of Castle Combe, dispensation to, 515.

-, Whit, John, sometime bishop of Clonfert, death of, 64.

-, Whit, Nicholas, late holding the rural portions of Dongadamond and Donyrish, 350.

-, Whyte, Richard, rector of Peterhall, dispensation to, 562.

-, William, vicar of Cambusnethan, to have collation afresh of the said vicarage, 256.

-, -, dispensed for his partial blindness, 256.

Whitechurch, co. Waterford. See Knockmaon.

Whitechurche. See Whitchurch.

Whiteherne, Candida Casa [co. Wigtown], bishop of, papal mandatary, 290, 395, 403, 427, 560, 589, 602.

-, -, presentation made to, 498.

-, Ninian bishop of. See Spot.

-, Thomas bishop of. See Spens.

-, Thomas [bishop-]elect of. See Vaus.

-, archdeacon of, papal mandatary, 39, 498.

-, official of, papal mandatary, 39.

-, chapter etc. of, papal letters to, 310.

-, Premonstratensian priory (cathedral), William prior of. See de Douglas.

-, diocese of, exceesive number of appropriations in, 113.

-, -, scarcity of unappropriated benefices in, 380.

Whiteparish, co. Wilts. See Whelpley.

Whitey. See Whittey.

Whitgift, Whilgy [co. York, W.R.], manor of, parcel of the duchy of Lancaster, 62.

Whittey, Whitey, Wyten, John, sometime a canon of Ferns and prebendary of Kilcommon, and of Fethard, 206, 451.

-, Robert, bishop of Ferns, resignation made to, and collation made by, 206.

-, -, resignation of, 324, 329.

-, -, proctor of. See Purcell, John.

-, -, reservation of a pension to, 324, 325.

Whittlesey, Wytteleshey [co. Cambridge], William Russell of, 270.

Whitwell, Wihitewill [Isle of Wight], parochial chapel of St. Mary, within the bounds of the parish of Godshill, parishioners of, petition of, 326.

-, -, repair of chancel of, 326, 327.

-, -, celebration of mass etc. in, 326, 327.

-, -, to have the right of burial, 327.

-, lord of, grant by, 326.

Whypstrode. See Whipstrode.

Whytchurche. See Whitchurch.

Whyte. See White.

Wicklow, Wikello, Wikelo [co. Wicklow], vicarage of, 333.

-, parish church of, the sacraments received by the parishioners of Drumkay at, 333.

Wickwane, Voylklban (rectius Wykwan), William, archbishop of York, appropriation made by, 138.

Widecombe in the Moor, Wydecomb [co. Devon], vicarage of, 578.

Widerall alias Simon (or Smison or Sunson), William, a Friar Hermit of the order of St. Augustine, appointed an honorary chaplain of the pope, 193.

Wienna, Michael de, a Friar Minor, chaplain of Helen duchess of Austria, and ruler of the Friars Minors' house of Bozen, mandate in favour of, 91.

Wight, Isle of, Insula Vecca [co. Hants], Brading in, 317.

-, hostile incursions of the French in, 317.

Wigorniensis . See Worcester.

Wigtown, Wygton [co. Wigtown], rectory of, 498.

Wihitewill. See Whitwell.

Wikello, Wikelo. See Wicklow.

Wili, Willi. See Wyly.

Williamson, Villianson, Robert, rector of Covenham St. Bartholomew, dispensation to, 591.

Willy, Robert, rector of Great Ringstead, dispensation to, 572.

- Cf. Wyly.

Wiltshire, Wilteshire, Vincent archdeacon of. See Clementis.

-, archdeaconry of, visitation of Churches etc. in, 368.

-, uuilhelmi (sic), James earl of. See Butler.

Wily. See Wyly.

Wimbissh, Nicholas, sometime rector of Olney, pension of, to be pronounced invalid, 383, 384.

Wimborne Minster, Wymbuorn Mynstre [co. Dorset], collegiate church or free chapel royal, Gisbertus dean of. See Kymer.

-, -, dean of, indult to, 9.

-, -, beneficiaries and parishioners of, 9.

Wimundham. See Wymondham.

Winchcomb, Winchecunde [co. Gloucester], Benedictine abbey, monk of. See Upton, William.

Winchecombe, William, rector of St. Mary's, Brome, dispensation to, 588.

Winchecunde. See Winchcomb.

Winchelsea, Wynstylsea [co. Sussex], Friars Preachers' house, friar of. See Scrymjowr, Thomas.

Winchester [co. Hants], bishop of, chaplain of. See Yn, Thomas.

-, -, papal mandatary, 133, 136, 287, 319, 529.

-, William bishop of. See Waynflete.

-, official of, papal mandatary, 326.

-, parish church of All Saints, rectory of, 51.

-, parish church of St. Anastasius without the walls of [now in Weeke parish, co. Hants], rectory of, 592, 593.

-, -, dependent chapels of. See Weeke; and Winchester, St. Mary de Valle.

-, chapel [or college] of St. Elizabeth, William provost of. See Blas.

-, chapel of St. Mary de Valle [now Fulflood, in Weeke parish, co. Hants], dependent upon the parish church of St. Anastasius without the walls of Winchester, 593.

-, St. Mary of, college of. See Oxford.

Winchester, John de, bishop of Moray, collation made by, 85.

-, -, to be compelled to make provision of a prebend in Moray to John Basok, 85.

-, -, election of a prior confirmed by, 330.

-, -, official-general in spirituals of. See Basok, John.

-, -, resignation made to, 286.

Windsor, Windesora, Windesore, Wyndesore [co. Berks], collegiate church, college or free chapel royal of St. George the Martyr within the castle of, John dean or warden of. See Faukes.

-, -, Thomas dean of. See Mannyng.

-, -, appropriation of Eton college to, 6557.

-, -, clergy and laymen dwelling in, jurisdiction over, 635.

-, -, capitular mensa of, 656.

-, -, the persons of Eton College transferred to, 656.

-, -, society of the Knights of the Garter in, 655.

-, Eton by. See Eton.

Winscombe, Wynescomb [co. Somerset], vicarage of, 577.

Winsley, Wynnesley [co. Wilts], chapel of, then in the parish of Bradford-on-Avon (q. v.), licenced for burials, 144.

-, inhabitants of, petition of, 144.

Winton, Winton, Wyton, John, priest, to be vicar of Abdie, 579, 580.

Wisbeche, John, a monk of Thorney, dispensation to, 115.

Withill, Nicholas, vicar of Castle Cary, dispensation to, 629.

Withyham, Wythiam [co. Sussex], rectory of, 179.

Witon. See Winton.

Wlterris , Jo. de. See Vulterris.

Woburn, de Woburnia [co. Bedford], Cistercian abbey, John abbot of. See Evesby.

-, -, ruin etc. of, 651.

Wochtarlamond, abbey de. See Holycross.

Wodehall, John, minister of the house of Trinitarian Friars of Hounslow, dispensation to, 566.

Wodehill, Richard, layman, of Durnford parish, charges against, 536, 537.

-, Wodehele, Roger, late rector of Street, co. Somerset, a litigant touching certain tithes, 1346.

Woderton, Richard, an Augustinian canon, dispensation to, 570.

Wodeton. See Wood Eaton.

Wodforde. See Goodringhill.

Wodman, William, rector of Lundie, sometime rector of Lamington, 427.

Woelpdale, John, a canon of Lichfield and chaplian of Margaret queen of England, dispensation to, 154 (bis).

Wofthynea. See Abington, co. Limerick.

Woichdarlamand. See Holycross.

Woky. See Wookey,

Wolarlaund. See Holycross.

Wolbrand, John, rector of Upton Scudamore, dispensation to, 595.

Wolsi, Richard, bishop of Down and Connor, dispensation to, 234.

-, -, grant to, 235.

Wombwell, Womwel [co. York, W.R.], John Womwel lord of a place in, 226.

Womwel, John, lord of a place in Wombwell, indult to, 226.

-, -, Margery his wife, 226.

Wood, John, rector of St. Botolph without Bishopsgate, London, dispensation to, 144.

Wood Eaton, Wodeton [co. Oxford], parish church of the Holy Rood, rectory of, 578.

Woodhay, West, Westwodehai [co. Berks], Robert Schoctesbroke, knight, lord of, 227.

Wookey, Woky [co. Somerset], rectory of, appropriated to the sub-deanery of Wells, compatibility of, 638.

-, vicar's portion of, 638.

Wool, co. Dorset. See Bindon.

Wootton Fitzpaine, Votton Fitzpayn [co. Dorset], rectory of, 182.

Worcester, Wigornien[sis],[co. Worcester], bishop of, confirmation made by, 132.

-, -, manor of. See Hartlebury.

-, -, oath to be taken before, 231.

-, -, papal mandatary, 22, 69, 232, 234.

-, -, vicar-general of, 231.

-, John bishop of. See Carpenter.

-, guardian of the spiritualities of the see of, 231.

-, William archddacon of. See Vance.

-, Benedictine priory (cathedral), prior of, papal mandatary, 22.

-, parish church of St. Andrew, rectory of, 158.

-, John earl of. See de Tiptoft.

Worms [Hesse, Germany], bishop of, consent of, to the exercise of pontifical offices in his diocese by Simon de Duren, 309.

-, -, pension to be paid by, 310.

-, Reynardus bishop of. See de Sickingen.

-, cathedral church of, grant of pension on the fruits of, 310.

-, chapter of, pension to be paid by, 310.

-, city and diocese of, Simon de Duren licenced to exercize pontifical offices in, 309.

Worsley, John, rector of Bolton le Moors, dispensations to, 93, 94.

Wotarlamand. See Holycross.

Wothenia. See Abington, co. Limerick.

Wotheycland. See Holycross.

Wothina, Wothina, abbey de. See Abington, co. Limerick.

Wragby, co. York, W.R. See Nostell.

Wraxall, North, Wroxale [co. Wilts], rectory of, 664.

Writellis , parish church de. See Writtle.

Writher, Amice, of the parish of St. Thomas a Becket in the Cliffe, Lewes, sequestration of the goods of, 156, 167.

Writtle, Wrritelle, de Writellis [co. Essex], church of All Saints, with dependent chapels, belonging to the hospital of S. Spirito in Sassia, Rome, 29, 30.

Wroxale. See Wraxall, North.

Wrritelle. See Writtle.

Wullyngton, John, a monk of Glastonbury, indult to, 84.

Wulterris , Jo. de. See Vulterris.

Wrttzburg,Herbipolen[us], [Bavaria], church of St. John Neumnster, Novimonasterii, canon of. See Forster, Hugh.

Wybbynbruy (rectius Wybbynbury), Wybbynburg, Wybbynbury. See Wybunbury.

Wyberton [co. Lincoln], rectory of, 593.

Wybunburyt, Wybbynbury, Wybbynburg, Wybbynbury [co. Chester], parish church of St. Chad, chapel of the Holy Cross in, indulgences to persons visiting etc., 606, 626, 627.

-, -, -, fraternity of, master and brethren of, indult to, 606.

Wydecomb. See Widecombe in the Moor.

Wydibroke. See Wythibrook.

Wygrym, John, rector of Devises, sub-dean of the chapel royal within the lodging of King Henry VI, dispensation to, 183.

Wygton. See Wigtown.

Wyke. See Weeke.

Wykwan. See Wickwane.

Wylford, Thomas, vicar of Tollesbury, dispensation to, 517.

Wylle. See Wyly.

Wyllemot. See Loutburgh.

Wylloughbi, Thomas, lord of Redstone, a councillor of Richard duke of York, indult to, 227.

-, -, Agnes his wife, 227.

-, -, household servants of, 227.

Wylson, John, rector of Latchingdon, dispensation to, 561.

Wyly. See Weeley.

Wyly, Wylle, John, precentor of Caithness, sometime rector of Bona, 286.

-, -, deprivation of, 320.

-, -, John, priest, to be vicar of Sorg, 426.

-, Vili, Vily, Wili, Willi, Wily, Richard, clerk, afterwards priest, vicar of Dundee and a litigant therefor, 483, 484.

-, -, collation to, 307.

-, -, intention of the pope to make provision of the bishopric of Brechin to, 474.

-, -, messenger from Scotland to, 474.

-, -, reservation of the rectory of Kinnell for collation to, 474.

-, -, to be restored to the vicarage of Dundee, 679, 680.

-, Vyly, Richard, priest, archdeacon of Brechin, a papal nuncio and collector of the papal Camera, appointment of, 685.

-, -, collation to, 455, 456.

-, -, safe-conduct for him and his retinue, 653.

-, Richard, priest, a canon of Ross [in Scotland], and prebendary of Kirkmichael or Resolis, reservation and collation to, 577 (bis).

Wymbuorn Mynstre. See Wimborne Minster.

Wymondham, Wimundham, Wymundham [co. Norfolk], Benedictine abbey (formerly priory) of St. Mary, abbot of, 489.

-, -, abbot and convent of, cited by Walter [Lyhert], bishop of Norwich, 495.

-, -, -, exemption of, from the jurisdiction of the ordinary, 489.

-, -, exemption of, from all jurisdiction of the ordinaries, annulled, 495, 496.

Wyn. See Oyne.

Wyncucumbe, Thomas, a chaplain of queen Margaret, 204.

Wyndesore. See Windsor.

Wyndesore, Walter, rector of Grimston, dispensation to, 595.

Wynescomb. See Winscombe.

Wynnesley. See Winsley.

Wynstylsea. See Winchelsea.

Wynterburn, Thomas, rector of Weston Subedge, dispensations to, 167, 572.

Wynys (or Wyuys), John, priest, a Carmelite friar of Fleet Street, London, dispensation to, 579.

Wyot, Richard, a brother of Syon abbey, dispensation to, 151, 152.

Wyse, Richard, warden or master of the hospital of St. John the Baptist without the east gate, Oxford, and rector of Fawley, consent of, to the suppression of the said hospital, 69, 70.

-, -, dispensation to, 70.

Wytby, Richard, a canon of Salisbury, indult to, 84.

-, -, papal mandatary, 136.

Wyten. See Whittey.

Wythiam. See Withyham.

Wythibrook, Wydibroke [co. Warwick], rectory (rectius vicarage) of, 592.

Wyton. See Winton.

Wytteleshey. See Whittlesey.

Wytyngton, Gyles, rector of Mitcheldean, and rector of the university of Bologna, dispensation to, 134.

Wyuys. See Wynys.

Wyxe, Richard, rector of Musbury, dispensation to, 182.


Yarm, Iarum [co. York, N.R.], Friars Preachers' house, brother of. See Gylling, Robert.

Yarnton, Erdington [co. Oxford], parish church of SS. Peter and Paul, vicarage of, 531.

Ybernia . See Ireland.

Ybruyn, Ybryuuyn. See O'Byrne.

Ycallanayd. See Ocallanayd.

Ycangussa. See O'Hennessy.

Ycayre. See Ocayre.

Yceindedyg. See Oceindedyg.

Ycellaid. See O'Kelly.

Ycochlayn. See Ocochlayn.

Ycomnyd. See Ocomnyd.

Yconaran. See Oconaran.

Yconchobayr, Yconchubayr. See O'Connor.

Yconnuyd. See Oconnuyd.

Ycontil (rectius Yconeil). See O'Connell.

Ycorcrayn. See Ocorcrayn.

Ycormyc. See Ocormac.

Ycotichohayr (rectius Yconchobayr). See O'Connor.

Ycreachan. See Ocreachan.

Ycuyl. See Ocuyl.

Ycuyn. See Ocuyn.

Ydicag. See Odicag.

Ydil, Walter, a canon of Aberdeen, papal mandatary, 405.

Ydny. See Yduy.

Ydonngyam. See Odonnagayn.

Ydubda. See Odubda.

Yduffing. See O'Duffy.

Yduy, Ydny, David, late archdeacon of Brechin, 456.

Yeon, Thomas. See Yn.

Yeus, John, priest, rector of Withyham, dispensation to, 179.

Yfargayl. See O'Farrell.

Yflannagan. See O'Flannagan.

Yfuothorayn. See O'Foran.

Ygillagymayn. See Ogillagymayn.

Ygoduayn. See Ogobuayn.

Ygwy. See Ogwy.

Yhacgnasay, Yhachuasa alias Ylebayn. See O'Hennessy.

Yhactagan. See Ohactagan.

Yhaffirnan. See Ohifirayn.

Yhallayd. See Ohallayd.

Yhedersegyol (rectius Ydeherscgyol). See O'Driscoll.

Yhedyan. See O'Hedian.

Yhiaith. See Ohiaith.

Yhiffirnan, Yhifirnayn. See Ohifirnayn.

Yhoumys. See O'Thomas.

Yhurhile. See Ohurhile.

Yhynery. See Oheynery.

Y Insula , abbey de. See Iona.

Ykearnayd, Ykearnay. See Ocearnaid.

Ykeyt. See Okeyt.

Yla, John de. See Macdonald.

Yladyan. See Oladyan.

Yle (i.e. Islay, co. Argyll), church of St. Comanus in. See Kilchoman.

-, John de, earl of Ross and lord of the Isles. See Macdonald.

Ylebayn. See O'Hennessy.

Yllannagayn. See Olannagayn.

Ylochlaynd. See Olochlaind.

Ylongaych. See Olongaych.

Ymadagayn. See O'Madden.

Ymaguaid. See Omaguaid.

Ymigre. See Omygir.

Ymissyl. See Myshall.

Ymleachyseall, Ymleachyssall. See Easky.

Ymochan, Ymochain. See Omochan.

Ymolchayn. See Omulchayn.

Ymolcorkra. See Omulcorcra.

Ymukate. See Omukate.

Ymulbrenaynd. See Omulbrenaynd.

Ymulchonerre. See Omulconerre.

Ymulleampayll. See Omulleampayll.

Ymulwill. See Omulwill.

Ymurerchu. See O'Murray.

Ymurenyg. See Omurenyg.

Ymuryayd. See O'Murray.

Ymyrrisey. See O'Morrissey.

Yngheangram. See O'Grane.

Yngmanthoporp. See Ingmanthorp.

Yngulond, Peter, priest, indult to, 190.

Ynisbrethmayth alias Tempullatuyrth. See Templeport.

Yniscathayd. See Scattery Island.

Yniscronnan. See Inniscronance.

Ynuthian. See Onuthian.

Yny Mekareychg, Ranatina. See Magrath.

Ynysdasliauag. See Caher, co. Kerry.

Ynysgad. See Canon Island.

Yn, Yeon or Yon, Thomas, priest, archdeacon of Salop, and chaplain of the bishop of Winchester, dispensation to, 100.

York, Eboracen[sis], [co. York, E.R.], provincial constitutions of, 84.

-, archbishop of, 63.

-, -, collation of the vicarage of Silkstone reserved to, 139.

-, -, papal letters to, 324, 359.

-, -, papal mandatary, 129, 149, 160, 160 note, 179, 186, 633.

-, -, requests to, 43, 44, 118.

-, -, resignation to be made to, and collation to be made by, 44.

-, -, rights of, in connection with the consecration of a bishop of Durham, saved, 324.

-, -, rights of, in connection with the consecration of a bishop of Sodor, saved, 359.

-, John archbishop of. See Kempe.

-, William archbishop of. See Bothe; and Wickwane.

-, dean and chapter of, consent of, to an appropriation, 138.

-, -, dispute of, with the abbot and convent of St. Mary, York, as to the tithes of Grenedikes, 389.

-, archdeacon of, 140.

-, -, papal mandatary, 319.

-, official of, 140.

-, -, papal mandatary, 435.

-, Richard official of. See Toone.

-, treasurer of, papal mandatary, 532, 633.

-, -, executor of a papal mandate, 532.

-, canons of. See Columna, Prosper de; Lax, John; Marschalle, John; Nevill, George.

-, chapter of, 63.

-, prebends in:

Laughton en le Morthen.


-, capitular mensa of, annexation of the parish church of St. Laurence, York, to, 389.

-, -, appropriation of the parish church of Sturton to, 389.

-, cathedral church of, papal letters to be affixed to the door of, 161.

-, Benedictine abbey of St. Mary without the walls, abbot of, papal mandatary, 532, 633.

-, -, John abbot of. See Cottingham.

-, -, abbot and convent of, appropriation of the parish church of Heversham to, confirmed, 62, 63.

-, -, -, absolved from all payments in respect of the parish church of Heversham, 63.

-, -, -, benefice in the gift of. See Sturton.

-, -, -, dispute with the dean and chapter of York and the vicar of St. Laurence, York, as to the tithes of Grenedikes, 389.

-, -, -, litigants respecting the claims of the archdeacon of Richmond made in respect of certain churches in that archdeaconry, 197.

-, -, -, tithes of Grenedikes awarded to, 389.

-, -, monk of, sentence against, 129.

-, -, convent of, litigants respecting certain tithes, 129, 160, 196.

-, -, absolution of (cancelled), 161.

-, -, parish churches approgriated to. See Burneston, Catterick, Forcett, Kendal, Kirkby Lonsdale.

-, Benedictine priory of the Holy Trinity, William sometime prior of. See Pycton.

-, -, monk of. See Pycton, William.

-, poor hospital of St. Leonard alias St. Peter, brother and master of. See Usburn, Thomas.

-, parish church of All Saints on the Pavement, rectory of, 182, 517.

-, parish church of St. Laurence in the suburbs of, annexed to the capitular mensa of York, Richard Hawkesworth vicar of, 129, 160, 196.

-, -, Grenedikes alleged to be within the parish of, 129, 160, 196, 389.

-, -, vicar of, a party to a dispute as to the tithes of Grenedikes, 389.

-, parish churchof St. Margaret, rectory of, 622.

-, parish church of St. Mary [Castlegate], tithes arising within the bounds of, 129,160, 196.

-, chapel of St. Olave, Sanctiolarii (rectius Sancti Olaui), [Marygate.] tithes arising within the bounds of, 129, 160, 196.

-, cardinal of. See Kempe, John.

-, custom of, concerning the protection of appellants to the apostolic See, 129.

-, James Stanley of, 372.

-, Thomas Steresakyr of, 360.

York, duke of. See Richard.

York, Henry, an Angustinian canon of Dorchester, a chaplain of the hospital of the Holy Trinity and St. Thomas the Martyr, of the English, Rome, dispensation to, 111.

Yothomays. See O'Thomas.

Young, 3houng, Thomas, priest, proctor of John Hume, 397.

Yoxall, Yoxhale [co. Stafford], rectory of, 543.

Ypstouke. See Ibstock.

Yrachnus, sometime prior of Clontuskert, 331.

Yrodichayn. See Orodichayn.

Yruadgry. See Oruadgry.

Yscertstephan. See Macladia.

Ysichayn. See Osichayn.

Ysuellewayn, Ysulleuuan, Ysullevayn, Ysullewayn. See O'Sullivan.

Ysychayn. See Osichayn.


Zabellis , Baptista de, a papal subdeacon, 550 note.

Zamora, Zamoren[sis], [Spain], bishop of, papal mandatary, 206, 214, 259, 285, 305.

-, John bishop of. See de Mella.

Zeeland, Zelandia [Holland], comt of, 36.

-, Middelburg in, 36.

Zouche, John, knight, Margaret his relict, grant by, 239.

Zucheta , Baptista de, clericus Novarien[sis], in Camera apostolica scriptor, papal registers rubricated by, 498 note, 501 note.

Zwerinen[sis] . See Schwerin.


Zhoung. See Young.